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厦门薇格整形医院专家咨询厦门薇格祛眼袋多少钱厦门薇格医疗门诊部治疗腋臭多少钱 Taxi app Uber has set its sights beyond the roads of China with a push into the air and on water as the US company adds helicopters and boats to its services.出租车应用优步(Uber)将视线超出了中国的马路,向空中和水上发展。这家美国企业在其务中增加了乘坐直升飞机和乘船的务。The company will tomorrow APR 25unveil UberChopper, a helicopter ride above Shanghai that will cost Rmb2,999 (4), including transport in a Mercedes-Benz to and from the helipad. The event is a one-day promotion designed to “raise awareness” of Uber and gauge interest in airborne services aly used in countries including the US, India, Brazil and South Africa.该公司将于4月25日公布UberChopper应用。该应用提供了乘坐直升机游览上海的务,价格将为2999元人民币(合484美元),这其中包括了乘坐梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)轿车往返直升机起降场的接送。该活动是一次为期一天的营销活动,旨在“提高(优步)知名度”,考察人们对空中务的兴趣。目前美国、印度、巴西和南非有这类空中务。Uber has also rolled out a boat-hailing service in the southern city of Hangzhou’s scenic West Lake as well as a trial rickshaw-hailing service in downtown Beijing.此外,优步还在南方城市杭州风景秀丽的西湖推出了叫船务,并在北京市中心推出了呼叫人力车的试点务。Uber is a late-comer to the Chinese market and faces competition from local companies Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. The pair announced a merger in March, creating a Goliath in the Chinese car-hailing industry with an estimated 99.8 per cent market share, according to Beijing-based internet consultancy Enfodesk.对于中国市场来说,优步是一位后来者,面临着来自滴滴打车(Didi Dache)和快的打车(Kuaidi Dache)等本土企业的竞争。后两者在今年3月宣布合并,缔造了中国叫车产业的巨无霸。根据北京互联网咨询公司易观智库(Enfodesk)的数据,合并后的公司市场占有率估计达99.8%。However, Uber said it was more competitive in the high-end with its UberBlack service, featuring luxury cars.不过,优步表示其在高端市场有更大的竞争力,其中包括以豪华轿车为特色的UberBlack务。 /201504/372019India launches its biggest ever rocket:Capsule onboard the mighty GSLV Mk-III could one day carry astronauts into space.印度升空其最大型的火箭:GSLVMk-III火箭上的太空舱有朝一日或许会携带宇航员进入太空。India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket today in an effort to ramp up its ambitious space programme.印度发射了其最大型的火箭以进行其雄心勃勃的太空计划。The rocket, designed to carry heavier communication and other satellites into higher orbit, blasted off from Sriharikota in the southeast state of Andhra Pradesh.这种火箭在设计上是用来携带重型通信和其他卫星进入更高轨道的,在东南部安德拉邦的斯里赫里戈达岛发射升空。The launch was the next crucial step inIndia#39;s space programme history, after the nation successfully put a satelliteinto orbit around Mars in September.这次发射在印度空间项目历史上是关键的另一步,而在九月份印度成功将一颗卫星送到火星周围的轨道上。#39;This was a very significant day in the history of (the) Indian space programme,#39; Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K.SRadhakrishnan said from mission control.“这在印度空间项目历史上,这是具有重要意义的一天,”印度空间研究组织主席如是说。ISRO scientists have been riding high since an Indian spacecraft successfully reached Mars on a shoe-string budget, winning Asia#39;s race to the red planet.在预算不多的情况下,印度成功的将一颗卫星送到火星,是亚洲首个抵达火星的国家,这让印度空间研究组织的科学家们情绪高涨。Although India has successfully launched lighter satellites in recent years, it has struggled to match the heavier loads sent up by other countries.虽然印度最近几年也成功发射了一些轻型卫星,但是在火箭运载量上却无法和其他国家抗衡。The new rocket, weighing 630 tonnes and capable of carrying 4 tonnes, is a boost for India#39;s attempts to grab a greaterslice of the #163;190 billion (0 billion) global space market.而这种新型的火箭重达630吨,能携带4吨重的物体,这将让印度在价值达3000亿美元的全球太空市场中获得更大的一杯羹。 /201412/350297龙海市丰额头多少钱

