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The jury is still out on whether vitamin C can treat or prevent a cold, but a recent review of the scientific literature suggests that it does have some benefits.虽然维生素C能否治疗或预防感冒依然没有定论,但是最近的一项科学文献综述表明,它确实有一些好处。While supplementing with vitamin C may not prevent colds, according to the studies, there#39;s some evidence that taking vitamin C regularly can help us bounce back from a cold faster.虽然补充维生素C可能不能预防感冒,但是该研究称,有一些据表明,定期用维生素C可以帮助我们更快地从感冒中恢复。;Supplemental vitamin C may lessen the duration and symptoms of the common cold because of its immune-enhancing effects,; says registered dietitian Lisa Fischer.注册营养师莉萨·费希尔表示:;补充维生素C可以缩短常见感冒的持续时间,减轻感冒的症状,因为它有增强免疫力的效果。;;It#39;s not like if you take vitamin C, it#39;s going cure your cold, but it makes the body more capable of fighting off the virus once you have it.;;但这不是说如果你用了维生素C,它就会治愈你的感冒。不过你用的维生素C会使身体对抗病毒的能力更强。;In addition to boosting the immune system, Fischer says vitamin C helps repair and regenerate tissue, protect against heart disease and certain cancers, aid in iron absorption, decrease LDL cholesterol, and plays a role in building collagen.除了增强免疫系统,费希尔表示,维生素C有助于修复和再生组织、防止心脏病和某些癌症、帮助铁吸收、减少低密度脂蛋白胆固醇,并在构成胶原蛋白中发挥作用。It#39;s also an antioxidant that helps protect cells and DNA against free radicals and other harmful agents that can cause damage to cells. To reap the greatest benefits of supplemental vitamin C, Fischer says it#39;s best to make it a daily habit.它也是一种抗氧化剂,有助于保护细胞和DNA免受损害细胞的自由基和其他有害物质的影响。为了获得补充维生素C的最大好处,费希尔称,最好是让它成为一种日常习惯。;Any of the research that supports vitamin C says it#39;s best to take it continuously or consistently, rather than right before you feel like you#39;re getting sick;.;任何持维生素C的研究都表示,最好是持续或连续用,而不是在感到生病之前才用;。The best sources of vitamin C may surprise you. ;A lot of people assume that vitamin C is found in fruit like oranges, but actually, some of the top sources are vegetables such as bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and squash,; says Fischer. The best sources from fruit would be papaya, strawberry, pineapple, orange, kiwi, and cantaloupe.;维生素C的最佳来源可能会让你惊讶。费希尔称:;很多人认为维生素C存在于橙子之类的水果中,但是实际上,一些最主要的来源是蔬菜,如青椒,西兰花、球芽甘蓝、花椰菜和南瓜。水果中最好的来源是番木瓜、草莓、菠萝、橙子、猕猴桃和哈密瓜。;If you#39;re considering supplementation, studies show that consuming between 250 and 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day is considered safe, but more than that could lead to potential gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and gastritis and other issues.如果你正在考虑补充维生素C,研究表明,每天用250至1000毫克维生素C被认为是安全的,更多剂量可能导致潜在的胃肠道不适的症状,如腹泻和胃炎等问题。 /201612/484858A sex doll has landed a government minister in hot water in Chile recently.近日,一个充气娃娃将智利的一名政府部长置于了水深火热之中。The gag gift was given by Roberto Fantuzzi, the head of the Chilean exporters#39; association, to Chilean Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes at an annual industry dinner last Tuesday night.在上周二晚间举办的年度产业晚宴上,智利出口商协会主席罗伯托·范图兹将这个恶作剧礼物赠送给了智利经济部长路易斯·费利佩·塞斯佩德斯。Fantuzzi gave Cespedes the doll, which had a note taped over its mouth that ;to stimulate the economy.;范图兹赠送给塞斯佩德斯的充气娃娃的口部还被一张标牌封住,上面写道“为了刺激经济”。