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Aeschylus:The Father of Greek TragedyAeschylus was the first known dramatist to use more than one character in his plays, and he theree invented the concept of dialogue between characters. Bee Aeschylus, plays consisted of one protagonist and were narrated by the chorus.Some plays had a chorus of only one actor, while others used a large group. Aeschylus' plays also feature a chorus, but the majority of the stories are told through dialogue. Many typical dramatic concepts, such as props, scenery, and costumes, also originated in Aeschylus' works. He also invented the dramatic trilogy. His tragedies were permed in sequences of three plays stretched out over time. After each trilogy was concluded, he staged a comedy called a "satyr drama".In a typical satyr drama, the characters are mythological creatures and the chorus is a satyr, a mischievous creature that is half-man, half-goat. The language and meter used by Aeschylus in his plays was the erunner of blank verse, or unrhymed iambic pentameter.Blank verse became the dominant poetic and dramatic style of the English literary renaissance, which occurred nearly 0 years after Aeschylus. Writers such as William Shakespeare, John Milton and Christopher Marlowe almost exclusively used blank verse in their famous works. Alexandrine, another writing style, is also derived from Aeschylus' verse. 5365天交际口语详解():自信Part1--惯用单句详解 -- ::8 来源: 美丽源于自信,成功也要源于自信祝愿自信的“歌手”Tom真的能够如愿拿到奖项吧详解惯用单句自 信 第1节 态度表达 第1章 态度意愿你尽管放心,我会成功的You can rest assured. I’ll make it. assureda. 有把握的,放心的 rest assured“放心”我闭着眼睛都能干I could do that with my eyes closed.○ I can do that. 我能做那件事○ Simple. 简单得很○ A piece of cake. 小菜一碟我是这方面的老手了I’m an old hand at this.○ It’s my job. 这是我的本行○ I’m good at this. 我在这方面很在行○ Believe me. 相信我好了 old hand“老手,有经验者”我绝对相信自己能通过考试I’m absolutely sure that I’ll pass the exam. absolutely ad. 绝对地我肯定会成功的I’m certain of my success. It’s certain that I’ll succeed. certain a. 确定的,有信心的 success n. 成功 succeed v. 成功我敢打赌我肯定能得一等奖I’ll bet I can get the first prize. prize n. 奖金,奖品我有百分之百的把握I’m a hundred percent certain. a hundred percent“百分之百,完全”我对此没有把握I’m not sure about that. I’m not certain.我对自己的能力缺乏自信I’m not confident in my capability. capability n. 能力恐怕我应付不了I’m afraid I can’t manage it.○ I’m afraid it’s beyond my ability. 恐怕这超出了我的能力范围 beyond one’s ability “在某人能力范围之外”FUN 轻松:看图monkey in the middle 两头受气的人,两边不讨好的人Every time when my wife and my mom have an argument, I'm the monkey in the middle. 每次老婆和老妈之间吵嘴,我都被夹在中间受气 详解 自信 口语 交际

生气时angry英语怎么说 -- :8:31 来源: Oh, heck! *heck表示有点灰心和失望 Oh, heck! I failed the test. (噢,见鬼!没考及格) Oh, darn! Oh, no! 什么! Shucks! *承认自己的错误,或回应别人对自己的不满时 Where is your homework? (你的作业在哪儿呢?) Shucks! I got it at home. (哎呀!我忘在家里了) 真见鬼! Shoot! *表示厌恶、激怒、惊奇等常用来表示事情并不像自己所想像的那样顺利时 Shoot! I Missed the train. (真见鬼!我没赶上电车) Sheesh! 他妈的! Shit! *听起来很低级shoot是shit的委婉说法 啊!糟了! Uh-oh. *表示“不好”、“糟了”,带有惊讶的语气 Did you bring the book I lent you? (你借我的书带来了吗?) Uh-oh. I got. (啊,糟了,我忘了) 有的事是行不通的 Not everything is logical. *logical “合逻辑的”、“合乎道理的” Everything isnt always logical. Not everything follows the rules of logic. (金钱)全都浪费了 It went down the drain. *drain “排水管” How was the investment? (投资的那个项目怎么样?) It went down the drain. (全都白搭了) 就差那么一点儿 I almost made it. *用almost表示“差一点儿就……” The train just left. (电车刚走) I almost made it. (就差那么一点儿) I was almost on time. I was just a little late. (就晚了那么一点儿) 想点儿办法吧! Do something! Our house is a mess? (我们的家真乱) So, do something! (那,你就收拾收拾吧) Do something about it! Please do something about it.(请想点儿办法吧!) Please take care of it me.