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Here are some of the phrases weve heard today, that can be used in an emergency.下面是我们今天听到的一些句子,可以在紧急事件发生的时候用上它们。If you see a fire, raise the alarm.如果发生火灾,要拉响警报。Walk calmly to your nearest fire exit.保持冷静,走到离你最近的安全出口。Meet at the fire assembly point.到火险应急集合区集合。No smoking on company premises.办公场所禁止吸烟。Sorry to interrupt Paul… but the fire alarms going off!抱歉打扰了,保罗……但是火警响了!Dont panic anyone. Everything will be OK.大家不要惊慌。没事的。Jane, Ill have to call you back… yes, a bit of a panic. Bye.简,我一会儿打给你……是的,有点混乱。再见。Quick, wheres my red pen?快,我的红笔呢?Uh oh. Those emergency phrases might come in useful sooner than you think.没想到那些紧急事件发生时能用的句子这么快就派上用场了。Is this going to be the end of Tip Top Trading, will it really go up in smoke?这会是 Tip Top Trading 的末日吗,会一把火化为乌有吗?Find out next time. Bye.让我们在下期节目见分晓,再见。 /201702/491072US Lawmakers Criticize Bush Administration Over Intelligence on Syria 美议员批评政府推迟披露叙核情报 U.S. legislators of both political parties are criticizing the Bush administration for only recently disclosing intelligence it possessed about an alleged secret Syrian nuclear reactor that Israel bombed last year. 美国民主、共和两党国会议员批评布什政府直到最近才披露他们所掌握的有关被指称的叙利亚秘密核反应堆的情报。这个核反应堆去年遭到以色列的轰炸。Last week, senior U.S. intelligence officials revealed that they have long believed that the facility targeted by Israel was a Syrian reactor designed to produce plutonium that had been constructed with the assistance of North Korea. The revelation took many in Washington and beyond by surprise, and is causing deep concern among Republican and Democratic members of Congress. 美国高级情报官员上星期披露,他们一直相信,以色列去年击中的设施是叙利亚的一个核反应堆。这个核反应堆在北韩的帮助下修建,用来生产钚。这个消息让不仅华盛顿的很多人大为震惊,并引发国会共和与民主两党成员的担忧。A key ally of President Bush on Capitol Hill, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Peter Hoekstra, says last week's briefing by U.S. intelligence officials left him with more questions than answers. Hoekstra voiced his concerns about the Syrian facility on CNN's Late Edition program. 布什总统在国会的主要盟友、众议院情报委员会共和党资深议员彼得.胡克斯特拉说,美国高级情报官员上星期的简报,非但没提供,反而让他产生更多的疑问。在美国有线新闻网的“最新消息”节目中,胡克斯特拉表示了他对叙利亚核设施的担忧。"How close was this to being operational? Who funded this for Syria? How close was the North Korean-Syrian cooperation? And where else might North Korea have been involved in proliferation," he asked. 胡克斯特拉说:“这个设施是否接近运营?谁为叙利亚提供资金?叙利亚和北韩的合作密切到什么程度?北韩还可能卷入了另外哪些核扩散活动?”Hoekstra said, had the Bush administration revealed what it knew about the Syrian facility sooner, his committee and other entities could have probed the matter and possibly arrived at answers before now. 胡克斯特拉说,如果布什政府更早披露他们所掌握的有关叙利亚核设施的消息,众议院情报委员会和其他机构可能已经调查这起事件,现在有可能已找到了。Hoekstra's words were echoed by a Democratic member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Senator Dianne Feinstein said, not only should the Bush administration have been more forthcoming about the intelligence it possessed on the Syrian facility, the intelligence should have been presented to the International Atomic Energy Agency. 胡克斯特拉的话得到了参议院情报特别委员会的民主党籍参议员黛安娜.范斯坦的认同。范斯坦说,布什政府不但应该更加及时披露他们所掌握的有关叙利亚设施的情报,而且应该把情报提交给国际原子能机构。"I think it should have gone immediately to the IAEA," she said. "That is why the IAEA is there [to investigate]. And by not sharing information immediately, what we do is destroy their verification potential as an independent outside agency." 范斯坦说:“我认为,美国当时应立即把这个情报告诉国际原子能机构。国际原子能机构就是为调查这种事情而存在的。由于没有立即和国际原子能机构分享这一情报,美国的做法是破坏国际原子能机构作为一个独立的外界机构进行核实的可能性。”Feinstein added that she was puzzled by the timing of the Bush administration's release of intelligence on Syria, coming seven months after Israel bombed the suspected nuclear facility. 范斯坦议员还说,她对布什政府公布叙利亚情报的时机感到迷惑不解。布什政府是在以色列轰炸叙利亚嫌疑的核设施七个月后才公布这一情报的。In briefings with the news media, U.S. intelligence officials said the delay in disclosure was motivated by a desire to prevent confrontation and conflict in the Middle East. They said they feared Syria would feel greater pressure to retaliate against Israel for the bombing if U.S. intelligence about the facility had been made public. 美国情报部门官员在对新闻媒体的吹风会上说,推迟公布这一消息的动机,是防止在中东地区出现对抗和冲突。