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Airline Fuel Crisis Newsweek's Dan Gross explains how record fuel costs are affecting passengersHi everybody. You’re watching Money Matters. I’m Dalhit Dhaliwal in New York. Thank you for joining us now.As we’ve mentioned earlier, record fuel prices are crippling the nation’s airlines. And as a result, some airlines are attempting to a merge. And others are raising fuel surcharges as well as their base fares. So what does it mean for passengers? Here to help us answer that question is Dane Gropes. He’s a senior editor at Newsweek. Now he wrote a column in Newsweek magazine about the future of the airline industry. Hi, Dane, thank you very much for joining us on Money Matters. Good to be here.So let’s start with this merger of um Delta and Northwest. Uh, talk us through briefly, what does it mean for passengers? Well, it shouldn’t mean all that much for passengers. Delta and Northwest do not have a lot of overlapping routes. Uh, they are press released that their only kind of 12 direct routes where they’re over-lapping. Northwest is very strong obviously in the north and the west, the mid-west. Delta’s dominant in the south, the eastern seaboard. So it shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference for your typical travel uh in terms of, uh, the choices they have, the routes they have. And the, in terms of uh, just the general kind of the mayhem the airline industry is going through right now, what does that mean in terms of the big picture if these mergers start to happen and become more and more frequent?Well, there are two possibilities here, two potential outcomes. One is that, these airlines, by merging, -- excuse me – will reduce their costs, become more profitable, be able to invest in new planes, improve service generally. That’s the hope of the shareholders of these companies. The second is that they will reduce capacity, in other words, when you have fewer airlines out there, there’s a little less competition, they are gonna take some planes out of circulation. What that means is that, existing planes, existing flights will be a little more crowded. In theory, they should have more leeway to raise fares. That’s part of the hope of some of these mergers – is to take some of the vicious competition that exists out there, reduce it, so that they get a little more breathing room.And what does that mean to the flying public? I mean, generally, is that a good thing for them or will we have to wait and see?Well, airline, air, uh, the price rising of course is not a particularly good thing. But I argued in the column in the Newsweek this week that what we need is a little less capacity, you know. One of the things that has made flying so miserable, especially in the New York – Washington - Boston area, is that there are just too many planes, too many planes on the runway, too many planes in the airspace. The airlines have not had the incentive to reduce their capacity. So to the extend, it means there are fewer flights, you know, sitting on the runway at LaGuardia, sitting on the runway at Reagan National. Uh, some of this reduced capacity may make flying more pleasant, if not more cheap.And, uh, you said an interesting thing in your column, uh, the Money Culture column this week. You talked about how a recession could actually help the industry. How come?Well, two things happen when you get a recession. One, on the business side, corporations look to slash spending. And one of the things they look to do is cut business travel. There are less deals going out, less transactions, fewer reasons for people to be flying around. And second is that discretionary fliers -- people going on vacation, yes, that’s a big ticket item to get reduce when people are feeling pinched. Some more people will be driving to the beach instead of flying down to Florida. After the last recession, the capacity of airlines nationwide was reduced by 15 percent. In other