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Progeria is早衰症确实是a truly remarkable disease, and I think what is remarkable一种值得注意的疾病 is the large number of parallels between因为这种极端情况this very extreme disease and the normal ageing process.和正常衰老过程之间 有大量的可比较之处Youre welcome.不用谢Were starting to see the arthritis start.我们已经看到关节炎的症状His hands are kind of starting to show the signs that youd see他的手也似乎出现了那些with an older person, his hands, his feet especially.老人才会出现的症状 特别是手和脚A lot of the things that Josiah is很多乔舒亚目前dealing with right now, my parents are dealing with them -要面对的状况 是我父母才有的theyre in their mid-50s - and my grandmother,他们50几岁 还有我的外婆who is in her 70s, is dealing with.70几岁 也在面对同样的问题Mentally, Josiah is completely normal.心理上 乔舒亚是完全正常的Use that to move, remember.用那个移动 记得吗He totally is a five-year-old.他彻底就是一个五岁的孩子He loves to play, he loves to roughhouse,他喜欢玩 喜欢打闹just like any other five-year-old boy would. Hes into Handyman.就像别的5岁的男孩 他着迷于街头快侠All those things, that you would所有5岁孩子做的事情find a five-year-old doing, thats what Josiah does.乔舒亚都喜欢做201303/232836Heres a 3 minute- that gives you tips on how to hold yourself up during your depressed or hard times. Follow these simple ways to get yourself through with that rough phase of your life.本期三分钟的视频汇将给你提供如何为自己打气加油的方法。So, sometimes life throws us things that require that we dig very deep for some inner strength. Let me give you a few tips on how you can guide with your own inner strength to get through whatever challenge is shown up for you. Hi! Im Lee, Great Life Coach.有时候生活中的艰难时刻需要我们发觉自身的力量。让我告诉你一些如何发掘自身内在力量的方法吧,这样无论任何艰难困苦都不能让你低头。我是一名指导师。Over the past ten years Ive worked with hundreds of people all over the world, helping them find passion, purpose and peace in their lives. So, when life has thrown us something that, quite frankly, wed rather not be dealing with, the first opportunity is to actually move to a place of accepting what is going on. As we move to acceptance, we can take back our power and actually have the greatest opportunity of doing something about it.在过去的十年里我向世界各地的人传授心灵的力量,教会他们发现自己的、目的和平静的状态。实际上如果生活中出了什么难以应付的变故,首先要做的就是接受事实。只有接受事实才能绝地反击。So, lets talk a little bit about ways to take back our power. The absolute first principle is to look after the temper, to look after yourself. So, when you need to dig deep for inner strength, dont go and do the obvious crazy things like drinking too much beer or eating too much junk food or just cant be bothered to go and exercise.让我们看看如何做吧。首要原则是控制情绪,照顾自己。如果想要绝地反击,那么就不能做那些歇斯底里的事情,比如喝的酩酊大醉,吃的满肚草包,或者整天死宅着不出门。These are the very moments where its time for you to really look after your body. Your body will be there for you, more come through if you look after it, if you keep it on sight. So, eating great food, getting exercise, getting great sleep and having some fun. These are all good ways to build yourself, to bring up that robustness in you y to take on that challenge.这些都关于你的身体健康。你对它的照顾越好,越周到,它将来回馈给你的就越多。所以吃健康食品,做有益锻炼,睡眠充足精神好,将来才有力气去抗争。On the day that youre looking to actually confront the challenge, I really encourage you to take some time out, may be meditate for twenty minutes, may be do some breath work which is called Pranayama. Theres plenty on the internet about Pranayama. Its a very incredible way of feeling very strong and centred in your world.在真正面对挑战的时候,应该花些时间做些额外的功课,比如沉思20分钟,或者做调息式深呼吸。这些都是很好的增强自我感觉的方式。Its also very useful to attune to your heart, come into your heart centre and have a clear idea of what your deepest desired outcome from the situation actually is. So, as youre going into the challenge you can skip a very steady heading and even keel on whatever it is youre looking to make happy. Look after you body, have a clear idea of the outcome, and then work with your chin high breathing into your belly wherever possible, and navigate to the best of your abilities.另外调节心跳也很有效,从内心出发看看你最想要的结果是什么。所以在真正面对挑战的时候,你可以快速浏览报纸,或者是任何可以让自己高兴的东西。照顾自己的身体,对结果有一个清晰的想法,然后就放开手脚大胆去做吧。最好的结果总是需要汗水为代价。Thanks for watching How To Find Inner Strength谢谢收看本期“发现内心力量”教程,我们下期节目再见。201207/192860

China flu reaches to peak in next two months China is now facing increasing pressure to control the sp of A/H1N1 flu over the next two months. The Ministry of Health says that, with the New Year and Spring Festival drawing near, the country is anticipating a huge domestic travel volume.In the meantime, A/H1N1 continues to cast a wide net. The number of incidences, especially serious cases, is still rising. Seasonal flu reaches a peak in December and January. A/H1N1 could follow the same pattern. The Health Ministry plans to speed up the pace of vaccinations. Currently, about one million people are vaccinated per day. The number is expected to reach 1.5 million daily shots before the Spring Festival. The total number of confirmed A/H1N1 cases on the mainland has topped 100-thousand, and more than 300 people have died.Liang Wannian, Deputy Director of Health Ministry Emer. Reaction Office, said, "We are expecting mass migrations in the three months of December, January, and February, as it is the time for New Year and Spring Festival celebrations. During mass migrations, the virus can easily be sp to unaffected places, just like a fire."12/91747

So anyway, since with HP and I started going up to their Palo Alto Research Labs every Tuesday night, 之后我每周二晚都去惠普的Palo Alto实验室with a small group of people to meet some of the researchers and staffs. 与一些研究人员见面And I saw the first desktop computer ever made which was the HP 1900.我见到了第一台台式计算机HP 1900It was that as big as a suitcase but it actually had a small Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) displayed in it. 大概有行李箱那么大,装着小小的CRT显示器And it was completed self-contained. There was no wire going off behind the curtain somewhere, and I fell in love with it. 它是一台可以独立工作的一体机,我很喜欢And you could program BASIC in APL. 它使用Basic或APL编程And I would just, for hours, you know, get right up to HP and just hang around that machine and write programs for it.我常常数小时地守着它编程So that was the early days. And I met Steve Wozniak around that time too, 那是早些年,也差不多也是在那时我认识了Steve Wozniakmaybe a little earlier, when I was about 14, 15 years old. 我大约十四五岁,可能还要小些And we immediately hit it off, and he was the first person I met who knew more electronics than I did. 我俩很投缘,他是我遇到的第一个比我更懂电子知识的人So I like him a lot and he was, uh, maybe 5 years older than I.他大概比我大五岁,我很喜欢他He gone off to college and got kicked out for pulling pranks. 他因为制造恶作剧被大学开除And he was living with his parents and going to the ends of the local junior college. 刚刚回到父母家,正在修大专的结业课程so we became best friends and started doing projects together. 我们成了最要好的朋友,开始一起做项目We about the story in Esquire magazine about this guy named Captain Crunch, 我们在《Esquire》杂志上看到有个叫Captain Crunch的人who could supposedly make free telephone calls, you heard about this Im sure.据说他有办法打免费电话,你肯定也听说过 /201306/243176

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