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  • Big Idea: It’s a subscription-based online food gourmet delivery service that sends tasty morsels directly to your door. For every box of treats it delivers, Love With Food donates an equivalent amount of money to a local food bank.网站创意:这是一个基于订阅的在线美食配送务,每送出一盒美食,Love With Food就会向当地一家食物捐赠同等数额的款项。Why It’s Working: Smaller food producers often have trouble affording marketing and distribution services, and one in every five American children are going hungry. Love With Food is helping to solve both of those problems in one fell swoop.网站目标:小型食品制造业通常无力付营销费用和开设配送务,而与此同时在美国每5个孩子就有1个面临饥饿问题。Love With Food就是为一举解决这两个问题而创办。Aihui Ong launched Love With Food four months ago with a simple premise: Users pay a small monthly fee, and they’re treated to a sampling of gourmet snacks, such as apple cinnamon fig cookie bars or sweet chipotle almonds. Customers select which snacks they want, and a package is sent right to their front door at the beginning of every month.Aihui Ong于四个月前启动了Love With Food,基本理念是:用户每月付一定费用就可以品尝到一份美食的试吃装,比如苹果肉桂无花果饼干或墨西哥甜辣杏仁。顾客选好食物后每个月就会收到送上门的美食包裹。Every time Love With Food sends a sweet-tooth care package, the company contributes an equal amount of money to a local food bank of the vendor’s choice. That, says Ong, helps keep the love in local communities. The company works with hunger-fighting organization Share Our Strength to process the donations.Love Wiht Food每送出一份包裹就会向它们在当地指定的一家食物捐赠同等数额的款项。Ong认为此举有助于在当地社区传递爱心,公司目前正和一家反饥饿组织Share Our Strength合力运作该项捐助。How’s the food? Great, if you ask her customers. Ong has nearly 1, 000 subscribers and a growth rate of about 25% every month. Food banks love the donations, and food companies love the site because it gives them an affordable marketing and distribution system — not to mention a great public relations boost.那这个网站提供的食物味道如何?如果你有机会采访到顾客,他们一定会说:棒极了!目前该网站有将近1,000个订购者,且正以25%的增长率扩张。食物当然欢迎这些捐助,而很多食品公司也喜欢这个网站,因为它建立了一套不算太昂贵的市场营销和配送系统,更别提此举对公共关系的促进了。;A lot of food companies like to partner with us because we do give back, ” says Ong. “Everyone who’s part of the food community tends to give back in their own way.”“很多食品公司愿意和我们合作,因为我们有回馈机制,”Ong指出。“事实上,每个食品界的成员都会以自己的方式回报社会。”Ong, an engineer, started the site after a year-long backpacking and soul-searching expedition through Europe, Egypt, China and other parts of the world. She was burnt out on her job and hit the road to renew her inspiration and zest for life.Ong是一名工程师,在建立这个网站之前曾花一年多的时间进行了一次探索内心的背包远行,足迹遍布欧洲、埃及、中国等。她一度厌倦自己的工作,试图通过这次流浪重燃对生活的热忱和灵感。;I saw a lot abroad, ” says Ong. “I’m an engineer who wanted to use my skills to build something important, and after gaining a different view of the world, I wanted to do something I was passionate about and give back to the world.”“我目睹了很多事情,”Ong说。“作为一名工程师,我曾想利用自己的本领做些重要的事情。而在对世界有了一些不一样的看法之后,我想做自己热爱的并且可以回馈社会的事情。”Ong watched a food-making friend struggle to move her business from local farmer’s markets to grocery store shelves. She knew there had to be a better way, and then came the idea for Love With Food. Ong also credits her inspiration to Tom’s Shoes — the company that made the buy one, give one model mainstream, by sending a pair of shoes to a child in the developing world for every pair it sells in the U.S.Ong有一个食品制造业的朋友,为了把自己的产品从当地一家农贸市场推广到杂货店里而费尽周折。她觉得一定有更好的办法,于是Love With Food应运而生。Ong把自己的灵感归功于Tom’s Shoes——这家公司建立了买一送一的模式,在美国每卖出一双鞋就向发展中国家的孩子们捐出一双鞋。Want to sink your teeth into tasty treats and do some social good at the same time? For now, a subscription to Love With Food costs a month. Bon appetite!你想在品尝美味的同时做一些造福社会的事情吗?从现在开始,在Love With Food上订购食物每月只需14美元(目前仅限美国用户——译者注)。祝你胃口好! /201206/185884。
  • 1、非常自私的女人Selfish women /200911/89518。
  • Learn what is the “It” in “Use It or Lose It”. A basic understanding will serve you well to appreciate your brain’s beauty as a living and constantly-developing dense forest with billions of neurons and synapses. 1. 了解。 在“使用它或失去它”中,“它”是什么。基本的了解将有助于你去欣赏你的大脑作为活的并不断发展的有上亿神经元和突触的茂密森林的美丽。 /201003/100273。
