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Rise In Women Taking On Motherhood AloneIVF and donor insemination are increasingly being seen as an option for single women who want to start a family by themselves.Leinie and Bebe have the same father, but he is not part of their lives. That might not be so unusual, but what is is the way Mom Lisa Lee. got pregnant.With no husband or partner or time ticking, she opted for the donor insemination as the root of motherhood.I don#39;t think anyone got about it deliberately because they don#39;t want a man around, and a lot of women are hoping that nice men will turn up now the children are there. But the pressure is, you know, of trying to find the men in the time you have got, and it was becoming a mom.A growing number of women are choosing a similar path. In 2007, 259 single women had IVF treatment. By 2012, the number had more than doubled to 632. And donor insemination for women without a partner also increased from 350 to 468 over the same period.It became easier for single women to pursue motherhood with the introduction of the 2008 human fertilization and embryology. What that did was remove the reference to the need for a father when going for fertility treatments instead of replacing it with the requirement provides supportive parenting.And before it gets to the stage of laboratories, plenty of checks should be carried out.It#39;s not taken very likely by the women or by the clinic, and there are very responsible rules. We make sure that there is support from family and friends and most of the time, there is. And we also offer them counsel link before they have treatment.There are nearly 2 million single parents in the UK, and the vast majority have been through a separation. But critics say that#39;s different, the opting to go it alone from the outset.I am quite horrified. I think it very offensive and undesirable to reduce the role of a fatherhood to a donation from an anonymous sperm donor. There is much more to fatherhood than that.It#39;s an idea that we will never sit comfortably for those who disagree, but having a baby is a woman#39;s right, but for Lisa and others like her, only by becoming a mother could life be made complete. /201405/294013

And that#39;s why he said,I#39;m gonna call my new method the intercepting way or the interceptingfist.;这也就是为什么他说,我要把我的新方法叫做截道或者是截拳Come on. Touch me. Any way you can.To reach me, you must move to me.Your attack offers me an opportunity to intercept you.来,碰我一下,随便怎么碰。要够到我,你一定先要靠近我。你的出击让我有机会截住你And they said,;What do you call that?;He says,;We call that jeet kune do.;然后他们问这是什么拳法,他说这叫做截拳道。In Cantonese, jeet kune do.Then it was Dan who says, ;Acronym would be JKD.;And Bruce Lee said,;I like that.;这是广东话,截拳道。然后丹说可以缩写成截拳道。然后布鲁斯说,这个我喜欢。- The way of the intercepting fist. - Intercepting fist?It sounds Chinese but it#39;s very much an American martial art.截断出拳的方法 -截断出拳。听起来有点中国化,但这算是美式武术。Was how can I most efficiently directly end a moment of combat?旨在研究如何最有效最直接地终止战斗的某一瞬间The philosophy Bruce Lee had was:the simpler the better,the most effective, the direct line.李小龙的哲学就是越简单越好,直线出击最有效。The other stuff was Hollywood.It can be taught.Do you understand?But it cannot really be standardised.And that#39;s not to say that it can#39;t be passed on.But it was very personal to him.其他说法都是好莱坞编的,截拳道是可以教授的,你明白吗?但它没有标准化的方法并不意味着它不能传授。但这对他个人有着特殊意义。All the wanna bes, all the imposters who put up jeet kune do signs on their and they have no idea what jeet kune do is.school building,They think it#39;s a style.在学校门口挂着截拳道名号想学没学成的招摇撞骗的那些人,完全不知道截拳道是什么含义。他们以为是一个流派。I don#39;t know if he#39;d be do jo-busting in his days,but that would upset Bruce.我不知道他那个时候有没有打假,但这种事确实然布鲁斯很头疼。 Article/201311/265941

