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Britain's Got Talent star Janey Cutler has captured the attention of US television bosses, according to reports。  据报道,《英国达人》热门人物珍妮·卡特勒已经吸引了美国电视台老板们的注意。  The 81-year-old grandmother was seen stunning the judges with a rendition of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' in Saturday's auditions episode。  这位81岁高龄的珍妮奶奶在周六海选中以一曲伊蒂丝·琵雅芙的《无悔》英文版把评委们惊呆了。  It is thought that N and CBS have since requested clips of her performance to show on their news bulletins, and are also hoping to secure interviews with the budding star。  据说N电视台和CBS电视台因而已经求取珍妮奶奶的表演片段以展示在他们的新闻简讯中,并希望预约与这位崭露头角的明星的访问节目。  A show source told The Mirror: "The US networks are clamouring for a slice of Janey - they all want to be the first to sign her up. We are being besieged with requests from America offering to fly her first class if she'll come on their show." /201005/1036841. SUCCESS 从对成功的定义看……A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.成功的男人就是挣得比老婆花得多。A successful woman is one who can find such a man.成功的女人就是能找到上述那样的老公。 /201005/104313

2012年:;入则恳恳以尽忠,出则谦谦以自悔;【出处】出自元代张养浩《为政忠告》书,又名《三事忠告》之《庙堂忠告;献纳第九》一章。原文为;臣之於君也,入则恳恳以尽忠,出则谦谦以自悔,凡所白於上者,不可泄於外而伐诸人,善则归君,过则归己。;臣是为君的,为官则要勤勤恳恳以尽忠,离任则要恭恭谦谦以自省,凡是明白上面说的,不要有错泄愤于地方官怪罪别人,应该要把功劳归结于君,过错归结于自己。Officials should serve as loyal as they can conscientiously when they are in office and engage in modest self-reflection when their terms end.2011年:;召远在修近,闭祸在除怨;【出处】出自《管子;版法》,节选自;法天合德,象法无亲,参于日月,佐于四时。悦在施,有众在废私,召远在修近,闭祸在除怨。修长在乎任贤,高安在乎同利;。召远:招纳远方的人;修:整治;近:指国内;闭:堵塞;除怨:消除民怨。要招纳远方的人们,就要先整治好国内;要避免祸乱的发生,在于消除人怨。To win distant friends, one needs, first of all, to have good relations with his neighbors. To avoid adversity, one needs to ease animosity.2010年:;时进则进,时退则退,动静不失其时;【出处】语出《彖传》。原文为:;艮,止也。时止则止,时行则行,动静不失其时,其道光明。艮其止,止其所也。上下敌应,不相与也。是以不获其身,行其庭不见其人,无咎也。; 《彖传》为易传中的一部分,是解释六十四卦卦辞的。该静止的时候,必须要静止;该行动的时候,必须要行动。不论是静止,还是行动,都要掌握好时机。Timing is essential in deciding at what time one should act and at what time one should stay put.2009年:;取火莫若取燧,汲水莫若凿井;【出处】西汉初年淮南王刘安等编著《淮南子;卷六览冥训》;河九折注于海,而不绝者,昆仑之输也,潦水不泄,瀇瀁极望,旬月不雨则涸而枯泽,受瀷而无源者。譬若羿请不死之药于西王母,姮娥窃以奔月,怅然有丧,无以续之。何则?不知不死之药所由生也。是故乞火不若取燧,寄汲不若凿井。 ;指求取火种不如自己去使用打火的燧石,想得到水不如自己去凿井。不要单纯地想获得结果,而要学会如何获得。But we know full well that we would better fetch a flint than beg for lightwood and we would better dig a well for ourselves than beg for water from others.2008年:;周虽旧邦,其命惟新; ;如将不尽,与古为新;【出处】前者出自《诗经;大雅》,后者出自唐司空图《诗品》。;周虽旧邦,其命惟新;大意是;周朝虽然是旧的国家,但却禀受了新的使命;;;如将不尽,与古为新;原文说的是文艺创作中的体会,说大自然美景难以穷尽,只要深入体察,就能不断创新诗境。Though the Zhou Dynasty is old, it takes on new missions. If we learn from the past, which is an inexhaustible source, we can get something new.2007年:;名为治平无事,实有不测之忧;【出处】这一古语出自宋代苏轼的《晁错论》,原文是;天下之患,最不可为者,名为治平无事,而其实有不测之忧。;天下看起来太平和谐,实际上正是危机四伏的时候。A country that appears peaceful and stable may encounter unexpected crises.2006年:;思所以危则安,思所以乱则治,思所以亡则存;【出处】《新唐书;魏征传》意思是告诫人们要增强忧患意识,居安思危。To think about where danger looms will ensure our security; to think about why chaos occurs will ensure our peace; and to think about why a country falls will ensure our survival.2005年:;居安思危,思则有备,有备无患;【出处】《左传;襄公十一年》生活安宁时要考虑危险的到来,考虑到了这一点就要为危险而做准备,事先有了准备,等到事发时就不会造成悲剧了。