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大吉山矿区医院激光去斑多少钱信丰县人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱Sleman(Indonesia) (AFP) - An advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral onlineafter the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free — her hand in marriage.印尼(法新社):印尼最近一个房子出售广告在网络上引起骚劫,一名女子想把自己的房子卖出去,而且可以免费把自己送给买主当妻子。The lnternet ad s for the most part like a regular house listing, saying thatthe single-storey proper ty has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space anda fish pond.这个出现在网络上的广告和一般的房子出售广告没有什么区别,称这是一栋单层的楼房,有两个卧室,两个卫生间,一个停车场和一个鱼塘。But it also proposes to buyers a ;rare offer; -- ;when you buy thishouse, you can ask the owner to marry you;, alongside a picture of WinaLia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in frontof the house. 但是还给买家提供了一个;稀有的好处;——;当你购买这栋房子时可以要求卖主和你结婚;,说明文字旁边出现的是一张40岁寡妇的照片,她是一家美容院的所有者,倚靠在门前的汽车旁。The ad said that terms and conditions apply, and notes the offer is ;for seriousbuyers and non-negotiable;. The house in Sleman, on the island of Java,is on the market for 999 million rupiah (about ,000).广告称这个offer是给严肃买家的,而且没有商量的余地。这处房产位于爪哇岛的Sleman,售价为75000美元,即99900万印尼盾。News of the offer quickly sp among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia.这个新闻很快在印尼的社交媒体上传播开来。Boldies99,a user on popular online forum Kaskus, said Lia was;quite smart -- even though the house will be sold, she will remain theowner.;印尼著名论坛Kaskus上的一名网友说,这女的还挺聪明,即使这房子卖出去了,她也还是主人。The mother of two explained that she had asked a friend who was a property agent tohelp her find a buyer —and in the process a husband — but she had expectedhim to pass on the news to a limited number of pe pie, not put an ad online.作为两个孩子的妈妈,她解释说她之前要求一名做房地产中介的朋友帮他找一个买家以及在这个过程中帮她找一个丈夫,她只希望朋友把这个事让少数人知道就可以了 ,并没有想把信息发布到网上去。She added that there was only one potential buyer, who had visited on Wednesday.but refused to give further details.她说只有一个潜在的买家,周三的时候来看过房子,但是拒绝提供更多细节。 /201503/364502赣州丰苹果肌一般要多少钱 Most women will have the occasional moan about the length of their legs, the size of their waist or the shape of their bottom。多数女性都会偶尔叹息自己的腿不够长,腰不够细,或臀部不够丰满挺翘。But it seems Pippa Middleton and her peers might find less to grumble about than most – this year, at least。但皮帕?米德尔顿和她的同龄人与多数人相比却似乎很少抱怨——至少今年是这样。Women feel their sexiest at the age of 28, according to a survey。据一项调查显示,女人在28岁的时候觉得自己最性感。Miss Middleton, millionairess Tamara Ecclestone and actress Mila Kunis are all at the magic age for embracing their sex appeal, according to the research。该调查称,米德尔顿、超级富婆塔玛拉?埃克尔斯通和女演员米拉?库尼丝都处于正散发着性感魅力的奇妙年龄。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, a woman’s confidence doesn#39;t peak until she is 32 - with supportive friends and family acting as the biggest boost to their self-belief。也许女人觉得自己在28岁的时候最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁时才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人会最大程度地提升她们的自信心。The findings come from a new study by Lil-Lets which focused on British women’s attitudes towards being female。该发现来自英国研究机构Lil-Lets的一项新研究。这一机构主要研究英国女性身为女人的心态。Researchers found that most women are happy with the shape of their bum and boobs and the size of their hips and waist。研究人员发现多数女性都对自己的臀型、胸型和腰臀尺寸感到满意。