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HONG KONG — China is abuzz with craft brewing, with small-scale operations popping up around the country and churning out beer tasting of everything from goji berries to green tea. 香港——在中国,精酿啤酒正在成为一种风尚,小型精酿作坊在全国各地纷纷冒出,酿造从枸杞到绿茶等各种口味的啤酒。But like many things in China, what’s new isn’t that new. In this case, it’s about 5,000 years old.但是就像中国的很多东西一样,新的风尚其实古已有之。大约5000年前,中国人就已经在酿造啤酒了。A group of researchers in China and the ed States have analyzed pottery vessels discovered at a site in Shaanxi Province and determined that they are the first direct evidence of a beer-brewing operation. And the ingredients they discovered are as eclectic as any trendy brewpub’s: broomcorn millet, tubers and a grain known as Job’s tears.中国和美国的研究人员对陕西省发现的一批陶器进行了分析,明它们是啤酒酿造活动的首个直接据。他们在陶器里发现了黍、根茎作物和薏米的成分,这样不拘一格的选材可以和当下的时髦啤酒酿造坊媲美。The scholars’ paper, which was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the ed States of America (PNAS), says the mix of ingredients was probably achieved through trial and error. The tubers, which included snake gourd root, contribute starch and sugars for fermentation and also add a sweet flavor to the beer, they wrote. 他们的论文本周发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,简称PNAS)上,研究者称这种成分组成可能是通过不断试错的方法获得的。他们写道,根茎包括丝瓜根,它可以促进淀粉和糖分发酵,给啤酒添加香甜口味。The study was based on analysis of a “beer-making tool kit” that includes a funnel, shards of pots and amphorae, and a pottery stove that would have been used for mashing. Radiocarbon dating of the Mijiaya site near the Chan River in Shaanxi Province dates it to 3400 to 2900 B.C.这项研究的对象是一个“啤酒制作器物套件组”,其中包括一个漏斗、一些阔口罐和小口尖底瓶的碎片,还有一个用于淀粉糖化的陶灶。根据放射性碳测年技术的测定,陕西省陈河附近的米家崖遗址介于公元前3400年到公元前2900年之间。A yellowish residue from inside the funnel and pot shards was analyzed to discern the ingredients. The starches showed signs of damage that resemble what happens in the process of beer brewing, the authors said.他们对漏斗和壶碎片上发黄的残留物进行分析,辨别它的成分。结果发现,残留物中含有很多出现损伤迹象的淀粉粒,与酿酒过程中淀粉粒的损伤特征类似。“It makes a very convincing case that this was a beer-making facility,” Patrick McGovern, scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Project at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, told the blog PNAS Journal Club. He was not involved in the study. “这是很有说力的据,说明它们是酿酒器物,”宾夕法尼亚大学物馆(University of Pennsylvania Museum)生物分子考古项目的科学主管帕特里克·麦戈文(Patrick McGovern)对PNAS Journal Club客说。他没有参与这项研究。The presence of barley, which did not become an important subsistence crop until the Han dynasty, 3,000 years later, led the authors to suggest that alcohol production was an important reason for the grain’s introduction from western Eurasia, where it was first domesticated.大麦首先最初是在欧亚大陆被驯化的,在中原,直到3000年之后的汉代,大麦才成为了一种重要口粮作物,所以作者们认为,酿酒是中原从西域引入大麦的一个重要原因。“Beer was probably an important part of ritual feasting in ancient China,” one of the study’s authors, Jiajing Wang of Stanford University, told the Journal Club. “So it’s possible that this finding of beer is associated with increased social complexity and changing events of the time.”“啤酒可能是中国古代仪式盛宴的重要组成部分,”这篇论文的作者之一、斯坦福大学考古专业士生王佳静告诉Journal Club客。“我们在古代中原地区发现的酒,可以和当时发生的社会变化联系起来。”Although the brew remnants that were discovered are truly ancient, they are not the oldest that have been uncovered in China. Mr. McGovern and a team of scholars from China, Germany and the ed States wrote a 2004 paper for PNAS that analyzed 9,000-year-old pottery jars found in a neolithic village site in Henan Province called Jiahu. Based on their analysis, the jars held a rice, honey and fruit beverage. 