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FORTY-FIVE giant pandas have been born in acenter within the Wolong National Nature Reserve in southwest China#39;s SichuanProvince in the five years since a massive earthquake wreaked havoc on thearea, according to officials.自汶川大地震造成破坏以来的5年内,四十五只大熊猫出生在中国西南的四川省卧龙国家级自然保护区中心,根据有关部门。The 8.0-magnitude quake happened on May 12,2008 and the death toll is estimated to have exceeded 80,000.那次8.0级地震发生在2008年5月12日,死亡人数估计超过8万。It also terrified Wolong#39;s giant pandas anddamaged their facilities, though breeding of the animals continued at the ChinaGiant Panda Protection and Research Center.它也吓坏了卧龙大熊猫,损害了他们的设施,但大熊猫的繁殖在中国大熊猫保护和研究中心继续着。The number of births has slowed to lessthan 10 each year from more than a dozen before the quake, as the center hasfocused on the quality of each panda born, Zhang Hemin, the center#39;s director,said before the fifth anniversary of the natural disaster.大地震之前的过去十几年,每年出生的大熊猫不到10只,正如中心一直注重出生的每只熊猫的质量,该中心主任张和民在汶川地震五周年之前说。;We seek to breed from the bestpairs,; explained Zhang.“我们寻求从最好的熊猫配对中繁殖品种,”张解释道。The center is the world#39;s largest giantpanda breeding facility, currently housing 170 captive pandas previously livingthroughout the reserve, located only 10 kilometers from the epicenter of theearthquake in Wenchuan County.该中心是世界上最大的大熊猫繁育基地,目前容纳着170只圈养大熊猫,它们以前生活在保护区,距震中汶川仅10公里。Following the quake, most of the pandas andstaff in the center were transferred to another breeding facility in Ya#39;an,some 140 kilometers from the provincial capital, Chengdu.在地震后,大部分大熊猫和工作人员被转移到在雅安的另一个育种中心设施,距省会成都约140公里。That facility itself fell victim to similarcircumstances when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake jolted Lushan County of Ya#39;an onApril 20 this year.当今年4月20日7.0级地震发生在雅安市庐山县,基地本身也发生了类似的受损情况。However, it remained mostly intact, withall 61 of its pandas reported safe.然而,它仍然几乎完好无损,所有的61名大熊猫报道安全。Meanwhile, a new center for panda breedingand research, sponsored by the government of Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegion (SAR) has been built on less rugged terrain in Huangcaoping in theWolong reserve, with capacity to accommodate 80 captive pandas, said LiDesheng, deputy chief of the reserve.与此同时,由香港特别行政区(香港特区) 政府赞助的一个新的熊猫繁殖和研究中心在卧龙自然保护区的黄草坪较为平坦的区域内建立,能容纳80只圈养大熊猫,保护区副局长李德生说。The Hong Kong SAR government has also helpedbuild a rescue and disease control center in nearby Dujiangyan City.香港特区政府也帮助在都江堰附近建立了一个救援和疾病控制中心。 /201305/239239

Hundreds of police and paramilitary troops lined the streets in a southern Beijing neighborhood on Thursday morning in a massive show of force following a protest over the death of a young migrant worker the night before -- a rare occurrence in the tightly controlled capital city.周四上午,数百名警察和武警出现在了北京南部一个居民区的道路两旁。这种大规模出动警力的情况在受到严格控制的首都十分罕见。此前一名年轻外地打工的死亡引发了抗议活动。But the security measures couldn#39;t stop the anger from continuing to boil online as Internet users roundly rejected a police statement about the woman#39;s death -- as well as statements surrounding another, unrelated death nearly two decades before. Both illustrate the difficulties authorities face in suppressing long-simmering public frustration over perceived failures of justice in the country.但是,这些安全手段不能阻止愤怒情绪继续在网上沸腾:中国网友激烈反驳了警方关于这名女子死亡原因的声明,以及围绕将近20年前的一桩与此次事件无关的投毒案的若干声明。两个案件都凸显出,中国有关部门已经难以压制公众因为感到国家缺乏公正而不断激化的失望情绪。