At times of peace, we should think of the potential dangers; when we do so, we will be fully prepared; when we are fully prepared, there will be no troubles to worry about.2004年:;路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索;【出处】出自屈原的名作《离骚》。原句为;朝发轫于苍梧兮,夕余至乎县圃;欲少留此灵琐兮,日忽忽其将暮;吾令羲和弭节兮,望崦嵫而匆迫;路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索。;在追寻真理方面,前方的道路还很漫长,但我将百折不挠,不遗余力地去追求和探索。The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I will search with my will unbending. (杨宪益译)2003年:;苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福避趋之;【出处】出自晚清民族英雄林则徐《赴戍登程口占示家人》一诗。全心全意追求国家的利益,不会因为个人安危逃避责任。全诗:力微任重久神疲,再竭衰庸定不。苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福避趋之。谪居正是君恩厚,养拙刚于戍卒宜。戏与山妻谈故事,试吟断送老头皮。If what I do serves the interests of my country, I will go at it even at the cost of my own life, I will not shy away from doing it be it weal or woe for me. /201203/174482一位生物老师告诉我,外表并不重要,真正重要的东西在我的里面。 /201107/144867

Poor sleep habits are often the cause of daytime sleepiness. Before you go through any more groggy and crabby days, try these 12 ways to improve nighttime sleep and avoid daytime sleepiness.不好的睡眠习惯通常是日间奢睡的根源。再你经历更多的没有生机和易暴躁的日子之前,试一下下面的十二中方法来改善你的夜晚睡眠质量并避免日间困倦。1. Get adequate nighttime sleep.That may sound obvious, but many of us succumb to shaving an hour or two off our sleep time in the morning or at night to do other things. Most adults need seven to nine hours a night, and teenagers usually need a full nine hours. Block out eight or nine hours for sleep every night.充足的夜晚睡眠这听起来是不足为奇的,但是我们中的许多人都会从我们的睡眠时间里剔除一到两个小时去做其他的事情。不管这是发生在清晨还是夜里。大多数成年人需要7到9个小时的夜间睡眠,青年人通常需要足足9个小时的睡眠。每晚为你的睡眠规划好8到9个小时。 /201105/137065Do lawyers have something important to learn from meerkats? Is their behaviour similar to that of the naked vole rat? That question might sound like the preamble to a bar joke. But not so, if Hugh Crisp, a veteran English lawyer is to be believed. 律师能向猫鼬学到什么重要的东西吗?律师们的举止与猫鼬这种不穿衣的田鼠相似吗?这个问题听起来就像一个酒吧笑话的开场白。但实际上并非如此,如果你信任资深英国律师休#8226;克里斯普(Hugh Crisp)的话。 For the first 30 years of his career, Crisp worked as a senior City of London lawyer, rising to the hallowed position of managing partner of the esteemed Freshfields law firm. But these days, Crisp has moved into a new career, teaching business, law and management skills at the Said Business School in Oxford. And that has prompted him to take an unusual track: these days he is brainstorming with zoologists at Oxford university, to analyse the secrets of what makes a 21st-century global law firm work. In particular, Crisp is convinced that the behaviour of naked vole rats, meerkats or even bees can shed a great deal of light on corporate life. 在职业生涯的前30年里,克里斯普在伦敦金融城(City of London)担任资深律师,升迁到受人尊敬的富而德律师事务所(Freshfields Law Firm)管理合伙人的神圣职位。但近来,克里斯普换了个职业,到牛津大学赛德商学院(Said Business School)教授商业、法律和管理技能课程。这让他闯出了一条不寻常的道路:最近,他在与牛津大学的动物学家们进行头脑风暴,以分析一家21世纪全球律所的成功秘诀。尤其是,克里斯普相信,猫鼬这种不穿衣的田鼠、甚至蜜蜂的行为能给企业界提供大量的借鉴。 