龙海市做双眼皮手术多少钱Lacquerware漆器Chinese ancestors began to make lacquerware about 7,000 years ago.中国人早在7000年前就开始制作漆器。In 1978, red lacquer bowls and tubes of the Hemudu Cutture were found in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. According to scientific analysis, the coatings are natural lacquers.1978年在距今7000年前的浙江余姚河姆渡文化遗址中发现了朱漆碗和朱漆筒,经过科学分析,其涂料为天然漆。After the Xia Dynasty, the variety of lacquerware increased, and the craft flou-rished for five centuries starting in the Warring States Period from 475 B. C.to 221 B. C.The scale of lacquerware production had aly become very large in the Warring States Period. Lacquerware was one of the main economic resources of the time, and there were specific offcials in charge of its production.夏代之后,漆器品种渐多,在战国时期,漆器业独领风骚,形成长达5个世纪的空前繁荣。战国时漆器生产规模已经很大,被国家列入重要的经济收入来源,并设专人管理。According to historical records, the ancient Chinese sage of Zhuang Zi used to be an officer in charge of lacquerware production.Lacquerware was very expen-sive. The production process was verlt complicated, necessitating a strong work force and long working hours. It came in many varied forms and was widely used for furniture, utensils, stationan,r, art works, musical instruments, funeral goods and weapons. The nobles moved their attention from bronzeware to lacquerware because the latter was bright, light, easy to clean, had heat insulation and corro-sion resistant qualities and could be inlaid and painted with many colors.据记载,庄子年轻时曾经做过管理漆业的小官。漆器生产工序复杂,耗工耗时,漆器品种又特别繁多,不仅用于装饰家具、器皿、文具和艺术品,而且还应用于乐器、丧葬用具、兵器等。这时的漆器很昂贵,新兴的诸侯不再热衷于青铜器,而把兴趣转向光亮、洁净、易洗、体轻、隔热、耐腐、嵌饰绘五光十色的漆器。Lacquerware was, however, usually coated blcrck and decorated with red de-signs or coated red and decorated with black designs. About 220 lacquerware ob-jects were unearthed in Zeng Houyi’s Tomb in Hubei Province. They are the earliestand most superb lacquerware of the Chu Kingdom of the Warring States Period.Lacquerware items, including clothing storage boxes, which were unearthed in the tomb are richly varied, of large size and simple style; they reflect the charm of the culture of the Chu Kingdom.The designs on some of the boxes make them very valuable. In the center of one is a zhuan calligraphy character, meaning a star,surrounded by the names, also in zhuan characters, of the phases of the moon in a arcle.On the lwo ends are designs of a blue dragon and a white tiger.This box is a rare relic of great value for research into anaent Chinese astronomy as it is the earliest written record of the moon phases yet found in China.漆器一般髹朱饰黑,或髹黑饰朱,以优美的图案在器物表面构成一个绮丽的色世界。在湖北曾侯乙墓出土的漆器有220多件。这些漆器是楚墓中年代最早也是最为精的,而且品类全,器型大,风格古朴,这些精美的漆器体现了楚文化的神韵。其中有几件衣箱盖上所绘的图案非常有价值。一个箱盖的中心有一个篆文“斗”字,用粗笔写成。围绕“斗”字,是一圈二十八宿的古代名称,也是篆文,字迹清晰。箱盖两端绘有首尾对置的青龙、白虎的图像。这是研究我国古代天文学史的一件珍贵文物。Some lacquerware was painted with fairy tales.For example, the ancient Chi-nese tale ofHou Yi Shootin,g the Sun,WOS painted on a black coated and red design clothing box.Mushroom-shaped and colored clouds and lwo twisting double head-ed snakes with human faces form the background.On the lwo sides are two trees,the tall one with ii branches and the short one with nine.On the tip of each branch is a circle radiating brilliant light, symbolizing the sun. Belween the two trees, a man shoots an arrow at a bird on the tall tree. The story demonstrates mankind’s successful battle against nature.