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湖州隆胸手术多钱湖州市中心医院祛疤痕多少钱新英语900句视频版 第44课:只要再五天 文本如下:ALI: How many days to my birthday?我的生日还有几天到?MRS.NIKZAD: Five.五天.ALI: Are we going to invite Mr. Yamamoto, the vegetable man, to my party?我们要不要邀请山本先生, 卖菜的, 参加我的派对?MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t think so, dear.我想不邀请他, 孩子.MRS.NIKZAD: We don#39;t know him very well,我们和他不很熟,MRS.NIKZAD: and he might be too busy to come.而且他可能太忙.MRS.NIKZAD: I understand his store is being renovated next week.我听说他的商店下个星期要整修内部.ALI: Oh. And what about Mr. O#39;Neill? Is he coming?噢, 那欧尼尔先生呢? 他来不来?MRS.NIKZAD: He#39;s been invited.他已经被邀请了.ALI: But is he coming?但是他会来吗?MRS.NIKZAD: We haven#39;t heard from him yet, Ali.阿里, 他还没有答覆我们呢.ALI: I hope he comes.我希望他能来.MRS.NIKZAD: Don#39;t worry, Ali. I#39;m sure he#39;ll try his best.阿里, 你放心好了. 我相信他会尽量赶来的.ALI: What about Mr. Yamamoto?那么山本先生呢?MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t know, dear.我不知道, 孩子.ALI: But I want to invite him.我要请他来嘛.MRS.NIKZAD: Let#39;s wait and ask your father.我们等一下问你爸爸好了.ALI: Do we have to wait?我们一定要等吗?MRS.NIKZAD: Of course, Ali. But don#39;t be upset. The invitation can be sent out first thing in the morning.阿里, 当然要等. 但是不要那么烦恼了. 明天早上第一件事就是将请帖寄出去.ALI: I#39;m going outside. OK?我要到外面走走. 好不好?MRS.NIKZAD: All right, dear. Don#39;t be too long. It#39;s almost lunch time.好的, 孩子. 别出去太久. 快要吃午餐的了.MRS.NIKZAD: Hello, Simon. Have you seen Ali this afternoon?塞门你好. 你今天下午有没有看到阿里?MR.NIKZAD: No, Zahra. Why?没有, 萨拉. 出了什么事吗?MRS.NIKZAD: Oh, dear. I can#39;t find him anywhere. I thought he might have gone to the Fair. I#39;ve looked all over.噢, 亲爱的. 我到处都找不到他. 我以为他可能是到万会去了. 我已经到处找过了.MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t know what to do.我不知道怎么办才好.MRS.NIKZAD: He should have been back an hour ago.他一个钟头前就应该回来了.MR.NIKZAD: Don#39;t worry, Zahra. Probably, he#39;s visiting a friend and forgot about the time.萨拉, 别着急. 大概 他去找朋友而忘了时间.MRS.NIKZAD: But an hour and a half?但会一个半钟头吗?MRS.NIKZAD: That#39;s not like him.这不像他.MRS.NIKZAD: He could have had an accident.他可能发生了意外.MR.NIKZAD: Yes, he could have, Zahra, but he probably didn#39;t. Did anything happen this morning? What were you talking about before he left?可能是可能, 萨拉, 但他也可能没发生什么事. 今天早上有没有发生什么事情? 他走以前你们谈了些什么?MRS.NIKZAD: His birthday party.他生日派对的事.MRS.NIKZAD: It#39;s all he talks about lately.最近他所谈到的就是这件事.MR.NIKZAD: Is it possible you said something to upset him?可不可能是你说了些什么话, 使他不高兴?MRS.NIKZAD: I must have. I know he was upset because we haven#39;t received Mr. O#39;Neill#39;s reply to our invitation, and...一定是这样子. 我们邀请了欧尼尔先生, 但还没收到他的答覆我知道他有点难过, 还有...MR.NIKZAD: And?还有什么?MRS.NIKZAD: And because we haven#39;t invited Mr. Yamamoto.还有, 因为我们没有邀请山本先生.MR.NIKZAD: Anything else?还有别的吗?MRS.NIKZAD: No. He left the house right after that. I suppose I should have called you earlier.没有了. 谈过这些以后他就出去了. 我应该早一点打电话给你的.MR.NIKZAD: Zahra, I#39;m sure there#39;s nothing to worry about. He#39;s probably on his way to the Fair to see Mr. O#39;Neill, or else he#39;s with Mr. Yamamoto.