While 21st-century students tend to presume that modern economic life (like the animal kingdom) is driven by an individualistic survival instinct and profit motive, Crisp thinks this assumption is wrong. Instead, as he explained to me last week, law firms only work if there is an intense collaboration and group spirit. He adds that this spirit is widely found in the animal kingdom too, particularly among creatures such as the meerkat. Armed with a copy of a book called An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology, this is the message he is trying to teach to business and law students. 尽管21世纪的学生倾向于假定,现代经济生活(像动物王国一样)的驱动力是个体的求生本能和盈利动机,但克里斯普认为这一假定是错误的。相反,正如他上周向我解释的那样,只有当存在通力合作和团队精神时,律师事务所才能运转得起来。他补充道,团队精神也广泛地存在于动物王国中,尤其是在猫鼬等动物当中。借助《行为生态学入门》(An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology)这本书,他正向攻读商业和法律的学生传达这一信息。 As endeavours go, this one is fascinating in its own right (even, or especially, for human lawyers). However, it is also noteworthy as part of a much bigger trend. One way to describe Crisp#39;s effort to apply zoology to business education is that it is a form of ;silo busting; - the art of taking insights that have been developed in one institutional department or intellectual silo, and applying them somewhere else. If you look across the academic world these days, as well as in corporate life, it seems that silo busting is becoming all the rage. 就努力而言,这一努力本身就是引人入胜的(甚至——或者说尤其——对人类律师来说)。然而,作为一个更大趋势的一部分,它也值得一提。克里斯普把动物学应用到商科教育的努力,可被形容为一种;打破藩篱;的形式。;打破藩篱;是指吸收机构内某一部门或者学术领域积累的知识,然后将其应用到其他领域的艺术。放眼当今的学术界和商界,你会发现打破藩篱似乎正大行其道。 Last month for example, I met senior officials from Chicago university who explained how they are scrambling to force different departments to collaborate with each other and, in particular, with the students who are studying at the university#39;s wildly popular ;entrepreneurship; course. At the Aspen Ideas festival, I listened to fascinating presentations from Joi Ito, head of the MIT Media Lab: this initiative, which grew out of the architecture department, aims to force different types of researchers and entrepreneurs to collide with each other. Or as Ito says, the endeavour that is ;not so much interdisciplinary, but anti-disciplinary;, since it busts traditional definitions of research and entrepreneurship. 比如上个月,我遇到了几位芝加哥大学的高级官员,他们解释说,他们正费尽心思迫使不同的院系开展合作,尤其是与该校深受欢迎的;创业;课程的学生开展合作。在阿斯彭理念节(Aspen Ideas festival)上,我听到了来自麻省理工学院(MIT)媒体实验室主管伊藤穰一(Joi Ito)的精演讲:源于建筑系的这项倡议,旨在力推不同类型的研究人员和创业者相互切磋。或者正如伊藤穰一所说,这一努力;与其说是跨学科的,不如说是反学科的;,因为它打破了研究与创业的传统定义。 Similar initiatives are under way elsewhere, such as the Krasnow Institute at the George Mason University in Virginia, not to mention longer-standing centres such as the Santa Fe Institute or Palo Alto Research Centre. Some foundations, such as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, are also funding silo-busting research: one recent case from Sloan is an initiative to combine the work of marine biologists with computer programmers to create a sort of ;Google fish; system for tracking sea life. 其他机构也在采取类似的行动,比如弗吉尼亚州乔治梅森大学(George Mason University)的克拉斯洛高等研究院(Krasnow Institute),更别提圣达菲学院(Santa Fe Institute)或帕洛阿尔托研究中心(Palo Alto Research Center)等历史更悠久的研究中心了。