一些漆器上绘有一些有趣的神话故事。在一件刻有紫锦纹衣箱的箱盖上,绘有“后羿射日”的故事,黑地朱纹,有蘑菇状的云和两条双头人面蛇互相缠绕,两侧有一高一低的树,高树上有1 1个枝权,矮树有9个枝权,每个枝权梢头都绘有一个放射光芒的圆圈,两树之间一人正用箭射下高树上的一只鸟。原来这是“后羿射日”的故事,是人与自进行斗争,以人最后胜利告终的美丽神话。Han Dynasty lacquerware mainly used black and red colors.In the painted de-sign of one piece, there are 90 immortals, and birds and beasts with different pos-tures and expressions.The immortals are dancing with their long sleeves waving in the air, sitting quietly with their chins in their hands, or shooting arrows with con-centrcrted expressions. The animals being hunted are tuming their heads in panic and running swiftly away. Beautiful pattems of dragons, phoenixes, leaves,grass, cloud and various other things were drawn on the lacquerware objects to add to their elegance. Lacquerware reached its heyday in the Han Dynasty and more lacquerware products emerged. These included boxes, plates, earrings,bowls, baskets, trunks, rulers, kettles, chessboards and stools. Meanwhile,many new craffing techniques and decorative methods were also developed.汉代漆器也是以黑红为主色。有一幅画面上出现90个形态各异、生动活泼的仙人和鸟兽。仙人之中,有的挥动着长袖翩翩起舞,有的托腮静坐,若有所思,有的拉弓射箭,千钧一发,猎物惊恐回首,匆忙飞奔。龙纹和风纹都是装饰性的,并加以陶索纹、菱格纹、花瓣纹、草叶纹、云纹等。造型优美,图案华丽。汉代是漆器的鼎盛时期。漆器的品种又增加了盒、盘、耳环、碟、碗、筐、箱、尺、唾壶、棋盘、凳子。同时,还开创了多种新的工艺技法和装饰手法。The patterns on the lacquerware are simple lines or complicated pictures, de-pending on the items different functions. The contrast belween the black and red colors creates a speaal artistic effect. The black and red pictures on the lacquer-ware present a mysterious and ever-changing fairy world inhabited by human be-ings and immortals.漆器图案根据不同的器物,以粗率简练的线条或繁褥复杂的构图表现,增强人或动物的动感与为度。黑红互置的色产生光亮、优美的特殊效果。在红与黑交织的画面上,形成富有音乐感的瑰丽多的艺术风格,展现了一个人神共在,奇伟谲诡、流动飞扬、变幻神奇的神话般的世界。 /201512/410742厦门祛痣祛斑 Volvo’s new S90 saloon has a familiar face. The car is the second big model to come off the Swedish brand’s heavily touted bn vehicle platform and follows the sleek, critically acclaimed XC90 sport utility vehicle.沃尔沃(Volvo)全新S90轿车有副“熟脸孔”。这是该瑞典公司备受吹捧、耗资110亿美元打造的车辆生产平台下线的第二款大型车,而第一款则是广受好评、外形典雅的XC90运动型多功能车(SUV)。The S90 has the same, T-shaped LED headlights — a nod to Thor’s hammer from Norse mythology — and a grille made of 23 rods of curved iron.S90同样配备了“T”字型LED大灯——取意于挪威神话中的“雷神之锤”,其格栅由23根呈现弧度的钢栏组成。“This is the face of Volvo,” says chief designer Thomas Ingenlath. “It’s confident, it’s proud and it is strong.”“这就是沃尔沃的前脸,”首席设计师托马斯英格拉特(Thomas Ingenlath)称,“它显得自信、骄傲、硬朗。”To that list could be added the word independent.这一系列的修饰语中还可以加入“独立”一词。Five years after falling under the control of Chinese industrial group Zhejiang Geely Holding in a landmark Asian acquisition, Volvo feels more Scandinavian — and more successful — than ever.5年前,中国浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding)完成了一桩在整个亚洲具有标志性意义的收购案,将沃尔沃纳入麾下。如今的沃尔沃感觉比以往更具北欧特色,也更加成功。The company is forecasting a large rise in profits and record sales this year. It is gaining credibility as an alternative to the three German premium carmakers. The privately held company is even preparing to tap the bond market for the first time.