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Five years ago, when I became dean of Nottingham University Business School, the inclination among many of my students to view me as a dinosaur was not only painfully manifest, but entirely understandable. After all, the vast majority of undergraduates are in their late teens, whereas I am, well, comfortably past that particular milestone.5年前,当我出任诺丁汉商学院(Nottingham University Business School)的院长时,很多学生都明明白白地倾向于把我视为老古董,这让我很郁闷,但我也完全可以理解。毕竟,绝大部分的大学生都还踩着青春期的尾巴,而我,好吧,已毫无疑问度过了这一时期。What is much more obvious to me now, as I hand over the reins to my successor, is the speed at which we all risk becoming “out of date”. Each of us might continue to contribute very effectively, yet the truth is that most of us soon find ourselves, to some extent, removed from the cutting edge of technology and development.如今,当我把院长的重任交给我的继任者时,在我看来明显得多的是,我们所有人加速面临“过时”的风险。我们每个人或许非常高效地继续做着贡献,但事实是,我们中大多数人很快发现,自己或多或少地脱离了科技和发展的前沿。As someone whose research has long focused on innovation and creative problem-solving, I consider this one of the most perturbing issues I encountered during my deanship. I also believe it is one that deans have a duty to address. It is a concern pertinent to business schools everywhere, because it is illustrative of a worrying acceleration in the uncertainty of students’ future requirements.作为长期专注于研究创新和创造性解决问题的人,我认为这是我担任院长期间遇到的最令人焦虑的问题之一。我认为这也是院长们有义务解决的问题。这与世界各地的商学院息息相关,因为它表明未来对学生要求的不确定性也在令人担忧地加速增长。I had responsibility for around 2,000 students in the UK, as well as oversight of another 3,200 within the business schools at the University of Nottingham’s campuses in China and Malaysia. Steering the curriculum so that it would best meet their needs in terms of content and delivery was among the most important elements of my remit.我曾对英国大约2000名学生负有责任,还对诺丁汉大学中国和马来西亚校区商学院里的另外3200名学生负有监督义务。从整体上把握课程设置,使之可以最好地满足学生在教学内容和教学效果方面的需求,是我工作职责中极为重要的一部分。As I increasingly came to appreciate, this is no easy task for any dean. A major hurdle – and I know from attending conferences that the successes and shortcomings with which I became familiar are shared by deans the world over – is the disconnect between one’s own experiences and the environment that students are preparing to face.正如我在工作中逐渐领会的,这对任何一位院长来说都非易事。主要的障碍是院长的个人阅历与学生将要面对的环境脱节,而通过参加各种会议,我了解到,我在工作中逐渐熟悉的种种成功和不足,也是世界各地的商学院院长们都会遇到的。This detachment exists even where the rise to deanship, unlike my own, has been meteoric. The pace of transformation is nowadays so rapid, so relentless, that the struggle to remain genuinely relevant to the “real world” is constant. Even many students may find that by their mid-twenties they are slightly distanced from the new actualities confronting teenagers. Dinosaurs are getting younger.即便一位院长很快就升到了这一位置(不像我是花了很长时间),这种脱节也会存在。如今的转型步伐如此之快、如此之残酷,以至于真正与“真实世界”保持联系成为一场持久战。甚至很多学生也可能发现,到25岁左右,他们已经与青少年面对的新现实稍有脱节。老古董越来越年轻了。How do business schools guard against this threat? Needless to say, complacency is not an option. A dean’s most significant contribution to the cause may well be to demonstrate that a truly meaningful culture of change, adaptation and improvement – as opposed to mere rhetoric – must start at the top and be all-encompassing.商学院的守护者如何防范这种威胁?不用说,故步自封肯定是不行的。院长对这份事业最重要的贡献,很可能就是用行动(而不只是言语)明,真正有意义的崇尚改变、适应和改善的文化,必须从领导层做起、把所有人和事都包括进来。Alternative perspectives are vital in this regard. Although, I felt authoritative confidence should be a crucial component of my leadership, I surrounded myself with a close team whose members were sufficiently self-assured and curious to provide me – and each other – with much-needed reality checks.就这点而言,不同的视角至关重要。尽管我当时觉得,作为领导的自信应该是构成我领导力的关键组成部分,但我让一个团队紧密包围在自己身边,团队的成员有充分的自信和好奇心,可以让我——以及我们彼此——提供亟需的现实检验。Similarly, the advice, perceptions and outlooks of those from beyond academia can be of enormous worth. In some ways this is the very essence of creative problem-solving: the acknowledgment that answers lurk everywhere. The chances are that every one of us, even if unwittingly, has dealt with a difficulty by redefining it in more expansive terms, discovering an analogous instance where it has been overcome and tailoring the solution to suit our circumstances. There is much to be said for shifting from the specific to the general and back again.同样,学术界以外人士的建议、看法和设想也可以非常有价值。在某些方面,这就是创造性解决问题的实质所在——承认可能来自任何地方。我们每个人在处理难题时,即便是无意的,也很可能先对它进行更普遍的界定,发现曾经解决过的类似问题,然后据此制定适用于眼下情况的解决方案。从特殊到普遍、再从普遍到特殊,这其中有太多值得大书特书的道理。It is also essential that academics continue to teach. It is not uncommon for senior staff to feel their research eminence somehow absolves them of this commitment, at least as far as undergraduate teaching is concerned. Some have lost confidence in their own abilities; others have forgotten the huge value of such work. The more you isolate yourself from the student population, the likelier you are to be seen as a dinosaur.学校继续授业解惑也是至关重要的。高级教职工感觉,他们在研究上的成功某种程度上使他们免除了这种职责(至少在本科教学方面),这并不罕见。一些人对自己的教学能力失去信心;还有些人忘记了教学工作的巨大价值。你跟学生距离越远,你就越可能被视为老古董。Perhaps above all, though, business schools would do well to remember the power of radical innovation. I have long believed this, even when I was confined to weighing in with supposedly wise words from the safety of the sidelines, and half a decade on a loftier perch has only reinforced my opinion. I have been able to see much more clearly how business schools serve their students and their stakeholders. I can only conclude that the vast potential afforded by radical innovation remains greatly unexplored and underexploited.不过,或许商学院最好牢记根本性创新的力量。长期以来,我一直相信这一点,即便在我还限于只能作为旁观者、安全地提出理应明智的建议时就是如此,而5年来身居高位反而强化了我的观点。我可以更透彻地理解商学院如何务于其学生及其股东。我只能得出一个结论:根本性创新带来的巨大潜能,在很大程度上尚未被发掘和充分利用。