While gag gifts are common at the yearly event, this year#39;s gift has sparked an enormous backlash.虽然恶作剧礼物在年度活动上很常见,但是今年的充气娃娃却引起了轩然。Cespedes, who could be seen laughing and smiling upon accepting the naked doll, apologized last Thursday.在接到这个一丝不挂的玩偶时还春光满面的塞斯佩德斯已于上周四道歉。Fantuzzi offered his resignation after the incident and pleaded for forgiveness. ;I have wife, daughters and granddaughters,; he tweeted. ;The intention was never to generate violence against women.;事发后,范图兹递交了辞呈并请求原谅。他发表推文称:“我有妻子、女儿和孙女。我绝非是要煽动对女性的暴力。”The exporters#39; association will meet to discuss his fate, the association said.而出口商协会方面也表示,该协会将于近日开会讨论他的去留。Michelle Bachelet, the country#39;s first female President, also slammed the gift and chastised the two men for their disrespect for women.智利首位女总统米歇尔·巴切莱特也猛烈批评了这一礼物,并谴责他们不尊重女性。;The fight for women#39;s respect has been an essential principle for my government,; she said in a tweet. ;What happened in the dinner cannot be tolerated.;“为女性的尊严而战,是我的政府的一个根本原则。”她在推特上表示。“晚宴上发生的事情让人无法容忍。”Meanwhile, Twitter blew up the incident with the tone-deaf offering.与此同时,推特用户也一致对这一事件进行了抨击。One person tweeted, ;The rampant machismo of the Chilean businessmen hurts society, endorses the objectification of women and thus violence.;一位用户发表推文称:“这两个智利商人的猖狂大男子主义伤害了社会、赞同女性就是玩物,因此已经构成了暴力。”In a survey conducted in 2015, 96% of Chilean women said Chile is a macho country; 80% of men believed so. Almost half the respondents said they had discriminated against a woman in the past.一项于2015年展开的调查显示,96%的智利女性认为智利是一个男性国家,80%的男性也这样认为。约半数受访者表示,他们曾歧视过女性。 /201612/485285

For at least ten hours every day, Mary Dalgleish is on her feet.一天中至少有十小时,玛丽·达尔格利什都是站着的。From her 6am start to 11pm bedtime, the 61-year-old therapist and teacher tries to sit down as little as possible: staying standing rather than perching on a chair.Even at weekends, Mary resists the temptation to sink into a comfy armchair, instead remaining steadfastly standing, giving lectures at a local college, going for long walks around the London parks with husband Pat, 59, gardening or even standing as she watches the TV.从早上6点开始,到晚上11点就寝,这位61岁的理疗师兼教师,每天尽可能少坐,保持站姿,而不是在座椅上小憩。哪怕在周末,玛丽也抵制住诱惑绝不窝在舒适的扶手椅里,坚持站着在地方高校授课、和59岁的爱人帕特一起在伦敦的公园里长时间漫步,站着做园艺,甚至连看电视也要站着。Sitting for long periods is linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Standing is great for the body and mind, helping to fend off obesity, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, depression and some cancers.久坐者患心血管疾病、癌症和二型糖尿病的风险更高。站立对身心俱佳,能有效预防肥胖、心脏病发作、中风、痴呆、忧郁症和部分癌症。Standing burns 50 calories more per hour than sitting and after just 90 minutes of sitting your metabolism slows significantly. Spend an extra 30 minutes a day on your feet, however, and the extra calorie burn could add up to 5.2lb of weight loss over a year.站着比坐着每小时可以多消耗50卡热量,坐90分钟后,你的新陈代谢会大幅减缓。不过,若是每天多花30分钟站立,多消耗的卡路里一年累积起来相当于减重5.2磅。Company director Sue Antiss, 49, has invested in standing desks for her staff. It was this alongside her lower back pain that made Sue investigate standing up at work.‘I found a company called Varidesk online and ordered one for £350. You put them on top of your normal desk, with your computer and keyboard on them, and can move them up and down.