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四川去色斑多少钱重庆打瘦脸针价格迪斯尼鳄鱼失控袭人,父亲受伤儿子死亡 -- ::19 来源: 岁的儿子被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击 The father of a toddler killed by an alligator at Disney last month told rescue officials two alligators were involved in the attack, according to emails from the Reedy Creek Fire Department.从Reedy Creek消防部的邮件来看:上个月在迪斯尼被鳄鱼杀死的幼儿的父亲,曾告诉警察说当时有两只鳄鱼袭击他们Matt Graves said he was attacked by a second alligator as he tried to reach his -year-old son after the boy was pulled into the water outside Disney’s upscale Grand Floridian Resort.Matt Graves说他岁的儿子在迪斯尼高档的逸大酒店外被鳄鱼拖入水中时,他曾试图拉回,但他自己被另一只鳄鱼袭击Capt. Tom Wellons described his interaction with the Nebraska father in emails to his supervisors obtained by The Orlando Sentinel (http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn). Wellons said Graves initially refused to leave the area as rescuers searched little Lane Graves even though the father needed stitches and antibiotics from gator bite marks. Wellons said he eventually persuaded Graves to get medical treatment, promising he could return afterward.根据新闻网站Orlando Sentinel(http:tinyurl.comz9baqzn)拿到的Tom Wellons警官与他上级的邮件,Wellons在邮件中描述了他与这位来自内布拉斯加州的父亲的互动据Wellons说,当救援人员搜寻小Lane Graves时,他的父亲Graves起初拒绝离开,尽管被鳄鱼咬伤的他需要缝针和注射抗生素Wellons说他最终说Graves接受治疗,并承诺他可以在之后回来“This incredibly sweet couple insisted on showing us pictures of their happy son. (The) mom kept referring to him as her ‘happy boy,’” Wellons wrote in the emails.“这对极为恩爱的情侣坚持要我们看他们儿子的照片这位母亲一直将他称作自己‘快乐的男孩,’”Wellons在邮件中说On the way to the hospital, Graves shared “the horror that he experienced” as his son was being pulled into the water and “how another gator attacked him as he fought his son,” according to the email to supervisors.根据这些Wellons发给上级的邮件,在去往医院的路上,Graves分享了他的儿子被拖入水中时“他所经历的恐怖”,以及“另一个鳄鱼是如何在他去救儿子时袭击他的”The emails were warded to Orange County officials to alert them there may be a second gator. The boy’s body was discovered intact about yards from the shore, six feet underwater.这些邮件被转发给Orange County的警官,提醒他们可能有另一只鳄鱼男孩的尸体已在离岸码,水下6英尺的地方寻到Signs posted in the area advised against swimming but did not warn of alligators. In the days after the attack Walt Disney posted signs warning of alligators in the area.张贴在该区域的警告牌只是禁止游泳,没有警告知说有鳄鱼在袭击发生之后,迪斯尼在这里张贴了提防鳄鱼的警告Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials have said they’re “confident” they caught the alligator that killed the boy.佛罗里达州的鱼类和野生动物保护委员会官员说,他们“确信”自己抓获了杀害男孩的鳄鱼Agency records listed alligators caught on Disney property from the beginning of this year through May. It didn’t include the six trapped since the June attack.今年年初至5月,记录有只鳄鱼在迪斯尼地产被抓捕这还不包括6月号鳄鱼袭击后被困的6只Walt Disney World recently erected “No fishing” signs on several properties. Fishing at Disney World is now limited to excursions. Netting was also added to the rope fences that were installed after the attack and hotel beaches are now being staffed by employees and closing at night, except during fireworks.沃尔特·迪斯尼世界在它几处地产都竖立了“禁止钓鱼”的警示牌迪斯尼世界的钓鱼目前只限游览袭击发生后安装的绳栏上现在又加装了网现在酒店的海滩也有员工把守,除非有烟火表演,晚间海滩都将关闭Disney has beaches at eight hotels and at the t Wilderness campground.