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Bush Administration Nears Decision on Helping Auto Industry布什对政府救援美汽车业举棋不定  President Bush on Thursday said he has not yet decided what government assistance to provide the distressed U.S. automobile industry. The president says he worries about the economic consequences that an automaker bankruptcy could cause. 布什总统星期四说,他还没有决定政府应该对陷入困境的美国汽车工业施以何种援助。Mr. Bush said he is concerned about how an uncontrolled bankruptcy could affect the psychology of financial markets. He said he is also worried about putting good money after bad. 布什总统说,他担心一旦汽车工业破产并失去控制后,会对金融市场心态产生影响。他说,他还对资金使用不当后,如何有效使用资金感到担忧。The administration is near a decision on what kind of government assistance to provided U.S. car companies. They have asked for billion in loans to assure their survival. 布什政府对美国汽车公司的援助方案即将最后拍板。汽车公司要求政府提供140亿美元的贷款,以确保可以存活下来。"The president is not going to allow a disorderly collapse of the companies," said White House Press Secretary Dana Perino. "That is not an option. Some people have assumed that is one of things we would decide. That is not going to be the case." 白宫新闻发言人佩里诺说:“总统不会随意让这些公司倒闭。这不是选择。一些人认为政府会这样决定,但是事情不是这样的。”In Detroit, the U.S. automotive capital, the mood is somber. Chrysler - the weakest of the "Big Three" carmakers - is closing all of its U.S. assembly plants for a month, beginning next week. General Motors and Ford are also closing some plants beyond the usual two-week end of year production break. Unionized workers at the plants will continue to receive at least 85 percent of their pay, as stipulated in their contracts.  在美国汽车工业之都底特律,气氛一片萧瑟。从下星期开始,三巨头当中状态最糟糕的克莱斯勒公司在美国的所有装配厂将关闭一个月。通用汽车和福特也准备在年终通常的两个星期停产时间外,再延长一些工厂的关闭时间。根据合同规定,工会工人将继续领取原工资的85%。The credit squeeze and recession have caused U.S. car sales to plummet - down 37 percent in November, 25 percent for the year overall. 信贷停滞以及经济衰退使得美国汽车销售下滑。11月汽车销售下跌37%,全年销售量下降25%。Jack Nerad is a marketing analyst for Kelley Blue Book, which keeps close watch on the auto industry. 内拉德是新旧车辆信息供应公司凯利蓝皮书(Kelley Blue Book)的市场分析员,他一直在密切关注着汽车工业。"I think it is devastating," Nerad spoke to Bloomberg Television. "It is hard to overestimate the importance of this industry and the importance of what is going on right now. It is as if sales absolutely hit a wall in October. They're not recovering. And one of the major industrial corporations of the world-of all time [General Motors] could be on the brink." 他在接受彭电视采访时说:“我认为这是灾难性的。很难过高估计汽车工业的重要性以及现在面临问题的严重性。但是,10月份汽车销售看起来好像确实停滞不前,而且也一直没有恢复元气。一直以来在全球工业公司中占主导地位的通用汽车可能面临破产。”It is not just the U.S.-based auto industry that is suffering. Sales of British-made cars in the ed Kingdom were down 33 percent in November. And Fiat in Italy is closing all of its production plants for one month because of lagging car sales in Europe. 美国汽车工业并不是唯一受影响的。英国产汽车在英国的销售11月份下降了33%。另外,由于欧洲汽车销售的不景气,意大利菲亚特汽车公司决定将所有生产厂关闭一个月。200812/59303。

  • Students have been taught how to walk in stilettos as part of a government-funded course, a south London college said on Wednesday.The six-week "Sexy Heels in the City" course was offered as an extra-curricular activity at South Thames College and finished in May.The college said five students aged between 16 and 50-plus took part in the classes, and said the reactions were overwhelmingly positive."The course improved students' confidence, it was a fun, sociable activity for them to do in their free time," a college spokeswoman said."They practiced the Alexander Technique and learned how to walk responsibly and carefully in high heels." The Alexander Technique is a method that helps to improve a person's posture and balance.Professional singer China Whyne -- who has worked with Eric Clapton, Seal and Peter Gabriel -- was paid 750 pounds (1,000 