‘49岁的公司主管苏为其员工购买了站立式办公桌。苏也正是后腰疼痛了才开始着力研究站着工作的。“我发觉了一家名为‘百变书桌’的网店,就花了350英镑订了张桌子。把百变书桌放你常规的桌子上,上面再放置计算机和键盘,你可以上下调节。”Having one central bin in an office, rather than one under each desk, is helpful. Spend your breaks doing something active, not sitting in the canteen or at your desk.在办公室中央放一个废纸篓会很有效,而不是每个桌角下各放一个。休息时间活动活动,不要坐在餐厅里也不要在桌前办公。But standing for significantly more of your day can present problems. If you stand for long periods without moving around, blood can pool in the legs and increase your risk of varicose veins. And if you wear unsuitable shoes or have poor posture, then aching feet, joints and back may result. So some people suggest investing in comfortable shoes with a supportive insole and no more than a slight heel. And remember to do calf raises, knee bends and circle your ankles to boost circulation.但一天久站也引发问题。如果你久站不动,腿部会充血,徒增静脉曲张的风险。要是你穿的鞋子不舒适,站姿又不好,便会腿脚疼痛、伤及关节和腰背。所以有人便建议买舒适的鞋子,铺上鞋垫提供撑力,鞋跟要低。还要记得要踮踮脚尖、弯弯膝盖、转转脚踝,促进血液循环。 /201705/509213

  Sounds amazing, but unfortunately I can#39;t make it to the wedding.真让人期待啊,但很遗憾,我不能来参加你们的婚礼了。The Amazon is so far away and there#39;s a domestic crisis here ... Gerald might lose his job ...亚马逊是如此之遥远,且国内出现危机……杰拉尔德可能要失业…… /201611/475217



  This little piggy is the first known airport therapy pig in the US, according to the San Francisco International Airport. Her name is LiLou.据美国旧金山国际机场称,一头名为LiLou的小猪是美国首只机场辅助治疗猪。She ;promises to surprise and delight guests with her winning personality, charming costumes and painted nails,; the airport said in a statement.该机场在一份声明中称,“LiLou保凭借她讨喜的性格、迷人的衣着和上了色的指甲为乘客带去惊喜和欢乐。And she#39;s no stick in the mud. ;LiLou loves performing tricks for her audience,; the airport added.LiLou不是一头落后古板的小猪。机场称,“她喜欢为观众表演魔术。”The Juliana-breed pig was officially welcomed into the airport#39;s team of trained animals, called the Wag Brigade this Monday.12日,该机场的动物训练队“诙谐一族”正式迎来了这只朱莉安娜猪。The Wag Brigade is a team of trained animals certified by the San Francisco SPCA#39;s animal assisted therapy program to ;make passenger travel more enjoyable,; the airport said.“诙谐一族”是一由训练有素的动物组成的团队,他们都获得了旧金山动物保护协会动物辅助治疗项目的认,可以“使乘客在旅途中更加愉快”。The airport said that the brigade#39;s animals are carefully selected ;for their temperament and airport suitability; and that the animals ;wear vests that #39;Pet me!#39; to encourage interaction with airport guests.;该机场表示,这个团队的动物都是在脾性和机场适应性方面经过精挑细选的。他们都身穿写着“拍拍我”的背心,以此鼓励机场客人和自己互动。;We have more than 300 dog, cat and rabbit volunteer teams, but LiLou is the first pig in our program,; Dr. Jennifer Henley, the SFSPCA#39;s animal assisted therapy manager, said in the statement.旧金山动物保护协会动物辅助治疗项目经理詹妮弗.亨里士在声明中称,“我们的志愿务队伍有、猫和兔子等300多只动物,但LiLou是该项目的第一头猪。”;With the addition of LiLou, we can look forward to more moments of surprise and delight for guests at our airport,; said Christopher Birch, the director of guest experience at the airport.该机场顾客体验部主管克里斯托弗.尔思表示,“LiLou加入后,我们期待机场的客人获得更多惊喜和快乐的时刻。”The therapy pig ;also visits several other facilities in San Francisco, including senior centers and hospitals,; the airport noted.机场称,治疗猪LiLou“还到访了旧金山的其他几所机构,其中包括老年中心和医院。”LiLou#39;s ;mom; chronicles her adventures on the Instagram account @lilou_sfpig.LiLou的“妈妈”在Ins账号@lilou_sfpig上纪录了她的神奇经历。 /201612/484321

