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David Cameron admitted yesterday that Britain’s relationship with India had for too long been “imprisoned by the past as he tried to forge a new trading relationship with Narendra Modi, his Indian counterpart.英国首相戴维愠蕓David Cameron)昨日坦言,太长时间以来,英国和印度的关系一直“被过去所囚禁”,他试图与印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)建立两国间的新型贸易关系。Speaking alongside Mr Modi on the first day of his two-day visit to London, Mr Cameron said British relations with India were “not realising their true potential but insisted that would change.在莫迪对英国为期两天的访问的第一天,卡梅伦在莫迪旁边发表了讲话,他表示两国关系“没有挖掘出真正的潜力”,但他坚称这种状态会发生改变。The British prime minister claimed 9bn of deals would be signed during the visit, including a promise that India would use London as an important centre for raising funds, including for state-owned Indian Railways.卡梅伦声称,在莫迪访英期间,两国会签署价0亿英镑的合约,包括一项印度将把伦敦作为重要募资中心的承诺,包括为国有的印度铁路公Indian Railways)进行募资。As the two men held a joint press conference in the grandeur of the Foreign Office’s Locarno Suite, a crowd gathered in Parliament Square claiming Mr Modi was a killer and a terrorist.两人在英国外交部(Foreign Office)富丽堂皇的罗加诺Locarno Suite)举行联合记者会的时候,一群人聚集在国会广Parliament Square),声称莫迪是一个杀手和恐怖主义者。Many of the demonstrators were Kashmiri Muslims seeking independence for their homeland, whose historic Himalayan territory is controlled by India, China and Pakistan.其中很多示威者是克什米尔地区的穆斯林,他们试图为自己的故土争取独立,他们在喜马拉雅山脉的历史居住地被印度、中国和巴基斯坦控制。But Mr Cameron was determined to move on from previous British criticism of Mr Modi’s human rights record, notably over his alleged role in the massacre of Muslims in 2002 in the state of Gujarat, where he was chief minister.但卡梅伦决心告别此前英国对莫迪的人权记录的批评,尤其是莫迪在2002年古吉拉特邦(Gujarat)穆斯林遭遇大屠杀事件中扮演的角色,当时莫迪任古吉拉特邦首席部长。He said Mr Modi had won “an enormous mandate from the people of Indiaand that while Britain had protested at the time he wanted to speak about “the future partnership between Britain and India卡梅伦表示,莫迪赢得了“印度人民极大的授权”,同时尽管英国曾在上述大屠杀发生后提出抗议,但他希望谈一谈“英国和印度未来的合作关系”。Mr Modi insisted that “Britain never stopped me from coming hereafter the massacre. The reason he had not come to the UK for years was perhaps down to “my time constraints he said.莫迪坚称,大屠杀发生后,“英国从未阻止我入境”。莫迪表示,他多年没有到访英国的原因可能要归咎于“我的时间限制”。It is understood Mr Modi was never the subject of a formal British visa ban, although the UK authorities were unable to guarantee him immunity from arrest had he travelled.据了解,英国从未正式对莫迪实施签禁令,尽管英国当局无法保莫迪在旅行期间不会遭到逮捕。来 /201511/40996921st Century Fox this afternoon announced that it has withdrawn its billion takeover offer for Time Warner , instead launching a billion stock buyback. Seems that Rupert Murdoch wasn’t too pleased with how his company’s stock price has slumped since the deal was first announced, while Time Warner’s shares had climbed.21世纪福克斯(21st Century Fox)周二宣布,公司已撤回对时代华纳(Time Warner50亿美元的收购要约,取而代之的是一0亿美元的股票回购计划。在收购提案宣布伊始1世纪福克斯的股票曾大跌,而时代华纳的股票则应声上涨,看起来默多克对这个结果不太满意。Three immediate thoughts:我马上想到了三点. This is not the end1. 好戏应该还在后面People like Rupert Murdoch do not base massive strategic decisions on short-term stock fluctuations. There is nothing in Fox’s statement that precludes Murdoch from making a future bid, at whatever price. Don’t be surprised if this is just a negotiation ploy.像默多克这样的人物不会仅凭短期股票波动来制定公司的重大战略方针。