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Do not be fooled by the name: Tencent is neither a rapper nor a penny stock.不要被名称糊弄了:腾讯(Tencent)既不是饶舌歌手,也不是细价股。Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index — comprisingHong Kong blue-chips as well as leading China “red” chips — has rallied by more than one-tenth this month, and returned one-quarter since January. The Chinese mobile gaming and messaging platform Tencent is enjoying the ride. The company, which owns the messaging app WeChat, began the year with a market capitalisation of 0bn. On Monday it was briefly valued at more than 0bn, larger than HS.香港恒生指数(Hang Seng index)——包括香港蓝筹股和中国内地领先企业的红筹股——本月已上涨逾10%,今年1月以来累计上涨25%。身为中国手机网游和短信平台的腾讯的股价同大盘一起不断上涨。年初时,旗下拥有即时信息app微信(WeChat)的腾讯市值为1200亿美元,本周一,腾讯市值短暂超过2000亿美元,大于汇丰(HS)。No surprise, then, that some people are taking profits. After market on Monday, the company revealed that its chairman and founder, Ma “Pony” Huateng, sold part of his holding last week, raising more than 0m. On Tuesday, sellers pushed the stock down as much as 8 per cent on big volumes as they followed him out. Mr Ma may not be the best lead to follow; last December he sold part of his holding at a price around one-fifth below current levels.既然如此,有人获利回吐是不足为奇的。周一市场收盘后,该公司披露,其董事长和创始人马化腾(Pony Ma)上周减持了自己的持股,回笼逾4亿美元。周二,卖家争先恐后追随马化腾离场,一度导致股价下跌8%,成交量极高。马化腾也许不是值得效仿的天才操盘手,毕竟,去年12月他就抛出了自己持有的一部分公司股票,而那时的股价比目前水平低了五分之一。But even for an investor who does not own nearly bn in Tencent stock, recent performance may seem overdone. The shares trade at 38 times forecast earnings (against 28 at the start of the year). But the company has plenty of potential. In the fourth quarter of last year, monthly active users on the messaging apps WeChat and Weixin reached 500m, 40 per cent higher than the previous year. More importantly, Tencent is finding new ways to make money from its users. Around 100m of them have linked their credit cards to Tencent’s payment services through Mobile QQ wallet and Weixin payment. Tie-ups with content providers such as the NBA and HBO offer opportunities for targeted advertising; revenue from this service, though still only one-eighth of the total, grew 75 per cent in the fourth quarter.但是,即使是对不拥有近200亿美元腾讯股票的投资者来说,近期的表现也似乎有些过火。该股目前的预期市盈率达到38倍(年初为28倍)。但该公司大有潜力。去年第四季度,即时信息app微信的月活跃用户达到5亿,比上年高出40%。更重要的是,腾讯正找到新的方法从用户那里赚钱。大约1亿用户已通过手机QQ钱包和微信付,将自己的信用卡与腾讯的付务绑定。与内容提供商如美国篮球职业联赛(NBA)和美国家庭电影频道(HBO)结盟,带来了定向广告的机遇:这项务的营收尽管仍只有总额的八分之一,但在去年第四季度猛增75%。Tencent is also trying to get users to pay for content. But in a country where content has often been free, this will not be easy. The enthusiasts behind the recent share price jump are betting that the shift to paid content is a “when” rather than an “if”.腾讯还在试图让用户为内容付费。但在一个内容往往免费的国家,这不会容易。推动腾讯近期股价飙涨的投资者押注的是,转向付费内容是“何时”而不是“如果”的问题。 /201504/370531HONG KONG — An online auction house for used cars in China has attracted 0 million from big name investors including the search engine company Baidu, the private equity group K.K.R. and Coatue Management, a New York investment firm.香港——一家中国二手车网络拍卖公司获得了一些知名投资商的1.7亿美元(约合10.5亿元人民币)投资,其中包括搜索引擎百度、私募股权公司科尔伯格-克拉维斯-罗伯茨公司(Kohlberg Kravis Roberts,简称KKR)和纽约投资公司蔻图管理公司(Coatue Management)。Uxin, which operates used-car auction websites in China that focus on dealers and businesses, said Wednesday that it would use the funds to expand a new website and mobile app aiming at individual consumers. The company also provides inspections, quality guarantees and financing for the vehicles sold on its platforms.