(请为我处理一下儿吧) 我忙得要命 Im so busy. Im so busy today. (我今天忙得要命) How about tomorrow? (那明天怎么样?) Im too busy. Im as busy as a bee. *短语,“像蜜蜂一样忙碌” 这项工作对我来说太重了 This task is too much me. * task表示“作为任务分派给人的工作” This task is too much me. (这项工作对我来说太重了) Please dont give up yet. (请你别放弃) I cant complete this task alone. (我一个人无法完成这项工作) This is too much me to handle. 这么点儿薪水我怎么够活呀! I cant make ends meet on my small salary. I cant live on my low pay. I cant get along on my scanty pay. I find it impossible to make ends meet on my small salary. 我再也忍不下去了 This is the last straw. *last straw 表示“再也无法承受的负担和困难上又新加的痛苦” Your husband hit you again? (你丈夫又打你了?) Yes. This is the last straw. (是的我再也忍不下去了) That it. Ive had it up to here. I cant take it any more. 你的答复我接受不了 Your response is unacceptable. *unacceptable 表示“接受不了” Im not satisfied with what you say. Your answer is unsatisfactory. 我不满意他的回答 Im not satisfied with his answer. *be satisfied with... “对……感到满意” Im dissatisfied with his answer. His answer didnt satisfy me. 他今天一副挑衅的样子 He got a chip on his shoulder today. *指“要打架的样子”、“情绪不好的态度” 公平点儿! Play fair! Play fairly! Dont cheat! (不许搞鬼) 多费时费钱呀! What a waste of time and money! What a waste of time and money! (费时又费钱) Dont say that. (你别那么说呀!) Youre wasting your time and money! 你太慷慨了 Youre too generous. *在送给别人相当有价值的东西等场合时使用generous “慷慨的”、“不吝惜的”、“宽大的”、“度量大的” Id like you to have this. (我想送你这个) Youre too generous. Thank you very much. (你太慷慨了谢谢) Youre too kind. 他把一切都告诉了我 He told me all about it. He told me everything. 怎么花这么长时间? What taking so long? Why is it taking so long? 分钟怎么也来不及 I cant make it in ten minutes. I need more time. (我还需要点儿时间) Itll take me longer than ten minutes. (要花分钟以上) Ten minutes isnt enough time. (分钟太仓促了) 他看不起我 He looks down on me. He despises me. He respects me. (他尊重我) 你什么忙也帮不了 Youre good nothing. 简直快让我疯了 It drives me crazy. I hate that noise. (我真讨厌那种声音) It drives me crazy. (它简直快让我疯了) It makes me crazy. It drives me up the wall. 就这些吗? Is that all? Id like this one, and that one, please. (我要这个和那个) Is that all? (就这些吗?) Is that it? Anything else? (还要别的吗?) 这太少了这不够 That not enough. *用于所持或得到的量不足时 Ill give you % off. (我给你便宜%) That not enough. How about % off? (这太少了%怎么样?) Id like more. (我还想要点儿) I need more. (我需要再多一点儿) 他对我不公平 He unfair to me. *unfair “不公平的”、“不合理的” He treats me unfairly. He doesnt treat me fairly. (他对待我不公平) 发怒 别再辩解了! No more excuses! *excuse “辩解” Dont make (any) excuses! Dont give me excuses. No ifs, ands or buts! *用在有人用if(如果……的话)、and(还有)、but(但是……)等词作解释时 But I cant. (可是,我不会呀!) No ifs, ands or buts! You will finish it today. (不要找借口,你今天怎么也得完成) 我不想再听你的辩解了 Ive heard enough of your excuses. *直译是“我已经听够你的解释了” But I cant help it. (可是我毫无办法呀!) Ive heard enough of your excuses. (我不想再听你的辩解了) 我不想听任何解释 I dont want to hear any excuses. 这样也解释不通呀 That not a good excuse. That no excuse. 你到底在想什么呢? What the big idea? *用来表示“你怎么做那种事,你到底在想什么呢?” 别给我开空头票 Dont give me any lip service! *lip “嘴唇”,“lip service”表示“口惠” Dont give me any lip. 你少命令我! Dont tell me what to do! *这是句常用语,直译“用不着你对我说该做什么” You dont need to buy that. (你没必要买那个) Hey, dont tell me what to do! It my money. (喂!你少命令我,这是我自己的钱) 气疯了我了! Im mad! Im mad at you! (你气死我了!) Im sorry, please give me. (对不起,请原谅) Im angry. Im upset. *upset “生气,心烦意乱” Im ticked off. *tick off 俚语,“使人生气” 那真讨厌! That disgusting. *disgusting“讨厌的,令人厌恶的,让人作呕的”表达让人厌恶、讨厌得直想吐的心情 That disgusting. Are you going to eat that? (看上去真恶心,你准备吃吗?) Yes, it delicious. Try it. (嗯,很好吃啊,你试试!) That gross. (那真恶心) 你真让我心烦 Youre getting on my nerves. *nerve “神经”,get on my nerves“触动我的神经,让我心烦” Youre getting on my nerves.(你真让我心烦) That not a nice thing to say.