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South Korea’s Park Geun-hye on Friday morning denied involvement in a religious cult and vowed to accept an independent investigation into claims of corruption and influence peddling that have shook her presidency.周五早上,韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)否认曾参与邪教活动,并承诺要接受对腐败和以权谋私指控的独立调查。这些指控已动摇了她的总统地位。The country’s first female leader appeared in a televised address as a scandal involving her so-called “shaman advisershowed no signs of dying down, writes Bryan Harris in Seoul.这位韩国首位女性领导人在电视讲话中露面之际,有关其“萨满顾问”的丑闻仍未显示出退潮迹象。At the heart of the saga is Choi Soon-sil: a long-time friend and confidante to the president who was last week revealed to have exerted influence over high-level decision-making.这一传奇故事的核心人物是朴槿惠的长期好友兼知己崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil),她在上周被披露对韩国高级别决策过程施加影响。The claims have infuriated South Koreans, who have taken to the streets of Seoul in protest every night this week.这些指控令韩国人十分愤慨,本周每个晚上都有韩国人走上首尔街头抗议。In the address, Ms Park appeared chastened as she apologised for the scandal and promised to accept a probe.在电视讲话中,朴槿惠表现出诚心悔过的态度,为这一丑闻道歉,并承诺要接受调查。“Everything is my fault and I feel great responsibility. Prosecutors should get to the bottom of the case and those responsible should receive stern legal punishment,she said.她说:“一切都是我的错,我感到了巨大的责任。检察机关应彻查此案,责任人应受到法律的严惩。“I will fully cooperate with the prosecutorsinvestigation. If necessary, I am willing to be investigated by them and will accept a probe by an independent counsel. ”“我会全面配合检方调查。如有必要,我愿接受他们的调查,并接受由独立顾问团开展的调查。”A Gallup poll on Friday showed Ms Park’s approval rating amid the scandal had fallen to 5 per cent a record low for a Korean politician.周五的盖洛普(Gallup)民调显示,在这次丑闻中,朴槿惠的持率已下滑%——创下了韩国政客持率低点的纪录。来 /201611/476281。

  • The Netherlands and Belgium last Monday signed a treaty to exchange pieces of land along the Meuse river border.荷兰与比利时在上周一签订协议,互换默兹河边界沿线的部分领土。In accordance with the treaty, the Belgian peninsulas Presquile de Lllal and Presquile dEijsden will be traded for the Dutch peninsula Petit Gravier. As a result, the Netherlands will become about 0.1 sq km larger.根据这一协议,比利时将用日安半岛和艾斯登半岛交换荷兰的Petit Gravier半岛,荷兰的国土面积将因此扩.1平方公里。The signing occurred during a three-day visit to the Netherlands by Belgiums King Filip and Queen Mathilde.比利时国王菲利普和王后马蒂尔德是在荷兰进行为期三天的访问时签订的该协议;This unique border agreement is an example of our excellent cooperation with the Belgian people. We have shown today that the Netherlands and Belgium succeed as good neighbors to adjust borders in a peaceful way,; said Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders.荷兰外交大臣孔德尔斯表示:“这一独特的边界协议是我们与比利时人民保持着良好合作的例。我们今天的行动表明,荷兰和比利时是好邻居,能够用和平方式来调整分界。;You do not see so often that changing borders without firing a shot, but there was an excellent collaboration,; Netherlands Limburg Gov. Theo Bovens said to broadcaster NOS.在接受荷兰广播联NOS)的采访时,林堡省省长西奥·文斯表示:“改变国界而不费一兵一卒,这种情况很少见的,却是一次非凡的合作。”If the parliaments of both countries adopt the treaty next year, the border correction will take effect on Jan 1, 2018.如果两国议会明年批准这项协议,边界更改将018日生效。来 /201612/482324。
  • Donald Trump has called for the cancellation of a Boeing contract to build the Air Force One aircraft that carries the US president, citing out of control costs, in a fresh example of the president-elect using his bully pulpit to pressure American companies.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)呼吁取消一份与波音(Boeing)签署的、建造美国总统专机空军一Air Force One)的合同,称其成本失去控制。这是特朗普借助候任总统身份向美国企业施压的新例子。Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than billion. 特朗普周二在Twitter网站发消息称:波音正在为未来总统打造一款全新的747型空军一号,但其成本已失去控制,超过0亿美元。Cancel order! Mr Trump tweeted on Tuesday. 