优信在中国运营二手车拍卖网站,主要面向经销商和企业。公司在周三表示将会利用这笔资金开设新网站,研发针对个人消费者的移动应用程序。该公司还为通过该平台出售的汽车提供检查、质量保障和融资务。“Uxin hopes to use the strengths of its Internet technologies and experience in the used-car market to improve the efficiency of transactions, and to help dealers identify potential buyers with greater accuracy,” Chris Dai, the chief executive of the Chinese company, said in a statement.优信首席执行官戴琨发表声明称,“优信希望利用互联网技术的优势以及在二手车市场的丰富经验提高交易效率,帮助经销商更准确地识别潜在买家。”China is the world’s biggest market for new car sales, but the market for used cars is still comparatively small. Many Chinese are first-time car buyers and see owning a new vehicle as a status symbol. The country’s used-car market has traditionally been highly fragmented and lacking information on the service and repair history of the vehicles being sold. But things appear to be changing rapidly.中国是世界最大的新车销售市场,但二手车市场仍然相对较小。很多中国人都是首次购车,他们认为拥有新车是一种社会地位的象征。中国的二手车市场向来高度分散,缺乏有关在售车辆务及维修记录的信息。但情况似乎正在迅速改变。Transactions in China’s used-car market rose 26 percent in 2014 from a year earlier, to 368 billion renminbi, or about billion. The number of used cars changing hands rose 16 percent to about six million vehicles in the same period, according to figures from the China Automobile Dealers Association cited by Uxin.2014年,中国二手车市场的交易额同比增加了26%,增至3680亿元人民币。根据优信引用的中国汽车流通协会的数据,同一时期,二手车交易数量增加了16%,增至约600万辆。Online sales and auctions of used cars accounted for a small segment of the market, but they have the advantage of connecting buyers and sellers in different cities or provinces. Uxin said it handled more than 150,000 online and offline car auction transactions a year.网络销售和二手车拍卖只占很小一部分市场份额,但它们有联系不同城市或省份的买家和卖家的作用。优信表示,一年之中,它总共处理了超过15万笔线上和线下汽车拍卖交易。The terms of the shareholdings were not disclosed, but for Baidu, China’s biggest online search engine company, investing in Uxin gives it a new market where it can leverage its vast stores of data and large user base. For K.K.R., the deal is the latest by its China Growth Fund, which last summer invested about 0 million in a chicken breeder in Fujian Province in southeastern China.公司尚未公布持股情况,但是对于中国最大的网络搜索引擎公司百度,投资优信可以给它提供一个新的市场,它可以在这个市场上利用自己的大量数据和庞大的用户群。对于KKR而言,这是中国成长基金(China Growth Fund)最近的一笔交易。去年夏季,该基金为中国东南部省份福建省的一家养鸡场投资了大约4亿美元。“China’s online used-car market is set to boom in the coming years, and K.K.R. is very positive about this industry and about Uxin,” Julian J. Wolhardt, the private equity company’s regional leader for China, said in the statement.KKR大中华地区业务主管华裕能(Julian J. Wolhardt)在声明中称,“未来数年,中国的网上二手车市场必将得到迅速发展,KKR非常看好这个行业和优信。” /201503/365909The Diamond Sutra《金刚经》The oldest extant printed book with a specific date in our country as well as in the world is the Diamond Sutra. The block-printed Diamond Sutra , printed in the ninth year of Xiantong of the Tang Dynasty (868) , is a Buddhist scripture scroll which is some 16 meters long and made up of 6 bonded equal-sized pieces of paper with the Buddhist scripture on them. At the beginning of the scroll is a picture entitled the Garden of the Benefactor of the Orphans and Solitary, in which Gautama Buddha gives Dharma teachings in the Jetavana Vihara; on the rest of the scroll is written the text of the Diamond Sutra with an in scription which s ; On 15 , April in the ninth year of Xiantong, Wang Jie printed the book for the sake of beseeching blessings for his parents;. The world-renowned Diamond Sutra , initially hidden in the Gtianfo Cave of Dunhuang Grottos in Gansu Province, was discovered in 1899 and then purchased illegally by an Englishman Stein in 1907. It is now collected in the British Museum in London.