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Although the majority of Americans say it is unacceptable, nearly one in four married adults stillcheat ontheir spouses.But what constitutes being unfaithful differs among men and women, according to a new survey.Most people questioned in the poll agree physical contact -- including kissing someone other than your partner -- means you are cheating. But 77 percent of women also think using the Internet for online sexual talk or cavorting in front of a Webcam is also cheating, compared to only 57 percent of men."We've always had theinside scoopabout what's on the minds of women, especially when it comes to relationships, said Deborah Fine, president of iVillage Inc, a media firm dedicated to women."This new survey gives us a closer look at how both men and women feel about the topic of fidelity," she added in a statement.Nearly three-quarters of women also feel sending flirtatious emails is cheating, as opposed to 53 percent of men.According to the online survey of 70,288 people, the most common cheating partners are friends and co-workers. Money is also an element in deceitful behavior because the higher a man's salary the more likely it is that he will be unfaithful.But the same does not apply to women.Men said they usually strayed because they wanted more sex, while women sought emotional attention.The survey also revealed that many partners will try to find out if their spouse isstraying.Eighty-three percent of people questioned in the poll said they would try to trick them into confessing, 63 percent would pay for a private detective and more than half said they would have no qualms about checking emails and telephone logs.But when people do have affairs they are usually brief. Nearly 30 percent last a week or less and 47 percent are done within a month.Those who do cheat rarely get caught, only about 30 percent or less, according to the survey. And just 13 percent confess to their misdeeds. 尽管大多数美国人认为对伴侣不忠不可接受,但却有近四分之一的已婚人士仍然这样做。然而,据一项最新调查显示,男性和女性对“不忠”的理解有所不同。大多数受访者认为与伴侣以外的其他人接吻等身体接触是一种不忠的表现。但77%的女性认为,在网上互相聊一些下流的话题或通过网络摄像头打情骂俏也是不忠的表现,而持此观点的男性只有57%。iVillage女性媒体公司的总裁黛拉·范恩说,“我们总能掌握女性的一些隐秘想法,尤其在两性关系方面。”她在一份声明中说:“这项新调查则针对忠贞这一问题对男性和女性的想法进行了更为深入的了解。”此外,近四分之三的女性觉得发调情的电子邮件也是不忠,持此看法的男性比例为53%。据此项对70288人进行的在线调查显示,朋友和同事最易成为“拈花惹草”的对象。金钱也是不忠行为发生的一个因素,因为男人的收入越高,越轨的可能性会越大。但这个“理论”并不适合女性。男人说他们越轨是因为性需求;女人则说她们则是为了寻求情感上的呵护。此外,调查显示,很多人表示他们会查明配偶是否有越轨行为。83%的受访者表示他们会采取一些小手段,“诱使”对方坦白;63%的人则表示会去找一个;一半以上的人说他们会去查对方的电子邮件和电话记录。但是真正有越轨行为的人通常会速战速决。近30%的人持续一周或不到一周的时间,47%的人则在一个月内就完事。调查显示,有不忠行为的人很少被抓个现形,只有30%或更少的人遭遇过此尴尬。仅有13%的人向伴侣坦白过自己的错误行为。 /200803/32752Windows 10 breaches French law by collecting too much personal information from users, according to the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL).根据法国国家数据保护委员会表示,微软Win10系统收集了太多的用户隐私数据,违反了法国的法律。Some of the privacy failings identified can be remedied by users willing to delve deep into the Windows 10 settings, but one of the commission#39;s gripes is that better privacy should be the default setting, not one users must fight for.深入了解Windows 10设置的用户能够修正部分隐私问题,但CNIL的不满之一是,更好的隐私保护应当是默认设置,而非让用户手动设置。