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For me, the most remarkable thing about this papyrus is how close it lets me get to the fascinating quirky details of aspects of daily life under the pharaohs, not least culinary.对我而言,纸草书最有价值的一点是让我们能够近距离观察法老治下古怪的日常生活细节,尤其是饮食方面。我们了解到,如果你用“填鸭”的方式养鹅,需要的粮食是自然散养的五倍。So did the Egyptians really eat foie gras?埃及人难道也吃鹅肝?From the papyrus, you can learn that if you force-feed a goose, it needs five times as much grain as a free-range goose will eat.你可以从纸草书中了解到,如果你喂养一只鹅,它是自由放养的鹅所吃谷物的5倍。But Ancient Egypt also seems to have had battery-farming, because were told that geese kept in a coop-and so presumably unable to move-will need only a quarter of the food consumed by their free-range counterparts, and so would be much cheaper to fatten for market.同时, 他们似乎也圈养,因为纸上提到养在笼里的鹅所需的食物是散养的四分之一,因此如果都用于贩卖,笼养鹅的价格要低得多。Whether there were also champions of animal rights in Ancient Egypt at this date we just dont know.而在那个年代的古埃及是否也存在动物权利,我们并不知晓。But in between the beer and the b, and the hypothetical foie gras, you can see the logistical infrastructure of an enduring and powerful state, able to mobilise vast human and economic resources for public works and military campaigns.在啤酒、面包和我们假想的鹅肝之间,能够勾勒出一个强大持久的国家的后勤保障结构,它能够自由调动广大的劳动力资源与经济资源,来进行公共与军事建设。The Egypt of the pharaohs was, to its contemporaries, a land of superlatives-astonishing visitors from all over the Middle East by the colossal scale of its buildings and sculptures, as it still does us today.在那个时代,法老的埃及是世界上最强盛的国家。来自中东各地的访客与如今的游客一样,都对这里规模巨大的建筑与雕像啧啧称奇。Like all successful states, then as now, it needed people who could do the maths.每一个成功的国家,不管是过去还是现在,都需要数学人才。And if youre still counting the cats, and the mice, and the ears of grain in the puzzle that I began with, the answer is, of course...19,607.可能你还在思考本节开始时出的那道猫、老鼠和玉米的问题。是:一万九千六百零七。 201407/310097

The teams had a two-month window拍摄团队仅有两个月的时间to film Antarcticas two top predators in action.捕捉南极洲 两种顶尖掠食动物的画面We knew that one could be found prowling the coast of Rosenthal Island我们知道有一种动物 可能在罗森泰岛沿岸觅食waiting for young penguins to take their first plunge.等着小企鹅第一次跃入海中And the man to take us there was Jerome Poncet.带我们去南极洲的人 是杰若米庞塞He skippered the first yacht to sail south of the Antarctic Circle他曾带领第一艘逛艇 航行至南极圈的南侧and has been back every year for the past 35.之后年年返回南极洲 连续三十五年He knows Antarctic sailing like no-one else.他是当今南极航海的第一人His yacht, the Golden Fleece, is not an ice breaker,杰若米的游艇金羊毛号 不是破冰船but Jerome has his own unique way of getting through.但是他自有穿越冰层的妙计He shunts one floe against another他撞击冰块 调动浮冰的位置to clear a way through like playing marbles.像打弹珠一般开出一条路Jerome, once he gets his teeth into,杰若米一旦认真起来into a situation he doesnt like to let it go.不会轻易放弃So, maybe well be here for a few hours yet.所以我们可能还要在这里 待上好几个小时Jerome is determined to get through this channel.杰若米决心要穿越这条水道We talk about hundred, hundreds of tonnes,大概有几百吨的冰块maybe 1,000, 250,000 tonnes or more.也许有一千吨 二十五万吨的冰块Its a pooling of water, you have to push.但是水位在下降,必须往前挤Some marbles are just too big.有些弹珠实在太大了201307/248212

