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赣州整形美容医院赣州中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱定南县全身脱毛手术多少钱 A:How do you get along with your co-workers?B:I get along pretty well with most of them.It seems there are always a few rotten apples in the bunch,though,Like Margaret.I don't know why management hasn't fired her yet.She's a terrible gossip.A:Do you think management should fire someone just because they gossip?B:It's not only that she gossips,but she also tries to start problems among other employees by sping rumors and telling lies about her co-workers.She's not trustworthy,and in my opinion,I think she's nuts.A:So how do you develop good relationships in the office?B:I think one of the important things is just to be considerate of your co-workers'feelings and needs.If you are aware of other people and do your part to make a good working environment,you should be able to get along with most of the people you work with.A: I think you're right,but it does seem that there are always a few co—workers that are harder to work with than others. /08/82780今天Catherine代表公司与一知名建筑公司代表洽谈信贷项目业务。两方谈得很愉快,最后会议结束时,Catherine握着对方的手笑着说:I hope our cooperation does without a hitch. I hope our cooperation does without a hitch.我希望我们的合作能顺利进行。hitch是“绳子结”,引申为“障碍,阻碍”或者是“问题或困难”。所以,without a hitch这个习惯用语 的意思就是“毫无障碍,顺利无阻”,也就是“成功地,做事一帆风顺地”。因此,如果你作为公司代表和另外的公司商讨合作事宜,临行时,你可以说:I hope our cooperation does without a hitch. Benjamin: I will pass on your idea about the new project to our boss. I look forward to further discussion.本杰明:我会把你所谈的关于新项目的想法转告我们老板。期待与你进一步洽谈。Todd: Thank you. I hope our cooperation does without a hitch.托德:谢谢你。我希望我们的合作能顺利进行。背景音乐:Forever◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201011/116982赣州韩式双眼皮

大余县全身脱毛手术多少钱I got the tip straight from the horses mouth.这个消息千真万确。straight from the horses mouth这个短语最早出现于上世纪20年代。据说,马的乳门齿、乳中齿会随着年岁的增长被永久门齿、永久中齿依次顶落,而且马的切齿由于采撷食物也会受到磨损,所以,有经验的驯马师常从马的乳齿数或马的切齿磨损程度获知马的年龄。所以这个短语用以形容:“(消息等)直接来自当事人,消息绝对可靠”。因此,当美国人说;I got the tip straight from the horses mouth.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;What I said is really true.;、;The news is absolutely reliable.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Our company will throw a party next Thursday evening, and many big shots will show up. I got the tip straight from the horses mouth.本杰明:我们公司下周四晚上将会举行一个聚会,很多大人物都会到场。这个消息千真万确。Terry: Wow, isnt that fantastic?泰瑞:哇,太棒了啊!搭配句积累:①Our manager will leave for Paris recently.我们经理最近会动身前往巴黎。②Well have a three-day holiday next week.我们下周将有一个为期三天的假期。③The general manager will be here to check our work tomorrow.总经理明天会来视察工作。④He will be the chief negotiator of our company.他将是我们公司的首席谈判代表。单词:1. reliable adj. 可靠的Its very difficult to give a reliable estimate.要给出可靠的估计非常困难。We have reliable sources.我们有可靠的消息来源。She was efficient and reliable.她办事很有效率,也很可靠。2. negotiator n. 谈判者The two American negotiators are calling for substantial cuts in external subsidies.两名美国谈判代表正在呼吁大量削减外部援助。As chief negotiator she has performed miracles in breaking down barriers between the two sides.作为主要谈判人,她在打破双方之间的障碍上创造了奇迹。He decided to make a brief yet outreaching statement to make the negotiator change his view.他决定作一个简短但有说力的陈述,以改变谈判者的看法。 /201304/237234赣州达拉斯鼻部整形 赣州治疗痘痘哪里好