dollars, 900 euros) to teach the six-week course.On her website, the tutor promises to teach women teetering in high heels how to improve their posture, reduce back pain and "achieve that gliding feeling when walking".One of the college students who completed the course said she now "felt more comfortable in my heels.""I no longer feel pain on a night out because I know what exercises to do beforehand," said 16-year-old Celina Mystery. "Now I can finally rock my heels."South Thames College said it was still evaluating whether to run the course again.Meanwhile, the TaxPayers' Alliance campaign group dismissed the course as a waste of money."This is a silly gimmick that's most likely diverting money away from more needy parts of the college," chief executive Matthew Elliott told the Daily Mirror website.【Notes】stiletto: a woman's shoe with a very high narrow heel; the heel on such a shoe 细高跟女鞋;(女鞋的)细高跟Eric Clapton: 埃里克·克莱普顿,1945年出生,英国吉他手、歌手和作曲家。他曾经获得过格莱美奖,是20世纪最成功的音乐家之一,在摇滚名人堂里有三项成就。Seal: 席尔,1963年出生,自上世纪90年代以来,Seal一直都是英国最受欢迎的男歌手之一,90年代中期以后,他把灵魂乐、民谣、摇滚、舞曲等不同的风格融入到自己的音乐中去,自成一派。Peter Gabriel: 1950年出生,20世纪70年代红极一时的摇滚乐团「创世纪」(Genesis)的团长,是当代摇滚音乐史上的一位音乐鬼才。teeter: to stand or move in an unsteady way so that you look as if you are going to fall 摇晃;蹒跚行走;踉跄;摇摇欲坠gimmick: an unusual trick that is intended to attract attention 花招,噱头201006/105974。
  • CNN's Judy Fortin looks at the dangers of tanning beds. Our obsession with having a year-round healthy glow is anything but healthy, especially for young women, but don't blame it all on the sun. Dermatologists are targeting indoor agents of tanning, namely tanning beds.The problem of tanning beds is that your entire body gets tanned, it gets tanned very quickly. There is much more intense than outside. It's cool,so you don't have a disincentive of getting hot,and it's easy and it's quick.And despite industry claims that these beds are safe, doctors disagree.We are seeing an epidemic of melanoma in people in their 20s.They are showing up in places that could only be affected by a tanning bed, buttocks, areas that just typically wouldn’t see sun on a regular basis,but there's no question that young people especially young women, in their late teens and 20s are having many more melanomas.Melanoma is the most deadly of skin cancers according to the American Cancer Society which says over 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year. Its numbers like these that have prompted the American Academy of Dermatology to come out with a new campaign against indoor tanning called "Indoor tanning is out".In fact, it is estimated every one in five Americans develops skin cancer.And one person dies from melanoma about every hour.I don't wanna be one of them.I don't wanna be one of them.One thing that tanning beds does is that they,people never have a rest from ED radiation, it's just like not having a rest from X-rays or cigarette smoke or any other known carcinogen. Your body doesn't have time to recover from it. Many doctors advise patients to avoid the dangers of tanning beds by spraying on or rubbing on products that produce that healthy glow, whatever you can do to avoid roasting it on.Judy Fortin,CNN,Atlanta.carcinogen: A cancer-causing substance or agent.200812/59065。