In fact, three quarters of British women said they would not change their body shape if they were given the opportunity。实际上,四分之三的英国女性都表示即便有机会也不会去刻意改变自己的体形。The body part women are most proud of is their eyes, with 23 percent feeling that they are their best physical attribute. Twenty percent opted for their breast, with brains coming in third (13 percent)。女人们最引以为傲的部位是她们的眼睛,有23%的女性认为眼睛是她们最好看的身体特征。20%的女性更欣赏自己的胸部,排在第三位的是头脑(13%)。When asked which part of themselves they would change if they had to, 41 percent of women said they#39;d like to have longer, slimmer legs。当被问到如果一定要改变自己身体的某一部位她们会如何选择时,41%的女性说她们想拥有更修长更苗条的双腿。And the aspects of womanhood which they enjoyed the most were getting dressed up, wearing heels and doing their hair and make-up。而身为女人她们最喜欢做的事就是打扮自己、穿高跟鞋、做头发和化妆。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, women’s confidence peaks at 32 - with supportive friends and family the biggest boost to their ego。尽管她们可能觉得自己在28岁时最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人是她们自信起来的最大动力。A fifth of those surveyed wished they could be more confident around men while the biggest reason for broken confidence was being dumped by a partner。五分之一接受调查的女性希望她们能在男人面前更自信,而女性自信心崩溃最常见的原因就是被男友甩掉。 /201507/384764赣州俪人整形美容医院减肥瘦身好吗

赣州最好的整形医院Re “Poor Little Rich Women” (Sunday Review, May 17):本文是对《从老公手里领贤妻奖金的曼哈顿小妇人》(5月22日)一文的回应:To the Editor: 致编辑:While Wednesday Martin’s article makes for tantalizing ing, she makes sweeping generalizations about a very small subset of women while implying that her observations apply to all women in a narrow slice of the Upper East Side. It’s more hype than truth. I say this as a longtime denizen of this particular fish pond, myself a highly educated, high-achieving woman married to a successful man and now a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). Glam SAHM? I’ve seen them around, but many of us are not.薇妮斯蒂·马丁(Wednesday Martin)的文章真的很吸引读者,但她的做法完全是以偏概全,用她所看到的一小部分女性的生活来暗示上东区一小片的女性的生活都是这样。这里头假想的成分远大于事实。我是以她所描述的那类人的身份来发表这些言论的,我自己就是一个受过高等教育,成就不错然后嫁给一个成功人士,最终成了居家妈妈(SAHM, stay-at-home mom)的女人。光鲜的居家妈妈们(Glam SAHM)?我周围确实有这种人,但大多数都并非如此。Many of my friends here chose to step out of their high-profile jobs once they started having children because they wanted to be the best moms they could be. Me, too. We married successful men because they are our intellectual peers, not sugar daddies. And we volunteer at our kids’ schools because it gives us a chance to see their smiling faces during the day. Do we run our homes like C.E.O.’s? Yep. But so did my mom in Ohio, with three kids and no help. So did my grandmother in Pennsylvania, with 10 kids and no money.我有很多朋友有了孩子后都选择辞去原来不错的工作,那是因为她们想尽可能地做一个好妈妈。我也是这样。我们嫁给成功的男性,是因为他们和我们在智识上一拍即合,而不是傍大款。我们在孩子的学校做志愿活动是因为能在白天也看到孩子的笑脸。我们像CEO一样经营我们的家庭?没错。但我在俄亥俄州的妈妈也这样,她有三个孩子,而且没人帮她。我在宾夕法尼亚州的外婆也这样,她有十个孩子而且身陷贫困。Women-only nights out? Yes, we have them. We share parenting questions and advice from our uniquely mom perspective. We laugh, too, because between the appendectomies, broken arms, stomach viruses and miscellaneous other brush fires we’re always extinguishing, we need to share laughter with our mom friends. Hardly the gender segregation that Ms. Martin darkly suggests.闺蜜之夜?没错,我们的确会举行这样的活动。