有些基金会,比如阿尔福莱德#8226;P#8226;斯隆基金会(Alfred P. Sloan Foundation),也在资助打破藩篱方面的研究:该基金会最近的一个项目就是让海洋生物学家与计算机程序员进行合作,创建一种用于追踪海洋生物的;谷歌鱼;(Google fish)系统。 Silo busting is sping into institutional quarters as well. At the Bank of England, economists such as Andy Haldane have collaborated with zoologists such as Robert May to study financial stability. At Bristol University and Carnegie Mellon, researchers are studying the parallels between nuclear science and financial markets, in tandem with some military groups. At the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island, there have recently been brainstorming sessions between statisticians, economists and medical researchers to develop innovative ways to measure and tackle cancer care. And these are just the examples I know of - countless others undoubtedly exist, too. 打破藩篱的做法也正在蔓延至其他类型的机构。在英国央行(BoE),安迪#8226;霍尔丹(Andy Haldane)等经济学家曾与罗伯特#8226;梅(Robert May)等动物学家合作,共同研究金融稳定性问题。在布里斯托尔大学(Bristol University)和卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie-Mellon university),研究人员们正与一些军方人员一道研究核科学与金融市场之间的相似之处。在长岛的冷泉港实验室(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory),一群统计学家、经济学家和医学研究人员最近在进行头脑风暴,试图找出衡量与应对癌症护理的创新途径。而这些不过是我所了解的例子,其他例子无疑也是数不胜数的。 If you want to be cynical, it is possible to argue that some of this activity is mere tokenism, or just a statistical aberration. After all, for every example of ;silo jumping; occurring in a university, government department or company today, there are numerous counter examples, where tunnel vision and tribalism predominate, and may be growing in power. The structure of most academic careers and research grants reinforces intellectual silos, and the growing complexity of technical operations in government and corporate bureaucracies tends to give ;specialists; entrenched power. If employees or researchers are going to jump across boundaries, they need resources, or ;slack;, and that tends to vanish at times of economic pain. 如果你要扮演怀疑人士的角色,你可以说这种行为只是表面现象,或只是一个统计偏差。毕竟,对于如今大学、政府部门和企业中的每一个;打破藩篱;的例子,人们都能找出无数反例与之对应,明;穴;底之见和同族意识仍是主流,其影响力或许还在增强。多数学术生涯乃至研究资助的架构,都会强化学科之间的;藩篱;;政府和企业机构的技术操作日趋复杂,往往增强了;专家;不可或缺的地位。如果员工或研究者打算;打破藩篱;,他们需要资源,或;空间;,而在经济不景气的时候,这两样往往都没有。 But there again, history suggests that the most powerful forms of innovation tend to happen when silo busting does occur. What defines whether a group or individual will be successful is whether somebody is mastered and trapped by silos - or can master and reorder them as needs and opportunities arise. So I, for one, applaud Crisp#39;s intellectual exploration with meerkats, and other aspects of zoology, particularly after his three-decade career. Who knows whether those mammals really can teach lawyers something; but we all have reason to look at the world with fresh eyes. Indeed, in that spirit I would love to hear of any other examples where individuals or institutions are trying to ;silo bust;; if nothing else, it could help broaden my own mind beyond the media world. Even without any vole rats. 但在这方面,历史经验似乎表明,最有影响力的创新往往诞生于;藩篱;被打破之时。集体或个人是否会成功,取决于人是被;藩篱;掌控和框死、还是能够在有需要和机会的时候掌控和重组原有的结构。因此,比方说我就认为,克里斯普有关猫鼬以及动物学其他方面的知识探索值得赞赏,他在从事律师30年后转而做这样的研究更是难能可贵。这些哺乳动物是不是真能教给律师一些东西,谁知道呢?但我们都应带着新鲜的眼光来观察世界。真的,从这个角度来说,我乐于知道更多个人或机构正试图;打破藩篱;的例子,即便没有任何其他收获,至少也有一样:这样的例子可能有助于拓宽我自己的思维,使其跳出媒体世界。这甚至不需要我研究什么田鼠。 /201208/194916

