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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Bad habit恶习难改Excessive Screen Time过多的看屏幕时间Too much screen time can hurt your eyesand your brain. And your relationships. 过多的看屏幕时间会伤害你的眼睛和大脑,以及你的人际关系If you always take your phone with you to the bathroom, make a conscious eft to leave it in another room. 如果你总是带着手机去卫生间,那就有意识地把手机留在其他房间里Or an actual paper book onoccasion.或者偶尔读一本实体纸质书【知识点讲解】Excessive adj.过分的;过多的例句:Excessive patriotism can lead to xenophobia.爱国主义过了头即可导致仇视一切外国人Excessive dosage of this drug can result in injury to the liver.这种药使用过量会损害肝脏make a conscious 意识例句:I had to make a conscious eft not to be rude to him.我得刻意约束自己不要对他粗鲁We have to make a conscious eft.我们得自觉努力更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 68891英语资讯:刺杀金正恩正式上映 全美争相观看 --31 :3:5 来源:   Thousands of US moviegoers were planning to watch screenings of the controversial comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s dictator on Christmas Day, openly defying threats from hackers who have warned of dire consequences people who visit the cinemas.  成千上万的美国电影怪咖都准备去影院观赏这部争议不断的,关于在圣诞节刺杀朝鲜独裁者的喜剧电影,黑客威胁去电影院的观众“朝鲜很生气后果很严重”,而这是对黑客的公然反抗  Many more across the country had aly begun watching The Interview from the safety of their homes, after an unprecedented decision by Sony to make the movie available rental online on Christmas Eve.  在索尼做了这个史无前例的决定——这部电影在平安夜可以在网上付费观看——全美越来越多的人已经准备好在家里安全的观看《刺杀金正恩这部电影  Sony controversially cancelled its holiday screenings of The Interview earlier this month after the company was hacked in an attack the FBI linked to North Korea.  在索尼公司遭到朝鲜FBI的黑客攻击后,他们在这个月早些时候颇有争议地取消了《刺杀金正恩的假日放映  Sony changed course on Tuesday and announced it had arranged a limited released of the movie in hundreds of cinemas across the country. The reversal followed days of intense criticism of the studio’s decision to cave to the threats. The critics included president Barack Obama, who last week told reporters: “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the ed States.”  索尼在周二改变了决定,并公布他们已经安排了全国几百个电影院的限量场次这项决定出台后,工作室的这项决定收到了强烈的批评还受到了威胁批评的声音包括了总统贝拉克·奥巴马,他上周就告诉记者:“我们不能允许某些地方的独裁者,在美利坚的国土上强制审查”   While the major cinema chains are still not screening the film, its release is proving a boon to smaller and independent theaters. Sony will also profit from the decision to make the movie available online, through platms such as Youtube Movies and Xbox Video.  但是主要的电影院线仍然没有公映这部电影,它的公映只是一些小型的,独立剧院的福利索尼让电影在网上观看(通过Youtube影院和Youtube视频这样的平台)的决议也带来了不少收益  From 1pm ET on Wednesday, the movie could be streamed .99 and purchased $.99, including from a dedicated website set-up by Sony.  从周三下午一点开始,电影能从索尼设立的专门网站上花5.99美金观看,.99美金就可购买  The slapstick film, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, could be given a wider release if this week’s hastily-arranged screenings pass without incident.  