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福州做试管选性别专科医院三明市做人工授孕费用George Osborne’s gung-ho approach to relations with China — focusing relentlessly on commercial opportunities — has been welcomed by Tory MPs who argue that Britain is in no position to lecture Beijing on human rights.英国财政大臣乔治攠斯本(George Osborne)努力加强英中关系的做法(这种努力完全以商业机会为中心)受到英国保守党(Tory)议员的欢迎。这些议员认为,英国没有资格在人权问题上教训中国政府。The chancellor is coming to the end of a five-day tour to the Asian superpower where he argued that Britain should be “running towards China” rather than steering clear of its volatile stock market.奥斯本即将结束为期五天的访华之旅,其间他表示,英国应该“奔向中国”,而不是避开波动的中国股市。He has kept any talk of human rights behind closed doors, perhaps mindful of the occasion in May 2012 when David Cameron appeared in public with the Dalai Lama — prompting an 18-month diplomatic stand-off.他所有关于人权的谈话都是在私下进行的,或许是考虑到了2012年5月那起事件——当时,戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)公开会见了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama) ,导致英中外交关系陷入长达一年半的僵局。Crispin Blunt, who chairs the Commons foreign affairs select committee, said Mr Osborne had got the balance right.英国议会下院外交事务特别委员会主席克里斯平布伦特(Crispin Blunt)表示,奥斯本较好地把握了平衡。“I’m not entirely sure what choice we have. China is going to continue to become relatively more important, economically and militarily, and I hope that China uses that power responsibly,” he said. “Therefore a strategy of engagement is really the only sensible policy for the government to follow.”“我不太确定我们有什么选择。中国的相对重要性将变得越来越强,无论经济上还是军事上都是如此,我希望中国能够负责地运用这种力量。所以,保持接触才是英国政府应遵循的唯一明智的策略。”Mr Blunt’s committee is planning to examine Sino-British relations, although an inquiry is not likely until next year.外交事务特别委员会正计划审查中英关系,尽管调查工作多半会拖到明年才会启动。Sir Peter Bottomley, a member of the all-party Tibet group, said the UK ought to t carefully when criticising China’s treatment of Tibet given its own imperial history.英国议会跨党派西藏小组(All-Party Tibet Group)成员彼得娠罓利爵士(Sir Peter Bottomley)表示,鉴于英国自身的帝国史,英国在批评中国对待西藏的方式时应注意分寸。He said that he would like it if Beijing changed its stance on Tibet and on the Uighurs of north-western China. But he cautioned that life was a “balance”.彼得娠罓利爵士表示,他希望北京方面能够改变对待西藏和中国西北维吾尔族的态度,但他警告说生存之道在于“平衡”。“We are happy to have close relations with Saudi Arabia, where women are not able to drive,” he said. “We have tried to keep reasonable ties to Iran even though we have almost been in conflict with them...I think George Osborne had the balance pretty well right.”他说:“我们愿意与沙特阿拉伯保持密切关系,而那里的女性连车都不能开。我们一直努力与伊朗保持适度的关系,尽管我们过去几年几乎跟他们发生冲突……我认为乔治攠斯本很好地把握住了平衡。”Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former Tory foreign secretary, said it would be “politically stupid” to limit economic relationships to other democracies.前保守党外交大臣马尔科姆里夫金德爵士(Sir Malcolm Rifkind)表示,仅与其他民主国家保持经济关系“在政治上是愚蠢的”。China now “called the shots” because of its economic strength and its huge population, he said.他表示,因为有经济实力和庞大的人口,中国现在能够“说了算”。“If the strategy is to say UK and China can achieve a long-term mutually beneficial relationship of an economic kind, that must make sense,” he said. “Twenty per cent of the world’s population. It is an entirely rational policy.”他说:“如果对华战略是认为英中两国可以达成经济上的长期互惠关系,那么这一策略肯定是合理的。中国人口占全球人口的20%。这个政策完全合理。”