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上海市第一人民医院宝山分院光子嫩肤手术价格上海隆鼻后修复多少钱奉贤区玻尿酸多少钱一支 As China’s economy slows down, Apple could face problems of its own in the world’s second largest economy. Depending on which measures you believe, Chinese technology giant Xiaomi recently became the largest seller in the smartphone market, taking a market share of 13.7% during the last three months of 2014 compared to 12.3% for Apple during the same period, according to market intelligence firm IDC. While an alternate report by Canalys shows Apple as the top seller, another research firm, Kantar WorldPanel, also ranked Xiaomi as the market leader.随着中国经济增长步伐放缓,,苹果公司可能会在这个全球第二大经济体面临一些自己的问题。市场研究机构IDC的近期数据显示,小米已成为中国智能手机市场最大的出货商,该公014年第四季度的国内市场份额3.7%,同期苹果在中国的市场份额则2.3%。不过,另一家调研公司Canalys的报告表明苹果的智能手机销量仍居行业之首。而另一家市场研究机构Kantar WorldPanel则将小米列为市场龙头。实际情况如何,就要看大家相信哪种衡量标准了。Beyond these reports, Apple’s phones continue to be popular in China. The company saw explosive growth during the last quarter, but Xiaomi’s ascendance could become a headache for the iconic American brand, as it has for the biggest Android phone maker in the world, Samsung SRX . In 2014, Xiaomi’s market share in China jumped by 186% from the previous year, while Samsung’s declined by 22% during the same period.尽管这些报告结论不同,但苹果手机在中国仍很受欢迎。上季度,该公司实现了爆炸式增长。然而,小米的崛起已经给全球最大的安卓手机制造商三星带来了麻烦。作为美国的标志性品牌,苹果可能也会对此感到头疼014年,小米在中国的市场份额同比增长86%,三星的份额却下降了22%。Xiaomi’s competitive advantage? Price.小米的竞争优势是什么呢?价格。While the average price of an iPhone 6 rose to 7 at the end of last year, the average price of Android phones fell to 4 a significant gap. Xiaomi’s phones, which have a similar design aesthetic to Apple’s but runs on a modified version of the Android system, are even cheaper at an average price of 0 per phone.到去年底,iPhone 6的平均售价已升至687美元,安卓手机的平均售价则降54美元,二者差异巨大。小米手机采用了和苹果类似的设计美学,使用变种安卓系统,平均售价更低20美元。The fact that Chinese consumers have a significantly cheaper option could impact Apple sales if China’s economy remains sluggish and consumers become increasingly cost-conscious. In 2014, China’s economy slowed to 7.4%, the lowest level in decades, and is expected to slow down further in the next few years, according to the International Monetary Fund.如果中国经济增长依然乏力,消费者对出成本将日益敏感,他们可以选择更便宜的替代品,这可能影响苹果的销售业绩014年,中国经济增速降.4%,是几十年来的最低点,国际货币基金组织预计今后几年中国经济将进一步放缓。This is especially significant because China is one of Apple’s key markets. Even though the company did notsell more phones in China than in the U.S. in 2014, as analysts initially speculated, its sales are reportedly on track to get there, partly due to its partnership with leading telecom provider China Mobile. In addition, the approximately 700 million smartphone users in China represent a vast market opportunity for Apple’s future growth.这一点特别值得关注,因为中国是苹果的主要市场之一。尽管如分析师当初猜测的那样014年iPhone在中国销量并未超过美国,但据报道,苹果与中国最大的电信运营商中国移动达成合作后,销量增势迅猛。此外,中国约有7亿智能手机用户,对苹果未来增长意味着巨大的市场机遇。It’s a safe bet that Apple will continue to see hefty profits from the region, but fast growing competition from Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei could slow that progress and represents a threat to be taken seriously; and not just because of the impact in China either.应该说苹果仍将在中国获利丰厚,但小米及华为等其他中国智能手机厂商带来的竞争威胁正在加剧,苹果需要严阵以待;与此同时,冲击也不仅限于中国市场。As Xiaomi expands its presence internationally, the popularity of its low-priced smartphones could impact Apple in other large markets, too, especially those where per capita income is low and a cheaper alternative to the iPhone is attractive.随着小米的国际化扩张,其低价智能手机的火爆人气也可能在其他几大市场对苹果造成冲击,特别是在那些人均收入低、iPhone的低价替代品颇具吸引力的市场。In India, for example, which is the fastest growing smartphone market, Apple only has a 2% market share because of a high price point, which makes it extremely vulnerable to competition. Xiaomi also has a modest market share of 4% so far. However, the important metric is that 64% of smartphones shipments during the fourth quarter were priced at less than 0, according to research firm Canalys. That’s a price range Xiaomi would find much easier to match than Apple.以印度为例,这是全球增长最快的智能手机市场,但苹果的份额只%,原因是iPhone价格较高,在竞争中不堪一击。到目前为止,小米在印度的份额也只有4%。