这部闹剧由塞斯·罗根和詹姆斯·弗兰科主演,如果这周匆忙安排的公映安然无事的话,可以再多安排一些场次  “It has always been Sony’s intention to have a national platm on which to release this film,” said Sony Pictures chair and CEO Michael Lynton in a statement Wednesday.  “索尼一直以来的意图都是有一个国内的平台放映这部电影,”索尼影业董事长和首席执行官迈克尔·林盾在周三的声明里说道  “It was essential our studio to release this movie, especially given the assault upon our business and our employees by those who wanted to stop free speech. We chose the path of digital distribution first so as to reach as many people as possible on opening day, and we continue to seek other partners and platms to further expand the release.”  “影院上映这部电影很必要,尤其是考虑到那些想要阻止自由言论的人对于我们事业和雇员的攻击我们选择数码传播的方式,首先是为了在公映那天尽可能让更多人看到这部电影,而且我们也继续在寻找其他的合作伙伴和平台去扩展献映” 全美 争相 资讯

各位亲爱的朋友们,和Juliet一起来趣味学英语我想今天的话题您一定会笑得前俯后仰期末考试陆明的数学没有及格,数学可是他的强项,于是便遭到了父母和老师的责骂,压力很大,非常郁闷于是遍到好友Alice的家中聊一聊,可是不但没有得到什么安慰,反而双方起了误会这误会是什么呢?我们就来听听陆明在Alice家中的谈话内容Alice : Why are you upset?你为何如此沮丧?Luming : I flunked math.我数学考试没有及格Alice : If I were in your shoes, Id not blue and find out the reason failing in the exam.如果我是你的话,我就不会沮丧,而是找到自己考试不及格的原因Luming : You were in my shoes? I bought it on the Internet. If you like it, I will get you one ,we two are who and who!(你穿着我的鞋,心里暗暗纳闷Alice是不是喜欢这双鞋)我这双鞋是网购的,如果你喜欢它的话,我就替你买一双,我们俩还说什么你我呀,谁和谁呀!Alice : I am fully confused about what you said. What does that mean?我完全被你搞晕了你说的话是什么意思呀?陆明;晕;的地方是不知道in one shoes的意思而Alice则是;晕;在陆明的中文式英语;;We are two who and who!很多时候,我们容易抱怨而忽视对方的感受,造成很多的不愉快这就需要经常替对方想想,体会对方的难处和苦衷那么替别人着想用英语怎么表达呢?就是这句;If you were be in my shoes;意思是;如果我站在你的立场上;它就是指出于对方的处境,站在对方的角度,为对方着想,也就是我们很熟悉的;换位思考;我们再开看几个例子:I would dump him if I were in your shoes.如果我是你的话,我会跟他散伙了If I were in your shoes, I wouldt do it that way.如果我是你的话,我不会那样做的I would talk to him nicely instead of resign if I were in your shoes.如果我是你的话,我会跟他好好谈谈Id never stay up late at night, if I were in your shoes.如果我处在你的地位,我就不会熬夜I would set up a company of my own if I were in your shoes.如果我是你的话,我会成立一个自己的公司;If I were in your shoes;意为:如果我是你的话想想这个说法还挺形象的,大家都习惯穿自己的鞋子,如果穿别人的鞋,就知道不舒,走路有多难了If sb were in one shoes,sb would do sth. 这句其实就是非真实条件虚拟句表示一种不可能实现的主观愿望条件句中谓语形式为werewas,主句中谓语形式为would加上动词原形我们中文中说;我们俩还说什么你我呀,谁和谁呀;是表示两人之间的关系很亲密像这样的意思,我们中文中还会说:;我俩是穿一条裤子长大的;;我们是肉;那么,陆明就使用中文式样的英语,Alice就是想破了头也不知其意陆明该这么说:;Not a big deal, we are buddies.;(没事儿,我们是好友呀)今天的趣味学英语就到这里,感谢您的参与,我们下期再会

Some people are born lucky. Parents in China, however, would rather not leave their kids fate to chance.According to The Paper, recent months, many couples have postponed their plan to have a child, trying desperately NOT to give birth next year. Their reasoning is simple that is no one wants a baby born in , the ded Year of the Sheep.Does this make sense? 9《嘻哈帝国第二季9月回归 --01 :37:36 来源: FOX已经为去年最成功的新剧《嘻哈帝国(Empire)定下第二季的回归日期:美国时间9月3日   女主角塔拉吉·P·汉森(TarajiP. Henson)首先在推特公布了这一消息,随后《嘻哈帝国编剧的推特主页发推表示确认  喜剧演员克里斯·洛克(ChrisRock),RB天后艾莉西亚?凯斯(AliciaKeys)和摇滚天王蓝尼·克罗维兹(LennyKravitz)都将客串出演第二季  FOX在本月初的美剧推介会上宣布了客串卡司,但角色的具体细节还没有透露《嘻哈帝国第二季将由集增至18集,分成两部分在冬歇期前后播出   此外,饰演两位助理的加布蕾·丝迪贝【GaboureySidibe,饰演贝基(Becky)】和朗达·琼斯【Ta’RhondaJones,饰演波尔莎(Porsha))将在第二季中以常规演员的身份出现 帝国 嘻哈 第二