words, a lot of planes are taken out of circulation, freeing up space, making airports less crowded. I don’t think they will see that much of reduction. But we’ve aly, were seeing that last month, the number of flights taken off from American airports was down almost 2 percent from the same month in the year ago. So we’re starting to see fewer planes out there.And in terms of the general flying public, I mean, in uh, what does the recession mean for them? I mean you’ve talked about what it may possibly mean for corp. of America? I mean, do they then just sit up like tighten their belts and not travel at all or do they find alternative ways of doing the kind of business that they need to be getting on, and especially when they are small business owners?I think increasingly people will look to alternatives, you know. As you know, and in a round-up to this, jet fuel costs are out of control and airlines are passing that on. They are hitting people with fuel surcharges; they’re charging you the check baggage; they’re charging for food and all sorts of things and so it’s making flying more expensive.200812/59521India, Pakistan Consider Action Against Charity Group Linked to Mumbai Attack印度称联合国会将巴组织定为恐怖 India's government is expressing optimism that the ed Nations will respond favorably to its request to outlaw a Pakistani group linked to the recent terror attack on Mumbai. Meanwhile, Pakistan's prime minister says that connection needs to be looked into before Islamabad can take action against the Islamic charity. 印度政府乐观地表示,联合国将会正面回应印方关于取缔一个和最近孟买恐怖袭击有关连的巴基斯坦组织的要求。与此同时,巴基斯坦总统说,在伊斯兰堡方面对这个伊斯兰慈善机构采取行动之前,需要对其中的关系进行仔细调查。Indian officials say the ball is now in the court of the international community, to take action against the organization it believes is the front for the Laskhar-e-Taiba terror outfit. 印度官员表示,在对他们认定是在为激进组织“虔诚军”打掩护的机构采取行动的问题上,目前是国际社会表态的时候了。India accuses Lashkar of plotting the assault on its commercial capital, which killed about 170 people, including nine of the attackers. It has formally asked the ed Nations Security Council to ban the Pakistan-based charity, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, and declare it a terrorist organization. India contends Jamaat is the parent body of the terror group known for fighting Indian rule in the disputed Kashmir region.  印度指责“虔诚军”策划了对其商业之都的袭击。那次袭击导致170人死亡,其中包括9名袭击者。印度已经正式要求联合国安理会取缔设在巴基斯坦的慈善组织“达瓦慈善会”,并把它定性为恐怖组织。印度声称这个组织是在有争议的克什米尔地区对抗印度统治的恐怖组织的幕后操纵者。Charity group linked to Mumbai terroristsIndian Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon, speaking to reporters in New Delhi, says the charity is clearly linked to the terrorist group, which is also blamed for previous attacks in India.  印度外交秘书希夫香卡尔.梅农在新德里对记者说,这个慈善机构显然和此前被指袭击印度的恐怖组织有关连。"We think the perpetrators of the attack on Mumbai were Lashkar-e-Taiba people and it was organized by them. Let's see what the international community does. We hope that they will respond positively to our request," said Menon.  他说:“我们认为发动袭击的是‘虔诚军’的人。这是他们策划组织的袭击。让我们看国际社会怎样反应,希望他们能够正面回应我们的要求。”After Pakistan banned Lashkar in 2002, Jamaat came to the forefront as the group's political and charitable wing. It denies any role in carrying out terrorist attacks.  巴基斯坦2002年取缔拉什卡圣战组织之后,达瓦慈善会成为这个组织的政治和慈善部分。它否认与恐怖袭击有任何关联。Pakistan calls for investigationPakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani - responding to the Indian request to ban Jamaat - says there must be an investigation before such action can be taken. 巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼回应印度有关取缔达瓦慈善会的要求时表示,在采取这种行动之前,必须进行调查。 "I want to put the record straight," he said. 他说:“我要把事情都搞清楚。”The Pakistani prime minister, speaking to reporters in Multan, denies his government is under any pressure from India to shut down Jamaat. He says any action taken by Pakistan will be in the interest of the country and its people. He adds Pakistan will investigate any findings sent to Islamabad by Indian intelligence agencies. 