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青岛去痤疮费用是多少青岛市中心医院整形价格是多少US authorities are appealing against a judge#39;s decision not to order Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drugs case. It has gone to a higher court after a Brooklyn judge said he had no power to give the order.近日,美国当局政府对当值法官就一起毒品案没有下令苹果公司解锁iPhone的裁决表示出强烈反对。在布鲁克林的法官表示其无权给予强制命令之后,该案件已经转到了上一级法院。Apple said the order would be the start of a ;slippery slope that threatens everyone#39;s safety and privacy;.而苹果公司方面表示,该项命令将会是一段“威胁所有人安全和隐私的滑坡的开始”。In the original hearing, the US government asked Judge James Orenstein to order Apple to open up a locked phone belonging to Jun Feng, who has pleaded guilty to participation in a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy. The Justice Department wants to use the device to find any of his co-conspirators.在最初的听会上,美国政府要求法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦下令苹果公司解锁冯军的手机,冯军已在谋划分销甲基苯丙胺(俗称冰毒)一案中认罪。司法部希望利用该设备找到他的同谋。While the case has similarities with that being heard in California in relation to the San Bernardino shootings, the New York case involves an older version of Apple#39;s operating system. Feng#39;s phone uses iOS 7, which is not protected by the same encryption technology.虽然该案件与在加利福利亚州审理的圣伯纳迪诺击案有相似之处,但纽约的这个案件涉及的是更旧的苹果操作系统版本。冯军的手机使用的是iOS 7系统,该系统并不由相同的加密技术所保护。;Apple has the technological capability to bypass the passcode feature and access the contents of the phone that were unencrypted,; the Justice Department said in its court filing, submitted on Monday. It has asked District Court Judge Margot Brodie to hear the case.“苹果公司有技术能力绕过密码功能并访问未加密的手机,”美国司法部在周一提交的法院文件中说。司法部已要求联邦地方法官马戈·布罗迪审理该案件。The Justice Department#39;s lawyers called the request routine, arguing that the case was neither about asking Apple to do anything new, nor to create a ;master key; to access all iPhones.司法部的律师表示,这只是一项常规请求,认为这既不是要求苹果公司做任何新的事情,也不是让其创造一把“万能钥匙”来访问所有的iPhone。Federal prosecutors cited several examples in which Apple has extracted data from a locked device under the law.联邦检察官引述了几个苹果公司按法律规定从锁定的设备中提取数据的例子。Apple argues that it has opposed requests to help extract information from more than a dozen iPhones since being invited to challenge the government#39;s use of the 1789 All Writs Act by Judge Orenstein in October last year.但是苹果公司对此表示反驳称,自从该公司于去年10月份受奥伦斯坦法官之邀挑战政府1789年的《所有令状法案》起,已经反对过帮助从十几部iPhone上提取信息的要求。The technology firm said it agreed with Judge Orenstein#39;s ruling that granting the request would ;thoroughly undermine fundamental principles of the constitution;.该科技公司称其同意奥伦斯坦法官的裁定,倘若准予该请求,将会“彻底破坏宪法的基本原则”。 /201603/431010青岛诺德整形医院激光脱毛怎么样 NASA on Thursday announced the discovery of Kepler-452b, the most Earth-like planet ever found. Located 1,400 light-years from our planet, NASA called it ;Earth 2.0,; because it#39;s the first planet discovered in the habitable zone of a G star similar to our sun。周四,美国国家航空航天局(以下简称为NASA)宣布发现开普勒-452b,是迄今为止与地球最为相近的行星。该行星距离地球1400光年,NASA将其命名为“地球2.0”,因为它是第一颗人类在宜居带里与太阳相似的恒星附近发现的行星。;We can think of Kepler-452b as an older, bigger cousin to Earth, providing an opportunity to understand and reflect upon Earth#39;s evolving environment,; said Jon Jenkins, the Kepler data analysis lead at NASA#39;s Ames Research Center。“我们可以不妨将开普勒-452b视为地球年纪较大,体积也较大的“老表”。从它身上我们可以了解并反思地球所演变的环境,”NASA艾姆斯研究中心开普勒数据分析的领队琼·詹金斯如是说。