George Osborne To Relax China Visa Rules George Osborne says he intends to ;streamline and simplify; the visa application process for thousands of Chinese visitors.To Beijing live and I#39;ll speak to the Chancellor himself. And Chancellor, forgive me, we talk first of all about these visa restrictions being lifted. The reason I#39;m doing so is that I suppose in a way you are giving a message out there that Britain is open to all circle in terms of treat and intends to jar with what we are getting through on the poll we have run. Explain your stance to me.Well there#39;s a big difference, Amen, between people on holiday that a Chinese tourist to come to expense money in a British hotel or in Btitish restaurants, and visits to tourist attractions and the liken shops, and then goes back to China, or a Chinese business ... comes to Britain and does a deal to creat lots of jobs in Britain and then goes back to China, and immigration. I think they#39;re very different things. Immigration is people who come permanently to live in Britain. What I have seen clear is among them that we need to get immigration down. The immigration has fallen by a third in the short period. And we#39;ve been in office. And one of the things Britain has to do is not to rely on the immigration for its economic success. We need to go and make our own way in the world. And that#39;s what this trip to China is all about.Yeah. You#39;re all right. You are doing very hard work. And we#39;ll talk about that more in a moment. But I#39;m looking at references, the front page of the Daily Mail today which says Slash Benefits for European Migrants. And this call comes from Boris Johnson amongst other people. And it shows that in the past few years the number of EU migrants who found a job, living in Britain, living off benefits has risen to more than 600,000, the equivalent of a city, the size of Glassgope. So my point is, you#39;re right there and you are draming up jobs, you are draming up investment for Britain, what to keep, to keep all these people in the job, to get them a job and say: yeah, come for other parts of Europe and I will go and do hard work and get you the job.Well, no, I don#39;t accept that. Look, we inherited a situation from the Labour government when they signed well all these, treaties which allowed these new countries to join European Union just for people to come to Britain. There were no controls on the boarders. We have got a grip on that situation, and ...... the whole government, have imposed limits on immigration, brought immigration down by a third, got a real control now. But, of course, these countries got to create jobs in its own right. And that#39;s why we need to trade with the rest of the world and get investment from the rest of the world. This trip to China just arranged for 16,000 jobs be created in Manchester through a big investment from a Chinese company. I think that is the better direction we#39;ve been, that is what our economic benefits about. Britain turning a corner, fixing its onw economic problems, making things that the rest of the world wants to buy, and by the way, fixing its welfare system. So that the long term unemployed don#39;t just have a life on benefits with nothing expected in return. But they are expected to work, or they are expected to get the training they need to get them back into work. So I think, given our ongoing plan, our immigration plan, from the ..., is very much in the goal we want five years of telling you.So you will be able to leave China with contracts signed, commitments given and jobs in the bag. Yeah, absolutely. Jobs in the bag because we#39;ll get Chinese investment in Britain. And above all, we#39;ll also be making sure that the things that Britain is good at making, aircraft wings, and aeroengines, and cars like Jaguar Land Rover, bomber suiticals, and luxury brands, and indeed, television and film, for example, Downton Abbey is watched by 160 million in China which is more than double the number of people live in the whole of UK. All those things are made by British people and British workforces. And that#39;s great and that#39;s all about Britain earning its way in the world, turning a corner after all the problems we#39;ve been through over recent years because we#39;ve got a clear economic plan that says Britain is gonna make things the rest of the world wants to buy.I#39;ve been listening to your messages and what you have to say. And we vote a dot, you couldn#39;t have been more accommodating