吉拉尼在木尔坦和记者交谈的时候否认巴基斯坦政府受到印度要求取缔达瓦慈善会的任何压力。他说,巴基斯坦采取的任何行动都将符合巴基斯坦国家和人民的利益。他补充说,巴基斯坦将就印度情报机构提交给巴基斯坦的线索展开调查。Mr. Gilani did confirm the arrest of two senior members of L-e-T, as suspects in the conspiracy behind the Mumbai attack.  吉拉尼实了两名虔诚军高级成员因涉嫌参与策划孟买袭击而被逮捕的消息。International pressure mounts for action against terror groupIn the past week, both India and the ed States have been calling for Pakistan's government to take concrete action to identify and arrest those responsible for the siege on Mumbai.  过去一个星期里,印度和美国都要求巴基斯坦政府采取具体行动,确认和逮捕策划和实施孟买袭击行动的人。India says 10 Pakistani gunmen, trained by the terror group, carried out the attack which lasted 60 hours. Most of those who died were gunned down at two luxury hotels, a Jewish community center, a train station and a cafe.  印度说,10名接受过恐怖组织训练的巴基斯坦手发动了那次持续60个小时的袭击。他们当中大部分人在两家豪华酒店、一个犹太人中心、一座火车站和一间咖啡馆被击毙。India has insisted that those arrested in Pakistan for involvement in the terrorist strike be put on trial here. But Islamabad says any such legal proceedings would have to take place in Pakistan. 印度方面坚持说,那些因参与恐怖袭击而在巴基斯坦被逮捕的人应当在印度受审。但是伊斯兰堡表示,任何这类法律程序都必须在巴基斯坦进行。200812/58529This was not the radical reforming budget it had been billed as. But its heart was in the right place 虽不如它所标榜的“激进的、革新的预算”,但其动机还是积极的。“THIS is not a tax-raising budget. But nor can we afford a giveaway.” Thus George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, drew the narrow parameters of his second budget on March 23rd. The broad sweep of the coalition government’s fiscal policy was set in Mr Osborne’s emergency budget last June, and in October’s four-year public-spending review. His task then was to fashion a deficit-reduction plan of tax increases and spending cuts to reassure bond markets of Britain’s creditworthiness. This time the chancellor was restricted to finding small pockets of extra revenue to finance modest but eye-catching tax breaks or subsidies.“这不是一个增税的计划,但我们也负担不起减税了。”在3月23日,现任英国财政大臣乔治奥斯本,提出了他的第二套财政紧缩预算。早在去年六月奥斯本的紧急减赤预案中,已经全面地回顾了联合政府的财政政策,并于十月核查了四年公共出。奥斯本的任务是旨在减少赤字的加税和减少公共开,以保英国在债券市场的信用。这次财政大臣能做的事情有限,只能计划收入小笔预算外融资,但适度、却醒目地提出减税优惠或补贴。At least he did not come back for more money from taxpayers and spending departments. Nine months in, the plan to eliminate the structural deficit during this parliament is broadly on track. Public-sector net borrowing will be 146 billion (7 billion) or 9.9% of GDP this financial year, a few billion less than the Treasury estimated in June. The deficit in 2011-12 and beyond will be a shade higher as a share of GDP than on previous forecasts, but not much. 至少他没有向纳税人和消费部门要更多的钱。在今后九个月中,本届国会将全面出击致力于消除结构性赤字。在这一财务年,政府公共净举债1460亿英镑(毛2370亿英镑)GDP增长达9.9%,比财政部6月预计略低。在2011-2012年度及以后,GDP中赤字占比将高于先前预测,但相去不远。This higher path reflects a slower pace of economic recovery rather than any let-up in the chancellor’s zeal for fiscal austerity. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the fiscal watchdog set up by Mr Osborne last year, has revised its forecast for this year’s GDP growth to 1.7% from 2.1% (the forecast for 2012 was nudged down to 2.5%). That change reflects the momentum lost in the 0.6% fall in GDP in the final quarter of 2010. The OBR reckons some of the drop in output will have been recovered during a sprightly first quarter in 2011 (it forecasts a 0.8% increase), though it has not revised up GDP growth in subsequent quarters. The OBR judges that the chancellor will meet his self-imposed fiscal targets. 这根赤字增加的扬线反映了经济复苏步伐放缓,但并不能说明财政大臣热衷于财政紧缩政策。奥斯本去年组建的预算责任办公室(OBR)履行着财政监督职责,其将今年的GDP增长从之前预测的2.1%,修订至1.7%(2012年预测微幅下调至2.5%)。这一变化反映了在2010年第4季度因增长乏力而使GDP降低0.6%。 OBR预测在11年第1季度将出现小幅攀升,预计为0.8%,但它并没有调整GDP在后几季度增长预期。OBR判断财政大臣将达成他制定的每一个财政年度目标。