迪斯尼的8家酒店和维尔德尼斯堡露营地都有海滩重庆西南医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 各大新闻网站将不得随意发布社交媒体网站新闻 -- 18::31 来源: 随着互联网的发展,一大批社交媒体网站如雨后春笋般涌现出来然而,部分社交媒体成为了传播虚假新闻的温床国家网络安全局发布声明严厉打击这种行为 China’s internet regulator will launch a crackdown on the reporting of news gathered from social media, as part of what the government calls a campaign against fake news and the sping of rumours.中国的互联网监管机构将要发起一项对采自社交媒体的新闻打击虚假新闻和传播谣言的行动,将对社交媒体上发布的新闻进行核查In a statement late on Sunday, the Cyberspace Administration of China said that online media cannot report any news taken from social media sites without approval.上周日,中国国家网络安全发布声明称网上媒体在未经审批前不得发布任何出自社交媒体的新闻“It is bidden to use hearsay to create news or use conjecture and imagination to distort the facts,” it said.声明中指出“严禁道听途说编造新闻或凭猜测想象歪曲事实”“All levels of the cyberspace administration must earnestly fulfil their management responsibility internet content, strengthen supervision and investigation, severely probe and handle fake and unfactual news,” the regulator added.“各级网信办要切实履行网络内容管理职责,加强监督检查,严肃查处虚假、失实新闻信息”It listed a number of fake news stories it said had recently circulated on the internet, including one about a bus fire.声明中列举了包括公交车起火在内的网络虚假新闻信息The Chinese government aly exercises widesp controls over the internet and has sought to codify that policy in law.中国政府对互联网实行广泛控制,并寻求对此立法Officials say internet restrictions, including the blocking of popular eign sites like Google and Facebook, are needed to ensure security in the face of rising threats, such as terrorism, and stop the sp of damaging rumours.当局官员表示,在面对像恐怖主义等日益增加的威胁以及阻止有害谣言的传播方面,需要对像谷歌和Facebook等国外流行网站采取互联网监管,来确保安全eign governments and business groups have pointed to restrictions on the internet as a broader trade issue.外国政府和商业集团认为此举关乎贸易问题The announcement of the social media crackdown comes one week after China’s internet censorship chief stepped down.宣布对社交媒体的镇压发生在中国互联网审查首席执行官下台后的一周Currently, 1, people have tested positive Zika virus in the U.S. Of these, 00 are pregnant women. To date, all Zika virus cases in the U.S. are associated with travel to an affected area. Fifteen cases were sexually transmitted, and five people went on to develop Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological condition associated with with the virus.目前,美国已经有人的寨卡病毒检测呈阳性,其中包括00名妇迄今为止,美国所有寨卡病毒感染病例都与去过病毒流行区域有关其中例是性传播,有5人陆续表现出了格林-巴利综合征,这是一种与病毒相关的神经系统疾病Twelve babies have been born in the U.S. with birth defects caused by Zika virus, including microcephaly, calcium deposits in the brain, excess fluid in the brain cavity or abnormal eye development. Officials have counted six pregnancy losses with evidence of the Zika virus-caused birth defects.在美国已经有名因寨卡病毒而导致先天缺陷的患儿出生,其中包括小头畸形、大脑中钙质沉积、脑腔中液体沉积或眼睛发育异常据官方统计,寨卡病毒引起的先天缺陷已经导致6例妊娠失败Zika virus is endemic in 50 countries and territories around the world.寨卡病毒目前在全世界50个国家和地区流行全球最帅男神发型 你out了吗? -- ::36 来源:sohu 随着炎炎夏季温度和湿度的飙升,对清爽的需求也愈发迫切然而,还能有什么比剪一个全球最酷男神发型更能降温的呢?