  • Tehran Ready for 'Constructive' Talks, Says Nuclear Negotiator伊朗:拟同六大国讨论核项目  Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Said Jalili, has signaled that Tehran is "y for constructive dialogue" over its nuclear program, in an apparent response to the invitation by European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana for talks with the ed States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. 伊朗的首席谈判代表贾利利发出信号说,德黑兰已准备要就它的核项目展开建设性的对话,这显然是对欧盟外交政策高级代表索拉纳邀请伊朗和美国、英国、法国、德国、俄罗斯、以及中国进行会谈所作出的反应。Jalili noted that President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's promise, last week, to present a new package of proposals aimed at resolving the ongoing nuclear standoff was a signal of its willingness to talk. 贾利利指出,伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德上星期保,将对解决目前在核问题上僵持不下的局面提出一套新方案,这是一个伊朗愿意展开会谈的信号。He went on to say, however, that Iran would not halt its nuclear program, which the ed States and other Western nations suspect is being used as a cover to build atomic weaponry. 不过贾利利接下来说,伊朗不会终止它的核项目。美国和其他西方国家怀疑伊朗利用这个核项目来为制造核武器作掩护。Jalili reiterated complaints by Mr. Ahmedinejad that the world powers have "tried to use the language of force and threat, instead of mutual respect," going on to conclude that the technique "has been proved ineffective." 贾利利重申了艾哈迈迪内贾德的抱怨,指出世界强权国家“试图使用武力和威胁的语言,而不是相互尊重”,他进而得出结论说:这种策略已被明没有效果。International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed al-Baradei noted, Monday, that the carrot and stick approach of the Bush Administration had not worked, adding that he was "pleased by the reversal in policy by the ed States." 国际原子能机构总干事巴拉迪星期一指出,布什政府的胡萝卜和大棒的方法并没有发生作用,他还说,他“为美国政策的转向感到高兴”。The group of five permanent Security Council nations, plus Germany, have recognized Iran's right to a civilian nuclear program, but say Tehran also has the "responsibility of restoring confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear activities." 安理会5个常任理事国加德国,已认可伊朗发展民用核项目的权利,不过说,德黑兰也“有责任使得人们对它核项目的纯粹和平性质恢复信心”。Some Iran experts argue that Mr. Ahmedinejad is planning to call for a "nuclear free zone in the Middle East," as part of his package of proposals for talks with the group of five, plus one. 一些伊朗专家辩称,艾哈迈迪内贾德计划“在中东设立一个无核区”,作为他同5个安理会常任理事国加德国会谈提案的一部分。Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Muttaqi is expected in Brussels, Thursday, for an international conference on Somalia hosted by the European Union. It is not clear if Iran's nuclear program will be discussed, alongside the conference, but EU sources have not ruled it out. 伊朗外交部长穆塔基预计星期四抵达布鲁塞尔,参加由欧盟主办的有关索马里的国际会议。目前并不清楚会议期间是否会提出讨论伊朗的核项目,不过欧盟消息来源并不排除这个可能性。Amr Hamzawi, Beirut-based Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says that everything indicates that both Iran and the ed States have "abandoned their old positions" and are getting y for constructive talks: 卡内基国际和平基金会位于贝鲁特的资深研究员艾姆尔-哈姆扎维说,所有迹象显示,伊朗和美国已经放弃他们以前的立场,并准备展开建设性的会谈:"The two parties are y for constructive negotiations and the Iranians have indicated in many different ways, and in a very significant way, in fact, by Ahmedinejad himself in recent days. The Iranians have a substantial interest in pushing forward the negotiations with the five members, plus one," he said. " The Iranians are not facing an easy situation in the region. There are great regional fears and doubts among the Arabs as far as the Iranian program is concerned and I guess they are trying to break the current cycle of escalation against them and boycott measures by different Arab as well as western countrie," Hamzawi added. “双方已准备展开建设性的谈判,伊朗已在许多不同方面,并且以非常显著的方式表达这种含义,事实上根本就是艾哈迈迪内贾德本人在最近几天来所作的表示。伊朗对于推动和5个安理会常任理事国加德国展开的谈判有极大的兴趣。伊朗在那个地区面临一个不简单的局面。那里的阿拉伯人对于伊朗的核项目深感恐惧和疑虑。我想他们试图要突破目前不利于他们并不断升级的恶性循环,以及不同阿拉伯和西方国家所提出的抵制方案。”President Ahmedinejad welcomed President Barack Obama's pledge to open a dialogue with Tehran, during a speech Wednesday in the town of Varamin, but criticized him for not taking "practical steps…such as going to the U.N. conference on racism in Geneva." 艾哈迈迪内贾德总统星期三在瓦拉明镇的一场演说中,欢迎美国总统奥巴马同德黑兰展开对话的保,不过批评奥巴马没有采取“实际行动,例如参加在日内瓦举行的联合国反种族主义会议”。President Obama indicated, Tuesday, that he would not be deterred from conducting what he called "tough" direct diplomacy with Iran, despite Mr. Ahmedinejad's controversial rhetoric against Israel at the Geneva conference. 奥巴马总统星期二指出,尽管艾哈迈迪内贾德在日内瓦的会议中对以色列发表了引发争议的言论,这并不能阻止他和伊朗展开艰难的直接外交。04/67862。