萨拉, 我想我们没有什么好担心的. 他大概到万会去探望欧尼尔先生, 或者在山本先生那边.MRS.NIKZAD: Oh, wait! Here he is! And Mr. Yamamoto is with him. You were right, Simon. He must have gone to Mr. Yamamoto#39;s.噢, 等一下! 他来了! 山本先生跟他一道. 塞门, 你说对了. 他一定是到山本先生那里去了. /200809/48040安吉县中医院脱毛多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466625Areas of poor environmental quality are more likely to have higher cancer rates, according to new research published in the journal Cancer.根据发表在《癌症》杂志上的最新研究,环境质量差的地区更容易患癌症。The study looked at how air, water and land quality, as well as social factors, demographics and even the things we build around ourselves, can contribute to cancer development.这项研究着眼于空气、水和土地质量,以及社会因素、人口特征甚至是我们周围的事物如何促进癌症的发展。The scientists found the average county in the U.S. had about 451 cases per 100,000 people, while areas with the worst environmental factors had about 490 cases.科学家们发现,美国各县平均每100,000人有约451例,而环境因素最严重的地区约有490例。People were most likely to develop prostate and breast cancer when environmental quality decreased.当环境质量下降时,人们最容易患前列腺癌和乳腺癌。And while previous research has looked at the individual environmental factors that lead to an increased risk of cancer, this study is the first that considers all of those factors at once.虽然以前的研究已经考虑个人环境因素导致癌症风险的增加,这项研究首次同时考虑所有这些因素。译文属。 Article/201705/508654长兴县中医院去痣多少钱

湖州抽脂手术But one man was going to change all that.可是有一个人打算推翻这种观点Phil Currie is one of the world#39;s most accomplished paleontologists.Philip Currie是世界上最有成就的古生物学家之一He is one of the few scientists in the world who can identify any meat-eating dinosaur from a single tooth.他是少数几位仅凭一颗牙齿便能判断出食肉恐龙种类的科学家之一It was Currie#39;s passion for predatory dinosaurs that led him down to work with Rodolfo Coria on the plains of Patagonia.Currie对掠食恐龙的痴迷使得他来到巴塔哥尼亚平原,与Rodolfo Coria一起工作When an opportunity came up in 1995 to go to Argentina1995年,我有机会来到阿根廷and see Rodolfo and all the fantastic fossil finds he#39;d made, of course I jumped at it.见到了Rodolfo和他那些了不起的发现,我简直是兴奋不已Like his colleagues, Currie had always believed the mega-carnivores were solitary creatures and didn#39;t hunt in packs.和他的同事们一样,Currie一直认为大型食肉恐龙是独居动物,从来都不会集体狩猎But over time, as he began to think things through, he made a connection.不过随着时间的推移,他再三思考后得出了一种观点From looking at modern animals, it became very clear that只要看看现代动物,maybe it wasn#39;t such an unusual thing that big meat-eating dinosaurs were in fact pack animals.大型食肉恐龙群居生活显然也就不是什么奇怪的事了We#39;d aly had good indications that the plant-eaters were herding animals.我们都公认植食动物是群居动物And it only made sense that if the carnivores wanted to break the defenses of a plant-eater#39;s herd,并且也很清楚食肉动物要想打破植食动物的集体防御the only way they could do that is by having strength of numbers.唯一的方法就是集合群体的力量And one of the responses that happens in a wide range of animals is that the meat-eaters become pack hunters.很多动物都反映了这一现象,即食肉动物是群体狩猎者 Article/201612/481392湖州曙光整形美容医院去眼角 We tend to fit in with the cat#39;s lifestyle.我们会主动去适应猫的生活方式Very much so.经常这样- The cat#39;s in charge? - No doubt about it.