我们在一起分享抚养子女时遇到的问题,并用母亲的独特视角提出建议。我们也会大笑,因为在阑尾切除术、骨折的胳膊、胃部病毒和其他各种各样需要我们出场的小麻烦里,我们需要和同为母亲的朋友们分享欢笑。这恐怕不是作者马丁所说的性别隔离。Wife bonuses? In all my years on the Upper East Side, this is news to me. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just suggesting that it is likely far more rare than Ms. Martin would have you believe.贤妻奖金?我在上东区这么多年还从没听说过这种奖金。我不是说肯定没有,只是想提醒一下,贤妻奖金可能比马丁告诉你们的要少见得多。So it appears that she has allowed a very small sample group to skew her conclusions. Moreover, she has missed out on the rich friendships of the smart, funny, caring neighborhood moms I have been blessed to know.所以,她的结论似乎是被一小部分样本人群带偏了。更重要的是,她没感受到我所享有的与那些聪明、幽默、友爱的邻里妈妈间深厚的友情。LINDA VESTER GREENBERGNew York琳达·韦斯特·格林伯格(Linda Vester Greenberg)纽约To the Editor: 致编辑:Bravo to these women! They have figured out that being there for their kids and running charities is more valuable to them than being a chief executive, working 12 hours a day and hiring nannies as their replacement. (They are the other moms we love to hate.)我要为这些女性喝!她们已经发现陪着孩子、做慈善要比担任行政主管,每天工作12个小时,然后雇一个保姆替她们照顾孩子要好得多(我们比较讨厌这样的母亲)。The most upsetting truth is that we women continue to be our own worst enemies — constantly judging what other mothers choose in order to affirm our own decisions. I realize now that every mother has difference circumstances, options, demands, resources and limits. And we make our choices the best we can for ourselves and the people we love within those parameters. My grandmother used to say, “Your way is not their way.” Women should stand proud of their own choices to construct the lives they want for themselves and their families without judgment or apology. That is the new feminism!最可悲的事情在于我们女性最恶毒的敌人依然是女性自己——不断地通过对其他妈妈们的选择品头论足来说明自己的选择是多么正确。我现在意识到了每个妈妈都面临着不同的境遇和选择,有着不同的需求、资源和限制。在这些因素的控制下,我们都尽可能地为自己和所爱做出最佳的选择。我的祖母过去常说,“你的方式不是他们的方式。”女性为了构建理想中的自己和家庭做出了选择,她们不该为这些选择受到评判或感到歉意,而应为这些选择感到骄傲。这是新一代的女性主义!MICHELE HELOUHamden, Conn.米歇尔·埃洛(Michele Helou)康涅狄格州哈姆登To the Editor: 致编辑:As a fellow social scientist, I applaud Wednesday Martin for her insightful analysis of gender inequality among the elite tribe of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The rich and privileged usually escape the ethnographic eye, leaving them as the unstudied, unquestioned category while the poor and disempowered are subject to the scrutiny of the sociological lens.作为一个社会科学家,我很赞赏薇妮斯蒂·马丁关于上东区精英阶层性别不平等现象的精辟分析。富人和特权阶层通常会逃过实地研究,使他们成为自然的、无可争议的那一群人,而穷人和被剥削者却要遭受社会学透镜的审查。I have long argued that in the interest of fairness, the American Museum of Natural History should add a diorama next to those for its other North American peoples — one depicting various modern tribes of the ed States: “Wall Street man,” “West Coast bobo,” and perhaps now Ms. Martin’s tribe of glamorous, highly educated, nonworking Manhattan moms.我一直认为,为了公平起见,美国自然历史物馆(the American Museum of Natural History)应该在其他北美民族陈列室旁加一个陈列室——用来展示各种美国现代群体:“华尔街男性”、“西海岸中产群体”,或许现在应该加上马丁所说的“迷人的、受过高等教育的、没有工作的曼哈顿妈妈”群体。DALTON CONLEYNew York道尔顿·康利(Dalton Conley)纽约The writer is a professor of social sciences at New York University.作者是纽约大学(New York University)社会科学教授。