取消这份订单!Boeing is building two new versions of the 747 to replace the current fleet that has transported the American president for decades. 波音正在建造两架新版本47型飞机,以替换美国历届总统已乘坐几十年的现有机队。While Mr Trump flies around the US on his personal plane, known as Trump Force One, the air force plane that carries the president has highly sophisticated communications equipment.尽管特朗普迄今乘坐自己的特朗普一Trump Force One)私人飞机奔波于美国各地,但总统专机配备高度精密的通信设备。Mr Trump later told reporters at Trump Tower, where his transition team is based, that the cost of the deal was ridiculous. 特朗普随后在其过渡团队驻扎的特朗普大Trump Tower)向记者表示,这笔交易的成本高得荒唐。But he did not explain how he arrived at the bn figure or the basis for his claims about cost overruns. 不过,他并未解释如何得出40亿美元这个数字,也没有解释他声称的超的依据。Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. 特朗普表示:波音有点讹人了。We want Boeing to make money but not that much money, Mr Trump said.我们希望波音赚钱,但不想让它赚这么多。Boeing did not address the tweet directly. 波音并未直接回复这条Twitter消息。But the company said it was under contract for 0m to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president.不过该公司表示,根据合同,它将.7亿美元帮助确定这种务于总统独特需求的复杂军用飞机的能力。We look forward to working with the US Air Force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the American taxpayer,; the Chicago-based company said in a statement. 这家总部位于芝加哥的公司在一份声明中表示:我们期待与美国空军(US Air Force)在该项目后续阶段开展合作,以便让我们能以对美国纳税人最佳的价值、向总统交付最好的飞机。Richard Aboulafia, an aviation expert at Teal Group, said there was no basis for the cost claims. 蒂尔集团(Teal Group)航空业专家理查德.阿布Richard Aboulafia)表示,特朗普的成本声明毫无根据。He is completely making stuff up arbitrarily, he said. 他完全是在随意捏造事实。That doesn’t mean that one day that there won’t be cost problems. 他说,这并不是说某一天不会出现成本问题。It is just way too early.只是现在谈这个问题太早了。来 /201612/482059。
  • Chinas population is expected to peak at about 1.45 billion around 2030, according to the national population development plan for 2016-2030 released by the State Council, Chinas cabinet.国务院于日前印发的《国家人口发展规2016030》指出,030年中国人口预计将达到14.5亿人。The country will enter a key transitional period between 2021 and 2030 in its population development as it will witness a decrease in the number of people of working age, more elderly people, still active population migration and diversified family patterns, according to the plan, which was signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang.据李克强总理签署的这份规划显示,021年到2030年期间,中国人口发展将进入一个关键转折时期,届时将会出现劳动力人口减少、老龄人口增多、人口迁移仍然活跃、家庭模式多样化等特点。The country will adhere to the family planning policy as a basic state policy, and fully implement the two-child policy to promote balanced population development, according to the plan.规划称,中国将继续坚持计划生育政策为基本国策,全面落实两孩政策,以促进人口均衡发展。The government will improve the policy adjustment mechanism for child birth, allocate public service resources rationally, improve development and support systems for families to achieve a suitable fertility rate, it said.政府将完善生育政策调整机制、合理配置公共务资源、完善家庭发展和持体系,从而达到了一个适宜的生育率。Efforts will also be made to improve the skill set of new workers, make full use of workers potentials, develop the human resources of the senior population, and make good use of international talent.同时政府还要努力提高劳动者技能水平、充分发挥劳动者潜力、开发老年人资源、充分利用国际人才。Measures will be taken to promote urbanization, improve policies on population movement, address the problem of an aging population, promote womens development, and enhance protection of minors and the disabled.政府将采取措施促进城市化、完善人口流动政策、解决人口老龄化问题、促进女性的发展、并加强对未成年人和残疾人的保护。China allowed all married couples to have two children in 2016. This follows an earlier easing of the policy in 2013 that allowed couples to have a second child if either parent was an only child.中国016年允许所有已婚夫妇可以生育两个孩子。在2013年,计划生育政策曾有过松动,当时规定只要夫妻双方都是独生子女就可以生二胎。来 /201702/491449。
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