The planet is 5 percent farther away from its star than Earth is to the sun, making for a slightly longer year of 385 days, but gets similar light because its sun is 20 percent brighter than our own。该行星与其恒星之间的距离要比地球与太阳的距离远上百分之五,因此它一年(公转周期比地球稍长)为385天,但光线与地球相差无几。因为它的恒星亮度要比太阳高百分之二十。;The sunshine from this star would feel very similar to the sunshine from our star,; Jenkins told reporters。詹金斯告诉记者:“开普勒-452b上的阳光跟我们地球上的阳光感觉是差不多的。”NASA believes the planet has a mass about five times more massive than Earth#39;s, with a rocky surface below a thicker atmosphere than our own. Gravity would be about twice as strong on Kepler-452b as it is on Earth, NASA said。NASA认为,该行星的质量大约要比地球的质量大5倍,其岩石表面上空的大气层要比地球的大气层厚许多。而开普勒-452b的引力是地球引力的2倍。The planet is located in the Kepler-452 system in the constellation Cygnus. Its sun has the same surface temperature as our own, but has a diameter that is 10 percent larger。该行星位于开普勒-452星系里的天鹅座。它的恒星表面温度与地球一样,但直径要比地球大上百分之十。While NASA scientists have no idea if Kepler-452b#39;s atmosphere is conducive to life, they do know that there has been plenty of time for organisms to develop。虽然NASA的科学家们无法确定开普勒-452b的大气环境是否有利于生命的形成,但他们知道在该星球上有足够的时间来形成微生物有机体。;It#39;s awe-inspiring to consider this planet spent 6 billion years in the habitable zone of its star, which is longer the age of the Earth,; Jenkins said. ;That is considerable time and opportunity for life to arise somewhere on its surface or oceans if all the necessary conditions for life exist on this planet.;“这颗行星在其恒星的宜居带里存在了60亿年,这可比地球的年龄大多了,想想都觉得令人敬畏,”詹金斯说道,“如果该行星上具备适宜生命存在的所有必备条件,这时间足以让其表面形成生命了。” /201507/387938青岛市四院的电话

青岛祛眼袋哪家医院较好The new California data center marks the Chinese company’s latest measured expansion onto American soil, and into a hotly contested U.S. market now dominated by Amazon.com Inc , Microsoft Corp and Google Inc.该数据中心是阿里巴巴在美国谨慎扩张的最新举措,该公司也借此进入了竞争激烈的美国云务市场。在这里,占据主导地位的是亚马逊、微软和谷歌。Alibaba’s Aliyun cloud division intends the new data center to cater initially to Chinese companies with operations in the U.S., including retail, Internet and gaming firms. It will later target U.S. businesses seeking a presence in both countries, Ethan Yu, a vice president at Alibaba who runs the international cloud business, told Reuters.阿里巴巴负责国际云业务的副总裁喻思成告诉路透社记者,该公司旗下的阿里云打算首先通过该中心为在美国从事经营活动的中国公司提供务,后者包括零售商、网络和游戏公司;随后,该中心将把目光投向希望同时在中美两国开展业务的美国企业。“This is a very strategic move for us,” Yu said, declining to say how much Alibaba invested in the data center or disclose its location for security reasons. “International expansion is actually a company strategy in the coming few years.”喻思成没有透露该中心的投资规模;出于安全考虑,他也没有透露该中心的位置。但喻思成说:“这对我们来说是具有重要战略意义的行动。国际扩张实际上是我们整个公司今后几年的策略。”“Eventually we may expand to other regions, for example the East Coast or middle part of the U.S., if our customers have the demand for that.”“如果客户有这样的需求,我们的业务最终有可能发展到美国的其他地区,比如东海岸或中部。”Aliyun, which has been likened to a budding version of Amazon Web Services, began as part of the company’s in-house technical infrastructure but has since expanded to lease processing and storage space for small and medium Internet businesses in China.人们一直把阿里云比喻为初级版的亚马逊网络务。这项业务最初是阿里巴巴内部技术基础设施的一部分,随后不断发展壮大,目前主要为国内中小型互联网企业提供数据处理务和存储空间。