今天,小编为大家带了几款最新最帅的男神发型,相信总有一款合你的胃口 The mercury and humidity is soaring, along with the need to cool down. What better way to cool down than getting a cool haircut, in every sense of the word? 1. Undercut 削边 优雅的后梳发一直以来在男士中深受欢迎当你并不想剪掉长发时,这不失为一个好的选择你所要做的仅仅是用一些造型产品把头发梳理到后面露出的额头和发际线将给人一个十分清爽的印象 后梳发的副产品被称为削边与向后梳的头发相比,削边更短,而头顶的头发依旧很长,干净的梳到后面而露出前额退役的足球运动员大卫; 贝克汉姆似乎是削边发型的忠实爱好者因为所有向后梳理的发型都将把脸型暴露无遗,所以这款发型只是推荐给那些面部轮廓清晰的人 Classy slicked-back hair has always been popular with men. It can be the style of choice when one doesn't necessarily want to cut off long hair. All you have to do is to comb the hair backwards after applying some products. The revealed ehead and hairline will give it a very clean appeal A by-product of slicked-back hair is called undercut. Compared to the slicked-back, undercut are shorter, and the top part of the hair remains long, cleanly combed backwards to show the ehead. Retired football player David Beckham seems a big fan of the undercut. Combing all the hair backwards will show the shape of your face completely. This hairstyle is recommended those with sharper facial contours. 削边发型的另一个好处?它使你看起来更高! Another benefit of the undercut? It makes you look taller. . Side-part 侧分 后梳发把整张脸都露出来对于没有足够信心这样做的人,侧分的发型也许是个不错的选择 Slicked-back reveals the whole face in its entirety. those who's not confident enough to do so, side-parted hairstyles may be a good choice. 近日,万人迷吴彦祖以侧分发型拍摄了一张十分具有中国风的照片他看起来非常清爽,与后梳发相比,侧分的发型显得他更加温柔和绅士侧分发型最好的一点是它很好保持吴彦祖休息时,他可以轻松下来而不用花太多精力去维持发型,他的侧分发型依然看起来很棒 Heartthrob Daniel Wu took part in a very Chinese-inspired photo shoot recently, wearing his hair side-parted. It looks clean, and compared to slicked-back, the side-part is softer and more gentlemanly. The best part about side-part is it's easy to maintain. When he's off, Wu can be lazy and not put too much eft on styling his hair and still look good with his side-part. 3. The messy short cut 凌乱短发 如果你有点爱偷懒,那么短发可能是你最好的选择短发比起平头要长,即使你不想花大力气维持发型,你也不会看上去像一名士兵 If you are the lazy type, the short cut is probably your best bet. Short cuts are longer than crew cuts, so you will still look good without looking like a soldier and you won't have to put in the eft to style your hair. 由于出演《太阳的后裔而在亚洲炙手可热的韩国明星宋仲基,自从完兵役后就一直留着短发宋仲基较长的头发和刘海,使他的样子十分可人(也要感谢他精致的五官),让他看起来更为大男孩而不会太过成熟在《太阳的后裔中,宋仲基的头发更短一些,但不会短到露出头皮 South Korean actor Song Joong-ki, one of the hottest stars in Asia at the moment thanks to his role in Descendants of the Sun, has kept his hair cut short ever since he finished his mandatory military service. Song's hair and bangs used to be long, giving him a rather adorable look (also thanks to his delicate features), making him look boyish instead of manly. Song's hairstyle in Descendants of the Sun is shorter, but not short to the scalp. 请不要有偏见认为小编上述推荐的发型帅气只是因为这些人是男神把胡子剃干净,这些干净清爽的发型将适合所有男士例如,对于我们通常并不认为颜值很高的明星黄渤,发型还是起到了很大作用 Please don't be prejudiced and think that the abovementioned hairstyles only look good because of who's wearing them. Clean-shaven, clean-cut hairstyles look good on allmen. Take the big difference it makes on actor Huang Bo, not often regarded as particularly handsome, an example. 好了,今天的福利就到这里,哪款是你心中最帅的男神呢? 留言告诉小编吧! Photo:Weibo English Source: China daily重庆星辰皮肤美容医院激光去红血丝多少钱