Poor people are quicker than middle-class or rich individuals to recognize the suffering of others and to show compassion, according to a new study.一项新研究发现,穷人比中产阶级或富人更易察觉到他人受的苦难,表现出同情心。It included more than 300 young adults who were divided into groups that took part in three experiments designed to assess their levels of empathy and compassion.该研究涵盖了300多名年轻人,他们被分成几个小组,参加了三个试验,目的是评估他们的同感能力和同情心。The findings challenge previous research that concluded lower-class people are more likely to react with anxiety and hostility when faced with adversity, said the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的研究人员称,先前的研究得出结论说,下层社会的人在面临逆境时更容易出现焦虑和敌意。以上的研究发现向先前的研究结果发出了挑战。;These latest results indicate that there#39;s a culture of compassion and cooperation among lower-class individuals that may be born out of threats to their well-being,; study author and social psychologist Jennifer Stellar said in a university news release.该研究的作者、社会心理学家珍妮弗bull;斯黛拉在大学的一篇新闻通稿中说:;这些最新的研究结果显示,下层社会的民众中有同情和合作的文化,这可能是为应对自身幸福受到的威胁而产生的。;;It#39;s not that the upper classes are cold-hearted. They may just not be as adept at recognizing the cues and signals of suffering because they haven#39;t had to deal with as many obstacles in their lives,; she explained.她解释说:;并不是上层社会的人冷酷无情。他们也许只是没能那么快地察觉到他人的苦难,因为他们在自己的生活中从不需要去应对这么多的阻碍。;The findings, published online Dec. 12 in the journal Emotion, suggest a scientific basis for emotional differences between the rich and poor that are depicted in such Charles Dickens classics as ;A Christmas Carol; and ;A Tale of Two Cities.;这些研究结果12月12日发表在《情感》杂志的网刊上,研究为查尔斯bull;狄更斯的经典小说《圣诞颂歌》和《双城记》中描绘的富人和穷人间的情感差异提供了科学依据。The results also indicate that people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may do better in cooperative settings than those who are wealthy.研究结果还表明,在需要合作的环境中,社会经济背景较差的人可能会比富人表现得更好。;Upper-class individuals appear to be more self-focused, they#39;ve grown up with more freedom and autonomy,; Stellar said. ;They may do better in an individualist, competitive environment.;斯黛拉说:;上层社会的人看起来更专注于自身,他们成长过程中有更多自由和自主权,在个人主义的竞争性环境中他们可能会表现得更好。; /201112/166377When I was having a chit-chat with my colleague, she asked me all of a sudden, “How did your husband propose to you at that time? Was it romantic?” I was numbed by her words for a while, and then burst into laughter, “My husband is a bit rigid, so do you think his proposal would be romantic?” Though I said in that way, I felt very sweet in heart when thinking of my husband’s proposing to me. To be honest, his proposal was actually by no means romantic without flowers, diamond ring and any other surprise. It was even could not be called “marriage proposal”.当我正和同事闲聊的时候,她突然问我,“那时候你丈夫是怎么向你求婚的?浪漫吗?”我被她问愣了一会儿,然后爆出大笑,“我丈夫有点儿死板,你想他的求婚会浪漫吗?”话虽如此,但想起我丈夫向我求婚的情形,我心里还是感到非常甜蜜。说实话,他的求婚其实一点儿都不浪漫,没有鲜花、钻戒或者其它任何惊喜。