虽然他们发现的这些酿造残留物的确来自古代,但却不是已发现的中国最古老的这类遗迹。在2004年的一篇PNAS论文中,麦戈文和一个由中国、德国和美国学者组成的团队对一些有9000年历史的陶罐进行过分析,它们来自河南省一个名叫贾湖的新石器时代村落遗址。据他们分析,这些陶罐曾盛载过用水稻、蜂蜜和水果酿造的饮料。Mr. McGovern worked with Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware to recreate that recipe in a beverage known as Chateau Jiahu. 麦戈文与特拉华州的角鲨头啤酒坊(Dogfish Head Brewery)合作,复原了这个古代配方,用它酿造了一种名为“贾湖城”(Chateau Jiahu)的饮料。 /201605/446135In a bar in Beijing or an underground rail carriage on the Shanghai Metro, the sight of WeChat, the addictive chat app developed by Tencent Holdings, is ubiquitous. But when you spy it over the shoulder of your neighbour on the Metro, chances are they are messaging colleagues rather than friends.无论是在北京的酒吧,还是在上海地铁的车厢内,随处可以看到有人正在使用微信(WeChat)——由腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)研发的令人沉迷的聊天应用。但是,如果你在地铁上斜眼偷看旁边乘客的手机,你很可能看到他们正在给同事发微信,而不是给朋友发微信。At almost every Chinese workplace, WeChat has become the primary means of communication. Conversations through WeChat group messages have replaced email, files can be shared in the app, and group voice calls can replace meetings.几乎在中国每一个工作场所,微信都已经成了主要的沟通方式。微信群聊已经取代了电子邮件,人们可以通过微信共享文件,同时群组语音通话可以代替开会。But there are some big drawbacks: WeChat messages do not have the legal status of a written email, message history can be hard to access and the security of corporate information can be a concern.但是,其中也有一些比较大的缺点:微信消息不具有电子邮件的法律效力,消息记录很难获得,同时企业信息安全也可能成为顾虑之一。Tencent has set out to fix this, with Enterprise WeChat. The app has all the usual chat features, plus some extras: employees can ask for time off, file expenses or even clock in to show they are at work. Security has been upgraded and companies must register before employees can use the service.腾讯打算用企业微信(Enterprise WeChat)来解决这些问题。这款应用拥有所有的一般聊天功能,同时还有一些附加功能:员工可以在上面请假、报销、甚至考勤。安全方面也进行了升级,企业必须先注册,然后员工才能使用该务。What Tencent is trying has echoes of Facebook at Work, a programme for workplace communication launched last year. Unlike Facebook, whose users mostly use the platform for personal communication, WeChat aly had a big corporate user base before the app: it now needs to get them to move over to the updated version.腾讯目前的尝试类似于Facebook at Work,后者是去年推出的工作交流软件。Facebook的用户大多使用该平台进行私人交流,微信与之不同:它在推出企业版之前已经拥有了庞大的企业用户基础,现在需要把这些用户迁移至这个更新版本中。Once they do, Enterprise WeChat may help Tencent solve a different problem: how to make more money from WeChat, which despite having 700m users has never generated big profits.一旦用户开始使用企业微信,它或许有助于腾讯解决另一个问题:如何利用微信赚更多钱。尽管微信拥有7亿用户,但是从未产生过巨额利润。Enterprise WeChat is free but that could change. Workplace chat apps in Silicon Valley have garnered some rich valuations (such as Slack, valued at .8bn) off the idea that companies will pay handsome subscription fees for their service.企业微信目前是免费的,但是这一点有可能改变。出于企业将为务付可观订阅费的想法,硅谷研发的一些工作聊天应用得到了高昂的估值(比如Slack,得到了38亿美元的估值)。 /201605/441565




  永葆青春用哪招?整容手术成首选Cosmetic surgery helps make 60s new middle age?A woman is undergoing a cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgeryis altering not just how people look but how they feel by changing perceptions of middle age, a study showed Monday.Global research group AC Nielsen surveyed people in 42 countries and found 60 percent of Americans, the world's biggest consumers of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging skincare, believe their sixties are the new middle age.On a global scale, three out of five consumers believed forties was the new thirties."Our forties are being celebrated as the