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崇义县人民医院有人工授精吗石城县治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱Jiang Chen (not his real name), a 26-year-old public servant, got married on April 10. It took him two and half years to prepare. The couple and their parents spent a total of 1.2 million yuan on starting a new life together, including the wedding and honeymoon trip, and buying a home, furniture and a car.The wedding dress was the first expense. The pragmatic bride-to-be initially planned to rent a gown. But when she cheerfully tried on the rented dress at home, her mother went to the kitchen without so much as a glance at the dress and refused to come back to see how it fit.The bride-to-be spent a long time online that evening and found a nice, brand new wedding dress for a reasonable price - 1,000 yuan. She didn't tell her mother she bought it online and said it cost 5,000 yuan, which satisfied her mother.Jiang's aly-married friends gave him some tips, which helped the young couple save a good deal of money on wedding cars. Jiang hired a driver from Tianjin with a red Mercedes convertible. The car was decent enough and the price was cheaper than those of drivers from Beijing. The following motorcade needed to all be red Mazdas, since Jiang's parents-in-law gave the couple money to buy a Mazda as a gift. They found drivers with the right cars and free time on the wedding day through a Mazda club online and paid several hundred yuan to each driver for their services.The wedding reception cost a fortune. They spent 150 yuan for each person and had about 80 guests. The total gift-money they received was less than 20,000 yuan, so not much of it was left after deducting the lunch expenses. The bride recorded everyone's contribution and told Jiang: "We need to give the money back when they have something to celebrate."Here are Jiang's own words about how he got a home, car and diamond ring for his wife: 江城(化名),一位26岁的公务员, 经过两年半的准备,今年4月10号结婚了. 这对新婚夫妇和他们双方的父母总共花了120,0000元开启了他们两人一起的新生活,包括婚礼,蜜月旅行,买房子,家具和车子.结婚礼是第一笔花销。务实的小两口原本打算是去租一套礼的。但是当新娘在家愉快的展示自己租来的礼时候,她的妈妈甚至连看都没看一眼,就跑到厨房去了,不愿告诉女儿衣到底合不合适。当天晚上他们花了很长时间,在网上找到一件漂亮的,新的礼,价钱也很合适,只有1000元. 她没有告诉妈妈这是从网上买来的,并说花了5000元买的, 这让妈妈很高兴。江城已经结婚的朋友给他一些小建议,帮他节省了很多婚车的费用. 他从天津连人带车租来一辆红色敞篷大奔. 车子很体面并且价钱比北京要便宜不少. 江的岳父母家给了他们一辆红色马自达作为女儿的嫁妆,所以其他婚车也都要是红色的马自达. 他们从网上的一个马自达俱乐部,找到在婚礼当天有空的会员,付给每辆车几百块务费.婚礼宴会花了一大笔钱。每个人150元的接待标准,共80位宾客. 他们总共收到约20,000礼金, 所以基本是收相抵了。新娘记下每个人的礼金数,并告诉江城: 当他们有什么要庆祝的时候,我们需要如数送回去.以下是江城自己记录的,关于他们家买房,买车,为老婆买钻戒的事情: /201005/105062大余妇幼保健院好吗 With the klieg lights of Chinese government scrutiny shining brighter than ever on social media, and the threat of prison lurking in the shadows for those whose online missteps reach a mass audience, China#39;s most influential microbloggers have plenty of reason to be nervous.目前中国政府对社交媒体的监控力度高于以往任何时候,加之在网上发布错误言论并被广泛传播的人将面临被判入狱的风险,中国最具影响力的微用户有理由感到紧张。Evidence of just how jittery at least one of them is arrived on Wednesday night, when state-run China Central Television broadcast footage of real estate mogul and microblogging megastar Pan Shiyi struggling to answers questions in an interview.他们到底有多紧张?至少在周三晚间中国中央电视台(China Central Television)播放的采访视频中,地产大亨、微名人潘石屹在回答问题时就显得有些费力。Mr. Pan, who boasts more than 16 million followers on Sina Corp.