  Delta CEO: Customer convenience is key CNNs Richard Quest speaks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson about the importance of keeping the customer happy.Atlanta is fortress Delta when it comes to aviation, isnt it? You are a vast presence here. So I ask you how important is Atlanta to you?Oh,Atlanta is incredibly important. It is the largest hub in the world; we have takeoff and landing every 45 seconds. And if you look at the DOT statistics, it is one of the most reliable hubs in the world.So when you look at a place like Atlanta, how did Delta and how did the Atlanta airport grow so big?A great long term partnership between mayor Hartsfield and Mr. Volkmann the founder of delta that started in 1940 and has been carried on until today with the mayor, the leadership of the city of Atlanta, the leadership of Delta decade after decade after decade.And yet at the same time, you have great temptations and you have other hubs that you build out at the west coast, the north east, so as the chief executive how do you prioritize when you still got this big hub here Atlanta?Well, the world is a big place, and we now have 6 hubs in the US and we have 3 hubs outside the US. And the key privatization is where do our customers originate and where do our customer want to go and build the most convenient network to service the customer.But Delta sends many more people to a central hub like Atlanta than the other airlines, dont you? You perfected maximize the use of the Atlanta hub.We do, I mean pretty much everything in the ed States, large population center within 750 miles in Atlanta and any other real airports in the sanity of Atlanta, so we collect the enormous traffic here.What do you do next with Atlanta because clearly you are not going to be attacked by any other major airlines on your home base here?Well, we are going through a massive transformation right now at Delta and we are turning Delta back into a mainline airline. What that means we are up-gagging the flee and we are growing the mainline airline which is airplane flown and operated by Delta employees and dramatically reducing the connection operation rather than what has happened in this industry of the last 25 years which is we put too many people on 50 seats jets for thousand miles, we are stopping that at Delta.Why?Because one the economic in the airplane. Number two I dont believe that customers expect to take a 50 seats jet more than about 250 to 500 miles at the most and number three what allowed us to do in Atlanta is to take a market we would serve with 10-50 seats regional jets 10 flights a day and replaced with 6 a day on a bigger plan.So what is your priority as the chief executive in 2014?Well, we want to continue to successfully up gate the airline the airline. Second we are going to continue to improve the incredible performance from a reliability perspective that Delta so this year today completion factors 1997 and on time performances are 87 per cent those numbers are unheard of in terms of reliability. But we are going the raise the bar next year. /201401/274228


  Even if your options are limited and your pockets are turned inside out, you can still rustle up some grub. Consider several ways to feed yourself without begging or stealing.即使你的选择有限,口袋里一文不名,你也不会走投无路。考虑几种方法,不用去偷盗乞讨也可以饱餐一顿。You Will Need你需要Fast food shops快餐店Grocery store coupons杂货店优惠券Local bars with happy hours当地提供欢乐时光的酒吧Nature preserves大自然的储备Public functions公共机构Restaurants餐馆Charitable organizations慈善机构Blood drives献血车Steps步骤STEP 1 Get coupons1.索取优惠券Find or ask for free meal coupons from Mcdonalds, the Cracker Barrel, and other restaurants. Look for scratch-off cards and contests to win free food.索取麦当劳,克莱克·拜瑞尔或者其他连锁快餐店的免费餐券。寻找刮刮乐和可以赢得免费食物的比赛。STEP 2 Get a free restaurant meal2.提供免费餐的餐馆Search for local restaurants that offer free birthday meals -- usually supplied only if you are accompanied by a friend who buys their own. Some honor veterans, women, and seniors on certain days of the year.寻找提供免费生日餐的餐馆——通常情况下要有朋友和你一起就餐,而朋友要自己付钱。还有一些餐馆在一年中某些特定的日子为素食者,女性和老年人提供免费餐。STEP 3 Go to happy hour3.酒吧欢乐时光Hang out at bars during happy hour. Buy a cheap drink for the opportunity to feast for a couple hours.酒吧欢乐时光之时前往。购买一杯便宜的饮料,获得几个小时大餐的机会。STEP 4 Crash events4.混大餐Crash wedding receptions, wakes, church functions, company picnics, and public promotional giveaways. Tour major food stores on weekends for promotional sample displays that might comprise a full meal when youre done.混进别人的婚礼接待,守灵仪式,教堂活动,公司野餐和公共促销大赠送。周末期间去大型食品店看一下,或许有免费促销样品,品尝完之后说不定你就吃饱了。Stick around a friends home until you overstay your welcome or clean out their pantry.赖在朋友家不走,直到对方不再欢迎你,或者把对方的食品室清空。STEP 5 Volunteer5.做志愿者Volunteer to help a charitable organization and you can usually get fed, because there is no other pay. Donate blood, as well, for which you will be given sustenance afterward, and still feel good about what youve done to help others.帮助慈善机构做志愿者活动,这样你通常可以吃饱,因为没有薪酬。献血,也可以因此获得一些营养品,同时也让你因为帮助了他人而感觉良好。STEP 6 Scavenge, hunt6.搜寻打猎Scavenge in the woods for wild edibles that you can take home, and cook. Hunt for game if you dont mind cleaning and cooking it.在森林中寻找可以带回家烹煮的野物。如果你不介意清洗和烹煮的话,打猎也是一场游戏。STEP 7 Grow a garden7.种植菜园Grow your own garden to get quality, fresh, and safe food at little cost.自己种植花园,以最低的成本获得优质,新鲜,安全的食品。As of 2008, Americans waste 27 percent of consumables every year, or 30 million tons of food, as recently as 2008.截止到2008年,美国人每年的消费品有27%,也就是3000万吨食品,是浪费掉的。视频听力译文由。201404/293315