(你这样说也太失礼了) Youre bothering me. (你使我感到烦恼)*bother“使人为难”、“纠缠不休”、“烦恼” Youre really irritating me. (你真让我烦)*irritate“使人心烦,让人着急,使人生气” Youre starting to get on my nerves. (你又开始做让我心烦的事了) 别取笑我! Dont make fun of me! *make fun of...惯用短语,“嘲笑,开玩笑” Ha, ha, you fell down. (哈!哈!摔倒了呀) Dont make fun of me. (别取笑我!) Dont tease me. (别拿我开玩笑) Dont talk down to me. (别说看不起人的话) Dont belittle me. (别看不起人) 请别上火 Dont be upset. 我再也没耐心了 Ive run out of patience. *run out of... “用光……,耗尽……”patience “忍耐,耐性” Calm down. (冷静点儿) I cant. Ive run out of patience. (我做不到,我再也忍耐不了了) I lost my temper. (我发脾气了) 你放肆! What nerve! 你竟有脸说这种事! How impudent you are to say such a thing! *impudent “厚颜的”,“不知羞耻的” How impolite! (怎么那么厚颜无耻!) That a rude thing to say! (那样说太野蛮) 他说的话多气人呀 What he says offends me. *offend “得罪人,使人生气,给人不愉快的感觉” What he says offends me. (他说的话多气人呀) I know what you mean. (我理解你的心情) What he says bothers me. (他说的话让人心烦) 我们得反击 Weve got to get even. *get even “回击,报复” We have to get him back. 我又不是不懂 I wasnt born yesterday. *直译“我可不是昨天才生下来的” It a great deal. (那可是件好事呀) I wasnt born yesterday. (我又不是不懂) I didnt just fall off the turnip truck! *turnip 蔬菜中的“芜菁”,直译“我又不是刚从货车上掉下来的芜菁”用该短语表示“我知道得十分清楚” Im not stupid! (我没那么傻) Im not naive! (我又不是没见过世面) 别把我当傻瓜 Dont think you can make a fool out of me! *make a fool out of... 表示“轻视,看不起”直译是“别以为你可以轻视我!” Dont try to make me look foolish! 直译“别把我弄得像个傻瓜” You cant make me look stupid! 你拿我开涮呢 Youre making fun of me. *make fun of... 表示“看不起人,把……作为取笑对象”把它作为一个短语来记 Youre teasing me. (你耍我呢) *tease “逗弄,戏弄”、“愚弄” Are you trying to make a fool out of me? (你是不是在把我当笑料呀?) 真是狮子大开口 That asking too much. Ill do it ¥50,000. (给五万,我就干!) That asking too much. (真是狮子大开口) Youre being too greedy. (你也太贪了) Youre pushing your luck. (你还真来劲!) 他是急脾气 He has a quick temper. He has a short temper. He has a bad temper. 你知道你是在对谁说话吗? Who do you think youre talking to? *表示“你对我能用这种口气说话吗?” You cant talk to me like that. (你不能这样对我说话) Do you know who youre talking to? 你有什么要说的吗? Do you have anything to say? Do you have anything to complain about? Do you have any objection to it? (你有什么不同意见?) 我不能让你随心所欲 I wont let you have your own way. *let “同意让……”、“让……”、“随便让……” You cant have everything your own way. Im not giving in. (我绝不让步) 这是恐吓 That blackmail! *blackmail“勒索”、“恐吓” A) If you dont help me, Ill turn you in. (你要不帮我,我就把你交给警方) B) That blackmail! (你这是恐吓)*B做了坏事,而被A知道 你别侮辱人 Dont insult me. Dont insult my intelligence. *直译“你别侮辱我的才智”用于吵架开始时 你是一个卑鄙的骗子 Youre a filthy liar. *filthy“污秽的,卑鄙的,肮脏的” 你会后悔的 Youll be sorry. I lent him money. (我把钱借给他了) Youll be sorry. (你会后悔的) Youll regret it. Youll wish you hadnt done it. (你会后悔这么做的) 你疯啦? Are you crazy? Isnt he cool? (他是不是很酷?) Are you crazy? (你是不是疯啦?) Are you nuts? Are you out of your mind? Are you insane? Are you delirious? Are you all there? Are you confused? *更尖锐的说法 别用那种眼神看着我! Dont look at me like that! Dont look at me like that! (别用那种眼神看着我!) Like what? (什么眼神?) Dont stare at me! (别盯着我) *stare at...“一直盯着看,凝视” 我要报复 I want to get even with him. Ill pay him back. (这个仇我一定得报) 那个狡猾、卑鄙的家伙 That sneaky, low life creep! *sneaky“鬼鬼祟祟,卑鄙的”,low life “社会下层的人,卑怯的家伙”,creep “阴郁得让人讨厌的人”、“非常讨厌的人” (根本)不是!?是的! Is not! ? Is too! *孩子们吵架时常用 Is not! ? Is so! Uh-uh! ? Uh-huh! 因为Is not和Uh-uh表达的是No的意思,所以是一边摇着头一边说 随便吧! Have it your way! We should turn right. (我们该往右拐) I think we should go left. (我觉得该往左拐) Okay, okay, have it your way! (好吧,好吧,你随便吧!) Do it your way! Do whatever you want! Do as you please. It your choice. Suit yourself! *用于好心好意给人出主意却不被接受时“那随你便吧,爱怎么着就怎么着吧” 厌烦 真无聊! It boring. Do you want to watch that movie? (你想看那部电影吗?) No, I hear it boring. (不,听说那电影很无聊) 真没意思! Dull. My life is dull. (我每天都这么无聊) It dull. (没劲) 毫无价值!