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Dentists and researchers have come up with the formula for the perfect smile, from the size and width of each tooth to the curve, colour and shape of the teeth, and the overall width of the smile.  牙医和研究学者已经研究出完美笑容秘诀,从每颗牙齿的大小、宽度到牙齿的曲线、颜色和形状以及张开的嘴宽度都有讲究。   Those pursuing perfection are advised to hide their gums, hold back on the bleach, cover the bottom teeth and set their lips at just the right angle."Everyone wants the perfect smile and Jessica Simpson is the one we get asked to reproduce the most," says Dr Nicholas Davis of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  专家建议,那些追求完美笑容的人应该藏起他们的牙肉,不要漂白牙齿,不要露出下排牙齿、嘴唇要保持合适的弧度。洛马·林达大学牙医学院的尼古拉斯·戴维斯士说:“每个人都想拥有完美笑容,而杰西卡·辛普森成为最多人模仿的对象。”  According to the report, colour is important, and too many are now bleached too white. Dr Davis said: "The teeth should be the same colour as the whites of your eyes. If the teeth are too white, they become more dominant than the eyes."There are strict mathematical ratios governing the ideal smile, says Dr Davis. Its width should be no less than half the of the face at the same height and, for the best effect, both upper and lower lips need to be symmetrical each side of the mid-line of the face.  根据报告,颜色是很重要的,但现在不少人为拥有明眸皓齿不惜过渡漂白。戴维斯士说:“牙齿与双眼最好一样白。如果牙齿太白,就会喧宾夺主。”戴维斯士还表示,完美笑容有严格的数字比例。张开的嘴宽度不能小过半边脸的宽度,上唇与下唇两边嘴角要对称,如此才能交出最完美的笑容。 /201007/108286

Punters#39; Club, a group of mathematical geniuses, makes a reported million profit from billion worth of bets placed annually, the Herald Sun reported.据《先驱太阳报》报道,由一群数学天才组成的“赌徒俱乐部”每年从20亿澳元的赌注中赢得5000万。The secretive group consists of 19 members. Most of the original club members are aged between 47 and 50, and met while studying mathematics at the University of Tasmania.这个秘密组织总共有19个人,绝大多数老成员在47岁到50岁之间。他们是在塔斯马尼亚大学学数学的时候相识的。The success of the Punters#39; Club has come to the attention of the Australian Tax Office, which claims the professional nature of the group means the usual rule that gambling winnings are tax-exempt does in fact not apply.赌徒俱乐部”的成功引起了澳大利亚税务局的注意。税务局认为,由于该组织在上的专业性,所得不纳税的政策已经不再适用。It says the club is liable for 0 million in unpaid taxes. Three Punters#39; Club members insist they have nothing to hide.实际上,“赌徒俱乐部”已逃税高达9亿澳元。俱乐部的三名成员则坚称他们没什么可遮掩的。 /201207/189644

科学家要么像谢耳朵那样EQ低到不可思议,要么尽己所能,把严谨精确的科学精神发挥到恋爱上面,大胆假设小心求,先算能找到多少理想女友,再展开具体战略。所以当旁人还在忙着相亲交友的时候,科学家已经轻轻松松,一个公式搞定人生大事。 The Drake equation is used to estimate the number of highly evolved civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. The equation was developped in 1961 by Dr.Frank Drake at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.德雷克方程式是用来估计系内拥有高度发展文明的星球数量的。1961年,美国国家无线电天文台的弗兰克·德雷克士创造出了这个方程式。The equation is generally specified as:这个方程式写作:N=R*×Ep×Ne×F1×Fi×Fc×L N the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;我们能够与之沟通的、有高度文明的外星球数量R* the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy系中每年新星球“出生率”Ep the fraction of those stars that have planets能生长植物的星球所占的比率Ne the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets每颗这样的星球上能维持生命的植物的平均数目F1 the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point其中真正能出现生命痕迹的星球比率Fi the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life其中能出现高等生命的星球比率Fc the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space拥有向宇宙中发射可识别信号的能力的文明在以上星球中所占的比率L the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.那样的高等文明生物发射可识别心信号的时间 /201108/146966

Americans get really annoyed when people drivebadly, smoke in no-smoking zones, or don't pick up after theirdogs, but the rude behavior that bugs them most is work place discrimination, according to a survey. 一项调查显示,美国人对违章驾驶、在禁烟区吸烟及不清理宠物的粪便等不文明行为极为反感,但最让他们厌恶的不文明行为则是职场歧视。 A poll released Friday by the Civility Initiativeat The Johns Hopkins University and the Jacob France Institute ofthe University of Baltimore found workplace offenses featured highly on the "Terrible Ten" list of rude behaviors. 美国约翰霍普金斯大学和巴尔的大学雅各布。弗兰斯研究院的“文明礼貌”项目公布的一项民调发现,职场歧视高居“十大最令人厌恶的粗鲁行为”排行榜之首。 In the survey, 615 people from two companies in Baltimore and the University of Baltimore were asked to rank 30 examples of rudebehavior ranging from text messaging when talking to someone,taking other people's food from the office fridge, to snubbing people. 巴尔的两家公司以及巴尔的大学的615人参与了该项调查,调查人员让调查对象对30种粗鲁行为进行排位,其中包括边与别人说话边发短信、从办公室冰箱里拿走别人的东西以及责骂别人等。 Dr P MForni, director of the initiative which promotes civility in the workplace and conducted the survey, said he was surprised discrimination topped the list above other more usual peeves in the workplace such as colleagues brushing their teeth in the water fountain. 倡导职场文明的“文明礼貌”项目负责人弗尼士开展了该项调查。他说他很惊讶职场歧视竟名列榜首,排在了如同事在洗手池里刷牙等其它更为平常的职场不文明行为之前。 "When aworker felt they weren't chosen for a project because they did not speak English as well as others, or felt they weren't promoted because of their national origin, age or sexual preference, they were really upset," he said. 他说:“如果一名员工觉得自己没入选某项目是因为他的英语不如别人好,或者没得到升迁是因为他的出生国、年龄及性取向,他会非常沮丧。” "The American workplace is the most diverse in the world and the American worker is very sensitive to any kind of treatment that seems to be unfair." “美国的职场多样性居全球之首。美国员工对于任何不公平待遇都极为敏感。” Erratic oraggressive driving -- behavior typical of rush-hour commutes --came second in the list with taking credit for someone else's work rounding out the top three. 上下班高峰期典型的驾驶风格——不遵守规则或野蛮驾驶位居第二,抢别人的功劳名列第三。  Forni saidit seemed from this survey that people were starting to focus moreon the big issues.  弗尼说,这项调查表明人们开始更多地关注“大事”。  He said people were far more forgiving when family or friends behaved in away seen as rude than work colleagues.  他说,人们对家人或朋友的粗鲁行为比对待同事要宽容得多。  "With thelong hours that are so common today in the workplace, the real determinant of our ability to have a good or bad day is linked tothe people we work with," he said.  他说:“如今,长时间呆在工作场所十分普遍,因此,同事便成为决定我们一天心情好坏的关键因素。” /201110/156777

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