The fact is that the university sector as a whole is stuck in a rut of incrementalism. Multidisciplinary collaborations – not the neatly aligned alliances that proliferate today but imaginative unions that might substantially add to our epistemic base and reshape our overall approach – represent a route out of that rut. Business schools too easily overlook how strongly placed they are to take a lead in championing the radical over the risk-averse.事实上,整个大学仍然陷于老一套的渐进主义之中。多学科合作可以带领我们跳出窠臼——并非如今大量出现的那种整齐划一的合作,而是可能从实质上扩充我们的知识基础、并重塑我们整体方法的那种具有想象力的联合。商学院太容易忽视它们有多么好的条件去带头持冒险(而非规避风险)了。Of course, most of us will still become dinosaurs eventually. Such a fate is to some degree inescapable in a world of ceaseless change, irrespective of age, experience and attitude. But accepting the near-inevitable bestowing of personal Jurassic status is one thing; openly inviting mass extinction is quite another.当然,我们多数人最终仍将成为老古董。在不断改变的世界里,无论你的年龄几何、阅历多少和态度怎样,在一定程度上都难逃这样的命运。但是,接受几乎不可避免的老古董封号是一回事,公然地静待被整体淘汰则完全是另一回事。 /201601/420947A team of refugees will compete for the first time at this summer#39;s Olympics in Rio. Previously, athletes who did not represent a country were not allowed to compete.今夏在里约热内卢举行的奥运会将首次迎来一由难民组成的代表队。而在此之前,仅有代表本国的运动员才能参加竞技。The team will likely number between five and 10 athletes, the committee said in a statement, and ;will be treated at the Olympic Games like all the other teams.;奥委会在一份声明中表示,这个队伍将由5-10名运动员组成,“他们会与其他队伍一样被同等对待”。;By welcoming Refugee Olympic Athletes to the Olympic Games in Rio, we want to send a message of hope to all the refugees of the world,; said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.国际奥委会主席巴赫表示:“通过欢迎难民运动员参加里约奥运会,我们想向全世界的难民传达希望的信息。”Here#39;s more from Bach: ;Having no national team to belong to, having no flag to march behind, having no national anthem to be played, these refugee athletes will be welcomed to the Olympic Games with the Olympic flag and with the Olympic Anthem. They will have a home together with all the other 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees in the Olympic village.;巴赫表示:“这些难民运动员将不属于任何国家队,不会跟随国旗列队而过,也没有国歌为他们奏响。奥运会欢迎他们,奥林匹克旗帜将为他们而升起,奥林匹克会歌将为他们而奏。他们和其他来自206个奥委会成员的11000名运动员一样,属于奥运村这个大家庭。”The IOC said it has identified 43 contenders for the places on the team and the final group will be announced in June. Along with athletic prowess, potential team members will be assessed by ;official refugee status verified by the ed Nations, and personal situation and background.;奥委会表示最后参加队伍的人将从43名竞争者中选出,结果将于6月宣布。除了运动技能之外,联合国官方认可的难民身份,个人情况以及背景都是考察评估的因素。A refugee would also carry the torch during the Greek leg of the flame relay. The team will march in the opening ceremony on Aug 5 just before the athletes from host Brazil.据悉,一名难民还将参与希腊站的圣火传递活动。在8月5日举行的开幕式上,难民代表队将在东道主巴西队前出场。 /201603/430054

Oxford Dictionaries #39;Word Of The Year#39; Is . . . An Emoji?“笑哭”表情符成牛津词典“年度词汇”We all know that life without emojis, (the small digital icons that we use ad nauseam) would be extremely boring. Hence, it is only fitting that the editors of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary chose - The emoji with the tears of joy as its #39;Word of the Year#39; for 2015.我们都清楚,如果生活中少了这些表情符号的调味,会变得多么无聊。那么词典界的权威——《牛津词典》的编写者把“哭笑”表情加入2015“年度词汇”这件事,就显得合情合理了。The company that announced its unusual word choice on November 16th said that it was picked over several other traditional contenders. Among them were #39;refugee#39;, #39;sharing economy#39; and #39;on fleek#39;. However, it was this simple emoji that resonated with the editors because it appeared to best describe the ;ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.;11月16日,《牛津词典》对外公布了其对这个在其他传统竞争者中杀出重围的非传统词汇的选择。 而那些传统词汇包括:“#39;refugee(难民)”、“sharing economy(股份制经济)”和“fleek(连连)”。然而也正是这个简单的表情符号引起了编写者们的共鸣,因为它最好的体现了2015年的社会思潮、人们的心情和关注点。They also thought that this was a good year to pay homage to the emoji. For though they have been around since the late 1990#39;s, the use of the digital icons and the word that describes them, has escalated sharply this year. Besides, emojis are now used by people of all ages, not just teenagers.他们也觉得今年是关注表情符号的时候了。虽然这些电子表情符号在90年代末就出现了,但今年才开始在世界迅速范围火起来。除此之外,表情符号现在为各年龄段人群所使用,并不限于年轻人。Also, though the word stems from the Japanese language - e (picture), moji (character or letter), the digital icons can be understood by everyone regardless of the language they speak. Hence it only makes sense to acknowledge their importance to global communication.虽然这个词起源于日语,e(日语中“图片”词汇的发音),moji(日语中“文字或字母”的发言),这个表情符号却为各种语言的人群所理解和喜爱。那么现在把它的重要性上升到全球高度就不足为奇了。As to how they selected from the thousands of emojis that are available? The company says that they partnered with a leading mobile technology company SwiftKey to determine the most popular emoji. Turns out that #39;tears of joy#39; is the most used icon. According to SwiftKey, made up 17% of all emojis used in the U.S. A and an astounding 20% in the ed Kingdom!编写者们为何从上千个表情符号中选中了“哭笑”表情呢?《牛津词典》表示,他们是和电信公司领军者SwiftKey公司合作,一起进行了筛选,最终发现“哭笑”表情最受欢迎。据SwiftKey公司称,在美国所有的表情中该表情使用率为17%, 在英国则有20%之多。Though this is the first time the Oxford University Press has selected an image for its #39;word of the year#39;, it is not the first time they have tried to incorporate modern lingo into their 150-year-old publication. In 2013, in recognition of the growing popularity of self-portraits, the editors selected #39;selfie,#39; for the #39;Word of the Year#39;!虽然发行150年之久的《牛津词典》出版社第一次评选一个表情为“年度词汇”,但这并非他们第一次尝试在词典中加入潮词。早在2013年,“自拍”大幅流行之时,编写者们就把“Selfie(自拍照)”这个词选为了“年度词汇”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/413366