不值一提! It the birds. *直译“帮不了谁,最多只能帮帮鸟罢了”,即“无聊,没有意思”是比较旧的说法,但现在仍然在用 I hate this class. (我最讨厌上这课) I agree. It the birds. (没错真无聊) It no good. It sucks. 我不感兴趣 Im not interested. So, when do you want to go out with me? (你什么时候能和我约会呢?) Im not interested in you. (我对你不感兴趣) 没什么了不起的 It nothing great. How your new job? (你的新工作怎么样?) It nothing great. (没什么了不起的) It nothing much. 我不满意 Im not satisfied. Im dissatisfied. Im not happy about it. Im not content. Im discontent. 就是常见的那种会议 It was just another meeting. *just another“常有的,不稀奇的” How was the meeting? (那个会怎么样?) It was just another meeting. (很平常) It was just a meeting. That meeting was nothing special. (那个会没有什么特别的) 我不能专心工作 I cant get into my work. *get into...“专心做……”、“对……抱有兴趣” I cant concentrate on my work. (我不能集中精力工作) *concentrate on...“集中精力做……” I cant get excited about my job. (我没有工作的热情) Ive lost interest in my work. (我对我的工作失去了兴趣) 那早过时了 It outdated. It out of date. 拜托! Give me a break. I dont know her, I promise. (我发誓我不认识她) Give me a break! (算了吧,别玩花样了) Get real. (你认真点儿) Tell me the truth. (告诉我实话) Stop joking. (别开玩笑) Get serious. (说正经的) Stop kidding! (别耍弄我) Stop pulling my leg! (别跟我逗!) 我忍受不了 I cant stand it. *stand “容忍,忍耐” Tom is very rude. (汤姆太粗鲁了) Yeah, I cant stand it. (就是,我真受不了他) I cant take it (anymore). I cant bare it (anymore). I cant take the strain. I cant stand it any longer. I cant put up with it any longer! *put up with...“忍受……” 够了! That enough. *表示不想再听下去时 Mom! She wont leave me alone and she keeps playing with my toys and... (妈妈,她不让我一个人呆着,还拿我的玩具玩) That enough. Stop complaining. (够了,别那么多牢骚了) Ive had it. (我受不了了) Ive had enough. Ive heard enough! (我听够了) That it. Enough is enough. (够了,别再说了!) 饶了我吧! Have a heart! Finish your homework first, then wash my car. (你先写作业,然后再把我的车洗了) Have a heart, dad! (饶了我吧,爸爸!) 越听越烦 The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I get. *The more..., the more... “越……越……”、 “越来越……” The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I become. The more I know, the sicker I feel. 她又来了 There she goes again. *用于常说同样话的人又开始重复同一话题时 A) Are you listening? I said... (你听着呢吗? 我是说……) B)(To C) Oh, no! There she goes again. ([对C说]得,她又来了) She starting it again. She saying it again. (她又说上了) 哦,真烦 Oh, man! No, you cant go. (不行,你不能去) Oh, man! You never let me do anything. (哦,真烦!你总是什么都不让我做) 我不想听 I dont want to hear it. I dont want to hear about it. 这次又是什么? Now what? *当一个计划接着一个计划,一个问题接着一个问题时,用来表示“下一个是什么?”、“怎么样?”、“这次又是什么样的事情”多用于坏事的不断发生 There one more problem. (还有个问题) Now what? (这次又是什么?) What else? (还有什么?) What next? What else is wrong? (还有什么不对劲的吗?) What is it this time? 驳斥 闭嘴! Shut up! *常用于吵架等场合,语气非常严厉 Shut up! I dont want to hear it! (住嘴!我不想听) You shut up! (你住嘴!) Shut your mouth. Keep your mouth shut. Be quiet! (安静!) Shut the fuck up. *这是一句语气尖锐、很难听的脏话,最好不用 Can it. 别指手划脚! Dont be a back seat driver. *这种说法是源于开车的时候坐在司机后边的人指示司机这么走那么走,唠唠叨叨地说个不停的情况而产生的一种表达方式 别大声嚷嚷! Stop shouting! Stop yelling! (别吵!) Keep your voice down! (小点声!) 别抱怨了! Stop complaining! *complain “抱怨”用于针对絮絮叨叨地诉说不满、痛苦和悲伤的人 You always come home late. (你总这么晚回来) Stop complaining! (别抱怨了!) 安静点,行不行? Calm down, will you? *calm down “安静下来”、“镇静”、“平息” Calm down, will you? (安静点,行不行?) Okay. Ill try. (好的!我尽量) 唠叨什么呀! Stop nagging! *nag多用于女性是男性对爱叨叨的、小声嘟囔的女人说的和stop complaining(发牢骚)的语气不太一样 Did you fix my car? I told you to do it bee dinner. (我的车修了吗?我不是让你晚饭以前给我修好的吗?) Stop nagging me! Ill do it. (唠叨什么呀!我这就修) 别再啰嗦了! Get off my back! *直译“从我背上下来”这是句惯用短语,表示“少说废话!