To the Editor: 致编辑:There is nothing “poor” about these women. Running a home — or two or three — is similar to running a corporation. You must be organized and proactive and follow up on everything. These women have degrees and know they have a choice. They can be their own executive in their home or outside the home. They choose to run their own empire in their home, which revolves around their children. They groom them and do their best to turn out an excellent “product.” They hire people, they fill out paperwork, they are alert about when to file for schools and camps, and they meet with many people to make it all happen.这些女人并没有什么“可怜”的。经营一个家——或者两三个——跟运营一家公司很相似。你必须组织有序、积极地跟进一切。这些女人拥有学历,也有选择的权利。她们既能对内照料家庭也能在外呼风唤雨。她们自己选择了在家中经营自己以子女为中心的帝国。她们培养孩子,并尽全力使其成为一个优秀的“产品”。她们雇佣别人,填写文书,在申请学校和夏令营时变得机警,她们要接触很多人才能实现这一切。I would say give it up for these women! They are honest about and know what they are doing.我想说别再揪着这些女人不放了!她们知道自己在做什么而且并不会对此加以掩饰。ZELDIE C. STUARTDelray Beach, Fla.泽尔蒂·C·斯图尔特(Zeldie C. Stuart)佛罗里达州德尔雷海滩To the Editor: 致编辑:I have no doubt that there are some women exactly as depicted in this article. However, relegating all of them to a “tribe” is an unsubstantiated generalization hardly befitting an anthropologist engaged in a scientific study. Even more unwarranted is Wednesday Martin’s ultimate determination that all educated, wealthy SAHM mothers are “disempowered,” as is her suggestion that women are squandering their talents staying home with their children.我丝毫不怀疑文中描述的这种女人的存在。然而,把他们全部贬为一个“群体”显然是毫无根据的归类,和作者在做科学研究的人类学家的身份极不搭调。更荒谬的是作者薇妮斯蒂·马丁的终极结论:所有受过教育且富有的居家妈妈们都是“没什么权力的”。她认为女人们在家里陪孩子就是对自己才华的暴殄天物。Clout and cash are seemingly synonymous for Ms. Martin. Perhaps that should be the focus of her next anthropological “work”: why people equate power with money. Clearly the women who make the choice to stay at home with their children do not agree. For many of them, it is a privilege to be with their children, and there are plenty of women who would give up all the earning potential in the world to have that opportunity.马丁似乎将影响力和金钱混为一谈了。也许这应该作为她的下一项人类学“研究”:为什么人们会认为权力就是金钱。显然这些选择在家里陪孩子的女人并不这么想。对她们中的很多人来说,权力是能陪伴在孩子身边的机会,而且世界上有很多女人愿意为了这种机会放弃一切可能的收入。TARA KANTORScarsdale, N.Y.塔拉·坎特(Tara Kantor)纽约州斯卡斯代尔To the Editor: 致编辑:Thank goodness we don’t all have anthropologists following us around to document our foibles. I imagine that most of us wouldn’t come off looking much better than these Upper East Side matrons.谢天谢地,我们不都由人类学家来跟着记录我们的弱点。我想我们大部分人都不比这些上东区的主妇好到哪里去。DANIEL REIFMANYad Binyamin, Israel丹尼尔·莱弗曼(Daniel Reifman)以色列雅德本雅明 /201506/379331赣州市俪人整形医院做隆鼻手术多少钱 The latest app that#39;s sweeping the web is the fiendishly addictive, and surprisingly difficult, Kuku Kube.最新颜色辨识应用程序Kuku Kube正在席卷网络,它像恶魔般使人上瘾,并且难度惊人。It has been designed to put your colour vision and eyesight to the test by showing boards of coloured squares.这个游戏在测试中展示由色色块组成的多个板块,是一个测试色觉和视力的游戏。On each board, one of the squares is a slightly different shade of the same colour and the aim is to find this odd square by tapping it with your finger or clicking it with the mouse.在每个同色的板块中,有一个色块相比其他相同的色块颜色略微浅,而游戏的目标就是用手指敲击或者用鼠标点击去找出这个不一样的方块。Although the game appears relatively simple, and starts with a board of just four coloured squares, it quickly grows to a board of up to 81 squares.尽管这个游戏看起来相对简单,而且在开始仅仅有四个色色块,但是很快,它就增长到高达八十一个的色块。