重庆星宸整形美容医院治疗青春痘当米老鼠变成美食,会发生什么? -- ::55 来源:sohu 米奇北京烤鸭披萨 对一天天繁重的家务或者工作感到厌倦吗?快让这些可爱的佳肴带你找回状态吧!以这个欢乐的小动物精心设计的菜肴,一定会让你重现笑容对于那些喜爱米老鼠的人们,我想,这些佳肴你绝对不想错过! Tired of the day's chores or burdened by your heavy workload? Treat yourself to a sunny dish that brings you back in time! The delicately designed Mickey Mouse dishes, with the shape and features of the happy little creatures, are sure to bring a smile to your face. Mickey Mouse fans, these are definitely dishes you wouldn't want to miss! 米奇煎饼 米奇(和它的朋友们)饭团 米奇大圆蹄 米奇肉包amp;米妮红豆包 米奇滑蛋饭 米奇京味闷羊腱 米奇冰棒 迪士尼家族马卡龙 English Source: China daily重庆星宸美容医院整形美容中心 新饮食指南:多吃纤维类食品,多喝水 -- :55:33 来源: 来自英格兰的健康学家在周四发表的饮食指南中,建议人们更加注重膳食纤维和水的摄入 Health experts in England issued new guidelines on Thursday advising people to eat more fiber and drink more water.来自英格兰的健康学家在周四发表的饮食指南中,建议人们更加注重膳食纤维和水的摄入Public Health England (PHE) in its revised Eat Well Guide said a healthy diet should now include more fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates, preferably whole grain, and fewer sugary foods and drinks.英格兰的公共卫生协会在其近期修订的健康饮食指导中提到,合理的饮食应当包含更多的水果,蔬菜以及碳水化合物类食品,以全麦食品最佳,同时减少含糖食品和饮料的摄入The new guide shows revised proportions of food groups that help people meet official advice and nutrient requirements.为了满足大众的健康营养需求,新的健康饮食指南重新修订了各类食物的比例It has been refreshed to reflect updated dietary recommendations, including those on sugar, fibre and starchy carbohydrates from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).同时,涵盖了最新的饮食推荐,包括营养科学顾问委员会关于含糖类、膳食纤维以及淀粉类碳水化合物的摄入School teachers, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, the food and drink industry, key commy figures and health professionals are being encouraged to use the guide to help the nation improve its diet.广大公共组织如教师、各地政府、无政府组织、食品饮料加工厂、社区以及健康专业人士应该积极配合新饮食指南的推广,从而提高全民的饮食健康水平PHE in its statement today said: "PHE recommends consuming 30 grams of fiber a day, the same as eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, two whole-wheat cereal biscuits, two thick slices of wholemeal b and one large baked potato with the skin on. Currently, people only consume around 19 grams of fiber per day, less than two thirds the recommendation."英格兰公共卫生协会在今天的声明中指出:“应该保持每天30克的膳食纤维摄入量,相当于摄入五成的水果蔬菜、两份谷类饼干、两薄片全麦面包和一大块带皮的烤红薯的水平,而现在人们每天的膳食纤维摄入量仅为19克,不到规定水平的三分之二”Sugary soft drinks have been removed from the guidelines and foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar have been moved to the periphery of the guide, reflecting advice that they are not an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet.新的健康指南去除了含糖饮料,同时将高脂肪的糖类以及盐类食品列入推荐食品,表明了这类食品不再是健康合理饮食的必需品Adults, says PHE, should have less than six grams of salt and grams of saturated fat women or 30 grams men a day.据英格兰公共卫生协会建议,成年人每天的盐类摄入量应不高于6克,女性的饱和脂肪摄入量应低于克,男性不高于30克The Eat Well Guide now displays drinks recommendations which make clear that adults should be aiming to have six to eight glasses of fluids per day ideally from water, lower fat milks, and unsweetened tea or coffee.同时,健康饮食指导也列出了关于饮料的摄入建议,成年人每天应保6~8杯饮品类的摄入,比如低脂牛奶和无糖茶水或者咖啡Dr. Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at PHE, said: "Our new guide helps people to understand what a healthy balanced diet looks like. The evidence shows that we should continue to base our meals on starchy carbohydrates, especially whole grains, and eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day."