An economic relationship could be part of a broader process that led to a political relationship and a “sharing of values”, he suggested.里夫金德爵士认为,经济关系可以是更广泛进程的一部分,这一进程可通向政治关系和“共享的价值观”。Andrew Rosindell, a Tory member of foreign affairs committee said he saw no problem with the Osborne trip, given Britain’s need for foreign investment.外交事务委员会成员、保守党人安德鲁圠魿戴尔(Andrew Rosindell)表示,鉴于英国亟需外国投资,他认为奥斯本此次访华之旅无可指摘。“I think that in terms of human rights, I don’t think we can impose British standards on China,” he said. “I think that’s something that happens over time, gradually.”他说:“我认为在人权方面,我们不应将英国的标准强加给中国。我认为那是要随着时间的推移一步步来的事情。”Sir Malcolm was foreign secretary in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.1997年香港主权移交前夕,里夫金德爵士是英国外交大臣。“I said to my counterpart that it was important to maintain the rule of law,” he recalled.他回忆道:“我当时对中国外长说,维护法治是非常重要的。”“His reply with a straight face was, ‘yes, people must obey the law’. He didn’t understand what I meant.”“他一本正经地回答我,‘是的,人们必须遵守法律’。他根本没明白我的意思。”Nearly two decades ago, however, China was still “economically third rate” and was still very far from being a superpower, he said. “Now it is a very different situation and they call the shots in a way they couldn’t then.”里夫金德爵士说,不过那是快20年前的事了,当时的中国“在经济上还是个三流国家”,离成为超级大国还非常遥远。“现在的局面截然不同,现在他们能说了算,过去他们可不行。”Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat’s foreign affairs spokesperson, said that: “Foreign policy towards China should not only be about business. When the chancellor sits down with senior Chinese officials he must give equal time to human rights.”英国自民党(Liberal Democrats)外交事务发言人汤姆布雷克(Tom Brake)表示:“对华外交政策不应仅围绕商业。当我们的财政大臣与中国高级官员坐到一起时,他必须花同样长的时间谈论人权问题。” /201509/401280福州妇幼医院做复通术怎么样 Anybody who has stood in line waiting to buy a new iPhone knows the score: Many, if not most, of your fellow line sitters are paid to be there. They are the foot soldiers in a chain of resales that leads from the Apple Store, through Hong Kong, to mainland China, where the devices command a premium on the grey market.等着排队购买新iPhone手机的人都知道:许多人,甚至大多数人,都是在拿钱替人排队。他们是一个转售链条中的“步兵”,这个链条从苹果商店开始,辗转香港进入中国大陆。在中国大陆的黑市上,一部手机可以赚得高额差价。It’s an old story, one I’ve seen played out at nearly every iPhone launch event. But I’ve never seen anything like what happened in the hours leading up to Friday’s launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.这不是什么新鲜事,每一款新iPhone手机上市的时候,我都会谈到这个问题。但在上周五iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus上市几个小时前,我却见到了以前从未看到的一幕。Film producer Casey Neistat (HBO’s The Neistat Brothers) captured the scene in the attached YouTube , documenting the first three steps — the wait, the switch and the cash payout — plus some sidewalk drama courtesy of the New York City Police Department.电影制片人凯西o尼斯塔特【其作品包括HBO电影频道爆出的《尼斯塔特兄弟》(The Neistat Brothers))拍摄了一段视频,并发布到YouTube上。这段视频记录了前三个步骤——等人、换人、付钱,外加纽约市警察局在人行道上上演的好戏。“How can this possibly be good marketing for Apple?” asks a man at 6:00 minute mark.在这段6分钟的视频里,有个人问道:“这对苹果(Apple)的营销会有什么好处?”A better question: What can Apple possibly do about it?一个更好的问题是:苹果对此能做些什么? /201409/331982福州市第七医院做结扎恢复手术