Central Japan#39;s Aichi prefecture said it is hiring full-time ninjas to promote tourism.位于日本中部的爱知县近日表示,该县正在招募全职忍者,希望借此推动旅游业发展。Newly hired ninjas will receive a one-year contract with monthly salary of 180,000 yen plus a bonus.新雇佣的忍者将与爱知县签约一年,月薪为18万日元,还有奖金。Ninjas were 15th Century Japanese mercenaries specialising in espionage, assassination, sabotage and other forms of irregular warfare. Such trickery was considered beneath the samurai, or military nobility, who had to observe strict rules on fighting honourably.忍者是十五世纪日本专门从事间谍、暗杀、破坏和其他非常规战争形式的雇佣兵。忍者地位在武士或军事贵族之下,他们必须遵守严格的规则,为荣誉斗争。The job specification has been somewhat changed for the advertised roles.然而这份广告招聘的忍者工作内容已经有了一些改变。It involves stage performances and ;PR work; for radio and television. Combat experience as a ninja is not required and a track record of killing people for money would not help your application.忍者的工作包括舞台表演和在广播和电视台的“公关工作”。作为一个忍者,你不一定要有战斗经验,赏金杀手的工作经验也不会帮助你得到这份工作。They will perform acrobatics, demonstrate the use of their trademark shuriken weapons and pose for photographs with tourists, said Satoshi Adachi of the prefectural government#39;s tourism promotion unit. Having the ability to speak Japanese is preferable, but non-Japanese individuals passionate about history and tourism are welcome, Adachi said.爱知县旅游推广部门官员安达智表示,这些;忍者;将负责表演特技,展示忍者招牌武器手里剑的使用方法,同时负责和游客合照。安达智称,会说日语者优先,但爱知县也欢迎对日本历史和旅游业充满热情的非日本籍人士应聘。Training is also a little quicker these days: winning applicants will be up to speed in the arts of wooing tourists with back flips and sword play by the end of April. Successful applicants will be performing in Nagoya Castle and various other locations.目前培训时间也有一点快:在四月底前,优胜者将达到可以用后空翻和刀术表演吸引游客的水平。成功的申请者将在名古屋城和其他地方进行表演。Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to increase tourism even further in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Anyone over 18 can apply to be a ninja in Aichi, and applications close on 22 March.日本首相安倍晋三承诺在即将到来的2020东京奥运会之前进一步促进旅游业。任何年满18岁以上的人都可以申请成为爱知县的忍者,简历投递时间截止至3月22日。 /201603/431548In the fields of science and culture, the Eastern Han exceeded the former Western Han due to the enhanced regime and the maintained stability of the society in its early period.东汉前期,政权进一步加强,国家趋于稳定,文化、科学技术等方面的发展都超过了西汉的水平。Wang Chong was a militant materialist and philosopher, whose main workLuAi/ie/ig (Discourses Weight in the Balance) lashed out at orthodox theology, and showed a rationalist critic of superstition and the thought of cosmic universalism.王充是唯物主义思想家和哲学家,著《论衡》 抨击封建神学,批判神秘主义和世俗迷信。Regarding yuan qi (primordial substance) as the original material basis of all things, heaven and earth included, he took matter as the point of departure in interpreting natural phenomena and life itself.他主张元气论,认为天地万物都是元气分化出来的,人与物禀气而生,气散而亡,天道自然无为,没有意志和神灵。His great book erected a monument in Chinese history of atheism in the method of demonstration and argumentation.他的著作用实和说理的方法,在中国无神论史上树起一座丰碑。Ban Gu was the editor of Comprehensive Discussions in the White Tiger Hall , but what earned his lasting academic fame is his History of the Han Dynasty .东汉班固是《白虎通义》的编撰者,但使他名声大震的却是《汉书》。Following the biographic-thematic style of Records of the Historian , Ban Gu spent twenty years finishing this voluminous work.班固花费20多年的心血,仿《史记》,著成了中国第一部断代史《汉书》。The book comprises 100 volumes, covering the history of 230 years from the peasant uprisings towards the end of the Qin Dynasty to the defeat of Wang Mang.《汉书》共100篇,叙述了秦末农民战争至王莽覆灭的230年的断代历史。In 105, Cai Lun improved the old technique of paper making, using tree barks, rags and old fishing nets to make paper,which was called Marquis Cai,s paper in honour of the inventor.公元105年,蔡伦改造了原有的纸张制造技术,用树皮、麻头、破布、旧渔网等原料造纸,被称为“蔡侯纸”。It put an end to the use of bamboo slips as writing materials and became one of the four great ancient Chinese inventions. Chinese paper making was sp to Japan from Korea in the 7th century,to Arabia in the 8th and to Europe in the 12th, which contributed greatly to the development ol world culture.中国的文字记录方式脱离了使用竹简的时代,同时造纸术也成为中国古代四大发明之一,中国的造纸术在7世纪传人日本、朝鲜,8 世纪传人阿拉伯,12世纪传入欧洲,这都极大地促进了世界文化的发展。In the field of natural science, represented by Zhang Heng, the academe of the Eastern Han made great achievements.在自然科学方面,以张衡为代表的东汉学术界,有着很高的成就。Zhang Heng invented seismography and the Armillary Sphere so as to observe the universe and perceive earthquake. The theories of making this equipment are still in a wide application.张衡则以高超的工艺制造了“浑天仪”、“地动仪”等科学仪器,观察天象,感应地震。制造这些仪器的原理至今仍被广泛使用。The Mathematics in Nine Sections , completed in early Eastern Han after repeated revision over a long period, systematically summarized the important achievements in this field since the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States periods.《九章算术》完成于东汉初年。此前先后有多人对 其进行了修改、补充。该书系统总结了春秋、战国以来的数学成就。The book contained 264 applied mathematics problems and was divided into nine sections according to the methods of solution and field of application.书中收有264个数学应用问题,并依照问题的解法和应用范围分为9个部分。Its appearance demonstrated that mathematics in China had developed into a scientific system.《九章算术》的完成标志着中国的数学已发展成为一个科学体系。Emperor Shen Nong*s Material and Medica (Shengnong Bai Cao) is the earliest existent pharmaceutical work of the Eastern Han and the first systematic conclusion about the medicine application, known as the classic of the traditional Chinese pharmaceutical system.《神农本草经》是现存最早的药物学专著,为我国早期临床用药经验的第一次系统总结,历代被誉为中药学经典著作。The book is composed of three volumes, recording 365 kinds of medicine—252medicinal herbs, 67 animal drugs and 46 mineral drugs— together with their locations, their properties, their functions, their efficacy and their mixed application.全书分三卷,载药365种(植物药252种,动物药67种,矿物药46种)。书中对每一味药的场地、性质、采集和主治病症都有详细记载。对各种药物怎样相互配合应用,以及简单的制剂,都做了概述。Zhang Zhongjing was from the modern Nanyang, Henan province, one of the most eminent Chinese physicians during the last years of the Eastern Han.张仲景,今河南南阳人,是东汉末年的名医。During his time, many people were infected with febrile disease.汉末疫疾流行,大批人感染死亡。He learned medicine from his townfellow Zhang Bozu, assimilating from previous medicinal literature, and collecting many prescriptions elsewhere, finally writing the medical masterpiece Shanghan Zabing Lun or Treatise on Febrile Diseases .