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上饶铅山县治疗痤疮多少钱上饶市中医院去眼袋多少钱信州区去除眉间纹手术多少钱 If the shoe fits#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but you don’t buy it, you could soon be tarred with the same brush as shoplifters by shoe store owners.如果鞋子合脚,你却不买,鞋店老板可能把你当作冒充顾客进店行窃的扒手对待——这种事情在不久以后可能成为现实。Worried retailers are increasingly frustrated by people they dub “fit-lifters” who use stores to find the best-fitting shoes before buying them online at a lower price.现在有一些人把商店当做试鞋间、选好款式后上网以更便宜的价格购买。忧心忡忡的零售商们对这种事情感到越来越头疼。他们称这种人为“试穿贼”(fit-lifter)。Bricks-and-mortar shops have higher salary and rental costs than internet rivals and store owners say some online buyers are freeriding on their resources. “You’ve come in and stolen that service basically,” said Richard Napier of Idaho Mountain Trading, an outdoor sports store in Idaho Falls, who calls fit-lifting unethical.与电商相比,实体商店的人员和租金成本更高。实体店的老板们称,一些网购顾客正在白蹭他们的资源。爱达荷瀑布市(Idaho Falls)一家户外运动品商店——爱达荷登山用品商店(Idaho Mountain Trading)的理查德#8226;内皮尔(Richard Napier)称,在实体店试穿、然后在网上购买的行为是不道德的。他说:“你来店里、然后偷走了那项务,基本就是这么回事。“It’s not that the salesperson didn’t have somebody else to serve who would have bought something. So not only have you stolen the wages. I have a loss of revenue that he would have collected from another customer.”“销售人员并不是没有别的顾客要招呼——那些真正想买点东西的顾客。因此,你偷走的不仅是商店付给销售人员的工资,还有本来可能从其他顾客那里获得的销售收入。”It is common for online shoppers to research products in stores in other retail sectors such as bookselling – a practice named “showrooming” – and smartphones make it possible to buy online even while still in a store. But the trend is particularly contentious in footwear because staff spend so much time fetching boxes and advising customers on comfort.在图书等其他零售领域,网购者在商店里“研究产品”是很常见的行为。这种行为被称为“参观陈列室”,并且只要有智能手机,“参观者”在实体店里面的时候就可以在线购买某样产品。但这种趋势在鞋类零售业中引起了特别大的争议,因为鞋类商店的员工花了那么多时间为顾客取鞋,提供有关鞋子舒适度的建议。Tensions have been heightened by the price advantage that ecommerce gains from the fact that many online shoppers do not have to pay state and local sales tax, which add between 5 and 10 per cent.许多网购者无需向州和地方缴纳销售税(通常占售价的5%至10%),这赋予电商一项价格优势,加剧了实体店的不满。Following years of lobbying by bricks-and-mortar stores, the US Senate is expected today to pass a bill that would help end tax-free online shopping. But it still faces opposition in the House of Representatives.经过实体商店多年的游说,美国参议院预计将在今日通过一项法案,将有助于终结网上购物免税的局面。但该法案在众议院仍面临阻力。Gary Weiner, owner of Saxon Shoes in Virginia and a board member of the National Shoe Retailers Association in the US, said shoe-sellers were “very concerned” about fit-lifting.弗吉尼亚州Saxon Shoes老板、美国国家鞋类零售商协会(National Shoe Retailers Association)理事加里#8226;韦纳(Gary Weiner)表示,鞋类商店“非常担心”在实体店试穿、然后在网上购买的行为。“We also hear ‘My mother sent me in to get my size fitted so she can buy them online’. Those exact words,” he said. “We’re a polite people. So we give them the time of day.”韦纳说:“我们还听过‘我妈让我来试鞋码,这样她可以在网上买’这种话。一字不差。我们是有教养的人。所以我们仍然招待他们。”Asked if he had considered refusing, he said: “We think about it every single time. Do we say it? No. You can’t say it out loud.”在被问及是否考虑过拒绝提供务,韦纳说:“我们每次都考虑拒绝。但我们说出来了吗?没有。这种话没法说出口。”Zappos, an online shoe-seller owned by Amazon, encourages shoppers to order two or more different sizes, which they can return for free, in an effort to overcome customer reluctance to buy without trying.亚马逊(Amazon)旗下在线鞋类商城Zappos鼓励购买者同时预订两种或两种以上鞋码,并提供免费退货务,以打消顾客没有试穿不敢购买的心理。 /201305/238414上饶市第五人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱

上饶整容医院哪家最好上饶市铁路医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱 APPLE Inc yesterday announced it would ;thoroughly investigate; an accident in which a woman in northwest China was suspected of being killed by an electric shock when making a phone call with a recharging iPhone 5.苹果公司昨天宣布将“彻查”中国西北部一名女子怀疑用充电的iPhone 5打电话时遭到电击死亡的事故。Ma Ailun, 23, a former flight attendant for China Southern Airlines, was electrocuted in her home in the Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Changji in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region last Thursday, police said yesterday.23岁的马爱伦之前是中国南方航空公司的空,上周四在新疆维吾尔自治区回族自治州昌吉市的家里触电,警方昨天说。Police have not confirmed whether a mobile phone was involved as they continue to investigate the case.警察尚未实是否牵涉到移动电话,他们将继续调查这个案子。;We feel deeply saddened about the accident and send sincere condolences to her family. We will thoroughly investigate the accident and collaborate with the police investigation,; Apple China said in a statement yesterday.“我们对事故深感悲痛,对她的家人表达了诚挚的慰问。我们会彻底调查事故,协作警方的调查,”苹果中国昨日在一份声明中表示。The woman, who was planning her wedding on August 8, fell to the floor when making a call with her iPhone 5, which was being recharged at the time, Ma#39;s sister said on her microblog account.这位女子她的婚礼计划在8月8日,当她用充电的iphone5打电话时倒在了地板上,马爱伦的在她的微上说。Ma Ailun bought the iPhone in December at an official Apple store and was using the original charger to recharge the phone when the incident occurred, her sister said.马爱伦去年12月在一个苹果官方专卖店购买的iPhone,事故发生时使用的原装充电器给手机充电,她说。;I want to warn everyone else not to make phone calls when your mobile phone is recharging,; she tweeted.“我想提醒别人当你的手机充电时不要打电话,”她发布道。The sister#39;s tweet was reposted more than 3,000 times. It stirred a heated discussion on the Internet about whether it was unsafe to use mobile phones while recharging.的微被转发超过3000次。它在互联网上引发了一场关于使用正在充电的手机是否不安全的热烈讨论。Many experts said mobile phones have a low output of only 3 to 5 volts, which isn#39;t enough to harm the human body.许多专家说手机只有3至5伏低电压输出,这并不足以危害人体。People will feel an electric shock at about 36 volts.人们在约36伏的情况下会感到电击。;However, if the charger or the circuit has a problem, such as a broken wire, it can lead to a shock of 220 volts,; a senior physics teacher at a Nanjing high school was ed as saying in a media report.“然而,如果充电器或电路有问题,如断丝,它能导致220伏的休克,” 南京高中一位高级物理教师在媒体报告的说法被援引。In 2010, a man in northeast China was killed by an electric shock when making a phone call with a handset that was being recharged with an unauthorized charger, according to the China Consumers Association.2010年,中国东北一名男子用未经授权的充电器进行充电的手机打电话时被电击,根据中国消费者协会。 /201307/247883上饶市人民医院整形

上饶去除黄褐斑多少钱 富翁vs美女征婚派对将在上海登场Matchmaking party targets millionairesA matchmaking party organized by www.915915.com.cn will be held on November 25. Amatchmakingparty aimed at pairing up millionaire men with beautiful women will be held on a ship on Shanghai's Huangpu River on November 25.All of the male participants must have assets worth at least 2 million yuan (US0,000), and all the women must be good-looking and desirable, said Xu Tianli, the event's organizer and the owner of www.915915.com.cn, a matchmaking website."Actually, half of the men who registered for the event have more than 200 million yuan (US million) worth of assets," Xu said."They have all come here in search of a serious relationship."More than 20 men have signed up to take part in the event.Xu said his website provided matchmaking services only to the country's elite. He said that at least 3,000 millionaires throughout the country have signed up as members."Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships," Xu said."Every man has certain criteria for his future wife. What these rich men want is a woman who is a bit more than normal," he added.One of the millionaires taking part, who identified himself only by his surname Sun, said he is looking for a woman who is good looking and has a nice personality. Sun, 34, said he had more than 4 million yuan (US0,000) and owned a logistics business."Appearance is most important to me, and I don't want to a woman who only wants to marry me for money," he said.The website has selected nearly 30 out of the more than 1,000 female applicants who applied to take part in the cruise.Xu said that some millionaire women had also entered the event. 一场富翁vs美女的征婚派对将于本月25日在上海黄浦江的一艘游船上举行。据这个活动的组织者、钻石王老五征婚网的总裁徐天力介绍,参加此次活动的男嘉宾必须拥有价值至少200万元人民币的资产,而女嘉宾则必须漂亮迷人。徐总说:"实际上,报名的男嘉宾中有一半人的资产都在200万以上。"“他们都想在这找到一个真正的爱人。”目前已有20多位富翁报了名。徐总说,钻石王老五征婚网主要为社会精英提供征婚务。目前全国至少有3000位单身富翁注册了网站的会员。他说:“有钱人通常都很忙,他们觉得在工作中或生意场上的遇到的女性大多不适合做伴侣。”“每个男人都有自己的择偶标准。这些富翁比较青睐特别一点的女性。”其中有一位姓孙的富翁说,他想找一位长的漂亮、性格温柔的女性。这位孙先生今年34岁,是一家物流公司的老板,个人资产超过400万元人民币。他说:“对方的相貌是我最看重的。我也不想找一个为了钱而愿意嫁给我的女性。”钻石王老五征婚网从1000位报名的女性中挑选出了近30位参加这个活动。徐总说,入选者中还有一些女富翁。 Vocabulary:matchmaking:做媒 /200803/32941铅山县人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱上饶市立医院激光脱毛多少钱



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