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哈尔滨阳光妇科医院网址黑龙江省第四医院治疗妇科怎么样ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The sleek, white train glides through the hilly Ethiopian countryside, the first to travel this route in nearly a decade.亚的斯亚贝巴,埃塞俄比亚——整洁的白色火车滑行穿过丘陵起伏的埃塞俄比亚乡村,在近十年里第一列火车经过这条线路。The contrast is stark as the new, Chinese-made electric train passes horse-drawn carriages, oxen hauling plows and crowds of curious village children. But soon it crosses over a gleaming six-lane expressway and snakes past a row of newly erected wind turbines — all Chinese-built and, like the train, part of Ethiopia’s ongoing effort to remake itself.中国制造电气化火车经过马拉的车厢、牛拉犁和成群好奇的村庄孩子,这些景象形成了鲜明的对比。但是火车很快跨越一个瞬息一现六车道高速公路和蛇爬过的一排新建的直立着的风力发电机——这些全部是中国建造的,像火车行驶那样,埃塞俄比亚持续努力的一部分来重塑自己。The standard-gauge rail line, which will be officially inaugurated this week, stretches 470 miles from the capital, Addis Ababa, to the port of Djibouti, which handles 90 percent of the landlocked country’s trade and is its main window to the outside world. Seventy percent of the .4 billion project is financed by China’s Export-Import Bank, and it is one of the biggest of the mega-projects that Ethiopia says will transform its largely agricultural economy — once known for little more than famine and coffee — into East Africa’s manufacturing hub.这条标准轨距铁路线将会在本周正式揭牌,它从首都亚的斯亚贝巴延绵470英里到吉布提口岸,首都亚的斯亚贝巴处理着该内陆国90%的贸易并且它是对外部世界的主要窗口。34亿美元项目的70%由中国进出口提供资金,并且它是最大的大型项目之一,埃塞俄比亚认为该项目将会很大程度上改变农业经济——成为东非制造业中心——该国曾经仅仅是因为饥荒和咖啡而闻名。“Our economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa and the world, so at the end of the day, when the train is connected to the port and transporting that much freight, .?.?. it will add value,” said Mekonnen Getachew, the railway’s project manager, speaking after a recent trial run for journalists .“我们的经济是非洲和世界上增长最快经济体之一,所以在这一天结束时,当火车与港口连接进而运输更多的货物,它会增加价值,”梅克恩·格塔丘说,这位铁路项目经理,在最近一次试车运行之后对新闻记者发表了讲话。Between 2005 and 2015, Ethiopia’s economy grew at an average rate of 10 percent a year, and the country took pride in its reputation as Africa’s latest success story. But that is starting to unravel, with the worst drought in 50 years halving the growth rate and widesp social unrest erupting in two of the country’s most populous regions.在2005年和2015年间,埃塞俄比亚经济以每年平均10%速度增长,并且该国因为非洲最新成功故事的名声,而为此骄傲。但是这种情况开始瓦解,随着50年来最严重干旱把增长率减半并且大范围的社会动荡在该国两个人口最稠密的地区爆发。A finish-line protest at this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by an Ethio-pian marathon runner alerted the world to the country’s internal problems.在今年的里约热内卢的奥运会上,一名马拉松运动员伊索·皮安在完成线路上抗议以提醒世界注意该国内部的问题。The drought’s effect has been so dire that the new railroad was pressed into service in November, before construction was even completed, to get emergency imports of wheat closer to famine-stricken areas.干旱的影响是非常严峻的,以至于这条新铁路甚至在完工之前在去年十一月被暂时征用,以获得紧急进口小麦去更接近饥荒受灾区域。Without the train, Ethiopia’s imports and exports must travel between Djibouti and Addis Ababa on a winding, pitted road plied by more than 1,500 trucks daily, a trip that takes two days. When the railroad is fully operational, travel time for freight will be cut to just 12 hours — and 10 hours for the faster passenger trains.如果没有火车,埃塞俄比亚的进口和出口必须在吉布提和亚的斯亚贝巴之间缠绕行进,维修加油的公路每天被超过1500辆卡车使用,一次行程花费两天。当铁路完全运转时,货运行程时间将会减少到只有12小时而更快的旅客列车只有10小时。