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这个周末我去参加一个派对,其中一个客人显然是喝多了,居然去骚扰另一位客人的太太。 那位太太一气之下甩了他一巴掌。我看是活该。这个人的行为可以说是: out of line. Out of line这个习惯用语由三个很简单的英文词组成。Out, 外面;line, 线,界限;那么out of line很容易理解,就是超越了界限。说一个人out of line,就是行为不检点。比如我上次碰到的那个醉酒的男子,骚扰别人的妻子。 这种行为就是: out of line, he shouldnt have been acting like that; he was out of line.下面我们再举个例子。有一位父亲在足球场的行为超越了界限而遭到其他父母的非议:例句-1:Some parents dont know how to behave. At my sons football game, one players dad ran onto the field and started screaming at the referee about a call he didnt agree with. He was so out of line. I dont blame the officials for banning him from the stands for the rest of the season. What he did was unacceptable.有的父母就是不懂得控制自己的行为。在我儿子的足球比赛上,有一个球员的父亲觉得裁判的判决不公平,所以就冲到足球场上,对着裁判大喊大叫。后来球队决定禁止他在本赛季观看比赛。他的行为让人无法容忍。其实很多父母都会这样,看孩子比赛太投入了,常常就会做出一些缺乏理智的举动,明明是大人,行为却幼稚得像小孩子。小孩也应该有大人正确引导,才不会行为出轨。有一天我走在路上,一只篮球滚到我脚边。有个孩子命令我说;把篮球给我扔过来;,我提醒他要加上一个;请;字,可是他既没有道歉,也没说;请;,自己把篮球捡起来转身就跑了。 这种行为在我看来就是out of line。******很多学生大学毕业要申请工作,走入社会。申请工作要面试,考官可以问你哪些问题,哪些问题又会out of line呢?例句-2:What can a potential employer ask you? Its fair enough for an interviewer to inquire about your job history and education. Yet questions about your age, religion and political views are way out of line. You never have to answer them. Not only are they inappropriate, but they are also illegal.你未来的雇主可以问你哪些问题呢? 面试官有权询问有关你的工作经历和教育程度方面的问题。但是如果他问你的年龄、宗教信仰和政治立场,那就大大超越界限了。这种问题不仅不恰当,而且不合法。注意刚才这个人不仅仅是说,他说,way out of line. 这里的way就是非常或者很严重的意思。 我们还可以在out of line前面用动词get; 和step; 表示超越了界限, get out of line; step out of line. 例如: If that unruly father steps out of line next season, he might never be allowed to watch another football game. /201506/380083长春无痛人流费用多少长春市中医大附属二院官方网Hello, duck! Neil and Feifei bring you some unusual ways of greeting people, all of which are related to animals. Dont worry, theyre all friendly ways to say hello!你好,亲爱的!尼尔和菲菲将给大家介绍一些打招呼的非正式用语,这些用语都和动物有关。不要担心,这些都是打招呼的友好方式。Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Welcome to The English We Speak...菲菲:欢迎收听地道英语……Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Shh... Let me finish! Welcome to The English We Speak, the programme where we...菲菲:嘘……让我说完!欢迎收听地道英语节目,在本期节目里,我们……Neil: (Makes sound of a duck)尼尔:(模仿鸭子的叫声)Feifei: Ok, ok — you win, Neil. You start the programme.菲菲:好吧,尼尔,你赢了。你来说开场白吧。Neil: OK — welcome to The English We Speak. Today we bring you a way to say hello to people that involves... ducks.尼尔:好,欢迎地道英语节目。今天我们将教大家一种和他人打招呼的方式,我们会用到鸭子这个词。Feifei: Finally. English is, of course, a rich and diverse language, and different regions use different expressions. In the English Midlands — the area around the city of Nottingham — youll hear this. Imagine Im in a shop, and Neil is the shopkeeper:菲菲:终于可以开始节目了。英语是丰富多样的语言,不同地区的人们使用不同的表达方式。在英格兰中部地区,即诺丁汉周边地区,你会听到这些词。想象一下,我现在在一家商店里,而尼尔是店主:Neil: Hello duck, how can I help you?