And the differentiation between the shades becomes more subtle over time.而颜色间细微的差别也随着时间的推移变得更加微妙。Players get a point for every correct square identified, but if they click or tap the wrong square they lose a point.玩家识别出一个正确色块,就可得到一分,但如果点击了错误的色块,就会失去一分。Plus, players get just 60 seconds to find the odd square on each board before the timer runs out and the game ends.另外,玩家只有60秒的时间,玩家需要在计时器停止、游戏结束之前找到每个不一样的色块。It was created by Canada-based Network365 and is available for free on Facebook, Android, iOS and on desktop browsers.它是由加拿大Network365公司创建,Facebook、安卓、iOS和桌面浏览器上免费提供此游戏。There are eight levels, and as a player progresses the squares change orientation or add borders to make it harder.它设有八级,且伴随着玩家的升级,它的色块会改变方位并增多板块以加大难度。On the desktop version the game lets you continue until the timer runs out, but on mobile apps players can#39;t progress until they have scored more than 20 points on each level.桌面版本的游戏可以让你在计时器停止前继续玩下去,但手机应用程序的玩家,在每个级别超过二十分之前,不能玩下一关。The app makers said scores lower than 11 are poor, scores between 15 and 20 is #39;lower than average#39;, 21 to 30 is considered normal or average, and a score higher than 31 means your eyesight is #39;great.#39;该应用程序创造者表示,分数低于十一的人色觉比较差,分数介于十五至二十分的玩家则“低于平均水平”,二十一至三十的玩家被认为是正常或一般,而得分比三十一高意味着你的视力“非常好”。#39;This puzzle is designed to evaluate the quality of your colour vision,#39; said the developers.“这个游戏是为了评估你的色觉,”开发者称。#39;You should identify the difference, if possible, and share your result with your friends.#39;“你应该找出差异,如果可能的话,还可与你的朋友分享你的结果。”But they stressed: #39;Even though this test can be very accurate, it should never be used to replace a doctor#39;s visit.但他们强调:“虽然这个测试非常准确,但是它不应该被用来代替医生的问诊。”#39;[It] provides basic information and guideline for your eyesight and colour test, and is not intended to replace a full or partial eye examination.#39;“它为你的视力和色测试提供基本的信息和指南,但不是为了取代全面或部分的眼科检查。”Eyesight and colour was recently linked to how we perceive the world by Michael Abrash, chief scientist from Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) experts Oculus.Facebook旗下的虚拟现实(VR)专家Oculus公司的首席科学家Michael Abrash,提出了视觉与色近来被联系到我们如何感知世界。He explained that humans only have three colour sensors, we can’t see infrared or ultraviolet and we have a blind spot in each eye.他解释说,人类只有三种颜色感应器官,我们无法看到的红外线或紫外线,而且我们的每只眼睛都有盲点。#39;Our visual data is actually astonishingly sparse and even if we were able to accurately record and process every photon that reaches our eyes, we’d still have too little data to be able to reconstruct the world accurately,#39; he said.“实际上,我们的视觉数据的不足是惊人的,即使我们能够准确地记录和处理每一个到达我们眼睛的光子,能够准确地复原世界的数据对我们来说还是太少。”他说。He used the recent black and blue/white and gold dress as an example.他用了最近裙子是蓝黑还是白金的问题作为例子。#39;Our visual system takes its best guess and sends that to the conscious mind,’ he continued.“我们的视觉系统选用并发送最佳猜测至我们的意识,”他继续说。#39;The way that the brain compensates for the limited data it receives is by maintaining a model of the real world that it constantly updates as new data comes in.“大脑为了补偿其接收信息的有限,在每次有新的数据输入时,不断更新以维护在脑中反应现实世界的模型。”#39;And it is that model, not the real world, that you experience and trust implicitly. We are inference machines, not objective observers.“而这只是你所感受到的和完全信任的模型,而不是真正的现实世界。