With the big-picture stuff in place, Mr Osborne could administer a few small balms to the economy’s sorest spots. The costliest measure—and the one designed to capture the headlines—was the suspension of planned real-term increases in fuel duties for the life of the current parliament, together with an immediate one-penny per litre cut. That change will cost the Treasury 1.9 billion in 2011-12, but will be more than paid for by an increased levy on North Sea oil producers, to capture the windfall gains from high crude prices. Mr Osborne justified this transfer from producers to consumers by noting that other oil-producing countries have tax systems that squeeze profits harder when oil prices are high. He said a sustained fall in the oil price below, say, a barrel would prompt a reversal in the balance of taxation towards consumers. 正如图表显示,奥斯本的政策对英国经济阵痛点有些小疗效。其中最昂贵的一个举措、如同不少新闻头条报道的,他暂停了现有国会通过一项长期增加燃油税的决议,使汽油价格立竿见影地每公升跌了一便士。这项决定在2011-12年度将使英国财政额外出19亿英镑,但向北欧石油生产商调高的增税预期会取得更多收益。奥斯本给生产商的理由是,其他石油生产国的税收制度,可以在原油涨价时调低利润值来保油价,会从把利润从生产者向消费者转移。他说在下一个季度油价格将持续下跌,每桶75美元的原油价格将会进一步拉低单位油价,马上会使生产商和消费者之间的税收产生一个平衡。201104/132564

Green Tricks And Treats Danny Seo of Better Homes And Gardens magazine showed Maggie Rodriguez some eco-friendly tricks and treats for a greener Halloween. Not everything about Halloween has to be dark and scary. You can also be green as an eco-friendly. Here with some great ideas with Dany , a living green contributor for Better Homes an Gardens. Hello.Happy Halloween to you.The same to you, Danny.Let’s start with your solar power ghosts. Yeah, we can all have solar lights and say as super energy fission because you use the power this charge up. So why not take old bed sheet and look at I am gonna do. You hang it over the solar light, you take a little sharpy draw on the face of the ghost. Look, you’ve got an illuminated ghost, so at night, when some ghosts down and the solar lights turn on, you’ve got this glowing ghosts hanging in the trees.We have some , there you go.That is beautiful. That’s look like, that is pretty awesome. How gorgeous that is! And paint spooky and uses the power of the super energy fission lights in a very creative way. Can be that. Ok, let’s talk about this little ghost lights. This is ally D, right?Yes, this is the newest thing in this string right now. Alle D since for a light and made in deal. It’s basically these lights with irregular string lights, it is pumpkins. Here is a scary bat. They can last 25,000 hours because of the math. What? So if you do the math like 20,000, three and a half years will stay illuminated. If you plug it today, three and a half years from now, you have to up/ because it will finally burn out. That is wonderful.A 999 you can be with ouch. I was just to say how it compared to regular lights.Yeah, so for the long carats gray and it also feels very safe, cos it don’t get too hot to touch. I don’t reach. Yeah. Ok, that we go.Maga//. So let’s talk about these, these are painted with nontoxic paint, which is the great idea?Not just nontoxic paint, glue and dark paints. And better homes and gardens, we are obsessed with glue and dark paint, because it is nontoxic but also it uses the power of sun to charge up this special paint here, then you do little path where you glue the dark rocks they glue in great path right in your front door.Do we have of that? No, no . We can imagine of that. Ok, let’s go over to the jack-o-lanterns. Then once you put candles in, you recommend using soy candles. Yeah, soy we know is getting fit in environment, because it is to be a newable soy beans that it’s not para for base and really inexpensive now. This is the five one from math, because you right here to soy, the last one in a half times longer and burn in traditional candles. Meaning you jack-o-lantern into your parties if outdoors. It could say illuminated a lot longer, so a really good choice. (and price?)And there getting much more comparative in price with regular candle. So if you think about how long it actually can burn, it can save money in the long run. And they come with this / almost pumpkin chips. I think it poor containers will do a great idea for a parple.Well, what will you do after Halloween with your jack-o-lantern? Actually we cycle the pumpkin as a planter. You should never throw away your