By default, Windows 10 collects various data on how it is used - this includes what apps are installed and how much time is spent within them, for example.在默认情况下,Win10会收集用户们使用的各种数据--举例来说,包括安装了什么应用程序,在应用程序上花费了多少时间等。;Microsoft is collecting excessive data, as these data are not necessary for the operation of the service,; said the CNIL.法国国家数据保护委员表示:“微软正在收集过多的数据,因为这些数据并不是Win10务系统所必须的。”Microsoft also failed to protect user data sufficiently, it said, by allowing users to secure their Microsoft accounts containing their purchase history and their means of payment with a PIN consisting of just four digits, and by allowing unlimited attempts to unlock the account.此外,微软没有充分的保护用户数据。微软允许用户使用仅有4位数字组成的PIN(个人识别号码),保护包含有购物历史和付方法信息的微软账户,允许不限次尝试解锁账户。 /201607/457096

The broadening of the criminal inquiry in Germany into the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal to include Hans Dieter P#246;tsch, chairman of its supervisory board, shows how badly VW lost its way.德国扩大了针对大众汽车(Volkswagen)柴油尾气排放丑闻的刑事调查,该公司监事会主席汉斯.迪亚特.波什(Hans Dieter P#246;tsch)成为调查对象,这表明大众汽车多么地误入歧途。The scandal is still shaking the company: its use of software on up to 11m cars to help them pass emissions tests has carried a heavy price, making VW set aside EURO18.2bn. It has also disillusioned the industry, ending Europe’s hope of “clean diesel” becoming an enduring alternative to petrol.这桩丑闻仍在撼动该公司:大众在其1100万辆柴油发动机汽车上安装作弊软件帮助这些汽车通过尾气排放检测,这一做法的代价是惨重的,迫使大众为此拨备182亿欧元。大众还让汽车行业的幻想破灭,终结了欧洲让“清洁柴油”成为一种长久取代汽油的选择的希望。The lasting significance of the VW scandal will be to bring forward a shift in engine technology and alter the balance of power among the world’s biggest vehicle markets: the US, Europe and Asia. The lesson for carmakers is: go electric and go to China.大众尾气丑闻的持久影响将促使发动机技术发生转变,并改变全球最大汽车市场(美国、欧洲和亚洲)的实力平衡。汽车制造商得到的教训是:生产电动汽车,到中国去。Fuel-efficient diesel, with exhaust filters to limit emissions of nitrogen oxide particles, was supposed both to curb greenhouse gases and limit pollution. In practice, Europe tried to ignore an inconvenient truth about the latter: the UK government was last week instructed by a court to cut diesel fumes in cities faster than it had planned.节能柴油配有限制一氧化氮微粒排放的排气过滤器,本应减少温室气体和污染物的排放。实际上,欧洲试图忽视有关后者的一个让人不敢面对的事实:一家法庭上周敦促英国政府以比原计划更快的速度减少城市的柴油废气。No one could fail to notice such fumes in China. About one-third of the pollution that clogs the skies in cities such as Beijing and Chongqing comes from internal combustion engines as their citizens turn to driving. By the mid 2020s, Chinese consumers could be buying 40m cars a year, twice the number likely to be bought by Americans.任何人都无法不关注中国的汽车废气。随着居民纷纷开车上路,笼罩在北京和重庆等城市上空的约三分之一的污染来自内燃机。到2025年左右,中国消费者每年的汽车购买量可能会达到4000万辆,是美国人的两倍。It is a problem but also an opportunity. China is aly doing what countries such as the UK are being forced to consider: it is banning heavily polluting cars from cities by auctioning the right to own vehicle number plates while allowing “new energy vehicles” such as electric cars and plug-in electric hybrids an open road.这是个问题,但也是个机遇。中国已在采取英国等国被迫思考的措施:中国正通过拍卖汽车号牌所有权,禁止重污染汽车在城市行驶,同时允许电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车等“新能源汽车”无限制上路。