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Britain#39;s first bus powered by human waste has taken to the streets.近日,英国首辆靠人类粪便供能的新型环保巴士正式上路。The 40-seater #39;Bio-Bus#39; is fuelled by biomethane gas, generated by the treatment of sewage and food waste at a processing plant in the south west.这辆40座的“生态巴士”靠人粪、垃圾等废物所产生的沼气驱动,沼气是在西南部的一个处理厂生成。And a single tank of the gas - produced using the typical annual waste of just five people - is enough to power the vehicle for 190 miles (305km).据悉,只需要相当于5个人一年的排便量便足够撑巴士跑完190英里(约305千米)。Today#39;s maiden voyage saw the first passengers travel on the route from Bristol Airport to Bath, Somerset - a distance of around 20 miles (32km).“大便巴士”于11月19日首次上路,将第一批乘客从布里斯托机场运送到了萨默塞特的巴斯,总距离约为20英里(约32千米)。The gas is being produced at a Wessex Water sewerage plant, run by energy firm GENeco.负责生产沼气的是GENeco能源公司管辖的威塞克斯污水处理厂。Mohammed Saddiq, director of GENeco, told Bristol Post: #39;Gas powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in UK cities.GENeco能源公司负责人穆罕默德·萨迪克称:“这种由沼气供能的汽车对提升英国的空气质量很有帮助。”#39;But the Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.#39;“但是生态巴士的意义更大,实际上生物巴士的动力是由生活在当地的居民所提供的,甚至很可能是车上的乘客提供的。”The annual waste of a bus-load of people would provide enough power for a return journey from Land#39;s End to John O#39;Groats, while producing fewer emissions than a dieselengine.巴士一车人每年粪便产生的燃料,可供其往返英格兰西南的兰兹角到苏格兰陆地最北端的天涯海角,且排放量比柴油更少。Charlotte Morton, chief executive of eco-friendly organisation Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, said: #39;The bus also clearly shows that human poo and our wasted food are valuable resources.英国生态环保组织厌氧消化和生物资源协会执行董事夏洛特·莫顿说:“生态巴士已经明,人类粪便以及我们的被丢弃的食物都是宝贵的资源。”#39;Food which is unsuitable for human consumption should be separately collected and recycled through anaerobic digestion into green gas and biofertilisers, not wasted inlandfill sites or incinerators.#39;“不适合人类食用的食物应被分开收集,通过厌氧消化回收成为环保气体和生化肥料,而不应被扔进垃圾填埋场或焚烧。”GENeco this week also became the first company to start delivering gas generated from human waste directly to 8,300 homes by the national grid.与此同时,GENeco能源公司也成为首家向8300户家庭直接收集人类粪便产生的气体的公司。The waste plant in Avonmouth, Bristol, treats 75 million cubic metres of sewage waste, and 35,000 tonnes of food waste, every year.位于布里斯托的埃文茅斯一家垃圾处理厂每年处理掉7500万立方米的污水垃圾以及3.5万吨的食物垃圾。Using anaerobic digestion the plant is able to produce 17 million tonnes of biomethane a year.使用厌氧消化该处理厂一年能够生产1700万吨的生物沼气。COULD POO SOON POWER OUR SMARTPHONES?那么问题来了,不久的将来大便也能供能于我们的智能手机么?Faeces could soon be used to power a future generation of mobile phones, scientists from the University of East Anglia have claimed.东英格利亚大学的科学家已经表示,人类分辨在不久的将来确实能够为新一代的智能手机提供能源。The researchers discovered a natural process that occurs within the bacteria found in poo, that could help improve ‘bio batteries’.研究者们已经发现粪便中的细菌存在一种天然加工过程能够提升“生物电池”性能。It is hoped the discovery could produce energy for portable technology, such as smartphones, mobiles, tablets and laptops.希望通过该发现能在以后为一些如手机、平板、笔记本等便携式小家电提供能源。 /201411/343933