to Chinese people. Do you worry that you come across may be a bit too desperate to please? Do they know it?No. I think this is a relationship between two great nations, very very acient civilizations with long and proud histories. And we are doing businesses together. We are taking next big step together, Britain and China, to create jobs and investment in China for the Chinese people and government investment in Britain as well. And it#39;s a relationship of equals because we are both people who wanna shape the future of the world, the future of the world accommodate both nations wanna do that. And I think there#39;s a lot of mutual respect.Yeah. I wanna by China, preconceptions of people may have of China, in previous year, certainly China may have meant high volume, high turnover, low quality and you know, even the Downton figures that you were ing there, many people that we know live in China they watch it, well, shall we say, not legitimately via stations and that sort of thing. What about the China of today? What would you say about that?Well, one of my things gonna do this week is to change British perceptions about China, thins of the ways old describing. You know I think there#39;s a view that sometimes the China is a big sweatshop on the banks of the ... River, just turning out cheap manufacture goods. But actually the China of today has some of the world#39;s largest internet companies, does some of the most advanced hightech engineering, develops some of the world#39;s leading medicines. I don#39;t if you can see it behind me, but I#39;m standing on the top of an incredibly featured state building built, by the way, to the designs of a British shock ... practice, right in the middle of Beijing. But this is about the future China. Future of China is changing dramatically even in the last few years. And I think if we in Britain don#39;t understand that we don#39;t appreciate that, then we will miss out. And I want us to be part of China#39;s success. I don#39;t see China as a threat to us. I see it as a great opportunity because there are many millions of people we can sell British goods and services to.And you are happy the way the week is going so far, Chancellor?Yeah, it#39;s been a good operating just started yesterday. But I#39;ll go by formal talks with the Chinese government tonight and tomorrow morning. And I#39;m travelling to these enormous cities in China and I#39;ll say some of them bigger than many of the cities we have in the UK, like Shenzhen and Guangzhou. To see some of this future in China, some of this, China that is part of the ....., of couse to see how British companies are making the best of it. And that#39;s what#39;s exciting. You know, the British shall really successful there. And also the Chinese, look at the UK, they see a country is getting exact together. And they wanna invest in the UK. So from both countries#39; points of view, that#39;s a win-win. /201310/260920

Japanese pirates were a constant problem然而 日本海盗猖獗not only for Chinese and Korean traders, but for the Japanese as well.中国、朝鲜乃至日本的商人不胜其扰At that time, Japan was also ravaged by civil wars.同时 日本国内混战Subsequently, the Ming Dynasty which ruled from 1358 to 1644为此 明朝政府在1385年-1644年decreed that Ningbo was the only port where Japanese-Chinese trading could took place.下令规定宁波为中日贸易唯一港口Toyotomi Hideyoshi丰臣秀吉was one of the great unifiers of Japan.是日本统一的三位英杰之一He wanted to conquer China,他觊觎中国when Korea, at that time, a vassal state of China那时朝鲜是明朝政府的藩国refused to permit Japan passage through that territory,朝鲜拒绝日本从其领土进入中国Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea and eventually Manchuria in 1592.丰臣秀吉侵略朝鲜 并最终于1592年进入满洲But the Japanese were unable to keep their supply lines open但由于朝鲜民兵不断挫败他们because Korean guerrilla forces continued disrupting them日本没法保持供给线畅通Subsequently, the Japanese were forced to accept the truth in 1593.不得已 日本于1593年接受事实It lasted about 4 years after which the Yoshi once again attacked.四年后 好景不长 丰臣秀吉再次发起侵略This time the Chinese and Koreans此时中朝早已整装待发were well-prepared and again defeated Japan.