As a result, although the global electric car market is still tiny, it is most advanced in China, where 330,000 new energy vehicles were sold last year. Many of them are bought by local governments and state-owned enterprises for use as delivery vans, or in local ride-sharing schemes, thus giving China’s green carmakers a kick start.因此,尽管全球电动汽车市场的规模很小,但在中国发展的最快,去年中国销售的新能源汽车有33万辆。其中很多由地方政府和国有企业购买,用作箱式送货车或用于地方拼车计划,这让中国的环保汽车制造商得以起步。These vehicles are not Teslas: many are quite basic. But they are handing China first-mover advantage in the regulation, technology and manufacturing of electric cars. While Europe’s car-makers and suppliers that specialised in diesel must now rethink, Chinese companies such as BYD and Anhui Jianghuai (JAC) occupy a sweet spot.这些汽车不是特斯拉(Tesla):很多都非常初级。但它们在电动汽车的监管、技术和生产方面赋予了中国先行优势。比亚迪(BYD)和安徽江淮汽车(JAC)等中国企业已占据了有利位置,而专门生产柴油汽车的欧洲汽车制造商和供应商现在必须反思。Diesel was under threat before the VW scandal: the tightening of European emissions standards will make it much more expensive for carmakers to offer diesel cars, levelling the price gap with electric vehicles. AlixPartners, the consultancy, expects diesel cars to account for only 9 per cent of European sales by 2030, compared with 56 per cent five years ago.在大众汽车丑闻之前,柴油汽车面临危险:欧洲排放标准的收紧将大大提高汽车制造商生产柴油汽车的成本,这将拉平与电动汽车的价格差距。咨询公司艾睿铂(AlixPartners)预计,到2030年,柴油汽车将仅占到欧洲汽车销量的9%,5年前为56%。The limited range of electric cars, and lack of convenient recharging stations, has until now put off most buyers. Plug-in hybrids, such as the Chevrolet Volt and BMW 330e, make up for that by having two engines — one combustion and one electric. But this requires a lot of costly components from sophisticated European and US suppliers, such as Robert Bosch and Delphi.到目前为止,电动汽车车型有限以及缺乏便利的充电设施让多数购买者望而却步。为了弥补这点,插电式混合动力汽车(例如雪佛兰伏特(Chevrolet Volt) 和宝马(BMW)的330e)配备了两个引擎(一个是内燃机,一个是电动发动机)。但这需要很多昂贵的来自欧美高级供应商的零配件,例如罗伯特.世(Robert Bosch)和德尔福(Delphi)。Pure electric vehicles are simpler and do not need the same array of components. Battery advances mean that they should be able to drive up to 600km on one charge by 2020, the range VW promises for its proposed ID car. They would then be more appealing.纯电动汽车更为简单,不需要同样多的零配件。电池技术的进步意味着到2020年,电动汽车一次充电可行驶最高600公里,这是大众汽车为其ID电动概念车承诺的目标。到那时,电动汽车就更具吸引力了。This provides the opportunity for China to leapfrog US and western technology in the same way that some developing countries adopted mobile smartphones before fixed networks were built. The Chinese government knows it: the five-year plan unveiled in April heavily endorses green technology.这为中国超越美国和西方技术提供了机会,就像一些发展中国家在固话网络建成前跳跃到移动智能手机一样。中国政府明白这点:4月公布的5年规划大力持环保技术。China has an industrial stake in electric vehicles. While international carmakers tend to buy batteries produced by Japanese and South Korean companies, Chinese companies use Chinese suppliers including BYD and Amperex Technology. China’s lack of top-tier suppliers for combustion engines components matters less in electric.电动汽车对于中国工业有着重要意义。国际汽车制造商往往会购买由日本和韩国公司生产的电池,中国企业则使用包括比亚迪和新能源科技(Amperex Technology)在内的中国供应商的产品。中国在内燃机零配件方面没有一线供应商,但这在电动汽车领域不那么重要。