我国及世界现存最早的有明确日期的印刷书是《金刚经》。《金刚经》是雕版印刷,印成于唐咸通九年(868),它是一部长约16米的佛教经卷,由6张尺寸一致的印有经文的纸张粘接而成。卷首有一幅题为《祗树给孤独园》的同画,面着释迦牟尼佛在祗园精舍说法的故事,其余为《金刚经》全文,题有“咸通九年四月十五日王玢为二亲敬造普施”一行。这卷举世闻名的《金刚经》,原藏甘肃敦煌千佛洞,1899年发现,1907年被英人斯坦因盗去,现藏伦敦不列颠物馆。 /201601/419344Apple has owned up to a rare incursion of malicious software into its App Store, forcing it to pull some of the most widely used mobile apps in China from the service.苹果(Apple)承认其应用商店(App Store)遭遇罕见的恶意软件攻击,迫使它撤下了一些在中国被广为使用的移动应用。Late on Sunday in California, the iPhone and iPad maker confirmed reports by security researchers who had warned that a swathe of popular Chinese apps had been created using developer tools that were infected with the malware, resulting in the compromised apps.上周日晚,这家iPhone和iPad的生产商在加州实了安全研究人员报告中的说法,这些研究人员警告称,一大批热门的中国应用是用被恶意软件感染的开发工具创建的,结果导致这些应用被攻陷。“Hundreds of millions” of users of the popular Chinese apps were at risk of having their personal data exposed, including people who use Tencent’s WeChat mobile messaging service and ride-hailing app Didi Kuaidi, according to Palo Alto Networks, a US cyber security company.美国网络安全公司Palo Alto Networks称,一些热门中国应用的“数亿”用户的个人数据可能被泄露,包括使用腾讯(Tencent)微信(WeChat)和打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)的用户。Apple said it had removed the infected apps, which had been created with what it said was a fake version of its software for app developers, known as Xcode.苹果表示,它已移除被感染的应用,这些应用是开发人员用假冒版的Xcode软件创建的。It did not explain how developers of a large number of China’s most widely used mobile services had all been infected with the same piece of malware, or how the infected apps that resulted had got through its security screening for the App Store.苹果没有解释大批中国热门应用的开发人员是如何被同一款恶意软件攻陷的,也没有透露被感染的应用是如何通过苹果应用商店的安全审查的。“To protect our customers, we’ve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software and we are working with the developers to make sure they’re using the proper version of Xcode to rebuild their apps,” Apple said.苹果表示:“为了保护我们的客户,我们已从应用商店移除那些我们知道是用假冒软件创建的应用,我们正与开发人员合作,确保他们在使用正版Xcode重建他们的应用。”The admission is a black eye for the US company, which has made much of its superior security track record in mobile apps compared with that of Google.这番承认对苹果而言是个打击。苹果移动应用的安全记录在很大程度上优于谷歌(Google)的应用。Palo Alto Networks said in a blog post on Friday that it had found 39 apps in Apple’s App Store that had been created with the infected developer software, which has been dubbed XcodeGhost. Along with WeChat and Didi Kuaidi, the compromised apps include ones for games, banking, stock trading, maps, social networks, and mobile phone services, it added.Palo Alto Networks在上周五发布的一篇文中表示,它已在苹果应用商店发现有39款应用是用被感染的开发软件创建的,这种软件被称为XcodeGhost。Palo Alto Networks补充称,除了微信和滴滴快的,被攻陷的应用还包括游戏、、股票交易、地图、社交网络和手机务等应用。Tencent said in a statement on social networking service Sina Weibo that it had replaced the compromised version of its app. It also said that users had not lost personal information or other property because of the infection.腾讯在新浪微上的一份声明中表示,最新版本微信已经解决此问题,目前尚没有发现用户会因此造成信息或者财产的直接损失。 /201509/400284