再一次击退日本The frustrated Japanese troops retreated from the Korean peninsula气馁的日本军队从朝鲜半岛撤退obliterating cities and slaughtering civilians as they went.所到之处 毁尸灭迹 屠杀百姓In 1633,1633年in order to once-for-all ward off foreign influences in Japan,日本采取闭关锁国政策the Tokugawa Shogunate decided to abolish all international trade德川幕府废弃国际贸易 杜绝一切国外往来and have no more direct links with the outside world.日本与外界毫无联系In China, defending Hideyoshi second invasion而在中国 丰臣秀吉的第二次侵略had drained the treasury of the Ming Dynasty也已让明政府国库亏空and left the vulnerable against the Manchus徒剩残兵游勇对抗满族人who eventually ended the Ming Dynasty and established the Qing Dynasty in 1644.最终 满族人推翻明政府 于1644年建立了清政府 Article/201409/329627If the summer driving season causes you to double up on your blood pressure medication, this guide will have you enjoying the open road in no time.如果夏季驾车让你血压飙升,下面的建议将可以让你立即享受开阔道路驾车的乐趣。You Will Need你需要Time时间Patience耐心Carefree temperament无忧无虑的性情Internet access (optional)互联网连接(可选)GPS system (optional)GPS系统(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Leave with plenty of time1.预留足够时间Leave for the beach or park with plenty of spare time -- rushing is a surefire way to add stress or have an accident.预留足够的时间去沙滩或停车场,仓促肯定会增加压力,或者容易发生事故。STEP 2 Plan your route2.计划路线Plan your route carefully and avoid heavy traffic areas when possible.认真计划路线,尽可能避免交通拥堵的路段。Visit your state#39;s Department of Transportation website to view the latest construction zones and street closings and plan accordingly.浏览所在地区交通部网站,查询最新的建设区域和封闭路段,相应作出计划。STEP 3 Avoid traveling during peak times3.避免高峰期出行Avoid driving during peak hours such as early morning and mid-afternoon, and avoid major holidays.避免交通高峰期,例如早上和中午,避免重大节日期间外出。STEP 4 Take the scenic tour4.选择风景优美的路线Take the scenic tour or drive alongside the ocean and don#39;t be afraid to get lost.选择风景优美的路线,或者沿着海岸驾驶,不要担心迷路。Invest in either a dash-mounted GPS system or a cell phone with GPS to navigate through unfamiliar territory.投资购买前置型GPS系统或者拥有GPS系统的手机,在不熟悉的路段可以提供导航。STEP 5 Exercise patience5.耐心Exercise patience and be nice to your fellow tourists when on the road; this is the best way to travel and get to your destination safely.驾车途中要有耐心,对其他驾车者要和善。这是出行和安全抵达目的地的最好方法。The 392 National Parks in the U.S. receive nearly 12 million visitors each year, most of them to the 4 1/2 million acres of oceans, lakes, and reservoirs.美国392个国家公园每年接待接近1200万名游客,其中大部分人前往450万英亩的海洋,琥珀和水库。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/304797Welcome to the newly renamed Etihad Stadium in Manchester,欢迎来到新命名的曼彻斯特伊蒂哈德球场,and welcome also to a barnd new season,也欢迎来到一个全新的赛季,a season during which Manchester City will have demanded a series of challenges for the Premier League title.曼城将接受一连串的挑战,目标直指英超冠军。重点词汇: the Premier League 英格兰足球超级联赛(英超)例句:The Premier League is sponsored by Barclays.英超联赛赞助商是巴克莱。 视频介绍:英格兰足球超级联赛(Premier League),2004年巴克莱成为英超的赞助商,冠名为巴克莱超级足球联赛(Barclays Premier League),通常简称英超,是英格兰足球总会属下的职业足球联赛,是英格兰联赛系统的最高等级联赛,英超由超级联盟负责具体运作。现时英超联赛已经成为世界上最受欢迎的体育赛事之一,也是收入最高的足球联赛。

Gunmen dressed as police attack in Karachi持歹徒扮成警察袭击机场In Pakistan, at least 26 people have been killed following a terrorist attack at Karachi#39;s international airport on Sunday night.在巴基斯坦,周日晚间在卡拉奇国际机场的恐怖袭击造成至少26人丧生。 Article/201406/304434Olubi had a dramatic change of heart.奥卢比的心灵发生了巨大变化He turned his back on hundreds of years of Maasai tradition.他背弃了马萨伊几百年来的传统Along with some other warriors, Olubi became a lion guardian.奥卢比和其他战士一起成为了狮子守护者Instead of hunting lions, Olubi will be protecting them.奥卢比不再猎杀狮子 而是保护它们He teamed up with Stephanie Dolrenry,他和斯黛芬尼·道琳who helped pioneer the project.一个帮助开展项目的人一起合作Just by respecting their traditions尊重他们的传统and also bringing in their ecological knowledge,带给他们生态知识it#39;s been hugely successful.取得了巨大成功They know their areas, they know how to track lions,他们了解那片土地 知道如何追踪狮子they#39;ve been doing it for generation after generation.一代代人不曾改变They know how to track them,他们知道如何追踪they know how to hunt them, they know how to find them.如何捕猎 如何寻找This is only a small-scale project.这只是小范围的项目But with lion numbers as low as they are,但由于狮子总数过少they need all the help they can get.他们需要一切可能得到的帮助 Article/201406/306016

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