While Alibaba dominates e-commerce in China, Aliyun, also known as AlibabaCloud Computing, holds about a 23% market share in its home market. It faces both Chinese and foreign competitors, from carriers like China Telecom to Microsoft and Amazon. Its existing data centers span the Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.阿里巴巴是中国电商行业主导者,阿里云在国内市场的份额约为23%,但它面对的是来自国内外的竞争对手,其中有中国电信这样的电信运营商,也有微软和亚马逊这样的海外企业。阿里云目前在杭州、青岛、北京、深圳和香港设有数据中心。Alibaba is kicking off its U.S. cloud business as American corporations and politicians are protesting what they see as Beijing’s efforts to curb foreign technology at home.就在阿里巴巴启动美国云业务之际,美国企业和政界人士正在对中国政府表达不满,原因是他们认为后者限制了外国技术在中国的发展。Chinese government controls have limited foreign competition and disrupted many online services, including Google’s and Amazon Web Services’, according to censorship watchdogs.审查制度观察组织认为,中国政府的管制限制了来自国外的竞争,影响了多家公司的在线务业务,包括谷歌的相关务和亚马逊网络务。This week, U.S. President Barack Obama sharply criticized new Chinese counter-terrorism regulationsthat subject overseas companies to arduous measures regarding data management. The official Chinese news agency Xinhua responded Wednesday by calling Obama’s criticisms “utterly groundless and another piece of evidence of arrogance and hypocrisy of the U.S. foreign policy.”本周,美国总统奥巴马对中国的反恐新规提出强烈批评,称这些规定给外国公司的数据管理带来了极大困难。新华社周三对此做出回应,称奥巴马的批评“毫无根据,再次体现了美国外交政策的傲慢和伪善。”A more immediate concern may be how Alibaba intends to vie with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google, which are slashing prices on cloud services to try and sustain double-digit growth. They’re battling over a public cloud services market that could grow into an 0 billion industry by 2017, according to researcher IDC.另一个问题也许更为紧要,那就是阿里巴巴打算怎样跟亚马逊、微软和谷歌等公司抗衡。为了维持双位数增长,这些公司已经下调了云务价格。研究机构IDC预计,到2017年,这些企业所争夺的公共云务市场的规模有望增长到1000亿美元。U.S. customers are not expected to be bothered by the service’s Chinese ownership if pricing is competitive.如果价格具有竞争力,预计美国消费者不会介意这项业务由一家中国公司来提供。Alibaba has big plans for Aliyun, which now accounts for about 1% of its revenue but supports its core e-commerce operation and will also play a pivotal role in the long run. Alibaba sees cloud computing as key to its plans to aggregate and analyze the vast quantities of data it collects, including on consumer behavior.阿里巴巴为阿里云制定了远大计划。目前阿里云约占该公司收入的1%,但它为阿里巴巴的核心电商业务提供持,而且长期来看将发挥关键作用。阿里巴巴计划进行大量数据汇集和分析工作,其中包括消费者行为数据,公司认为云计算是实现这一计划的关键。The company also needs to find ways to sustain so-far stunning growth. Shares in the company fell to their lowest levels since their debut on Tuesday, after rival JD.com’s JD 0.69% better-than-expected quarterly results revived concerns that Alibaba’s expansion is slowing.阿里巴巴需要寻找方式,来维持一直以来的飞速增长。周二,该公司股价创上市以来新低,原因是竞争对手京东的季度业务好于预期,这让人们再次开始担心阿里巴巴的扩张速度正在放慢。 /201503/362741青岛治疗皮肤暗沉多少钱 Google regularly tops the list of companies that students want to work for and, visiting its Silicon Valley campus last week, I could see why. The skies were blue, the temperature was perfect. A group of employees was playing volleyball, while out in the car-park somebody was demonstrating a prototype of a self-driving Google car.谷歌(Google)经常位列学生希望为之工作的公司榜首。上周在参观了谷歌位于硅谷(Silicon Valley)的园区之后,我知道了这其中的原因。天空蔚蓝,温度适宜。一群谷歌员工打着排球,有人在外面的停车场上展示着谷歌无人驾驶汽车的样车。Amid all the fun, Google has emerged as one of the five largest companies in the world, measured by market capitalisation. The largest, Apple, is about 20 minutes drive down the road. Facebook, another giant, is in a nearby suburb.