但Canalys公司指出014年第四季度,售价低于200美元的智能手机占印度智能手机出货量的64%。和苹果相比,小米更容易填补这一价格空间。On the flip side, Apple could potentially benefit from regulatory hurdles that Xiaomi faces, such as in India where a court ruled that the Chinese company can’t sell phones that violate Swedish phone maker Ericsson’s patents until further hearings (although Xiaomi is temporarily back on Indian e-commerce site Flipkart). Another factor in Apple’s favor is that its status as a luxury brand in emerging markets, combined with its marketing expertise, could enable it to keep market share despite higher prices.但另一方面,小米面临的监管障碍有可能让苹果受益。例如,印度一家法院裁定,进一步聆讯前,小米不得在印度销售侵犯瑞典爱立信手机专利的产品(尽管小米的产品已暂时重返印度电子商务网站Flipkart)。另一个有利于苹果的因素是,它在新兴市场属于奢侈品牌,再加上该公司的营销能力,有可能让苹果在产品售价较高的情况下仍有能力维持市场份额。What all this means is that while Apple will certainly remain one of the dominant players in the global smartphone arena, emerging competition from aggressive low-cost technology companies like Xiaomi could still make a serious dent in Apple’s growth trajectory in some of its biggest markets.总的来说,虽然苹果必将继续在全球智能手机领域处于主导地位,但在某些最主要的市场,小米等新生力量积极采用低成本技术,将明显削弱苹果的增长势头。Sanjay Sanghoee is a business commentator. He has worked at investment banks Lazard Freres and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, as well as at hedge fund Ramius Capital. Sanghoee holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. He does not hold shares of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, or Huawei.本文作者现为商业员,曾在投行拉扎德和德利佳华任职,还曾为RamiusCapital对冲基金效力,握有哥伦比亚商学院MBA学位。他本人并不持有苹果、三星、小米和华为的任何股什?(财富中文网) /201502/361267Indonesia has called on China to alter a marking on its maps delineating its maritime territorial claims, while confirming plans to build a new naval base on islands in the South China Sea.印尼呼吁中国变更其地图上的海上领土主张标记,同时实印尼计划在南中国海岛屿建设一个新的海军基地。Susi Pudjiastuti, the tattoo-sporting minister of maritime affairs and fisheries, told the Financial Times that China should alter the notorious “nine-dash linewhich outlines Beijing’s claim to almost all of the South China Sea and intersects with Indonesia’s 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone around the Natuna islands.喜爱纹身的印尼海洋渔业部长苏西渠吉亚司杜Susi Pudjiastuti)对英囀?金融时报》表示,中国应当变更其名声不佳的“九段线”,这条界线把几乎整个南中国海划入中国版图,而且与印尼纳土纳群岛(Natuna islands)周围200海里专属经济区有部分交集。“They say they don’t mind, they don’t want to insist on claiming [the area of intersection],she said. “But we also want them to put changed corrections on their map.”“他们说他们不介意,他们不想坚持主张(交集区域),”她说。“但是,我们还希望他们在地图上做出更正。”Ms Pudjiastuti said misunderstandings based on China’s map threatened to cause conflicts between the two countriescoastguards that could be “dangerous for the stability of the whole region普吉亚司杜蒂表示,中国的地图所引发的误解容易导致两国海岸警卫队之间发生冲突,“危及整个地区的稳定”。Security analysts say plans to build a base on the Natuna islands reflect the strategic importance of the waters in northern Indonesia, which include vast gasfields.安全分析人士表示,在纳土纳群岛建设基地的计划,反映出印尼北部海域的战略重要性,那里有巨大的天然气田。“There is a direct economic interest in terms of energy but also in terms of fisheries in that area and also, more strategically, what a shift southwards of Chinese power means for Indonesian security,said Felix Chang, a senior fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a US think-tank.“那个地区在能源和渔业方面存在直接的经济利益,而更具战略性的问题是,中国实力向南延伸对印尼的安全意味着什么,”美国智库——外交政策研究所(Foreign Policy Research Institute)资深研究员张菲利(Felix Chang)表示。Indonesia, which has the second-longest coastline of any nation, has traditionally remained neutral amid mounting conflicts in the South China Sea.海岸线总长在世界上排名第二的印尼,传统上对于南中国海不断升温的矛盾保持中立。China has reclaimed thousands of acres of land in the regional waters, which are contested by neighbouring countries including Vietnam and Malaysia.中国在南中国海填海造岛的总面积已达到数千英亩,邻国越南和马来西亚也宣称在南中国海拥有部分主权。Since coming to power last year, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has put maritime security at the top of the agenda and signalled a shift away from the previous government’s motto of “a million friends and zero enemies自去年上任以来,印尼总统佐科维多Joko Widodo)把海上安全置于议程首位,并发出信号表明,他将放弃上一届政府“多交朋友、少树敌”的座右铭。