福州排卵监测哪家最好The decline in China’s housing sector continued in September, with prices for new homes falling in all but one of 70 major cities surveyed.今年9月份,中国房地产行业的下滑势头仍在延续。在统计覆盖的70个城市中,有69个城市的新建商品住宅价格出现下降。The National Bureau of Statistics said that prices for new homes fell by up to 1.9% in the cities surveyed, with drops of 0.7% in Beijing and 0.9% in Shanghai. Prices for existing homes fell in all 70 cities, with drops of between 0.5% and 2.0%.据中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)称,受访城市中,新建商品住宅价格最大环比降幅为1.9%,其中北京和上海环比跌幅分别为0.7%和0.9%。与上月相比,70个受访城市的二手住宅价格环比全部下降,最小降幅为0.5%,最大降幅为2.0%。The figures suggest that recent measures by the People’s Bank of China to support the market haven’t succeeded in turning it round, at least yet. The central bank recently cut downpayment requirements for those buying a second property to 30% from over 60%, the same level as first-time buyers enjoy.这些数字表明,最近中国央行推出的救市措施至少到目前还未能成功地扭转房地产市场的颓势。近期,中国人民(People’s Bank of China)将居民第二套住房首付比例要求从60%以上,下调至30%,执行与首套房房贷一样的首付比例要求。The numbers add to unease about the unwinding of a speculative bubble in the country’s real estate sector, which analysts fear may lead to a big rise in bad loans among its banks.最新房价数据加剧了围绕中国房地产市场去投机泡沫化进程的不安情绪。分析师们担心,泡沫破裂可能导致不良贷款大幅上升。China Construction Bank Corp CICHY 0.17% said Thursday bad loans rose to 1.13% of its total portfolio in the third quarter, from 1.04% at the end of the second quarter. While that’s still well below the level that analysts would consider stressed, the increase of 0.09% was faster than the 0.02% reported in the previous three months. Overall bad loans in the sector were at their highest in three years in June, according to the PBoC at 1.08%.中国建设股份有限公司(China Construction Bank Corp)上周四称,截至第三季度末,该行不良贷款率升至1.13%,高于第二季度末的1.04%。虽然这仍远低于分析师们眼中的警戒线水平,但0.09%的增幅比前三个月0.02%的增幅要迅猛。根据中国人民公布的数据,6月份业总体不良贷款率达到1.08%,为三年来最高水平。Analysts worry, however, that official data may not capture the full picture, as much of the credit to the real estate sector goes through the informal, or shadow, banking sector.但分析师们担心,官方数据可能没有反映房地产信贷的全貌,因为许多信贷来自非正规渠道或所谓的“影子”。New loans through such shadow banks have fallen sharply in recent months, as most regions struggle with excess supply after years of over-building.影子提供的新增贷款在近几个月大幅下滑,因为大部分地区经过多年的过度建设后均面临住房供给过剩的困局。A survey by China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in June said that more that 20% of homes in urban areas were actually vacant, while as of August, around 4 billion was owed on empty properties.中国西南财经大学(Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)6月份的一项调查报告显示,2013年中国城镇地区整体住房空置率超过20%,而截至今年8月份,空置住房占据了4.2万亿元(约6740亿美元)的住房贷款余额。In the last six weeks, the PBoC has injected an extra 0 billion in liquidity to the country’s largest banks in the form of three-month loans to ensure that a slowdown in the real estate sector doesn’t make credit markets seize up.在过去六周,中国央行已经通过向大型提供3个月期贷款的形式向业新注入了1000亿美元流动性,以确保地产业的放缓不会导致信贷市场冻结。The real estate slowdown has contributed to the economy’s overall growth rate falling to its slowest in five years. The government said earlier this week that gross domestic product grew only 7.3% year-on-year in the third quarter, short of the government’s 7.5% target.受房地产市场减速拖累,中国经济整体增速已经降至五年来最低水平。上周早些时候公布的最新官方数据显示,今年第三季度,中国国内生产总值(GDP)仅同比增长7.3%,低于政府7.5%的全年增速目标。 /201410/338841宁德治不育那个医院最好 The strategic rivalry between Japan and China in Asia is finding expression not only in territorial disputes in the east China sea but also in plans for railways to criss-cross Thailand and eventually link the country to a wider Indochina rail network.