The new line actually replaces a narrow-gauge railroad built by France starting in 1894, when it controlled Djibouti. The French left behind elegant, arcaded train stations, inscribed “Chemin de Fer Djibouto-Ethiopien,” in the heart of Addis Ababa and in the eastern city of Dire Dawa, but the line was largely defunct by the mid-2000s, a victim of war and neglect.这条新线路实际上取代了由法国始于1894年建造的一条窄轨铁路,当时法国控制着吉布提。法国人在亚的斯亚贝巴中心和东部城市尔达瓦遗留下了优雅的、有拱廊的火车站,火车站题写着“吉布提-埃塞俄比亚铁路”,但是这条线路在2000年代中期大部分报废了,是一场战争的牺牲品和被疏于维护。The century-old tracks can still be seen in places from the new train, but the Chinese elected to build all new stations. The palatial multistory buildings stand well outside cities and towns, suggesting that the new line will be used more for freight than for passengers.具有百年历史的轨迹仍然可以在新火车的地方被看到,而中国人委任建造全部新的火车站。这些宏伟多层的建筑良好地矗立在城市和城镇之外,这表明新线路将会被更多用于货物而不是旅客。The rail link to Djibouti will be just the beginning, the government says. Plans have been made for 1,500 more miles of track to criss-cross the country, including to its borders with Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan — all part of an African Union goal of once more uniting the continent by rail.政府说,这条连接吉布提的铁路将只是一个开始。超过1500英里的轨道计划已经规划好,该轨道让该国纵横交错,包括与它接壤的肯尼亚、苏丹和南苏丹——一部分非洲联盟目标因为铁路又一次团结成大陆。Ethiopia is a lot closer to achieving its part of this goal than most African countries, largely because of the massive support and financing from China.埃塞俄比亚与大多数非洲国家相比很接近完成这个目标的一部分,主要因为大量援和融资来源于中国。According to the China Global Investment tracker, Beijing has poured more than .6 billion into Ethiopia since 2005, much of it in low-interest loans to build infrastructure, such as roads, rail lines and telecommunication.根据中国全球投资跟踪系统,北京自2005年以来已经倾入超过206亿美元到埃塞俄比亚,大多数资金以低利率贷款用于建造基础设施,例如公路、铁路线和通信。On the train, with its clean, blond-wood interiors, loudspeakers announce the stations in three languages: Amharic, English and Chinese. All the attendants are Chinese.在火车上,它有着干净、金色木质纹理的内部,扩音器用三种语言:阿姆哈拉语、英语和中文播报车站。所有的务员是中国人。For its first five years, the new railway will be managed by a Chinese company to allow time to train enough Ethiopians to take over running it.在最初的五年里,这个新铁路将会由一家中国公司来管理以便有时间去培养足够的埃塞俄比亚人来接管运行它。The train line is a key part of the government’s strategy to industrialize the country by luring foreign investment — and the 70-mile trip last weekend between Addis Ababa and Adama attests to the plan’s success so far. From the window, the view includes not just traditional farms but also greenhouses marking the country’s burgeoning commercial flower industry and distant plumes of smoke from new factories.铁路线是政府战略的一个关键部分,从而通过引诱外国投资实现该国的工业化——而上周在亚的斯亚贝巴和阿达玛之间70英里的运行明到目前为止该计划的成功。从火车窗口上看,视野不仅包括了传统农场而且还有温室,这标志着该国增长迅速的商业花卉产业还有遥远的来自新工厂羽毛状的烟雾。Chinese cement and shoe companies, Indian painting and textile firms, and numerous Turkish enterprises have set up shop here in recent years, attracted by Ethiopia’s cheap labor and electricity — and eventually, the government hopes, by its superior infrastructure.中国的水泥和制鞋公司、印度绘画和纺织品工厂,还有许多土耳其企业在最近几年里已经在这里开设商店,这些企业被埃塞俄比亚廉价劳动力和电力所吸引——而最终,政府希望企业被它的优秀的基础设施所吸引。Foreign direct investment has grown from just 8 million in 2009 to an estimated billion in 2016.外国直接投资已经从2009年只有108百万美元增长到2016年预估的20亿美元。A report by the World Bank last year, though, warned that Ethiopia still had far to go in its quest to move labor from agriculture to industrial jobs. About 80 percent of the jobs in the country are still in farming. Meanwhile, unemployment is at 17 percent nationally and at 24 percent in the capital.