#39;s popular Twitter-like Weibo microblogging service, is typically a smooth-talker, whether in person or on camera. Facing a CCTV reporter#39;s question about the social responsibilities of influential Weibo users - known as #39;Big V#39;s#39; because a letter #39;v#39; marks their accounts as verified--Mr. Pan developed a sudden stutter.在类似推特(Twitter)的新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下微(Weibo)上拥有1,600万粉丝的潘石屹通常都很健谈,无论是与人交谈还是在镜头前。但是面对中央电视台一位记者有关微有影响力用户(又称“大V”用户,字母“V”代表其账户已经过实名认)社会职责的提问时,潘石屹突然出现口吃。#39;I-I-I I feel that #39;Big Vs#39; -- people with a lot of f-f-f-fans -- should have even higher requirements of themselves, should have more d-d-discipline. You can#39;t be so c-c-casual, #39; Mr. Pan told his interviewer, punctuating each repeated syllable with a thrust of his hand as if to push the words out of his mouth (in Chinese).他在采访中说,我我我觉得作为大V吧,粉粉粉粉丝数量比较高的人,应该更加有纪纪律性,不能特别的随随意。每次结巴时他都会用力打手势,似乎是为了迫使这些词能脱口而出。The co-founder and chairman of real estate developer Soho China, Mr. Pan is one of a number of successful entrepreneurs who#39;ve earned large audiences online for their willingness to criticize the government. He has been particularly active on environmental issues. In 2011, he spearheaded what many regard as the clearest example of the power of social media to influence policy by the authoritarian state: a Weibo campaign that forced authorities in Beijing to finally release more accurate air-pollution data.潘石屹是房地产开发商SOHO中国有限公司(Soho China)的联合创始人兼董事长,也是愿意批评政府而在网上赢得大批粉丝的诸多成功企业家之一。潘石屹在环境问题上尤其积极。2011年,他带头在微上发起运动,迫使北京当局最终公布更准确的空气污染数据。此事被很多人看作是社交媒体力量影响这个威权国家政策的最明显事例。The CCTV interview came amid a government campaign to gain control over the more freewheeling social media, particularly by putting pressure on influential social media users. This week, China#39;s highest court issued a judicial interpretation saying Internet users could face up to three-years in prison for posting rumors or slanderous content that attracts at least 5, 000 hits or is reposted at least 500 times. Last month, CCTV gave big play to a story on Chinese-American Charles Xue, another Big V known as Xue Manzi, who was detained on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes in a case interpreted by many social media users as a warning to Big Vs.潘石屹接受央视采访正逢中国政府向有影响力的社交媒体用户施压之际,政府这么做是为了获得对相对自由的社交媒体的控制权。本周中国最高人民法院发布司法解释,说互联网用户散布的谣言或诽谤性内容被点击5,000次以上或转发500次以上,有可能最高获刑三年。上个月,央视就美籍华人薛必群(Charles Xue,另一名网络大V,微名是薛蛮子)因涉嫌嫖妓被捕一事进行了大幅报道。很多社交媒体用户认为这是对网络大V的警告。Writing on Weibo, Mr. Pan admitted to being nervous about the interview, describing a phone conversation with another Big V who advised him to avoid it at all costs. #39;I said, #39;It#39;s too late, they#39;re aly 20 meters away and walking toward me.#39;#39; Mr. Pan wrote (in Chinese), then he ed his friend saying: #39;#39;Then just tell them you think slander and creating rumors are shameful.#39;#39;潘石屹在微上承认,自己对采访感到紧张,并且描述了他与另一名大V在电话上的通话,后者建议他应不惜一切代价避免这次采访。潘石屹写道:来不及了,他们正在20米处向我走来。然后他描述这位朋友说:那你就说造谣诽谤可耻。In keeping with tradition, Weibo users opted to respond to the sight of Mr. Pan#39;s skittishness with an outpouring of snark.看到潘石屹战战兢兢的样子,微用户纷纷吐槽,这是他们的一贯做法。#39;Boss Pan s-s-s-scared to death, #39; wrote legal scholar and prolific microblogger Xu Xin, who then applied the stuttering meme to a number of his other posts.法律学者、发布了大量微信息的徐昕写道:老潘吓吓吓吓坏了。他还将这种口吃体用在了之后的一系列帖子中。