decade where we can be comfortable and confident in both personal and financial terms. The majority of global consumers really believe life starts at forty," AC Nielsen Europe President and CEO Frank Martell said.But that doesn't mean they want to look their age.Healthier eating, longer lifespans and higher disposable incomes have helped to hold back the years. However, for many people the biggest boost is coming from the surgeon's scalpel, the survey found.Confirming Russians' status among the world's biggest consumers of luxury goods, 48 percent of them, the highest percentage globally, said they would consider cosmetic surgery to maintain their looks. One in three Irish consumers, 28 percent of Italians and Portuguese, and one in four U.S., French and British consumers felt the same. 本周一公布的一项调查显示,整容手术不仅改变着人的容貌,而且还通过改变人们对中年的理解使人的心理发生变化。AC尼尔森国际调查集团共对42个国家进行了调查,结果发现,60%的美国人认为60岁才是中年的开始。美国堪称世界上最大的整容手术和抗衰老护肤品消费国。从全世界范围来看,五分之三的消费者认为40来岁正值壮年。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总裁兼首席执行官弗兰克·玛特尔说:“四十岁被认为是人生的黄金时期,这一阶段我们在性格和经济实力方面都变得成熟自信。所以,大多数全球消费者认为40岁才是美好生活的开始。”但是人们又不希望自己的外表看上去有40岁。虽然健康的饮食、寿命的延长和较高的收入对于人们延缓衰老起到了一定的作用。但调查显示,很多人认为整容手术才是永葆青春的最佳途径。对世界上最大的奢侈品消费国之一俄罗斯的调查显示,48%的俄罗斯消费者表示会考虑通过做整容手术来保持青春,这一比例为全世界最高。此外,三分之一的爱尔兰人,28%的意大利人、葡萄牙人,四分之一的美国人、法国人和英国人也有同样的想法。 /200803/31195


  China has taken Japan#39;s No 2 spot for iOS revenue as the revenue more than doubled in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year, according to the recent statistics released by San Francisco-based analyst firm App Annie.旧金山分析公司App Annie近日发布的数据显示,在2016年一季度,我国的iOS营收同比增长2倍多,取代日本成为iOS全球第二大市场。According to the figures, entertainment and music app revenue are on the rise in the US and China, with major apps adding subscription revenue models.该数据显示,随着主流应用增加订阅收益模式,中国及美国的、音乐应用的营收呈增长趋势。App Annie said the growth was driven ;almost entirely by games;.App Annie称,中国的iOS营收增长几乎完全靠游戏驱动。;Typically being a leading indicator in the market, games are often a strong signal of trends to come. In this case, China passed Japan in both games and overall iOS revenue in the same quarter.; said App Annie.App Annie表示:“通常作为市场的领先指标的游戏,往往是预示着未来趋势的强烈信号。在这种情况下,相比于日本市场,中国市场在同一季度领先的不仅是iOS应用总营收,也包括iOS游戏营收。”By surpassing Japan, China narrowed in on the US who is currently ranked first in iOS game revenue.在超越日本之后,中国也缩小了与美国的差距。目前美国排在iOS游戏营收榜单的第一位。The company also predicts that if the revenue continues to grow in China, it will surpass the US in the coming quarters.App Annie公司还预测道,如果中国市场的营收继续增加,那么它将会在下一季度超越美国。 /201604/440109

  The drone is increasingly a popular item in China and with it, more and more people are considering becoming certified.无人机在国内正日益流行,因此越来越多的国人考虑取得;驾照;。However, becoming a certified drone pilot is not easy. It can cost a maximum of 27,000 yuan and requires two demanding tests involving knowledge of mathematics, physics and geography.不过,想成为无人机持驾驶员并不容易。考费用最高可达2.7万元,且需参加两项涉及数学、物理和地理知识的严格测试。By the end of June, 5,047 people in China held a drone certificate, according to statistics from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).航空器拥有者及驾驶员协会(AOPA)的数据显示,截至今年6月底,全国有5047人持有无人机驾驶。The training fees for a pilot range from 12,000 yuan to 24,000 yuan, and for a pilot-in-command from 24,000 yuan to 27,000 yuan, according to EWATT Technology, which provides drone training.提供无人机培训的易瓦特科技股份有限公司称,无人机驾驶员培训费为1.2-2.4万元,机长培训费为2.4-2.7万元。Not everyone needs a certificate to fly a drone; if a drone weighs less than 7 kg, if it is flown indoors or in sparsely populated areas, then a certificate is not required, the AOPA says.AOPA表示,并非所有人都需考才能操控无人机。操控7公斤以下无人机,在室内或非人口稠密区操控无人机,则不必考。Drones are still risky, and can be dangerous if flown with inexperience, in a bad weather, or illegally.无人机仍旧是具有风险的,如果飞行经验不足,或是天气恶劣,又或是非法飞行就会非常危险。In 2015, a staff member from Beijing UAV Sci-Tech Co, was sentenced to 18 months in jail after a drone from the company disrupted commercial flights.2015年,北京国遥星图航空科技有限公司的一名员工,就因操纵该公司的一架无人机干扰了商业航班而被判处18个月的有期徒刑。 /201611/480728。