别多嘴!” But you promised! (可是,你答应我了呀!) Get off my back. (别再啰嗦了!) Stop pestering me! *pester 含有“使人为难,烦恼”的意思,特别是带有“缠磨得人难受,使人苦恼”的语感 Quit bothering me! (别再死气白赖地缠着我了!) Dont tell me what to do! (用不着你告诉我该怎么做!) Quit telling me what to do! (用不着你告诉我该怎么做) 别跟我顶嘴! Dont talk back to me! *talk back “顶嘴”带有孩子对父母、晚辈对长辈还嘴的语感 I wont do it! (我才不干呢!) Dont talk back to me! (别跟我顶嘴!) That the end of it. (就这样) *表示已经没有商量的余地 That final. (就这么着) That it. (就这样) It settled. (就这么定了) *settle “解决、决定(日期)、决定做某事”该句含有“已经决定了,就别再多嘴了”的语感一般情况下settle 表示决定的用法如以下例句 Let meet at 5∶00. (我们5点见吧) It settled. (好,就这么定了) 多嘴! Big mouth! *直译是“大嘴”用来说那些说多余话的人 He doesnt have a girlfriend. (他还没有女朋友呢) Shut up, big mouth! (闭嘴,用你多话!) Youve got a big mouth. You talk too much. (你真多嘴多舌) 离我远点儿! Leave me alone! Hey, baby, what your name? (嗨!小宝贝,你叫什么名字?) Leave me alone! (离我远点儿!) 没你的事! None of your business. *表示“别多管闲事、跟你有什么关系,用不着你帮忙,用不着你管”等等 It none of your business. Mind your own business. (先管好你自己吧!) It is not your concern. It doesnt concern you. Stay out of it. (你别瞎搀和) I dont need your input. (用不着你帮忙) It personal. (这是我的私事) I dont need your two cents. *直译“我不需要你这两分钱”俚语,表示“用不着你指导我,这和你没关系” I dont think you should do that. (我觉得你不该做) Thanks, but I dont need your two cents. (谢谢,用不着你来说) 谁问你了? Who asked you? I think youre wrong. (我觉得你错了) Who asked you? (谁问你了?) Who cares what you think? (谁管你想什么!) I didnt ask you. (我又没问你) If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked you. (我要想问你的话,早就问了) 现在不能跟你说 I cant talk to you now. 我不需要你的帮助 I dont need your help. Your kindness is unwanted. Your kindness is unwelcome. I dont want your kindness. 给我出去! Get out of here! *语气强烈地让人离开某地口语中连读 Get out of here! (给我出去!) Theyre just kittens. (它们不过是几只小猫呀) Go away! (一边去!) Get lost! (你给我消失!) *这样说起到把人轰走的效果 Take a hike! Leave! 别让我看见你! Get out of my face! *惯用短语,“离开我的视线”、“躲我远点儿,走开!” Get out of my face! (别让我看见你!) What did I do wrong? (我做错什么了?) Beat it! *俚语 Buzz off! *buzz 是蜜蜂或苍蝇发出的“嗡嗡”的声音比喻对方像蜜蜂、苍蝇一样地吵人,所以该短语表示“你一边呆着去!” Leave me alone. 躲开! Back off! *打架的时候粗暴地对对方说“后退,躲开!” Step back! (后退!) 别打扰我! Dont bother me! Let play this game. (玩游戏吧!) Dont bother me! I have to finish my homework. (别打扰我,我得写完作业) 你想把我轰走吗? Are you trying to get rid of me? *get rid of...“轰走,去掉,摆脱”Are you trying to...? 带有“你想试试做……吗?”的语感 Are you trying to get rid of me? (你想赶我走?) No, Ive just been busy. (不是,我只是太忙了) Are you trying to avoid me? (你想躲着我?) 责备 骗子! Liar! Liar! (骗子!) Dont call me a liar! (不许叫我骗子) 那是瞎说! That a lie! He drinks too much. (他喝得太多了) That a lie! (那是瞎说!) That a filthy lie. (那纯属骗人) *含有更强烈的谴责的语感“filthy”是“污秽的,丑恶的”意思加上这个词句子含有贬义,更强调程度之深 He a filthy liar. (他是个彻头彻尾的骗子) 别骗我 Dont lie to me. Dont tell me lies. 别开玩笑! Stop joking! Ha, ha, ha... She so stupid! (哈哈……她这么傻!) Stop joking! (别开玩笑!) Quit your kidding. *kidding “戏弄,耍弄,开玩笑”quit “别,不要”,和stop的意思相同,但是quit一般含有“有意识地放弃工作、改变习惯”的意思 Cut it out. (别弄!) *cut it out或cut that out 都是“放弃,停止”的意思 Knock it off. (别吵了!) *Knock it off表示“住手!”、“住嘴!”等意,是个常用短语,应该记下来 你开玩笑也该适可而止! Ive had enough of your nonsense. *nonsense “没有意义的话,戏言,荒唐的想法”这句直译是“我已经听够了你那些无聊话了” 别捉弄人 Stop putting us on. *put...on “骗人,欺骗” Stop putting us on. (别捉弄人) Im not! (谁捉弄你了) Stop joking with us. (别跟我们开玩笑) *joke with... “开玩笑,说俏皮话,戏弄人” Stop fooling us. (别捉弄人)*fool “嘲弄”、“开玩笑” Stop pulling our legs. (别拿人开心) *pull one leg “开玩笑似地捉弄人, 捉弄” 别干那种傻事! Dont act stupid. Dont act stupid! (别干那种傻事!) It just a joke. (只是个玩笑) Dont act silly. Dont act dumb. 别说傻话! Dont be silly! Dont be ridiculous! Dont talk silly. Dont say stupid things. Dont be foolish! *是俚语的表达方式有时听起来让人感到有些不礼貌 那也太蠢了! That stupid. That stupid. (那也太蠢了!) But it true. (可那是真的呀) Bullshit! *表达“我才不相信那种事”,语感强烈多用于打架的时候Bull “公牛”,shit “大便,屎”, bullshit “犯傻呀!”、“真蠢!” Bull! 