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For a lot of people, the distance between their dreams and their reality is intimidating在很多人看来 梦想和现实之间的差距太吓人and they get stuck they get paralyzed他们因此变得无力 不敢往前just like I was in that marathon就像我在马拉松中的情况那样and the only way forward前进的唯一办法is to be real about what its going to take for you to achieve those dreams是坦诚面对实现那些梦想所需要的东西You have to be honest with yourself你需要对自己诚实You have to tell yourself the truth你需要告诉自己真相You have to tell yourself the truth of what is going to take for you to be successful你需要坦诚地告诉自己 需要什么才能成功It doesnt come easy这并不容易You will have to go out and get it你需要努力争取Nobodys going to give you none. Theres no rescue team coming没人会给你现成的成功no National Guard, no aide coming, nothing不会有救援队来救你Youll have to go out and get it你需要自己去争取And the only way forward is to decide you want that dream唯一向前的动力就是 你想实现那个梦想The only way forward is to decide you want that dream so bad唯一向前的动力就是 你如此希望实现那个梦想that you are going to work harder这让你更勤劳you are going to get up earlier, you are going to stay later更早起床 睡得更晚you are going to push past the people who doubted you and laughed at you and hated on you你会从那些质疑你 嘲笑你 憎恶你的人身边挤过去Thats what I want for you, class of 2014这就是我对你们的希望 2014届毕业生I want you to be fearless, I want you to be decisive我希望你们无所畏惧 我希望你们勇敢决断I want you to make a decision right now that when you fail我希望你们现在就能下定决心 在失败时and you fall to your knees, I want you to remember the power of you在双膝落地时 我希望你们能够记起自己有多强大and I want you to get back up on your feet我希望你们能够重新站起来Make a decision today that when youre in the darkness今天就下定决心 当你处于黑暗之中时youll remember the power of you要记得自己有多强大You are your own light你们将是自己的光明I want you to remember我希望你们记住not only are your mothers, your fathers, your sisters, your brothers你们有父母 兄弟your aunts and uncles, cousins姑姨叔舅 表堂兄弟theyre all in the back, I see you all back there and the sides我看到他们坐在后排和两侧Thats your family. They got your back这些是你的家人 他们会持你So theres your bison family此外 你还有霍华德的大家庭We are powerful我们很强大You are powerful你们很强大I cant wait to live in a world that yall are about to create我等不及想看你们将会创造出的世界了201501/356142。

And General Powell stood up 鲍威尔将军站在讲台前And he said, ladies and gentlemen I brought you here today 讲道 女士们先生们 今天请各位来到这里To tell you something very important 是为了告诉你们一件重要的事情That Milton Friedman was wrong 米尔顿·弗里德曼是错的That the business of business is not business 经营的事情并不只是经营本身That your companies, your organizations 你们这些公司 这些组织Are some of the richest, the most powerful resources we have in our great countries 是我们国家最富有 最强大的资源And your leaders are some of the greatest leaders we have in our great country 你们的领导者也是我们国家最伟大的领导者And we need to put them to work to help everyone in this great country 我们需要利用所有这些 造福这个伟大国家的所有人And what we need to do, and he went on, what we need to do 我们需要… 他继续讲道 我们需要Is we need to tap into your employees and we need to tap into your products 借助你们的员工 借助你们的产品And we need to tap into your technology and we need 借助你们的技术To tap into your relationships and your resources 借助你们的关系和资源And everything that is going on in your organizations 借助你们组织中的一切And you need to get out there to help our boys and girls clubs in our YMCAs 你们需要帮助基督教青年会中的穷苦孩子And build safe places for kids after school 为学生课后提供安全的活动场所And do mentoring and tutoring and that you can integrate 为他们提供教育和辅导You can integrate your corporations with the communities that they exist in 你们可以将公司同你们所处的社区整合在一起And that you do not have to have walls around you that are separating you 你们不需要在身边筑起围墙 将自己同From those that you are living right next to 周围居住的人隔离开来And it was a motivating speech, it was inspiring 演讲很有感染力And then he ended it and he said 最后他总结说Just remember this 记住Get out there and do something for other people 到外面去 为他人做点什么and then I said wow, I have a second guru 我心想 哇 又一位大师201601/422588。