尼尔:你好,亲爱的,你需要什么?Feifei: Hello duck — duck here is a form of address — a word you use when politely speaking to someone.菲菲:你好,亲爱的,这里“亲爱的”是一种称呼,在礼貌地和别人说话时可以使用这个词。Neil: And duck is an affectionate term for another person. So if you hear it — please dont be offended — its a friendly thing to say.尼尔:“亲爱的”是对他人的友好称呼。如果你听到这个词,请不要觉得被冒犯了,这是一种友好的说法。Feifei: Some think that it comes from the word duke! Lets hear a few examples:菲菲:有些人认为这种说法来源于“公爵”这个词。我们来听几个例句。Examples例句Come over here and tell me what the problem is, duck.亲爱的,过来这里,告诉我有什么问题。Dont you worry about that broken glass, duck. Ill sort it out.亲爱的,不要担心那块打碎的玻璃。我来收拾。Neil: Duck is generally used by people talking to those younger than or the same age as themselves. In some ways it functions like the word dear.尼尔:这个词一般是对比你小,或是和你一样大的人说的。在某种程度上,它的功能和“亲爱的”这个词是一样的。Feifei: But its not a phrase that all native English speakers use. When Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie used it when presenting an award to an English actor from the East Midlands, Jack OConnoll, it confused a lot of people around the world!菲菲:不过,这不是所有英语为母语的人都会用的说法。好莱坞女演员安吉丽娜·朱莉曾经在给来自英格兰中东部的演员杰克·奥康奈尔颁奖时用了这个称呼,弄得全世界很多观众一头雾水!Neil: And whats more, duck is not the only form of address based on animals. For example, where might someone call you... hen?尼尔:另外,这不是唯一一个与动物有关的称呼。比如,哪些地方会有人叫你“女人”呢?Feifei: Hen is used in Glasgow — but only when talking to women.菲菲:在格拉斯哥,人们会用这个词,不过仅用来称呼女性。Neil: Alright hen? And then we have pet...尼尔:好吧,女人?还有“宝贝”……Feifei: Pet is used in the North East of England — around Newcastle people call each other pet.菲菲:这个词在英格兰东北部使用,在纽卡斯尔,人们会互相称呼“宝贝”。Neil: Thanks, pet. So — listen out for these different regional ways of being friendly — just dont be surprised if you confuse people when you use them yourself! Thanks for listening.尼尔:谢谢,宝贝。所以,仔细倾听这些不同地区表示友好的称呼,如果你用这些词的时候有人感到疑惑,也不要吃惊!谢谢大家收听今天的节目。Feifei: (Makes sound of a duck)菲菲:(模仿鸭子的叫声) 译文属 /201702/490742磐石人民医院看不孕医生

德惠市第二人民医院引产多少钱长春协和医院网上挂号4.Hairdressing Dialogue4.美发 对话Steven and Julia, will take part in a party this evening. Steven takes Julia to the beauty salon to do her hair.史蒂文和茱莉娅今晩要参加一个晩会。史蒂文带茱莉娅来到美发沙龙做头发。Barber: Good morning. What can I do for you?理发师:早上好。我能为你们做点什么?Steven: Good morning. Please do a new hairdo for my wife.史蒂文:早上好。请为我太太做个新发型。Barber: No problem. May I ask how you would like your hair styled, madam?理发师:没问题。夫人,我能问下您要做什么发型吗?Julia: We are going out to take part in a party. So Id like to have my hair done in a rather sophisticated style.茱莉娅:我和我的丈夫要去参加一个晚会。所以我想做一个稍微精致点的发型。Barber: How about putting it up with bangs in front?理发师:把头发挽起来,然后前面留点刘海,怎么样?Julia: Oh, I dont like that style very much. I think this one is very nice.茱莉娅:嗯……我不太喜欢那个发型。我觉得这个挺好看的。Barber: It is the most popular hairdo this year.理发师:这是今年最流行的发型。Julia: Just make this one.茱莉娅:就做这个吧。 /201603/432635外教带你学地道口语 第39期:初次见面可以聊的话题如何更有自信跟对方聊起来! /201509/397005长春医科大学第二医院看妇科炎症多少钱Todd: So Mark, you are going back to America. (Yes) Man, where are you going to live when you go back?托德:马克,你马上就要回美国了。(对)伙计,你回去以后打算在哪里生活?Mark: Well, temporarily, Ill stay at my parents in Birmingham, Alabama.马克:我暂时会住在我父母在阿拉巴马州伯明翰的房子里。Todd: OK, and wherere you gonna live after that?托德:好,那之后你打算住在哪里?Mark: Well, Im not sure. I might move down to South Florida. Florida is kind of my second home, and, yeah, Id like to actually one day, get a house down there.马克:嗯,我还没有决定。我可能会搬去佛罗里达州南部。佛罗里达州就像我的第二个家,我希望有一天能在那里买房。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,真的吗?Mark: Yeah.马克:对。Todd: Youre just going to buy a house?托德:你打算买房吗?Mark: Well, Id like to someday. I mean, I prefer to own my own home instead of always renting an apartment somewhere.马克:我希望有一天可以买套房子。我的意思是,我想拥有自己的房子,而不是一直租公寓住。Todd: Yeah, but see, I think its better to rent, cause you know, when you rent a house, you dont have to worry about losing your job, or if you have to relocate. You dont have to worry about if theres a natural disaster, and in Florida you seem to love those hurricanes down there.托德:不过你看,我认为租房子更好,因为租房不用担心失业或搬迁。你不用担心自然灾害,佛罗里达州经常会遭遇飓风这样的灾害。Mark: Thats definitely true.马克:完全正确。Todd: You know.托德:就是这样。Mark: But theres something about owning your own house, thats just, this is my house but Im renting. Its like someone else, you know, I mean someone else does own your house, and you know, theres that feeling of like, you depend on them, you know for lodging but if its your house, you own it, then theres a sense of independency there.马克:不过拥有自己的房子……你看如果租房的话,这是我的家可是却是我租的,这是别人的房子,你知道这种感觉就像寄宿,要依赖别人,不过如果你拥有自己的房子,那就会有种独立感。Todd: Yeah, that true. Thats a good point but on the other hand, I just love my free time, and when you rent, you just got more free time. You know when you own a house. You have to do maintenance. You have to do all the paperwork for taxes, and you know, city government stuff, like that. When you rent its just really easy.托德:对,没错。这个观点不错,不过从另一方面来看,我喜欢自由时间,如果租房子就会有更多的自由时间。可是如果是自己的房子,你就要维护,要填写市政府的交税单之类的东西。要是租房子,就不用这么麻烦。Mark: Well, you know, the maintenance stuff can be fun. It depends on how you look at it. Like, you know, if its your house, you actually might be motivated to make it look better cause its, you take pride in, you know, where you live and its your house, and what do you do in your free time anyway? Like what do you do in your free times?马克:你看,维护其实可以带来乐趣的。这取决于你怎么看待这个事情。如果这是你的房子,你会希望让它看起来更好,因为你会以你的房子为荣,对了,你空闲时间都做什么?你会在空闲时间什么事情?Todd: What do I do in my free time?托德:我空闲时会做什么?Mark: Yeah.马克:对。Todd: Well, I dont fix pipes and work on plumbing and garden, thats for sure.托德:反正我肯定不会修理管道,也不会修理水管和整理花园。Mark: But, well, but why not? I mean.马克:可是为什么不呢?Todd: Good point. Thats true.托德:这倒是个不错的观点。 译文属 /201501/356425吉林省长春人民医院剖腹产怎么样

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