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第三册 一、 Measuring And Comparing 形容物品、度量、比较 301. What's the height of the building? 这座楼有多高? 302. How much does the elephant weight? 这个大象有多重? 303. What's the color of your new dress? 你的新衣是什么颜色的? 304. What's the size of your shoes? 你的鞋多大尺寸? 305. My brother is twice as tall as your sister. 我弟弟比你高一倍。 306. My grandma is 40 years older than me. 我祖母比我大40岁。 307. This river is one third as long as that river. 这条河只有那条河的三分之一长。 308. What's the shape of your balloon? 你的气球是什么形状? 309. How wide is this bridge? 这座桥有多宽? 310. How thick is the ice here? 这儿的冰有多厚? 311. This metal is harder than that one. 这种金属比那种硬。 312. He can run as fast as Jim. 他跑的和吉姆一样快。 313. Kate is smarter than I. 凯特比我聪明。 314. How long do you watch TV every day? 你每天看多长时间电视? 315. How often do you go swimming? 你多久去游一次泳? 二、 Asking For Help 寻求帮助 316. Would you please open the door for me? 请你帮忙开个门好吗? 317. May I ask you a question? 我能问你个问题吗? 318. Please give me a hand. 请帮我个忙。 319. Could you do me a favor? 能请你帮个忙吗? 320. Would you help me remove the refrigerator? 能帮忙移一下冰箱吗? 321. Get me my coat, please. 请帮我拿下外套。 322. Make me a cup of coffee, will you? 给我冲杯咖啡,好吗? 323. Call me tomorrow if you have time. 明天要有时间就给我打个电话。 324. Could you tell me where I can find these books? 您能告诉我在哪儿能找到这些书吗? 325. Certainly. 当然了。 326. Witch pleasure. 很高兴。 327. I'm sorry. I'm engaged now. 对不起,我现在正忙着。 328. I'm glad to, but I'm afraid I don't have the time. 我很乐意,但我恐怕没时间。 329. Would you mind closing the window for me? 能帮我关一下窗户吗?(你介意关下窗户吗?) 330. Not at all. 当然可以。(当然不介意) 三、 Asking Directions 打听情况和问路 331. Excuse me, madam. Could you tell me where the post office is? 对不起,女士,请问邮局在哪里? 332. It's just around the corner. 转弯就是。 333. Excuse me, how can I get to the bus station? 对不起,汽车站怎么走? 334. You can take the bus and get off at the second stop. 你可以坐公共汽车第二站下。 335. Excuse me. Where is No.5 Street? 对不起,第五大街在哪儿? 336. Go straight ahead and turn left at the second crossing. 一直往前走,在第二个十字路口往左拐。 337. Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Mr. Hu's restaurant? 对不起,你能告诉我怎么去胡先生的餐馆吗? 338. Go on for about 100 meters. It's on your left side. You can't miss it. 往前走约100米,在你左手边,你不会错过的。 339. Which one is Mr. Jame's office? 哪间是詹姆司先生的办公室? 340. It's Room 201 on the second floor. 二楼201房间。 341. Can I use the lift? 我能用电梯吗? 342. Sorry, it's broken. You have to use the stairs. 对不起,它坏了,你只能走楼梯了。 343. Where are the stairs? 楼梯在哪里呢? 344. Go along the corridor and it's on your right side. 沿着走廊走,在你右手边。 345. Thank you for directions. 感谢你为我指路。 四、 About Marriage 关于婚姻 346. Are you married? 你结婚了吗? 347. I'm single. 我现在单身。 348. You have a younger brother, don't you? 你有个弟弟,是吗? 349. How is your family? 你的家人怎么样? 350. She's engaged/married to John. 她和约翰订婚/结婚了。 351. How long have you been married? 你们结婚多久了? 352. We've been married for 2 years. 我们结婚两年了。 353. My parents got married in 1954. 我父母1954年结婚的。 354. Mary gave birth to a baby last week. 玛丽上星期做妈妈了。 355. They've been divorced. 他们已离婚了。 356. His wife died a year ago. Now he lives alone. 他妻子去年去世了。