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厦门市欧菲医院的微信号多少厦门欧菲整形医院丰胸多少钱Samsung quietly introduced the Galaxy Tab4 line on Tuesday in three of Samsung#39;s major tablet sizes, 7, 8 and 10.1 inches. 三星(Samsung)周二低调发布了Galaxy Tab4系列平板电脑,这一产品线的平板电脑的尺寸分别为7英寸、8英寸和10.1英寸。 The various dual-core CPUs from the Galaxy Tab 3 series have been dumped in favor of new 1.2 GHz quad-core processors and the tablets now get 1.5GB of RAM instead of just 1GB. It#39;s a modest step up, but even that#39;s more noticeable than the screen change: The new models all have a 1,366x768 resolution display, as opposed to the predecessor#39;s 1280x800 resolution. Galaxy Tab3系列平板电脑使用的各种双核处理器已被摒弃,取而代之的是新的1.2 GHz四核处理器,内存从1GB扩大至1.5GB。虽然这些升级不算太大,但和屏幕的变化相比还是比较明显的:新平板都配置了分辨率为1,366x768的显示器,而此前机型的分辨率为1,280x800。The best update may be stylistic, a move away from a slick plastic back to a matte, textured one. 最佳的更新可能是平板电脑的整体风格得到提升,机身从一块光滑的塑料板又恢复到具有磨砂质感的风格。Each device--available in both black and white--will run on Android 4.4 KitKat, and have a relatively weak built-in 3MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera. 该系列有黑、白两种配色,搭载Android 4.4 KitKat系统,还配有内置式3MP后置镜头和1.3MP前置镜头。The Galaxy Tab4 7.0 will be sold with 8GB or 16GB of storage, while the Tab4 8.0 and 10.1 will be offered with 16GB of storage. Each model has a MicroSD card slot for those who need extra space to store apps, , photos and documents. Galaxy Tab4 7.0的内存分8GB和16GB,Tab4 8.0和Tab4 10.1的内存则均为16GB。这一系列的平板电脑均配有MicroSD卡槽,用户可以通过MicroSD卡提供的更多空间保存软件、视频、照片和文件等。What they don#39;t say in the press release: Clearly, Samsung is going for a budget play here. When the company says it#39;s an #39;exceptional multimedia experience for the whole family,#39; it means that you may not buy these for yourself but you could buy it for your kids. 三星在发布会上没有公开说明的一点是:很显然,该公司在家庭预算方面玩了一个把戏。但三星介绍称新产品“将为全家提供超凡的多媒体体验”时,其中的意思其实是,你可能不会为自己买这一系列的平板,但你可能会给自己的孩子购买。The Tab 3 series sells for just over half what its Apple-based competitors sell for, and the 2014 specs appear to be basically just tweaks based on the cheapest available components. These devices seem competent for presenting , books and games, but just be aware that they#39;re not premium products. Tab 3系列平板电脑的售价仅为苹果(Apple)类似尺寸平板电脑价格的一半多一点,新系列的平板电脑似乎是使用成本最低的组件对旧型号进行了一些改变。新平板电脑在呈现视频、书籍和游戏方面似乎没有什么问题,但你要明白的是这些并非高档产品。Samsung does say that the three tablets will all ship sometime in May or June. 三星称所有三种型号的平板电脑都将在5月或6月的某个时候开始发货。 /201404/284300福建省厦门妇幼保健医院整形 A radical ‘artificial egg’ made from plants is set to go global after the US firm behind it revealed major backing from Asia#39;s richest man.Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise - without a chicken ever coming close to the production process.Hampton Creek#39;s products are aly sold in Whole Foods in California, and now the firm plans to take on the world.据英国媒体2月17日报道,美国公司Hampton Creek近日在得到亚洲首富李嘉诚的赞助后,打算将其人造鸡蛋推向全球。这种由植物蛋白加工制作而成的人造鸡蛋可以取代蛋糕、蛋黄酱等食品里所需的鸡蛋,且整个生产过程都无需鸡的参与。目前,在美国加利福尼亚的一些食品超市已经有售。Today that it was announced the firm has landed million infunding.Backers include Mr. Li Ka-shing, Asia#39;s richest man and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.In the last 90 days, the company has also signed partnership agreements with 6 Fortune 500 companies, including some of the largest food manufactures and retailers in the world - although the firm is keeping their names secret until products go on sale.Mr. Li Ka-shing, who is estimated to be worth .8 billion, said he believed the firm had huge potential.#39;Technology enables everyone to have more options to better our future together,#39; he said.该公司近期宣布其已获得2300万美元的投资,并打算将这种人造鸡蛋推向世界。其投资者包括亚洲首富李嘉诚和雅虎创始人杨致远。在过去的3个月里,Hampton Creek已经与6家世界500强公司签订了合作协议,其中包括一些全球最大的食品生产和零售商。#39;We can make really good mayonnaise, we’ve done taste tests against market leaders, and beaten them consistently. In the world of cookies, we’ve trialled our products with everyone from Bill Gates to Tony Blair, both of whom couldn’t taste the difference.#39;Bill Gates became an advisor to the company, and has been one of its most vocal supporters in the Silicon Valley world where Hampton Creek is based.