张仲景从师同乡张伯祖学医。他汲取前人医学著作之所长,广泛于写出了传世巨著《伤寒杂病论》。Due to Zhang ’ S contribution to Traditional Chinese medicine he is often regarded as the sage of Chinese medicine.后人尊称他为“医宗之圣”。Hua Tuo, a famous physician at the end of the Eastern Han, first employed the method of anesthesia in his surgical operation. He devised a series of exercises based on the movements of five animals (tiger, deer, bear, ape, and crane) known as wuqinxi , or “ Frolics of The Five Animals ”,which helps to enhance health.另外,东汉末年的名医华佗,是有记载以来第一位利用麻醉技术对病人进行手术治疗的外科医生,他创造的“五禽戏”是我国第一套体操性质的健身活动。In the field of agriculture, Fan Shengzhi (his book Fan Shengzhi Shu ) proposed measurements to ameliorate the harvest results. The peasantry was recognized as the provider of the whole society, and his work had to be estimated.范胜之著《范胜之书》,提出了改进农业生产的方法,认为农民要为全社会提供粮食,为此必须对其劳动进行评估。While men worked the fields, women had to spin and to wave.男人在田间劳作,女人应在家中纺纱织布。Fan Shengzhi also made propositions for gardening, horse breeding, and the breeding of silkworms.他还对园艺、养马、养蚕提出了建议。In this period, calligraphy and painting no longer merely served as picture writing ,they began to develop into a kind of art.到东汉时期,书法、绘画已不单纯作为文字图形符号使用,它们的艺术地位逐渐显露出来。 /201512/413046

5.Berries5.浆果If you#39;re not a vegetable person, you can rely on fruit, especially berries, to improve your brain health. For example, blueberries are well known for their role in improving motor skills as well as your overall learning capacity. They are often called the best berry for your brain, and today you may notice the plethora of products using blueberries. Most berries, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and others, are full of antioxidants that are great for boosting the brain. You can help reverse the effects of aging on the brain by eating these berries once a day. Berries are sometimes referred to as ;super-fruits; because most of them contain fisetin and flavenoid, which are great for improving your memory and allowing you to easily recall past events. A delicious and helpful food for the brain.倘若你不爱吃蔬菜,那么你可以食用些水果来改善脑部的健康状况,尤其是浆果。例如,蓝莓能提高人体的运动技能和综合学习能力。因而,人们认为蓝莓是对大脑最好的浆果,现如今许多产品中都含有蓝莓。包括黑莓,蓝莓和山莓等在内的大多数浆果都含有促进大脑良好运转的抗氧化剂。每天摄入一次这些浆果,就能帮助你缓解脑部衰老带来的负面影响。有时人们也认为浆果是一种;超级水果;,因为大多数浆果都含有非瑟酮和类黄酮,两者都能提高人的,避免健忘。浆果,美味可口,益处多多,是对大脑有益的必然选择。4.Nuts and Seeds4.坚果和种子Looking for a snack food that has everything good for the brain in it? In other words, good brain food, then look no further than nuts and seeds… The good thing about this is that all types of nuts are included. This means peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and any other type of nut or seed you can think of, are good for your brain. Nuts and seeds are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as folate, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. All of these nutrients allow you to think more clearly. They also help you think more positively, because Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids work as natural antidepressants. Some seeds and nuts are also full of thiamine and magnesium, which are great for memory, cognitive function, and brain nourishment.想找一种零食?这种零食含有对大脑有益的成分?换句话来说,没有比坚果和种子更好的选择了。更棒的是,这囊括了所有类型的坚果。这意味着,花生、榛子、腰果、杏仁、胡桃、美洲山核桃、南瓜子、葵花籽及其他你能想得到的坚果或者种子,它们对你的大脑都是有益的。坚果和种子富含Ω-3和Ω-3脂肪酸、叶酸、维生素E和维生素B6。这些营养物质让你的思维变得更为清晰。同时,他们还能够让你的想法变得更为积极向上。因为Ω-3和Ω-3脂肪酸发挥着天然的抗抑郁剂的作用。那些富含硫胺素和镁元素的坚果和种子对于提高、认知功能和对大脑进行营养补给也是极好的。3.Leafy Green Vegetables3.绿叶菜Leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, kale, spinach, and others, while not very well-liked by children, are excellent for the brain of children and adults alike. These vegetables help greatly when it comes time to remember old information and process it like you just learned it yesterday. This is because these foods are often full of vitamin B6, B12, and folate, which are great compounds needed within the brain to break down homocystein levels, which can lead to forgetfulness and even Alzheimer#39;s disease. These vegetables are often very high in iron content. If there is not enough iron in-take, cognitive activity slows down greatly. So when mom always urged you to eat your spinach, now you know why: Veggies are a food good for your brain.孩子们虽然并不太喜欢卷心菜、羽衣甘蓝、菠菜等绿叶菜,但它们却对儿童以及成年人的大脑有极大的益处。这些蔬菜对帮助你回忆往事就好像刚刚发生的一样发挥着极大的作用。这是因为这些食物往往富含维生素B6、维生素B12和叶酸,大脑需要这些化合物来分解同型半胱氨酸。同型半胱氨酸会诱发衰退和阿兹海默症。这些蔬菜往往还富含铁元素。如果没有摄入足够的铁元素,人的认知能力会极快地下降。所以,你现在应该明白为什么你妈妈总是逼着你吃菠菜了吧。对你的大脑来说,蔬菜是大有益处的。2.Fish2.鱼肉Eating fish overall is greatly beneficial to your health, especially that of your brain. Fish is full of Omega-3, which is a fatty acid known to be highly beneficial to the body in various aspects. Eating one serving of fish a week can highly decrease one#39;s chances of getting Alzheimer#39;s disease. These fatty acids help with brain function because they coat the neurons that at times have a fatty acid layer that becomes stiff due to a high content cholesterol and saturated fat in the body. Omega-3s will coat the neurons with good fat, allowing them to move easily throughout the brain. Omega-3s also provides more oxygen to the brain, as well as allows one to retain new information while still remembering old information. The best fish to eat for brain health are salmon, tuna, and herring.总体来说,食用鱼肉对健康是有益的,尤其对大脑有益。鱼肉中含有大量的Ω-3,Ω-3是一种对身体各组织都有益的脂肪酸。每周食用一份鱼肉,就可以大大降低患阿兹海默症的风险。脂肪酸包裹在神经元上,对脑功能有益,但是体内高含量的胆固醇和饱和脂肪酸会令脂肪酸层硬化。Ω-3将神经元包裹在有益的脂肪中,允许神经元在大脑中自由移动。Ω-3也为大脑提供更多的养分,同时帮助大脑记住新信息,也不忘旧信息。最补脑的鱼当属大马哈鱼、金鱼和鲱鱼。1.Chocolate1.