现在他一个人住。 357. My aunt will come to live with me for some days. 我阿姨会来和我住一些日子。 358. John has his own family now. 约翰现在有自己的家了。 359. Do you live with your parents? 你和你父母住一起吗? 360. No. I live in my own house. 不,我住在自己的房子里。 五、 Talking About Neighbors And Friends 谈论邻居和朋友 361. Do you know Mary? 你认识玛丽吗? 362. Sure. We are friends since primary school. 当然,我们从小学就是朋友了。 363. Really? I was introduced to her just last weekend. 真的?上周末我才被介绍给她。 364. What is she doing now? 她现在干些什么呢? 365. She told me she wanted to start a company. 她告诉我她想开公司。 366. Start a company? But I thought she would be a scholar. 开公司?我原以为她会成为一个学者 367. People are always changing, aren't they? 人总是在变,不是吗? 368. Yes, you're right. After all, she is smart enough to go into business. 是啊,你说的对。毕竟,她完全有经商才智。 369. But she doesn't have much experience. 但她没有太多经验。 370. You two don't have much contact? 你们俩没怎么联系吗? 371. No, I only wrote her one letter this year. 是的,今年我才给她写过一封信。 372. And she? 她呢? 373. She sent me a Christmas card last year. 去年寄过一张圣诞卡。 374. Oh, that's not good. 哦,那可不好。 375. Yes, we should try to contact more. 是的,我们应该联系多点。#160; /200612/9819Everyone#39;s gathered in the village hall to meet the scientists大家聚集到镇里的市政厅跟科学家们见面and find out more about what the study will involve.了解这项研究的更多信息We want to get a picture of your cat#39;s natural, normal life,我们想拍摄你的猫的自然普通的生活so don#39;t do anything different, don#39;t change your routines,所以不要做任何改变 一切照旧don#39;t lock the cat flap,不要把猫洞锁上don#39;t suddenly call up the local handyman不要突然让工人上门and get a cat flap put in.做一个猫洞Let the cat do what it usually does让猫保持正常的生活and hopefully we will build up this picture of但愿我们能够描绘出what it#39;s like to be a cat in Shamley Green.在杉莫利格林镇一只猫的生活I#39;ll now hand over to Alan, who is the technical expert,现在把时间交给艾伦 他是其他among many other things.许多方面的技术专家Alan Wilson#39;s task is to devise a new way to track the cats.艾伦·威尔森的任务是设计一种追踪猫的新方法He#39;s a world expert in tracking wild animals.他是野生动物追踪的世界级专家Where we do most of that work is in Botswana, in Africa.我们的工作主要是在茨瓦纳 在非洲So we design and build things like this.所以我们设计并制造了这样的东西This will fit on a lion.这可以用在狮子身上This will fit on a cheetah or an African wild dog.这也可以用在印度豹或非洲野身上重点解释:1.call up 给 ... 打电话; 使想起例句:She can still call up scenes of childhood.她仍能想起儿时的情景。2.build up 建立例句:He tried to build up his strength.他试图增进体质。3.hand over 交出例句:Don#39;t let your feelings get the upper hand over you.不要感情用事。 Article/201605/446297新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson57:Miserable experiences悲惨的经历841. I’ve had a fever for the past two days. 我最近这两天发烧了。842. I can’t wait to get out of these wet clothes. 我等不及要脱下这些湿衣。843. This backpack is way too heavy. 这个背包太重了。844. We’re been walking for hours and I’m exhausted. 我们走了几个小时了,我已精疲力尽了。845. My first few months at college were miserable. 我刚上大学的头几个月过得很悲惨。846. I once had to sleep on the floor of a train. 我曾经有一次不得不睡在火车厢的地板上。847. I hate going to funeralsy. 我讨厌去参加葬礼。848. Talking to my boss is pure miseryz. 和我老板谈话简直是受罪。849. He is a miserable little person. 他是一个可怜的身材矮小的人。850. This rain is miserable weather. 