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上海玫瑰整形美容医院去痣好吗上海仁济医院祛疤多少钱A cat is said to have nine lives because it is more tenacious of life than many animals. People always think that due to the speed, cleverness and flexibility of cats, they can stay alive in most difficult situations when other animals would have been killed, such as a dangerous fall. The cat's earliest ancestors probably hunted both on the ground and in the trees. To survive, they needed not only claws, but remarkable balance, an aptitude all cats retain to this day. In keeping with its reputation, the cat usually does land on all fours, and scientists have come to understand how. Slow-motion photography reveals that cats always right themselves in a precise order. The head rotates first based on messages from the eyes and inner ear. Then, the spine twists and the rear quarters align. At the same time, the cat arches its back to reduce the force of impact.Despite its agility, the cat faces particular dangers in today's modern cities. Here although hundreds of feet above the ground, the indoor cat is just as attracted by moving prey as is any other cat. If any thing, it may be a stir-crazy bundle of energy. So many cats actually careen through unscreened windows that the phenomenon now has a name, high-rise syndrome. At the Animal Medical Center in New York City, doctors were perplexed when they found that victims of higher falls often had less severe injuries than those that fell a shorter distance.It's been about a month since you were here, lad. We'd been puzzled by the high-rise syndrome for a long time, the name that we give for cats falling out of windows. A clinical impression is that cats that fall from medium-level stories are hurt much worse than cats that fell from even greater distances. That seemed to defy our logic that cats that would fall farther would be hurt less. So we undertook a study to examine the records on cats that had been admitted here for falling out of windows. And it actually confirmed that our clinical impression was correct. It seems that cats that fall from higher stories have enough time to reach free fall like a parachutist and are relaxed when you experience trauma when you are relaxed, you'll probably avoid injury; when you experience trauma when you are very rigid and very tight, you will attain a maximized injury.The cat may not have nine lives. But its uncanny abilities to sail through the air is almost certainly responsible for the myth.200810/53541上海整形医院 Job-Seekers May Need Patience Statistics show the average job search is taking a bit longer than four monthsAs the economy takes a downturn, job concerns are starting to turn up.The national unemployment rate is at a 3-year high with 5.1% of working-age Americans actively looking for work. Well that's a historically low figure, it's a major worry for many people, leaving some to wonder how long will it take to find work should they lose their job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job search is taking a bit longer than four months for the average worker looking for work. Outplacement firm, Challenger, Gray amp; Christmas says their latest job market survey shows the search is a little easier for experienced managers. These white-collar workers were finding work in about 3 months. One interesting bit about job security---the more education you have, the less chance you'll be unemployed. Workers who have a bachelor’s degree or higher have a national unemployment rate of just 2.1%. 8.2% of people who did not complete high school are now looking for work.With the A News Money Minute, I'm Bessie Stark, in New York. Challenger, Gray amp; Christmas, with headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, is the oldest executive outplacement firm in the US. It has offices in 52 cities in the US and Canada, and has operations in Japan and Mexico. The firm also conducts regular surveys and issues reports on the state of the economy, employment, job-seeking, layoffs and executive compensation. They also conduct one-off surveys on such subjects as workplace bullying, lost productivity due to the Super Bowl, and working women. Their core business, finding jobs for laid-off executives, is unusual in that they will only accept as clients people whose former companies will sponsor the client's job search.200812/59479现在我们已经知道由于冰川的作用,使得峡谷变的更加开阔,成了U字形。但是地理运动仍在继续,落基山脉的南端已经形成了一个巨大的裂痕。究竟是什么原因造成了这样的情况?请听今天的落基山系列第15期,希望您能找到。