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Now it#39;s your turn. Sorry if you#39;ve been waiting long...现在轮到你了。对不起,让你已经等了很久了… /201606/450940Oh Boris, he’s a clown, he’s a joker, he’s a laugh, what a harmless, funny, silly buffoon.哦鲍里斯啊鲍里斯,他就是个小丑,就是个笑话,多么无关紧要、啼笑皆非、又愚蠢之极的小丑呀!1. On why women go to university关于为什么女人要上大学#39;They’ve got to find men to marry#39;.“她们就该找个男人嫁了。”2. On how female graduates are, supposedly, responsible for rising house prices关于女性毕业生如何可能对飞涨的房价负责#39;The colossal expansion in the numbers of female graduates is in many ways a marvellous thing; but it has boosted the well-documented process of assortative mating, by which middle-class graduates marry middle-class graduates and thereby entrench their economic advantages, pooling their graduate incomes to push up house prices and increase the barriers to entry for the rest.#39;“女性大学毕业生的数量大量增加,在许多方面都挺不可思议的;但它已确凿无疑地促进了选择性婚姻,中产阶级毕业生嫁给中产阶级的毕业生,从而巩固其经济优势,积攒他们的收入来推高房价,并且对于其他人来说提高了进入的门槛。”3.On how female graduates who supposedly caused said rising house prices are responsible for other families finding it hard to get housing, and that women should work less and go back to the home because they are responsible for young people’s antisocial behaviour对女性毕业生可能引起房价上涨并对其他家庭很难获得住房而负责,并且女性应该少工作,回归家庭,因为他们要对年轻人的反社会行为而负责#39;The result is that in families on lower incomes the women have absolutely no choice but to work, often with adverse consequences for family life and society as a whole – in that unloved and undisciplined children are more likely to become hoodies, NEETS, and mug you on the street corner.#39;“结果是,低收入家庭妇女除了工作没有其他选择,并会对家庭生活和社会产生不利的影响——因为缺爱且不守纪律的孩子更有可能成为小混混、啃老族、在街角对你扮鬼脸。”4.On whether women should work关于女性是否应该工作。#39;Of course I am in favour of women working, and the world would be far nicer if women ran it, but I sometimes wonder if they – we – really want to work quite so hard.#39;“我当然持女性工作,而且世界将因有女性来工作而变得更好,但是我有时会想她们或我们是否真的想要那么辛苦的工作。”5.On how women in the workplace cry when criticised关于当受到批评时,女性如何在工作场所嚎啕大哭#39;Men and women express emotion differently…it should not be an offence to say that.#39;“男人和女人表达感情的方式不同……这样说并不算是一种冒犯。”6.On why people move to the city关于为何人们搬去城市#39;We seek cities because there are a greater range of girls at the bar, of reproductive choice.“我们搬去城市,因为那里的酒吧里有更多子,属于生育抉择。#39;But above all, talented people seek cities for fame. They can’t get famous in the f***ing village.#39;但最重要的是,有才能的人到城市寻求出名。他们在破乡村不可能出名。”7.On whether or not he was disrespectful and patronising towards female assembly members关于他是否无礼傲慢地对待女议员#39;I have not been more robust towards female rather than male assembly members and I do not believe I have been remotely sexist.#39;“比起男性议会成员,我并没有对女性更粗鲁,并且我相信我绝没有性别歧视。” /201607/452409From the USA to Egypt, China and Bulgaria, the conversation about what the #39;ideal body type#39; is varies a lot.从美国到埃及、中国,再到保加利亚,各国人民对“完美身材”的看法有很大的差异。Asking #39;what is considered the ideal body type for women in your country?#39; one Quora user asked others users from countries such as Bulgaria, Egypt, Switzerland and the USA to come forward. Here#39;s what they had to say.