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2019年08月22日 21:38:25

So what exactly is a successful life? How do you define it? Does being successful require you to amass material possessions or to wield great power? Must you be famous, or even become a celebrity? Perhaps its more about being devoted to serving others less fortunate than you or enjoying a life with family and friends, or living sustainably and leaving a legacy, such as world peace.那么,成功的人生究竟是什么样的?该如何定义成功?成功的人生是否意味着积累物质财富或是能够行使大权?是否意味着你要非常出色,甚至成为名人?也许成功的人生更意味着帮助比你不幸的人,和家人及朋友一起享受生活、和睦相处,或是为子孙后代留下遗产,比如世界和平。Trying to answer this question drew me to the innovative TED website earlier this year. TED (standing for technology, entertainment and design) is a small non-profit organization devoted to ideas worth sping. They do this through their website and annual US and UK conferences where they bring together the worlds most fascinating thinkers and doers.在寻觅何谓成功人生时,我想到了年初见到的创新型网站TED。TED(指technology, entertainment, design在英语中的缩写,即技术、、设计)是一家小型非盈利机构,该机构通过他们的网站和美英年度会议致力于有价值的思想的传播。美英年度会议,即TED大会,会议云集世界上最杰出的思想家和实干家。This is where I found a very appealing definition of success, which was used by a well known American basketball coach called John Wooden. He defines true success as peace of mind through knowing that you have made the effort to do the best of which you are capable. This is appealing because it means that anyone from anywhere can live a successful life with a bit of hard work and self-belief. He also argues that you should never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. And that is a great piece of advice.有一位著名的美国篮球教练约翰·伍顿曾给成功下了一个很有感染力的定义。他认为,真正的成功是竭尽全力做好自己力所能及的事情从而达到内心的平和。这个定义很有感染力,因为这意味着,无论任何人,不管来自哪里,只要努力并且充满自信,就能拥有成功的人生。他还说,永远不要让无法做成的事情影响到你能做到的事情。这可是一个很好的建议。 /201308/252476重庆星辰整形医院是什么时候成立的重庆妇保医院的费用So I go over there and this guy says 于是我去找到那个人I said yeah, I want to be a comedian 我跟他说 我想当一名喜剧演员I said, Ive been trying to do it for about a year 我说我尝试一年了He said, a year, youre supposed to be if you join the union in three months 他说 一年 入协会三个月就行了I could find you right now, you could be a violation 我可以马上破格加你I said, well, how much does it take to join 我问 加入要多少钱He said, 0 I said, I dont have 0 and then 他说 300美元 我说 我没有那么多钱 然后he said those magic words, how much you got 他说了那些骗子常说的话 那你有多少You know, I knew I was making a mistake you know you just wanted to believe 我当时就知道 这很有可能是骗局 我只是想给自己一些憧憬I just knew I was making a mistake, I just wanted to believe 我知道自己错了 但还是希望这是真的So I gave him all the money that I have 于是我把所有的钱都给了他I said, I have . 我说 我有75美元He said, oh, give me that.他说 好 给我吧Then he gives me his business card, there writes back on the business card, union man 然后他就给我名片 背面写有协会成员He says, you show this card to any club 他说 你可以把它出示给任何俱乐部I felt like cocoa and fame, remember that movie 我感觉就像名扬四海中的科科 记得那部电影吗So I got this card that says union man 我拿着这张写有协会成员的卡片and I go back to the nightclub and I handed it to the guy 回到夜总会 给那里的人看and the guy breaks out laughing and he says we dont hire comedians, get lost 夜总会的人忍不住大笑出来 他说 我们不招喜剧演员 走开Okay, now Im stupid and broke这时 我不仅显得愚蠢 而且身无分文I used to drive to New York every single night 我曾每晚都开车去纽约to try and get out the improv in New York City 尝试在纽约市找到即兴演出机会At the time, that was the only place that featured unknown comedians 当时 纽约是唯一让不知名的喜剧演员演出的地方That drive to New York every night or everyday after class rather 每天下课 我都会驱车去纽约and I sleep in the alley a couple blocks from the improv 我睡在离即兴演出地点一两个街区远的小巷子里It was the only dead end alley around 这是附近唯一的死胡同So it was pretty quiet until midnight 一直都很安静 直到午夜when the prostitutes who bring their customers there 们带着她们的客人回来and Im sleeping, Im like 50 feet away, Im going 我就睡在五十英尺外的地方 我心想really is this show business? 这就是脱口秀表演业吗This is what a college degree gets me? 这就是大学文凭给我的吗but my saving grace was Emerson College because no matter how awful gives were 不过爱默生学院挽救了我 无论我的境况有多糟201512/418495In these days a such abundance in advancement and what we can do, it pains me to think that we do so little for our children. In some ways, I feel undeserving to receive an award by doing something that is my duty. I accepted this award as a gesture of encouraging from the people of India and a commission to do more for mankind. I love you very much. This is the longest speech. Mohandas Gandhi knew how important bringing the worlds attention was to get the freedom for India without using any weapons. In some ways he was the first person to truly understand the importance and power of the public. He has always been an inspiration to me and he gives me even a greater joy and pride to be recognized by his people. Im here today inspiration from my Hinduja--Mr. Hinduja and your lovely family. I love you very much. We have the same mission to bring the world peace. Kamu and Madonna have created a great show. Manishi thank you for your wonderful costume. I appreciated very much. I love you all. Thank you.如今社会进步了,我们可做的事情很多。每当想到我们为孩子们做得太少,我就感到良心颇为不安。从某些方面来说,我觉得只是做了自己份内的事情,不应该受到奖赏。我把这个奖项看做是印度人民和社会对为人类作更多事情的人的一种鼓励。我爱你们!这似乎是最长的演讲了。莫罕达斯·甘迪知道通过非暴力的方式为印度人民赢得自由,这种吸引世人目光的方式非常重要。从某些方面来讲,他是第一个懂得公众的力量和重要性的人。他的精神一直激励着我,而且我为得到他的人民的承认而感到愉快和自豪。我今天之所以能站在这里,离不开辛度佳先生和他可爱的家人的鼓励,我很爱你们。我们具有同样的使命为世界带来和平。卡穆和玛丹娜编排了一个精的演出。感谢曼妮诗提供的饰。我非常喜欢。我爱你们所有人。谢谢!201312/270502重庆市公立三甲医院做整形要多少钱


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