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福建检查不育费用多少福州输卵管通水最好的医院Hello. My name is Emma, and in today#39;s , we are going to be looking at the IELTS, that scary test a lot of you have to do.大家好,我是Emma,在今天这个视频里,我们要来看看雅思考试,这个你们很多人都要参加的可怕的考试。We#39;re going to look at, specifically, one type of ing question for the academic ing.具体来说,我们要看的是学术类雅思阅读部分的一种题型。So this isn#39;t for the general; it#39;s for the academic ing.所以这个视频里讲的内容针对的只是学术类阅读,并不是广泛适用的。We#39;re going to talk about the question that has to do with ;true, false, or not given;.So this is a specific question.我们要讨论的是和“正确,错误,文章中没有提到”这类问题相关的内容。所以我们针对的是一个具体的题型。It may or may not be on your test, but I think, personally, this is one of the most difficult questions on the ing section of the IELTS.你们的试卷上可能有,也可能没有这种题型,但是我个人认为,这是雅思考试的阅读部分最难的题型之一。So I#39;m going to give you some tips and strategies on how to do well on this section. Okay, so let#39;s get started.所以我今天要教你们几个小技巧和策略来搞定这一部分。那我们开始吧。In this section, what you are going to find is a ing passage.在这一部分,你们将会看到一篇阅读材料。So you will have a long passage on maybe cybercrime, maybe food security, on the history of the Internet -- it can be on anything.你们会看到一篇很长的文章,内容也许是网络犯罪,也许是食品安全,也有可能是因特网的历史......任何题材都有可能。After the passage, there will be some statements, some facts, okay?在文章后面会有几个陈述句,一些事实。What you need to do is you need to say if the fact matches -- if it#39;s true based on the ing, if it#39;s false based on the ing, or if the information is not given in the ing.你们要做的就是,你们要判断这些事实是否符合......根据文章内容来看,它们是正确的,还是错误的,抑或是文章中没有提到的。So I will explain ;true;, ;false;, ;not given; in detail in just a minute.我会用几分钟的时间给你们详细解释一下“正确”、“错误”和“文章中没有提到”究竟是什么概念。Okay. What else to know about the ;true, false, or not given;?关于“正确、错误、文章中没有提到“还有什么其他的需要了解的事情呢?Another important thing about this question is we#39;re not talking about the question that has to do with the writer#39;s opinion.关于这个题型的另一件重要的事情就是,我们在这类题型中要考虑的跟作者的观点没有任何关系。There#39;s a very similar question on the IELTS that asks about the writer#39;s opinion.雅思考试中还有一个跟这类题非常相似的题型,这类题考察的才是作者的观点。That#39;s the ;yes, no, not given;. This is only on ;true, false, not given;, not ;yes, no, not given;.那是“是、否、文章中没有提到”这一题型。我们今天讨论的只是“正确、错误、文章中没有提到”,而不是“是、否、文章中没有提到”。Just -- hopefully, that will clear up any confusion.希望我这么说能让你们不再把这两种题型弄混。Okay. So let#39;s get started.What do they mean by ;true; in these questions?好吧,那我们就开始吧。这类题型中的“正确”究竟是什么意思呢?When would you write ;true;? I will show you.You can write ;true; or ;T;. ;T; is shorter.你们在什么时候可以写下“正确”呢?听我慢慢来讲。你们可以写“正确”或者“T”,“T”更简短一点。If there is a fact and it is clearly written, you write ;T;, if the fact is clearly written in the ing, you would write ;T;.当题目中陈述的事实有明确出处的时候,你们就可以写“T”,也就是说当你们在文章中清楚地看到有这一句话时,你们就能写“T”。You#39;ll often see synonyms, and, again, write ;T; only if you actually see this fact written.通常你们看到的都会是同义词,再说一遍,只有当你们确实看到文章中写着这句话时,才能写“T”。If you know the fact is true, but it#39;s not written, don#39;t write ;true;.如果文章中没有这么写,那么即使你们知道这句话是正确的,也不能写“正确”。Only write ;true; if, with your eyes, you it, and you see it in the fact, you see it in the ing; write ;true;.只有当你们用双眼看见了,在问题里的句子中看见了,在文章中也看见了同样的内容,这个时候才能写“正确”。So I#39;ll give you an example of this type of question.我就这种题型给你们举个例子。Here is just a part of a passage, the ing is a lot longer, but here is a short version that you might find on the IELTS.这里的只是选自一篇文章的部分内容,你们在雅思考试中看见的文章也许要长得多,这里只是一个简短的版本。;This increase in cybercrime has alarmed many experts.;“This increase in cybercrime has alarmed many experts”(网络犯罪的增加使很多专家开始警觉了起来)。