The VW scandal does not eliminate every advantage of European manufacturers and suppliers. A simple form of hybrid engine involving more powerful electronics is one alternative to diesel: UBS, the investment bank, estimates that 48-volt mild hybrid technology will be a EURO4bn market by 2020.大众汽车尾气排放丑闻没有完全消除欧洲制造商和供应商的优势。使用更强大电路的简单形式的混合动力发动机是一种取代柴油的选择:投行瑞银(UBS)估计,到2020年,48伏微混电动技术市场的规模将达到40亿欧元。Nor will China’s carmakers have it all their own way at home. About 95 per cent of electric cars sold in China last year were made by Chinese companies, according to Automotive Foresight Shanghai, a consultancy. As carmakers such as VW and Nissan focus more heavily on China, that is bound to fall. VW is planning an electric vehicle joint venture with JAC. 中国汽车制造商将无法在国内自得其乐。上海咨询公司Automotive Foresight称,去年,在中国销售的电动汽车中,大约95%由中国企业生产。随着大众和日产(Nissan)等汽车制造商加大对中国的关注,这个数字肯定会下滑。大众汽车正计划与江淮汽车组建一家电动汽车合资公司。But China has plenty of levers to pull. Just as Europe’s dominance in diesel emerged from tight regulation of carbon emissions, China can lead the global electric vehicle market through force majeure. Its city-based experiments with electric transport have been a mixed bag but it will keep trying.然而,中国有很多筹码。正如欧洲在柴油领域的主导地位来自于对碳排放的严格监管,中国可以通过强制引领全球电动汽车市场。中国以城市为基础的电动汽车交通尝试一直好坏参半,但中国将继续努力。The danger for VW and other Europeans is of becoming stuck in the past, over-invested in diesel when the future is electric. Mr P#246;tsch’s earlier behaviour is not really the difficulty.大众汽车和其他欧洲汽车厂商的危险在于,在未来方向是电动汽车之际,它们沉迷于过去,在柴油领域投资过度。大众汽车监事会主席波什之前的行为实际上并非难题。 /201611/478061

There has been a lot of research done on the significance of food combining when we eat. Many believe that our stomach is designed to only digest food correctly one food type at a time or eating foods together that are compatible with each other. This is because each food type requires a different enzyme to digest them. Eating the correct food combinations will help your body digest food optimally so that you are getting all the nutrients that are in the food.What is it?Food combining is eating foods together that require the same enzymes for digestion. From a scientific standpoint, we know that in order for meats to be broken down, an acidic environment in the stomach is needed. If you drink milk with your meal, which is alkaline, that neutralizes the stomach environment and can hinder proper digestion of the meat.Think about all of the people that experience indigestion. It is now so common that it is seen as a normal fact of life. We spend in excess of 2 billion dollars a year on antacids (substances which counter stomach acidity). Wouldn’t it be better if instead of having to choke down an antacid all you needed to do was eat foods the right way? Eating the correct food combinations can help end indigestion and improve health and vitality because you will be getting the proper nutrients out of your food.A Brief History of Food CombiningThe idea of food combining for optimal nutrition was introduced in 1911 by William Howard Hay. Food combining was based on the current ideas of that time as far as the requirement of alkalinity to digest food the proper way in the stomach whilst taking into consideration the pH of the food you are eating.This then lead to a need for