It stretches over 160,000 square miles and is known as the Real Grand Valley. Geologists are eager to investigate how this giant rifting valley could affect the future of the Rockies.They find their first lead in San Ysidro, New Mexico, north of Albuquerque. The area is dominated by bright yellow porous rock known as travertines. Curiously, geologists think this rock forms from water.;This water has some unusual characteristics, that is, this water is capable of precipitating ( 沉淀)or depositing any rock or travertine. It is like, kind of, like the scale in your teapot.;Travertine rock is made out of calcite, the same material that builds up lime scale. These rocks grow very rapidly. Some enlarge by a few inches per month.;About a liter of the water will be able to drop out or precipitate a little pile of calcite about as big as an aspirin tablet.;Like lime scale building up in a hot water kettle, travertines form around warm springs. Measurements confirmed that water temperature around the travertine is roughly 77 degrees. Besides the ability to build rock, this hot water has more secrets to tell.Laura Crossey and Karl Karlstrom have a hunch that the water is warmed up by heat from the earthrsquo;s interior, rising up through cracks in the rock. They form as the Rift Valley pulls apart. Climbing down a cape 25 feet below the surface, they are hoping to find further evidence. The water contains microbes. They are microscopically small organisms. Most of them consist of only one cell. When scientists analyze their genes in the lab, they found something remarkable.;What wersquo;ve found in springs like this by doing the DNA analysis is that the microbes that are coming up these faults are much more like what we find at mid-ocean ridges (海洋中间的山脊)than like the rivers and streams we could expect in the continental setting.;小编有约:这一期的落基山脉中出现了 travertines。; The scientific explanation is the hot thermal places that lie under the mount provoke the calcium carbonate spill, that makes the forms as solid as travertine marble.;(科学的解释是位于山底下的地热引起碳酸钙析出,使之形成晶体般的石灰岩。)咱们烧开水的壶用久了是不是也会有水垢,与这里石灰岩形成的道理是一样的。课后题目:通过DNA分析检测泉水中找到的微生物,有什么样的发现,你知道吗?166334闵行区人民中医院治疗痘痘价格费用

上海市第八人民医院祛疤痕多少钱Turbines with one or two blades are actually even more efficient. But because theyrsquo;re also lighter and tend to spin faster, theyrsquo;re also noisier. These designs also require a special tilting hub that acts as a sort of shock absorber, which is expensive. On the other hand, having more than three blades raises other problems. For one thing, the extra material needed to build the blades raises the cost. And the more blades there are, the lighter and thinner they need to be. Relatively thin blades are more flexible, making them prone to bend and break. Three-bladed turbines arenrsquo;t perfect, but they avoid many of these problems. Theyrsquo;re powerful enough without being overly expensive. And theyrsquo;re less noisy than their two bladed cousins.带一个或两个叶片的涡轮机实际上更有效率。但是因为这样重量较轻,旋转速度更快,噪音也就更大。设计还需要一个特殊的作为一种减震器的倾斜轮轴,它很贵。另一方面,如果叶片超过三个也会引发其他问题。一方面,建造更多的叶片需要更多的材料,这提高了成本。而且叶片,叶片就要更轻,更薄。很薄的叶片也更灵活,但容易弯曲和断裂。三个叶片的涡轮机并不完美,但会避免这些问题。他们造价不高,但是功率足够了。而且两个叶片的涡轮机噪音小。164514上海玫瑰做假体隆胸手术 与2008年同期相比,国际旅游者赴美国旅游人次减少了7.8%,然而,赴美国的中国旅游者数量增加了5.2%,这为萧条的旅游者业来说不啻为一个亮点。In the first nine months of last year, the number of travelers to the U.S decreased by 7.8 percent compared with that of 2008. However, the amount of travelers from China increased by 5.2 percent over the same period, offering a rare glimmer of hope in the otherwise depressing results for the industry. Bruce Bommarito, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the U.S. Travel Association, says this is one result of the memorandum of understanding that the U.S. and China signed in 2007 to facilitate Chinese group leisure travel to the U.S. "I think the Chinese inbound to the U.S. was a big change because the MOU, which allowed approved destination status, really took much more effect in than it did in 2008." Statistics from the U.S. Travel Association show that although China was the 16th largest source country to America, it ranked tenth in terms of spending during their stay in the country. This also brings benefits to local travel agencies. Ouyang Chao is the owner and manager of Jinhua Travel Agency based in Washington. "The need of the Chinese market has increased very fast. Annual turnover of the travel agency when I bought it was eight million U.S. dollars. It has doubled this year." To attract more Chinese travelers, many American travel agencies are promoting a new range of travel designed for Chinese. One of these new options is educational travel to American colleges, and it's proving a hit. Bruce Bommarito is optimistic about the development of Sino-America cooperation within the travel industry. "In the next five years, China will be the largest inbound long distant market to the U.S., and the U.S. will be the largest inbound long distant market to China." CRI news, I'm Chen Xi.201001/93715上海割双眼皮哪家好专询玫瑰m

