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four seaso --3 :19:7 来源: four seasons in a year. there are four seasons.spring,summer,autumn,winter.in spring,the weather is warm and sunny,sometimes it rains. people usually go rowing and fishing.in summer,the weather is hot and windy. people like togo swimming with their friends.in autumn.the weather is cool .people usually go camping. in winter.the weather is cold.sometimes it snows.childrenlike making snowmen . which season do you like best?。

  • :买药 -01- :: 来源:   Buying Medicine  By Liu Qinglin  Characters: X ------ Xiao Fei   S ------- Shopkeeper   D- ---- Doctor Li   O- -----Others ( O1, O O3 -----)   Ws ------ Wounded soldiers ( W1, W,W3 -----)   H -----He zhenwu, a Japanese spy   W- ---- Woman   J ------ Japanese  Scene1  ( At an old temple lie some wounded soldiers. D is examining their wounds.)  D: Good evening, everyone.   Ws: ( Together) Good evening, Dr Li.   D: Hello, let me examine you.   W1: I’m all right. There’s no need to do so. ( W1 is about to fall down.)   D: (Helps him up) Your leg discloses you! Let me have a look. Ah, it’s going worse. Let me put some   medicine on you.  W1: No, it isn’t necessary. There is little medicine left. Go to look after that young man. He has a high   fever. He seems fainted.  D: ( Takes W’s temperature. ) So he has! He needs an injection but we have none. Feed him these last three pills with warm water. What else can I do? There’s no medicine left.  W3: Don’t worry, Doctor. I am young and strong. I am all tight now. I’ll go and buy some medicine.  D: No, you are not all right. Your leg will bleed when you move. Lie down and have a good rest.  W: So you can let me go . I can run very fast. The enemy cannot catch me.  ( Just then, Xiao Fei comes in.)  X: Be quiet everybody. You must have a good rest. This is order, you know.   W1: But there’s no medicine left.  X: That’s why I’m here. I’ve come to fetch the list . I’ll go to town to buy medicine.  D: Have you got any money?  X: No.  D: ( Takes off her gold ring.) Take this with you. Perhaps you can change it medicine.  X: No, I can’t take it , because it is given to you by your future husband who gave up his life to the revolution a few days ago. It mustn’t go to other people’s hands.  D: But how can you get the medicine without money?  X: Don’t worry. I’ll manage. Goodbye.  D and Ws: Be careful!    Scene  ( Music) ( Xiao is walking on the way like a businessman. He sings as he goes.  When he Passes a corn field, he sees He Zhenwu the Japanese spy robbing a woman)  W: Help! Help!   H: You needn’t cry. There’s nobody else here. Let me marry you and make yourself noble.   W: You Japanese spy! No one will marry you.   H: Otherwise I’ll kill you! ( He raises his gun and the woman catches hold of his wrist . They start a fight. Finally, H knocks W down. Just then X arrives)  X: Stop! Don’t bully Chinese woman!  H: It’s none of your business! Go away.  X: I would rather stop you. ( H raises his gun towards X. X kicks it away. They begin a fight. W puts on his clothes W and begins to pull H’s leg. X knocks H down)  X: (To W) Quick! Help me tie him up.  W: You are bleeding. Let me do first aid.   X: It doesn’t matter. Pull him into the corn fields.   H: Please spare my life. I won’t do that again   ( W takes up the gun and is about to shoot.)  X: Don’t do that. If the Japanese hear the shot, they’ll come.   H: Thank you, sir. But please let me go.  X: Let you go? You’ll continue to kill and bully Chinese! ( X puts his socks into H’s mouth.) Wait here . And lend me your pass and bike. Don’t try to run away. (They go down.)   Scene 3  (Music) (X is riding a bike toward town. He sings as he goes along)   J1 and J: Stop! Show me your pass.   X: Here you are!  J1 J: ( After ing it.) Hi! Salute. ( They Salute.) ( X goes through the town gate and after some time stops at a drug shop and knocks at the door.)  S: Who’s it?   X: It’s me, a customer.   S: (To O1) Go to answer the door.   O1: come in, please. You are the only customer these days.  S: What can I do far you?  