China has executed eight people in the frontier region of Xinjiang for what it said were “terrorist” acts, including masterminding last year’s suicide car attack on Tiananmen Square.中国在新疆对其所称的犯有“恐怖”罪行的八人执行死刑,包括去年策划在天安门广场发动自杀式汽车袭击的罪犯。The official Xinhua news agency said yesterday that the executions had been approved by the top court in Xinjiang, an area on the far western border that is home to Muslim Uighurs and other ethnic minorities. The report did not say when the executions had been carried out.官方的新华社(Xinhua)昨日表示,死刑由新疆地方法院依法执行。报道没有说明执行死刑的具体时间。新疆位于中国的西北边陲,是信仰伊斯兰教的维吾尔族和其他一些少数民族的家园。The sentences highlight Beijing’s determination to take a tough line on separatists in the province.这些处决行动突显北京方面决心用强硬手段对付新疆的分离主义者。The government believes extremists from Xinjiang were responsible for several brutal incidents in recent months, including a knife attack on a train station in Kunming, southern China, in March in which 29 people died. In May, 39 people were killed, along with four attackers, and more than 90 wounded when assailants threw explosives and drove two off-road vehicles through a crowd at a market in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi.中国政府相信,来自新疆的极端分子要对近几个月来的多起凶残事件负责,包括3月在中国南方城市昆明的火车站发起的持刀攻击,那次攻击导致29人被害。5月,攻击者在新疆首府乌鲁木齐市开着两辆越野车冲击一个早市,还投掷爆炸物,这起事件导致39人死亡,超过90人受伤;4个攻击者也当场丧生。Xinhua said the crimes of those executed included masterminding the 2013 crash of a car into a crowd of tourists at the entrance to Beijing’s Forbidden City, in which those driving the car and two bystanders were killed.新华社说,被处决的人所犯的罪行包括策划2013年在北京天安门广场驾车冲撞金水桥的游客人群,那次事件造成车内人员和两名路人死亡。Xinhua added the other executions were punishment for crimes ranging from the illegal manufacture of explosives to the establishment of a terrorist organisation.新华社补充说,被处决的其他人所犯的罪行包括非法制造爆炸物和建立一个恐怖组织。The news agency also said one man had been executed for his role in the attack on a police station in the Xinjiang city of Aksu last year, while another had been put to death because he had “watched audiovisual materials on religious extremism”, and “killed an innocent civilian” last year.新华社还表示,有一个人是因为去年在阿克苏地区袭击警察而被处决,还有一个人被执行死刑是因为他曾在去年“收听观看宣扬宗教极端、暴力恐怖内容的音视频”,然后“持刀闯入一群众家中并将其杀害”。The executions and sentences are part of a crackdown that comes after Beijing vowed a year-long campaign against terrorism in the wake of the market attack.这些处决和判决是一场打击行动的一部分。此前在新疆早市爆炸袭击事件之后,北京方面誓言以新疆为主战场,开展为期一年的严打暴恐专项行动。In June, 13 people were executed for Xinjiang-linked terrorist attacks.今年6月,13人因涉及新疆的恐怖袭击而被处决。Last month the government-appointed imam of the region’s largest and most prestigious mosque was stabbed to death in the street in Kashgar, China’s westernmost city.上个月,新疆最大且最知名的清真寺——艾提尕尔清真寺由政府任命的大毛拉在喀什的街道上被刺死。喀什是中国最西部的城市。 /201408/324436

The flood of allegations, lawsuits and official reports into clerical abuse reached a peak in 2009 and 2010, which observers say may explain the spike shown in the document.据英国广播公司报道,在2009年和2010年间,大量有关神职人员性虐儿童的指控、诉讼和官方报道已经沸腾了。The Holy See is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a legally binding instrument which commits it to protecting and nurturing the most vulnerable in society.梵蒂冈是联合国《儿童权利公约》的签署者。这是一份具有法律约束力的文书,承诺保护和照顾儿童。It ratified the convention in 1990 but after an implementation report in 1994 it did not submit any progress reports until 2012, following revelations of child sex abuse in Europe and beyond.1990年,罗马教会批准了这个公约。但是在1994年的执行报告后,直到2012年才提交了进展报道,在欧洲和其他地区儿童受到性虐曝光后。Last month, the Vatican refused a request from the UN#39;s Committee on the Rights of the Child for data on abuse, on the grounds that it only released such information if requested to do so by another country as part of legal proceedings.上个月,梵蒂冈拒绝了联合国儿童权利委员会关于提供受虐儿童数据的要求,理由是只有其他国家提出要求、作为法律程序的一部分,才能公布这些信息。In a homily on Thursday, Benedict#39;s successor, Pope Francis, called abuse scandals ;the shame of the Church;.在周四的说教中,本尼迪克特的继承者——弗朗西斯一世认为这个虐待丑闻是教会的耻辱。He announced in December that a Vatican committee would be set up to fight sexual abuse of children in the Church.弗朗西斯一世在2013年12月宣布,梵蒂冈将设立委员会来与教会性虐儿童作斗争。 /201403/278219

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