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德国研究人员近日研究实,交通污染会引发儿童过敏性疾病。German researchers say they have found some of the strongest evidence yet linking traffic pollution to childhood allergies.The risk of developing asthma, hay fever(花粉症),eczema(湿疹) or other allergies is about 50 percent higher for children living 50 meters (yards) from a busy road than for those living 1,000 meters away, they said in a study released on Friday.Previous research has linked pollution to allergies, but to date observational studies in the field have been inconsistent, said Joachim Heinrich, an epidemiologist at the Helmholtz Research Centre for Environment and Health in Munich."We consistently found strong associations between the distance to the nearest main road and the allergic disease outcomes," Heinrich, who led the study, wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory(呼吸的) and Critical Care Medicine.The study followed 3,000 healthy children from all over Munich for six years from birth to determine rates of allergy-related diseases and exposure to traffic pollution.The researchers mapped each residential address and the distance to busy roads, then developed a model to calculate exposure to pollution at birth and age two, three and six. A busy road was considered one used by 10,000 cars each day."We developed a model to predict air pollution concentration at one point in a metropolitan area," Heinrich said in a telephone interview.This allowed the researchers to monitor more than one site as well as follow a large group of children over a long period of time, things many other studies did not do, Heinrich said.The researchers will continue monitoring the children over the next few years to determine whether moving to a less-polluted area can reverse any of the traffic pollution-related problems, he added. /200806/42585韩国大学实世界首例克隆狼 (South Korean University Confirms World's First Wolf Clones)韩国一家名牌大学实,该大学的一个研究小组的确培育出世界首例克隆狼,从而结束了针对这个小组篡改数据的指称进行的数星期调查。首尔国立大学的一个专家小组星期五实,研究人员没有有意篡改数据,只是在撰写有关克隆狼的研究论文中犯了一些简单错误。这个克隆狼小组由李柄千领导,他们在2005年10月宣布克隆出两条母狼。一些科学家指称,3月出版的论文含有虚假DNA数据。李柄千承认有数据错误,并保改正。A top South Korean university has confirmed that a team of its researchers has created the world's first cloned wolves, ending weeks of investigation about the team's alleged manipulation of data.A panel from Seoul National University confirmed Friday that researchers did not intentionally manipulate data, but made some basic mistakes in writing the research paper on the cloned wolves. The team of scientists, led by Lee Byung-chun, announced it had cloned two female wolves in October 2005. Some scientists had alleged that the paper, published in March, contained false DNA data. Lee acknowledged the errors and vowed to correct them.科研新发现糖尿病基因联系 (Research Reveals New Genetic Links to Diabetes)美国和欧洲的研究人员发现了与一种最常见糖尿病有关的一组基因。在星期四出版的美国《科学》和《自然遗传学》杂志的若干文章中,研究人员说,他们已经确认出至少7种可以增加人类患二型糖尿病风险的新基因。科学家测试了几个国家数万人的DNA数据,确认出上述基因。科学家希望,这个发现能让他们研制新的药物来医疗、甚至防止一些人患糖尿病。二型糖尿病患者体内不能产生足够的胰岛素或不能有效利用体内的胰导素。胰岛素把人体内的糖份转换成能量。二型尿病患者还面临心脏病、肾衰竭、失明和截肢等多种风险。全世界目前大约有2亿糖尿病患者。Researchers in the ed States and Europe have discovered a new batch of genes connected to the most common form of diabetes. In a handful of reports published Thursday in the U.S.-based journals "Science" and "Nature Genetics," the researchers say they have identified at least seven new genes that could increase a person's risk to develop Type Two diabetes. The scientists identified the genes by testing the DNA of tens of thousands of people in several countries.Scientists hope the findings will enable them to develop new drugs to treat, or even prevent someone from developing the disease. Type Two diabetics cannot produce enough insulin, which processes sugar into energy, or cannot make efficient use of the insulin in their body. They are at risk of heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and amputations. About 200 million people around the world are affected by the disease. /200809/49806We can easily stumble through life without considering how our lack of manners and sloppiness affect others. To be elegant is not to be snobbish, but rather to be polished, charitable and discreet. Making the effort to be elegant means caring about how our manners and appearance affect others.或许,我们在生活中常常会某些女性看见有这样的现象,也许她的行为并不会影响到任何人,但是让人见了却是十分不舒的。女人的优雅并不这么简单,有些优雅,却是需要你关注细节的:Step 1 Practice the art of conversation. Create a list of intriguing topics that you'd feel comfortable talking about with others. Even if you know little about a subject, you can pose questions for others to respond to.无论坐在哪里,都希望你不要盘腿大坐或者翘起“二郎腿”,请保持坐姿尽量优雅但又不会露点。 /200912/90706

