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squeeze捏,tumble摔倒,grab抓起Squeeze Twice NODuring a football game I saw one of the players took a hard hit. He tumbled to the ground and didn’t move. We grabbed our first-aid gear and rushed out onto the field. The coach picked up the young man’s hand and urged,“Son, can you hear me? Squeeze once yes and twice two.”听不见捏两下在橄榄球比赛中,我看到一个球员被撞得很厉害他倒在地上,一动也不动 我们抓起急救设备,冲进运动场教练抓住这个年轻人的手催促说:“孩子,你能不能听见我说话?能听见捏一下,听不见捏两下”1.squeeze捏也有“榨取”的意思: We squeezed the juice from an orange.我们从橙子中挤出汁来 .tumble摔倒也有“翻滚”的意思: Children tumble over each other in play.孩子们玩耍时相互连身翻滚3.grab抓起也可以指“抢”:It is rude to grab a seat.抢占座位是不礼貌的 .gear设备也有“为…作好准备”的意思: a group of investors who had geared up the takeover fight 已经为兼并做好准备的一群投资人 6After school activities, ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, nude vs. naked vs. bare, anything butWords:athletecoachtournamentyearbookorchestramarching bandspeechdebatechoirethnicnudenakedbareanything butto contradict 99888Ask an American-Rural doctors; let start versus let get started; continuously versus continually; chaosWords:intentionruralsoul mateto be capturedto trainprospectivelifelonginteractivemonitorlecturerslidescontinuouslycontinuallychaos 37679American Presidents-Woodrow Wilson; junction versus intersection versus interchange; proprietary versus patent; to bluff (one) way into a secure areaWords:income taxsalarygraduatedantitrustmarketto mergeto campaignleagueoccupationalliedinternational relationstermsjunctionintersectioninterchangeproprietarypatentto bluffsecure area 6

Ask an American-Participatory Science; to attend versus to take part in versus to participate in versus to join; standalone versus to stand alone; hair of the dog that bit me Words:limited taxa citizens science project sample to involve the publicmobile technology latitude longitude to attend to take part into participate in to join standalone to stand alone hair of the dog that bit me 388

Ask an American-The humanities; another versus the other; however versus conversely; to call itthem likehow (one) sees itthemWords:well fundedfundamentalto pertaindomainhumanitiesintegrativeurgentin the absence ofpartnershipto tap intoremotelyessentialbudget realitiesanotherotherhoweverconverselyto call itthem likehow (one) sees itthem 379

Voice : The bat body is designed well! A bat is not a bird. It is the earth only flying mammal! A bat wing has two layers of skin. The skin stretches between the bat long finger bones, then down the side of its body and back leg. The bat thumb sticks out at the front of the wing. It is free to hold on to trees and walls.声音:蝙蝠的身体设计得非常好!蝙蝠并不是鸟类蝙蝠是世界上唯一能飞的哺乳动物!蝙蝠的翅膀由两层皮肤组成皮肤中间是蝙蝠长长的指骨,且延伸至身体的下半部分及后腿蝙蝠的“大拇指”从翅膀上伸出来使它们可以在树上和墙上自由攀爬Voice 1: There are almost a thousand different kinds of bat! But all bats fit into one of two main groups — mega bats or micro bats. Mega bats are large. A mega bat can weigh up to one kilogram. And its wings can be about two metres across! Mega bats live in hot rainests — such as in Africa or Australia. They eat fruit. Or, they drink the sweet liquid nectar from flowers.声音1:世界上有近一千种不同的蝙蝠!但是,所有的蝙蝠都可分为两大类:“巨型蝙蝠”和“微型蝙蝠”巨型蝙蝠身形很大巨型蝙蝠的重量可达1公斤它们的翅膀可以达到两米长!巨型蝙蝠生活在炎热的热带雨林地区,比如非洲和澳大利亚它们吃水果它们也喝花朵分泌的液体花蜜Voice : Micro bats are much smaller. The smallest weighs only about two grams. And its wings are about fifteen centimetres across. Micro bats live all over the world. They eat mostly insects. One of the most well known bats is a micro bat. It is the vampire bat! People take an interest in this bat mainly because of its name — vampire bat!声音:微型蝙蝠身形要小很多最小的微型蝙蝠可能只有两克重它们的翅膀只有厘米长微型蝙蝠遍布全世界它们主要以昆虫为食其中一种最为知名的蝙蝠就是微型蝙蝠这种蝙蝠就是吸血蝙蝠!人们对这种蝙蝠感兴趣主要是因为它们的名字——吸血蝙蝠! 译文属 5