#39;I thought my TV was broken, #39; wrote another Weibo user. #39;I pounded on it a bunch of times.#39;另一位微用户写道:我还以为电视坏了,使劲砸了好多下。 /201309/258036YOUNG mothers are being hired by agencies to breastfeed rich adults in the south China city of Shenzhen, earning from 8,000 yuan (US,303) to 15,000 yuan a month for the service.年轻母亲正在被机构雇用来母乳喂养中国南部深圳市的富人,且每个月因这项务获得8000元(1303美元)到15000元的报酬。Customers at present range from the parents of babies who have lost faith in Chinese baby formula to adults who believe breast milk would boost their health, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.客户目前的范围从对中国婴儿配方奶粉失去信心的婴儿父母到相信母乳会改善他们健康的成年人,《南方都市报》报道。Lin Jun, a Henan Province native, told the newspaper he was aiming to develop the breastfeeding business among China#39;s rich adults.林军,河南人,告诉记者他的目标是在中国富人中开发母乳喂养的业务。His job is to find young mothers for his customers, charging the customer 6,000 yuan and the mothers 2,000 yuan.他的工作是为客户找到年轻的母亲,收取客户6000元以及母亲2000元。The mother and customer then work out a fee between themselves. Lin said some mothers could earn up to 120,000 yuan over an eight-month period.母亲和客户然后协商出费用。林军说一些母亲八个多月可以赚12万元。;Breast milk is the best tonic, especially for those people who have just undergone major surgeries,; said Lin. ;If it is necessary, the customers may directly feed from the young mothers#39; breasts,; he added.“母乳是最好的补药,尤其是对于那些刚刚做了大手术的人,”林说。“如果有必要,客户可以从年轻母亲那直接获得母乳,”他补充说。Lin said many of the young mothers he hired were from rural areas and very likely living in poverty.林军说他雇佣的许多年轻母亲来自农村地区,很有可能生活在贫困之中。He said the mothers would seldom object to customer requirements as long as they paid enough money.他说只要他们付了足够的钱这些母亲很少会反对客户的要求。He Mei, the 25-year-old mother of a two-month-old son, said she had decided to provide a breastfeeding service to earn money for her son#39;s future education. 何梅,这位25岁的母亲有一个两个月大的儿子,说她已经决定提供母乳喂养务来挣钱付她儿子未来的教育。She said her husband worked for a factory in Shenzhen and earned just 2,000 yuan a month, which was not enough to support the family.她说她的丈夫在深圳一个工厂工作,一个月只赚2000元,这并不足以养家糊口。She leaves the baby in the care of her mother-in-law to work for the agency earning 8,500 yuan a month.她把婴儿交给婆婆照顾,来给这个公司工作,一个月挣8500元。Lin told the newspaper that he was planning to travel around the country, hiring more mothers for his service via local agencies.林军告诉记者他打算周游全国,通过当地机构为他的务雇佣更多的母亲。According to the resumes he had seen, all were from poor families and with children just a few months old.根据他见过的简历,这些母亲都是来自贫困家庭,孩子只有几个月大。Lin said he would be interviewing the women and checking their health before giving them jobs.林军说他在给予工作之前将面试这些妇女并检查她们的健康。Once hired, the mothers don#39;t have to do anything but feed and take care of customers though their labor contract would describe them as babysitters, cooks or cleaners and make no mention of breastfeeding, he told the newspaper.一经聘用,这些母亲除了喂养和照顾客户不必做任何事情,尽管他们的劳动合同将她们描述成保姆、厨师或清洁工,但没有提到母乳喂养,他告诉该报。Each mother would work for a six to eight-month period, Lin said.每个母亲会工作6到8个月的时间,林说。His customers, both worried parents and adults who felt in need of a health boost, would also interview the mothers.他的客户,感觉需要健康母乳但又都不放心的父母和成年人,也会对这些母亲面试。Customers cared most about the mothers#39; health status and then their character, Lin said. But it was the mother who could afford to be choosy as at present there were not many offering such services, he said.客户最在意母亲的健康状况,然后是她们的性格,林说。但目前应该是母亲可以挑剔,因为没有很多提供此类务的,他说。However, Zhang Maoxiang, director of the nutrition department of the Shenzhen No.2 People#39;s Hospital, warned of health risks if feeding mothers became ill.然而,张茂祥,深圳市第二人民医院营养部的主任,警告如果喂养的母亲生病了就会有健康风险。 /201307/246344南康市妇幼保健所可以做人流吗