I write a lot about personal finance. I hear a lot about how different employers are handling the current economic crunch and, lately, what I’ve been hearing makes me pretty uncomfortable about working for a long list of companies. Some employers are slashing benefits — effectively cutting their employees’ salaries while inflation reduces their buying power.I want to suggest entrepreneurship as an alternative, but I realize that it isn’t a great option for everyone. I’ve been putting together a list of pros and cons in an effort to decide whether starting up a business is really a good idea for some people, especially in the middle of ongoing financial problems. I’ve tried to stick to financialand business issues while it’s nice that many small business owners can spend more time with their families, I don’t think that’s the biggest issue for many folks considering entrepreneurship right now.The Pros1. If your employer is letting you go, offering early retirement or using another euphemism for firing you, it may be hard to find another job immediately. Being in business for yourself allows you to immediately start working on making money, rather than proofing your resume.2. Without the middleman (a.k.a. your employer) you can charge significantly more for your services — along the lines of what your employer was charging for your work.3. You don’t have to go whole hog into running your own business. You can try out your business on a part-time, evenings and weekends, basis while still working your current job.4. It can be easier to pick up overtime if you no longer have to get your manager to sign off on it. If you run your own business, overtime is a matter of finding another client or customer.5. The cost of working at home is much lower than for your employer: you don’t have to pay to commute, you can eat inexpensively in your own kitchen and you only have to meet a dress code when you’ll actually be seeing a client. And, while this isn’t particularly noble, you can avoid the constant birthday parties, baby showers and other office events that constantly drain your time and your wallet.6. Just about all of the expenses associated with your business are tax deductible. Running your own business can make your tax burden significantly lower — and a surprising number of things are considered business expenses, like conference registrations.The Cons1. While getting health insurance without an employer providing it isn’t impossible, it can be pretty difficult — especially if you actually need. Pre-existing conditions can make it absolutely impossible to get health insurance on your own.2. With a job, if you aren’t quite on the ball one week, you still get paid. But if you fumble on your own business, you can wind up losing money. Even if you have a contract, sometimes things can go very wrong. An employer absorbs those problems, but can you do that if you’re on your own?3. There are some great jobs that simply aren’t possible to do in a small business that you’re just starting yourself. If you have one of those jobs and you like it, why mess with a good thing?4. It’s all well and good to jump off the deep end if no one’s depending on your earnings. But if you have a family or other dependents, you have to be absolutely sure before you strike out on your own.5. You have to buy your own equipment when you run your own business: no more company laptop — or printing out your personal stuff at work. A computer, a printer, maybe even a fax machine: you’ll have to buy what ever you need for your home office.6. There’s no such thing as vacation time or sick leave when you run your own business. You can certainly take time off when you need to — after all, you’re the boss — but you just don’t get paid when you’re not working.7. While the flexibility of working for yourself can be nice, more and more employers are offering flex time and telecommuting options. You can have a lot of the benefits of working for yourself without having to give up a regular salary.My ConclusionFreelancing, consulting, and running your own business isn’t for everyone. There’s a certain amount of security in working for an employer, even if that employer is considering cutting costs with little tricks like suspending 401(k) benefits. That said, if you’re comfortable with the risks, I think there are a lot of opportunities right now: even big companies are turning to freelancers and consultants to handle the workloads of those employees who suffered under a cost-saving measure. Either choice requires a lot of careful consideration and shouldn’t be made lightly.There are plenty of situations that can negate the cons I listed, as well as the pros. I mentioned that there’s no such thing as paid vacation if you run your own business — you can get around that negative fairly easily if you concentrate on building passive income. A lot depends on your field, as well as whether you have the self-discipline to run your own company. Before you make your decision, research all your options. You might even consider doing a test run: with a lot of businesses, you can get a head start on things even while you’re still gainfully employed. /200811/56950

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