So it would be a long passage. You might see something like that.这本来是一篇很长的文章,你们到时候看见的也许有些类似。And then, at the end of the ing, one of the statements you might see might say, ;Cyber crime is on the rise.;然后,在文章的最后会有几个陈述句,你们也许会看见的一句可能是这样的:“Cyber crime is on the rise.;(网络犯罪正在攀升)。You need to say if this is ;true;, ;false;, or ;not given;.你们需要判断这是”正确“、”错误“还是”文章中没有提到“的。So how do you know if it#39;s ;true;, ;false;, or ;not given;?那么,你们要怎么才能知道这是”正确“的,”错误“的,还是”文章中没有提到“的呢?My advice to you is first, the statement: ;Cyber crime is on the rise;.我的建议是,首先读一读这个句子: ;Cyber crime is on the rise;.(网络犯罪正在攀升)。Underline any key words, ;Cyber crime; -- this is a keyword, ;is on the rise; -- that#39;s a keyword, okay?划出所有的关键词, ;Cyber crime;(网络犯罪),这是个关键词,;is on the rise;(正在攀升),这也是个关键词。Then you go back to the ing passage, and you quickly scan for these words or synonyms.然后回到阅读材料中,快速地扫视一下这些单词或者这些单词的同义词。What are ;synonyms;? ;Synonyms; are words that mean the same thing but are different words.什么是同义词呢?同义词就是那些意义一样但是形式不同的单词。So what is a synonym of ;rise;? ;Increase;, ;go up;, okay, so let#39;s see if we can find ;cyber crime; or ;rise;, so I would scan the passage -- oh, the word ;increase;, ;cybercrime;.所以;rise;的同义词是什么呢?;Increase;,;go up;,好了,我们来看看能不能找到;cyber crime;或者;rise;,我来扫视一下这篇文章,哦,有;increase;,;cybercrime;。So ;rise;, ;increase;, okay. So I found a synonym.Now, it#39;s important for me to very carefully to see if there are any contradictions.;rise;,;increase;,我找到了一对同义词。现在我要做的一件很重要的事情就是,非常非常仔细地阅读这两个句子,看看它们有没有任何矛盾的地方。What does the sentence say? Does it really match?;This increase in cyber crime has alarmed many experts.; ;Cyber crime is on the rise.;看看文中这个句子说了什么,它们是不是真的一致。;This increase in cyber crime has alarmed many experts.;(网络犯罪的增加使很多专家开始警觉了起来)。;Cyber crime is on the rise;.(网络犯罪正在攀升)。Both of these -- both the ing passage and the fact or the statement are saying cyber crime is increasing, it#39;s going up.这两个......文章中的这个句子和问题里的陈述句讲的都是网络犯罪正在增加,正在攀升。So that would mean it#39;s true. So I could write a ;T; beside this, ;true;.也就是说这个陈述句是正确的,那么我就可以在旁边写上“T”,“正确”。Okay. One thing to look out for with ;true;: Sometimes you will see words like ;some;, ;all;, ;only;, ;never;, ;usually;, ;often;, ;sometimes;.在确定它是“正确”的之前,你们还要注意一点:有时候你们会看见像 ;some;, ;all;, ;only;, ;never;, ;usually;, ;often;,;sometimes;这样的单词。Be careful with these words, okay?请一定要小心这些单词。Because if it says, ;Some people in Canada like to eat poutine;, and you see the sentence saying, ;Poutine is always eaten by Canadians;,因为如果有这么一句话: ;Some people in Canada like to eat poutine;(加拿大的一些人喜欢吃薯条),而你们看见的陈述句是:;Poutine is always eaten by Canadians;(加拿大人总是吃薯条),even though you see the two words -- oh, ;poutine;, ;poutine; -- one says ;always;, one says ;some;.即使你们在这两个句子中都看见了 ;poutine;,但是一句说的是;always;,一句是;some;。So this would not be a true statement, so be on the lookout for ;some;, ;all;, ;only;, ;never;, ;usually;.所以这个陈述句不是正确的,请一定注意下面这些单词:;some;, ;all;, ;only;, ;never;, ;usually;。This is where they try to trick you on the IELTS.雅思考试经常会在这里设置陷阱。Okay. So now, let us look at ;false;. What does it mean if you write ;false;?现在,我们来看看“错误”,如果你们写了”错误“是什么意思呢?Okay. Now, let#39;s talk about ;false;. What does it mean to be ;false; in this section of the IELTS?我们来讲讲”错误“,在雅思考试的这个部分,”错误“是什么意思呢?If you write ;false; for the fact at the bottom after the ing passage, it means you#39;re saying the fact is opposite.如果你们在阅读材料后面的陈述句旁边写了”错误“,这就是说你们认为这个句子跟文章内容是相反的。