该公司预计今年利润将有大幅提高,并将创下销量纪录。其作为三大德系豪车品牌替代之选的声誉日盛。这家私人控股公司甚至准备首次进入债券市场融资。Now Volvo is trying to shake off its buttoned-up reputation and tell the world about its transformation.如今,沃尔沃正试图摆脱其内敛含蓄的名声,向世界宣告它的转变。“We’re a normal company,” says Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s understated chief executive, in an interview at the company’s Gothenburg headquarters. The group still shares part of the site with the truckmaker of the same name that used to own Volvo.“我们就是一家正常的公司,”行事低调的沃尔沃首席执行官哈坎萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)表示。他在哥德堡沃尔沃总部接受采访,该公司仍然与曾经的东家——同名的卡车制造商,共用部分办公地点。Mr Samuelsson’s predecessors had plenty of defending to do. Volvo, aS part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group between 1999 and 2010, suffered stagnating sales. It was not helped by uninspired products that were — Volvo executives now say — compromised by having to share parts, styles and skeletons with its US parent.萨缪尔森的前任们做过很多自我辩护的事。1999年至2010年期间,作为福特(Ford)旗下Premier Automotive Group(P)的子公司,沃尔沃经历了销量停滞不前的时期。了无新意的产品更是于事无补。沃尔沃高层如今称,当时生产的车型不得不与其美国母公司的其他车型共用零件和整体架构,风格如出一辙。“If this was a hospital, the patient would have been declared dead,” says one Volvo manager of the then lossmaking company.“如果有汽车医院的话,那么当时沃尔沃这个病人就已经被宣布死亡了,”一位经理谈到当时亏损的沃尔沃时说道。Under Chinese ownership, Volvo is getting on to the shopping list of drivers who normally prefer Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The XC90 put Volvo into a higher price category and has had consumer magazines agog with its sleek interior, in-car technology and advanced safety features.在吉利控股下的沃尔沃逐渐进入通常偏爱奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)和奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)的车主的选购清单。XC90提升了沃尔沃的产品价位,消费者杂志大谈该车型时尚的内饰、车载技术和先性的安全性能。“[Geely] bought Volvo because they assumed Volvo deserved a better future,” says Mr Samuelsson. “They wanted to release the tiger. And they are seeing that happening now, in steps.”“(吉利)收购沃尔沃,是因为他们认为沃尔沃值得拥有更好的未来,”萨缪尔森称,“他们想放出这只猛虎。现在,他们正在逐步看到这一切成为现实。”The company’s ambition draws comparisons with another resurgent premium carmaker — Jaguar Land Rover of the UK — which was also formerly part of the Ford stable and has since fallen into Asian possession.沃尔沃的雄心可与另一个东山再起的豪车品牌——英国的捷豹路虎(Jaguar Land Rover)作比。捷豹路虎以前也是福特旗下的品牌,后来被亚洲企业收购。So far, JLR’s profitability has left Volvo in the dust. The British-based group made 2.6bn in pre-tax profit in its last financial year — twice what Tata Motors paid Ford to acquire the two UK brands in 2008.目前为止,捷豹路虎的盈利能力令沃尔沃望尘莫及。上一财年,这家总部在英国的集团实现了26亿英镑税前利润——比2008年塔塔汽车(Tata Motors)从福特手中收购这两个英国品牌时付的代价高出一倍。Volvo made only 0m in operating profits last year, despite selling an almost identical number of cars — about 460,000.去年,尽管沃尔沃卖出了几乎与捷豹路虎相同数量的汽车——约46万辆,但其营业利润仅为2.6亿美元。Operating margins at Volvo are also thin — 2.2 per cent in the first half of this year. JLR, by contrast, makes operating margins close to 10 per cent, having built on the success of products conceived during the Ford era, such as the Range Rover Evoque.沃尔沃的营业利润率也很低——今年上半年为2.2%。相比之下,捷豹路虎的营业利润率接近10%,这建立在未被收购前构想的多款车型——如路虎揽胜极光(Range Rover Evoque)——大获成功的基础上。