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Outlook E-commerce 光明前景 A: E-commerce is very convenient and efficient. But I am just wondering when and how E-commerce came into being.电子商务非常便捷,但是我想知道电子商务是在什么时候,怎么出现的呢?B: Oh, it is a big question. I think I can answer you because I have just an about the development of e-commerce.这可是个大问题我想我可以回答你,因为我刚刚读过一篇有关电子商务发展的文章A: So, I am asking the right person?那么,我是问对人了?B: Yes. The Internet was born only in 1969 when ARPANET(Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)-the Pentagon-sponsored network-was launched, which linked computers at four US universities. Soon, the ARPANET began to morph away from its intended use as a defense system. The number of host computers linked to the Internet has been increasing year by year. Big changes in the development of the Internet lied in the year. Big changes in the development of the Internet lied in the releasing of the World Wide Web(www) by CERN (European Laboratory P Physics; French: Conseil European pour la Racherche Nuclearie) in 1991 and the Mosaic (later Netscape) Web brower developed by NCSA(National Center fro Supercomputing Application) in 1993 to allow HTML pages with embedded graphics to be viewed. Followingly, the first banner ads appeared on hotwired. com Zima(a drink) and ATamp;T in October 199.当然因特网产生于1969年,当时ARPANENT(高级研究署网)——美国国防部资助项目——被启动,把美国四所大学的电脑连接起来不久,ARPANET开始背离它用于国际系统的初衷连接到因特网上的主机数量逐年增加因特网发展史上的重大变化体现在:1991年CERN开发的万维网(WWW),以及1993年NCSA推出的图形化浏览器Mosaic(后来的网景)之后,199年月,为Zima(一种饮料)和ATamp;T(美国电话电报公司)制作出的第一个宽幅广告出现在了hotwired.com的网站上A: Do you mean that the Internet was used commercial purposes only during the 1990s?你是说因特网只是在世纪90年代才用的商业目的B: Right. Since the first banner ads, companies have used the Internet well beyond mere promotion. Nowadays, goods and service can be bought and paid online; global auctions can be conducted, and even university degrees can be awarded online from overseas. All these have developed from nothing in about ty years.是的自从第一个宽幅广告出现以来,因特网不只是被公司用来促销的如今,产品和务可以从网上购买和付,全球型拍卖可以在网上进行,就连国外的大学文凭也可以通过网上授予所有这些都是在大约0年间从无到有发展起来的A: I see. It the Internet that has facilitated the buying and selling of good and services.我明白了是因特网促进了产品和务的买与卖B: However, it is not a perfect system. It still has many problems to be resolved such as safety and consumer inmation protection, ect.但是它并不是尽善尽美的它还存在一些需要解决的问题,像客户账户的安全、顾客信息的保护等等A: There is still a long way to go.还有很长的路要走B: No doubt. Anyhow, it a fine beginning and it will enjoy a bright future.毫无疑问,不管怎样,它已有一个很好的开端,而且也会有一个光明的前景A: I agree absolutely.我完全同意 185

The tale of a cat who sits faithfully waiting its family to come back to the spot where it was abandoned has captured the hearts of internet users.近日,一只猫咪在其被遗弃的地方坚持等待它的家人回来的故事,深深地打动了网友们的心The sad story was posted on Vkontakte (Russian Facebook) by user Ostap Zadunayskly, where he compared the cat plight to that of Greyfriar Bobby, a Skye Terrier who spent years guarding his owner grave.这个悲伤的故事是由一名名叫Ostap Zadunayskly的网友发布到Vkontakte(类似俄罗斯的脸书)上去的,Ostap将这只猫咪比作英国的忠犬波比波比是一只苏格兰长毛短腿猎犬,它守候在死去主人的无名墓地旁,直到年后自己去世He first spotted the cat in Belgorod, south-west Russia, in summer , and soon realised that it sits in exactly the same place every day.年夏天,他在俄罗斯西南部的别尔哥罗德第一次发现了这只猫咪,之后,他发现这只猫咪每天都会蹲在同一个地方Ostap asked around and was told that the cat owners used to live in the area but sold up and moved out some time ago.Ostap四处打听了一下,并被告知这只猫咪的主人以前住在这个区域,但是不久前卖掉房子搬走了The story gets a bit over the top here; someone told him that theyd seen the cat running after the car when they drove off (not very cat-like behaviour) and that the cat has been waiting at the same spot them to return ; years; (sure).故事到这儿就有点儿到了高潮有人说,他们曾看见,当主人全家搬离时,这只猫咪追着那辆汽车跑(不太像一只猫会做的事情)而且从那以后,多年来这只猫一直在同一个地方等主人回来Locals have taken to feeding the cat, which might be a more credible explanation why it stays put.当地人也经常会喂猫咪一些吃的,这也可能是这只猫为何会一直待在这个地方的更为合理的解释Mr Zadunayskiy said: ;This is a great example of human meanness and true animal loyalty.;Zadunayskiy在他的文章中写道:“这是对人类的无情以及动物的忠诚最好的体现”Many Internet commenters ed from the book The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, saying, ;You become responsible ever what youve tamed.;许多网民引用安东尼·德·圣-埃克苏佩里所著《小王子中的名言:;一旦你驯了什么,就要对她负责,永远的负责; 373

A: I heard that you’re looking an apartment.B: Yes. Who told you that?A: A friend of ours told me.B: Why are you asking?A: I was asking because I found an apartment.B: Why are you telling me this?A: I was wondering if you wanted to sublease with me.B: I sure would!A: Since we’re subleasing, we can each pay half of the rent.B: How much is the rent each month?A: It’s a month.B: That’s wonderful. 内容来自: 33

A: Id like to exchange this DVD player.我想换掉这台DVD机B: Of course. Do you have your receipt?当然可以,你有收据吗?A: Here it is.给您B: Now, could you tell me why you want a different one?你能告诉我为什么想换机器吗?A: It refuses to play my DVDs.机器不能播放碟片B: That strange. Let me get you a new one.这很奇怪我给你换台新的A: All my friends tried to get it to work.我所有的朋友都想让DVD正常播放B: I hope this one works better you.我希望这台机器能为你更好地播放碟片 538

本文选自Gossip Girl 《绯闻女孩,欢迎大家共同欣赏Dan: So, tell me. What… what exactly happened with you and man-bangs?Vanessa: He is prettier than me, but that wasn’t the problem. Dan: And so what was it then? The, uh, the whole perpetually stoned, brooding guy thing? Vanessa: I actually enjoyed the quiet. It was a nice change of pace from you. Dan: Was it his past with Serena?Vanessa: No. That’s just your issue.Dan: It must’ve been, uh, the … the different worlds thing, right? One of you is always feeling like a fish out of water?Vanessa: I know exactly what you’re doing. Ask me enough questions about Nate, and I won’t ask you about Serena. Dan: Best offense is always a strong defense. I, um … I’m not y to talk about it, her.Vanessa: Good. Then maybe it’ll be quiet 30 seconds.Dan: No,no, no, no, no. You’d better get used to it, Abrams. Welcome to the summer of Dan Humphrey, babblin’ at your ass 7, from dusk till dawn. Come Labor Day, you’re gonna be so sick of me.Vanessa: It’s been years, and I’m still not sick of you.Dan: Oh, not lack of trying. 5<牛人_句子>

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