巧克力While eating hundreds of Hershey bars may make you sick, and drinking a lot of hot cocoa in a day just may do the same, the main ingredient in these oh-so-delicious foods, cocoa, is said to be very nutritious for the brain. Scientists have proven that the antioxidant content found in just two or three tablespoons of cocoa powder is much stronger than those antioxidants found in other foods, such as green tea or red wine. The main antioxidant found in cocoa, known as flavonols, is said to help increase blood flow to the brain. While normal milk chocolate lacks flavonols, you will find plenty of it in dark chocolate. And isn#39;t it great news to know that chocolate is good for your brain. Finally some health news that we can all bite off. Just don#39;t try to convince your brain, it won#39;t believe you.无论你是吃过大量的好时巧克力后还是喝过大量可可饮料后,你都会觉得恶心,但是,对于大脑来说,这些美食中的主要成分却是很好的营养物质。科学家已经实,可可中抗氧化剂的含量要比像绿茶或红酒这样饮品中所含抗氧化剂的含量要高。研究发现,可可中所含抗氧化物质(黄酮醇)有助于提升大脑的供血量。黑巧克力中含有大量的黄酮醇,而常见的牛奶巧克力中黄酮醇的含量却很低。巧克力对大脑有益,这的确是条好消息。最后,对于某些健康报道,我们完全可以说;呵呵;。不要试图说你的大脑,你的大脑是不会相信你的。翻译:兔宝宝 来源:前十网 /201511/409515When I awoke one recent morning in Prague from unsettling dreams, I found myself changed into a tourist on a mission. Changed, anyway, from the traveler I had been when I lived in Prague for three years in the 1990s.不久前的一天早晨,我在布拉格从不安的睡梦中醒来,发现自己变成了一名怀揣使命的游客,不再是1990年代在布拉格旅居三年期间的那个我。Back then, whatever associations I had between the city and the writer Franz Kafka, a native son, were negative. I loathed the commercialization of Kafka, his face scrawled across coffee mugs and T-shirts in souvenir shops, his name emblazoned on awnings of Old Town cafes and restaurants.那时候,我对这座城市以及出生于此的作家弗朗茨·卡夫卡(Franz Kafka)的所有印象都是消极的。我对把卡夫卡商品化的做法感到厌恶:纪念品商店里的咖啡杯和T恤衫上印着做工粗糙的卡夫卡头像,老城的咖啡厅和餐馆的雨篷上也醒目地印有他的名字。Yet there was always something nagging at me about never having explored the Kafka trail in Prague, an integral part of the city’s cultural history. On top of that, Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis,” in which the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, finds himself transformed into a bug, was first published in book form this month a century ago.不过,我仍然介怀于自己从未探索过卡夫卡的足迹。与卡夫卡有关的景点是这座城市文化历史的核心。此外,本月还是卡夫卡的中篇小说《变形记》(The Metamorphosis)首次出版100周年。这部作品讲述了主人公格里高尔·萨姆莎(Gregor Samsa)变形为昆虫的故事。And so, I thought, what better time to finally explore the writer and the city with which he is inextricably intertwined. In doing so I’d talk to a fairly diverse group of people about how this city may have influenced one of his most famous works — and how it may have shaped the famously tortured writer himself.于是我想,终于可以借此机会研究一下这位作家以及与他有着千丝万缕联系的城市了。我打算与不同类型的人探讨这座城市如何影响了卡夫卡最著名的作品——以及这位性格拧巴的作家本身。Once while standing at a window at the Oppelt House at Old Town Square 5, Kafka looked out at the square and said, “This narrow circle encompasses my entire life.” He wasn’t exaggerating, as I learned on a tour booked through the Franz Kafka Society.卡夫卡曾经站在旧城广场5号Oppelt House的窗前,看着窗外的广场说,“我的一生都关在了这个小圆圈里。”在弗朗茨·卡夫卡学会(Franz Kafka Society)协助安排的一次行程中,我才知道他这话一点不夸张。The guide, Ondrej Skrabal, a 23-year-old law student, showed me the building where Kafka was born (or, rather, the building that replaced it), and from there we hit what seemed like a dozen other places he had resided — so much so that it became underwhelming. “That far left window on the third floor,” Mr. Skrabal said, pointing to another building on Old Town Square and pausing. “Yes, Kafka lived there, too.”导游翁德雷·什克拉巴尔(Ondrej Skrabal)是一名23岁的法律系学生。他向我介绍了卡夫卡出生时的建筑(更确切地说,是后来的重建品),我们从那里出发,又找到了他住过的十几个地方——数量太多,都没留下什么印象。“三楼最左边的那扇窗,”什克拉巴尔指着旧城广场的另一栋建筑说,“对,卡夫卡也曾住在那里。”We passed by a shop his father had owned and stopped to take in the intriguing Franz Kafka Monument (where Dusni and Vezenska Streets meet in Old Town), a 12-foot-high bronze statue of an upright empty suit with a smaller man — bearing the resemblance of Kafka — riding on his shoulders. It’s a popular photo op among tourists, and a 12-inch version of it is the literary award that the Franz Kafka Society gives to winners of the annual Kafka Prize.我们路过了卡夫卡的父亲经营过的一家商店,停下来观看了引人驻足的弗朗茨·卡夫卡纪念像(在老城区的都斯尼大街[Dusni]和维森斯卡大街[Vezenska]交汇处),这座12英尺高的铜雕像包括一套直立的西装空壳,以及骑在西装肩上的一名体积稍小的男子,他的外形酷似卡夫卡。游客很喜欢在这拍照,弗朗茨·卡夫卡学会每年授予卡夫卡奖得主的奖品就是这个雕像的12英寸缩小版。Aside from the statue, my Kafka tour wasn’t proving to be particularly memorable. But then we got to Kamzikova 6, a building in a small hidden alley just off Old Town Square. The building housed a restaurant called U Cerveneho Pava (At the Red Peacock) and a Segway rental shop aimed at Russian tourists. “Here,” Mr. Skrabal said, pointing to the door, “was a high-class brothel and Kafka regularly came here to chat with the girls.”除了这座雕像,我的这趟寻找卡夫卡之旅并没有特别令人难忘。不过随后,我们来到了Kamzikova大街6号,这栋建筑位于旧城广场旁边一条不易察觉的小巷里。楼里的一家餐厅名叫U Cerveneho Pava,还有一家针对俄罗斯游客的赛格威电动踏板车租赁商店。什克拉巴尔指着门口说,“这里曾经是一家高级妓院,卡夫卡经常来与女孩子们聊天。”“You mean ‘chat,’” I said, using air es.“你的意思是,‘聊天’,”我说着,在空中比划了一对引号。“No, really,” he said, “Kafka was interested in all types of people, and he really did come here to have philosophical discussions with the prostitutes.”“不,确实是聊天,”他说,“卡夫卡对不同类型的人感兴趣,他的确是来与们讨论哲学的。”The one Kafka home Mr. Skrabal didn’t take me to was Parizska 30, where the writer lived when he wrote “The Metamorphosis” — that building was destroyed in 1945; today, an InterContinental Hotel stands in its place. “The Metamorphosis” takes place entirely in an apartment, and Kafka scholars have said the writer used his fourth-floor apartment at the time as a model for the one in the story.什克拉巴尔没有带我们去的卡夫卡故居位于Parizska大街30号,就是《变形记》的创作地点——那栋建筑在1945年被毁;那里如今是一家洲际酒店。《变形记》的故事完全发生在一间公寓内,研究卡夫卡的学者们说,作者以自己位于四楼的公寓作为故事中的原型。I wasn’t staying at the hotel, so I took the elevator to the rooftop restaurant, Zlata Praha. From the outdoor terrace, with the Gothic and Baroque spires of Old Town at my back, I looked down at Svatopluk Cech Bridge, an Art Nouveau span that would have been only a few years old when the writer lived there.我没有呆在酒店里,而是乘电梯来到了屋顶的餐厅Zlata Praha。