a classification system of foods, and this was created by Herbert M Shelton. His classification system looked at food and grouped it together by the nutrients that each food produced. This broke foods up into three groups, those that are considered “neutral”, those that are carbohydrates and those that are proteins. Herbert M. Shelton went as far as to recommend that you eat proteins and carbohydrates at different meals.How It WorksEach type of food is digested differently. They each require different enzymes and different environments to be digested properly. It is equally important that different foods digest at different rates. Combining food incorrectly can cancel out the specific needs of those foods for proper digestion.For example, it has aly been stated that meats/flesh foods or more appropriately proteins require an acidic environment. As stated enjoying a glass of milk with your steak dinner has just cancelled out the acidic environment due to the neutralizing effects of milk. The same goes for fruits as they produce an alkaline secretion when digested which will also neutralize the acidic environment needed for digestion of proteins.Noting the rate of digestion of food is also important. Take the example of fruits, which digest quickly and combining them with foods that take longer to digest, such as the proteins can cause the fruits to ferment. So when you are eating fruits you will want to combine those with starches or carbohydrates, both of which digest quickly. Vegetables and fruits both require different enzymes for digestion and these enzymes also tend to cancel each other out.Proper combination of like foods or compatible foods will aid in proper digestion and optimal health. Do not go over board though and focus on eating only one food or one type of food because that is just as bad for the digestive system. Variety and proper combination is key.What Have Results Shown?The results show that proper food combining does help decrease indigestion and improve overall health. Your body is getting the nutrients that it is meant to get from the food that you are consuming. You will notice that you feel “lighter” and have more energy. Food combining has also been shown to help those recovering from eating disorders. The proper combination of foods is easier on the stomach.As with any theory, the food combination theory and practice has its share of critics. The complaints aren’t due to science, but due more to the fact that they consider food combining to be a boring way to eat after awhile.How to Get Started with Food CombiningPay attention to your food. Know what category each food that you eat falls into, protein, carbohydrate or neutral. Once you know what food falls in what category you can easily follow the following simple steps:# Make sure that you eat all kinds of citrus fruits, leafy veggies, eggs, fish and meats so that you can safely avoid any nutrient deficiencies. Notice there is no mention of carbohydrates, they are an “eat only if you have to” food.# You do not want to combine any pure fats with high starches in one meal. In other words, that baked potato with butter and sour cream is out the window.