At Volvo, “we based our turnround exactly on a new platform, new vehicles, not just new-style vehicles,” says Mr Samuelsson. “I don’t think you can say that Jaguar has that same process. So that, of course, takes a longer time.”在沃尔沃,“我们的复兴完全基于新平台、新车型,而不仅仅是同车型的新款,”萨缪尔森称,“我想你不能说路虎也经历了一样的过程。所以,这当然会导致我们需要更多时间。”Volvo created Spa (scaleable product architecture), the first of two completely new modular building systems, for large cars. It has moved to innovative, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that will power the majority of its future cars. And by 2019, it will have a line-up of nine new or reworked vehicles: three sizes in three different styles.沃尔沃建设了制造大型车的SPA平台(scaleable product architecture,可扩展车体架构),这是两个全新的模块化生产体系中的第一个。该公司已开始采用创新性的、四缸汽油或柴油发动机,未来其大多数车型将依靠这类引擎提供动力。到2019年,它将拥有9款全新或改进版车型的产品阵容,在3种不同风格的车型中分别有3种不同的规格。Volvo is now moving into phase two of its turnround: capitalising on the investments, launching the new products, and sustaining a higher price point.沃尔沃如今正步入其复兴计划的第二阶段:利用投资、推出新产品、维持较高价位。Attention now turns to the second, smaller toolkit: CMA, which stands for compact modular architecture and is the big test of Volvo’s relationship with its Chinese paymasters.现在把目光转向第二个较小的生产平台:紧凑型模块化架构CMA,它将给沃尔沃与其中国东家的关系带来重大考验。Geely Auto, the Hangzhou-based volume carmaker also owned by Volvo’s parent, is working with Volvo to create midsize cars in a variety of shapes — hatchbacks, sedans and small SUVs. The platform is an attempt to find cost savings and make acceptable margins on small cars.总部位于杭州的吉利汽车(Geely Auto)也是沃尔沃母公司旗下的公司。吉利汽车正在与沃尔沃共同研发各种车型——掀背车、轿车和小型SUV——的中级车。CMA平台是在小型车领域寻找成本节省空间、创造合意的利润率的一次尝试。It means upmarket Volvo must share parts with firmly mass-market Geely. That task has scuppered a high-profile former alliance with the DaimlerChrysler. “It’s very difficult to develop platforms and architectures if the brands are positioned very differently,” says Martin , associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics.这意味着,高端品牌沃尔沃必须与坚定地走大众市场路线的吉利共享零件。这样的任务破坏了此前沃尔沃与戴姆勒克莱斯勒(DaimlerChrysler)之间备受瞩目的合作。“如果不同品牌的定位截然不同,很难共同研发平台和架构,”斯德哥尔经济学院(Stockholm School of Economics)的副教授马丁斯科尔(Martin )。But the collaboration — enshrined in China Euro Vehicle Technology, a sister company to Volvo and Geely Auto — gives Volvo greater volumes for its engines. Geely in return gets European design and perhaps the chance to become the first Chinese carmaker to achieve global renown.但是,这次合作——双方成立了吉利汽车欧洲研发中心(China Euro Vehicle Technology,简称CEVT)——使沃尔沃可以生产更多发动机。吉利得到的回报是欧洲的设计,或许还有机会成为第一家享誉国际的中国汽车制造商。There is still some talk around Gothenburg and among suppliers of conflict between the Chinese and Swedish participants in and around CEVT.在哥德堡一带以及供货商中间,仍然流传着CEVT的中方和瑞方人员存在擦的说法。“Of course it has been challenging — God, I can tell you, there are days I wonder, ‘How the hell should we fix this?’,” says Mats Fagerhag, the former Ramp;D chief at Saab who runs CEVT.“这当然很有挑战性——天啊,我可以告诉你,有时我会想,‘我们到底该怎么解决?’”CEVT的负责人方浩瀚(Mats Fagerhag)称。他曾主管萨(Saab)研发部门。But he says the focused nature of the collaboration means Volvo and Geely have created a “smarter” way of integrating. “Somehow you are forced: let’s solve those cultural issues here quickly here because we have an important task to do.”但是他称,此次合作目标明确,意味着沃尔沃和吉利创造了一种“较聪明的”融合方式。“某种程度上你是被逼的:让我们迅速解决这些文化问题,因为我们还有重要的任务要去完成。” /201601/419975福建省厦门薇格医院隆胸多少钱