在享受所有乐趣的同时,谷歌已成为全球市值最高的五家公司之一。市值最高的苹果(Apple)距谷歌大概20分钟的车程。另一个巨头Facebook,位于附近的一个郊区。Yet the Silicon Valley idyll is increasingly being disturbed by political storms blowing in from foreign lands. The world’s students may aspire to work for Google. But the world’s politicians seem to want to bring the company to heel.不过,硅谷的田园生活正日益被异域刮来的政治风暴所搅乱。全世界的学生可能都渴望为谷歌工作。但是,全世界的政治人士似乎都希望迫使该公司就范。This month saw the announcement that the European Commission in Brussels is charging Google with violations of competition law. Potentially, the charges threaten the company with a choice between massive fines or costly modifications to its business model.本月,位于布鲁塞尔的欧盟委员会(European Commission)宣布,将起诉谷歌违反竞争法。起诉可能会致使该公司面临两种选择:巨额罚款或以高昂代价修改其商业模式。Europe is not the only source of trouble. Most western multinationals see the Chinese market as crucial to their futures. But Google, along with Facebook andTwitter, is effectively shut out by the country’s “Great Firewall” that blocks internet access.欧洲并非唯一一个给谷歌制造麻烦的地方。多数西方跨国公司都把中国市场视为自己未来发展的关键。但是,谷歌,还有Facebook和Twitter,实际上均被中国阻断网络入口的“长城防火墙”(Great Firewall)拒之门外。Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s close relations with the Obama administration have got a lot tenser sinceEdward Snowden’s revelations about the extent of US government snooping on the internet.与此同时,自爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)揭露美国政府监视互联网的程度以来,硅谷与奥巴马当局的紧密关系已经紧张了许多。The Snowden affair seems to have galvanised those who believe there is something sinister about the power of Silicon Valley. French critics came up with the acronym, “Gafa” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), to encapsulate America’s evil internet empire. As the acronym suggests, it is often Google that is placed first in the firing line. Company executives were aghast when the British government decided to crack down on alleged tax avoidance by multinationals and the new measures were dubbed the “Google tax”.斯诺登事件似乎鼓舞了那些认为硅谷有种邪恶力量的人。法国批评人士想到了一个首字母缩写词——“Gafa”(谷歌、苹果、Facebook以及亚马逊(Amazon))来概括美国的邪恶互联网帝国。正如这个词所暗示的那样,谷歌常常首当其冲。当英国政府决定打击跨国公司涉嫌的逃税行为,并将新措施戏称为“谷歌税”时,谷歌的高管都震惊了。One theory is that Google has attracted particular attention simply because it is the most ubiquitous name in Silicon Valley. (Not everybody can afford an iPhone, but Google is free to anyone with internet access). Another argument is that the bth of Google’s activities means it is upsetting incumbents all over the world — whether it is newspapers angered by Google News; media companies threatened by YouTube (owned by Google); publishers that hate Google books; or car manufacturers who see driverless cars on the roads and worry that even their industry is vulnerable to the Valley.一种说法是,只是由于谷歌是硅谷最无处不在的名字,因此它吸引了格外关注。(并不是每一个人都买得起iPhone,但是谷歌对所有网民都是免费的)。另一种观点是,谷歌业务的广度意味着它让世界各地、各领域的现有公司都感到心烦——无论是被谷歌新闻(Google News)惹火的报纸;受到YouTube(归谷歌所有)威胁的媒体公司;憎恨谷歌图书(Google books)的出版商;还是在大街上看到无人驾驶汽车、担心甚至汽车行业也难逃硅谷魔掌的汽车制造商。Some European politicians have been explicit in their concerns that the success of the US internet giants poses a direct threat to Europe. Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice-chancellor, worried aloud last year that “this (digital) infrastructure will be controlled by a handful of American internet concerns, which could dominate the economic life of the 21st century.”一些欧洲政治人士明确表示了自己的担忧——美国互联网巨头的成功对欧洲形成了直接威胁。