在露台上,我的身后是旧城的哥特式和巴洛克式尖塔,我看到了楼下的斯瓦特普鲁克·切赫桥(Svatopluk Cech Bridge),卡夫卡在那居住时,这座新艺术风格的桥才建成没几年。This was, more or less, Kafka’s view from 1907 to 1913. He wrote to a friend about the then-new bridge, saying that this part of the Vltava River had been popular for suicide attempts: “It will always be more pleasant to walk across the bridge up to the Belvedere than through the river to Heaven.”我所看到的差不多就是1907到1913年间卡夫卡看到的风景。他在给一位友人的信中提到了这座当时刚刚建成的新桥,称伏尔塔瓦河(Vltava River)的这一河段颇受自杀者欢迎:“从桥上走到观景楼,总比从这条河进入天堂要愉快得多。”Another important Kafka site that is now a hotel is the erstwhile insurance office where Kafka worked from 1908 to 1922; he complained in his diary that a company business trip was the reason the ending of “The Metamorphosis” was so unsatisfying.另一处与卡夫卡有关的主要景点,是卡夫卡1908年到1922年工作过的保险公司,不过那里现在已是一家酒店;卡夫卡曾在日记中抱怨,就因为公司安排的一次出差,让《变形记》的结尾不尽如人意。Today the neo-Baroque building is the Hotel Century Old Town Prague, which has some not-so-subtle Kafka references: a bust of the writer; a restaurant named after one of his fiancées, Felice; and, just outside of Room 214, a photo of the writer and a plaque indicating it had been his office.这座新巴洛克风格的建筑如今是一座美憬阁世纪古城布拉格酒店( Hotel Century Old Town),里面很容易发现一些与卡夫卡有关的痕迹:他的半身像;一座以他的未婚妻费利斯(Felice)命名的餐厅;就在214房间外,挂着一张卡夫卡的照片,牌匾上显示这里曾是他的办公室。I had hoped to stay in Kafka’s former office, but it was booked. So I went with plan B: sneak up to the second floor to get a peek at the room. I got to the door and saw the plaque and photo; I considered knocking on the door, but it was 8 a.m. and I didn’t want to disturb its occupants.我希望住进卡夫卡以前的办公室,但房间已经被别人订了。因此我采取了第二套方案:溜到二楼,偷看一眼那个房间。我走到了门口,看到了牌匾和照片;我本想敲门,但当时是早上8点,我不想打扰里面的房客。I stopped into the Franz Kafka Museum, in the Mala Strana neighborhood, hoping to find a treasure trove of “Metamorphosis” artifacts and information. The self-guided tour provided an entertaining and educational hour on the writer, but there wasn’t much about his famous story.我还参观了位于布拉格小城社区的弗朗茨卡夫卡物馆(Kafka Museum),希望找到《变形记》的艺术品和信息。这趟走马观花的旅程很有趣,也增加了我对卡夫卡的了解,但没有找到很多有关这部名作的信息。A couple of days later I turned to the Franz Kafka Society Center, behind the Franz Kafka Bookstore in Josefov.几天后,我求助了位于约瑟夫城弗朗茨·卡夫卡书店背后的弗朗茨卡夫卡学会中心。“Many Czechs were unfamiliar with Kafka until recently,” Marketa Malisova, the center’s director, said, explaining that his writing was banned during the German occupation of World War II and then became unpopular after the war because of anti-German sentiment (Kafka was a Czech Jew who wrote in German).“许多捷克人对卡夫卡知之甚少,直到不久前这一状况才得以改变,”中心主任马尔凯塔 ·马利绍娃(Marketa Malisova)说,她解释说,他的作品在德国占领时期被禁,战争结束后因为人们的反德情绪不受欢迎(卡夫卡是捷克犹太人,用德语写作)。“And then there’s the Communist period,” she said. “Because he foretold the tyranny that was to come, the Communist regime didn’t exactly promote his writing.”“后来到了共产主义时期,”她说。“因为他预言了即将到来的专制统治,共产主义政权不可能宣传他的作品。”It wasn’t until after the 1989 Velvet Revolution when tourists from Western Europe and the ed States began turning up wanting to see the Kafka-related sites that Czechs recognized his importance. “I met a local guy here in Prague in the early ’90s,” Ms. Malisova said, “who asked: ‘Who is this Kafka guy? Is he American? I only see American tourists with Kafka T-shirts.’ ”直到1989年的天鹅绒革命之后,来自西欧和美国的游客开始涌入,想要一睹与卡夫卡有关的景点,捷克人才意识到他的重要性。“90年代初,我在这里遇到一名当地男子,”马利绍娃说,“他问我:‘这个卡夫卡是谁?是美国人吗?我只见过美国游客穿印有卡夫卡的T恤衫。’”Just before I said goodbye to Ms. Malisova, she pulled out a book in a plastic container. It was a first printing of “The Metamorphosis”; on its cover was the image of an open bedroom door, a man looking away and covering his face in horror.就在我向马利绍娃女士告别之前,她从塑料箱子里抽出一本书,是《变形记》的第一个版本;封面上是一扇敞开的卧室门,一名男子看向别处,惊恐地捂着脸。Kafka was quite vague about what kind of insect or beast Gregor Samsa had metamorphosed into. He specifically used the phrase “ungeheuren Ungeziefer,” a “monstrous vermin,” as some of his English-language translators have interpreted it.对于格里高尔·萨姆莎变成了哪种昆虫,卡夫卡的表述相当模糊。他特别使用了“ungeheuren Ungeziefer”,有些英文译者把它译成“巨大的害虫”。“Not that, please, not that!” he wrote in a letter to his Leipzig-based publisher in 1915, reacting to a potential cover to the very first edition. “The insect itself cannot be drawn. It cannot even be shown at a distance.”“不要画那个,请一定不要画那个,”他在1915年写信给莱比锡的出版商时,对于第一版的封面设计给出了这样的反应。“昆虫本身是不能被描绘出来的。它甚至也不能从远处展示。”That hasn’t stopped ers from conjuring up images of the protagonist as a beetle or cockroach. This includes the infamous Czech artist David Cerny.但这并没能阻止读者把主人公想象成一只甲虫或,包括著名的捷克艺术家大卫·塞尔尼(David Cerny)。I met him one day at the MeetFactory, an art center in the Smichov district where he has his studio. Prague is sprinkled with provocative pieces by Mr. Cerny — a sculpture of a urinating man (directly in front of the Franz Kafka Museum), a statue of the Czech patron saint King Wenceslas sitting on an upside down dead horse.有一天,我在斯密彻夫区(Smichov)的艺术中心MeetFactory见到了塞尔尼。他在那里开了一间工作室。布拉格很多地方都能看到塞尔尼充满争议的艺术作品,——一个正在撒尿的男子雕像(位于弗朗茨·卡夫卡物馆的正前方),还有捷克瓦茨拉夫国王坐在一只倒立的死马上的雕像。His most recent installation in Prague is a sculpture of Kafka’s head, set behind the Tesco department store in the center of town. The 36-foot-high head is made up of 42 moving chrome-plated layers, which move both in synchronicity and in opposing directions.他在布拉格的最新作品是一座卡夫卡的头部雕塑,位于市中心的乐购百货(Tesco)后面。这座36英尺高的头部雕像由42块移动的镀铬板组成,板面可以同向和反向移动。Mr. Cerny’s original idea was a fountain featuring three figures: a robot, referencing the Czech-language writer Karel Capek, who coined the term; a Golem, representing the Yiddish language; and Kafka’s beetle, referring to the German language. “I wanted to remind people that Prague was once a city of three languages,” Mr. Cerny said.塞尔尼最初的想法是建一组喷泉,包含三个角色:机器人,代表捷克语作家卡雷尔·恰佩克(Karel Capek),他曾发明了“机器人”这个词;魔像,代表意第绪语;以及卡夫卡的甲虫,代表德语。“我想提醒人们,布拉格曾经是说三种语言的城市,”塞尔尼说。