确定婚礼的待办事项-31 :6:18 A:What are you doing? Checking the "to do" list the wedding?你在做什么?确定婚礼的待办事项吗?B:Yep. There's still so much to do!是啊,还有好多事要做喔!A:So let's start by checking off what we've aly done.那我们先把已经办好的事划掉B:Did you reconfirm the plane reservations all the Taiwanese guests?你有去重新确认台湾宾客的预订机位吗?A:Not yet, I was busy getting that grapher who films stuff the Net.还没,我忙着连络我们婚礼网站的录像师B:Cool! I can't believe he agreed to go all the way to Dallas with us!酷!不敢相信他真的答应大老远跟我们去达拉斯!A:Hey! We're paying his ticket!嘿!我们付他的机票钱耶!,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 十个不花钱的放松方式1. Read a Book 看本好书Head to your local library and get yourself a library card, which is free. Many libraries now have lending services ebooks, too, making it even easier to sneak a few moments of quiet relaxing time. Even if youre not a big er, you might be surprised by how calming itis to simply sit and get lost in a few pages.到家附近的图书馆,办张免费的借书卡许多图书馆甚至开通了电子图书务,使你能够更好地享受静坐阅读的时间即使你不是一个爱看书的人,你也会惊讶于静坐看书,沉浸书本所带来的舒适和宁静. Go a Walk 散个小步Anytime you are feeling like you just cant take anymore, head outdoors a brisk walk. Getting your body moving is a great way to destress and let your brain work through your problems. Or grab a friend and chat away while pounding the pavement.当你无法承受压力的时候,出门散个步活动身体能够减压并让大脑理清思路散步的时候也可以叫上一个朋友,一边聊天,一边活络身体3. Meditate 来个冥想Find a quiet corner, and tune out five minutes.Set a timer on your phone, and enjoy sitting in silence, download a self-guided meditation routine.找个安静的角落,放松五分钟用手机定个时,享受静坐,下载一段冥想词引导自己进入冥想状态看日落(或日出). Watch the Sunset (or Sunrise) 看场日落(或日出)We spend a lot of time working hard, which means getting outdoors isnt always at the top of the daily must-do list. Onseriously stressful days, make time to watch the sunset — without your phone.Turn it off and sit while taking in the wonders of nature and celebrating theend of your long day.我们每天都在卖力地工作,所以出门放松很少会被提上日程安排但压力实在大的时候,不要带手机,去看个日落坐下来欣赏大自然的美景,庆祝漫长的一天终于结束了5. Sing a Song 唱个小曲Even if youre not a professional crooner, sing asong. Turn the radio up and sing along to your favorite tune, or hit the town some karaoke. And singing gets your blood pumping — due to the deep breaths you take to belt out a tune — which elevates mood.即使你唱歌不好听,没关系,唱首歌吧把音乐调大,伴着喜欢的曲子唱起来,或者干脆去唱个K由于唱歌时深呼吸带动了血液循环,你的情绪也会跟着好起来6. Yoga 练套瑜伽You dont have to go to the gym to enjoy a yoga session. A simple Sun Salutation takes a few minutes and can be done just about anywhere. And once youve memorized the routine, you can relax with a bit of yoga anytime.不是在健身俱乐部里才能练瑜伽一套简单的瑜伽仅仅花费几分钟,所以在哪都可以练习一旦你熟悉了动作,任何时候都可以做瑜伽来放松7. Smile 笑一笑Simply smiling causes the brain to behave differently, transming that stressed-out feeling into happiness. Call afriend who always makes you laugh, watch a silly movie, or just ce yourself to smile, which tricks your brain into thinking everything is OK, even when youre feeling totally stressed out.