我们是一个干预机器,而不是客观的观察者。 ”He then showed a red and blue pill on hands that were shown on a yellow background to give an example of how this inference model breaks down.为了举出一个能够明这个推论模型是如何失效的实例,他随即在手上展示了一个之前被展示在一个黄色的背景下的“红色和蓝色”的药片。The colours of the pills are the same shade of grey, and the red and blue colours that people see are simply what their brains perceive, based on the rest of the information around them.这两个药片都是一样的灰色,而人们看到的红色和蓝色仅仅是他们的大脑感知,这基于他们周围其余的信息。And even when a person knows that the pills are grey, they still see them as red or blue.而且甚至当一个人知道药丸是灰色的时候,他们仍然认为他们看见的是红色或蓝色。#39;Your visual system isn’t interested in whether the photon coming from a tile on a random image are red or blue or grey,#39; Mr Abrash continued.“你的视觉系统对一个来自随机图像的光子到底是红色或蓝色或灰色的并不感兴趣,”Abrash先生继续说道。#39;Knowing that didn’t keep anyone from being eaten by lions on the Savannah. What it is interested in is identifying potentially relevant features, in the real world, under a variety of conditions.“知道这一事实并不会让人们幸免于萨凡纳狮子之口。人们关注的是,在各种条件下的现实世界中,去鉴别潜在的相关特征。”#39;Your visual system constantly corrects for the colours in the scene. It is reverse engineering reality rather than just recording it. The colours seen are your brain’s “best guess.”’“你的视觉系统不断更正出现在视线里的色。这不是单纯的记录,而是对事实的逆向工程,你看到的颜色是你的大脑的#39;最佳猜测’。” /201504/372815赣州鼻尖塑形手术价格

赣州隆鼻去哪里好It#39;s a common belief that over time pet owners start to look like their animals. Now comes the terrifying news that cats look up to their owners as role models and mimic their behavior。人们普遍认为,时间久了宠物主人会变得越来越像自己的宠物。而现在却有“可怕”的消息表示,喵星人竟能以主人为榜样,模仿主人的一举一动!Next time you reach for that Krispy Kreme, think twice. If your cat is watching, she may be prone to overeating as well。下次你再伸手去拿卡卡圈坊甜甜圈时,还是先三思一下吧。要是碰巧被你家的猫咪看见了,下次她可能也会饕餮暴食哦!What is your cat#39;s IQ?你家喵星人的智商是多少?In a new study from the University of Messina, it turns out that cats who live intimately with their owners (indoor cats that live in a small space) ;mirror; the lives of their caregivers. They sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, and can even become more or less social depending on the behavior of their owners。墨西拿大学一项新研究表明,与主人亲密生活的喵星人(这里指活动空间狭小、爱在室内活动的喵星人),会“模仿”它们的主人的生活习惯。他们同寝共食,甚至主人们爱不爱社交生活,也会影响它们的行为。;Cats are intelligent animals with a long memory,; Jane Brunt, veterinarian and the executive director of the CATalyst Council, told Discovery News. ;They watch and learn from us, (noting) the patterns of our actions, as evidenced by knowing where their food is kept and what time to expect to be fed, how to open the cupboard door that#39;s been improperly closed, and where their feeding and toileting areas are.;“猫是很聪明的动物,很强。” 简-布朗特对探索新闻网站的记者表示。布朗特是名兽医,也是 CATalyst Council公司的执行董事。她说:“猫会观察人类并向人类学习。通过观察人们的行为模式,它们会知道食物放在哪里、什么时候可以吃饭、怎么打开不经意关闭的碗柜门,以及该在什么地方吃饭或便便。”Because cats mimic our habits, if you spend a lot of time raiding the fridge, your cat will return to its food bowl for that midnight snack, too. According to the study, this explains why ;human and cat obesity rates often seem to match.; So, if you felt guilty about leaving your precious kitty at home while you go to work, now you can feel even worse: You are making your cat fat!因为喵星人会模仿人类习惯,所以如果你经常翻腾冰箱,喵星人也可能会半夜跑到食盆前吃上两口。