下雨天真是糟糕透了。851. I was really sorry to hear that you were sick for so long. 听说你病了这么长时间,我真是很难过。852. It’s been a month and she’s still feeling bad. 已经过了一个月了,她感觉还是很糟。853. The worst part of the illness is that you are always so tired. 这病最糟糕的地方,就是你总是感到疲倦。854. My drinking got so bad that I lost my job because I got caught drinking while at work. 我酗酒太严重以至丢了工作,因为我上班的时候喝酒被抓住了。855. I couldn’t support my family while I was drinking, so I made the decision to sober up{. 当我酗酒的时候,我连家都养不起,所以我决定戒酒。 【生词解读】1. miserable [5mizErEbl] a. 凄惨的;悲哀的2. fever [5fi:vE] n. 发烧,发热;热度3. backpack [5bAkpAk] n. 登山、远足用的背包4. exhausted [i^5zC:stid] a. 精疲力竭的5. funeral [5fju:nErEl] n. 丧葬,葬仪;出殡行列6. misery [5mizEri] n. 痛苦;不幸;悲惨7. sober up [5sEubEQp] v. 使清醒 /200811/19280如果不能正常播放,请刷新页面,因为有视频加载延迟。如果您没有安装合适的播放器,请从 在此 或者 官方网站下载Flash播放器 /200701/9976

So about 6.30, got a phone call from Mr Zou saying you#39;d disappeared.大概六点半的时候,我接到了邹老师的电话,他说你没去上课It just wasn#39;t your normal behaviour or attitude to school to ever disappear off.这不像是你平时的表现啊,居然逃课You#39;ve never left a lesson, have you?你从来没有逃过课的,对吧And Mr Zou said that you have a lot to contribute to the class邹老师还说你在课堂表现挺不错and that you#39;re very quick to learn.你学得很快It#39;s just sort of about helping you see that there#39;s more to today than just the next five minutes.我们只是想让你知道,你要为将来做打算,而不只是得过且过Can we put that away, please? Thank you.能先把手机放一边吗?谢谢He#39;s got a few days yet to pick up his socks,他还有几天时间可以补上落下的课程so there#39;s always hope that he#39;ll improve.但愿他能有所进步Is this you writing all this?这些都是你写的吗,Yeah. That#39;s really good.是啊,很棒啊And all that. You wrote all this? Yeah.还有那些。都是你写的吗?没错And this is Mandarin, yeah?这是普通话,对吧All right, this is a three.你看,这是中文的三I#39;ll never have, like, three lessons in a row when I#39;ve been good.我从来没有连着三堂课都能做到集中精神听讲It#39;s always been one little thing.这个小毛病一直存在Or it#39;s been a big thing, like it has been this time.但有时候也会很严重,就像这次Seeing Mr Zou annoyed made me feel a bit upset and unfair.看到邹老师生气让我觉得有点难过,有点不公平Not like - oh, what he#39;s doing is unfair, but what I#39;m doing is unfair.并不是说他做的事情不公平,而是我这么做对他来说不公平You are very smart, do you know that?你非常聪明,你知道吗Me? Yeah, of course! You are smart.我吗?当然啊,你很聪明You have to learn. Be smarter.但你要学习,才能更聪明We do NOT ignore any student. And we hope we can help them in some way.我们绝不忽视任何一个学生,也希望自己能够帮助他们改进You never know what you will do in the future.你不知道你以后会做什么You might feel regret. ;I should have learned hard.;你也许会后悔 ;我当年要是好好学习了该多好啊;Yeah. OK? So.是啊。对吧,所以Are you willing to change? Yeah.你愿意改变吗?愿意Just be more focused.集中精神听课I#39;ll try my best.我会尽最大努力Try your best.加油When someone tells me that I#39;ve got potential,当有人对我说我有潜力there is that bit inside that says, ;OK, yeah, I can do this.;我心里就会想 ;我能做到的,没问题;And if it#39;s a teacher saying that, then it must be true.如果是老师对我这么说,那一定是真的It means...it just means that I can do it.我一定能做到So I just might as well do it.那我就好好表现吧 Article/201606/449548

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/476023

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