Unfortunately, city water regulations prevented him from placing a fountain there, so instead he came up with the huge reflecting Kafka head, which is based on similar work of his on display in Charlotte, N.C., called “Metalmorphosis.”遗憾的是,城市的水资源管理规定禁止他在那里建喷泉,所以就有了这个巨大的卡夫卡头部雕像,设计源自于他正在北卡罗来纳州夏洛特展出的一个类似作品——“Metalmorphosis”。“I loved the irony that this sculpture faces a city government building in Prague,” he said. “Imagine you’re angry because the clerks are doing nothing, only saying for you to go to another office and then another office and another until finally you hear, ‘This office is closed.’ And then you walk out of the building, and there’s the huge head of Kafka looking at you, reminding you of the irony.”“这座雕塑正对着布拉格的市政府大楼,我喜欢这种讽刺意味,”他说。“想像一下,公务员们不干正事,互相推诿,踢皮球似的让你从一个办公室跑到另一个办公室,直到你听见一声“下班了”,然后你愤怒地走出政府大楼,看到卡夫卡的巨大头颅盯着你,提醒你这是多么讽刺。”A similar irony is not lost on Jachym Topol, the author of five novels and a political dissident in the 1970s and ’80s. I briefly met up with him at a literary festival in Prague, and when I mentioned Kafka, he was happy to talk about what Kafka means today.亚希姆·托波尔(Jachym Topol)身上也有这样的讽刺。他在上世纪七八十年代写了五部小说,是一位政治异见者。我在布拉格的一个文学节上与他有过一面之缘,当我提到卡夫卡时,他很乐意谈谈卡夫卡在当下的意义。“During the Communist regime, we used to make samizdat copies of Kafka’s works such as ‘The Metamorphosis,’ ” he said. “And now, along with the Charles Bridge and the castle, Kafka has become a part of Prague kitsch. He’s everywhere and he’s for sale everywhere. It’s his last joke.”“在共产主义政权下,我们曾经在地下印刷卡夫卡的作品,比如《变形记》,”他说。“而现在,如同查理大桥和城堡一样,卡夫卡已经成为了布拉格媚俗艺术的一部分。他无处不在,到处在出售他有关的东西。这是他最后的玩笑。”Latent jokes seemed to come up with nearly everyone I talked to about the writer, including Jaroslav Rona, the artist who created the Franz Kafka Monument — the statue of the writer riding atop an empty suit — at Café Louvre, an attractive high-ceilinged second-floor spot where Kafka would hang out with his writer friend Max Brod.潜在的玩笑似乎伴随着每一个我与之谈起这位作家的人,包括雅罗斯拉夫·罗纳(Jaroslav Rona),弗朗茨·卡夫卡纪念像(骑在空西上)的创作者。他在罗浮咖啡馆创作了这个雕塑,这间咖啡馆是一处颇有吸引力的二层空间,有高高的顶棚,卡夫卡和他的作家朋友马克斯·布劳德(Max Brod)曾在这里消磨时光。Mr. Rona’s first attempt at creating a sculpture for the competition to win the right to design the memorial was, naturally, a beetle. The final concept was inspired by a Kafka short story called “Description of a Struggle” — though it turns out that he inserted quasi-hidden references to “Metamorphosis” as well.罗纳为了赢得纪念像设计权的所创作的第一个雕塑,自然是一只甲虫。最终的设计灵感来自卡夫卡的短篇小说《争吵》(Description of a Struggle)——不过他在作品中也加入了《变形记》的隐喻。“All the other pieces in the competition were basically Kafka on a pedestal,” Mr. Rona said. “But what I did was, after ing ‘The Metamorphosis,’ I realized something about Kafka’s thinking: I love art where it isn’t obvious what the artist is thinking.“竞赛中的其他作品基本上都是基座上的卡夫卡雕像,”罗纳说,“而我的做法是,在读过了《变形记》之后,我了解到了卡夫卡的想法:我喜欢那些让人猜不透艺术家想法的艺术作品。”“And I think this was Kafka’s philosophy, too — not only in ‘The Metamorphosis,’ but in a lot of his writing. So I used that same type of thinking to create the monument to Kafka.”“我认为这也是卡夫卡的理念——不仅是在《变形记》里,在他的许多作品里都是。因此在创作卡夫卡的纪念像时,我采用了同样的思路。”I asked about possible “Metamorphosis” allusions. He smiled playfully and glanced down at his cappuccino. “I couldn’t imagine making a monument to Kafka without some kind of reference to ‘The Metamorphosis,’ ” he said. “So I planted a somewhat secret reference to it.”我询问了是否有与《变形记》有关的隐喻。他狡黠一笑,低头看了一眼他的卡布奇诺。“我无法想像为卡夫卡制作的一座纪念像能完全不提及《变形记》,”他说。“因此我用一种隐秘的方式提到了它。”After our meeting, I walked to the statue and took a closer look at its base. And there, as I stood among the photo-snapping tourists, I saw on the sidewalk around the base the outline of a beetle.我们的会面结束后,我走向这座雕塑,近距离地观察了它的基座。在拍照的人群中间,我在基座周围的人行道上看到了一只甲虫的轮廓。IF YOU GO 参观建议What to See景点推荐In Mala Strana, the Franz Kafka Museum (Cihelna 2b; 420-257-535-373; kafkamuseum.cz) is a good primer for those not familiar with the author and his work.对于不熟悉这位作家及其作品的游客,可以首先参观布拉格小城的弗朗茨·卡夫卡物馆(Cihelna 2b; 420-257-535-373;kafkamuseum.cz)。TheFranz Kafka Society (Siroka 14, 420-224-227-452; www.franzkafka-soc.cz) is a bookstore and center dedicated to the writer. You can also arrange private Kafka-themed tours through them.TheFranz Kafka Society (Siroka 14, 420-224-227-452; www.franzkafka-soc.cz)是一家书店,也是这位作家的研究机构。你可以在这里预定私人的卡夫卡主题的旅游专线。JayWay Travel (jaywaytravel.com) offers tours of Kafka’s Prague, taking literary travelers from his birthplace to his grave and everywhere else in between.JayWay Travel (jaywaytravel.com)提供“卡夫卡的布拉格”旅游线路,带领热爱文学的游客追寻卡夫卡从生到死的足迹。Founded in 2001 by artist David Cerny, the MeetFactory (Ke Sklarne 3213/15; 420-251-551-796; meetfactory.cz/en) is a complex that puts on live concerts and art exhibitions.MeetFactory (Ke Sklarne 3213/15; 420-251-551-796; meetfactory.cz/en)2001年由艺术家大卫·塞尔尼创立,是一个提供现场音乐会和艺术展览的综合区。Mr. Cerny’s Kafka art installation is behind the Tesco department store at the intersection of Narodni Trida and Spalena streets.塞尔尼创作的卡夫卡艺术装置位于乐购超市后面,民族大街和斯帕乐那大街交叉处。Jaroslav Rona’s Franz Kafka Memorial statue sits in Prague’s Old Town at the intersection of Dusni and Vezenska streets.雅罗斯拉夫·罗纳创作的弗朗茨卡夫卡纪念雕塑位于布拉格老城,都斯尼大街和维森斯卡大街交汇处。Where to Stay酒店推荐The InterContinental Prague (Parizska 30; 420-296-631-111; icprague.com) is centrally located and offers nice views of Old Town and Prague Castle.布拉格洲际酒店(Parizska 30; 420-296-631-111; icprague.com)处在核心位置,可以欣赏老城和布拉格城堡的风景。In the erstwhile Workers Accident Insurance Institute of the Kingdom of Bohemia, where Kafka worked, the Hotel Century Old Town (Na Porici 7; 420-221-800-800; centuryoldtown.com) is just outside of Old Town.卡夫卡曾经工作过的波西米亚王国工伤保险机构现在是美憬阁世纪古城布拉格酒店 (Na Porici 7; 420-221-800-800; centuryoldtown.com),就在老城外面。Where to Eat餐厅推荐A former Kafka hangout, Café Louvre (Narodni 22, 420-224-930-949; cafelouvre.cz) has been serving up coffee and cake for more than a century.卡夫卡常去的 Café Louvre(Narodni 22, 420-224-930-949;cafelouvre.cz)已有百年历史,出售咖啡和蛋糕。 /201602/427236