问答网站Quora的一位用户请其他国家(如保加利亚、埃及、瑞士、美国等)的用户们一起探讨了一个问题:“在你的国家,大家认为女性拥有什么样的身材堪称完美?”以下是各国用户们的答复。China中国It seems in China, there#39;s a focus on being very slender, with an ;A4 waist and iPhone 6 legs being seen as attractive.;在中国,大家似乎偏爱苗条身材,认为拥有“A4腰、爱疯6腿”的女性很有魅力。Bangladesh孟加拉国In Bangladesh, the ;educated society; would agree with ;modest and courtly personality and lifestyle, fair complexion, sharp nose, big eyes and thick eyebrows, moderately curvy physique and at least 5#39;2; tall.;在孟加拉国,“受过良好教育的国民们”可能会认可那些拥有“谦虚又温文尔雅的性格和生活态度、皮肤白嫩、鼻子尖尖、浓眉大眼、身材曲线适中且身高至少有1米57”的纸。France法国A user from France says ;I#39;d say, French is a mix of fashion model standard beauty with a girl next door kind of vibe. Can even be tomboy. Big boobs are overrated, small boobs for the win!; Charlotte Gainsbourg fits the French #39;type#39;.法国的一位用户表示,“我得说,法国人喜欢那种像时尚模特一般漂亮,且兼具邻家女孩气质的姑娘。甚至可以是假小子。大胸并不像大家想像中那样备受欢迎,(其实)胸小的纸才是大家的最爱!” 夏洛特·甘斯柏格就是法国人喜欢的那一“型”。UK英国A UK user suggests, ;petite, not too skinny, large (but not ridiculous) breasts, shapely curves and about 5#39;7; tall.;一位英国用户表示,英国人喜欢“娇小又不太骨感、胸大(不要太夸张就好)且身材匀称、身高1米7左右”的纸。USA美国;Tall, curvy, blonde and blue eyes (though light brown eyes are also really popular), and either fair skin or tanned.; A USA user said. Kesha is his ideal woman.一位美国用户表示,“美国人喜欢个子高高、曲线优美、金发蓝眼(虽然浅棕色的眼睛也颇受欢迎)、皮肤白皙或呈健康的小麦色的姑娘”,钱婆就是他理想中的女子。Egypt埃及The #39;Marilyn Monroe of Egypt#39;, actress Hind Rostom was once upon a time considered the ideal. ;Nowadays in Egypt, there isn’t a preferable ideal body type for women although you#39;ll find that the curvy, large breasted woman was most people’s favorite throughout the years.;埃及人曾一度认为女演员欣德·罗斯特姆的身材堪称完美,而她也被誉为“埃及的玛丽莲·梦露”。“如今,在埃及没有比欣德·罗斯特姆更合大家心意的完美身材了,虽然你会发现这些年来,大多数人依然喜欢曲线优美、胸大的女子。”(一位用户回复道。)Bulgaria保加利亚A pretty straightforward one from Bulgaria, favoring a glamorous athletic type: ;Tall, tight body, slim and big boobs.;一位非常坦率的保加利亚用户表示,保加利亚人喜欢富有魅力的运动型(健壮)身材,也就是“个子高高、皮肤绷紧、身材苗条的大胸女。”Switzerland瑞士A Swiss student reckons the ideal probably applies to a lot of European countries. ;Rather thin women, middle-tall, fair eyes, brown hair usually (but this really depends). Claudia Schiffer fits the European ideal”.一名瑞士学生认为他们心目中的完美身材可能适用于多数欧洲国家。“大家通常喜欢很瘦、身高适中、眼睛漂亮的棕发女性。(不过这真得看情况而定。)克劳迪娅·希弗就符合欧洲人对完美身材的要求。” /201608/461892Writers of the most spine-tingling horror stories and thrillers create a feeling of suspense and of d, and one online th proves it only takes a few words to give ers the chills. 最吓人的恐怖故事的作家和惊悚片的编剧能营造出悬疑和恐惧的气氛,而一篇网帖明,只需寥寥数语就能把读者吓到打寒颤。A group of people shared the creepiest lines they could think of in response to a popular Reddit th asking for the #39;best horror story you can come up with in two sentences#39;. Reddit网站上的一则帖子最近颇受欢迎,要求参与者“用短短两句话写出你所能想到的最恐怖的故事”。很多人分享了他们所想到的最令人毛骨悚然的两句话鬼故事。From hearing voices from beyond the grave to the horror of being buried alive, many of the responses are sure to make even the bravest souls shudder. 坟墓传来阵阵异音,人被直接活埋,许多参与者写出的故事都足以让最胆大的人感到害怕。One of the most chilling entries was shared by a Reddit user known as i-am-the-a**butt, who simply wrote: #39;My sister says that mommy killed her. Mommy says that I don#39;t have a sister#39;. 