日本与中国在亚洲的战略竞争不只表现在双方在东中国海的领土争端上,也表现在双方对泰国铁路项目的争夺上。这些项目计划修建交叉贯穿泰国的铁路线,最终将泰国与更广阔的印度那铁路网连接起来。Both lines will serve primarily as freight transport systems. The planned Chinese-backed railway will run north-south from Thailand’s main deep seaport in Rayong to the Laos border at Nong Khai, with a separate spur that connects to Bangkok.这两条铁路线都将主要用于货运。拟议中由中国出资建设的铁路线将自南向北,从泰国在罗勇(Rayong)的主要深水港通至泰国和老挝边境线上的廊开(Nong Khai),并有一条线连接到曼谷。The proposed Japanese one would cross Thailand east to west, connecting Bangkok to the border towns nearest to Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Dawei, Myanmar. Dawei is the planned site of a major industrial zone and deep seaport backed by the Japanese, Thai and Myanmar governments.拟议中由日本出资建设的铁路线将是东西走向的,将曼谷与距柬埔寨暹粒(Siem Reap)和缅甸土瓦(Dawei)最近的泰国边境城镇连接起来。土瓦是规划中的主要工业区和深水港的所在地,该计划得到日本、泰国和缅甸三国政府的持。In addition to these two rail projects, China and Japan have each also expressed interest in developing additional train lines, including high-speed passenger railways.除了上述两个铁路项目以外,中日两国都表达出对建设其他铁路线的兴趣,包括客运高速铁路线。The projects reflect more than the desperate need for modern long-distance trains in Thailand. China and Japan are openly vying for economic influence in South-east Asia, though for different sets of reasons.这些项目不仅反映出泰国亟需现代化长途铁路线,也反映出中日正在东南亚公开争夺经济影响力,尽管这两个国家是出于不同的原因。As its economy continues to expand, China is accelerating efforts to increase its economic influence in Southeast Asia. The proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank stands as perhaps the most ambitious example, but China is also ramping up its use of official development assistance (ODA) projects, historically the domain of wealthy developed countries.随着中国经济不断增长,中国加快了在东南亚扩大其经济影响力的步伐。拟议中的亚洲基础设施投资(Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank),或许就是最能体现中国雄心抱负的一个例子。但中国还在扩大对官方发展援助(ODA)项目的使用,这类项目过去一直是富裕发达国家的专属领域。China has also been eager to support Thailand’s new military government, which came to power with the May 22 coup last year. In addition to the railway development, China has agreed to government-to-government (G2G) purchases of rice and rubber, both commodities that have suffered oversupply and weak prices in the last year. These and other overtures to Thailand are particularly strategic while the suspension of democracy under the junta has strained relations with the US.中国还迫切想要持去年5月22日通过政变上台的泰国新一届军政府。除了铁路建设以外,中国还与泰国达成了一项政府间采购协议,购入泰国的大米和橡胶。去年,这两种大宗商品遭遇了供应过剩和价格疲软。在泰国军政府中止实行民主制、导致泰国与美国关系趋于紧张之际,中国的上述及其他向泰国示好的举措格外具有战略意义。Japan, meanwhile, seeks to maintain its long-established economic influence in Southeast Asia. The country remains the leading source of foreign direct investment in the 10-members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) and increasingly relies on the region as a manufacturing base.日本则寻求维持其在东南亚地区确立已久的经济影响力。日本目前仍是东盟(Asean)十国的最大外商直接投资(FDI)来源国,同时日本也越来越依赖于作为制造基地的东南亚地区。This is most true in Thailand, which serves as the most important hub for Japanese automobile, industrial, and consumer goods exports in Asia. Indeed, Japan has so much manufacturing in Thailand that in a very direct sense an investment in Thailand’s infrastructure is an investment in Japan’s industrial sector.在泰国尤其如此。泰国现在是日本面向亚洲出口汽车、工业品和消费品的最重要枢纽。