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上饶市耳部整形多少钱上饶市中医医院美容中心上饶妇幼保健医院祛痘多少钱 Menswear is a retail segment on the rise, but some cities have been quicker to embrace new style trends than others.在零售市场上,男装的销售正在走俏。而有些城市的男人显然更乐于追逐时尚。Custom suitmaker Arden Reed found the best-dressed cities in America when it comes to men#39;s fashion, looking at regional Google search results for ;men#39;s style; and their own figures on apparel expenditures per person.定制西设计师亚顿-里德通过在不同城市中用谷歌搜索“男士时尚”的关键词,并且结合自己所拥有的关于不同地域男士在装上的花费,得出了全美男士着装最佳的城市。America is changing. The advent of Mad Men, Suits and White Collar has created a more style conscious man.美国正在变化。随着美剧《广告狂人》、《金装律师》、《妙贼警探》的热播,男士们对时尚也越来越敏感了。Looking for “Men’s Style”搜索“男士时尚”Search results for “Men’s Style” has increased over 20% in the last two years搜索“男士时尚”,所得到的结果比两年前增加了20%Menswear Purchases are growing 30% faster than womenswear男装销售的增长要比女装快30%Most Stylish Cities男士最会穿的城市We checked search results for “Men’s Style” regionally within the ed States and backchecked our figures with apparel expenditures per person. This allowed us to come up with the best dressed cities in America for men.我们查阅了在美国不同地区输入关键词“男士时尚”的搜索结果,并和我们自己的人均装消费记录做了对比。得出了全美男士着装最佳的城市。No.1: New York第一名:纽约No.2: Los Angeles第二名:洛杉矶No.3: San Diego第三名:圣地亚哥No.4: Chicago第四名:芝加哥No.5: Seattle第五名:西雅图No.6: Boston第六名:波士顿No.7: Denver第七名:丹佛No.8: San Francisco第八名:旧金山No.9: Washington第九名:华盛顿No.10: Phoenix第十名:凤凰城Who are these men?这些男士都是谁?62% more salary per year than the average62%的男士年收入高于平均水平40% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree40%的男士拥有学士学位42% more likely to have never been married42%的男士从未结过婚Spend 22% more on apparel than the average American这些男士在装上的花费要比美国人均装花费多22%The worst dressed cites男士最不会穿的城市We also wanted to take a look at which markets were the worst dressed. We took the best correlating metric to be the cities with the most searches for a certain bedazzled shirt brand. The top three ranked as follows: Las Vegas, Irvine, Richardson.我们也想看一看那些男士最不会穿衣的城市。我们采用了关联度最大的衡量标准,即那些低档的男装品牌在哪些城市中被搜索得最多。我们也得出了三个穿衣最平庸的城市,它们依次是:、尔湾市和理查森市。 /201302/225657While breaking off an engagement may help a couple dodge a messy divorce, it doesn#39;t always keep them out of the courtroom.虽然解除婚约可能会帮助两个人避开离婚时的纠葛,但并不意味着他们不会法庭上见。More than ,000 is spent on the average engagement ring.一般的订婚戒指都要花费5000美元以上。And deciding who gets to keep the ring when the big day gets called off is such a hotly-contested issue that most states have laws governing its ownership. 确定谁在订婚取消后保有戒指是一个极具争议的问题,几乎每个州都有法律来规定它的所属权。Some bitter lovers even take the case to court. 一些满腹怨怼的恋人甚至为此诉诸法庭。Colette DiPierro, 31, thought her broken engagement was behind her when she learned that her ex-fiancé Christopher Reinhold was suing, demanding the return of her ,500 diamond engagement ring.Colette DiPierro, 31岁,在了解到前未婚夫Christopher Reinhold 上诉要求她归还价值1.75万美元的订婚戒指时,认为自己不是婚约取消的过错方。They had dated for almost two years when Reinhold proposed in May 2009.在恋爱了接近2年的时间后,Reinhold于2009年5月向她求婚。 But the couple began to fight, often about money, and they split four months later, said DiPierro, a physician assistant in Staten Island, N.Y. 但是后来,这对情侣开始经常因为钱而争吵,并在4个月后他们分开了,DiPierro 如是说。她在纽约州史德顿岛做一名医生助理。The followingspring, he filed a lawsuit. 第二年春天的时候,他提起了诉讼。Reinhold and his attorney did not respond to requests for comment.Reinhold和他的律师没有回应记者的置评请求。Poll: Who do you think should keep the ring?投票:你认为谁应该保有这枚戒指呢?According to DiPierro, she held onto the ring because he hadn#39;t repaid her for his share of ,000 worth of living expenses. DiPierro声称她不愿意还回戒指,是因为男方没有偿还他应付的价值4万美元的生活开销。Their deal: she had paid for rent, food, car payments and other bills while Reinhold saved for the ring.