别逗了! Dont pull my leg. I won a thousand dollars! (我赢了00美元) Dont pull my leg! (别逗了!) Dont talk nonsense! Dont talk stupid! *stupid 俚语,“傻的”、“无意义的”、“愚蠢的” 收回你说过的话 Take it back! Liar! (你骗人) Im not a liar! Take it back! (我没骗人,收回你说过的话!) 我不想再听你说的谎话 I dont want to hear any more of your lies. I dont want to hear your bull. I dont want to hear you lying to me any more. 你在编故事吗? Did you make up a story? *make up “随口编出、捏造的谎话” Did you make up a story? (你在编故事吗?) Im telling the truth. (我说的都是真的) Are you telling lies? (你在说谎吧?) Is that the truth? (那是真的吗?) 搞什么鬼! Phony! *phony表示“伪造的,不诚实的” Bullshitter! *bullshitter “说谎话的人,骗人的人,耍弄人的人” 别装傻! Dont play dumb! *dumb 除了“哑巴”之外还有“愚笨的”意思,所以play dumb意为“装傻” I dont know. (我不知道) Dont play dumb! (别装傻!) Dont act stupid! Dont pretend you dont know! (别装不知道!) *pretend “装作……”,用于开玩笑或骗人时 你在骗我呢吧! You tricked me. *trick“(采用计谋和策略)骗人,耍弄人,骗人做……” You tricked me. (你在骗我呢吧!) Gimme a break. (哪有的事儿) You tricked me. (你在骗我呢吧!) What are you talking about? (你说什么呢?) You scammed me. (你骗了我) *scam“骗,榨取”,俚语 You pulled one over on me. *pull one over“骗,让……上当” 你骗人的把戏可蒙不了我 None of your tricks will work on me. *trick “欺骗,搞鬼,计谋”work on 表示“给予影响,起作用”、“有效” You cant trick me. (你骗不了我) Im not easily fooled. (我不是那么容易被骗的) 吵骂 胆小鬼! (You) coward! (You) chicken! *虽没有特别的理由,但是在美国,chicken (鸡)代表“胆小鬼”,turkey(火鸡)代表“傻瓜” Chicken shit! *发出强烈谴责的一种表达方式 Scared cat! You sissy! You wimp! 人无完人! Nobody perfect! 小气鬼 Stingy. Cheapo. Cheapskate. Miser. 你这混蛋! Fuck you! *原意是“性交”,下流的说法即使是朋友之间,若无过分的事,一般不用 Screw you! Go to hell! 饭桶! You asshole! *asshole “屁股眼儿”,用来漫骂对方 You jerk! You shit! You idiot! Stupid! You fool! 混帐!天哪! Christ! *原本是“耶稣基督”,但它也常用来咒骂 Oh, my god! Holy cow! *比较旧的说法 你这畜牲! You beast! *指“动物”,特别是指“兽类、像畜生一样使人讨厌的人” You animal! You pig! 野丫头! You tomboy! 滑头的家伙! You sly dog! *sly “狡猾的”、“调皮的” Youre sneaky! Youre shrewd! Youre clever! *clever和上句的shrewd这两个词也常用于褒义 同性恋! Fag! Faggot! 丑八怪! Hey, ugly! 肥猪! Fatso! Fatty! Whale! (你这肥猪!) Cow! (你这母牛!你这娘们!) Pig! (猪猡!) 矬子! Shorty! Shrimp! (矮矬子!) 忘恩负义的家伙! What an ungrateful man! *ungrateful 含有轻蔑的语感,表示“知恩不报的,忘恩负义的” 你这下流坯! You lowlife! You scum! You loser! *loser “失败的人” 别硬装酷了 Stop trying to be cool! Give it up! 使人镇静 镇静些 Calm down. *对精神上处于不安定状态的人说的话 Excuse me. Im lost. (对不起,我迷路了) Calm down. Where are you going? (别着急,你去哪儿?) Oh my God! Oh, no! What am I going to do!? (哦,天哪!哦,不!我该怎么办呀!?) Just calm down. (镇静些!) Cool down. 别紧张 Take it easy. Take it easy. Dont work so hard. (别拼命了!别干得那么辛苦) I cant take it easy. This is due in the morning. (不拼命不行,今天上午得全部干完) Dont over do it. (别干得太多!) Dont overextend yourself. 何必当真了呢 Dont get so uptight. *用uptight来表示“紧张的”、“焦急的”、“在意的”状态 What? You mean Im too short? (什么?你是说我太矮了?) Dont get so uptight. (别当真) Dont get so worked up. 放松点儿 Dont be so stiff. Loosen up. (随便点儿!) 放松点儿 Kick back! *“悠闲自得地”、“放松地”、“舒适地”含有不紧张,精神上放松的语感 Kick back, make yourself at home. (请随便些,像在自己家里一样) Thanks. (谢谢) Just relax! Take it easy! Just hang loose! *比较旧的说法 不用着急 Take your time. *向对方表示不必着急的表达方式 A) Im sorry, Im going to be a little late. (对不起,我稍微晚一点儿) B) That okay. Take your time. (没关系,不用着急)*打电话时的对话A对B说要比约定的时间晚到一会儿 别急 There no need to rush. Wait! I need to go to the bathroom. (等等!我得去个厕所) There no need to rush. (别急) You dont need to hurry. No rush. No hurry. Dont rush on my . (不用为我着急) 言归于好 我们和好吧! Let make up. *用make up表示“(打架等)解决,和解” Let make up. (我们和好吧!) Yeah, let. (好吧) Let kiss and make up. (让我们亲吻和好吧!) 和好了吗? Did you make up? We had a fight today. (我们今天打架了) Did you make up? (你们和好了吗?) 别打了! Stop fighting! 我们就不能好好谈谈吗? Cant we talk it over? *talk over 表示“通过相互谈话达到了相互理解” It over. Get out! (一切都结束了给我出去!) Cant we talk it over? (我们就不能好好谈谈吗?) Cant we work it out? Let talk it over. (我们好好谈谈这件事吧!) 你俩要好好相处 Try to get along. Be nice to each other. 过去的事就让它过去吧 Let give and get! *带有“是过去的事情就让它过去吧”的语感 Let bygones be bygones. *谚语 糟了,让你逮着了 Youve got me. Who did it? (这是谁干的呀?) Youve got me. (糟了,让你逮着了) I give up. Im beaten. You win. 你输了 Ive beaten you. Youve lost. I won. (我赢了) Youre a loser. (你是输家) Im a winner. (我是赢家) 我无意伤害你 I didnt mean to hurt you. I meant no harm. 我很想念你 I missed you. 我是个容易感到寂寞的人 I get lonely easily. 你们就不能和好吗? Cant you patch things up? *用patch up表示“平息争吵、不和” Isnt there any way you can patch things up? (就没有什么办法让你们和好吗?) Cant you make up? 日常英语 英语口语