Volkswagen’s woes deepened on Tuesday as the German carmaker admitted it had found problems involving carbon dioxide emissions on 800,000 cars — including some with petrol engines — at a possible cost to the company of about 2bn.大众(Volkswagen)周二陷入更多麻烦。这家德国汽车制造商承认,发现80万辆汽车(包括一些汽油发动机汽车)存在与二氧化碳排放有关的问题,这可能会令该公司付出大约20亿欧元的代价。The problems are a different issue from the scandal VW has been facing since September over the excess Nitrogen Oxide emissions from up to 11m vehicles worldwide fitted with software designed to cheat at emissions tests. Carbon Dioxide emissions depend on a vehicle’s fuel consumption, not its emissions-control systems.这个问题和9月以来大众所面临的丑闻不同。这场丑闻的问题在于,全球至多1100万辆装有特殊软件的汽车氮氧化物排放过多,这些软件的目的是在尾气排放测试中蒙混过关。二氧化碳的排放量取决于汽车的燃油消耗,而不是其排放控制系统。However, the company said it had discovered the issue during “comprehensive investigations” it had promised following the emergence of the NOx cheating scandal.不过,该公司表示,其已在氮氧化物排放作弊丑闻爆发后承诺开展的“全面调查”期间发现这个问题。The statement gave no information about where the affected vehicles were sold, the brands affected or whether they involved diesel or petrol engines.该声明并未披露受影响的汽车销往何方、受影响品牌有哪些、以及受影响的是柴油还是汽油发动机。“During the course of internal investigations, unexplained inconsistencies were found when determining Type Approval CO2 levels,” a company statement said. “Based on present knowledge around 800,000 vehicles from the Volkswagen Group are affected.”该公司的一份声明表示:“内部调查期间,发现在型式认可测试中确定二氧化碳排放水平时,存在无法解释的数据不一致现象。据目前所知,约80万辆产自大众集团的汽车受这一问题影响。”However, the company told the Financial Times that the vehicles affected were “mostly diesels,” although for the first time petrol engines were involved in the scandal. The vehicles’ emissions were understated and fuel economy overstated.不过,该公司向英国《金融时报》表示,尽管汽油发动机首次卷入这一丑闻,但受影响的汽车“主要是柴油发动机”。相关汽车的排放量被低估,燃油经济性被高估。The vehicles all have 1.4 litre engines — they are mostly VW Polos and Golfs but also some Audi, Seat and Skoda cars.所有汽车都装有1.4升的发动机,它们主要是大众的Polo和高尔夫(Golf),不过也包括部分奥迪(Audi)、西雅特(Seat)和斯柯达(Skoda)汽车。 /201511/408036

Magic Leap, Microsoft’s HoloLens, and Oculus VR hope to fool our eyes. A small team of designers, engineers, and chefs have cooked up a “gastronomical virtual reality experience” that uses head-mounted displays, 3-D printers, and food science to trick our taste buds.Magic Leap、微软的 HoloLens 还有欧酷拉(Oculus VR)都想欺骗我们的双眼。一小队设计师、工程师和厨师却烹制出了使用头戴式显示、3D打印和食品科学来欺骗我们的味蕾的“虚拟现实美食体验”。Project Nourished combines brightly colored experimental cuisine, crafted from agar and pectin, with VR simulations intended to make those meager morsels seem tastier than they really are. If creator Jinsoo An succeeds, diners will don a virtual reality headset and be transported to a place where the Jello-like wedge placed before them is transformed into a sumptuous slice of apple pie.Project Nourished把用琼脂和果胶制成的颜色鲜亮的实验菜肴与虚拟现实仿真技术相结合,让那些可怜的小块食物看起来更美味。如果发明人安辰浂成功了,食客们将戴上虚拟现实头部套装被传送到一个让那些摆在他们面前的果冻一样的小块食物变成一块奢华的苹果派的地方。Two things inspired Project Nourished. First, a scene in Hook where a grown Peter Pan remembers how to use his sense of imagination to turn bowls of colorful goop into a gourmet meal. Second, An’s stepfather is diabetic and has had to cut some of his favorite foods from his diet. An’s goal is to provide a savory simulation without spiking blood sugar. “Even though the food is completely imaginary, there is a sense of joy, happiness and being part of a family,” says An. “We want this happiness to be the focal point of our experience.”两件事给了 Project Nourished 灵感。第一个是《铁钩船长》中的一个场景。长大了的彼得潘想起了怎样用他的想象力把五浆变成美味大餐。