事实上,日本有大量制造工厂设在泰国,从这个意义上说,对泰国基础设施的投资就是对日本工业部门的投资。The extent of Japan’s reliance on Thailand as its Southeast Asian manufacturing bulwark hit home in the aftermath of the 2011 floods that plunged Thai industry into a crisis and clobbered Japan’s supply chain.日本依赖东南亚作为其重要的生产基地,其依赖程度之深在2011年令其深受其害。那一年发生了洪灾,导致泰国工业陷入危机,沉重打击了日本的供应链。Unease over China’s emergence as the leading Asian economic and military force also means that Japan has a special interest in preserving economic soft power in Asean. The region’s shared border with China, coupled with Beijing’s strong existing ties with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, makes Indochina ripe for Chinese inroads into Japan’s regional influence.中国崛起为亚洲最大的经济与军事强国引起了一些人的不安,这也意味着在东盟保有经济软实力对日本有着特殊的利益。东盟国家与中国有着共同的边界,再加上中国与柬埔寨、老挝和缅甸目前关系紧密,使得中国在印度那侵蚀日本在该地区影响力的时机已经成熟。Thailand is a potential winner here, assuming the railways are actually constructed. But in a country with a history of cancelled and abandoned infrastructure projects, it is too soon to assume that either project will move forward, or that they will be completed even if ground is broken. Sceptics will point to “Thai Stonehenge”, several kilometres of concrete pillars intended for an abandoned elevated train to Don Muang International Airport.如果上述铁路线真的建成,泰国将成为赢家。但考虑到该国在历史上曾多次取消和放弃基建项目,现在就认定这两个项目中至少有一个项目会向前推进还为时过早,即使破土动工了,项目最终也未必会完工。怀疑论者会提到“泰国巨石阵”——这里指的是一些矗立的混凝土柱子,连绵数公里排开,原本是用来修建通往廊曼国际机场(Don Muang International Airport)的高架轨道线,后来项目被放弃了。Every government since the 1990s has discussed replacing the country’s ancient rail system, but two decades later no significant progress has been made. The failure stands as a testament to dysfunctional politics: even with clear support from the public, business community, and no genuine resistance from opposition parties, no administration has succeeded in making such an obvious and beneficial investment.自20世纪90年代以来,泰国历届政府都讨论过更换该国古老的铁路系统,但20年过去了,没有取得任何重大进展。这一失败成了该国政治失灵的据:尽管得到公众和企业界的明确持,而且反对党未有任何实质性抵制,但没有一届政府成功地作出了这样一项公认应当作出的、有益的投资。Nonetheless, the current military leadership has shown an ability to get things done, giving the projects a greater chance of getting off the ground – especially when the railways reflect the wider geopolitical concerns of both regional heavyweights.不过,泰国现在的军政府已展示出了把事情做好的能力,这使得上述铁路项目有更大的可能向前推进——特别是考虑到这些项目反映出了两个亚洲大国更大的地缘政治关切。 /201503/363008福州查精子大概多少钱

南平治子宫粘连哪家医院好In an announcement to the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Japan’s NSK Ltd said the National Development and Reform Commission had ordered it to pay a penalty of Rmb174.9m (.5m) for violations of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. The company, which makes bearings and other car components, was the first to confirm it has been fined by the NDRC for alleged antitrust infractions.日本精工株式会社(NSK Ltd)周二向东京交所(Tokyo Stock Exchange)宣布称,中国国家发改委(NDRC)命令其缴纳罚款1.749亿元人民币(合2850万美元),原因是违反中国反垄断法。这家生产轴承等汽车配件的公司,是第一家实自己因涉嫌违反中国反垄断法而被国家发改委罚款的公司。Another Japanese components manufacturer, NTN Corp, also said on Tuesday that it had been told to pay Rmb119.2m as part of the NDRC investigation.另一家日本汽车配件生产商恩梯恩(NTN Corp)周二也表示,其也因为中国国家发改委的调查,被通知缴纳罚款1.192亿元人民币。“Following an internal investigation into the alleged conduct, NSK has been fully co-operating with the NDRC’s investigation into sales of bearings in China,” NSK said. “We express our sincere regret for the concern this matter has caused our shareholders [and] customers.”