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小学英语作文:My Favorite Fruit我最喜欢的水果 -01-01 :53:3 来源: 小学英语作文:My Favorite Fruit我最喜欢的水果I'm a student in Grade 3. My favorite fruit is banana. 我是一名三年级的学生,我最喜欢吃的水果是香蕉Banana is yellow and sweet. Unlike apples,you don't need to wash it,you can eat it after you peel it. Banana is good health,i usually eat a banana a day.香蕉是黄色的,很甜不像苹果,你不需要洗它,只要把皮剥了,你就可以吃了香蕉对健康有益,我经常一天吃一个香蕉

A library -- ::7 来源: A libraryA library used to be only a building with a lot of books and a very quiet place to me. I had never wanted to enter a traditional library because it was a boring place a child. Since I became a senior high school student, I have more homework that requires me to find the latest inmation on a topic or some good ideas. So I got into the habit of going to the library, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is! there are so many interesting books I've never , including novels and books about science and computers. Most important of all, there are even a lot of famous classic films, which are very popular. Now I also have something else to do when I'm in a library: studying. Studying together with a lot of people is a good experience. Now I'm never bored when I'm in a library. Do you want to see how much fun it is? Come with me to a library today!

我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend) -- :5: 来源: 我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend)  this afternoon i joined in the english corner at the wuyi square. there i met tom, an american boy. he was tall and cute, with blue eyes and brown hair. he was as old as i. we talked with each other two hours. he told me that his parents had come to china on business. it so happened that he was on holidays. so he came with them.  he was glad to see that so many chinese children like english, and we agreed to keep in touch with each other later on. how happy i am to have made a new friend!    今天下午我参加了五一广场的英语角活动在那里,我遇见了美国少年汤姆他个子高高的,碧眼棕发,样子很可爱他和我年纪一样大我们一起聊了两个小时他告诉我他父母出差到中国来,碰巧他在放假,所以就同父母一起来了  见到这么多中国孩子喜欢英语,他很高兴我们相约以后保持联系交了一位新朋友我多开心啊!

My Day -- 3:55:56 来源: My DayToday is Monday. I get up at 6:00. I have my breakfast at about 6:30.then I clean my room, wash my face and brush my teeth. I have noodles breakfast. I go to school at 7:00. I do morning exercises at 7:50.We have four classes in morning. At :30, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. I go to bed at :00 in the noon. We have three classes in the afternoon. I have computer class and art classes. I like them very much. I go home at 5:30. I do homework after school. My sister、brother and I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening. then I wash my face and brush my teeth. I go to bed at :00.I’m happy today!

关于寒假的小学英语作文 -01- 19:5:5 来源: 关于寒假的小学英语作文It's a wonderful winter holiday.这个寒假真棒!I joined the LEGO training school.I had two lessons every week. I can set up many things like houses,doors,and all kinds of animals. Besides ,i travelled to Beijing with my family.We visited the Great wall,the National Palace Museum,and tasted the famous Beijing roast duck. But the happiest thing is the Spring Festival.I ate many delicious food and got many red envelopes.我参加了乐高培训学校我每周有两节课我能搭建很多东西,如房子,门和各种动物另外,我和我的一家去北京旅游了我们参观了长城和故宫,还吃了著名的北京烤鸭但是最让我高兴的事情是春节我吃了好多好吃的,收了好多红包

盘点影视经典台词七大最 -- :9:01 来源:   最好运 break A leg这个乍一看【打断腿】意思的短语,其实恰恰相反,是祝好运的意思记住是A,不是the哦~《广告狂人里,每次Don要提案比稿,总有美女祝他break a leg!关于这个短语,有一个有趣的传说传说人们非常相信精灵的存在,而这些精灵最喜欢制造争端如果你许了个愿望,他们就会故意让相反的事情发生于是人们要“祝愿某人好运”时,就会故意说“祝你跌断一条腿”希望借此骗过那些精灵,让好运来临随着时间的推移,“break a leg”也可用于祝福某人试镜考试面试成功,相当于“good luck”如:Break a leg in your test today.(祝你今天考试顺利)  最痴情Always当一个男人说下always的时候,早就不是时常了,那代表着永远死亡圣器下,斯内普放出他的守护神,是一只牝鹿,代表的是lily,就是harry的母亲邓布利多问他这样多久了, 斯内普就回答了“always”当一个女孩说,I will always be your girl时,又饱含了多少承诺——Why are you so good to me ?——You are my girl.——I will always be your girl.选自:珍妮与阿甘的对话——《阿甘正传  最哲理be the change you want to see in the world这句圣雄甘地的名言,和《越狱这部剧的主题完美契合Michael最爱这句话, 最后也成了michael的墓志铭  最霸气 say my name《绝命毒师里的老白,制毒暴富,一步步膨胀之后,送给了大家一句经典台词  最实用 it comes and goes在邱政政老师最喜欢的《拯救大兵瑞恩里汤姆汉克斯演的团长手会时不时地抽搐他告诉副手,没事it comes and goes...Comes and goes,《friends里的菲比也说过一句经典的people comes and goes, but friends stay ever!这句话,也是老友记的精髓吧~回顾下,他是如何陶醉于差一步就制造出原子弹的德国物理学家的名称下的  最烂大街 let it gomove on美国佬是有多喜欢这句话!资深美剧迷现在都跪求一部没有这句话的美剧!算了,还是给这句话配上最经典的翻译吧:天要下雨,娘要嫁人,随他去吧 影视经典 七大 台词

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