他们的约定:她付房租、食物、车贷和其他账单,而Reinhold则攒钱买戒指。;I helped him save so I felt that I was holding onto the ring for collateral,; she said. ;我帮助了他存钱,所以我觉得有必要保留戒指作为抵偿,”她说。Laws vary by state, but many consider the ring a ;conditional gift; until the couple says ;I do,; -- meaning that regardless of who gets cold feet, the ring must be returned to the person who bought it, said Alton Abramowitz, a New York-based attorney and president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. 不同州的法律有所不同,但很多人认为戒指在情侣说“我愿意”之前都属于“有条件赠与”,--意思就是不管谁先临阵退缩,戒指都必须归还给购买的人,Alton Abramowitz是这样说的,他是总部位于纽约的美国婚姻律师协会的律师兼会长。But it#39;s not always that simple。但事情往往没有那么简单。A New York judge ruled in 2006 that a woman could keep her 3.4-carat diamond engagement ring because her ex had not yet been divorced from his previous wife when he proposed. 一位纽约法官在2006年裁定一名妇女可以保有她的3.4克拉钻石订婚戒指,因为她的前未婚夫在求婚时没有和其前妻离婚。The Montana Supreme Court, meanwhile, has shot down the conditional gift theory entirely, ruling that the ring is the rightful property of its recipient.同时,蒙大拿州高级法院彻底推翻有条件赠与的论据,规定戒指属于受赠人的合法财产。In certain states, determining who gets the ring rests on who called off the wedding.在某些州,戒指归谁所有要看是谁取消了婚礼。And, to complicate matters further, some states treat an engagement ring given on a holiday differently than one given on a non-holiday.而且,使问题更加复杂化的是,有些州将在节日赠送的婚戒与非节日赠送的婚介区别对待。In DiPierro#39;s case, because the ring was given to her on her birthday, she argued that it should be hers to keep.在DiPierro的案件中,由于戒指是在生日时收到的,所以她辩称戒指应该归她所有。Related: How to ask a friend to pay you back 相关话题:如何让朋友还钱New York State law was on her side, said George Muscato, a Lockport, N.Y.-based attorney who recently represented a female client in an engagement ring-related suit. He did not represent DiPierro. 纽约州的法律偏向于她那边, George Muscato这样说。George是纽约州洛克波特市的一名律师,他曾是一起订婚戒指相关的诉讼案中一名女性客户的代表律师。但他不是DiPierro的代理律师。;If you give her that ring on a holiday like Christmas or Valentine#39;s Day or her birthday, then you are making a gift to her as a present [that is] unconditional,; he said. “如果你在诸如圣诞节、情人节或她的生日等节日里送给她戒指,那么你就是将其作为非有条件性的礼物送给她的。”他说。But as legal proceedings dragged on for more than a year, DiPierro said she ultimately agreed to a financial settlement with Reinhold. 但是介于法律诉讼已经拖了一年多的时间,DiPierro最终同意与Reinhold进行财务和解。While she#39;s glad her time in court is behind her, DiPierro said it drastically changed her perspective on money and romantic relationships. DiPierro说,虽然她很高兴在法庭上时自己是有利的一方,但它也极大地改变了自己对金钱和恋爱关系的看法。;I guess, in some cases, I was naive,; she said. ;Money became very complicated in every future relationship.; “我想,自己在有些方面太过天真了,”她说,“在未来的每段关系中,处理金钱都会变得很复杂。” /201303/232362上饶永久性脱毛多少钱

上饶铅山县唇部激光脱毛价格广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院隆胸多少钱 1. Choose a song you have an emotional connection to, not necessarily one you think you ought to sing.1. 要选择一首情感上有共鸣的歌,未必要是你觉得应该唱的歌。If you like the song and it has meaning for you, this will come across and you will make a better connection with your audience.如果你喜欢一首歌,这首歌对你有特殊意义,你能感受的到,也能把情感更好地传递给听众。2. If possible, practice the song ahead of time to get an idea of whether the key of the original recording works for you.2. 如果可能的话,提前唱唱看这首歌,看看原版录音的音调是否合适。If not, many karaoke situations have machines that can raise or lower the key of your song.如果不合适的话,很多KTV都可以调整乐曲的音调。3. Your main focus in singing is telling a story.3. 唱歌的重点在于讲故事。Spend some time with the lyrics and get an idea of what the song is about. You will make a better connection with the audience if you know what emotions you want to portray in your performance.多揣一下歌词,了解这首歌唱得到底是什么内容。如果你知道唱歌时传达的是什么样的情感的话,你和听众之间的联系会更加紧密。4. Focus the energy on the audience.4. 把精力集中在听众上。