当人们都把某个著名的运动员、演员或者歌星视作自己崇拜的偶像时,我却视母亲为我的偶像她是我的灵感之源,而且至今依然如此她教导我说,勤奋工作从来不会累死人她是我心目中的英雄母亲、我的家人以及朋友所给予我的快乐是生活中其他任何事物所不能及的Put the Eft in Every DayAs a young boy, I grew up with eight siblings in a tin-roofed shack in Summerfield, Louisiana. I didn’t see my circumstance as an obstacle, even though we didn’t even have a real toilet in the house. I saw my life more as a card that had been dealt to me and I tried to make the most of it.I was the youngest of five boys and also had four sisters who had to pull together and take care of each other. Dad wasn’t around, so I never knew him well. He committed suicide when I was three years old, leaving Mom with the job of raising and providing nine kids. She worked at a sawmill running a klift fifty dollars a week and had another job at a poultry plant. She was a very hard worker, and in order to make ends meet, she hardly ever rested.My mom believed in doing all she could do to take care of her responsibilities, so no matter what, she never asked a handout. You can imagine we kids didn’t get what we wanted, but we always got the things we needed. With my mom as my example, I learned that hard work is the best way to get what you want.While growing up, I was surrounded with temptations to do negative things like drugs, alcohol and all that. I chose not to go there. Even as a little boy, I knew I was going to be successful. Some people take that to be cocky or conceited, but I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me that I couldn’t do whatever I set out to do.Of course, I dreamed about what I wanted to be when I grew up. At first, I wanted to be a state trooper, then I wanted to be in the Special ces. After a while, I decided that I wanted to drive eighteen-wheelers. There was even a period of time that I wanted to be in construction. I wanted to play football in high school; in fact, I still do. But regardless of what I chose, I wanted to make my brothers, sisters and mom proud of me—not only by being successful in what I chose to do, but also as a person who could be looked up to the right reasons.Surprising as it might seem, basketball wasn’t in my plans. One day, my mom cut a rim off an old water barrel and then held it up me to throw an old rubber ball through. By junior high, I started playing basketball on a team. I loved to compete. There was a positive high I got by going out and playing against other people and working hard to win. me, it paid off. I just let my success in basketball take its course but I always put the eft in every day. No matter what I’ve done, some people wait my downfall, saying, “Karl Malone can’t do it.” Instead of letting people like that get to me, they are actually my motivation and I continue to prove them wrong every single day. I try to do the best job I can in a positive way on and off the court. I realize that no matter what I’m dealing with, there’s somebody else out there who has it a little bit worse off. I’ve been there. And I know that without continued hard work, I could be there again.I am grateful the life