To those--to those who are disappointed that we couldnt go all of the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours.对于为我们没能走完全程而失望的人,特别是倾注了大量心血的年轻人,我在目标未实现之际出局,而如果我从某种程度上使你们放弃追求,那才是真正令我心碎的。Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in.永远持着远大的目标,努力工作,坚定地关注你所深信的。And, when you stumble, keep faith.当你遇到障碍时,要有信心。And, when youre knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you cant or shouldnt go on.当你跌倒时,立刻爬起来,不要听信任何人所谓的你不行,不要继续下去的说法。As we gather here today in this historic, magnificent building, the 50th woman to leave this Earth is orbiting overhead.正当我们今天聚集在这历史悠久、富丽堂皇的建筑物之际,世界上第50位飞向太空的女性正在我们头上按轨道运行。If we can blast 50 women into space, we will someday launch a woman into the White House.如果我们能将50位女性送入太空,总有一天我们也能将一位女性送入白宫。Although we werent able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, its got about 18 million cracks in it--尽管我们此时此刻不能粉碎那高悬坚硬的天花板,但托你们的福,它上面几经有了1800万条裂缝。and the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.前所未有的光明从中渗入,照亮我们,带着希望和定论——下一次道路会平坦得多。201411/340442。

Today, we face an unprecedented surge in the brutal slaughter of iconic animals by poachers.今天,我们面临着偷猎者对标志性物种前所未有的疯狂杀戮。In South Africa, for example, one rhino was killed every month until 2005.比如在南非,截止到2005年,平均每个月都有一头犀牛被杀害。But last year, three rhinos were killed every single day.但是在去年每一天就有三头犀牛被杀害。In the 33 years since I was born we have lost around 70 percent of Africas elephant population.在我出生至今的33年里,非洲已经失去了近70%的野生大象。Of those that are left, 20,000 are being killed every year—that is 54 elephants killed every single day.在那些剩下的非洲象中,每年又有两万头被杀害,相当于每天都有54头大象被杀害。At this rate, children born this year – like my daughter Charlotte – will see the last wild elephants and rhinos die before their 25th birthdays.按照这个速度,今年出生的孩子比如我的女儿夏洛特会在他们迎来25岁生日前就见到最后的野生大象和犀牛死去。Those who suffer the most from this loss are some of the poorest people on our planet.我们这个星球上一些最为贫穷的人们受此影响最大。They are the families who feel powerless as the wildlife around them disappear; who face being trapped in poverty forever without the income that should be brought in by tourism, a cornerstone of the economy in many developing nations.他们这些家庭只能眼睁睁地看着周围的野生动植物消失而失去了旅游业带来的收入,又让他们永远深陷贫困的泥潭。因为旅游业正是许多发展中国家的经济基石。They are the children whose parents risk their lives in the fight against poachers.这些孩子的父母冒着生命危险与偷猎者抗争。In the last few days, three rangers and one member of the Armed Forces were killed by poachers in one incident in central Africa;就在过去几天,三位护林员和一位武装部队成员在中非被偷猎者杀害了,leaving behind 14 children between them.抛下了14个孩子撒手人寰。It is these childrens future that is blighted so tragically by the illegal wildlife trade, and it is their birth right that is stolen.这些孩子的未来被非法贩卖野生动植物的交易无情地摧残了,同时他们与生俱来的权利也被剥夺了。There is no hiding from these facts today.今天我们已无法回避这些事实。On our phones, laptops and our TV screens, we can see the images and the reports that lay bare the truth of this crisis.