  8 Foods You#39;ll Be Surprised To Learn Aret#39;t Always Vegan8种常被误认为素食的食物We live in a very vegan-friendly food world these days. Even Ben amp; Jerry#39;s has put out a couple of vegan flavors. Unfortunately, not all foods are so nice.近来我们生活在一个流行素食主义化的年代。甚至本杰瑞(冰淇淋巨头)也推出了许多素食口味。不幸的是,不是所有食物都这么健康。We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there#39;s a chance that some of your favorite foods are not as vegan-friendly as you may have thought.我们非常不愿意听到这些坏消息,但是在你最喜欢的食物中很可能有些是没你想的那么“素食主义者化”的。You probably aly know that honey isn#39;t vegan and you know the ugly truth about red food dye (it#39;s made out of crushed beetles), but there are more foods you#39;d never suspect are made with the help of animal products. We’re talking candy, beer and sometimes even cereal.你可能已经知道蜂蜜不是素食,而且关于苏丹红(由碾碎的甲虫做成)的丑闻你应该也知道,但是还有更多你从没想过会是动物制品的食物。我们说的这些包括糖,啤酒,甚至还有谷物。If you want to make sure you don#39;t accidentally ingest an animal product, we suggest you check out the list of these eight seemingly vegan (but definitely not) foods.如果你想确定你不会毫无防备地咽下一些动物制品,那么我们建议你看看这8种看起来像素食(但绝不是素食)的食物。1.Gummy Bears小熊糖Gelatin. That’s what most gummy bears are made of.明胶。这就是小熊糖里含量最多的物质。2.Non-Dairy Creamer非乳制奶精Non-dairy creamer is mostly made from sugar, oil and thickeners, but there’s one sneaky ingredient that finds its way into a lot of non-dairy creamers — sodium caseinate.奶精大部分由糖,油和增稠剂制成,但是很多奶精中还含有一种劣质原料—酪蛋白酸钠(新型涂抹食品的试剂)。3.Worcestershire Sauce辣酱油In case you didn’t know, it’s made with fermented anchovies.可能 你不知道,这是发酵凤尾鱼做的。4.Cereal谷物片As we just mentioned before, most marshmallows have gelatin in them, which means so do Lucky Charms.像我们之前说的,棉花糖里都含有明胶,也就是说这些看似健康的“护身符”里也有。5.Many Types Of Beer多种啤酒Some beers — and actually some wines, too — are clarified using animal-based fining agents.一些啤酒-而且有些葡萄酒-被曝出含有动物性澄清剂。6.White Sugar白砂糖Some white sugar is processed through animal bone char to refine it and get rid of the impurities.有些白砂糖是通过动物骨炭提炼,来去除杂质。7. Orange Juice fortified with Omega-3含有欧米伽3的橙汁If you look at the ingredients in Heart Healthy Tropicana fortified with Omega-3, you’ll see that it’s not only made with fish oil, but fish gelatin as well.你可以看看宣称对心脏健康的含有欧米伽-3的纯果乐的配料,你可以发现它不仅含有鱼油,还有鱼胶。8.Refried Beans炸豆泥Traditional refried beans are made with lard. If you’re picking up a can at the store, be sure to look for the vegetarian version (and the ingredients carefully to make sure it’s actually vegan)传统的炸豆泥都是猪油做的。如果你在超市买罐头的话记得一定买清真的(读读配料确定真的是素的)。 /201703/495705;What I#39;m seeing is that your son feels like he has too much power in your home,; the therapist said. ;He needs you guys to be in charge, not him.; The words felt like a slap in the face, but I got it.“我所看到的就是你的儿子感觉自己在家中可以为所欲为,”治疗师说道。“他需要你们做主,而非他自己。”这些话就像耳光一样重重的打在我脸上,但这一切我都知道。I#39;d meant well. A nurturer, I#39;d used shied away from the traditional discipline I#39;d grown up with, choosing a gentler path. But I#39;d taken it too far, and mostly, without even realizing it.我的本意是好的。作为一位养育者,我不希望以我长大的那种传统方式来教育我的孩子,我选择了更为温和的方法。