英格兰公共卫生协会的首席营养学家Alison Tedstone士说:“我们的饮食建议是想让人们了解真正健康合理的饮食的要求,科学据表明我们每天的饮食应该继续以淀粉类碳水化合物为主,尤其是谷类食品,同时应摄入不低于总饮食量50%的水果或者蔬菜”"On the whole, cutting back on foods and drinks that are high in saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories would improve our diets, helping to reduce obesity and the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and some cancers," she said.她还说:“总体来看,我们应该减少高饱和脂肪类食品和饮料的摄入,糖类、盐类以及卡路里会提高我们的饮食量,帮助减少肥胖和降低患重大疾病如心脏疾病和癌症等的风险”重庆星宸整形美容治疗青春痘多少钱

重庆哪家美容医院比较好身体力行3件事,早起从此没难度 --7 :5:37 来源: At a workshop I attended last weekend, the facilitator jokingly mentioned that he’s more of a night owl and his energy doesn’t generally kick in until about :00 in the afternoon. I laughed, thinking that my list of accomplishments post p.m. is about HALF of what I get done in the morning and early afternoon hours.笔者上周末参加了一个研讨会,当时讲师打趣地提到了他本人更倾向于夜猫子模式,并且他的精力只有在午后点才能充分发挥出来当时我就笑了,然后想象自己在午后点的成功史,就是我已经在早上或午后较前的时间完成了半数的任务Then I thought... “When did THAT happen?” In years past, you couldn’t talk to me bee :00 in the morning, much less expect me to get anything useful done. And the weekends? get it. If the time had “a.m.” attached to the end of it, you’d better believe I was face-down in a pillow.然后我就开始思考……“那是怎么办到的?”在过去的几年里,在早上点前别人是无法跟我交谈的,更不要期待我完成了什么任务那么周末呢?算了吧如果周末的时间以a.m.作为后缀,那么你还是相信我正在枕头下埋头大睡好了Nowadays, however, despite my best efts I cannot sleep past 8, I’m mentally ming my to-do list bee I even open my eyes. I find that my best writing is done within the first few hours after I wake up, and my go-getter mentality has dimmed into a quieter energy come late afternoon.然而时至今日,尽管我尽了最大的努力,不让自己睡得超过8点,但我会在脑海里列出自己即将完成的任务,甚至不用等到睁眼的时候我发现了,在起床后的头几个小时里完成写作任务的效果最好,而我的渐入佳境的心理状态也随着午后时间的延伸变得越来越安静So what’s my secret?那么,我的秘诀是什么呢?1. starters, night time prep is half the battle.1. 首先,夜间的准备是成功的一半Again, I’m not much of a night person anymore, so this can be a bit of a struggle me, but this is a post on being a morning person, not a night person! (Just kidding!) A few minutes at night to set up the coffee pot, lay out an outfit, and get your lunch together the following day can be a godsend come sun-up.再者,我已经不再是晚睡的人了,所以这对我来说还是有点难度,但本文在于教大家怎么早起,而不是晚睡啦!(开玩笑的!)睡前花几分钟设置好咖啡壶的时间,把需要用到的器具都摆放好,然后再把第二天的午餐打点妥当,那么第二天起来就能获得极大的恩赐感. Set two alarms..设置个闹钟The first one is gentle, within reach and set five minutes bee you really need it. This soothing sound will slowly wake you up. The second one should be louder, placed across the room and set the time you actually need to get up. I set my alarms this way because I’m very sensitive to noise (as I imagine many people are at least first thing in the morning), and the last thing I want is to be shocked out of bed by the cacophony that is my clock radio alarm.第一个闹钟的铃声是温和的,在你真的需要的时候随手可及就能设置5分钟的提醒但这种舒缓心情的声音只会延缓你的起床时间那么第二个闹钟的铃声就应该声音更大点,放在房间的角落里,然后设置为必须起床的时间笔者之所以这样设置自己的闹钟,是因为我对噪音非常敏感(正如我能想象许多朋友早上最不想遇到的第一件事一样),而我最不想的就是被收音机闹钟刺耳的声响吵得我从床上弹起来3. Do something that is genuinely, authentically YOU.3. 