  在非洲撒哈拉以南地区,艾滋传染极为严重,而医生则比世界上任何其他地方都更为紧缺。在缺乏职业医疗人员的情况下,Mitchell Besser 通过招募他的病人来建立了mothers2mothers -- 这个非凡的由艾滋感染女性组成的互助组织正在改善和拯救着生命。201308/253993Got a smelly chair, rug, or shirt? Get rid of those offensive odors with gentle cleaning products that you can find around the house.椅子,毯子或衬衣有异味?使用一些可以在家中找到的温和的清洁产品,清除令人不快的味道。You Will Need你需要1/4c. borax1/4杯硼砂1/4c. white vinegar1/4杯白醋Baking soda小苏打Vacuum吸尘器Charcoal briquettes木炭屑Bowl or baggie碗或袋子Plastic bag (optional)塑料袋(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Add borax to your wash1.添加硼砂Add 1/4 cup borax to your regular laundry detergent and throw it in your washing machine with stinky garments or fabric. Run the wash cycle as usual.向常用的洗涤剂中加入1/4杯硼砂,与有异味的衣物或织物一起丢入洗衣机。像往常一样启动洗衣机。STEP 2 Add vinegar to your wash2.添加白醋Add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the final rinse cycle of your wash to remove odors from clothing and other washable items.最后一道清洗程序时加入1/4杯白醋,清除衣物或其他可清洗物品的异味。If you have a front-loading washing machine, add the vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser before running a load of laundry.如果你的洗衣机是前置式的,可以在运转洗涤程序之前向衣物软化剂添加盒中放入白醋。STEP 3 Sprinkle carpets with baking soda3.向地毯上撒小苏打Sprinkle baking soda liberally over stinky carpets and rugs. Let the baking soda sit for 15 minutes to absorb odors.直接向有异味的地毯和毯子上撒小苏打。静置15分钟,让小苏打充分吸收异味。STEP 4 Vacuum4.吸尘Vacuum your carpets to remove all of the baking soda -- and the funky smells with it.用吸尘器清扫地毯,吸走所有小苏打,同时消除异味。STEP 5 Sprinkle fabric with baking soda5.向织物上撒小苏打Apply a thin layer of baking soda to fabric that has a less-than-pleasant aroma. Let it sit for 15 minutes.向散发异味的织物上撒薄薄的一层小苏打。静置15分钟。If you are working with loose fabric, like curtains, place the items in a plastic bag with baking soda, shake it up, and let it sit.如果织物比较松散,比如窗帘,将物品放入加有小苏打的塑料袋中,抖动几下,静置。STEP 6 Shake or vacuum6.抖动或吸尘Shake the baking soda from the fabric or vacuum it from the surface of the fabric.将织物上的小苏打抖掉,或者用吸尘器把织物表面的小苏打吸走。STEP 7 Place charcoal briquettes near clothes7.衣物附近放置木炭屑Put a couple of charcoal briquettes in an open bowl or baggie and put it in your closet to remove lingering odors. Feel fresh as a daisy the next time you step out or invite someone in.在敞口的碗或袋子中放置一些木炭屑,放在衣柜中,清除持久不散的异味。下次外出或请人来做客时,你就可以感受清新的芳香了。Humans can recognize as many as 10,000 different scents.人类可以辨认多达10,000种不同的香味。视频听力译文由。201404/285464