名为“i-am-the-a**butt”的网友写了这样一则简洁而又惊悚的故事:“说是妈妈杀了她,但妈妈却说我并没有。”The simple lines leave the er wondering whether the mother actually killed her other child or if her child is hearing voices. 这简单的两句话留给读者无限想象空间,究竟是这个妈妈杀了自己的另一个孩子还是这个“我”出现了幻听呢?Resurrection_man created a feeling of d when he wrote about someone who knows they are about to die. 名叫“Resurrection_man”的网友写了一则故事,讲述一个能预知他人死亡的人,让人恐惧不已。#39;My grandmother told me that it was a gift to see the angel of death in front of people#39;s houses, to know that he#39;d be collecting someone there soon,#39; the person wrote. #39;I thought it was a gift too, up until the day I began to see it in front of every house.#39; “我奶奶告诉我,有些人天赋异禀,能看见别人家房子前的死亡天使,天使出现意味着他要带走某个人的灵魂了,”但她又写道,“我曾经也觉得这是一种天赋,直到我后来发现每一家的房子前都有死亡天使的存在。”JustAnotherMuffledVo shared a terrifying scene taken from writer Juan J.Ruiz#39;s story Tuck Me In. #39;I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, ;Daddy, check for monsters under my bed,;#39; the person wrote. #39;I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, ;Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.”#39; 名为“JustAnotherMuffledVo”的网友分享了一则恐怖故事,灵感来自作家胡安#8226;鲁伊兹所写的故事《掖好被子》。“我为他塞好被角,他说‘爸爸,帮我看看床下有没有怪兽’,我为了逗逗他就低头去看,却看到了另一个他躺在床下,浑身颤抖地盯着我,悄声说道:‘爸爸,有人躺在我床上。’”One Reddit user know as PeopleInMyHead said the lines were so terrifying that she was scared to check on her son after ing it.有一位名叫“PeopleInMyHead”的网友说她被这一则吓坏了,看完就立马去确定儿子是否安好。#39;Yep, I#39;m done now,#39; she commented on the story. #39;When I finished ing that my son woke up and started to call for me. No sleep for me tonight.#39; 她道:“我真的吓坏了,读完后儿子刚好醒了,他开始叫我,我觉得今晚可能睡不着了。”Meanwhile, Miami_Metro One shared a story that was heard a while ago from someone else. 还有一个叫做“Miami_Metro”的网友写了一则刚从别人那听来的故事。#39;Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling,#39; the person wrote. “我和小猫小一起长大,所以早就习惯了睡觉时听见爪子挠门的声音。但现在我一个人住,再听到这种声音可就不妙了。”Therealhatman shared a similar tale, writing: #39;I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.#39; 名为“Therealhatman”的网友分享了一则小故事,“我醒来听见有敲击玻璃的声音,一开始以为是窗户,但后来我发现是从镜子那里传来的。” /201608/458127

Following eight years of tightened regulation and an industry overhaul, Chinese dairy products are emerging from the shadow cast by high-profile safety scandals.经过8年的严格监管和行业整改,中国乳制品已走出了此前备受关注的安全丑闻所带来的阴影。The quality of domestic milk products has improved substantially, according to a report from the Dairy Association of China released Tuesday.根据中国奶业协会周二发布的报告,国内乳制品的质量已大幅提高。Official spot checks last year showed 99.5 percent of dairy products were up to standard and no illegal additives, such as melamine, had been detected for 7 consecutive years, the report said.该报告称,2015年官方进行的抽检显示,99.5%的乳制品达标,连续7年未检测出三聚氰胺等违禁添加物。Some major indicators, including nutrient content, exceeded the standards of the ed States, Europe and Australia.其中营养成分等部分重要指标已经超过美国、欧洲、澳洲的标准。;Domestic milk products appear to be one of the safest foods in China,; Wang Jiaqi, an researcher with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said during a press conference for the report#39;s release.