pumpkin. Because believe it or not, all these seeds if you don’t actually germen it and then fears having problems for the vines. Yeah, and it’s actually horrific for / . so you actually should chap it up buried it in your garden if you can. All you set is a plan. That’ a good idea, all right. Let’s talk about recycling and cartons, carbons. That’s a great idea too.Well, who doesn’t have this regular carbon like a cut sharpy, or some black paint, if you make this scary a little bats. Here, this is the fun kids project. ( yeah) I’ll take all the carbon cards cut them into the shape of shines and clipping message on it and put it outside.You are recycling. Speaking of recycling, this is the best, let’s go through the chocolate facial. How you could use your candy if you don’t need it at all.Well, believe it or not, chocolate is good to fill because the antioxidant in dark chocolate. It’s incorporated into lots of facials are chance sparse.Exactly, so why spend a lot of money use a little bit of milk, rich dark chocolate, / do you know. Put my hands. And actually put it on my skin is gonna more straight skin. The antioxidant likely calm the redness on it (and then you can let it get out. ) It’s also get pretty to. Yummy, taste too special I have ever had. I know, and it is so easy to deal out your kids Halloween trick and treat bats and also hard candy too, you can recycle too. Just put like better /it into a clean coffee grinder. Take a little bit of your flavor, pat of sugar put inside the coffee and you’ve got flavor trip. It’s nice to see you. Thank you, Happy Halloween.Thank you. 200811/55504

When I was about 12 years old, I remember at Christmas one year being ashamed of how much I liked it because of all the presents I got. It's a pretty complicated thought for a 12 year old kid but I had it. I've always liked presents though. People send me a lot of things and I wish they wouldn't but I can't help liking them. Look at this - just a few of the things that have come in recently: this is a bottle of some kind of sauce. Now it's probably very good and from some one who likes me but it could be very bad and from someone who hates me too, so I don't dare eat it. Someone sent me this sports whistle. Why would anyone send me a whistle? The package says it's made of solid brass. It's triple plated and it has an extra sharp tone. Well good for it. But I certainly wouldn't want a whistle that was only double plated and made of brass that wasn't solid. This goes under a door to keep the draft out. Someone's idea of what John McCain and Barack Obama look like. Not my idea of what either of them look like but what do I know? "The American Government In Action" - this is a game. I never cared much for games. There's enough to play with in real life. "The Baseball Dictionary." This book has a lot more than I want to know about baseball. I'm a football fan. Baseball is too caught up with numbers for me. This is a pair of socks; I don't know who they’re for. They come up over my knees. I don’t know what these two bags are for - why would I want two of them anyway? This is called Almond Orange Honey. Seems like a good idea and the bees are certainly done a good job, but I never liked honey. I said I liked fudge and that I never got any good fudge anymore - I haven't had any good fudge in years - so a lot of people sent me good fudge. And I guess it's good. I haven't eaten all if it yet. I said I shine my own shoes. The letter that came with this stuff says it brings leather back to life. Nice to think about bringing leather back to life isn't it? I'll see if this brings my shoes back to life. I just hope my shoes don't eat my fudge.07/78634