尽管,世界去年的一份报告,警告埃塞俄比亚寻求把劳动力从农业转移到工业工作上仍然很遥远。在该国,大约80%工作仍然是农业。同时,全国失业率是17%而在首都是24%。The economy remains closed and state-controlled, and the small and medium enterprises that would probably produce the most jobs are having trouble getting financing. Even foreign firms, which are given preferential treatment, complain about bureaucracy, red tape and the difficulty of repatriating profits and acquiring hard currency.该国经济保持着封闭和国家控制,并且很可能将会产生更多工作的中小企业正在为获得融资发愁。即使是给予优先对待的外国农场,他们抱怨着官僚主义、繁文缛节还有遣返利润和获得硬通货的困难。The new factories are also being built on confiscated farm land, which helped spark the protests in the Oromo region that began in November and later sp north to the Amhara region. International rights groups estimate that some 500 people have been killed in the repression that ensued.另外新工厂正建设在被没收农地上,这导致了在奥罗莫人地区引发抗议,抗议从11月份开始并且后来传播到北方至阿姆哈拉地区。国际认全组织估计大约500人在随后的镇压中丧生。Just on Sunday, police fired tear gas at a political protest taking place at an Oromo cultural festival in Bishoftu, the next station on the train line after Addis Ababa, and provoked a stampede that killed 52 according to the government — with the opposition saying twice as many died.就在周日,一场政治抗议发生在德布雷塞特的一个奥罗莫文化节上,德布雷塞特是在火车线路上在亚的斯亚贝巴之后的下一站,警察对抗议发射了催泪瓦斯,并引发了踩踏事故,按照政府说法踩踏导致52人丧生,而反对派说死亡人数是政府说法的两倍。Linda Thomas-Greenfield, assistant secretary of state for african affairs, last week described the government response as an “intense and somewhat harsh crackdown.”琳达·托马斯·格林菲尔德,负责非洲事务的助理国务卿,上周形容政府反应是一种“强烈的并且稍微严厉的打击。”“We think it could get worse if it’s not addressed — sooner rather than later,” she told Voice of America.“我们认为这可能会变得更糟,如果它得不到解决——宜早不宜迟,”她告诉美国之音。The unrest poses a threat to Ethiopia’s vision of foreign-driven industrialization.动荡不安的局面对埃塞俄比亚由外国驱动工业化的愿景形成一种威胁。On Aug. 29, in the Amhara region, mobs attacked at least seven flower farms belonging to Israeli, Italian, Indian and Belgian companies. In a statement on its website, the Dutch-owned Esmeralda Farms said its entire .2 million investment, including machinery and greenhouses, was destroyed.在8月29日,在阿姆哈拉地区,暴徒袭击了至少7个属于以色列、意大利、印度和比利时公司的花卉农场。在其网站的声明中,荷兰拥有的埃斯梅拉达农场说它全部的11.2百万美元投资,包括机械和温室,被摧毁了。In the first-person statement, the unnamed author laments how Ethiopia was once a safe country.在第一人称陈述中,未署名的作者感叹埃塞俄比亚曾经是一个多么安全的国家。“Last year I traveled 24 times to Ethiopia to start up the farm,” the statement said. “It was one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.”“去年我行程24次到埃塞俄比亚去开设农场,”声明说。 “这曾是最和平的非洲国家之一。” /201610/471535黑龙江省阳光医院预约是不是真的 Various knives, including table varieties, will be banned from China#39;s trains, according to a new rule that will take effect on January 10, Beijing Youth Daily reports.据北京青年报报道,根据1月10日起开始实行的新规定,包括餐刀在内的多种刀具被禁止带上中国的火车。China#39;s railway authority has made revisions to a previous rule on items that passengers are banned or restricted to take into railway stations and trains. Sharp or blunt objects that could endanger passenger safety or pose major security risks will be banned.中国铁路局已对旅客禁止或限制带入火车站和火车上的相关条例规定做出了最新修订。将可能危及旅客人身安全、存在重大安全隐患的利器、钝器等列为禁止携带物品。Along with controlled knives stipulated in the rule, kitchen, table, butcher knives and axes, as well as nail guns, defensive tools, bows and crossbows, will be forbidden in railway stations or trains, the paper said.