  China created the country#39;s largest chip maker last week, taking a giant step forward towards Beijing#39;s plan of becoming less reliant on foreign technology.上周,中国境内最大的芯片制造商诞生了,这使得中国政府距离减少对国外科技依赖的目标又前进了一大步。Under Beijing#39;s direction, Tsinghua Unigroup, China#39;s largest chip designer, acquired a majority stake in XMC, one of the China#39;s leading chip maker and backed by the national semiconductor fund, the Wall Street Journal reported. A new holding company was created for XMC called Yangtze River Storage Technology, which has a registered capital of 18.9 billion yuan (.8 billion).据华尔街日报报道,在政府的授意下,中国大陆最大的芯片设计商清华紫光集团完成了对行业领先的芯片制造商、由国家集成电路产业投资基金扶持的武汉新芯多数股权的收购,成立名为;武汉长江存储科技有限公司;的新控股公司,注册资金高达189亿人民币(28亿美元)。Yangtze combines Tsinghua Unigroup#39;s investment power and XMC#39;s engineering team, said Roger Sheng, a Shanghai-based research director for semiconductors at Gartner IT , adding that the merger is the first case between two Chinese companies in the semiconductor industry.武汉长江存储科技有限公司整合了清华紫光的投资能力和武汉新芯的技术团队。高德纳咨询(全球最具权威的IT研究与顾问咨询公司)上海公司总监Roger Sheng表示,两个中国本土企业合并在半导体制造业尚属首例。China imports around 0 billion of chips a year, which is the biggest trade deficit in the global semiconductor market, according to state-run Xinhua news agency. The creation of Yangtze would indeed benefit the country in the long run, but it will first have a negative impact on the smaller domestic players, said Sheng.根据新华社的报道,中国每年进口芯片的费用高达200亿美元,是全球半导体市场中最大的贸易逆差。Roger Sheng表示,从长远来看,武汉长江存储科技有限公司的成立有利于中国在该行业的发展,不过首当其冲受到影响的是中国国内规模较小的芯片制造商。;Currently, I think other Chinese companies that want to invest in the memory business are most impacted because the new company will get the most resources and support from the Chinese government,; he said. ;The other companies or regional governments can#39;t get as big an investment as Yangtze. Global chip makers are safe for at least a few years, with Yangtze needing at least two to three years to get commercialization capability, unless Tsinghua Unigroup can acquire companies with current mainstream 3D NAND (a next-generation flash memory chip) or DRAM (computer memory chips).;Roger Sheng说道:;我认为想要投资存储行业的国内企业受到的冲击应该最严重,因为武汉长江存储将会垄断大部分的资源,而且它还有政府的持。其他制造商或是地方企业不可能获得像长江存储那么大的投资。全球性的芯片制造商暂时不会受到大的影响,因为武汉长江存储至少需要两到三年的时间培养商业化的能力,除非清华紫光可以并购拥有目前主流的3D NAND闪存技术和DRAM存储技术的企业。;XMC, however, is developing today#39;s leading-edge 3D NAND chips to be test-y by the end of this year, said Hui He, a senior analyst for China#39;s semiconductor market at IHS Technology.不过,IHS公司半导体行业的资深分析师何慧却表示,目前武汉新芯已经在研制高水平3D NAND闪存芯片,即将在今年年末投入测试。After the proven product ramp-up period, ;all global memory vendors will be affected,; said Gartner#39;s Sheng. ;Chinese companies could own the market with proven product manufacturing capabilities. It will definitely impact existing market players through cheaper and volume product supply.;Roger Sheng表示:;在爬坡量产过后,全球的存储芯片供应商都会受到影响。届时,中国企业将拥有过硬的产品生产能力,有能力向市场提供更多,更便宜的产品。毫无疑问,目前半导体芯片市场的主要制造商一定会受到冲击。; /201608/461157



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