他们说,他们担心,如果美国把他们掌握的这一设施的情报公开,会更加迫使叙利亚对以色列的轰炸进行报复。Syria has steadfastly denied U.S. allegations about the purpose of the facility. 叙利亚坚决否认美国对该设施用途的指称。U.S. intelligence has come under greater scrutiny at home and abroad with many questioning the reliability and accuracy of the information America gathers on its adversaries since the lead-up to the 2003 the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.  自从美国以其掌握的情报作为在2003年领导进攻伊拉克的理由以来,很多人对美国所收集的敌方情报的可信性和准确性提出质疑。因此,美国的情报在国内外受到了更严格的审查。At the time, the Bush administration alleged Iraq was actively pursuing weapons of mass destruction. To date, little if any proof has come to light in Iraq that supports the administration's contention, which served as a primary justification for ousting Saddam Hussein.  2003年,布什政府指称伊拉克在积极寻求发展大规模杀伤性武器,并以此作为推翻萨达姆.侯赛因的主要理由。然而到目前为止,在伊拉克几乎无法找到任何据持布什当局的这一说法。 200804/36783US Government Takes Over Two Major Financial Firms保尔森:接管两公司以防金融动荡  Amid a continuing housing crisis in the ed States, the Bush administration is taking over two failing mortgage firms in an effort to limit further turmoil in the sector. 就在美国房地产市场继续在危机中挣扎时,布什政府将接管两个陷入困境的住房抵押贷款融资公司,以防止金融市场出现进一步的动荡。The last year has seen a spike in foreclosures among U.S. homeowners, falling housing values in most parts of the country, and tighter credit that has made it more difficult for Americans to acquire loans.  在过去一年中,美国房主因无法偿还贷款而被金融机构收回房屋的情况大幅增加,美国大部分地区的房价下跌,而且市场信贷紧缩使美国人更难获得贷款。In recent months, the picture has grown worse with news that two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were on the verge of insolvency. Combined, the two firms own or guarantee close to half of all home loans in the ed States. 在最近几个月中,情况变得更糟。美国两大住房抵押贷款融资机构房利美和房地美已经频临破产边缘。这两个公司持有或担保的住房抵押贷款几乎占全美住房抵押贷款总量的一半。In a news conference Sunday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the federal government is taking control of the firms - a move he described as necessary to avoid further financial upheaval. 美国财政部长保尔森星期天在新闻发布会上宣布,联邦政府将接管这两个公司,他说,这是为了避免金融市场进一步动荡而采取的必要措施。"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are so large and so interwoven in our financial system, that a failure of either of them would cause great turmoil in the financial markets here at home and around the globe. This turmoil would directly and negatively impact household wealth, from family budgets to home values, to savings for college and retirement," he said. "And a failure would be harmful to economic growth and job creation." 他说:“房利美和房地美的规模太大,而且它们和美国的财政系统有着千丝万缕的联系。让它们中的任何一个倒闭都会强烈动荡美国及全球的金融市场。而这种动荡将直接给家庭财产带来负面影响,从家庭预算、房产价值到人们为大学教育和退休而储蓄的存款。这两家机构的倒闭会伤害美国的经济发展和就业市场。”The Bush administration says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being placed in a government conservatorship with new executive leadership. They will be operated by a government agency until their financial pictures improve and they are no longer at risk of failing.  布什政府说,房利美和房地美目前处于政府接管状态中,政府还任命了这两个机构的新领导人。这两家机构将由一个政府部门来管理,直到它们的财政状况出现好转,不再面临倒闭风险时为止。Paulson says every effort will be made to spare taxpayers from having to assume massive financial burdens stemming from the takeover. 保尔森说,政府会尽全力避免让纳税人承担这次接管所带来的巨大经济负担。Most Americans secure home mortgages through private banks. For decades, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it more attractive to banks to make mortgage loans by purchasing the loans from the banks, and then selling them to private investors. 大部分美国人通过私人来获得住房抵押贷款。几十年来,房利美和房地美从手中购买贷款项目,再把它们转卖给私人投资者,以吸引发放更多的抵押贷款。But recent years have seen mortgage loans made to millions of individuals with poor, risky, or insufficient credit - many of whom have either defaulted on the loans or are at risk of doing so. Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's exposure to massive financial losses stemming from the housing crisis has put them on the verge of insolvency. 但是在最近几年里,数百万贫穷、有欠款危险或者信用值不够的个人得到了抵押贷款,现在,他们中的许多人已经或即将无法偿还贷款。房屋市场的危机给房利美和房地美带来了巨额亏损,把它们推到了破产的边缘。News of the government takeover prompted swift reaction from both presidential candidates. Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation program, Republican presidential nominee John McCain said the move "has to be done.""I think that we have got to keep people in their homes. There has got to be restructuring, there has got to be reorganization, and there has got to be some confidence that we have stopped this downward spiral. It is hard, it is tough," said McCain.McCain added that the woes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are symptomatic of an overall failure of Washington to tackle important issues. He said the federal government has become less effective due to what he termed cronyism and the influence of special interests and lobbyists.His Democratic challenger, Barack Obama, also expressed support for the government takeover. But an Obama ally, Virginia Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, said blame for the financial upheaval lies with President Bush."It is an important step that they [the Bush administration] have taken, but they are way too late. During the Bush administration there has been a complete abdication of responsibility for regulating the nation's financial markets, and so it has come to this," said Kaine.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen their stocks plummet in value in recent months. The federal takeover includes some government purchasing of the firms' stock and an infusion of funds to assure the firms' continued operation.  房利美和房地美的股票价格在最近几个月里大幅度下跌。这次联邦政府的接管计划包括政府购买这两家公司的股票以及向它们注入资金,以保这它们能继续经营下去。Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-sponsored enterprises, which are among several financial service corporations created by the ed States Congress. 房利美和房地美是受到政府持的企业,是由美国国会创立的几个金融务公司之中的两个。200809/47735She was always listening in to other peoples conversations and shes always changing jobs.她总是偷听别人的谈话而且不停的换工作。Thats why they call her Rachel Rabbit – you know, big ears, always jumping from one job to another.所以他们都叫她兔子瑞秋,大耳朵,总是从一个工作换到另一个。Rachel Rabbit! Thats funny.兔子瑞秋!有意思。So she isnt that good then?所以她并没有那么好?Oh, useless!无用之人!She only worked for Mr Socrates because her father threatened to sue the company, after one of our plastic pineapples fell off a shelf and broke his toe.她为苏格拉底工作是因为她的父亲威胁要告我们,之前我们的一个塑料菠萝从架子上掉下来砸坏了他的脚趾。But, better keep that under your hat.但最好要保密。My hat?我的帽子?I mean, keep it secret.我是说要保密。Oh right, I see.好的。我明白了。Well, now shes ordered loads of second-hand oranges to send to our new customer in France.现在她定了大量的二手橙子发给我们法国的新客户。But they wanted Imperial Lemons.但他们想要皇家柠檬。I know. Im not sure what to do, so Im going to have to speak to Paul about this.我知道。我不知该怎么办了,所以我得和保罗谈谈这些。Yes its a good idea to refer up sometimes – ask the boss for advice.是的,有时上报是一个好主意,问问老板的意见。Say to him ;Im concerned that Rachel has made a mistake that might affect the business;.对他说“我担心瑞秋犯了一个错误,这可能会影响生意。”You might also say ;shes not pulling her weight;, meaning shes not doing the work she is supposed to do.你也可以说“她没有做好份内的工作”,意思是她没有干她该干的活。 /201705/507595

Scripts:Investors in Shanghai and Hongkong are focusing on the shares of two of China's biggest banks: the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China--IC and the Bank of China, both posted surging profits on Thursday for the first half of the year. Our Asia Business editor Eunice Yoon is on board. She has more. Eunice, great profits from these two companies, what's powering them?Well, it's mainly Chinese economic boom, and more specifically the higher interest income that they've been earning, er... mainly from the corporate customers that they have, also the fact that both of these banks are expanding into new businesses. Er...they are really trying to diversify er... their businesses and they are moving more into credit cards, mortgage lending also wealth management and that's really helping both of these banks in terms of their earnings for the first half of the year. IC said that their numbers came in 62% higher at 5.4 billion dollars. And bank of China also said that theirs were up by 52%.And as IC and Bank of China diversify, do they run the risk of exposing themselves to the sub-prime crisis that's been hitting the US?Well, what's intersting is that yesterday both