该报道还表示,除已经限制的管制刀具以外,其他如菜刀、餐刀、屠宰刀、斧子等利器,射钉、防卫器、弓、弩等其他器具都禁止携带进站上车。In addition, the railway authority also adjusted the quantity of some items such as matches, lighters, pesticides and air fresheners.此外,中国铁路局对例如火柴、打火机、杀虫剂、空气清新剂等物品的允许携带数量也进行了调整。Passengers are allowed to carry two boxes of matches or two ordinary lighters, no more than 20ml of nail polish, hair-styling products or delusterant, and no more than 120ml of pressure containers such as cold wave lotion, mousse, hair spray, pesticide, or airfreshener.火柴限带数量减少至两盒,打火机最多只允许带两个;指甲油、去光剂、染发剂不超过20毫升;冷烫精、丝、发胶、杀虫剂、空气清新剂等自喷压力容器不得超过120毫升。 /201601/421800哈医大医院妇科挂号

哈尔滨是医科大医院费用哈尔滨做人流医院排行 Beijing could employ controversial measures to control the disputed airspace over the South China Sea, according to an expert with close ties to the Chinese government, as it seeks new ways to assert its authority in the hotly contested region.一位与中国政府关系密切的专家表示,北京方面可能采取有争议的举措来控制南中国海上方的争议空域。目前,中国正在寻找新的办法来维护其在这个存在激烈争议的地区的管控权。Wu Shicun, head of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, said Beijing reserves the right to impose a so-called air defence identification zone (Adiz) once it had built its second aircraft carrier.中国南海研究院(NISCSS)院长吴士存表示,北京方面保留在建成第二艘航空母舰后立即设立所谓的防空识别区(Adiz)的权利。Although about 20 countries, including the US and Japan, use the zones to control access to their airspace, employing such a measure over the South China Sea, where nine countries have competing territorial claims, would be regarded by Beijing’s neighbours and in Washington as extremely provocative.尽管包括美国和日本在内的约20个国家设立了防空识别区来控制飞行物进入其空域,但在有9个国家提出彼此冲突的领土主张的南中国海采取这样的举措,可能会被中国的邻国和美国视为极度挑衅的行为。Mr Wu, who made the comments at a military forum in Beijing, is not an official government spokesman but he has a record of floating proposals that turn out to be policy. 吴士存是在北京一个军事论坛上发表这些言论的。他并非政府官方发言人,但他过去提出的一些方案最终变成了政策。His observation suggests China is maintaining — or even strengthening — its assertive strategic stance in the Pacific Ocean. 他的言论表明,中国正在维持乃至加强其在太平洋上的强硬战略立场。I don’t think this is just his opinion, one US analyst said of Mr Wu’s statement. 我不认为这只是他的观点,一名美国分析人士在谈到吴士存的话时说。Mr Wu later told analysts his comments had been partly mistranslated.吴士存后来告诉分析人士,他的言论在一定程度上被错译了。Beijing’s experience of employing an Adiz, which requires foreign aircraft to identify themselves, could mean it will refrain from declaring a new one before it can properly enforce it. 北京方面此前设立防空识别区的经历或许意味着,它在能够有效落实之前,不会宣布设立新的防空识别区(防空识别区要求外来飞机通报身份)。When China sought to impose the measure in the East China Sea in 2013 it was immediately challenged by the US, which flew two B-52 bombers through it. 2013年,中国寻求在东中国海划设防空识别区时,立即遭到了美国的挑战,后者派出两架B-52轰炸机飞过了该区域。Beijing was unable or unwilling to scramble aircraft to intercept them.当时北京方面未能或并未打算紧急派出飞机来拦截它们。The construction of a second Chinese aircraft carrier was revealed in March 2015. 中国正在建造第二艘航母的消息在2015年3月曝光。Latest photos show the hull is nearly complete. 最新的照片显示,船体已几近造好。Analysts expect it could be finished by 2018 but training naval aviators and crews mean it may be a decade before it is fully functioning.分析人士预期,这艘航母可能将在2018年完工,但训练海军飞行员和船员意味着,这艘航母可能还需要10年才能充分发挥作用。Tensions have been rising in the South China Sea. 南中国海的紧张气氛一直在加剧。Beijing has been irked by repeated efforts by Washington to test its territorial claims there by moving ships and aircraft close to artificial islands claimed by Beijing.