X: ( Hands him the pass.) We Japanese assistant soldier need some medicine. Here is the list.   S: Oh, so much medicine! Do you have enough money?  X: We’ll send you the money in a few days’ time. Quick, this is order. ( Shows him his gun.)   S: All right! All right!  S: ( To O1) Quick! Give him the medicine  O1: All right . ( Hands it to X.) Here you are.   X: I have to go now. Bye-bye.  S: ( To O1) Quick! Close the door.  O1: All right. ( He closes it.)  S: ( Makes a telephone call.) Hi! This is No1 Medicine Shop. Just now, a man came in and took a lot of medicine away. Perhaps he belongs to the Eighth Route Army . Stop him, quick!   ( X rides his bike fast. Soon he arrives at the gate, J1 is receiving a phone call. J signs him to stop. X rides towards him and knocks him out. J1 begins to short at him. Soon he arrives at a bridge, where two soldiers stand . X kills them with two shots. A crowd of soldiers rush towards him. He run into the corn field. H has just frees himself and is about to leave.)  J3: Oh, here he is!  js: (Together) Don’t move! Hands up!   H: I’m sorry. I’m not Eighth -----  J: Tie him up. ( They tie him up and beat him.)   H: Ouch! I belong to Japanese army.  J5: Don’t listen to him. He’s lying. Put him in our car. Let’s go. (They go down.)   X: (X goes through the corn field and comes up to a street. He meets some Japanese and fights them. He kills some of them and enters a lane. Finally he arrives at the temple. D and Ws come to welcome him)   D: Here comes our hero.  Ws: Congratulations.  X: Thank you, everybody.   ( The end )。
  • 盘点全球三大惊悚建筑(双语) --18 :6: 来源: Are you tired of stuffy travelling?Do you like to add some fresh thingto your journey?How about a thriller journey from the White Temple in Thailand to the Ossuary in Czech?厌倦了乏味的旅行,想要为你的旅程加一点清新剂?从泰国白庙到捷克的人骨教堂,来一场惊悚之旅吧!The White Temple in Chiang Rai City of Thailand 泰国清莱:白庙The White Temple is still under construction,but the temple looks like both a traditional temple and a white wedding cake is controversial.To access to the temple,the tourists have togo througha white bridge from where the bloodcurdling poison fangs ,hundreds of white arms and suffering faces seem like from the hell strench out .白庙依然在建设中,但是这座既像传统的佛寺,又像白色的婚礼蛋糕的庙宇却饱受争议要到达佛寺,游客需要经过一座白桥,在那里,恐怖的毒牙,数百个白色的手臂以及似是地狱里充满苦痛的脸庞从桥下伸了出来The White Temple The Ossuary in KutnaHoraof Czekh捷克库特纳霍拉:人骨教堂In the middle of the 18th century,the cellar of the cloister had been a popular burial site hundreds of years.The outbreak of diesease and the Hussite Wars further made thousands of bodies piled up.Till the 1870s,a sculptor was hired to creat works with those bones,though it'a not easy.There are more than 0 thousands of men's bones in the Ossuary,many bones are used to decoarte the chapel,that's elegant but thrilling.十八世纪中期,修道院的地下室已成为数百年来颇受欢迎的埋葬地瘟疫的爆发以及胡斯战争更让数千残骨堆积到19世纪70年代,一个雕刻家被雇佣来用这些骨头进行创作,虽然这并非易事人骨教堂有万余具人骨,许多都被用来装饰小教堂,效果既优美又令人毛骨悚然:The OssuaryThe Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang of North Korea朝鲜平壤:柳京饭店The Ryugyong Hotel started to be built in 1987,butin theabsent of capital it had to beceased.So the majestic but undone building standing in Pyongyang was dubbed "the untune hotel".It was classified as the worst building by the Esquire magzine.柳京饭店于1987年开建,但是由于基金的缺乏不得不停工所以,这座宏伟的未完工的建筑就屹立在平壤并被人们戏称为“厄运饭店”它被《时尚先生杂志评为人类历史上最糟糕的建筑The Ryugyong Hotel 泰国白庙 捷克人骨教堂。
  • Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文 -- :3:5 来源: Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文It's Sunday today,i'm very happy,because i visited the zoo.今天是星期天,我非常开心,因为我参观动物园了I was woken up by mother at 7 o'clock this morning.After breakfast we went to the zoo by bus.It's not far away from my home,we arrived there about minutes later.There were many people in the zoo.We saw naughty monkeys making faces in the tree,Yangtze alligators lyingin the sun lazily,fierce lions lying in the cage quietly,and so on.早上七点,妈妈就把我叫醒了吃过早饭后,我们坐公交车去了动物园动物园离我们家不远,分钟后我们就到了那里有好多人我们看到了顽皮的猴子在树上做鬼脸,扬子鳄懒洋洋地躺在太阳底下,还有凶猛的狮子安静地躺在笼子里,等等We had a great day today,i wish to go to the zoo next time.今天是愉快的一天,我希望下次再去动物园玩。
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