So if you the ing passage, you the fact, the fact says, ;All cats are black.;假如你们看了文章,也看了这个陈述句,陈述句写着;All cats are black.;(所有的猫都是黑色的)The ing passage says, ;Not all cats are black.;而文章中写着;Not all cats are black.; (不是所有的猫都是黑色的)That would obviously be ;false;, okay? So the fact is opposite.很明显,这个陈述句是“错误”的,它和文章内容是相反的。And, again, you have to look out for words like ;all; versus ;some;, ;often; versus ;always;.同样的,你们也要注意像;all;和;some;,以及;often;和;always;的对比。This is how they trick you, so if it says, ;All children should eat broccoli; -- if that#39;s what the fact says.考试的时候这里经常会有陷阱,假如陈述句写着;All children should eat broccoli;(所有的孩子都应该吃西兰花)。In the statement...in the ing passage, if it says, ;Some children should eat broccoli;, this would be where you would write ;false;.而文章中写着;Some children should eat broccoli;(一些孩子应该吃西兰花),那么这个时候你们就应该写下”错误“。So let#39;s look at an example. Let me go to this side so you can see better.我们来看个例题。我到那边去,这样你们就能看得更清楚了。;The first personal computer was invented in the 1970s.;;The first personal computer was invented in the 1970s.;(第一台个人计算机是在二十世纪七十年代发明的)。So this is what it says in the ing passage, it#39;s a long passage, imagine, on personal computers, and you come to this section.这是选自阅读材料的一个句子,那份材料是篇很长的文章,你们可以想象一下,这是一篇关于个人计算机的文章,你们读到了这一部分。Now, you look at the fact afterwards. So you finish ing.现在在读完了文章之后,你们开始看文章后面的陈述句。Here is the fact. ;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.;这里有个陈述句:;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.; (私人计算机首次被发明出来是在1990年)。Is this true, false, or not given? Well, what would I do?这个句子是正确的、错误的还是文章中没有提到的呢?我一般会怎么做?First thing I would do -- and also I should point out, it#39;s not good to the passage first.我会做的第一件事......不过我要说明白,先读文章并不可取。It#39;s better, in my opinion, to look at the fact at the bottom of the passage and then look for information in the ing passage.在我看来,你们最好先看看文章后面的陈述句,然后再回到文章中寻找信息。This will save you some time. Now, let#39;s do this how I would do it if I was doing the IELTS.这样会节约一些时间。现在,我们按照我做雅思试题的方法来操作一遍。First, I would look at the statement: ;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.; I would underline keywords.首先,我会看看陈述句:;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.; (私人计算机首次被发明出来是在1990年),划出关键词。So we#39;re looking at ;personal computers;; we#39;re looking at when they were ;invented;; and we#39;re looking at a year.我们要寻找的信息是: ;personal computers;,它们被发明的时间以及年份。Okay. So I might try to think of different words for ;invented; in my head quickly: ;created;, ;manufactured; -- maybe not true synonyms, but similar -- and ;1990;.现在我要试着飞快地在脑子里想出几个跟;invented;同义的单词:;created;, ;manufactured;,它们也许不是真正的同义词,但是意义相近,还有;1990;。So then, I would do my scan looking for the keywords quickly.接下来,我会开始扫视,快速地在文章中寻找这些关键词。;Invented;, something that looks like ;invented;. Okay, ;personal computer;, ;invented; -- same word, that#39;s easy -- ;1970s;.;Invented;,看上去很像,确实是;Invented;,;personal computer;, ;invented;,这些都是一模一样的单词,很简单,还有...... ;1970s;。Now, I look to see if there#39;s a match. I this carefully, and I compare.现在我要看看它们是否一致,仔细阅读然后比较。;The first personal computer was invented in the 1970s.;;The first personal computer was invented in the 1970s.;(第一台个人计算机是在二十世纪七十年代发明的)。;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.; ;1990;, ;1970s;, this statement is ;false;.;Personal computers were first invented in 1990.; (私人计算机首次被发明出来是在1990年),;1990;, ;1970s;,所以这个陈述句是“错误”的。So it says the opposite, okay? So now, let#39;s look at the hardest choice, ;not given;.