  Chiru, or Tibetan antelope, have arrived for the winter rut.长角羚或叫藏羚羊已经到了冬季的发情期。In the energy-sapping thin air, the males must try to control groups of females by constantly rounding them up and corralling them.在这样耗能的稀薄空气当中,雄性还必须经常地围着成群的雌性跑,以使她们在自己的控制之下。But the chiru have an advantage. Their red blood cell count is twice as high as ours, sufficient to supply their muscles with oxygen even at this extreme altitude.但是藏羚羊也有优势,他们的红血球数量是我们的两倍,即使在如此高的纬度 也足以为他们的肌肉输送氧气。Nevertheless, its hard work keeping his harem in check, and the males life is about to get even harder.然而,想要控制住这么一大群家眷并不容易,甚至有时雄性的生活会更加艰难。Another male is gearing up to steal his females. With their rapier-like horns,the males wont risk fighting unless they really have to.另一只雄性垂涎于它的家眷们,除非逼不得已雄性一般不会冒险用它们剑一样锋利的角搏斗。But if neither backs down, conflict is inevitable. Some of these fights end in death.但如果双方都不退让 大战就不可避免。有时甚至不死不休。While the males fence, the females look on.在雄性抵抗的时候,雌性就在一旁看着。Injured and weakened by the battle, the loser will be an easy target for the predators and scavengers that patrol the wilderness.虚弱受伤的失败者很容易成为在荒原上游弋的食肉动物和食腐动物的目标。Out here theres little room for mistakes.在这里生存不容许有任何失误。 /201403/279493

  Today in History:Tuesday, June19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月19日,星期三June 19th, 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. They were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, a case that gripped America early in the Cold War.1910,Fathers Day is celebrated for the first time in the ed States in Spokane, Washington.1865,In Galveston, Texas, the event behind the celebration known as “Juneteenth”. Union troops arrive with news that Americas Civil War is over, and that all slaves in the defeated South are free.1947,“All the things that artist writers try to do is to push against frontiers. ” Salman Rushdie, author of the novel “The Satanic Verses”, is born in Mumbai, India. Rushdie spent a decade in hiding after Irans Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him, because his book allegedly insulted Islam.1986,Len Bias, the University of Maryland basketball star, suffers a fatal cocaine induced seizure. It happens just days after the Boston Celtics choose him as their first pick in the NBAs draft.And 1962,Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever oh, oh, ohSinger and dancer Paula Abdul, one of the judges on Fox TVs talent show “American Idol”, is born in San Fernando, California.Today in History, June 19th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244692

  Chinese regulators are working on policies to allow private capital into banking, according to banking regulatory officials comments reported by the Shanghai Securities news.上海劵报有消息称,相关监管官员发表表示中国监管机构正在制定政策法规以允许私人资本进入。The most optimistic forecasts are for the first licenses for private banks to be handed out in the first quarter next year.目前最乐观的预测是,中国首个私人牌照将有望在明年第一个季度被颁发。A separate report from the China Securities Journal says the relevant policies may be issued next month.另一则来自中国劵报的消息称,相关政策有可能在下月发布。So far, China only has one private held bank, Minsheng Bank. Experts say the deposit insurance scheme is needed to nurture private banks.到目前为止,中国仅有一家私人控股,即民生,专家表示私人的发展需要有存款保险计划的持。201311/266127。