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章贡区医院怎么样好吗Dennis Tito, a billionaire financier who in 2001 became the first space tourist, has launched a project to send two civilians on “an historic journey” to the Red Planet in January 2018.美国亿万富翁金融家丹尼斯-蒂托正在筹划一次“历史性的旅程”,在2018年1月将两位平民送上火星。蒂托在2001年成为首位太空游客。“We have not sent humans beyond the moon in more than 40 years,” Mr Tito said at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday. “I’ve been waiting, and a lot of people my age, have been waiting. And I think it’s time to put an end to that lapse”.蒂托本周三在华盛顿一次记者招待会上说:“40多年来,我们一直没能把人类送往比月球更远的地方。我和很多同龄人一直在等待。我觉得不能再这样等下去了。”The mission, a “return fly-by”, in which the spacecraft would fly around Mars rather than land, would last for 500 days. It is expected to cost between billion and billion, which Mr Tito is hoping to fund partly through television rights and by selling data to Nasa.此次长达500天的飞行将是一次“往返飞越”,航天器将环绕火星飞行,但不着陆。据称此次火星任务将需要10亿美元到20亿美元。蒂托希望可以与电视台合作,或将数据出售给美国宇航局来筹集部分资金。His organisation, Inspiration Mars, is planning to select a middle-aged couple who may have aly had children and would be willing to risk the potential risk to their fertility of being exposed to radiation for a prolonged period.这一“灵感火星”计划将挑选一对已经生养子女,并愿意冒损害生育能力风险的中年夫妇来完成。长期接受宇宙辐射将损害人的生育能力。They would be forced to spend a year and a half together in a 14ft x 12 ft Dragon space craft, accompanied by supplies ranging from more than a tonne of dehydrated food to 28kg of lavatory paper.宇航乘客将被迫在14英尺乘12英尺的“龙”飞船里呆上一年半,舱里还挤满了供给,包括一吨多脱水食品和28公斤厕纸等等。As for why they were specifically seeking a couple to make the flight, “this is very symbolic, and we really need it to represent humanity with a man and a woman,” Taber MacCallum , chief technical officer and potential crew member told the media.那么为什么专门挑选一对夫妇来完成旅行呢?技术主任泰伯尔-麦克卡勒姆告诉媒体:“这很有象征意义,而且我们确实需要一位男士和一位女士来代表人类。”他也可能成为未来的宇航成员。He said if it is a man and a woman on such a long, cramped voyage, it makes sense for them to be married so that they can give each other the emotional support that will probably need when they look out the window and see Earth get smaller and more distant, adding: “If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.”他说,如果一位男士和一位女士在长期旅行中在狭小的空间内共处一室,那么挑选一对已婚夫妇就很重要,这样他们就能给彼此情感持,当他们望向窗外,看到地球越来越小越远时,很需要相互持。他补充说:“我只能说那很吓人。”The mission has been scheduled for 5 January, 2018, in order to take advantage of an alignment in the planets that occurs once every 15 years.此次飞行任务预计在2018年1月5日实行,目的是利用每15年才出现一次的行星连成一线的机会。Mr Tito, 72, said he was determined to complete the mission because he feared not being around for the first manned mission to Mars being planned by the US government for the mid 2030s.72岁的蒂托说,他决心完成此次飞行,因为他担心首次载人火星飞行时自己就不在了。美国政府计划在21世纪30年代中期完成首次载人火星飞行。He said that one of the questions he hoped to help answer was: “How do humans behave when they look out and see this pale blue dot that they can barely differentiate from a star?”他说自己希望帮助解答的一个问题是:“当向窗外望去,看到地球这个淡蓝色的星球与其他行星毫无区别时,人们会作何反应?” /201303/227710 赣州中医院有无痛人流术吗安远县人民医院公立还是私立




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