瑞金治疗黄褐斑多少钱Narrator: 欢迎回到白领英语系列(节目),Anna 和 Tom 两人可真不走运。他们和重要的客户成功的进行了洽谈,正准备回英国,结果到了机场才知道他们的航班被取消了。这可怎么办啊。Tom: Right, theyve rebooked us onto the next flight, which is at 7 oclock tomorrow morning.Anna: Tomorrow morning! What are we going to do until then?Tom: Its OK Anna, calm down. Ive sorted out a hotel… quite a nice one actually.Anna: But what about our new contract? Ive got to sort it out!Tom: Anna, take a deep breath… itll be OK. Lets go and get a drink and well work things out.Narrator: Anna, Tom 这次可能没说错。 先休息一下吧,感受一下法国风情。 你们今天表现都很不错,不过别忘了通知你的老板 Paul 发生了些什么事情,keep him in the picture.Anna: In the picture? I didnt take any photos.Narrator: No Anna! 没让你给 Paul 照相。我的意思是你得让他知道工作进展情况。毕竟他可是老板啊。Anna: OK. I will.In a bar…Tom: Yeah, this one looks quite cosy. Ill order us a beer shall I?Anna: Id prefer an orange juice please.Tom: Oh really? OK then. (Trying to speak French) Err, Garcon. Je mappelle un beer et citron juice thing. Au revoir!Anna: No Tom! Pardon, je voudrais une grande biere et du juice dorange sil vous plait.Waiter: Oui Madame.Tom: Well, she likes you! Well, everyone likes you Anna. I like you because…Anna: I like you too Tom but dont you think I should call Paul and update him on whats going on… keep him in the picture?Tom: I dunno. Lets just enjoy this moment shall we? And besides, hell be at his biscuit appreciation class by now.Anna: No. I would be happier just to call him. Could I borrow your mobile phone please, my battery has run out.Tom: Yeah sure. Youll find his number under Attila the Hun.Anna: Attila the Hun?Tom: Just my little joke!Anna: Cheeky! But hold on… what am I going to say to him?Narrator: 千万别乱起外号!想好了再给他打电话。首先通报一下好消息,你们谈判成功,合约也签好了。Its good news, I have closed the deal and the contract is signed.接下来我们需要尽快把订单做好。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.还有我有决心一定要准时把订单送到客户那里。Im committed to getting the order delivered on time.不过需要公司的配合。I might need some help.Anna: OK I will. Its ringing…Paul: Hello?Anna: Hi Paul. Its Anna. Ive got some good news!Paul: Hold on (finishes eating biscuit) Sorry, Im just munching some new crumbly cream biscuits. Now, whats this good news? Is it about the contract?Anna: Yes! Ive closed the deal with Fruit Traders International and the contract is signed.Paul: Excellent news.Anna: To keep them happy, we need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.Paul: Of course, of course. So what are you planning to do?Anna: Well, obviously, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time but I might need some help. I wonder if Tom could…Paul: Yes, Tom can help you. Denise tells me you have a… special chemistry! Actually, where is Tom now? Is he home yet?Anna: Hes not. Actually Paul, Tom and I are going to stay in a hotel tonight. Hello, hello. Oh, Ive lost the signal, hes gone.Tom: Never mind Anna. I think he got the message. Another drink?Narrator: 希望 Paul 没听错 Anna 说的话!可别乱猜!不过 Anna 已经成功汇报了工作,让他知道工作进展情况。 好,让我们复习一下 Anna 用到的一些语言和表达 。Its good news – Ive closed the deal and the contract is signed.We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.Im committed to getting the order delivered on time… but I will need some help.Narrator: 繁忙紧张的一天终于结束了,Anna 该准备睡觉了。Tom: (Finishing his drink) Right, well, its time for bed. Weve got an early start tomorrow.Anna: So, where are we staying?Tom: A lovely little boutique hotel, just round the corner. Ive booked a room with a view.Anna: A room? One room?!Tom: Err, yeah. Thats all they had, actually… honest!Narrator: Hmm. 这很有意思。希望他俩公事公办,保持同事关系哟!我们下期节目再见。Listening Challenge 听力挑战What does Anna want to drink at the bar? Anna 想在酒吧里喝些什么?Answer: an orange juice. :一杯橙汁。 听力挑战:What does Anna want to drink at the bar? Anna 想在酒吧里喝些什么?上期:Anna 想在飞机上要靠窗的座位还是靠到的座位?:靠道德座位 /201301/222930 A: Hello, David, good to see you a-gain.A:您好,大卫,很高兴再次见到您。B: Hello, Tom. Hows business?B:您好,汤姆,生意怎么样?A: Oh, cant complain.A:噢,还不错。B: And the family?B:家人怎么样?A: Fine, thanks.A:很好,谢谢。B: Good. Tom, Id like to introduce a colleague, Quentin Richardson. Quenti’s just joined us from EA, and he served for after you from now on. Hell be your day-to-day contact.B:好的,汤姆,我给你介绍一位同事,昆汀·理查德森。昆汀刚刚从EA公司来到我们公司工作,从现在起,他将为您务。他是您的日常联络员。C: Hello, Mr. Thomas.C:您好,托马斯先生。A: Tom , please. ;Mr. Thomas; makes me sound old.A:请叫我汤姆吧托马斯先生;听起来老气横秋的。C: Fine, Tom. Im Quentin. I look for-ward to working with you.C:好的,汤姆,我叫昆汀。我盼望和您一起工作。B: I want you to take good care of him , Quentin. He is one of our best customers.B:昆汀,我想让你好好关照他。他是我们最好的客户之一。C: Ill do my best.C:我会尽力的。B: Im sure you will, Quentin.B:昆汀,我想你会的。C: Well, to start the ball rolling, how about having lunch together?C:那么,作为开始,我们先一起吃个午饭怎么样?A: You know all my favorite restaurants, David.A:大卫,你可知道我最爱去的饭店。 /201503/364419赣州鼻翼缩小哪家好赣州俪人整形美容医院去斑怎么样



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