那甚至都不能称之为“求婚”。At that time, he gave me a book about Ireland, which, now I am thinking was a long-established plan. At the weekend when I finished the book, he came to me and asked me whether I had finished the book. Seeing me nod my head, he felt very pleased and said to me in a low but happy voice, “If you like, we can get married in an Irish way!”那时候,他给了我一本关于爱尔兰的书,现在想起来,他其实蓄谋已久。当我周末看完这本书,他过来问我是否已经读完。看到我点头,他非常高兴,然后以低沉而快乐的声音对我说,“如果你愿意,我们可以象爱尔兰人那样结婚!”At that time, my heart was totally convinced by the romantic and sacred law of marriage in Ireland. The book told me that Ireland believes in Catholicism and prohibited divorce. Therefore, when a couple get married, they are supposed to choose the time of their marriage which ranges from 1 year to 100 years. The most impressive of this law of marriage lies in the inverse relationship between the time of marriage and the fees to be charged. If you choose 1 year for your marriage, you shall pay as much as 2, 000 sterling pounds plus receiving a dictionary-thick reference of rights and responsibilities. But if you choose 100 years, then you are very lucky and only need to pay 0.5 pound for the fees and receive a short but heart-touching note in all women’s eyes: “I have no idea the clear rights and responsibilities for my left hand to my right hand, my right leg to my left leg, my left eye to my right eye and my right sphere of brain to the left. Actually, they are an integrated whole and live by each other and cheer for each other. Finally, I would like this pink note to convey my best wishes to your one-hundred-year marriage! May you live happily all your lives!”当时,我的心完全被爱尔兰婚姻的浪漫和神法捕获。书里说,爱尔兰人信仰天主教,禁止离婚。因此,当一对恋人结婚时,他们将会从一到一百年之间选择他们的婚龄。这个婚姻法最令人印象深刻的在于婚龄的选择和相应所付费用的反比关系。如果你选择一年婚龄,你需要付差不多两千英镑,外加接受一本厚如字典的关于权利和责任的参考资料。但是如果你选择一百年婚龄,那你就非常幸运,只需要付半个英镑, 接受一张简短但让任何女人都深受感动的纸条;“我不知道我的左手对右手,我的右腿对左腿,我的左眼对右眼,以及我的右脑对左脑应该享受怎样的权利,承担怎样的责任。事实上,它们是一个整体,相互依赖相互扶持。最后,我希望这张粉色纸条能向你们的百年婚姻传达我所有美好的祝福!祝你们终生幸福!”I still remember at that time that I said to my husband, “Ok, so sir, please choose the time you expect our marriage to last!” He said happily, “I even do not bother to think about it and would definitely choose 100 years because it is highly money-saving!”我依然记得当时我对丈夫说,“那么好吧,先生,请选择你所期待的婚姻期限!”他愉快地说,“我根本不需要去想,肯定是一百年,因为它最省钱了!”Later, I married him, a man who would like to stay with me for 100 years. Although we are not bound by the law of marriage in Ireland, we have cherished our vow to discipline ourselves all the time. We have married like Irish people and look on our marriage as a life-long commitment and spare no effort to nourish it hand in hand as we are gradually aging together.后来,我嫁给了他,这个愿意和我相伴百年的男人。虽然我们不至于被爱尔兰的婚姻法约束,但我们仍然珍视这段让我们始终自律的誓言。我们象爱尔兰人一样结婚,把我们的婚姻视作终生的承诺,不遗余力地精心呵护并携手共老。I also sincerely hope that every pair of lovers in the world can get married like Irish people and love and protect each other whole-heartedly by committing themselves to a 100-year marriage.我也衷心希望世上每一对有情人能象爱尔兰人那样终成眷属,全心全意彼此爱护,共赴百年之约。 /201205/180248

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