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Drowner: Help!! I’m drowning!!溺水者:救命呀!!我溺水了!!Helper: Don’t worry! Just do exactly as I say and you’ll be fine!帮手:别担心!照我说的做,你会没事的!Helper: Breathe air into your lungs instead of water!帮手:你要吸空气,不要吸水进到肺部呀!Drowner: I can’t…! I don’t think…!溺水者:不行呀我不认为Drowner: Glue…Glue…Glue…溺水者:咕噜咕噜咕噜(不断呛水中)Disappeared…(在水中沉没了)Helper: If he isn’t going to accept my help, why did he ask?帮手:他都不接收我的帮助,干嘛要问我呀?

India, Anti-Poachers, 1997"Setting ests aside tigers is one thing, ensuring that they remain protected is something else again. Protecting wildlife from poachers requires strict policing, but the battered rifles the guards carry are no match the automatic weapons wielded by intruders." —Text adapted from "Making Room Wild Tigers," December 1997, National Geographic magazine (Photographed on assignment , but not published in, "Sita: Life of a Wild Tigress," December 1997, National Geographic magazine)“为老虎保留森林栖息地是一回事,确保它们受到保护又是另一回事了保护野生动物不被偷猎者捕杀需要严格的管制,但是森林管理人员携带的旧步比不上入侵者使用的自动武器” ——文字摘自1997年《国家地理杂志月号《给野虎生存的空间 73370

Carl Jones, 36, ventured into Snowdonia National Park after dark and photographed the striking cluster of stars, which stretch in straight lines either side of a dark void. 36岁的卡尔·琼斯天黑后走入斯诺登尼亚国家公园,拍到令人注目的恒星群这些星星呈直线延伸到空旷的黑色天空的任意一侧His images, which are wonderful shades of purple, red and white, have the sharp silhouettes of hills and lakes in the eground.他的照片背景为紫色、红色及白色,前景为清晰的山峦及湖泊影子Worth the eft: Carl Jones regularly ventured into Snowdonia National Park after dark and patiently waited the perfect opporties to photograph the Milky Way劳有所获:卡尔 ·琼斯天黑后经常走入斯诺登尼亚国家公园,耐心地等待拍摄星的最佳时机Mr Jones, from Rhyd-y-Clafdy, North Wales, said: 'The photographs were taken at one of my favourite locations in Snowdonia, Llyn Y Dywarchen.'I've always been fascinated by the stars and night sky so I don't mind taking my camera up a mountain in the evening.'I leave the shutter open and just sit in awe of it all.'来自北威尔士Rhyd-y-Clafdy的琼斯先生说:“这些照片都是在斯诺登尼亚我最喜欢的地点拍摄的”“我一直对星星和夜空着迷,所以晚上上山总喜欢带照相机”“我让快门一直打开,坐在一边,对大自然的一切充满敬畏” 697

One of the most unbelievable TV stories of late is about a Russian reality TV show called Game: Winter, which is produced by a man named Yevgeny Pyatkovsky.近日,俄罗斯将推出一档震惊所有人的真人秀节目——《游戏:寒冬,该节目由一位名叫叶甫根尼·雅克夫斯基的人筹划制作The show has made headlines because contestants are being made to sign a waiver absolving the producer of rape and murder.该节目已经占据报纸头条,因为制作方要求参赛者签订一份免责书,即无论自己在参赛过程中被强奸还是杀害,都与节目组无关That right, Pyatkovsky is expecting (or at least considering) that contestants on his upcoming show may be raped or even murdered on the show.没错,雅克夫斯基就是希望(或者至少是考虑)参赛者能够在自己即将播出的节目中被强奸或者是杀害Game: Winter will be filmed in Siberia, and will not use a crew, according to The Guardian.据《卫报报道,《游戏:寒冬届时会在西伯利亚进行拍摄,全程没有任何工作人员Pyatkovsky is a Russian entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, Russia (east of Moscow), according to Russia Beyond the Headlines.据《俄罗斯头条新闻报道,雅克夫斯基是一名企业家,来自俄罗斯新西伯利亚市(莫斯科东部)He is a young entrepreneur who made a large amount of money developing software Android phones.他是一名很年轻的商人,曾通过开发适用于安卓手机的软件大赚一笔Although his net worth is unknown, Pyatkovsky is offering .6 million dollars to the winner of his reality show.虽然雅克夫斯基的净资产我们无从得知,但他向这档真人秀的冠军提供了高达0万美元的奖金Since he became wealthy, he has been involved in many strange projects, including what he called ;a kindergarten adults.; The ;kindergarten; allows adults to live like children, including taking a nap, drawing, and singing.从他发迹以来,便参与了许多奇怪的项目,其中有一个被他称为“成人幼儿园的”节目这个特殊的“幼儿园”允许大人们像孩子一样的生活,包括打瞌睡、画画还有唱歌 8670

1. A jellyfish is captured off Sula Sgeir, Scotland, by Richard Shucksmith, who was the overall winner of the awards, also scooping the Coast and Marine prize理查德·肖克史密斯在苏格兰Sula Sgeir岛外拍摄的水母理查德还获得了海岸及海洋摄影奖,成为总冠军 56