研究表明,这恰好阐释了“人类与猫的肥胖率经常相似”的原因。那么,如果你因自己上班只能把宝贝猫咪留在家里而感到内疚,现在可能更加不安了:是你一手造成了你家喵星人发胖!There#39;s no word if drinking green tea and making sure you go to Yoga will benefit your cat, but based on the study, it sounds like sticking to a healthy eating and sleeping schedule is best for both of you。虽然并无据表明主人喝绿茶或练瑜伽也能帮到喵星人,但根据研究,健康饮食和规律睡眠似乎对你和喵星人都很有益。There#39;s a lot we can learn from our feline friends in return. ;When they sit on our lap softly purring with rhythmic breathing and half-closed eyes, the sense of serenity and calm that comes over us is like a private lesson in inner peace and meditation,; Brant said. Sure. But cats don#39;t have to sit in rush hour traffic for an hour a day or worry about their in-laws. They#39;re probably pretty good at remaining calm。相反我们也能从喵星人身上学到很多。“每次喵星人蹲在我们膝头半眯着眼睛打呼噜时,平静和安宁感便油然而生,真像是亲密地教我们如何做到内心祥和与冥思。” 布朗特说。确实如此。但喵星人又不用每天花一小时挤公交,更不会为那些亲家们烦恼,或许它们天生就这么淡定吧。So, according to science, even though we assumed that cats were aloof jerks all these years, it turns out they are in fact learning from us and looking up to us. Scary, huh?所以,即便我们这些年来一直以为喵星人只是冷漠的怪咖,但根据科学阐释,事实却明它们竟然一直在学习并模仿我们。是不是有点小吓人? /201507/385638 Once there was a woman on Mosco Street in Chinatown who made nothing but egg cakes, spheres of dough like a waffle’s dimples turned inside out. Each had a near-crisp shell and chewy guts, with a puff of steam cradled between. There were other vendors, other cakes, but hers were the ones everyone lined up for and, when she retired, mourned.以前,唐人街的莫斯科街(Mosco Street)上有个女人,她只做鸡蛋糕。与华夫饼的凹痕正好相反,她的鸡蛋糕是一个个圆圆的突起——外壳微脆,里面黏软,中间裹着一股热气。街上的其他摊铺也卖蛋糕,但只有她的摊铺前排着长队。她退休后,大家甚是怀念。At East Wind Snack Shop, which opened in February in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, the egg cakes — called Hong Kong hot cakes on the — arrive not as separate balls but conjoined, like a mutant pancake or Bubble Wrap reimagined as dough. They are just seconds old, peeled out of a cast-iron mold and carried a few feet from the narrow open kitchen. Eat them quickly, while there’s still a pulse of heat, and you’ll know what the egg-cake lady’s faithful knew.今年2月,东风餐厅(East Wind Snack Shop)在布鲁克林的温莎台(Windsor Terrace)开业。这里菜单上的鸡蛋糕叫香港热香饼(Hong Kong hot cakes),它不是一个个单独的,而是连在一起,像变了形的薄煎饼,形状类似起泡包装膜。它一做好,就从铸铁模具上被取下来,从狭窄的开放式厨房端到几英尺外的餐桌上。趁着冒热气赶快吃,你就能体会到鸡蛋糕女士忠实信徒们曾经有过的美妙感觉。Chris Cheung, 46, the chef, grew up half in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and half in Chinatown in Manhattan (back then, the only one in New York City), where his grandparents lived and his mother worked as a seamstress. East Wind Snack Shop is a homage to the neighborhood’s bygone working-class coffee houses, run by immigrants who, like Mr. Cheung’s grandparents, came from Taishan, in Guangdong Province. These were often cramped, dingy storefronts with plastic fans stuttering above, strategically hung fly paper and a lot of (happy) yelling between tables. They offered unlimited tea and limited food, the likes of har gow, colossal char siu bao and glossy braided sesame buns.46岁的大厨克里斯·陈(Chris Cheung)在布鲁克林的本森赫斯特和曼哈顿的唐人街长大(当时纽约市只有一个唐人街),他的祖父母曾住在那里,母亲曾在那里做裁缝。这个街区从前有不少移民开的工薪阶层餐馆,陈的祖父母来自广东省台山市,他们也是这样的老板。那些餐馆大多狭窄肮脏,塑料电扇在头顶突突作响,灭蝇纸巧妙地挂起来,食客们经常大声(高兴地)寒暄。餐馆里无限量供应茶水,食物种类却很有限,就是大叉烧包和光亮的花式芝麻馒头之类的食物。