通过我们的手机、平板电脑和电视屏幕上,我们都可以看到各种相关图片和新闻报道将这场危机事实暴露在我们面前。That knowledge brings responsibility – the responsibility to do everything in our power to reverse the march towards the eradication of these fine animals.伴随着真相而来的是责任,我们有责任尽自己所能努力扭转这些濒危物种走向灭绝的结局。The good news is that we are far from powerless in this struggle. We can turn the tide of extinction.好消息是我们在这场抗争中远远不是无能为力,我们有能力逆转潮流。We know where the animals we are trying to protect live.我们知道我们试图保护的动物在哪里生存。We know many of the roads, the airports and ports criminals use to transport their cargo from killing field to marketplace.我们知道许多犯罪分子秘密地将货物从偷猎地运送到市场的公路、机场和港口。And over the last few years we have seen a groundswell of action by governments to improve their laws and work across borders to fight the traffickers.并且在过去几年里我们看到了许多政府迅速实际行动起来,通过加强法规和跨境联合执法打击走私者。201601/419592。

I believe that there are new, hidden tensions我相信,有新的,隐藏的紧张关系that are actually happening between people and institutions --发生在人们与制度之间,institutions that are the institutions that people在人们日常生活中inhabit in their daily life:的制度如:schools, hospitals, workplaces,学校、医院、工作场所、factories, offices, etc.工厂、办公室等等。And something that I see happening我看到的这些关系is something that I would like to call是被我称之为的a sort of ;democratization of intimacy.;一种“民主化的亲密关系。”And what do I mean by that?这是什么意思呢?I mean that what people are doing事实上,我指的是人们正在做的is, in fact, they are sort of, with their communication channels,就是在他们所处的沟通渠道中,they are breaking an imposed isolation他们试图打破一种强加的孤立,that these institutions are imposing on them.一种由于这些制度对他们所强加的孤立。How are they doing this? Theyre doing it人们怎样才能做到这点?他们正用in a very simple way, by calling their mom from work,非常简单的方法来做到,例如工作时给妈妈打电话,by IMing from their office to their friends,从办公室给朋友们发即时通讯,by texting under the desk.在桌子下发短信。The pictures that youre seeing behind me你看到我身后的这些照片are people that I visited in the last few months.是我过去几个月采访的人们。And I asked them to come along with the person they communicate with most.我请求他们带来他们联系最多,最亲密的人。And somebody brought a boyfriend, somebody a father.有人带来她的男朋友,有人带来父亲。One young woman brought her grandfather.一位年轻女人带来她的爷爷。For 20 years, Ive been looking at how people use20年来,我一直在研究人们如何使用channels such as email, the mobile phone, texting, etc.如电子邮件、移动电话和短信等的通信渠道。What were actually going to see is that, fundamentally,从根本上,我们实际上要看到的是,people are communicating on a regular basis人们与他们最亲密领域里的with five, six, seven of their most intimate sphere.五,六,七个人定期交流联系。Now, lets take some data. Facebook.现在例如一些有关Facebook的数据。Recently some sociologists from Facebook --最近一些社会学家从Facebook,Facebook is the channel that you would expectFacebook是人们所期望的is the most enlargening of all channels.所有社交网络中最庞大的一个。And an average user,一位Facebook的普通用户,said Cameron Marlow,卡梅伦马洛Cameron Marlow说,from Facebook, has about 120 friends.他大约有120个朋友。But he actually talks to,但是根据他的性别,他实际上has two-way exchanges with, about four to six people只与大约4至6人on a regular base, depending on his gender.定期双向交流。Academic research on instant messaging在即时通讯学术研究also shows 100 people on buddy lists,也显示好友名单上的100个人,but fundamentally people chat with two, three, four --但基本上人们只和二个,三个,四个人相互交流,anyway, less than five.无论如何,不会超过5个人。My own research on cellphones and voice calls而由我做的关于手机和语音呼叫研究中shows that 80 percent of the calls表明百分之八十的来电are actually made to four people. 80 percent.实际上是和4个人对话。百分之八十。And when you go to Skype, its down to two people.