做些体现真实的自己的事情Too many people give themselves exactly enough time to hurriedly get y work and get out the door. Give yourself a little “me” time bee the hustle begins. Enjoy your coffee slowly. Take a walk or do minutes of yoga. Do a little bit of journaling. If you walk out the door with peace in your heart, you’ll carry it with you throughout the day.有太多人为自己预留足够的时间用于赶忙准备和出门那么请为自己开始这些繁忙的动作前保留一点“私人时间”吧慢慢享受美好的咖啡时光或者散散步,做分钟的瑜伽运动写一点点日志如果在出门的时候能保持心境平和,那么这一整天的状态都能得到很好的保持If you generally thrive in the evening hours, don’t push yourself too hard to go against nature. Lean into your afternoon energy but use these tips to help you embrace those tough mornings with a bit more grace. In time you might find yourself transition into a “morning person” after all!如果你通常只有在晚上才能发挥自己的奋斗精神,那也不要违反自然规律把自己逼得太紧了调整为午后的精力状态,但采用以上的方法能更优雅地度过难熬的早晨最后你可能会发现自己已经转变成“早起的鸟儿”啦! 哥伦比亚政府与反政府武装签署最终停火协议:结束五十年内战 -- ::58 来源: 全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战 Colombians are celebrating the signing of a ceasefire by the government and the Farc rebel movement, which ended 50 years of civil war.全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战In the capital, Bogota, people took to the streets, hugging each other and singing the national anthem.在首都波哥大,人们走上街头,互相拥抱并唱起国歌The announcement is seen as one of the last steps bee a full peace deal is signed, which is expected within weeks.该停火协议是全面和平协议签署前的最后一步,全面和平协议据估计会在几周内签署The longest-running insurgency in the Western hemisphere left some ,000 people dead and millions displaced.西半球旷日持久的叛乱造成了大约000人死亡以及百万人流离失所Thursday’s announcement in Havana caps mal peace talks that started three years ago in the Cuban capital.周四的协议签署于哈瓦那帽正式和谈,这场和谈是三年前在古巴首都开始的But it does not mark the start of the ceasefire, which will only begin with the signing of a final accord.但是和谈并没有带来停火,停火只在最后协议签署后才开始Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has previously said he hopes to sign that by the end of July.哥伦比亚总统Juan Manuel Santos之前说过他希望停火协议能在七月底之前签署The Farc in the 1st Century is a strange beast.二十一世纪的哥伦比亚革命武装力量是一只可怕的猛兽Gone is the bipolar vision of the Cold War, and gone too are most of the group’s original intellectual architects, many killed in combat.冷战时的两级景象结束了,但是大部分的学识渊的建设者也不在了,他们大多死在了战场上Today, somewhat anchorless, the rebels continue to go through motions of an armed insurgency but they know a new future is beckoning.到今天,仍然有一些事情没有彻底平息,反政府军还在继续进行武装叛乱活动,但是他们知道新的未来已经来临了They remain primed war - machine guns by their beds, handguns under their pillows, all night lookouts keeping watch an enemy that no longer seems to be searching them.他们仍然延续着战争时候的习惯——藏在床上,手放在枕头下,整夜地巡视以防敌人偷袭,但是再也没有人会来偷袭他们了Thursday’s announcement included:周四签署的停火协议内容包括:A commitment that rebels will lay down arms within 180 days of a final peace deal反政府武装承诺会在最终的和平协定签订后的180天内缴械The creation of temporary transition zones and camps the estimated 7,000 rebels为反政府武装分子建立临时过渡区和营地,据估计约有7000人A provision that no civilians will be allowed to enter Farc camps, to guarantee rebel security不允许任何平民进入哥伦比亚革命武装力量的营地以保障反政府军的安全A provision that UN monitors will receive all the group’s weapons联合国观察员将会收到该组织所有的武器重庆去日晒斑多少钱重庆脱毛要多少钱



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