中国农业科学院的研究人员王佳琪在发布该报告的新闻发布会上表示:“国内乳制品显然是中国最安全的食品之一。”The global reputation of the Chinese dairy industry is also on the rise. Industry giants Yili Group and Mengniu Dairy squeezed onto a 2015 list of the world#39;s top 20 dairy companies published by banking and finance group Rabobank.中国奶业的全球声誉也正在提高。行业巨头伊利集团和蒙牛乳业跻身和金融集团荷兰合作发布的2015年;世界乳企20强;榜单。Junlebao#39;s baby formula earned the top quality and safety certificate from BRC Global Standards last year.去年,君乐宝婴幼儿配方奶粉获得了英国零售商协会全球标准的顶级质量安全认;China#39;s dairy industry has seen dramatic changes,; DAC vice president Gu Jicheng said.中国奶业协会副会长谷继承表示:“中国的乳制品已经看到了可喜的变化。” /201608/462950

It#39;s notoriously hard to tell what guys are thinking, in regards to the takeout you picked for dinner or what he sees for your future as a couple. But if he thinks these 4 things are true about the two of you, he probably believes your relationship has real, long-term potential.很难知道男生们对下列问题的看法:有关晚餐外卖吃什么,亦或他对未来你们是对夫妻的看法。但如果他认为你俩都共同拥有下列四项时,他会认为你们的关系有潜在的长期可能性。1. You have the same goals. It#39;s important that you both see yourselves starting a family together (or not), or living in the suburbs, or backpacking across the world. Being on the same page is going to be way more important in the long run. It#39;s way more important than both of you being super into Twenty One Pilots or both having surprisingly similar Netflix recommendations. You can always buy two TVs if you hate the same shows, but you can#39;t go off and have a second secret family if your partner doesn#39;t want one. I mean, you can, but that#39;s really unhealthy.1. 你们的目标相同:你们对以下问题看法一致是十分重要的:共同组建(或不组建)家庭、生活在郊区或者是背包环游全世界。长期看来,看法一致尤为重要。相对于你们俩都超级喜欢Twenty One Pilots乐队或者对Netflix的评价惊人的相似而言,看法一致更为重要。如果你们俩喜欢的电视节目不一样,你们可以买两个电视,但如果你的另一半不想组建家庭,你是不可以离开他秘密与他人组建家庭的。我的意思是,当然你可以这样做,但这样是不健康的。2. They understand what you need from them and when. It#39;s less about being kind and caring, and more about knowing when to be kind and caring. Maybe if you#39;re upset, you#39;d rather be alone than have your partner in your face trying to help. Your partner needs to be respectful of your emotional boundaries and needs (and vice versa). Understanding each other#39;s nuances goes a long way, especially if you#39;re not always vocal about what you really need.2. 他们知道你什么时候需要他,以及需要什么。这不是关于对人友善,关心他人,而是关于知道何时友善、何时关心他人。也许在你难过时,你宁愿独自待着,也不希望另一半在你面前试着安慰你。你的另一半应该尊重你的情感界限和需求(反之亦然)。了解彼此的细微需求是要很长时间的,尤其当你对自己真正想要的东西含糊其辞时更是如此。3. You#39;ve aly been through the tough times. No relationship needs a trial by fire, but if you#39;ve helped each other through some of the darker moments, you aly know that even at your worst, your relationship is stable.3. 你们都经历过艰难的时光。没有哪一种恋爱关系是需要考验的,但如果你们互帮互助度过了黑暗的日子,那么你就会知道即使是在你最不堪的时候,你们的感情也是十分稳定的。4. You know how to fight, but you also know how to make up. Bottling up your feelings to avoid a fight is easy, but it#39;s going to be awful in the long term. Having lots of fights isn#39;t bad, as long as you know how to make up afterward.4. 你知道如何争吵,但你也知道该如何收场。抑制自己的情感以避免吵架是件易事,但长此以往却十分糟糕。总是吵架也不是件坏事,只要你知道事后该如何弥补就行了。译文属 /201608/457839

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