A recent study discovered that men will eat more food when they dine with their female counterparts, as a way of showing off, than when they are with other men.近期的一项研究发现,为了出风头,男性和女性同伴一起进餐时会比和同性一起进餐时吃得更多。The study was conducted over a two-week period while researchers observed 150 adults eating lunch at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet.在这项耗时两周的研究中,研究人员观察了150位成人在意大利自助餐厅就餐的状况。Researchers from Cornell University, who collaborated with Cornell#39;s Food and Brand Lab for the study, took note of the number of pizza slices and how many bowls of salad each subject consumed.研究人员和康奈尔食品与品牌实验室合作,记录每组消费的披萨和沙拉数量。Men who were coupled up with a female, packed their plates with pizza and left the buffet line with their bowls overflowing with salad, eating 93 percent more slices and 86 percent more greens than men who ate with just other men.结果发现,那些和女性同伴一起进餐的男性在自助餐台流连忘返,餐盘里装满了披萨和满满的沙拉,比起和同性一起就餐的男士,他们会多吃93%的披萨和86%的蔬菜沙拉。#39;These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off – you can also see this tendency in eating competitions which almost always have mostly male participants,#39; explains lead author Kevin Kniffin, PhD, of Cornell University in a recent press release.“这些发现表明男性更倾向于通过增大进食量表现自己,我们也可以在大胃王比赛中注意到这个规律——参赛者以男性居多”,该项研究近期在刊物上发布,它的主要作者,康奈尔大学的凯文·凯尼芬士解释道。When the diners got up to leave, the researchers stepped in to ask if they would complete a short survey indicating their level of fullness after eating, and their feelings of hurriedness and comfort while eating.在这些顾客离开时,研究人员询问他们是否愿意参与一个关于他们饱腹程度、紧迫感和就餐时舒适度的小调查。By overconsuming food men unconsciously may be signaling their biological fitness, a paradoxical tactic in this case given that #39;overeating constantly is going to produce a body shape research shows tends to be viewed as unattractive,#39; Kniffin explained.男性往往无意识地通过增大食量展示他们的生理优势,然而这个策略和实际情况很矛盾——“研究表明,暴饮暴食形成的身材往往看起来毫无魅力”,凯尼芬说道。However, these findings fit with other examples of self-handicap behaviour, where in this case men are showing off their fitness through excessive eating.但是,这种行为却符合跛足策略,在这种策略的指导下,男性通过过度的进食炫耀他们的体格。Kiffiin said there is a lesson to take away from the study.凯尼芬认为男性应该从该项研究学到一点东西。#39;These findings are clear that people should calm down when eating with members of the opposite sex.#39;“这项研究结果很清楚地告诉我们,和异性进餐时头脑不要发热。”Men seem to be eating more, and women feel like they overate.#39;“在你看来很MEN的行为,她可能不以为然哦。” /201512/413304China#39;s railway authority has proposed a Silk Road high-speed railway connecting the country#39;s northwest region to West Asia via Central Asia, a plan it said would overcome the cross-border connectivity problem of different rail standards.中国铁道部门提议建设经由中亚、连接中国西北部和西亚的丝绸之路高速铁路,该计划将克不同铁路标准的跨境连接问题。He Huawu, chief engineer of China Railway Corp, put forward the proposal at a Thursday forum on the One Belt, One Road Initiative hosted by China Civil Engineering Society.本周四由中国土木工程学会主办的一带一路论坛上,中国铁路总公司总工程师何华武提出该提议。His proposed route was from China#39;s Urumqi and Yining to Almaty in Kazakhstan, then to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Tashkent and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and finally blending into West Asia#39;s network through Teheran, Iran.该路线从中国乌鲁木齐、伊宁出发,途经哈萨克斯坦的阿拉木图、吉尔吉斯斯坦的比什凯克、塔什干、乌兹别克斯坦的撒马尔罕、土库曼斯坦的阿什哈巴德,最后通过伊朗的德黑兰到达西亚铁路网。The northeast-southwest line would be complementary to the existing railway network in central Asian nations, which mostly run southeast to northwest toward Moscow, He said. What#39;s more important, it could get rid of the incompatibility between this region#39;s wide-gauge track systems and China#39;s standard-gauge system.何表示,东北、西南路线将是对中亚国家现有的铁路网络的一个补充,其中大部分是从东南部运行至西北部直至莫斯科,至关重要的一点是,它将使得这些地区宽轨距的铁路系统与中国的标准轨距系统相兼容。For years, the 1.52-meter track standard adopted in Central Asia has been a headache for logistics managers because it is not based on the 1.435 meter standard track adopted in China and most other parts of the world. Changing gauges at the border takes days for cargo and significantly cuts railway transport#39;s competitiveness against shipping by sea.多年来,中亚地区采用的1.52米轨距标准对物流经理来说是个大麻烦,因为这和中国的1.435轨距标准及世界其他地区的轨距标准不同,在边境地区变换轨距要花几天时间,对于货物运输来说,与海上运输相比,铁路这一运输方式的竞争力就稍显弱势了。It is unlikely now to persuade those countries to change their existing railways, He said, but the high-speed rail he envisions along the new route would connect seamlessly to China#39;s network and other regions. That#39;s because the worldwide standard for fast rail is the 1.435 meter variety, so a new line could be built based on it.说这些国家改变他们现有的铁路系统是不可能的,但是他所设想的一带一路沿线的高铁将实现中国和这些地区的无缝连接,这是因为快轨的国际标准轨距是1.435米,新铁路将以这一标准进行建设。;The Khorgos station bordering Kazakhstan last year handled less than 17 million metric tons of cargo running at full capacity, but beyond the station, the east-west annual cargo transportation capacity is 100 million tons,; He said. The bottleneck undermined the idea of a large-capacity corridor.“在与哈萨克斯坦接壤的霍尔果斯站,去年处理的满负荷运行货物不到1700万公吨,但却超出了车站负荷,而东西走向的年货物运输量达1亿吨”,何表示。这一瓶颈阻碍了建设大容量运输走廊的想法。;Increased container traffic and sea container traffic moved by land instead could justify the cost of building the line,; he said.“转移至陆上运输的集装箱运输和海上集装箱运输,正好可以平衡该线路的建设成本”,何表示。According to He, container trains and passenger trains could run on the same route. The only difference would be speed. A passenger train could run at 250 to 300 kilometers per hour, while a container train could run at 120 km/h.集装箱列车和客运列车可以在同一条路线运行。唯一的区别只是速度,客运列车以250至300公里的时速运行,而集装箱列车的运行时速是120公里/小时。Other experts cautioned that an Asian railway link has been under discussion for a long time and has not materialized mainly because of various geopolitical concerns of the countries alone the route.一些专家警示,亚洲铁路网络的建设已经讨论了很长一段时间,但并未实现,主要原因是各国在路线上单独的地理位置。 /201511/411534

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