但我却放纵过头了,甚至没有意识到。I#39;m a sensitive soul. I could be described as an empath, or the slightly harsher term of co-dependent. I have a strong tendency to take other peoples#39; emotions on—or worse, the emotion I think they#39;re having. The closer the person is to me, the more fiercely I absorb their feelings.我十分敏感。可能人们在描述我的时候,会说我是个脆弱的人,或是更残酷的词:依赖别人的人。我往往会亲身领会他人的感情——更糟糕的是,这种感情是我自以为的。我越和某人亲密,就会越强烈的领会他们的情绪。So when my son was born, all sensitive and strong-willed, I was pretty much screwed. The intense, unique love that bloomed for him was nothing I#39;d experienced before. It felt like the cord that connected us when he was in my belly was still there, but instead of pulsing flesh it was unseeable and unbreakable.所以儿子出生的时候,我十分敏感又意志坚定,感觉自己都快搞砸了。他身上那种强烈而又独特的爱是我从未体会过的。就好像怀他时连着我们的脐带还在一样,但这时的脐带已不再是活生生的肉,而是牢不可破的无形纽带。His intense feelings were unbearable for me. I physically reacted to his cries—as mothers, that#39;s what we are wired to do to ensure that our babies are cared for. But as he became a toddler, a preschooler, a little and then a not-so-little boy, I continued to respond to his upsets viscerally, my skin going alert, electric at his cries. My sensitivity to his emotions, coupled with his stubbornly strong opinions meant that I often reacted to his feelings with frustration or anxiety, and often let him take the lead.然而我无法承受他浓烈的爱。当他哭泣时我的身体会做出反应——作为母亲,这是我们的本能,以确保宝宝得到了我们的关爱。但当他开始学会走路、到了上学前班的年纪、又过了不久他已不是那个小宝宝了,我继续在心里对他的悲伤做出反应,他哭泣时,我的皮肤会起鸡皮疙瘩。我对他的各种情绪非常敏感,再加上他的观点十分固执,因此我通常会沮丧、焦躁的回应他的情绪,所以他经常占上风。As he got older, I#39;d turned to rotating between bribery and threats when he dug his heels in about something. This had culminated a few weeks before the meeting with the therapist when my son had thrown an epic tantrum because he didn#39;t want to come with me to pick up his sister from preschool. I#39;d been stuck in a cycle of reacting to my son#39;s big emotions, and had often handed him the reigns because it seemed like that was what he wanted.后来他慢慢长大,当他和我意见相左时,我会贿赂他,或者给他吃零食。在我与治疗师讲述自己的问题前,这样的情况持续了几周。由于儿子不想跟我一起去学前班接他回家,因此大发脾气后(他从未发过这么大的脾气),我才去看治疗师的。我深陷于如何回应儿子强烈情绪的深渊中,通常会让他做主,因为这好像就是他所希望的。 /201701/488939

  Peng Liyuan, wife of President Xi Jinping, said the education of girls and women is a ;noble and significant; pursuit.国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛近日表示,女童和妇女教育是一项很崇高也很重要的事业。Providing women and men with the same opportunities to reach their full potential is a key to promoting social development, gender equality and sustainable development of society, to which education plays a crucial role, Peng said.彭丽媛称,促进女性享有和男性同等的实现自身发展潜力的机会,是促进社会发展、推动性别平等、实现社会可持续发展的重要条件。在这个过程中,教育的作用十分重要。Peng made the remarks during an exclusive interview with the UNESCO Courier magazine.彭丽媛是在接受联合国教科文组织《信使》杂志专访时发表上述言论的。She was invited in 2014 to become the UNESCO special envoy for the advancement of girls#39; and women#39;s education by Irina Bokova, the organization#39;s director-general.她于2014年应联合国教科文组织总干事科娃的邀请,担任联合国教科文组织促进女童和妇女教育特使。Peng said she has visited many schools, institutions for the young, and organizations for women#39;s development in African and Asian countries during her more than two years of service as the special envoy.彭丽媛表示,担任特使两年多来,她访问了许多非洲和亚洲国家的学校、青少年机构和妇女发展机构。She hoped to get closer to the reality, learn from their wisdom and strength, and share experience.她希望更多地了解实际情况,从他们那里汲取智慧和力量,与他们分享经验。;I will carry out my duty as the special envoy to support UNESCO in improving education for girls and women all over the world. I will do whatever I can,; Peng said.彭丽媛说道:“我将履行好特使职责,持教科文组织促进世界女童和妇女教育,有一分热,发一分光。” /201705/507642