厦门薇格整形美容医院做去眼袋手术多少钱Chinese Mechanical Inventions that Contributed to the World中国传入西方的机械技术A common stereotype is that the Chinese have traditionally lacked scientif-ic and technological ability,despite the four great revolutionary inven-tions of paper making, printing, gunpowder, and compass that have essentially changed the world. However, Chinese people have made a lot of other significant mechanicalinventions besides the famous four, providing the source of many of the prerequisite technologies of modernity. From the 6th to the 15th century, China was the world’s most technologically advanced society.在很多人心目中,传统的中华文化似乎缺乏对科学技术的应用,可事实并非如此。除了对人类社会发展产生了巨大影响的四大发明之外,中国古代在科学技术方面也取得了辉煌的成就。中国古代的很多机械发明为人类社会的现代化提供了必要的条件。从公元6世纪到15世纪,中国一直是世界上科学技术最为发达的国家。从中国传往世界各地的技术发明中,最为显赫的还是活字印刷术、火药、指南针。Here are some of the most celebrated mechanical inventions from China that have exerted profound influences on the development of other societies, especially when they were passed to the West:以下是一些由中国传人其他国家的重要机械技术,它们一经进入了西方,便对西方社会的发展,乃至人类历史的进程都产生了巨大的影响:Cast iron铸铁The double-acting piston bellows活塞风箱The crank handle ( used for starting an engine)手摇曲柄The gimbals ( as in the ancient Chinese Incense Burner)平衡环(被中香炉)Manufacture of steel from cast iron皮带传送The belt drive ( or driving-belt)水力应用Water power方板链泵The chain pump蒸气机基本原理Essentials of the steam engine链条传动The chain drive (in which an endless wheel transmits power from an engine)独轮车The wheelbarrow滑动测径仪Sliding calipers ( a kind of compass used for measuring diameters)机械钟表装置The fishing reel永明灯The umbrella纺车The mechanical clock轮式碾磨机“Permanent”lamps船尾舵The spinning wheel航海磁罗盘Rudder /201512/410717 With the end of the year approaching, list season is in full swing, with media ranking the best and worst things of 2014. Gamers deserve a list of their own, especially with the release of Xbox One and PS4 one year ago. In the time since, both systems have unleashed a torrent of interactive games with beautiful graphics.年末临近,榜单季也如火如荼全面展开,各大媒体纷纷盘点起2014年度之最。游戏玩家们也值得拥有一份自己的榜单,尤其是一年前我们迎来了Xbox One与PS4两款游戏机,一大批画面精美的互动式游戏也陆续登陆这两大平台。Here we briefly review some of the best games released for both systems over the past year.下面,就让我们简单回归一下过去一年中这两大平台上发布的几款最棒的游戏。Sunset Overdrive落日超驰Platform: Xbox One游戏平台:Xbox OneIt is a diverse open-world shooting game. It’s set in a city where people have ingested an energy drink that’s turned them into mutants. Players must escape the city by blasting enemies and collecting fun gadgets. One of the game’s big selling points is its action-oriented movement. Every area is full of rails you can slide on and walls you can run along. “Never has getting from Point A to Point B in an open-world game provided so much enjoyment,” said IGN. “It provides some of the most fun, frantic, and fantastic gaming.”这是一款多重开放(是这么说吗)游戏世界的射击类游戏。游戏中的城市里人们喝下某种能量饮料而发生了突变。玩家们必须通过击中敌人并收集各种神奇武器,逃离城市。这款游戏的最大的卖点在于动感十足。滑翔轨道与可供奔跑的墙壁俯拾即是。IGN公司则称,“作为点对点的开放世界游戏,还没谁可与之匹敌,令玩家如此享受。它将带给玩家有趣、疯狂、奇妙的游戏体验。” /201412/346996厦门薇格医疗美容门诊部整形中心厦门微格整形医院在哪里



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