of the banks er... really were able to confirm what analysts had been suspecting all along that their exposure to the problems in the ed States really are very very limited. In fact, IC said that their exposure to the sub-prime debacle is 1.23 billion dollars. But you set that, er set that against their 1.1 trillion dollars in total assets, very small number. Also Bank of China said that their exposure is 9.7 billion dollars and even though a lot of analysts are saying that this is the largest exposure er... in terms of...for a lot of these Chinese banks, it's still only 1% of the 770 billion dollars that they have in total assets. So, er... people are saying:they have a very large capital base, they also have very strong operating earnings and so because of that this is a manageable problem for them.So, should the outlook for their share prices be pretty positive?Well, that's what, er,I mean, that's what a lot of analysts are saying that in the long run because people tend to bet on banks in order to use them er...really to ride on the coattails of the ecomomic boom and act as a proxy to the ecomomic growth in the country. Er...they are a good bet at least that's what a lot of prople tend to believe also because the banks themselves have been able to clean up their books, and in the past several years, the bad loan problem has started to subside, a lot of that is because the government has been injecting so much money into these banks, so the banks have also listed, so that's been a problem that has been subsiding. Er...but the one thing that some analysts are concerned about is the valuations. And if there,these share prices would get a little bit too expensive 'cause they are worried that the loan growth as well as the margins might not be sustainable.Alright, thanks for the...Notes:ride on one's coattail: to use your connection with someone successful to achieve success yourself 200807/44133

US Military Chief Says Any Attack on Iran Would be Destabilizing美军高官促外交途径解决伊朗问题 The top U.S. military officer says more diplomacy is needed to convince Iran not to develop nuclear weapons, because any military strike would have unforeseeable consequences and could end up putting considerable stress on U.S. forces. 美军参谋长联席会议主席表示,需要更多使用外交途径,说伊朗不要发展核武器,因为任何军事打击都可能引发不可预知的后果,也让美国部队承受更多压力。At a news conference, Admiral Mike Mullen refused to reveal any substance from his recent meetings in Israel, which came shortly after Israeli forces had conducted an extensive exercise that many interpreted as preparation for an air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. But Admiral Mullen warned that any "destabilizing acts" could have unpredictable consequences, and it would be difficult for the ed States to respond. 在新闻发布会上,美军上将马伦拒绝透露他最近到以色列访问的任何内容,就在马伦访问前,以色列部队进行大规模的演习,许多人认为这些演习是为空袭伊朗的核设施预做准备。但是马伦上将警告说,任何影响稳定的行动都可能引发不可预知的后果,也让美国难以回应。"Opening up a third front right now would be extremely stressful on us," said Admiral Mullen. "That doesn't mean we don't have capacity or reserve. But that would really be very challenging and also the consequences of that, sometimes, are very difficult to predict." 他说:“现在开辟第三条战线将对美军形成极大的压力,并不是说我们没有那个能力或没有储备战力,但是如果这么做,将是非常大的挑战,而且后果难以预料。”The admiral says that is why he prefers the current U.S. and international policy of trying to convince Iranian leaders to abandon their nuclear weapons program through a package of incentives and punishments. 这位美国海军上将说,这也是为什么他持当前布什政府以及国际社会的政策,试图用一揽子奖励和惩罚计划,来说伊朗领导人放弃核武器项目。Admiral Mullen, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke just a few days after news organizations ed an unnamed senior defense official as saying there is increased likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran before the end of the year. The official was ed as saying Israel believes if it waits any longer, Iran will have a nuclear weapon or a sophisticated air defense system, or both. Admiral Mullen says Israel has predicted faster Iranian progress than American analysts have. 现任美军参谋长联席会议主席的马伦上将在发表这番讲话的几天前,新闻报导引述一位没有具名的美军将领的话说,以色列在今年年底前攻击伊朗的可能性在加大。这名官员说,以色列相信如果再拖下去,伊朗将发展出核武器或一套先进的反空袭系统,甚至两种武器都发展出来。