Police were concentrating their attention on the area around the Jingwen Wholesale Market, the site of Wednesday#39;s protest, during which helicopters circled as what appeared to be hundreds gathered. Chinese cities occasionally see mass protests, but such sizable demonstrations are rare in Beijing, whether authorities strive to keep the peace.警方把注意力集中于周三发生抗议的京温批发市场附近地区。周三的抗议活动聚集了数百名示威者,期间有直升飞机在空中盘旋。中国的一些城市有时会发生大规模抗议活动,但是由于有关部门努力维稳,北京很少发生这样大的示威活动。Apparel sellers at the market said that protests were linked to the death of a young woman who fell Friday from a high floor of the market where she had been employed. They said those close to the young woman -- identified by police as surnamed Yuan -- had disputed a police claim that she committed suicide. Many were angry with officials#39; refusal to release of information about the case, workers said.京温商城的装商贩说,抗议活动与一名在这个商城工作的年轻女子的死亡有关。该女子上周五从商城坠楼身亡。他们说,与这名年轻女子(警方说这名女子姓袁)关系密切的人们否认了警方关于她是自杀的说法。商城的务工人员们说,许多人对官员们拒绝公开案件相关信息感到愤怒。#39;Police say that she killed herself, but we all know that isn#39;t true,#39; one woman who sold dresses at the market said. #39;She was so young and had no reason to have done such a thing, #39; she said, noting that she didn#39;t personally know Ms. Yuan.一名在商城卖装的妇女说,警方说她是自杀,但是我们都知道这不是真的。她说,她这么年轻,没有理由这么做。她说自己并不认识死者。Others at the market said suicide was unlikely, as Ms. Yuan -- who they said was a migrant worker from China#39;s inland Anhui province -- was a primary caretaker of her father, who is suffering from cancer.商城的另外一些人说,袁某不太可能自杀,因为她的父亲患了癌症,主要靠她来照料。他们说,袁某是来自中国内陆安徽省的一名外来务工人员。In a statement posted to the Twitter-like microblogging platform Sina Weibo on Thursday, Beijing#39;s public security officials said that they had launched a thorough review of the investigation in the wake of #39;social reaction#39; to Ms. Yuan#39;s death, going back over security footage and the autopsy. The statement said that officials have ruled out poisoning, sexual assault and homicide as potential causes. The statement said that security officials confirmed she #39;died after actively falling from a high place.#39;周四,北京公安部门在与推特类似的新浪微上发表声明说,针对袁某坠楼死亡及社会反映,他们已经对案件调查进行了彻底的复核,重新梳理了监控录像和尸体检验。声明中说,袁某死因排除中毒、性侵害及他杀可能。声明中说,警方实袁某系“自主高坠死亡”。Police have informed the family of details of the investigation, the statement said, adding, #39;the family has not expressed any objections.#39;声明中说,警方已将核查详细情况及相关据通报家属,并补充说,“家属无异议”。The public security statement has done little to quell the fury that has mounted online, where skepticism of the police#39;s position in the case remains despite blocks on her name and the name of the market.公安部门的声明并没有平息在网上高涨的愤怒,尽管袁某和商城的名字在网上都已经被屏蔽,网民依然怀疑警方在这起案件中的立场。#39;If this were a simple case of suicide, why are you shielding the words circulating about her death?#39; wrote one user.一位网友写道:如果这是一起简单的自杀案件,你们为什么屏蔽有关她死亡的字眼?#39;If there is no objection, then why are so many people disturbed by this?#39; another Weibo user in the coastal city of Qingdao wrote, adding, #39;We have to consider the legitimacy of authorities and the lack of trust in the government.#39;另一位青岛网友写道:如果无异议,为什么有这么多人觉得不安?这位网友还说,我们不得不细想有关部门的合法性以及对政府信任的缺失。Police at the scene of Ms. Yuan#39;s death declined to discuss the situation. Many said they were not aware of any problems at the market.那些出现在袁某死亡现场的警察拒绝谈论案情。其中很多人说,他们不清楚该市场是否有任何问题。Military troops marched around the parameter of the wholesale market and nearby were parked around a dozen buses full of soldiers. One worker said the protests had been organized by an Anhui workers#39; group.