笑一笑能使大脑变得不一样,从压力重重变得快乐起来打个电话给能经常逗你开心的朋友,看部搞笑的电影,或者简单地强迫自己笑,这些都能改变大脑的运作,即使你已经压力山大了,笑一笑也能使大脑觉得一切都好8. Dance 跳个舞Enjoy a dance party in the comt of your own home,or find the perfect place to get your groove on. Dancing is fun, and you can doit anywhere. So crank the tunes and shake your booty. Youll be feeling stress-freein no time.在家或者找个能让你动起来的地方跳个舞跳舞使人开心,而且你可以在任何地方跳所以打开音乐,扭动身体,你马上就会变得轻松起来9. Hot Bath 泡个热水澡There nothing more soothing than running a hotbath. While youre soaking, let go of the stress of your day. a really relaxing treat, add several drops of your favorite scented oil.没有什么比洗个热水澡更能让人放松的了当你全身浸泡在水里的时候,一天的压力就都不见了为了更加享受,你也可以加几滴芳香的精油. Write About It 随意写写When youre feeling run down, take a few minutes towrite about what bugging you. Or start a daily journal and dedicate time every day to writing, which helps calm frazzled nerves. Or get creative and write a short story!当你情绪低落时,花几分钟时间写下那些让你烦恼的事,或者每天写日记,安排一段时间来随意写写,这能帮助你放松紧张的神经说不定你还能灵感大发,写出一个小故事呢 07《吸血鬼日记第六季第五集剧情剧照大放送 -- :: 来源: 《吸血鬼日记(The Vampire Diaries)SE《The World Has Turned and Left Me Here  返校节即将到来,Elena邀请Liam陪她参加一个聚会活动中的「玉米迷宫」游戏Caroline没有参加返校节的庆祝活动,而是将所有精力都放在Stefan身上……Stefan出人意料地找到她,请求她帮助他解决Enzo惹出的大麻烦Alaric决定听从Elena的建议「参加更多社交活动」……他很不情愿地来到聚会活动现场,但一起灾难性事故导致他和Jo必须争分夺秒抢救生命与此同时,Tyler的狼人诅咒面临严峻考验,他发现自己陷入危险境地心烦意乱的Stefan向Caroline敞开心扉,说出了自己打算离开Mystic Falls的真正原因Damon和Bonnie的一个重大发现对他们的回家之旅产生影响 吸血鬼 剧照 剧情

Lao Zi Hao, are time-honored brands that sell more than just products, they are seen as vessels that preserve a piece of Chinese culture and memory generations of customers.Official statistics show that over half of these venerable brands have closed doors all together.How can these once beloved brands survive and thrive in China increasingly diversified marketplace? 767  The source told the Enquirer that Todd feels like he's been made a laughing stock as the hook up had become a joke on late night TV and was all over the internet,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 simplify and streamline your life.精简生活小招Tackle clutter in the rooms of your home收拾房间An easy way to figure out what constitutes clutter in a room is simply what doesnt belong or doesnt add value to a particular room. 轻松搞定房间杂乱的办法就是弄清哪些物品不该放在某个房间,或对某个房间毫无用处It could also be anything that is an eyesore, or that makes you grit your teeth or turn your eyes the other way when you come across it! Take a look at the different rooms of your home. 这类物品会让你觉得碍手碍脚,看见了也会觉得很不顺眼!仔细检查家中的各大房间What doesnt belong? What items should be processed and taken care of? Common household clutter includes items such as unopened mail, junk mail, old magazines, books, receipts, bags filled with recycling materials and the like.哪些很不协调?哪些应该多加保管?通常家庭杂物中都有未拆信件、垃圾邮件、旧杂志、书籍、菜谱、塞满废旧物品的袋子之类的东西figure out 计算出,解决; 弄明白; 合计例句:I cant figure out what he was hinting at.我想不出他在暗示什么grit n.细沙,沙砾; lt;口gt;刚毅,坚韧; 勇气例句:I had a piece of grit in my eye.我眼睛里进了一粒沙子come across 偶遇; 偶然发现; 使产生…印象例句:I never remember having come across a man like that.我怎么也记不起碰到过这样一个人[本节目属] 906

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