  • 与2008年同期相比,国际旅游者赴美国旅游人次减少了7.8%,然而,赴美国的中国旅游者数量增加了5.2%,这为萧条的旅游者业来说不啻为一个亮点。In the first nine months of last year, the number of travelers to the U.S decreased by 7.8 percent compared with that of 2008. However, the amount of travelers from China increased by 5.2 percent over the same period, offering a rare glimmer of hope in the otherwise depressing results for the industry. Bruce Bommarito, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the U.S. Travel Association, says this is one result of the memorandum of understanding that the U.S. and China signed in 2007 to facilitate Chinese group leisure travel to the U.S. "I think the Chinese inbound to the U.S. was a big change because the MOU, which allowed approved destination status, really took much more effect in than it did in 2008." Statistics from the U.S. Travel Association show that although China was the 16th largest source country to America, it ranked tenth in terms of spending during their stay in the country. This also brings benefits to local travel agencies. Ouyang Chao is the owner and manager of Jinhua Travel Agency based in Washington. "The need of the Chinese market has increased very fast. Annual turnover of the travel agency when I bought it was eight million U.S. dollars. It has doubled this year." To attract more Chinese travelers, many American travel agencies are promoting a new range of travel designed for Chinese. One of these new options is educational travel to American colleges, and it's proving a hit. Bruce Bommarito is optimistic about the development of Sino-America cooperation within the travel industry. "In the next five years, China will be the largest inbound long distant market to the U.S., and the U.S. will be the largest inbound long distant market to China." CRI news, I'm Chen Xi.201001/93715。
  • Economy, Job Losses Critical for Voters in Ohio选战必争俄亥俄 经济裁员关注多  The faltering U.S. economy and the loss of manufacturing jobs in the Midwestern U.S. state of Ohio are dominating the presidential election contest there, and that could spell trouble for Republican candidate John McCain. McCain needs to win the Ohio vote to have any hope of becoming the next president. Analysts are keeping a close eye on the state, which has gone for the winner in the last 11 presidential elections. Experts say social issues have helped swing the state to the Republican side in the last two elections. Economic issues are on the minds of Ohio voters this year, and that could help Democratic candidate Barack Obama. 美国经济的衰退、大规模生产厂家裁员的问题成了中西部的俄亥俄州总统大选的主导议题,而这可能成为笼罩在共和党总统侯选人麦凯恩头上的魔咒。麦凯恩要赢得俄亥俄州才有可能得到成为下届总统的最基本的希望。分析人士都密切注视这个州的动向,因为在过去11次大选中赢得俄亥俄州的候选人最后都获胜。专家认为,社会议题在上两次大选中帮助这个州的选民倒向了共和党。今年俄亥俄州选民的关注点在经济议题上,这可能给民主党候选人奥巴马带来帮助。Ron Davis started his career as a steelworker in Ohio 29 years ago. Davis, who is president of the local branch of the ed Steel Workers Union, just learned that 350 people who work in his plant's remaining building are going to be laid off. 戴维斯作为一名俄亥俄州的钢铁工人已经有29年的时间了。他是钢铁工人联合工会在当地分部的工会主席。戴维斯刚刚了解到在他所在的工厂所剩的车间中,有350名工人将被辞退。"I've got family and friends that are working in there, people that I've known for many years," said Ron Davis. "And their future's the one I'm worried about." 戴维斯:“我有亲戚和朋友在这家工厂工作, 也有很多相处多年的同事。他们的前途是我担心的事情。”That worry is translating into action at the local Union hall where members who usually support Republicans are campaigning for Democratic candidates. 这种担心在当地工会的会厅里逐渐变成了人们的行动,那里的工会会员通常持共和党,现在帮助民主党候选人竞选。Ron Davis says that this year, things are different. 戴维斯说,今年情况不一样了。"This year, the scales are tipped," he said. "And I think you're going to see a lot of Republicans voting for Obama this year." “今年,天平的重心变了。