京温批发市场周围当时出动了军队,附近停了十多辆满载士兵的大巴。一名工人说,抗议活动由一个安徽工人群体组织。A woman outside the market, which is located on one of the poorer areas of Beijing, predominantly populated by migrant laborers, said that she witnessed protests yesterday. They disbanded due to the large number of police and military, she said. #39;It#39;s not likely they will return,#39; she said. #39;In China, that#39;s how it is; the police come and we become silent.#39;京温市场位于北京一个较穷地区,聚集在那里的主要是外来务工者。该市场外的一名女子说,她目睹了周三的抗议过程。她说,因为来了很多警察和军人,所以抗议人群就散了,他们不太可能回来,在中国就是这样,警察一来,我们就沉默了。The reaction online mirrors a wave of skepticism heaped on Beijing police earlier this week in connection with a 19-year-old unsolved poisoning case. The victim in that case, a local woman named Zhu Ling, suffered severe neurological damage after twice being exposed to massive quantities of thallium while a student at Beijing#39;s prestigious Tsinghua University in 1994 and 1995. Health experts concluded that she must have been poisoned, but police did not begin investigating the case until months later, according to state media, and authorities never publicly released the results. No one was ever formally charged with the crime.网上的反应也映照了本周早些时候人们对北京警方的质疑,那次质疑与一名19岁女孩遭投毒的悬案有关。投毒案的受害者是一位名叫朱令的北京女子,1994年和1995年在中国知名学府清华大学上学时,她接触到大剂量的化学物质铊,导致神经系统严重受损。医学专家认为,朱令的情况一定是被人下毒,而有关部门从未公开发布调查结果。也没有人因此案而被正式起诉。Public interest in the case was resurrected after a similar poisoning incident occurred at Fudan University in Shanghai in April. After weeks of calls from social media users and others for a reopening of the investigation, Beijing police issued a statement on Sina Weibo on Wednesday saying there was no way to pursue the case further as the evidence had aly been lost.今年4月,上海复旦大学发生了一起类似投毒事件,引发公众再度关注朱令案。在社交媒体用户和其他人连续数周呼吁重启朱令案调查后,北京警方周三在新浪微上发布声明说,碍于据灭失,案件最终无法侦破。#39;We hope society can view this reasonably and objectively, respect the rules of investigative work, and understand and support public security organs#39; handling of cases according to law,#39; said the statement, which attracted a flood of dissatisfied comments.声明说:希望社会公众能够理性客观看待,尊重侦查工作规律,理解持公安机关依法办案。这条微引发大量不满。#39;I really don#39;t understand what the Beijing police do -- a waste of taxpayer#39;s money!#39; wrote one frustrated microblogger. #39;If it had been your child or your relative or friend who had been hurt, would you brush it off like this?#39;一位深感沮丧的微用户写道:我真想不通北京警方是干什么的,简直就是浪费纳税人的钱!如果是你们的孩子、家人或朋友受到伤害,你们是不是也像这样一笔带过? /201305/239161

After 18 years handling rich people#39;s money in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Didier von Daeniken says he found that the concerns of the wealthy are similar no matter where they are in the world. 迪迪埃#8226;冯#8226;德尼肯(Didier von Daeniken)说,在为欧洲、中东和亚洲地区的富人理财18年之后,他发现不管是哪个地方的富人,关心的事情都是差不多的。 #39;The economic cycle may be different in the regions, and there may be more first-generation wealthy in Asia, but an entrepreneur is still an entrepreneur,#39; said the 48-year-old Asia-Pacific head of Barclays Wealth, the private-banking arm of Barclays PLC, a role he#39;s held since 2007. 冯#8226;德尼肯现年48岁,2007年以来一直担任巴克莱集团(Barclays PLC)旗下私人巴克莱财富(Barclays Wealth)的亚太区负责人。他说,各地区经济周期或许并不一样,或许亚洲地区的富一代更多,但企业家毕竟是企业家。 Barclays is in the midst of a major expansion of its global private-banking business, spending GBP 350 million (US9 million) the past two years on technology and new hires. The company expects the bulk of the growth to come from Asia, where booming economies have minted a new generation of millionaires. 