3.Dingoes And Indian Wolves3.澳洲野和印第安狼The bond between dingoes and wolves might not come as a jaw-dropping surprise. Theyre dogs after all, right? Wrong. A groundbreaking—and long overdue—study finally buried the belief that the dingo is a product of feral domestic dogs. Listed as a threatened species in , dingoes wore the label of being Australia own native dog over two centuries, but it might be more correct to call them Australian wolves.澳洲野与狼的联系可能不会让你吃惊到掉下巴因为它们都是犬,不是吗?这种想法完全错误大家普遍认为澳洲野是野生本土野的后代,但一个具有开创性却又长期被搁置的研究最终颠覆了大家的这一共识年的一个危险物种清单上指出,两百年来,澳洲野一直都被认为是澳大利亚的本土犬种,但是称他们为印第安狼可能更加确切The Sydney study discovered that dingoes showed no conclusive signs of being descended from dogs, were not a subspecies, and were completely apart from dogs. Dingoes were never dogs, period. They are, however, related to the one of the smallest wolf species on the planet, the reddish, 1-meter-long (3 ft) Indian wolf. Spending up to 5,000 years in isolation genetically created the dingo as a separate and true canid species. With wolves, they share the pack dynamics of having pups once a year, which are raised by the whole family group, as well as territorial howling. But it interesting to note that the Indian wolf almost never howls, even though it is capable, and researchers still dont understand why.悉尼的一项研究发现没有决定性据表明澳洲野的祖先是,或是子系,所以澳洲野不是,也与完全无关然而它们与地球上的某一最小的狼群物种有关联,这种狼群身长一米,皮毛微红,名叫印第安狼二者长达5000年的分离使得澳洲野从基因上变成了一种完全独立的犬科动物它们与印第安狼一样,每年只生一窝,并由整个家族抚养长大,同时都会发出吓人的咆哮声但有趣的是,印第安狼从来不咆哮,即使它们有这个能力,而这也一直困扰着研究人员.Gibel Carp And Koi Fish.银鲫和锦鲤Koi fish are iconic; they stand grace, beauty, and elitism. These brightly colored fish have a family connection to the wild gibel carp. The gibel is a plain, humpbacked fish with a genetic surprise. It what the goldfish would look like without human interference. Every goldfish today, despite their varied looks, are descended from the wild gibel carp, and interbreeding will result in fertile fry since they are genetically identical. Today goldfish are nothing more than modified gibel carp; they remain the same species, and the koi is a relative.锦鲤是鱼中的偶像,它们代表着优雅、美丽和精英这些色鲜艳的锦鲤和野生银鲫有亲戚关系银鲫不过是一种基因变异的普通弓背鱼类如果没有人为干涉,金鱼就会长成这样今天所有的金鱼,除了长相不一,都是由野生银鲫进化而来,因为它们基因相同,杂交会产生很多鱼苗如今的金鱼和改良后的银鲫差不多,都是同一个物种,和锦鲤是近亲Their distant link, both being members of the family cyprinidae, is no barrier romance, either. Goldfish and koi can interbred, but like horses and donkeys, the offspring produced will be sterile. Such offspring are also dull compared to their colorful parents and lack the mouth whiskers of true koi, but will be tougher than both species and able to live in worse water conditions.他们有着遥远的联系,都是鲤科的成员,它们之间的爱情也畅通无阻金鱼和锦鲤可以杂交,就像马和驴杂交一样,但是它们的后代是不育的,比起色缤纷的父母,它们色单一,没有纯种锦鲤的嘴和胡须,但是他们比纯种金鱼和锦鲤更顽强,能在更差的水域环境中生活Researchers have also recently proven that the three-second memory attributed to goldfish is a joke. They have a memory of at least three months and can recognize different colors and noises. Able to live a couple of decades, they are also smart enough to learn simple tricks.近日,研究人员发现,金鱼只有三分之二的记忆完全是谬误它们至少有3个月的记忆,能够识别不同的颜色和声音,寿命长达十几年,它们非常聪明,能学习简单的技巧1.Humans And Kangaroos1.人类和袋鼠A diminutive hopper named Matilda, a tammar wallaby, became the first kangaroo to have her genetic code mapped. The Australian researchers were in a shock when they compared her code with a human. They had expected the comparison to be a complete mismatch, but it turned out that the genomes of the two species were more than just similar. Apart from a couple of differences, the genes were identical, and many of them were arranged in the same order. Both species hold large pieces of genetic inmation about the other.一只身材矮小叫玛蒂尔达的沙袋鼠,是第一只拥有遗传密码的袋鼠当澳大利亚研究员把她的遗传密码和人类对比时,结果让人震惊他们本以为基因对照完全不匹配,但结果却是两个物种基因组非常相似除了一些差异外,两种物种的基因是同源的,很多基因的排列顺序也一致两个物种都拥有大量彼此的遗传信息It made more sense when the researchers also discovered that people and these bouncy marsupials had a common ancestor that lived at least 0 million years ago. Mice separated from humans only 70 million years ago, but scientists feel that kangaroos can provide more answers about human evolution when it comes to why some DNA remained the same eons while other DNA changed. By comparing different genomes from species, unknown genes can be identified, and Matilda revealed new genes never bee seen in kangaroos, which might possibly also be present in humans, waiting to reveal more about ourselves.当研究人员发现人类和活泼的袋类动物在1.5亿年前有共同祖先时,这种说法变得更有道理尽管鼠类和人类分离只发生在7000万年前,但科学家认为当谈到为什么亿万年来,一些DNA保持不变而其他DNA会改变等人类进化问题时,袋鼠可以提供更多的通过对物种间不同基因组进行比较,可以确定未知基因在玛蒂尔达体内发现的个之前未在袋鼠体内发现的新基因可能也存在于人类体内,只等着我们更深层次的挖掘自己审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 38868

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