至于在未来会不会再次提出收购要约或以什么样的价格收购,福克斯在声明中只字未提。要说这次的事只是一种谈判策略,也没什么好大惊小怪的. Time Warner must be spooked2. 时代华纳想必是坐卧不宁Time Warner shares are cratering in the aftermarket, down nearly 12% as of this writing to just per share. That’s nearly billion in market cap. It’s still above the or so that it was trading at prior to the Fox bid leaking, but this is a giant message to the Time Warner board that investors were bidding up based on the takeover offer, not the underlying story. Fox stock, for what it’s worth, is going in the opposite direction up more than 8% on the news.在福克斯撤回收购要约之后,时代华纳的股价狂跌,在本文撰写时跌了近12%,至每股5美元,相当于0亿美元的市值蒸发,但这一价格仍高于收购消息泄露之前时代华1美元的交易价。然而,这对时代华纳董事会来说却是一个异常沉重的消息:投资者纷纷抢筹的原因在于公司要被默多克收购,而不是公司本身有多么吸引人。不管怎么样,新闻一出,福克斯股票反其道而行之,涨幅超过%. He can’t lose3. 杰夫o布克斯稳赚不赔If Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes really is playing poker with Rupert Murdoch, he is in a pretty sweet position. After all, who else can get snookered at the table and walk away with nearly million?如果时代华纳首席执行官杰夫o布克斯真的愿与默多克较劲的话,那么局势对他来说还是相当有利的。毕竟,就算输了,他还能拿到,000万美元的分手费 /201408/318931Russia sharply escalated its military campaign against Syrian rebel groups yesterday, launching 26 long-range cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea to support a land offensive by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and its allies.俄罗斯昨日大幅升级打击叙利亚反政府组织的军事行动,从里海(Caspian Sea)的军舰上发射26枚远程巡航导弹,以此持巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权及其盟友发动的地面攻势。In the single heaviest day of bombing since Moscow’s air campaign began last week, Russian aircraft also struck anti-Assad forces as part of the first fully co-ordinated military operation with Damascus and Tehran against rebel forces.这是自莫斯科方面上周开始空袭以来火力最强大的一天,俄罗斯战机也打击了反阿萨德武装,这是俄军首次与叙利亚和伊朗全面协调打击反政府武装的军事行动。Even as Russia upped its military efforts, however, President Vladimir Putin signalled willingness to restart diplomatic negotiations over Syria’s future albeit on his terms.然而,在俄罗斯加强军事行动的同时,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)表示愿意就叙利亚的未来重启外交谈判——尽管是按他开出的条件。“We understand that such conflicts must end with a political solution,Mr Putin said at a meeting with Sergei Shoigu, his defence minister.“我们明白这类冲突必须以某种政治解决方案结束,”普京在与俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖绍伊古(Sergei Shoigu)开会时表示。It was the first time Russia has used its cruise armoury in conflict. “The attacks show our missiles are efficient at long range, up to 1,500km,Mr Shoigu told Russian media.这是俄罗斯首次在实战中使用巡航导弹。“攻击表明我们的导弹在长500公里的远程打击中是高效率的,”绍伊古向俄罗斯媒体表示。The announcement, which followed two incursions of Turkish airspace by Russian jets this week, will unsettle Nato ahead of its quarterly meeting of defence ministers in Brussels today.俄方作出这一宣布之前,俄罗斯战机本周两次闯入土耳其领空,这些事态将使北Nato)感到不安。北约各国国防部长今日汇聚布鲁塞尔举行季度会议。The use of high-tech munitions marks a shift in Russian military posture, reflecting Moscow’s ability to project power. “It has been a long-term ambition by Russia to develop this long-range capability,said Doug Barrie, analyst at the Institute for International and Strategic Studies.利用高科技武器装备标志着俄罗斯军事姿态的转变,反映出莫斯科方面投射实力的能力。“发展这种远程作战能力是俄罗斯的长期野心,”国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)的分析员道格巴里(Doug Barrie)表示。来 /201510/402418

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