-猫是老大 -毫无疑问的It probably makes us quite unique,这也许令我们变得很特殊- in some respects. - Do you reckon?-某种意义上 -你赞同吗I reckon, most households, I think the cats are in charge.我同意 在大多数家庭中猫是老大- Not quite as much as this one, I don#39;t think. - Yes.-但在我们家尤其严重 -没错This is very much a feline-focused family, we are.我们绝对是以猫科动物为中心的一家By his purrs, I know more or less what he wants.通过他的叫声我多少能知道他想要什么They get their own way他们有自己独特的方式because as cats have become domesticated,因为在猫的驯化过程中they#39;ve learnt to change the way they communicate.他们学会如何改变交流的方式When an animal meows or purrs,当动物喵喵叫或呜呜叫时we tend to verbalise back to that.我们常常会回应之And it#39;s almost like we have this idea我们似乎认为of there being a conversation.这就是一种对话And I think that definitely does我认为这在肯定有助于have a part in strengthening the bond.促进宠物与人之间的感情重点解释:1.tend to 倾向 例句:I tend to think that she is right.我倾向于认为她是对的。2.in charge 负责例句:He is the vice-president in charge of sales.他是负责销售的副总经理。3.more or less 或多或少例句:I#39;ve more or less finished ing the book.我差不多已经把这本书看完了。 Article/201609/464918湖州市中心医院整形科

湖州鼻中隔偏曲手术疯狂英语900句 03-12相关专题: /200704/12566 Oh, hey there!噢,嘿,这里!Excuse me! I#39;m so sorry.抱歉,真的很抱歉。I#39;m kind of tired today, because I didn#39;t get enough sleep last night!我今天有点儿累,因为我昨晚没睡够。Aw, thanks, Squeaks! But I think I#39;ll be alright.Squeaks,谢谢。我想我会好的。You probably aly know that sleep is really important, and that we need to get plenty of it.你可能已经知道了睡眠的重要性,我们需要充足的睡眠。Doctors think that most kids need to get about 10 to 12 hours of sleep every day.医生认为大多数孩子每天的睡眠时间应是10到12个小时。But sometimes it#39;s hard to go to bed when you#39;re supposed to, especially if you don#39;t feel tired.但有时,尽管我们应该上床睡觉了却睡不着,尤其是你感觉不累的时候。That#39;s why it helps to know what#39;s going on while you#39;re snoozing away at night, and why sleep is so important.这就是为什么它能帮助你了解睡觉时发生了什么和为什么睡眠这么重要。Think about all of the things you do during the day.想想白天做的所有事情。You probably spend a lot of your day playing, or maybe going places like to school or to the store.你可能花了很多时间去玩,也可能去了学校或商店之类的地方。All those activities, and anything else you do, take energy.你做得所有这些活动或其他活动,都耗费能量。Your body still uses energy when you sleep, but it uses less of it.在你睡觉时,你的身体仍在消耗能量,但用的较少。Since your body uses less energy when you sleep, it has a chance to save some of that energy for later.由于你的身体在睡眠时消耗更少的能量,所以睡眠能为第二天节省一些能量。So you feel good when you wake up the next morning, and you#39;re y to tackle another day!所以你会在第二天早上醒来时感觉良好,准备好迎接新的一天。Sleep also gives your body a chance to focus energy on things that help to keep you healthy.睡眠还能让你的身体有机会把精力集中在保持健康上。For example, your body uses energy to heal and to grow while you sleep.比如,在你睡觉时,你的身体能利用能量愈合伤口和生长。Sleep also gives your body a chance to use energy to fight off the germs that can make you sick.睡眠也能为身体提供能量来抵抗让人生病的细菌。So, sleep is important for your whole body.所以,睡眠对整个身体都重要。But there#39;s one special part of your body that really needs sleep—your brain!但身体的一个特殊部位真的需要睡眠——你的大脑。Sleep not only gives your body a rest, it gives your brain a rest, too!睡眠不仅让你的身体休息,也能让你的大脑休息。