Aggressive plans to improve maritime security have added to the presidents image as a nationalist, following recent protectionist economic policies and deteriorating relations with Australia following the execution of foreign nationals convicted of drug trafficking earlier this year.提高海上安全的积极计划,强化了维多多的民族主义者形象。此外,近期印尼推出了一些保护主义的经济政策,与澳大利亚的关系也有所恶化,原因是今年早些时候印尼处决了几名被判贩卖毒品的外国人。Ms Pudjiastuti, a high-school dropout who built a multimillion-dollar airline from scratch, has become one of the most popular members of the current cabinet, following an aggressive push to stop rampant illegal fishing that has left local fishermen struggling to make a living.从高中辍学后白手起家打造一家数百万美元航空公司的普吉亚司杜蒂,是现任内阁中人气最高的成员之一。此前她采取激进行动,制止导致印尼渔民难以谋生的猖獗的非法捕捞。She says she has ordered the sinking of more than 100 illegal fishing boats including many foreign vessels since taking office last year, labelling poaching problems in Indonesian waters a “desperate situation她说,自去年上任以来,她已下令炸00多艘非法渔船(包括许多外国渔船),她形容印尼海域的非法捕捞问题造成了“绝望的局面”。来 /201509/399508杨浦区去痣多少钱一颗

上海市第六人民医院金山分院祛疤痕多少钱Beijing, April 7 (IANS) Swedish furniture chain Ikea has banned customers from napping on the furniture displayed in a store in Beijing, where hundreds of shoppers come everyday to enjoy the air conditioning and furniture comforts with no intention of buying, Efe news agency reported.埃菲社报道:北京时间四月七日,瑞典家具连锁店-宜家家居已经禁止顾客在该北京分店展示的家具上午睡,数百名顾客每天都来享受空调,对舒适的家具却没有购买意向。The ban and other measures seek to exclude from the store all but those making purchases and to improve the brands local image, reported Chinese media on Tuesday.中国媒体星期二报道,这些禁令和其他的一些措施驱逐那些非购买者从而来提升该品牌在地方的形象。In the Beijing Ikea store, people can commonly be found sleeping peacefully and unabashedly on the display sofas and beds, a fact verified by Efe.在北京宜家商店,很容易看到人们找到的沙发和床并毫不掩饰的在上面打盹。In order to expose its products to the Chinese market, Ikea initially opened additional showrooms of fur nishings, inviting shoppers to ;take a nap; on beds and sofas, reported the news website China.com.为了让产品打开中国市场,宜家起初想开放一个额外的家具陈列这样那些客户就能有固定的区域可以在沙发或者床上“午睡”,中国新闻网报道。After the workers of Beijing Ikea complained that ;nappers; had become a real nuisance, creating an unsi ghtly image for the Swedish company and discouraging potential buyers, the company decided to put an er to the promotion.之后该北京分店店员反应说,这些顾客才是真正的“滋扰”者。不仅毀坏了瑞典宜家公司的品牌形象,还影响了真正需要购买的客户。于是公司决定停止推广这一计划。The trigger for this measure, noted workers of the establishment, came two years ago when an elderly wo an helped her grandson to urinate in a plastic bottle while the child was standing on one of the display beds.引发这一措施,一个店员的反馈,两年前当他看到一个老太太帮助她的孙子小便,而这个小孩的家长就让他站在展品床用一个塑料瓶子完成了这一幕。Despite Ikeas efforts, the Beijing store continues to experience difficulty ensuring customers adhere to the new regulations, according to China.com.尽管宜家做出了这项禁令,但是北京店实施却遭遇到困难,顾客仍然不遵守新的法规。中新网说。Many nappers allegedly refuse to obey staff or follow regulations and they slyly seek out zones hidden from view to prolong their comfortable siestas.据称许多睡客拒绝从工作人员执行规定,他们狡猾地离开你的视线后找到别的隐蔽场所继续他们的午睡。来 /201504/368980上海玻尿酸大概多少钱 A senior South Korean official has offered to hold ministerial-level talks with North Korea to discuss ;mutual concerns,; including a reunion of families separated by the Korean War.一名韩国高层官员表示,愿与朝鲜举行部长级会谈,讨论“共同关心的问题”,包括安排一次韩战离散家人团聚活动。Ryo Kihl-jae, the Souths unification minister in charge of North Korean affairs, told a news conference Monday that a formal request had been sent to Pyongyang. He said he is willing to discuss any issues of mutual concern.负责朝鲜事务的韩国统一部部长柳吉在星期一举行的记者会上说,已将一份正式邀请函递交平壤。他表示,愿意与朝鲜方面讨论任何双方共同关心的问题。If agreed to, the talks would take place next month in Pyongyang with Ryos counterpart, Kim Yang Gon.如果平壤做出肯定的答复,柳吉在将于下月在平壤与朝鲜负责韩国事务的官员金养建举行会谈。The two countries had agreed on high-level talks scheduled for two months ago after a surprise visit to Seoul in October by a high-powered delegation from the North. However, North Korea angrily backed out when activists in the South sent anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border via balloons.一个朝鲜重量级代表团十月对首尔进行出人意料的访问,韩朝双方同意举行高层会谈。但韩国活动人士放飞带有反平壤传单的气球后,朝鲜对此举表示愤怒,并搁置了会谈。来 /201412/351377上海新华医院割双眼皮多少钱

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