东风餐厅正是向这样的餐馆致敬。This may be Mr. Cheung’s culinary heritage, but his training was at the higher end: He started out at Nobu and Jean-Georges, then took detours through Ruby Foo’s and, most recently, the short-lived Cherrywood Kitchen. At East Wind, “I’m not trying to elevate the food,” he insisted. Yet here are pot stickers packed with dry-aged beef from DeBragga, the meat emphatically rich. He grinds Niman Ranch pork in-house for dumplings and makes the skins from scratch, thin enough not to impose but still sturdy.这可能是陈的烹饪传统,不过他接受过更高端的培训:他从“信”餐厅(Nobu)和让-乔治餐厅(Jean-Georges)起步,而后在红宝石傅餐厅(Ruby Foo’s)工作,开餐馆前是在短命的樱桃木厨房(Cherrywood Kitchen)工作。他坚称,在东风餐厅,“我不想改进食物”。不过,这里的锅贴塞的是DeBragga肉店昂贵的风干牛肉。他做饺子用的猪肉来自尼曼农场(Niman Ranch),他自己绞肉,自己做出薄而结实的饺子皮。From his s at previous restaurants, Mr. Cheung has reprised sweet-sour ribs, well shellacked and juicy, cut into short batons than can be held with one hand. He devised the foie gras bao years ago as a riposte to the DB Bistro burger, stuffing it with gold leaf and truffles. “I’ve calmed it down,” he said. Now there’s just a dab of p#226;té, sealed inside a house-made steamed bun of impeccable pallor, fluffy and springy, suggesting sweetness without surrendering to it.陈借鉴老东家的菜单,在东风餐厅也推出糖醋排骨,它烂熟多汁,切成小段,可用一只手拿着吃。多年前,为了与DB Bistro餐馆的汉堡抗衡,他设计了鹅肝酱包,里面塞满金叶和块菌。“我已经把它变得更温和了,”他说。现在他只往里面塞少量肉酱,包子皮白得无可挑剔,松软有弹性,微甜而不腻。The same b in less voluptuous form is used for what Mr. Cheung calls a “gwaco,” a version of gua bao with caramelized pork belly not tucked in but laid atop an unsliced bun, as if it were a tortilla. It’s dainty in comparison to its hulking counterparts at the Momofuku restaurants and Baohaus, almost a canapé, but also slightly cheaper and less sweet, with pickles that lean both East and West and trails of crispy garlic, fried shallots, dried mushrooms and sesame seeds.另一种包子同样松软而不太奢侈,陈称之为“gwaco”,它是一种刈包,焦糖色五花肉不是包在里面,而是放在未切开的包子顶上,类似玉米粉圆饼的做法。与Momofuku旗下的餐馆和“包好吃”包子铺(Baohaus)粗笨的包子相比,它显得更精致,有点像法式吐司(canapé),不过价格较为便宜,味道也不那么甜,里面加入融合东西方风味的咸菜以及少量爽脆的大蒜、煎圆葱、干菇和芝麻籽。At certain old-school Chinatown restaurants, vegetarian dishes often seem begrudging. Here, Mr. Cheung adds fermented tofu, with its whiff of deep sea, to stir-fried water spinach, long beans and bok choy and to cabbage, to little avail. Better are the tight cigarillo spring rolls, dusted with salt intensified by five-spice and crushed dried mushrooms, among other fine intrusions. I can’t give away more because Mr. Cheung has a running contest in which a diner who names seven of the salt’s ingredients (aside from salt and pepper) gets free dumplings.在某些老式唐人街餐馆里,素菜通常不太令人满意。陈在炒空心菜、豇豆、白菜和卷心菜时会加入带有一丝深海气息的豆腐乳,不过收效甚微。更好吃的是紧实的小春卷,上面撒着椒盐,椒盐里加有五香粉和碎干菇等细小配料。我不能透露太多,因为陈正在举办一场竞赛,能说出这种椒盐其中7种配料(盐和胡椒除外)的食客能免费得到一份饺子。True to the shop’s name, the shelves are stocked with snacks beloved in East Asia: Yan Yan biscuit sticks, almond-crusted Pocky. Perhaps someday there will be dried cuttlefish, too. For now, the most bracing flavor comes in lemonade steeped with salted plum, sweet, sour and briny, indulgent and chastening at once.诚如店名,货架上堆满东亚人喜爱的零食,比如Yan Yan饼干棒和杏仁涂层百奇棒(Pocky)。也许将来还会有干墨鱼。目前,最受欢迎的是话梅柠檬水,它又甜又酸又咸,既放纵又收敛。 /201505/372905江西省上犹县人民医院割双眼皮多少钱赣州医院祛斑



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