Your brain is super busy during the day!白天你的大脑超级累。It works really hard to make sense of all of the things you see, smell, and hear;它要感知所有看到的、闻到的和听到的事物。it makes sure that the parts of your body are working together;它要确保你身体各部位协调工作,it helps you make decisions; and it helps you learn new things.它要帮你做决定,学习新知识。And those#39;re just some of brain#39;s jobs!这些只是大脑的一部分工作。Your brain doesn#39;t stop working when you sleep,你睡觉时,大脑仍在工作,but it does have a chance to slow down for a bit, and to kind of figure things out.但它运转的速度降低了一些,把事情想清楚。While you sleep, your brain organizes the things you learned during the day to help you remember them later.当你睡觉时,大脑把你白天学到的知识系统化,方便随后记忆。Your brain also sorts out your feelings while you sleep.当你睡觉时,大脑也会整理你的感受。Scientists have also found that your brain needs sleep to help you concentrate,科学家发现大脑需要睡眠来帮你集中注意力,so you can be better at solving problems at home and at school.这样的话,你在家里或学校就能更好地解决问题。Wow, there#39;s a lot going on while you sleep.哇,你休息时竟然发生了这么多事情。Even if you don#39;t remember it when you wake up! There#39;s so much going on.即使你醒来时不记得了,但确实发生了很多变化。In fact, that your body usually makes you feel pretty terrible when you don#39;t get enough sleep.事实上,你得不到充足的睡眠时,身体通常会感觉很糟糕。Too little sleep can make you feel tired, and can make it harder for you to concentrate or solve problems.睡得少会使你感觉疲惫,也让你很难集中注意力或解决问题。And, since your brain helps sort out your feelings while you#39;re sleeping,因为你睡觉时,你的大脑会帮你整理感受,you can also feel cranky or crabby when you don#39;t get enough sleep!所以睡得少时,你会感觉脾气暴躁或易怒。So, what can you do to make sure that you get enough sleep?所以,我们要怎么做才能保获得充足的睡眠呢?First, doctors and other sleep experts say you should have a sleep routine.首先,医生和其他专家说我们应该有个睡眠习惯。That means we should try do the same things every night before we go to bed.那意味着我们每晚睡觉前应该做相同的事情。A sleep routine helps your body realize that it#39;s time to go to sleep.睡眠习惯能帮助身体意识到睡觉时间到了。A good routine might include ing a story, having a bath, or maybe listening to some soft music.好的习惯包括读故事、洗澡或听听轻音乐。It should also mean going to bed at about the same time every night,这意味着我们每晚要在同一时间上床睡觉。and getting up at about the same time every morning.每天早上同一时间起床。That#39;s one of the reasons it#39;s important to have a bedtime!这也是固定的睡觉时间点很重要的原因之一。One thing that shouldn#39;t be part of your sleep routine is watching TV or using a tablet or phone.看电视或使用平板手机不应在睡眠习惯之列。That#39;s because the special light from their screens can send a signal to your body that it#39;s daytime,因为这些屏幕的特殊光线会给身体发送一个现在是白天的信号,even when it#39;s really time for bed!即使现在是睡觉的时间。So now you know why it#39;s so important to get a good night#39;s sleep.所以,现在你知道良好的睡眠为什么如此重要了吧。I think I#39;m going to take a nap!我想我要打个盹了。Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀。If you want to keep learning and having fun with me and Squeaks, hit the red subscribe button.如果你想继续学习,与我和Squeaks共度美好时光,请点击红色订阅键。We#39;ll see you next time, here at the Fort!我们下次沃斯堡见。 Article/201706/515594浙江省湖州鼻翼整形多少钱湖州98医院激光去痘多少钱



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