巴克莱正在大力拓展其全球私人业务,过去两年它在技术和新招聘人员方面投入了3.5亿英镑(合5.49亿美元)。该公司预计未来的业务增长主要来自亚洲,因为该地区经济的蓬勃发展已经造就了一代新富。 The regional private-banking business at Barclays has grown steadily, with assets under management in Asia increasing 25% last year, in line with the growth rate of the past five years, Mr. von Daeniken said. While Barclays doesn#39;t separate out the assets by region, he said Asia accounts for approximately 10% of global assets under management, which totaled GBP 176 billion at the end of June. 巴克莱在亚洲地区的私人业务一直在稳健增长。据冯#8226;德尼肯说,去年公司在该地区管理的资产增加了25%,延续了过去五年的增势。虽然巴克莱并不单独列出各地区管理资产的数额,但据冯#8226;德尼肯说,在截至6月底巴克莱管理的1,760亿英镑全球资产当中,亚洲地区约占10%。 But the Asian market has hardly been a panacea for Western private banks. For one, costs are rising as competition for bankers sends salaries skyward. And secondly, Asia is calling for a new business model. In the West, most clients have traditionally paid their private bank a flat fee to manage their assets, providing the bank with steady and assured income. Asian clients prefer to pay by the transaction. 不过,亚洲并不是西方私人银脱困的灵丹妙药。首先,随着人才争夺导致薪资猛增,成本正在增加。其次,在亚洲地区做私人需要一种新商业模式。在西方,多数客户一直是为其私人付一笔固定的管理费,这就给带来了稳定而有保障的收入,而亚洲客户则更喜欢按交易付费。 Mr. von Daeniken, based in Singapore, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal#39;s Jason Chow about the challenges of the Asian market, why he#39;s bullish on Japan, and why he#39;s willing to shell out when hiring senior bankers. 常驻新加坡的冯#8226;德尼肯前不久接受《华尔街日报》记者Jason Chow专访,谈亚洲市场的挑战,谈他为什么看好日本,为什么不惜重金聘请资深家。 The following interview has been edited. 以下是经过编辑的访谈内容。 WSJ: Where is the opportunity for private banks in Asia? 《华尔街日报》:亚洲私人的机会在哪里? Mr. von Daeniken: As long as you have huge creation of wealth in the major economies, markets will be growing. For us, that means targeting Greater China, Indonesia and India. No big surprise. 冯#8226;德尼肯:只要几个主要经济体大量创造财富,市场就会不断增长。对我们来说,这意味着要瞄准大中华区、印度尼西亚和印度。这没有什么好奇怪的。 Add to that: Japan. It sounds counterintuitive - as everyone will tell you about the lost decades in Japan. But it seems not to be true. Last year, for example, the market grew by some 4.2% - the number of high net-worth individuals in Japan. If you go to Japan and look around, we would all agree there are quite a lot of wealthy people in Japan. You look at their cars, the way they dress, you know there is a lot of money. 另外还要加上日本。这听起来不合常理,因为人人都会跟你讲日本失去的几十年。但实际情况好像不是这样。比如在去年,日本市场(按高净值个人数量计算)就扩大了4.2%左右。如果你到日本四处看看,就会发现日本富人相当之多。看他们开的车,穿的衣,就知道他们相当有钱。 WSJ: Private banks traditionally have charged fees to manage people#39;s portfolios, but wealthy Asians prefer to pay by the transaction. Does your business model have to change for Asia? 《华尔街日报》:过去,私人一直是收取资产管理费,但亚洲富人更愿意按交易付费。你们的商业模式是否需要为亚洲而变? Mr. von Daeniken: I think in Europe, it#39;s changing. It#39;s a reflection of [age], not necessarily geography. Even today, Europe is more transaction-oriented than you think. 冯#8226;德尼肯:我认为就是在欧洲,商业模式也在发生变化。这是对这个时代的一种反映,而不一定是对地理位置的反映。即便是在今天,欧洲也比人们所认为的更加以交易为导向。 Having said that, size matters. You need to have a business, in our opinion, of at least US billion-US billion of assets under management to be profitable in Asia. 另外,规模非常重要。我们认为,要想在亚洲实现盈利,管理的资产至少得有200亿美元到250亿美元。 WSJ: With banks growing aggressively in Asia, how do you keep costs in line, especially when it comes to pay? 