当你上Skype,就只和两个人聊天。A lot of sociologists actually are quite disappointed.很多的社会学家的确对此很失望。I mean, Ive been a bit disappointed sometimes我的意思是,当我看到这数据和这一切只是和5个人交流when I saw this data and all this deployment, just for five people.我也感到失望。And some sociologists actually feel that而一些社会学家实际上认为,its a closure, its a cocooning,这就是一个封闭的区间,这就是一个茧,that were disengaging from the public.以致于我们正与公众脱离开。And I would actually, I would like to show you that而我实际上,我想展示给你们的是,if we actually look at who is doing it,如果我们实际看看谁在通信,and from where theyre doing it,他们在哪里交流着,actually there is an incredible social transformation.这事实上是一个令人难以置信的社会转变。There are three stories that I think are quite good examples.这有三个故事,我认为它们是相当不错的例子。The first gentleman, hes a baker.第一位绅士,他是一位面包师。And so he starts working every morning at four oclock in the morning.他每天在早上四点开始工作。And around eight oclock he sort of sneaks away from his oven,大概早上8点左右他就偷偷离开他的烤箱,cleans his hands from the flour清洗他和面团的双手,and calls his wife.并打电话给他的妻子。He just wants to wish her a good day, because thats the start of her day.因为这是她新的一天,他只是想祝福她有美好的一天。And Ive heard this story a number of times.而且我听说过这种故事很多次。A young factory worker who works night shifts,一位年轻的夜班工人who manages to sneak away from the factory floor,从工厂车间要偷偷离开一下,where there is CCTV by the way,顺便说一下,那有闭路电视,and find a corner, where at 11 oclock at night他找到一个拐角,在夜里11点钟,he can call his girlfriend and just say goodnight.他给女友电话只是问声晚安。Or a mother who, at four oclock,或者一位母亲,在4点钟,suddenly manages to find a corner in the toilet突然在厕所的角落里打电话to check that her children are safely home.查问她的孩子们是否安全地回家。Then there is another couple, there is a Brazilian couple.接下来另一个例子,他们是一对巴西夫妇。Theyve lived in Italy for a number of years.他们在意大利生活多年。They Skype with their families a few times a week.他们与家人一个星期有几次Skype聊天。But once a fortnight, they actually put the computer on their dining table,但是,每两周一次,他们真的把电脑放在他们的餐桌上,pull out the webcam and actually have dinner设置好摄像头,竟然就with their family in Sao Paulo. And they have a big event of it.与他们在圣保罗的家庭一起晚餐。他们有了一个家宴大活动。And I heard this story the first time a couple of years ago我第一次听说这种故事是几年前from a very modest family从一个非常温馨的在瑞士居住的of immigrants from Kosovo in Switzerland.科索沃移民家庭。They had set up a big screen in their living room,他们在自己的客厅有一个大屏幕。and every morning they had breakfast with their grandmother.每天清晨,通过屏幕,他们与他们的祖母共进早餐。But Danny Miller, who is a very good anthropologist丹尼米勒Danny Miller是一位很好的人类学家,who is working on Filipina migrant women他研究菲律宾籍移民妇女,who leave their children back in the Philippines,这些妇女离开她们在菲律宾的孩子们,was telling me about how much parenting is going on他曾告诉我有父母教育子女是through Skype,通过Skype来交流的,and how much these mothers are engaged with their children through Skype.还有很多这些菲律宾母亲们通过Skype来了解她们的孩子们。And then there is the third couple. They are two friends.然后还有第三个例子。他们是两个朋友。They chat to each other every day, a few times a day actually.每天他们互相聊天,甚至一天好几次。And finally, finally, theyve managed to put最终他们工作时试着在电脑上instant messaging on their computers at work.使用即时消息联系。And now, obviously, they have it open.现在,显然地,他们公开交流。Whenever they have a moment they chat to each other.每当他们有空闲,他们就互相交谈。And this is exactly what weve been seeing这也正是我们所看到的with teenagers and kids doing it in school, under the table,在学校,在课桌下,青少年和孩子们正这样做,and texting under the table to their friends.并给他们的朋友们发短信。So, none of these cases are unique.所以,这些例子枚不胜举。I mean, I could tell you hundreds of them.我意思是,我可以告诉你们数百个类似的例子。But what is really exceptional is the setting.但真正特别的是设定背景。201506/380061。