去年,德国副总理西格马尔#8226;加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)曾公开表示了担忧,称“这个(数字化)基础设施将受控于美国少数互联网康采恩,它们可能会主导21世纪的经济生活。”One of the most vociferous corporate critics of Google is the Axel Springer publishing group in Germany, a powerful voice in Berlin and Brussels, and which provided crucial support for the election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the head of the European Commission.对谷歌批评最猛烈的企业是德国出版集团斯普林格集团(Axel Springer)。该集团在柏林和布鲁塞尔都有着强大的话语权,在让-克洛德#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)竞选欧盟委员会主席时提供了至关重要的持。President Obama seemed to buy the idea that US internet companies are the victims of European protectionism, when he argued recently that — “We (America) have owned the internet. Our companies have created it, expanded it, perfected it, in ways they can’t compete.” What Mr Obama did not add is that the US government itself has done much to damage Silicon Valley. The Snowden affair has firmly established the idea that any internet search, email or post is open to surveillance, either by the government or by the likes of Google and Facebook.美国总统奥巴马似乎接受了美国互联网企业是欧洲保护主义的受害者这一观点,最近他指出——“我们(美国)拥有互联网。我们的企业,以他们(欧洲)无法媲美的方式,创造、扩大并完善了互联网。”奥巴马没补充的是,美国政府本身也做过许多有损硅谷的事。斯诺登事件让人们产生了一个坚定的想法——任何互联网搜索、电子邮件或者帖子均是受监控的,要么受政府监控,要么受谷歌和Facebook之类的公司监控。Google and other internet giants vehemently deny that they ever gave governments the keys to a secret back door into their data. Indeed, they complain that they were themselves the victims of snooping. In an effort to regain consumer trust, the Silicon Valley firms are emphasising their new encryption technologies and privacy safeguards. But the damage is done. Concern about government snooping has become intertwined with anxiety about the commercial use of data by firms such as Google. That, in turn, has fed the appetite for the regulation of the internet.谷歌及其他互联网巨头均极力否认曾向政府提供进入其数据库秘密后门的钥匙。事实上,它们抱怨称,自己也是监视的受害者。为了重新得到消费者的信任,硅谷公司正在强调它们新的加密技术以及隐私保护措施。但是,伤害已经形成。人们对政府监视的担忧,与对谷歌等公司将数据用于商业的焦虑,交织在一起。这反过来又推动了人们对互联网监管的渴望。All of this political heat appears to have come as an unpleasant surprise to the company, which seems genuinely to believe that it lives by the motto of its founders: “Don’t be evil.” Yet the real surprise is that the political backlash did not come sooner. Google proclaims its mission is “to organise the world’s information”. But, as the saying goes, “information is power”. And power has traditionally been the province of politicians.围绕此事的所有政治热度,貌似都以令人不快的意外出现在谷歌面前,而这家公司似乎真的相信自己一直遵循着其创始人的格言——“不作恶”(Don’t be evil)。不过,真正令人意外的是这种政治对抗并未在更早的时候到来。谷歌宣称自己的使命是“组织全世界的信息”。但是,常言道,“信息就是力量”。而权力一直都是政治人士的地盘。Some argue that it is better that “elected politicians”, not business people, should take decisions about the flow of information and data. But some of the political figures most eager to take on Google — like the Chinese government and even the European Commission — are not, in fact, elected. And while nobody voted for the engineers and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, more than a billion customers have voted with their fingers by clicking on Google products. That is the kind of vote of confidence that most politicians can only dream of.有人认为,最好应该让“选举出来的政治人士”,而不是商界人士,来对信息和数据流作出决定。但是,事实上,最渴望与谷歌较量的政治人物中,有些并不是选举产生的,比如中国政府以及欧盟委员会。虽然没有人给硅谷的工程师和企业家投票,但是超过10亿的消费者已经以点击谷歌产品的方式用手指为他们投了票。这是多数政客只能幻想得到的信心投票。 /201504/372639山东省青岛李村激光祛斑最好的医院