# Avoid combining acids such as citrus, vinegar and buttermilk with any high starch at one meal.# High starches should also not be combined with any high proteins.Fats can be eaten with proteins and acids.# Foods such as meat, fish, fowl and eggs should be eaten one serving of each per day or two servings of one per day with a fat.# Eat buttermilk, cheese and other dairy: Having two glasses of organic milk or two and half ounces of cheese per day.# Have two servings a day of raw, low starch fruits and raw green and yellow vegetables a day. 有许多关于我们所吃食物搭配的重要性进行的研究。许多人认为我们的胃天生只能一次完全地消化一种食物或者吃些互相兼容的食物。 这是因为每种食物需要不同种类的酶来消化。正确的食物搭配饮食能帮你最佳地消化食物,使你得到食物中各种营养。食物搭配是什么?食物搭配是所吃的食物需要相同的一种酶来分解消化。 从科学的观点来看,我们知道为了使肉得到消化,需要胃中的酸性条件。如果你在吃饭的时候喝了牛奶,牛奶是碱性的,这样就会中和胃中酸性条件,妨碍对肉完全消化。想一想每个人消化不良的经历。现在这种情况在实际生活中很常见。我们每年要花费超过20个亿在制酸剂上(制酸剂是可以调节胃酸)。如果非得咽下一颗制酸剂,那么合理的膳食有什么不好吗?正确的食物搭配可以帮助解决消化不良,改善健康,提高生命力,因为从食物中你能获取了适当的营养。食物搭配简史食物搭配吸收最佳营养的观点是由威廉·霍华德·海伊在1911年提出的。食物搭配是以当时流行的观点为依据——就胃中碱性的要求以适当的方式消化食物,同时考虑到所吃食物的PH值。这样就导致对食物分类的需要,并由赫伯特米谢尔顿创立。他的分类类系统是看看食物,并按照营养分组。这样把食物分成了三组,“中性”食物,碳水化合物食物以及蛋白质食物。赫伯米谢尔顿到了建议在不同餐中吃蛋白质食物和碳水化合物食物的地步。如何运转每种食物消化不同。他们需要不同的酶和不同的环境下进行完全消化。不同的食物以不同的速度消化也是同等重要。错误的食物搭配能消除消化食物的具体要求。比如,已经说过肉/肉类食物或者更多的蛋白质食物需要一个酸性的条件。像描述的那样在牛排晚餐上喝一杯牛奶,就会由于牛奶的中性作用消除了酸性的条件。同样的道理适应于水果,当消化时他们会产生碱性分泌物同样会中和蛋白质食物消化需要的酸性条件。注意食物消化的速度同样重要。以水果为例, 消化速度快,把他们与需要较长时间消化的食物进行搭配,比如蛋白质食物会引起水果的发酵。 所以当你吃水果时,你应该和含淀粉类食物,碳水化合物食物搭配,二者消化的速度都很快。 水果和蔬菜都需要不同的酶来消化,这些酶也会互相消除。相似食物和兼容食物的适当搭配将有助于完全消化,达到最佳的健康状态。不要把注意力只放到对一种,一类食物上,因为这样会对消化系统不利。 多样性和恰当的搭配是关键。结果怎样?结果显示合理的食物搭配的确能帮助减轻消化不良和改善整体的健康。身体正在获取营养意味着是从你正在消化的食物中获取。你会注意到你感觉“更轻”,而且更有力了。 食物搭配也显示能对饮食紊乱的人有帮助。合理的食物搭配也容易对胃。像其他任何理论一样,食物搭配的理论和实践也引起些批评。抱怨不是来自科学,而是他们考虑不久将引起饮食繁琐的事实。如何进行食物搭配注意你的食物。知道你所吃的每种食物的分类,蛋白质食物,碳水化合物食物或中性食物。 一旦你知道食物属于哪一类,你将很容易按照如下步骤进行:# 确定你吃各种柑橘类水果,叶类蔬菜,鸡蛋,鱼和肉,以至于你可以安全避免任何的营养不足。注意没有涉及碳水化合物的食物,他们是一种“如果不得不吃的”的食物。# 你不能在一餐中将任何的纯脂肪类食物和高淀粉食物一起搭配。 换句话说,烤土豆配上黄油,酸奶油可以扔出窗外了。# 避免把酸类食物,比如柑橘,食醋和白脱牛奶与高淀粉类食物搭配在一餐中。# 高淀粉食物也不应该与任何高蛋白食物搭配。# 脂肪类可以和蛋白质类和酸类食物搭配。# 像肉,鱼,禽类和鸡蛋食物应该每天一餐或者和脂肪搭配一天两餐。# 吃白脱牛奶,奶酪或者其他奶制品:# 每天喝两杯有机牛奶和半盎司的奶露。# 纯天然,低淀粉食物每天两餐 ,并且每天吃纯天然绿色和黄色蔬菜。 /200806/43071

Good old tap water will go a long way toward washing pesticide residues off your fruit and vegetables, but “getting it down to zero is not feasible, ever,” said Dave Stone, a toxicologist who is the director of theNational Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. While washing can reduce pesticide residues on the surface, it cannot eliminate pesticides that are absorbed by the roots into the very tissue of the fruit or vegetable.美国国家农药信息中心(National Pesticide Information Center,由俄勒冈州立大学[Oregon State University]和美国国家环境保护局[Environmental Protection Agency]合作建立)主任、毒理学家戴夫·斯通(Dave Stone)表示,使用质量较好的普通自来水洗涤蔬菜和水果对清除其上的残留农药大有助益,但“要想把它们洗得一点不剩是不可能的”。虽然清洗可以减少蔬果表面的农药残留,但这样做并无法清除被根部吸收进入到蔬菜或水果内部组织中的农药。Scrubbing with a vegetable brush helps, Dr. Stone said, but using a store-bought veggie wash might not: A 2000 study by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station found that rinsing lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes under tap water for 60 seconds worked just as well as using a commercial vegetable wash to significantly reduce pesticide residues. Using a veggie wash might even backfire, Dr. Stone said, because detergent residue could be added to fruits with porous outer layers.