精工株式会社表示:“对涉嫌违法行为自查之后,我们一直在全力配合中国国家发改委对我们在中国市场销售轴承的调查。对于此事对我们的股东(和)客户造成的担忧,我们表示诚挚的歉意。”The company added that it had not yet determined if the fine would force a revision of its business forecasts for the current financial year.该公司补充称,其尚未确定此罚款是否将迫使其修订对本财年业绩的预测。Multinational car executives have been bracing for the full results of the NDRC’s investigation, which they expect to be announced as soon as this week.跨国汽车企业已经准备好承受中国发改委的调查,调查结果最早将在本周公布。NSK’s penalty is the third-highest ever assessed by the NDRC. NSK’s penalty is also the first substantial antitrust fine paid in China by a Japanese company.中国国家发改委对精工株式会社开出了有史以来数额第三高的罚单。这也是一家日本公司在中国付的第一笔大额反垄断罚款。Some analysts have argued that while the NDRC’s auto industry investigation will benefit consumers by lowering prices for both vehicles and spare parts, it will also pose challenges for Chinese car brands that have been losing market share to imports and foreign-invested joint ventures.有分析师认为,中国发改委对汽车行业的调查会让消费者受益,汽车以及零部件的价格会降低,但同时也会对中国本土的汽车品牌构成挑战。这些本土品牌本已在同进口品牌和外资合作品牌的竞争中失去了市场竞争力。“Imported and joint-venture cars do enjoy high margins, but the anti-monopoly investigation will further drag down prices and put even more pressure on Chinese car companies,” said Wang Liusheng, automotive analyst at China Merchants Securities.中国招商券汽车业分析师汪刘胜表示:“进口和合资的汽车的确在中国市场收益很高,但是反垄断调查将进一步拉低汽车价格,这会对中国本土的汽车公司造成更大压力。” /201408/322676 If you see British Prime Minister David Cameron on a high-speed train in China, don#39;t be too surprised.如果你在中国的高铁车厢里见到英国首相戴维·卡梅伦,不要太吃惊。In a recent interview, Cameron said he is looking forward to traveling by rapid rail during his visit.最近接收采访时,卡梅伦称自己很期待访华期间乘坐高铁旅行。In October, London Mayor Boris Johnson took a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and described it as ;amazing;.今年十月份,伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊曾在中国乘坐高铁从北京去往上海,他称中国高铁“令人赞叹”。;I am very interested in what#39;s happening with high-speed rail in China,; Cameron said. ;It seems to be an absolute high-speed revolution taking place.;“我对中国高速铁路技术的发展现状很感兴趣,”卡梅伦说,“中国似乎正在展开一场高速铁路的技术革命。”Cameron last visited China in 2010, but he hasn#39;t yet been to Shanghai, which he will cover this time around.卡梅伦上次访华是在2010年,当时他没有去上海,这次卡梅伦计划去上海走一趟。When it comes to Chinese food, Cameron said hotpot in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is what he most wants to eat during this visit.谈到中国美食,卡梅伦说,四川成都的火锅是他此次访华最期待的中国美食。;I met with some British students who are studying Mandarin in a British primary school this week,; he said. ;I asked the teacher which of all the places I was visiting was the most important place to eat, and she recommended the Chengdu hotpot.;“本周我曾经与一些在英国小学学普通话的学生见过面,”他说,“我问他们的老师,在我去过的所有中国省市中,美食最多的是什么地方。她向我推荐了成都火锅。”;I will make sure when I am in Chengdu that I will have hotpot,; Cameron said, smiling.“当我去成都的时候,我一定要品尝一下火锅。”卡梅伦笑着说。Cameron also suggested that Chinese people visit Britain, as well as Europe#39;s 25-country Schengen region. The region offers unrestricted travel across borders.卡梅伦也鼓励中国人去拜访英国,拜访欧洲的25个申根公约国,旅游者如果持有其中一国的旅游签即可合法地到所有其他申根国家。 /201312/267173福州弱精医院福州通输卵管医院



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