World Stocks Down Again; US Retail Sales Drop美欧亚股市下滑 美国零售额急挫 Stock prices were down again Wednesday, on Wall Street and in Europe and Asia. Investors seem to doubt that plans to help troubled financial institutions will be enough to fight off a deep recession. 华尔街,欧洲和亚洲股票价格星期三再次全线下滑。投资者似乎怀疑挽救陷入困境的金融机构的计划是否足以避免经济陷入严重衰退。Wall Street followed Europe and most Asian exchanges in losing ground on Wednesday. In New York, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 300 points, or three percent, early in the day. London's FTSE 100 index, the DAX in Frankfurt and the CAC 40 in Paris were all down more than five percent in afternoon trading. 华尔街股市随着欧洲和亚洲大部分地区星期三的收红而应声下滑。 在纽约,道琼斯工业平均指数在早市中下跌超过300多点,或百分之三。在一天前。伦敦金融时报100指数,法兰克福DAX指数和巴黎CAC-40指数在下午的交易中均下跌超过百分之五。In Tokyo, the Nikkei index gained 100 points, or more than one percent, but Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped almost five percent (835 points). 在东京,日经指数上涨100点,涨幅超过百分之一。但是,香港恒生指数下跌近百分之五,跌了835点。A report that U.S. retail sales plunged in September accented global concerns that the ed States is either moving toward a recession or aly in one. The Commerce Department said Wednesday retail sales dropped by 1.2 percent last month. It was the biggest decline in three years, and almost double what experts were expecting. Consumer spending is two-thirds of the total U.S. economic activity. 最新公布的一份报告显示,美国零售销售额九月份急剧下挫,导致全球担心美国是否正在走向经济衰退,或者已经进入衰退。 美国商务部星期三说,美国零售销售额九月份下降了百分之一点二,这是三年来的最大降幅,几乎比专家预期的数字增加一倍。消费者出占美国整个经济活动的三分之二。Another report showed that U.S. wholesale prices dropped for the second straight month, led by retreating energy costs. But aside from energy and food, all other wholesale prices had their biggest annual increase in more than 17 years. 另一项报告显示,在能源价格的带领下,美国批发物价指数9月份连续第二个月下降。但是除了能源和食品之外,所有其它商品批发价格的年度升幅达到17年来的最高记录。U.S. President George Bush says he believes the nation's economy will rebound. As the president met with his Cabinet Wednesday to discuss the financial crisis, he said his administration has taken bold actions to strengthen financial institutions. 美国总统布什说,他相信国家的经济将会反弹。布什总统星期三会见了他的内阁成员讨论了金融危机,他说,他的政府已经采取了大胆的行动,以加强金融机构。"These are extraordinary measures, no question about it," he said. "But they are well thought out, they are necessary and I am confident in the long run this economy will come back." 布什说:“这些都是非常措施,这一点没有疑问。但是这些措施都经过深思熟虑,同时也是必要的,我相信从长远来看,美国经济一定会反弹。”On Tuesday, Mr. Bush announced plans for the government to buy 0 billion in stock in private banks, in hopes of getting credit flowing again. 星期二,布什总统宣布,他计划由政府出资购买2500亿美元的私营的股票,希望能够恢复信贷的流动。Meanwhile, the European Union is holding a summit in Brussels, focused on the financial crisis. EU officials want to increase the amount of money protected by insurance, among other initiatives. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the world's financial institutions need major changes.  与此同时,欧洲联盟正在布鲁塞尔举行一次首脑会议,重点讨论金融危机。欧盟官员们希望增加保险保障的金额,并采取其它措施。英国首相戈登.布朗表示,世界各地的金融机构需要做出重大的改革。"To build confidence about the future, which is essential for every saver and every depositor and every business, we have to show that we are dealing with the problems that caused the events of the last few months in the first place," he said. 布朗说:“建立对未来的信任,对每一个存款人,对每一个储蓄户和每一个企业都是至关重要的。为了建立这种信心,我们必须表明我们正在首先处理过去几个月的事件造成的问题。”In other business news, U.S. antitrust regulators have approved Bank of America's billion purchase of Merrill Lynch. The deal combines the largest U.S. bank by deposits with the world's largest brokerage. The acquisition must still be approved by the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve. 在其他商业新闻方面,美国反垄断监管机构已经批准美州350亿美元收购美林的计划。此次收购将是美国最大的存款与世界上最大的券商的合并。收购计划还必须得到美国的中央,也就是美国联邦储备委员会的批准。Also, J.P. Morgan Chase's profit plunged by 84 percent in the third quarter, due largely to bad mortgage investments, leveraged loans and home loans. Still, profits at the New York-based bank were higher than expected. 此外,根大通第三季度的利润暴跌了百分之八十四,主要由于不良房贷的投资,杠杆贷款和住房贷款。不过,总部设在纽约的根的利润仍然比预期的要好。And one big U.S.-based company has some good news. Coca-Cola reports its third-quarter profits were up 14 percent. Sales in emerging markets offset weakness in North America. 有一个美国大公司有好的消息。可口可乐公司报告其第三季度利润增长百分之十四。可口可乐在新兴市场的销售抵消了北美市场的疲软。200810/53010

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