《华尔街日报》:随着各个在亚洲大力扩张,你们怎样控制成本,特别是薪酬方面的成本? Mr. von Daeniken: In 2008, we made one of the central tenets of our strategy the quality of the bankers we hire. We call it an inverted pyramid. 冯#8226;德尼肯:2008年,我们把受聘家的素质定为我们战略的核心原则之一。我们称之为倒金字塔结构。 We told [the head office in] London that by end of 2012, 60% of our bankers would be managing directors (15 years or more experience), 30% would be VPs and 10% assistant vice presidents. In 2008, only 17% were directors. 我们跟伦敦总部讲,到2012年年底,董事总经理(15年或以上资历)要占60%,副总裁占30%,助理副总裁占10%。2008年董事总经理才占17%。 This is invariably correlated with cost. But I have a different view: If you want to give clients good advice, experience counts. 这不可避免地要涉及到成本。不过从另一个角度来看,如果你想给予客户优质建议,资历是非常重要的。 It#39;s a statement. We#39;re saying that more than 50% of our bankers are senior bankers. Compare us to our competitors. A majority of them are organized in such a way that more than half of them are juniors who are supposed to support the seniors. We think that business is all wrong. 这是在宣告:我们超过半数的家都是资深业者。把我们拿去跟竞争对手比一比吧。在大多数竞争对手的组织结构中,半数以上都是为资深家打下手的资历较浅者。我们认为这种模式是完全错误的。 WSJ: Everybody is trying to poach each other#39;s bankers. How do you keep yours? 《华尔街日报》:在大家都相互挖角的环境下,你们用什么办法留住人才? Mr. von Daeniken: There are bankers who are outpricing themselves. . .but because we are a small organization, we don#39;t need to hire 120 bankers a year. If in a given year, we#39;ve hired 25 bankers, I#39;m very happy. There is no way you are going to find 150 good bankers in the whole of Asia. 冯#8226;德尼肯:有些家的确开价过高……但由于我们是一家小规模机构,我们不需要一年聘请120位家。如果某一年我们聘用了25位家,我就非常满意了。要在整个亚洲找到150名优秀家,那是不可能的。 WSJ: Many clients in Asia, burned by investments gone bad during the last downturn, are dissatisfied with private banks. What do you do to combat that perception? 《华尔街日报》:亚洲地区很多客户在上次衰退期间因为投资失利而受伤,他们对私人并不满意,你们用什么办法来应对他们的这种认知呢? Mr. von Daeniken: Understanding the client is important. It sounds so basic. 冯#8226;德尼肯:理解客户是很重要的。这听起来是非常基本的东西。 You don#39;t have to have very sophisticated tools to have this discussion about risk. One of the primary responsibilities of the banker is to have again and again that conversation. #39;Are you sure? You know where we are? Do you understand the risk on your portfolio?#39; 谈论风险并不需要利用多么复杂的工具。家的首要职责之一,是一次又一次地问“你确定吗”、“你知道我们说的是怎么一回事吗” 、“你是否了解自己投资组合的风险”。 WSJ: What is the biggest risk to growth? 《华尔街日报》:业务增长面临的最大风险是什么? Mr. von Daeniken: Asian economies performing badly - that#39;s the primary risk. That means our clients will make less money, and so they#39;ll have less to invest. But that#39;s the only one. 冯#8226;德尼肯:亚洲经济表现不佳──这是主要风险,这意味着我们客户的收入将会减少,这样一来他们用于投资的资金也会减少。但也就这样一种风险。 WSJ: What about competitors#39; getting a larger share of the private-banking pie? 《华尔街日报》:你会担心竞争对手在私人这块蛋糕中获得了较大的份额吗? Mr. von Daeniken: I#39;m more concerned that the pie is shrinking. 冯#8226;德尼肯:我更担心的是这块蛋糕变小。 We have grown by expanding our bankers population. Bankers brought with them clients. And that has been a significant contributor to growing our assets. In the next five to six years, it#39;s very important for us to be more and more successful in satisfying our clients. The first phase was for bankers to bring the client network they have. The next phase is for clients to advocate what we have achieved. 通过扩充家的人数,我们实现了扩张。家会带来客户,这成了我们扩充资产规模的重要贡献因素。在接下来五六年里,越来越有效地满足客户需求将是非常重要的。第一阶段是让家把他们的客户人脉带过来。下一阶段是让客户来宣传我们取得的成绩。 /201208/197279

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