I’ve enjoyed as a basketball star. But when I see these shirts that say “Basketball is life,” I think Yeah, right! It is not life. It can be exciting. But the important thing about basketball is that it gives me a way to do good things others as I move through this journey called life.Success is really about choosing right from wrong, making a positive contribution to the world around you and valuing the things that are really important—like family and friend.While everyone else was looking to popular athletes, actors and musicians as positive role models, my mom was my inspiration, and she continues to be all these years later. She taught me that hard work never killed anybody. My mom is my hero. She, my family and friends bring me more joy than anything else in life does.At the end of my life, I don’t want to be remembered as the kind of person who just sat on his rear end and said, “I’ve made it.” I don’t ever want to have to say that I didn’t give it everything that I’ve got. Sure there are days that I don’t feel like working hard…but I do it anyway, because that’s who I am. 93

Tess discovered that only two or three of the dairymaids slept in the house, besides herself.苔丝发现除了她之外,还有两三个挤奶女工和她睡在一间房子里They all shared a big bedroom near the cheese room.她们共有的这间大卧室挨着奶酪室That night one of the girls insisted on telling Tess about all the people at the dairy.那天晚上,她们中有个姑娘坚持要给苔丝讲牛奶场里所有人的情况To Tess,half asleep, the whispers seemed to be floating in the air.丝半睡半醒地听着,这些耳语就像漂浮在空中一样;Mr Angel Clare—he the one who learning milking— he a parson son and thinks a lot and doesnt notice girls.“安吉尔·克莱尔先生——就是那个学挤牛奶的人——是一位牧师的儿子,爱思考问题,但对女孩子从不留意His father is parson at Emminster,some way from here.她父亲是爱敏斯特的牧师,离这儿有些距离His sons, except Mr Clare,are going to be parsons too.;他的儿子们,除了克莱尔先生,也都打算当牧师”Tess gradually fell asleep.苔丝渐渐地睡着了第二、语段精讲1. That night one of the girls insisted on telling Tess about all the people at the dairy.语言要点1:insist on doing something:坚持做某事e. g. Well insist on discussing this issue. 我们将抓住这个问题不放e. g. Since they insist on going, well simply push the boat with the current and let them go with us. 既然他们坚持要去, 干脆我们就顺水推舟,让他们一同去吧语言要点:tell sb about sth:告诉(某人)有关…的情况,谈及; 讲述e. g. He tried to tell me a lie about losing his wallet. 他试图使我相信他丢失了钱夹的谎言e. g. Imes, just let your hair down and tell me all about it. 艾姆斯,把全部内容都坦率地说出来吧. To Tess,half asleep, the whispers seemed to be floating in the air.语言要点1:half asleep:半睡的,半醒半着的,睡意朦胧中的e. g. While he was half asleep, he seemed to hear a knock on the door. 矇胧中他仿佛听到有人敲门e. g. Half asleep, he felt the horse nose push against his face. 睡意朦胧中,他觉得马的鼻子挨在他的脸上推动语言要点:seem to sb对于......来说似乎是......e. g. It seems to me that either of these methods is perfectly legitimate. 在我看来这些方法的任一种都是完全合理的e. g. It seems a most marvelous book to me . 这本书我觉得奥妙之至3. Mr Angel Clare—he the one who learning milking— he a parson son and thinks a lot and doesnt notice girls.文法1:half asleep是形容词短语作伴随状况状语奶厂的女工告诉苔丝奶厂故事的时候,伴随着一种情况,即:苔丝睡意朦胧文法:seem to be floating in the air这个带有动词不定式的短语中,动词不定式中使用了一般现在进行时,表示奶厂的女工的话似乎正在飘荡. His father is parson at Emminster, some way from here.语言要点:some way from:距离......有一小段路程e. g. When Roosevelt dies in 195, the explosion at Hiroshima has not yet taken place; mankind is still some way from the Atomic Age. 当罗斯福在195年死去的时候,广岛的原子弹爆炸还没有发生;人类距离原子时代还有一小段路程5. Tess gradually fell asleep.语言要点:fall asleep:睡着e. g. Torn between anger and self-reproach, he could hardly fall asleep. 他又是气愤,又埋怨自己,简直没法睡着e. g. With one thing and another , I could hardly fall asleep. 我思绪纷繁,辗转不能成眠

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