elate使高兴,calendar日历TomorrowI was elated when my son called me from Japan with the wonderful news of my grandsonrsquo;s birth. I took down all the statistics and turned to relate it all to my co-workers. ;Irsquo;m a grandmother!; I declared. ;Itrsquo;s a baby boy, and he weighs seven pounds.;;When was he born?; someone asked. Recalling the date my son told me, I stopped, looked at the calendar and said in amazement,;Tomorrow!; 明天我要当奶奶了 当我儿子从日本打电话来告诉我关于我的孙子出生的喜讯的时候,我非常兴奋我把所有的数据都记下来,告诉我的同事们我宣布说:;我当奶奶了!是个男孩,七磅重;有人问:;他是什么时候生的?;看了一下我儿子给我的日期,我顿住了,看了看日历,用讶异的语气说:;明天!; 1. elate使高兴Her success elated the family.她的成功使全家人兴高采烈. calendar日历也有;日程表;的意思: The presidential elections are the highlight of next year political calendar.总统选举是明年政治日程表上的大事 35

Americans Home美国人的家Americans like their homes to reflect their personal tastes. Many do-it-yourselfers enjoy fixing up their house and making it more ;livable;. They often try to create a eozy atmospehre so that when theyre at home, theyll really feel ;at home;.美国人喜欢让家反映出他们个人的品味许多喜欢自己动手做的人沉醉于修补他们的房子并让它更“适于居住”他们常试着营造一个温暖而舒适的气氛,这样当他们待在家时,会真的感觉到“毫无拘束”Sofas and lounge chairs may be heavily padded and arranged in groupings conducive to relaxed conversation. The bathroom even receives special attention. Carpeted floors, scented soaps, colorful wallpaper and decorative curtains adorn the ;comt room; in many homes.沙发及安乐椅可能会被铺上厚厚的垫子,并运用不同空间组合的摆设,让坐着的人可以轻松地谈话甚至连浴室也破费心思:铺有地毯的地板、香气四溢的肥皂、色的壁纸及装饰窗帘,如此就打扮出了许多家庭的“舒之地”And on average, Americans have more bathrooms than any other people in the world.平均来说,美国人拥有的浴室比世界上其他的人都多Lisa Marie Odegard, an interior designer in Bozeman, Montana, comments that ;a home is a haven. People want an open, easy feeling to make their homes comtable;. that reason, many new homes now have big, open kitchens and vaulted ceilings.蒙大拿州柏斯曼的一位室内设计师丽莎·玛丽·德加德谈到:“家是一个避难所人们想要一个开放、轻松的感觉来让他们的家变得很舒适”因为这个原因,现在许多新房子都有大而开放的厨房以及拱形的屋顶Americans try to make the most of their space, too. The majority of homes have built-in closets and shelves, and people spare no pains to add dressers, filing cabinets and closet organizers to maximize their storage space. Although keeping the house neat is often a constant battle, Americans feel it a battle worth fighting.美国人也试着将空间做最佳的利用大多数的家庭都有壁橱以及架子,人们也不辞辛劳地添加橱柜、文件柜以及壁柜分隔架来加大储藏空间虽然让房子维持整洁像是一场永无止境的长期战役,美国人觉得这是一个值得打下去的战役People in America keep an eye on the latest trends in interior design. In the 80s, the ;country; look dominated the home decorating scene. Rustic furniture and shelves full of old-fashioned knick-knacks created a homey atmosphere reminscent of rural America several generations back .美国人也会注意室内设计的最新时尚世纪80年代,“乡村”风貌主导了家庭装潢;摆满旧式风格的小摆设的质朴家具及架子,创造出一种会令人想起几世纪以前以农业为主的美国之家庭气氛The 90s have brought in another longing the past: the retro 50s and 60s look - plain and simple furniture with square backs and arms and block-style legs.90年代又带入另一个怀旧情愫:回溯到50及60年代风貌——有四方形靠背、把手以及有方正桌脚的朴素、简单的家具 03

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