斯通士还说,使用蔬菜清洁刷来刷洗蔬果也有一定的帮助,但使用从商店买来的蔬果清洗剂却可能没有这样的效果:2000年康涅狄格州农业试验站(Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station)的一项研究发现,在自来水下清洗生菜、草莓和西红柿60秒与使用市售蔬果清洗剂一样可以有效地显著减少农药残留。斯通士说,使用蔬果清洗剂甚至还可能适得其反,因为洗涤剂有可能会残留在水果多孔的外层中。The best way to wash is to place the fruit or vegetable in a colander and run water over it, rather than just dunk it in a bowl. “The force of the running water will drive off residues,” Dr. Stone said. Peeling also helps get rid of pesticide residues in the skin.清洗蔬菜或水果的最佳方法是将它们放在滤器里用流水冲洗,而不是简单地将它们泡在盆子里。“流水的力量可以冲掉农药残留,”斯通士说。削皮也有助于去除蔬果外皮上的农药残留。The Environmental Working Group’s so-called Dirty Dozen and the Consumer Reports Always Buy Organic list, both of which are based on data from the federal Department of Agriculture, which tests fruits and vegetables after they have been washed, include items deemed to have relatively higher pesticide loads. Both lists include strawberries, nectarines and American-grown apples. If you’re considering buying organic, you might put these items at the top of your list.美国农业部(Department of Agriculture)对经过清洗的蔬菜和水果(包括被认为带有较多农药的品种)进行了检测,在这些数据的基础上,美国环境工作组(Environmental Working Group)提出了“12种受污染食品(Dirty Dozen)”,《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)也列出了若干种“必选买有机产品(Always Buy Organic)”的食品。草莓、油桃和美国出产的苹果均同时名列上述两份“黑名单”之中。如果你考虑购买有机食品,不妨把这几样放在购物清单的首要位置。 /201508/395607英国:长期减肥成新趋势Many New Year dieting resolutions is now running out of steam in Britain, a survey shows, despite a trend towards longer-term dieting as opposed to celebrity-inspired quick fixes.Weight-loss plans advocated by A-listers -- such as the maple syrup, Atkins or cabbage soup diet -- are becoming less widely followed, with over a third of British dieters now seeing efforts to shed the pounds as an ongoing, permanent lifestyle change rather than an attempt to quickly shed extra pounds.However, the poll of 3,292 British adults by insurer PruHealth also found that the average dieter sticks to a regime for only 78.6 days -- often from January 1 to March 18.Over two thirds of British women (69 percent) planned to embark on a new diet or fitness regime at the start of the year, according to the survey.Katie Roswell, marketing director at PruHealth, said: "It's encouraging to see a common move towards long-term healthy lifestyles, rather than people opting for more short-term fixes, such as unhealthy, fad diet plans."However, it's also clear how important it is to maintain momentum and motivation to stick to a permanent lifestyle change." 跟明星倡导的快速减肥法不同,长期减肥已渐渐成为一种新潮流。尽管如此,一项调查显示,很多英国人的新年减肥决心已开始慢慢动摇。目前,采用明星倡导的快速减肥法(比如:枫浆减肥、阿金饮食法、或白菜汤瘦身)的人越来越少,英国超过三分之一的减肥人士开始将减肥视为一种长期、持续的生活方式的改变,而不是试图快速减掉体重。然而,PruHealth保险公司对英国3292名成年人开展的一项调查发现,从今年1月1日至3月18日,普通减肥者仅有78.6天在坚持减肥。据调查显示,超过三分之二(69%)的英国女性曾立下新年决心,打算开始改善自己的饮食结构或准备开始健身。PruHealth保险公司的营销总监凯蒂#8226;罗斯韦尔说:“如今越来越多的人开始崇尚一种长期的健康生活方式,而不再选择流行饮食计划等不健康的快速减肥法,这是件好事。”“然而,很显然,保持劲头、激励自己坚持长期生活方式的改善也十分重要。” /200803/31590

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