  The sales pitch that ;Are you sure you want a tall-sized cup of Starbucks coffee?; has gone viral recently on Chinese social media Wechat after a loyal customer of the global coffee chain expressed dissatisfaction to its serving attitude online.在一位星巴克的金卡顾客在网上公开发文表达对星巴克务态度的不满之后,关于星巴克中杯咖啡的段子“您确定您要中杯咖啡么?”便在微信朋友圈迅速流行开来。Lin Guotong posted on Wechat on Sunday that he was asked twice when ordering a tall-sized cup of coffee at Starbucks by a waiter: ;Are you sure you want tall?; and ;Tall is the smallest size here we have?;林国童在上周日在微信上发文声讨,称自己去星巴克买中杯咖啡时被店员连问两遍:“您确定是中杯吗”“中杯是我们最小的杯型哦”。Lin said he has been a gold membership of Starbucks since 2010 when he bought 30 cups of coffee there at a time.林国童表示自己早在2010年就因为一次性买了三十杯咖啡而成为星巴克的金卡顾客。;I#39;m a loyal customer of Starbucks, having once bought over 200 cups of coffee in one year. But still they would consistently question me about size and recommend larger options,; he said.“我是店内的金卡老顾客,一年内能买两百多杯咖啡。但店员还总是一直追问我的杯型选择,还进行大杯的低端推销,这让我特别不舒。”他说道。He complained about it to Starbucks China CEO Wang Jingying that ;As a gold member of Starbucks (qualified when buy 25 cups of coffee in one year) since 2012, I don#39;t need this kind of service and don#39;t deserve staff questioning my choice.;林国童在文章中对星巴克中国CEO王静瑛隔空喊话:“作为一个2012年开始就持有金卡的老顾客(星巴克里级别最高的一种会员卡,需要在一年里消费满25杯才能拥有),务员不应该质疑我的杯型选择,更不应该再对我进行这么低端的推销。”The message soon circulated on Wechat rapidly and caused heated discussion. The post had been over 500,000 times with 3,000 comments.这篇文章一经发表便在朋友圈迅速发酵,引来各种各样的讨论。该文章的阅读量已经超过了50万次、有3000多条留言。Netizens have different opinions. Some think that such a selling method is normal and should not anger anyone, while others have conveyed discontent over Starbucks services saying that behavior like repeatedly promoting extra products and reciting indifferent promotion lines really bore them.网友们对此持不同意见。一些人认为这种营销手段稀疏平常,没必要对此大惊小怪。而另外一些人则也向星巴克表达了自己的不满,认为这种低端促销咖啡的手段令自己感到非常恼火。Ordering tall sized coffee at Starbucks suddenly becomes popular. Some customers even intentionally go to buy tall sized coffee only to see how staff react.此事一出,星巴克的中杯咖啡一时间颇受消费者青睐。还有不少消费者特意赶到星巴克的门店里,点一杯中杯咖啡,就是为了看看店员的反应。The effect on social media soon aroused attention of Starbucks China. Lin received a call as well as an email from the company, promising that they would improve their service and provide better experience to customers.此次事件在社交网络上的影响很快引起了星巴克中国的回应。林国童于晚些时候受到了该公司的电话以及邮件形式的回复,并且星巴克承诺将提高务质量,争取让顾客拥有愉快的消费体验。Starbucks further explained that questioning customer#39;s choice serves only to confirm their order and means nothing more.此外,星巴克还解释称,询问顾客的杯型选择,只是为了确定他们的订单,并无其他目的。 /201611/480715。




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