青岛去眼袋手术哪家最好 There#39;s no feeling quite like the tightening of the stomach you get when you accidentally stumble across an old post involving you and a former loved one in happier times.It#39;s even more brutal when you notice that person#39;s surname has since changed.当你偶然在一个旧帖子里看见关于你和前爱人的幸福时光时,你会感到非常的不安。当你注意到这个人的姓已经改变时,这更为残忍。Anyway. The world#39;s biggest social network has just announced that it is trialling new tools to make it less painful when handling a relationship gone sour.Right now, if you decide you don#39;t want to be reminded of a certain someone#39;s existence on planet Earth, you would need to unfriend or block them.无论如何。世界上最大的社交网络刚刚宣布,它正在测试新的工具使得处理早已变质的关系时,为人们减轻痛苦。现在,如果你不想被提醒地球上某个特定的人的存在,你将需要删除或拦截他们。The problem is that they will most likely find out you#39;ve done that, which isn#39;t exactly ideal - nothing says ;playing it cool; like blocking someone on Facebook.问题是,他们很可能会发现你已经做的事,这并不理想,没有人会对其毫不在意,就像在脸谱上拦截某人。Relationships on Facebook are a big deal - a judge in New York said using Facebook to send a divorce summons was completely legal.Facebook#39;s new break-up tool is about altering what an ex can see, but without them knowing you#39;ve done anything.脸谱网的关系是一个很大的问题,纽约的一位法官说,使用“脸谱”来发出离婚传票是完全合法的。脸谱的新分手工具是关于改变前任可看到的事物,但他们并不知道你做了什么。The tool allows people to:该工具允许人们:;See less of a former partner#39;s name and profile picture around Facebook without having to unfriend or block them. Their posts won#39;t show up in News Feed and their name won#39;t be suggested when people write a new message or tag friends in photos.;;Limit the photos, s or status updates that a former partner will see.;;Edit who can see their past posts with a former partner and untag themselves from posts with that person.;“看到很少人脸书上有前任的名字和头像,没有必要删除或拦截它们。当人们写一条新信息或照片上标签朋友时,他们的帖子不将出现在动态消息中,他们的名字也不会被看到。限制了前任将会看到的照片,视频或状态更新。”“编辑能看到自己过去和前任的帖子并可以清除它们。”When Facebook first launched on college campuses, it was essentially a database of relationship statuses. A kind of digital traffic light party that saved everyone a lot of time.当脸书第一次推进大学校园,它本质上是一种关系状态数据库。一种节省了人们很多时间的交通灯的数字化形式。But more recently, we#39;ve become a lot more coy about declaring love and relationships on Facebook. You rarely see people opting to enable the ;it#39;s complicated; option for relationships on the rocks, and instead we#39;re now prompted to post about more concrete life events like getting engaged or having a baby.Or maybe that#39;s just because I#39;m getting older.但最近,我们在脸书变得更加害羞的表达爱情和关系。你很少看到人们选择让“这是复杂的”关系选择濒于破裂,而现在我们被促使宣布更多的具体生活事件,如订婚或生子,或许是因为我们在变老。Regardless, the new tool will be rolled out globally soon, Facebook said.;This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives,; wrote Kelly Winters, a Facebook product manager.“不管怎样,新的工具将在全球范围内很快推出,”脸谱说。Kelly Winters,一个“脸谱”产品经理。“这项工作是我们正在进行的努力的一部分,是为生活处于困难时期的人们开发的资源。”;We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control.;If you#39;re a mobile user in the US you can try out the tool right now by, er, breaking up with someone.“我们希望这些工具能够帮助人们在脸谱上的关系变得更容易,更舒适,更容易控制。”如果你是美国的移动用户,你可以尝试一下这个工具,现在,呃,和某人分手。I#39;m all for being an early adopter of new tech, but that#39;s probably going a bit far.我是新技术的早期采用者,但这对我来说可能为时过早。 /201511/411266东营市中心医院切双眼皮青岛腹部抽脂多少钱




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