  • If you are ing this on Friday you cannot be in Samoa.如果你是周五读到这篇文章,那么你一定不是在萨亚。Friday, December 30, has been cut this year for the tiny South Pacific island nation as it ditched a time-zone alliance with the ed States and moved its time zone 24 hours ahead to catch up with Asia, New Zealand and Australia.这个南太平洋袖珍岛国丢掉了12月30日(周五)这一天,因为它抛弃了和美国的时区联盟,将自己的时间移前了24小时,以和亚洲、新西兰和澳大利亚保持一致。On New Year#39;s Eve, Samoa will have jumped to the west of the international dateline, which runs zig-zags through the Pacific Ocean and broadly follows the 180 degree line of longitude, in a move Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi said would make it easier for Samoa to trade with key partners.在新年前夕那天,萨亚将移至国际日期变更线西侧。国际日期变更线是大致沿180度经线穿过太平洋的一条折线。萨亚总理图伊拉埃帕bull;萨伊莱莱bull;马利埃莱额奥伊称此举将方便萨亚和主要贸易伙伴进行交易。;No longer shall we have people ringing us up on Monday from New Zealand and Australia thinking it is Monday when we are closing our eyes and praying at churches. And vice versa on our Fridays when we ring up and aly our contacts are holidaying on their Saturdays,; he told Radio New Zealand on Friday.周五,他告诉新西兰广播电台说:;我们再也不会有人周日在教堂闭上眼祈祷时接到来自新西兰和澳大利亚周一打的电话。同样我们周五打电话时对方也不会已经外出度假过周末了。;;It will remove the enormous amount of confusion in our travel times for the Samoans and especially for the tourists who come to Samoa, who keep thinking of the New Zealand and Australian time zones.;;这会为萨亚人、特别是为来萨亚的游客免去很多旅行时间上的困惑,游客们老以为是在新西兰和澳大利亚的时区里。;Church bells will ring and carol services will herald the changeover time.在时间变更时,萨亚的教堂钟声将会响起,人们将高唱颂歌,来宣布这一时刻的来临。To help win public support, the government declared employers must still pay workers for the missing Friday, although banks will not be allowed to charge interest for the lost day.为了赢得民众的持,政府宣布雇主仍须付工人在;失去的;星期五的工资,但不允许收取失去的那天的贷款利息。Countries are free to choose whether the dateline passes to the east or west, and Samoa#39;s decision will mean all new maps will need to change.国家可自由选择是位于国际日期变更线的东侧还是西侧,萨亚的这一决定意味着所有的新地图将需要做出变动。The vast nation of China uses one national time zone while Australia is a mesh, particularly with summer daylight savings time that sees southern Adelaide city move from half an hour behind the eastern states to an hour in front of far northeastern Queensland.领土广阔的中国是全国使用同一个时区的时间,澳大利亚则是不同地区采用不同时区的时间,特别是采用了夏令时,使得南部的阿德莱德市从原来的比东部各州晚半个小时,变成比东北部的昆士兰州早一个小时。But some tourism operators are worried Samoa will lose business by losing its position as the last place on earth to see the sunset each day, although it will now be one of the first places to see in each new day.不过一些旅游境外业务操作员担心萨亚会因为不再是地球上最后一个看见每天的日落的国度而失去商机,尽管如今萨亚将是最早迎接每个新的一天的国度之一。Samoa, a country of about 180,000 people, used to be same time zone as New Zealand Australia but went back a day in 1892, celebrating July 4 twice and aligning itself with the ed States.萨亚是一个拥有18万人口的国家,它曾经和新西兰、澳大利亚位于同一时区,但在1892年后退了一天,庆祝了两次美国独立日(7月4日),并和美国结成同盟。The date change is not the first major change in Samoa in recent years. In 2009, the country switched to driving on the left hand side of the road from the right hand side, in line with New Zealand and Australia.日期变更并不是近些年萨亚做出的首个重大变动。2009年该国将汽车靠左手边行驶改成靠右手边行驶,以和新西兰、澳大利亚保持一致。词汇点津:zig-zag: 折线line of longitude: 经线 /201112/166589。
  • A research from the University of Kansas found that a person's flirting style can predict success in the romance department.  美国堪萨斯大学一项研究发现,一个人的调情方式会直接影响人们恋爱关系的类型。  Researchers found those who use playful and physical styles of flirtation are likely to attract shorter, less serious relationships, whereas polite and sincere flirting could attract a longer term partner.  研究人员发现,戏谑性的肢体接触类调情易收获短暂、不甚严肃的恋情,而礼貌和真诚的方式更易吸引长期伴侣。  The findings come from a study of more than 5,100 people looking at the way they communicate their romantic interest.  该结论是基于一项针对5100多人就如何看待他们恋爱方式做的调查。  They filled out a questionnaire about the way they flirted and their relationship history.  在做问卷调查时,他们填写了各自的调情方式和恋爱史。  Jeffrey Hall, of the University of Kansas, found there were five different types of flirting - traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite.  美国堪萨斯大学的杰弗瑞·霍尔指出,调情方式可化分为五种类型:传统型、肢体型、真诚型、戏谑型和礼貌型。 /201011/118548。
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