If you need to look at the monitor for lyrics, don#39;t keep your attention there the entire time -- look up and at the audience as often as you comfortably can.就算你需要看歌词也不要一直盯着屏幕——在你觉得自在的前提下尽可能多抬头看看观众。5. If your anxiety level is high, consider singing with at least one other person.5. 如果你很紧张,那就考虑一下和别人一起唱。There is safety in numbers and this can be an interim step to singing solo.人多了就能安心了,这也是开始独唱前的过渡阶段。6. If you go to a karaoke bar it may be tempting to drink alcohol to bolster your courage.6. 如果你去的是提供酒水的KTV,那就点些酒水壮壮胆。Resist the temptation -- alcohol has a drying effect on the vocal mechanism and impairs your ability to tell the story of the song.不过要抵抗诱惑——酒精会让你的嗓子变干,这样就没有办法讲好歌曲的故事了。7. Don#39;t obsess on the mechanics of singing.7. 不要过度追求唱歌技巧。The audience would much rather hear a good story teller with a less than perfect delivery than a really good voice with no connection to the song or audience.比起嗓音完美但没有共鸣的演绎歌曲来说,听众更想听到的是歌曲中的故事。8. Let your body reflect what you are singing about.8. 用身体表现你在唱的内容。Movement helps to free the voice and make a better connection with the audience.肢体动作能够解除嗓音的禁锢,和听众更好地互动。9. Eye contact is important.9. 眼神交流很重要。If it#39;s uncomfortable to make contact for very long, scan the audience. Looking at different parts of the room every few seconds will make everyone feel included in your performance.如果长时间的眼神交流让你感到不自在,那就扫视一边观众。每隔几秒钟看看房间中的各个位置,让大家都感到自己也在你的表演之中。10. Last but not least, have fun.10. 最后一点:享受唱歌。The more comfortable you look (even if you don#39;t feel comfortable on the inside), the more the audience will root for you and the less likely they are to notice any less than perfect moments.你看起来越自在(即使实际上不是这样),你的听众就会越持你,也越不会注意那些不甚完美的时候。 /201302/226619上饶市铁路医院祛痣多少钱

上饶地区人民医院祛痘多少钱It wasn#39;t rocket science, but it sure was clever.虽不是火箭科学,但这位爸爸的做法可说极具生活智慧。To get his four-year-old daughter to sleep, atomic physicist Benjamin Ames pulled out Adelaide#39;s pink guitar, and recorded the two of them singing a duet.本杰明·艾姆斯是一位原子物理学家。为了哄四岁的小女儿阿德莱德入睡,他弹起女儿的粉红色小吉他,录下了父女俩的二重唱。It worked.他成功了。On the night of September 17, fireworks were going off for a celebration in Austria, Ames explained to Yahoo News. Adelaide couldn#39;t sleep. Even after the noise had stopped, Adelaide thought she still heard the explosions.艾姆斯对雅虎新闻解释了事情原委:9月17日,奥地利举国为庆祝节日,在夜间鸣放烟花。阿德莱德直到烟花爆炸声停止还无法入睡,她觉得轰隆隆的爆炸声犹在耳边。To distract her, quick-thinking Dad pulled out the child#39;s instrument.为了转移女儿的注意力,聪明的爸爸拿出了她的小吉他。The resulting three minutes of their stop-and-go rendition of “Tonight You Belong to Me” includes dramatic pauses where the songstress commands silence for the fireworks she keeps thinking she hears.这段父女俩演绎的三分钟的歌曲《今夜你属于我》时断时续——因为小歌星会时不时喊停,等她耳中不断回响的烟火爆炸声过去。The finale features Adelaide belting out her part with some nice dramatic touches, so be sure to watch until the end.歌曲尾声部分,小歌星飙歌表现不俗,所以建议大家一定要看到最后哦。Ames, who thought the performance was endearing, posted it to YouTube. Others agreed: The adorable daddy-and-daughter duet now has more than 180,000 views.艾姆斯将这段超有爱的视频发布到了YouTube上。观众们纷纷被感染了:可爱的父女二重唱至今已获得了超过18万的收视率。“It obviously resonated with me,” the 32-year-old American Ph.D. student at the University of Innsbruck told Yahoo News. ”I still look at it and I see the beauty in it, but it surprises me that others like it so much.”“这段视频的确让我感受到了心灵的共鸣。” 32岁的艾姆斯正在斯布鲁克大学攻读士学位,他对雅虎新闻表示说:“这个视频能引起我的共鸣,我现在看这个视频,我在里面都能看到了美好,很惊喜发现别人也这么喜欢这个视频。”The physicist definitely has a fun side. Last year the science whiz won Alan Alda#39;s “Flame Challenge,” to explain a flame to an 11-year-old — which he did with an animated .这位物理学家的确是一位有童心的爸爸。去年他通过制作动画视频成功的向一个11岁的儿童解释了什么是火焰,从而在艾伦·艾尔达(美国知名导演)的“火焰挑战赛”中获胜。 /201309/258326 铅山县妇幼保健人民中医院割双眼皮多少钱上饶韩美医院治疗痘坑多少钱



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