马伦上将表示,以色列预测伊朗的军备发展比美国预测的还要快。Admiral Mullen was asked whether there is "a high stakes bluffing game" going on.  当被问到,这是否是一场“赌注很高的唬人计谋”,马伦上将的回答是。"It is high stakes, it's no question, in this part of the world," he said. "And I guess I'd just leave it at that." “对这个地区来说,毫无疑问这是很高的赌注,我想我就只能说这么多。”Admiral Mullen also endorsed comments earlier Wednesday by the U.S. Naval commander in the Middle East. Admiral Kevin Cosgriff said the ed States will not allow Iran to close the Straits of Hormuz, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf, as Iran has threatened to do if it is attacked. Admiral Mullen said Iran has the ability to create a "hazard" in the Straits, but not to sustain it against U.S. forces. 马伦上将也同意星期三美国在中东地区一位海军将领的,海军上将考思格里夫说,美国不会允许伊朗关闭波斯湾入口的霍尔木兹海峡。伊朗曾经威胁,一旦遭遇攻击将关闭这个海峡。马伦上将说,伊朗有对霍尔木兹海峡制造危害的能力,但没有抵抗美国军队的能力。200807/43364

Nigeria's Top Lawmaker Fears Niger Delta Crisis May Escalate尼日利亚议长担心暴力危机升级The head of Nigeria's House of Representatives has warned that spiraling violence in the oil-rich Niger Delta is now a major national security threat. The warning came hours after gunmen abducted eight oil workers in three separate incidents on Friday. The most prominent armed group in the region has vowed new attacks to prove it did not receive protection money from the government. 尼日利亚众议院议长警告说,在盛产石油的尼日尔三角洲不断恶化的暴力问题已经对尼日利亚国家安全构成重大威胁。在他发出上述警告几个小时以前,武装分子星期五在三起事件中绑架了8名石油工人。该地区势力最大的武装组织宣布要发动新的袭击,以明该组织没有从政府那里得到保护费。Nigeria, the world's eighth largest oil exporter, is aly suffering huge losses because of violence in the oil producing region. 尼日利亚是世界第8大原油出口国,但是在产油区发生的暴力袭击使尼日利亚遭受巨大损失。Friday's attacks were the latest in the Niger Delta, the home of Africa 's biggest oil industry, which has become notorious for kidnappings and raids on oil sites since militants launched a campaign of sabotage two year ago. 星期五,在尼日尔三角洲又发生了几起袭击。尼日尔三角洲是非洲最大的石油基地,但是自从激进分子两年前开始发动各种破坏行动以来,那里不断发生绑架和对石油设施的袭击。Thousands of foreign workers have left since 2006 as violence has spiraled, and some industry executives see the situation descending further into anarchy. 自从暴力袭击在2006年恶化以来,已经有数以千计的外国工人离开了尼日尔三角洲。一些石油公司管理者认为,这里的局势会进一步滑入无政府主义的深渊。Nigeria's parliament Speaker Dimeji Bankole says the crisis is out of control and requires external intervention. 尼日利亚众议院议长班科莱说,目前的危机已经失控,需要外部干预。"If care is not taken, it will begin to move out of the Niger Delta and consume the whole nation," he said. "And it is not rocket science to figure that out. This is no longer a Niger Delta problem, nor a Nigerian problem but a global problem." 他说:“我们每个人都很清楚尼日尔三角洲目前的问题,这些问题影响着尼日利亚的每个家庭。如果不谨慎处理,问题就会蔓延到尼日尔三角洲以外,吞噬整个国家。这种局面并不难想象。这已经不再是尼日尔三角洲的问题,也不是尼日利亚的问题了,而是全球性问题。”More than 200 foreigners have been seized in the Niger Delta since early 2006. Almost all have been released unharmed. Armed men kidnapped two Germans working for a construction firm near Port Harcourt, the main city in the Niger Delta, two weeks ago. 自从2006年初以来,已经有200多名外国人在尼日尔三角洲遭到绑架。几乎所有人质都不受伤害地获释。两周以前,武装分子在尼日尔三角洲主要城市哈科特港附近绑架了为一家建筑公司工作的两名德国人。Several foreign firms, including French tire company Michelin and oil servicing firm Wilbros, have left the region because of security problems. 包括法国轮胎公司米其林和石油务公司威尔布罗斯在内的几家外国公司已经因为安全问题而离开尼日尔三角洲。Relations and friends of prominent Nigerians have also been targeted by gangs seeking ransom money. 尼日利亚著名人士的亲友也成了帮派组织绑架和索取赎金的目标。Violence in the Delta, a wetlands region, is rooted in poverty, corruption and lawlessness. Most inhabitants have seen few benefits from five decades of oil extraction that has damaged their environment. 尼日尔三角洲暴力问题的根源是贫穷、腐败和不法状态。50年的石油开采破坏了当地的自然环境,但是大部分居民没有从石油中获益。The year-old administration of President Umaru YarAdua has repeatedly promised to address the root causes of the unrest. 刚刚成立一年的亚拉杜瓦总统的政府一再承诺要解决产生暴力的根源。But there is widesp skepticism over the government's handling of the problem and concerns about the future. 但是许多人质疑政府处理这一问题的方法,而且对未来感到忧虑。None of the many militant organizations in the Niger Delta has claimed responsibility for the latest abductions. 尼日尔三角洲有许多激进组织,不过还没有任何组织宣布对星期五发生的绑架事件负责。200807/44901

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