  I think all of us, who have dogs, know that our dogs innately understand our feelings. So if we come home, and were feeling great, the dog instinctively picks up—You feel great. That means youre gonna play with me. And if were feeling less than great, and especially if were feeling down and depressed, the dog will feel, Youre looking a bit low. I think Ill just come over quietly and sit down beside you.我认为我们所有人,有养的人,都知道我们的天生能了解我们的感受。所以如果我们回到家,而且我们心情很好,儿直觉地注意到--你心情很好。那代表你会陪我玩。但如果我们心情不太好,而且特别是我们感到低落又沮丧时,儿会感受到:你看起来有点低落。我想我还是安静地过来在你旁边坐下吧。So they can pick up our feelings and emotions. What that means is that theres mute communication between the two species. You dont have to articulate in words the way you and I have to talk about things. Dog will understand how we feel, because it just picks up something about our body language.所以他们可以了解我们的感受和情绪。那所代表的东西是有种无需言语的沟通存在两种物种之间。你不必用像你和我讲事情那样的方式来用言语表达。儿就会明白我们感觉如何,因为它就是了解关于我们肢体语言的一些东西。Nowhere is this more important than with service or assistance dogs.没有任何地方比这里对务犬或协助犬来说更重要了。Unlike other service dog and guide dog providers, when youre dealing with autism, you need dogs that are very, very calm, very quiet, very laid-back. So we, over the last sixteen years, have been working towards breeding really calm, very relaxed, easygoing dogs.不像其他务犬和导盲犬的提供者,当你处理的是自闭症时,你需要非常、非常沉着冷静、非常安静、非常自在的。所以我们在过去的十六年中一直致力于培育十分沉着、非常放松、好相处的儿。Chester joined our family six weeks ago. And hes from National Service Dogs, so he is officially NSD Chester. He is two and a half years old, and hes a lab retriever mix. Max was diagnosed with autism at the age of thirty-two months. When we got Chester, one of the first things I really look forward to doing with Max was going for a walk. Because at the age of six, Ive never really been able to go for walk with Max; because what he does, like many children with autism, is he bores. So, for him, its a very fun game to run away from you. With Chesters vest that he wears, he has a hookup, and theres a handle that Max holds on to.Chester 在六星期前加入我们的家庭。而他是来自全国务犬协会,所以它是正式的 NSD Chester。它两岁半,而它是只混种拉不拉多犬(注一)。Max 在三十二个月大时被诊断出自闭症。当我们得到 Chester 时,我非常期待和 Max 一起做的首要事之一是去散个步。因为从他六岁起,我就从没真正能和 Max 一起散步过;因为他做的事,就像许多有自闭症的孩子一样,是他觉得无趣。所以,对他来说,从你身边跑走就是个非常好玩的游戏。有了 Chester 穿着的背心, 它有一条鍊,而那有一个 Max 可以握住的把手。So the first time we went out for a walk by ourselves, Chester was an all-star, and Max was just so thrilled to be out with his dog. He never dropped the handle once. One other thing that Max does to cope—when hes frustrated, or express his frustration—is to strike out. And, you know, its hard, you know, to have your child striking you. We brought Chester home, and that aggression and frustration just disappeared. Now that we have Chester here for six weeks, and Max has stopped.我们第一次自己出去散步时,Chester 像是个大明星,而 Max 就是超级兴奋能和他的一起出去。他从未扔下把手一次过。另一个 Max 处理事情会做的事是--当他感到挫折,或表达他的沮丧时--是他会用力打。而且,你知道,这很难受,你要知道,让你自己的孩子打着你。我们把 Chester 带回家,而那种攻击性和挫折感就消失了。而今我们有 Chester 在这六星期了,Max 就停下来了。Do they still have outbursts? Yes, but there are fewer. Theyre less intense, and they die down faster. Many of the dogs, once theyre bonded with their kids, will anticipate those anxiety levels building.他们还是有情绪爆发吗?有,但比较少了。那些爆发比较不激烈,而且它们平息得较快。许多儿会预测到那些焦虑程度增加,一旦它们和它们的小朋友建立起情感来。Chester sleeps with him. And since Chester came home, you know, we dont get outburst in the middle of the night anymore. So Max stays in his bed, and hes got Chester there. Now that he has Chester, he doesnt call out. He might be awake. I dont know, because I am asleep, which is fantastic. And I dont really...I dont worry about Max, because I know that Chester is in there. I didnt really understand what a blessing Chester would be to a family, and not just to Max, but, you know, he very much is a healing balm for a family.Chester 和他一起睡。而且自从 Chester 来家里后,你知道,我们不再在大半夜碰到情绪失控的状况。Max 待在他的床上,而他有 Chester 陪着。现在因为他有 Chester,他就不大叫了。他可能醒来。我不知道,因为我睡着了,那真是太好了。而我不完全...我不担心 Max,因为我知道 Chester 在那里面。我那时并未真正了解 Chester 对一个家庭来说会是一份多大的福气,而且不只是对 Max,而是,你知道,他算是一个家庭的疗愈慰藉物。Over the last sixteen, seventeen years, we focused on our autism program, and have recently expanded out to train dogs for individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder, specifically veterans. And were developing a new program that will put Canine Assisted Intervention dogs into facilities, partnered with doctors, physicians, therapists, so that they can use fully trained service dogs in helping all of their patients, or a collection of their patients in various forms of...whether its addiction therapy, mental health issues, behavioral issues, and...so that will expand out the role of our dogs in the coming year.在过去十六、十七年中,我们专注在我们的自闭症计画上,而最近已经扩展到为有创伤后压力症候群的个人来训练,特别是为退役军人。我们正在发展一项把犬只辅助介入计画的儿们放置到各个机构中的新计画,将儿和医生、治疗师、理疗师搭挡,他们就可以用受过完备训练的务犬来帮助他们所有的病人,或他们各个不同类型的病人们...无论是成瘾治疗、心理健康问题、行为问题,还有...那会在来年扩展我们儿的角色。Note1:labrador retriever mix。注一:混种拉不拉多的全称201411/339705



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