#39;Companies like Hampton Creek Foods are experimenting with new ways to use heat and pressure to turn plants into foods that look and taste just like meat and eggs,#39; he recently wrote of the firm.It hopes to allow developing countries to grow and produce their own ‘plant eggs’.#39;In developing countries, we can also add in things missing from the local diet, helping nutrient deficiencies, and we have had initial discussion with the world food programme about this.#39;What we want to do eventually is find a way to work with farmers in the developing world to enable them to have new cash crops that can be used. Then we become the kind of company to be feared by the bad guys in the industry.#39;Hampton Creek公司首席执行官兼创始人乔希?蒂特里克曾表示:“公司的目标一直是向全世界所有人提供更加健康和负担得起的食物。我们想把动物从食品生产过程中解放出来。”蒂特里克的想法是将容易生长的植物以正确的方式混合,然后替代鸡蛋的口感、营养价值和烹饪用途等。他还介绍说,他们已经在市场领袖中对这种产品进行了口感测试,包括微软创始人比尔?盖茨和英国前首相托尼?布莱尔都没有尝出不同。目前,比尔?盖茨甚至已经成为了该公司的顾问及其在硅谷最强烈的持者。 /201402/276826厦门双眼皮修复多少钱

福建省厦门市激光祛斑要多少钱厦门韩国整形 New evidence in the Apple-Samsung patent trial bolstered a widesp suspicion: this case might as well be called Apple v. Google. 苹果公司(Apple)与三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)专利诉讼案流出的新据持了外界的一个广泛猜测:或许这同样是一场苹果与谷歌(Google Inc.)之间的战争。Apple on Tuesday introduced a deposition by Google lawyer James Maccoun, who verified emails that the search giant had offered to cover some of Samsung#39;s legal costs and agreed to foot some of the damages if the Korean electronics giant lost. AP苹果周二出示了一份谷歌律师麦考恩(James Maccoun)的词。麦考恩实了一批谷歌与三星的往来电子邮件。这些邮件显示,谷歌愿意承担三星的部分诉讼成本,如果三星败诉,谷歌还同意承担部分赔偿。Google#39;s legal protection pertained to two of the five patents asserted by Apple in this case. Apple is seeking .2 billion from Samsung for infringing those five patents. Samsung has countered by saying that Apple infringed two of its patents and is seeking million. 苹果在该案中指控三星侵犯了其五项专利,索赔22亿美元,谷歌提供给三星的法律援助就涉及其中的两项专利。三星反诉苹果侵犯其两项专利,要求苹果赔偿700万美元。The deep links between Google and Samsung are not surprising. Earlier in the trial, Samsung has said that four of the five patents Apple is asserting were covered by Google#39;s work on the Android operating system and Google engineers testified on Samsung#39;s behalf during the trial to counter Apple#39;s claims. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of smartphones and tablets running Android. 谷歌与三星过从甚密并不令人意外。在案件审理早期三星就曾表示,苹果提及的五项专利中,有四项是谷歌为安卓(Android)系统研发的,谷歌工程师也出庭为三星作。三星是全球最大的安卓智能手机和平板电脑生产商。In the deposition, Maccoun confirmed that Google agreed to help defend Samsung against some intellectual property claims as part of the #39;Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA)#39; between the two companies. This agreement allows Samsung to use Google applications on its devices. 麦考恩实,根据两家公司签署的“移动应用分销协议”(MADA),谷歌同意帮助三星应对知识产权诉讼。该协议允许三星在其设备上使用谷歌开发的应用。The deposition was introduced by Apple to refute an earlier statement by Samsung saying that it was not seeking indemnification from Google in Sept. 2012 for the patents in question. This deposition authenticated emails from April 2012 of Samsung discussing indemnification terms with Google. 苹果出示麦考恩的词,是为了反驳三星之前在一份声明中说它没有在2012年9月就纠纷专利向谷歌索要补偿。而这份词实了2012年4月起三星与谷歌讨论补偿事宜的多份邮件的真实性。Introducing the deposition was a slight departure from Apple#39;s legal strategy so far in the trial, which is taking place in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. Throughout the trial, Apple#39;s lawyers had been downplaying Google#39;s role in the case, making clear that Samsung was the main party in this case. 本案目前正在加州 何塞地区法院(District Court in San Jose)审理,出示这份词标志着开庭以来苹果的诉讼策略有了小小的变化。在之前的庭审过程中,苹果律师一直淡化谷歌在本案中的角色,明确三星才是案件主体。Earlier on Tuesday, Apple defended itself against the two patents that Samsung is asserting by noting that the Korean firm had purchased the patents after the iPhone maker filed its first patent suit in 2011. Samsung has argued that it regularly acquires patents as part of building its intellectual property portfolio. 周二早些时候,苹果为自己被指控侵犯三星两项专利做了辩护,称三星是在2011年苹果提起首桩专利诉讼后才购买的这两项专利。三星则表示,为了扩充知识产权组合,自己定期购买专利。 /201404/290986厦门治疗宽鼻哪家医院好

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