Overall, the international financial authorities have handled this crisis the same way as previous ones: They bailed out the failing institutions and applied monetary and fiscal stimulus. But this crisis was much bigger and, at first, the same techniques did not work. The rescue of Lehman Brothers failed. That was a game-changing event: financial markets actually ceased to function and had to be put on artificial life support. This meant that governments had to effectively guarantee that no other institution whose failure could endanger the system would be allowed to fail. That is when the crisis sp to the periphery because periphery countries could not provide equally credible guarantees. This time it was Eastern Europe that was the worst hit. The countries at the center used the balance sheets of their central banks to pump money into the system and to guarantee the liabilities of commercial banks, and governments engaged in deficit financing to stimulate the economy on an unprecedented scale.总的来讲,国际金融权威机构处理这一危机的方式与以往没什么两样:它们挽救濒临垮台的金融机构,实行货币及财政刺激政策。但这次危机规模却大得多,而且刚开始时同样的措施并未奏效,对雷曼兄弟的挽救没有成功。在这个事件中游戏规则改变了:金融市场实际上已停止运转,且不得不依赖人工生命保障系统。这就意味着各国政府必须切实保不会让其他可能危及这个体系的机构垮台的现象再次发生。正是此时,危机蔓延到了外沿,因为边缘国无法提供同样可靠的保。这一次,东欧所遭受的打击最惨重。中心国运用中央的资产负债表该体系注入资金,为商业进行债务担保,且政府为刺激经济和解决赤字问题所采取措施也达到了空前的规模。These measures have been successful and the global economy appears to be stabilizing. There is a growing belief that the global financial system has once again escaped collapse and we are slowly returning to business as usual. This, in my opinion, is a grave misinterpretation of the current situation. Humpty Dumpty cannot be put together again. Let me explain why.这些措施成效明显,全球经济看来正趋于稳定。人们慢慢开始相信,全球金融体系再次逃脱了崩溃的厄运,我们正在慢慢回到正常的商业生活中。实际上,我认为这是对当时局势严重的错误判断,已经破碎的不可能再拼在一起。下面我来解释为什么。201409/327824。

I started choosing only job that im passionate about and from which I knew I could bring meaningful experiences.于是我开始只挑那些我热爱的事情来做,只选那些我知道能汲取到有意义经验的工作。This thoroughly confused everyone around me: agents, producers and audiences alike.这让我身边的人感到很困惑:经纪人,制片人,还有观众也是如此。I made Cotayas Ghost, a foreign independent film and studied history, visiting the Prada every day for four months as I about goya and the Spanish Inquisition.我拍了外国独立电影《戈雅之灵》,为此我学习历史,连续4个月我每天研读戈雅和西班牙裁判所。I made V for Vendetta, studio action movie for which I learned everything I could about freedom fighters whom otherwise maybe call terrorists.我拍了动作片《V字仇杀队》,为此学习了所有自由战士相关的东西,他们也被称为恐怖分子。From Menachen Begin to Weather Underground.从Menachen Begin到Weather Underground组织。I made Your Highness a pothead comedy with Danny McBride and laughed for three months straight.我拍了《王子殿下》,Danny McBride导演的大麻喜剧,这让我足足笑了三个月。I was able to own my meaning and not have it be determined by box office receipts or prestige.我可以决定自己的价值,而不是让票房或名声来决定。By the time I got making BlackSwan, the experience was entirely my own.当我拍《黑天鹅》时,整个经历都是属于我自己的。I felt immune to the worst things anyone could say or write about me, and to whether the audience felt like to see my movie or not.我感觉自己已经刀不入,不管别人怎么说我,也不在意观众是否会看我的电影。It was instructive for me to see for ballet dancers, once your technique gets to a certain level, the only thing that separates you from others is your quirks or even flaws.