美国多次挑战中国在南中国海的领土主张,派遣舰船和飞机靠近中方宣称拥有主权的人工岛,这些举动已经惹恼了中方。Declaring an Adiz would, in theory, offer Beijing a way to cement further control over the sea, which it claims as its territorial waters. 理论上,宣布设立防空识别区为中方提供了进一步加强对南中国海控制的途径(中方主张南中国海为其领海)。That claim was repudiated this year by an international arbitration court, which ruled in favour of a Philippine challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea — a decision that infuriated Beijing.今年,一个国际仲裁法庭否定了中方的这一主张,做出的裁决有利于菲律宾对中国在南中国海主张构成的挑战——这一裁决激怒了北京方面。The comments from Mr Wu were made at the Xiangshan Forum, an annual three-day gathering in Beijing that offers a window into the strategic thinking of China’s military.吴士存的言论是在香山论坛(Xiangshan Forum)上发表的,这是一个在北京举行的、为期三天的年度会议,这一会议为外界了解中国军方的战略思维提供了一个窗口。In another apparently orchestrated message to the US, Chinese and Russian military officials held a joint briefing on their opposition to Washington’s plans to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea. 中国和俄罗斯军方官员举行了联合吹风会,反对美国在韩国部署反弹道导弹系统的计划——这是对美发出的另一个明显经过精心安排的信息。Seoul requested the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defence system following successive nuclear warhead tests this year by North Korea.在今年朝鲜连续举行核弹头试验后,韩国请求美国在韩部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD,简称:萨德)。Cai Jun, a general in the People’s Liberation Army, said Russia and China would hold a second set of missile defence joint manoeuvres next year, following a first round in Moscow in May. 中国人民解放军少将蔡军表示,俄罗斯和中国明年将举行第二轮导弹防御联合演习,今年5月双方已在莫斯科举行了第一轮演习。The drills underline how opposition to the US has driven Russia and China closer together on military matters.这些演习凸显出,对美国的反对如何推动俄中在军事问题上越走越近。 /201610/472145黑龙江哈市医大四院网上挂号

哈尔滨第二医院咨询电话 A bottled water company in eastern China has begun printing pictures of missing children on its packaging to help parents and authorities find them.我国东部的一家瓶装水公司正在将失踪儿童的照片印在水瓶包装上,以帮助家长和有关部门寻找这些失踪儿童。Qingdao Kingtex International said it has sold 500,000 bottles with information on six children missing since July. The labels also include the child#39;s birth date and a hotline number.青岛清珠国际公司表示,自7月起售出了50万瓶印有6名失踪儿童信息的矿泉水。水瓶标签上还有孩子的生日和热线电话号码。;We just wanted to play our part in helping those parents who might spend their lifetime searching for their missing children,; said a marketing manager at the company该公司一位市场经理表示:“我们只是想尽一份力,来帮助那些可能要花一生的时间去寻找他们失踪的孩子的父母们。”;We#39;re mainly selling the water bottles in Qingdao,; she said. ;Next, we#39;d like to expand the program to Beijing and Shanghai, to sp the information nationwide, so as to raise more awareness of missing children.;她说道:“我们目前主要在青岛销售这些瓶装水。下一步我们希望将项目扩大到北京、上海,让这些信息散播到全国各地,以此让更多人关注失踪儿童。”The project was launched in cooperation with Baobei Huijia (Baby Back Home), a volunteer group that supports parents looking for missing children nationwide.该项目由清珠国际和宝贝回家组织共同发起的,宝贝回家是帮助家长在全国寻找失踪子女的志愿者组织。;It#39;s always a good thing to add another method to help search for lost children. At the very least, these efforts will help to draw people#39;s attention to the problem of child trafficking,; said Zhang Baoyan, who founded the group with her husband, Qin Yanyou.与丈夫秦艳友一起创办这一组织的张宝艳表示:“用另一种方法来帮助寻找丢失的孩子,这总归来说是一件好事。至少这些努力将有助于让人们聚焦到贩卖儿童问题上。” /201611/479587哈尔滨阳光妇科医院人流好吗哈尔滨市老年医院体检多少钱



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