你会看到很多共和党人今年将投奥巴马的票。”Presidential elections are usually hard-fought battles in Ohio, and public opinion polls show that the race between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama is close. 总统选举在俄亥俄州通常是一块艰难的必争之地,民意调查显示,共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马的选情十分接近。Rural central Ohio often goes Republican. Most of the big cities - Cleveland in the northeast, Columbus in the middle - lately have supported Democrats. So do industrial towns, such as Youngstown in the northeast. 俄亥俄中部的乡村地区通常是共和党的地盘,而多数大城市,比如东北部的克里夫兰,中部的哥伦布最近都持了民主党。工业城市也是如此,例如东北部的扬斯敦。During his campaign visits to the state, Senator Obama has focused on the economic crisis he says is the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 奥巴马参议员在他竞选行程中来到了俄亥俄,他集中探讨了紧急危机的议题。他说,这次危机是1930年以来最严重的一次。"I don't have to tell you, Ohio, 760,000 workers have lost their jobs so far this year," said Barack Obama. “我不必说,你们也知道,今年俄亥俄州有76万工人已经失去了工作。”Senator McCain has tried to counter that message, warning Ohio voters that Obama would increase their taxes. 麦凯恩参议员试图改变焦点,警告俄亥俄州的选民说,奥巴马将会增加他们的税收。"He believes in redistributing the wealth not in policies that grow our economy and create jobs and opportunities for all Americans," said John McCain. “他相信财富的再分配,而不是增长经济、为所有美国人增加工作机会的政策。”Around the city of Youngstown, many manufacturing jobs have been lost. An aluminum plant on the outskirts of the city closed last year. Although Democrats are running strong here, retired union leader, Mike Rubicz, says many voters feel conflicted. 在扬斯敦周围的一些大型工厂,很多工作机会都没有了。这个城市近郊的一家铝厂去年倒闭 。虽然民主党在这里声势浩大,退休工会负责人鲁比茨说,很多选民感到困惑。"Because on one hand, there's a concern about Obama in terms of his experience and the fact that he's a black man and, at the same time, they don't see that McCain really has a program to help them," said Mike Rubicz. “因为一方面,人们关心的是奥巴马的资历,以及他是黑人这一事实,同时,选民们又没有看到麦凯恩真正拿出一个计划来帮助他们。”Although Democrats appear to be using the faltering economy to their advantage, Youngstown Republicans like McCain volunteer Tracey Winbush say they are making headway. 虽然民主党人显然在用经济衰退的议题为自己竞选,但是扬斯敦的共和党人、麦凯恩竞选义工温布什说他们已经开始了助选活动。"It's the economy," said Tracey Winbush. "It is social issues." 温布什说:“那是经济议题,那是社会议题。”"We pray for the president," said Chuck Michaelis. "We pray for the vice president." Chuck Michaelis leads a Wednesday evening prayer group. Religion is a powerful political motivator in Ohio, especially among abortion opponents like Kevin Dill."I probably lean more towards the Republican side," said Kevin Dill. "But I would say that's mainly because I have been more impressed with Sarah Palin."Despite the efforts of John McCain and his vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, many Democrats say they will vote for Barack Obama and his running mate Senator Joe Biden. 尽管麦凯恩和他的竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长佩林十分努力,但是很多民主党人说,他们要投奥巴马和他的副手拜登参议员的票。And while many social conservatives favor John McCain, some, like Diana Anderson, are reconsidering. 很多社会保守人士喜欢麦凯恩,但与此同时,一些人也在重新考虑,就像这位安德森女士。"Ya, I had to relook at things and study harder and I'm back to where I'm definitely going to vote for Obama," said Diana Anderson. 她说:“是呀,有一些问题我还要思考,进一步研究。我回到我当初的想法,一定把选票投给奥巴马。”Opinion polls show the race between McCain and Obama is still too close to call, as Ohio's wrenching economic transformation will play a key role in the election. Both candidates are counting on victory in Ohio to give them the edge in the state-by-state battle to win the 270 electoral votes necessary to claim the White House. 民意调查显示,麦凯恩和奥巴马之间的持率太过接近,难分胜负。此时,俄亥俄州痛苦的经济转型将成为选举的一个关键角色。双方候选人都把赢得俄亥俄作为一个契机,以便在各州赢得入主白宫总共所需的最基本的270张选举人票。200811/54690。
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