上海市第二人民医院丰胸多少钱Researchers Say Increased Biofuel Production Could Harm Water Resources增加生物燃料生产可能损害水资源  A new study by researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas warns that expanded production of crops to produce biofuels could damage water resources. The researchers suggest policy makers take into account what they call the "water footprint" when encouraging biofuel development.在美国德克萨斯州休斯敦市的莱斯大学,研究人员在新近发表的一份研究报告中警告说,越来越多地利用农作物生产生物燃料有可能破坏水资源。研究人员建议,决策者在鼓励生物燃料发展的同时,应当考虑到他们称之为“水足迹”的问题。The study is titled The Water Footprint of Biofuels: A Drink or Drive Issue? The suggestion is that by using too much water to produce fuel, humankind might leave itself with not enough water to drink or to grow food.这份报告的题目是《生物燃料的水足迹:一个关系到饮水还是开车的问题》。报告指出,将水资源过多地用于生产燃料,可能导致人类自身的饮用水和种粮用水变得缺乏。The lead author of the study, Rice University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedro Alvarez spoke to VOA by telephone from France, where he is attending an academic meeting. He says the water footprint consists of two elements. "Water shortages caused by a significant increase in fuel crop irrigation, and increased water pollution from related agro-chemical drainage and increased erosion and so on. The two impacts we refer to as the 'water footprint,'" he said.该研究报告的主要作者、莱斯大学土木与环境工程教授佩德罗.阿尔瓦雷斯(Pedro Alvarez) 在接受美国之音采访时解释了所谓的“水足迹”。他说:“能源作物的灌溉大量增加,相关农用化学品以及水土流失造成的水污染恶化,这些都是导致水源短缺的主要因素。这就是我们所说的‘水足迹’。”Alvarez says there are good reasons to continue programs to produce biofuels, such as reducing the need for imported oil and diversifying our sources of energy. But he says policy makers should provide incentives to producers to use crops that use less water and have less impact on the environment in the form of runoff of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.阿尔瓦雷斯说,减少石油进口并使能源来源多样化,都是推进生物燃料项目的正当理由。但是他又说,决策者要鼓励生产者种植用水较少的作物,并减少农药、化肥和其他化学品的使用,以减少对环境的不利影响。"We want to try to use crops that deliver more energy with lower requirements for not just water, but also land and agro-chemicals. These are usually non-edible cellulosic crops," he said. “我们希望推广那些不但用水较少、而且需要较少土地和化学品的农作物。这往往是些不可食用的纤维作物。”The Rice University study also suggests that using corn to produce the alcohol fuel ethanol may not always be cost effective, especially in states where farmers have to use large amounts of fertilizer to produce the grain.莱斯大学的报告指出,用玉米生产酒精燃料乙醇成本并不低。尤其是在那些农民们不得不使用大量化肥的州。But Kristen Brekke of the American Coalition for Ethanol in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says the study does not take into account the growing yields farmers are producing by using technology and improved agricultural practices.但是,总部设在南达科他州苏福尔斯市的美国乙醇燃料联合会的克里斯丁.布莱克(Kristen Brekke)说,该项研究忽略了一个情况,那就是农民们利用新技术和改善耕作方式以使产量不断增加。"They are getting a lot more efficient; they have a lot better crop genetics and agronomic practices like no-till farming and things like GPS [satellite-dependent global positioning system]. That sort of technology allows them to put only the amount of fertilizer that is needed on a field and in the exact location that it is needed. USDA [the U.S. Department of Agriculture], for example, says that corn yields are expected to double in the next 25 years," she said.布莱克说:“他们提高了生产效率,改良了作物品种,并运用诸如免耕直播及全球定位系统等手段改进耕作方式。 这些技术使人们只在必要的地方施用最少量的化肥。美国农业部预测,在未来的25年中,玉米产量将翻一番。”But Brekke agrees with the Rice University study in that using corn for ethanol may not work well everywhere and that development of cellulosic ethanol from waste products and other plants makes sense. "The nice thing about cellulosic ethanol is that all areas of the country will be able to participate in that. Where it makes sense to grow corn, some of that corn is going to ethanol production, but in other areas of the country they will be able to use what they have locally available," she said.但是,对于莱斯大学报告中所称,利用玉米生产乙醇燃料并非处处行得通这一点,布莱克表示同意。她也认为利用农业废料和其他纤维质作物生产乙醇言之有理。布莱克说:“利用纤维质作物生产乙醇的好处是它在全国各地都行得通。在适合玉米生长的地区,可以把部分玉米用来生产乙醇,但在国内其他地区,人们可以就地取材。”The ethanol industry backs the use of the alcohol additive to gasoline as way of reducing petroleum consumption nationwide.乙醇工业推动了酒精添加剂在汽油中的使用,在全国范围内降低了汽油的消费。But Pedro Alvarez argues that it might be better for the environment as well as farmers to use the alternative fuel locally and not try to transport it long distances. He says that the growing world population might force policy changes not only in terms of water used for fuel crops, but also in terms of how water is used to produce the food we eat.但是,阿尔瓦雷斯认为,更好的做法是就地取材生产替代燃料,以避免长途运输,这对农民和环境都有好处。他还说,全球人口增加将迫使各国不仅改变燃料作物的用水政策,也将改变粮食生产的用水政策。"To make one kilogram of b, let's say, you need 1,000 liters of water and to make one kilogram of meat you need 10,000 liters of water. The point here is that water is going to be a severe limiting factor - not only to economic development, but just to feed a growing population," he said.“生产一公斤面包,比方说,需要用1000公升水;生产一公斤肉,需要用1万公升水。关键的问题是:水资源将变成一个严重的限制因素,不仅限制经济发展,而且会限制不断增长的人口的吃喝。”Alvarez says population growth will drive the need to allocate water carefully for various food crops as well as livestock. Likewise, he says, it will be necessary to balance the goals of reducing oil consumption and supporting the income of farmers with the need to preserve the water that makes agriculture possible.阿尔瓦雷斯说,人口增长会促使人们在粮食生产和家畜饲养方面更加小心地分配水资源。同样地,在减少石油消费、增加农民收入和确保水资源能够满足农业生产方面,的确有必要求得平衡。06/75957 上海腹部溶脂术哪家医院好上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱




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