对我很有启示的是,对芭蕾舞者而言,当你的技巧达到一定高度后,唯一能让你与他人不同的就是你的怪癖甚至瑕疵。One ballerina was famous for how she turned slightly off balanced.有位芭蕾舞者因转圈轻微不平衡而出名。You can never be the best technically, someone will always have a higher jump or a more beautiful line.从技术上来说,你永远做不到最好,总会有人比你跳得更高,或者有更美的姿态。The only thing you can be the best at is developing your own self.你唯一能做到最好的就是发展你的自我。Authoring your own experience was very much what Black Swan itself was about.为你自己的体验做主就是《黑天鹅》中讲述的事情。I worked Darren Aronofsky, the films director who changed my last line in the movie to It was perfect.我说电影的导演Darren Aronofsky把最后一句台词改成了:;这真完美。”Because my character Nina is only artistically successful when she finds perfection and pleasure for herself, not when shes trying to be perfect in the eyes of others.因为我饰演的角色Nina在艺术上的成功只在于让自己达到完美和愉悦,而不是为了试图在别人眼中变得完美。So when Black Swan successful financially and I began receiving accolades.所以当《黑天鹅》获得商业上的成功,而我也开始得到赞扬之时。I felt honored and grateful to have connected with people.我觉得荣耀和感恩的事我接触到了人心。But the true core of my meaning I had aly established.我已经建立了自己价值的真正核心。And I need it to be independent of peoples reactions to me.我需要它不受别人反应的影响。People told me the Black Swan was an artistic risk, a scary challenge to try to portray a professional ballet dancer.大家告诉我《黑天鹅》是艺术上的冒险,演绎职业芭蕾舞者是恐怖的挑战。But it didnt feel like courage or daring that drove me to it.但我觉得促使我去演的并非是勇气或胆量。I was so oblivious to my own limit that I did things I was woefully unprepared to do.而是我对自身局限的毫无所知,我对所做之事压根没有准备。201506/381971。

And because of that, Ive got to tell you the truth这方面 我要给你们讲真相that one of my favorite place was the QuadQuad是我最喜欢的地方之一You see, in my freshman year, everybody asked me do I stay in Drew Hall我在大一那年 所有人都问我是否待在Drew Hall楼and I had to tell them, no, I stay in the Quad我跟他们说 没有 我待在QuadAnd I actually stayed there until I got kicked out我一直待在那里 直到被人踢出来Aint that right, Robyn?对吗 罗宾I have my Howard girlfriend, she in the house我曾在霍华德有一个女友 她在房里I used to play in the Quad like我会在Quad叫她Youre Robyn罗宾Come on down下来Now Ive gone off topic for a second我稍微有点跑题了Were here today to celebrate我们今天来这里是庆祝的and I was just talking about our beautiful bison women而我一直在讲霍华德大学美丽的;野牛;女生that is never taken for granted这并不从来都是理所当然的When we have so much power in here, I think we need to step up to hashtag当我们有足够力量时 我认为我们应当开始#All I want to say is bring back our girls now我只想说 现在就把我们的女生找回来Bring back out girls now现在就把我们的女生找回来My world was changed here at Howard我的世界在霍华德得到了改变On my second day of school在我上学的第二天I learned something that will change the course of my life for ever我学到了之后会影响我一生的东西I dont talk about the soft thing这可不是一件轻松事I was raised by a single mother in Harlem我在纽约黑人区由单亲妈妈拉扯大My dad Mr. Melvin Combs died when I was 3 years old我三岁那年 父亲梅尔文·库姆斯就不在人世了My mother always told me that he died in a car accident我妈总跟我说 他是死于车祸There was something about that. It just didnt feel right我总感觉有点不对头Something was in my soul that was telling me otherwise我灵魂深处总觉得情况不是这样So as soon as I get here, I went to the library来到这里后 我马上就去了图书馆and did some research然后做了一些研究I used the microfilm I found我用我找到的微缩胶卷to search through all the newspaper到所有的报纸上进行搜索and when I typed in my fathers name and the day he died键入父亲的名字和死亡日期后I in the answer in that news我读到了相关新闻that he had been murdered in a drug deal gone bad他其实是因为毒品交易失败而被人谋杀的201412/351448。