第二件事是,安辰浂的继父患有糖尿病,不得不避免食用一些他喜欢的食物。安辰浂的目标是实现一种不升高血糖的味觉模拟。“尽管食物完全是虚拟的,但这是一种愉悦、幸福和作为家庭一份子的感觉。”安辰浂说,“我们希望这种幸福感是我们这项体验的核心。”Simulating food has an uncanny valley problem, one An decided to design around by making his virtual victuals distinct from the items they’re meant to mimic. “We tackled this by making the faux foods look considerably different from the actual foods, while making it somewhat recognizable,” he says. “This ensured that the users don’t expect the foods to taste and feel in certain way, because it won’t be 100 percent.”仿真食物也面临恐怖谷问题。针对这个问题,安辰浂决定将他的虚拟食品制作得和被仿制的食品不太一样。“我们把仿真食品做得和真实食品看上去不太一样,但又能让人看出来被仿制的食品是什么。我们通过这种办法来解决这个问题。”他说,“这保了用户不会对将品尝的食物产生特定的味道和感觉的期待,因为它不会是100%还原的。”Texture is a critical culinary consideration and An’s team is working to recreate the mouthfeel of sushi, steak, and apple pie using natural, low-calorie ingredients. “Some of our ingredients were inspired by vegan and allergy-free cooking since vegan and food allergy communities have aly done a lot of experiments trying to mimic various types of foods that they are not able to eat,” says An. “For example, we are experimenting with nutritious yeast and shiitake mushroom powder to recreate dry-aged and umami flavors in our faux steak.”质感是烹饪中的重要问题。安辰浂的团队正尝试用天然的低热量配料重现寿司、牛排和苹果派的口感。“我们的有些配方是受素食和防过敏烹饪的启发,因为素食主义者和食物过敏群体已经做了很多模仿他们不能吃的各种食物的实验。”安辰浂说,“比如,我们正在试验用营养酵母和香菇粉来让我们的仿牛排重现干式熟成的风味和鲜味。”Project Nourished isn’t the only team pursuing this goal. Researchers Hiromi Nakamura and Nimesha Ranasinghe have been experimenting with tongue-based interfaces that can simulate sweet, salty, and savory flavors by sending an electrical current into taste buds. “While the research findings were quite extraordinary, we decided to move away from this direction since most people would be freaked out if we told them we are going to send electrical current through their tongue,” says An.Project Nourished 并不是追逐这个目标的唯一团队。中村裕美和 Nimesha Ranasinghe 等研究者也在研究通过向味蕾发送电流来模拟甜、咸、鲜等味道的基于舌头的交互界面。“尽管这些研究成果非常出色,我们还是决定不走这个方向,因为如果我们告诉他们我们将向他们的舌头传送电流,大多数人都会被吓疯。”安辰浂说。An aromatic diffuser is employed to amplify the olfactory elements of the experience, turning scented oils into pleasing aromas. “Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into a bakery with fresh bs and pies. We want that experience to be replicated in our pie-eating experience,” says An. “So far, we have tried turning beer, broth, herb and fruit-infused water into fine mist, and they worked quite nicely.”一种芳香扩散器被用来提升体验中的嗅觉因素,将芳香油变成怡人的香味。“闭上你的眼镜,想像你正走进一间放着刚出炉的面包和派的面包房。我们希望这种体验能在我们的派品尝体验中重现。”安辰浂说,“到目前为止,我们已经尝试了将啤酒、肉汤、香料和水果味的水制成气雾,它们很成功。”The Project Nourished team loves cooking, eating, and knows it will be a long time before VR can compete with Per Se. But that’s no reason not to push the boundaries. “After experimenting with sous vide and molecular gastronomy, I wanted to see if there are other ways for us to consume food,” says An. “Some of these ideas can be quite scary or seem far out, but I think designers, technologists and culinary professionals should start thinking about these implications so that we can make more conscious decisions down the line. One thing we should never do is to fear.”Project Nourished 团队热爱烹饪和美食,他们也知道虚拟现实要想要和 Per Se 餐厅比拼还有很长的路要走。但是,没有理由停滞不前。“试验过真空低温烹调和分子烹饪之后,我想知道我们有没有其他办法来利用食物。”安辰浂说,“有些想法可能很恐怖或很诡异,但我认为设计师、技术人员和烹饪专家应该开始考虑这些应用,让我们将来能做出更多合理的选择。我们唯一绝对不该做的事就是畏惧。” /201502/360130

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