它描述的内容和文章是相反的。现在我们再来看看最难的选择——“文章中没有提到”。Okay, so now, let#39;s look at ;not given; or ;NG;.现在我们来讲一讲“文章中没有提到”或者;NG;。This is, I think, why many people have a very difficult time on this part of the test.我想这正是很多人在做试卷的这一部分时觉得很困难的原因。Usually, ;truth; isn#39;t so difficult -- finding things that are true.通常,“真相”并不难找,想找到正确的句子并不难。But the difference between ;false; and ;not given; can really confuse a lot of people.但是“错误”和“文章中没有提到”之间的区别真的能难倒很多人。So let#39;s look at what they mean by ;not given;.所以我们来看看“文章中没有提到”是什么意思。Okay, so you write ;not given; if the fact is not written in the text.当文章中没有给出这个陈述句的内容时,你们就可以判断它为“文章中没有提到”的。Okay, so if it#39;s not there -- if it was written, it would be ;true;, so it#39;s not ;true;.所以,如果它不在文章中......如果文章中有这个内容,它就是“正确”的,所以,它不是“正确”的。And also, you do not see the total opposite of the fact written.同时,你们在文章中也没有看到与这个陈述句完全相反的内容。If you see the total opposite, it#39;s ;false;. But if it#39;s neither ;true; nor ;false;, it#39;s ;not given;.如果你们在文章中看到完全相反的内容,那它就是“错误”的,但是如果它既不是“正确”的,也不是“错误”的,那它就是“文章中没有提到”的。All right? So let#39;s look at an example to see what I mean by this. Let me switch sides. Okay.知道了吗?那我们来看一个例子,看看我说的究竟是什么意思。我换个边。So, again, you#39;ll have a long ing passage, and this is just a section of it.同样的,你们在考试中会看到一段很长的阅读材料,这只是其中的一部分。So, ;Although once eradicated from Toronto, bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests in the city.;文章中的句子是这样的:;Although once eradicated from Toronto, bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests in the city.;(虽然多伦多的臭虫一度被根绝了,但是它们又重新出现了,并且成为了目前这座城市泛滥最严重的害虫之一)。Okay? So the first thing I would do is I would -- I wouldn#39;t even bother ing the ing passage yet; I would go straight to the question.我会做的第一件事是,我甚至都懒得先看文章内容,我会直接去看问题。So here#39;s the question. So I look at the fact.这是个问题,我先看这个陈述句。The fact says, ;Rats are the most common nuisance Torontonians face.; Okay.这个陈述句写的是:;Rats are the most common nuisance Torontonians face.;(老鼠是多伦多最常见的害虫)。Now, I go back; I scan, okay, well, first, let#39;s underline ;rats;, ;most common;, ;nuisance;, and ;Torontonians;.现在我会回到文章中扫视......不,首先我们还是要划出关键词:;rats;, ;most common;, ;nuisance;和;Torontonians;。So these are the keywords. So I#39;m going to scan, scan, scan, scan.这些就是关键词,那么我就要开始扫视了。;Although once eradicated from Toronto -- okay, so I see the word #39;Toronto#39; -- bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests in the city.; Okay.;Although once eradicated from Toronto;,这里有;Toronto;这个单词,;bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests in the city.;So this talks about bed bugs, this talks about rats, I don#39;t see anything here about rats.文章中描写的是臭虫,陈述句里写的是老鼠,我在文章中没有看到任何跟老鼠相关的内容。Now, could this be -- could this one be false?那么,这一句是错误的吗?Because is it bed bugs are the most common pest that Torontonians face?因为臭虫才是多伦多最常见的害虫?Well, if I this, ;bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests.;但是,不要忘了下面的内容:;bed bugs have made a comeback and are now considered one of the leading pests.;This does not mean that they are the most common, there could be something that#39;s more common than them.这句话并没有说臭虫是最常见的,也许还有比它们更常见的害虫。Maybe rats are the most common nuisance, okay?也许老鼠确实是最常见的害虫。So you#39;ve got to be careful with words like ;one of the;, ;One of the leading pests;, ;the most common;.所以你们一定要小心像;one of the;, ;One of the leading pests;, ;the most common;这样的单词。So if I look at this question -- oh, the other thing I forgot to mention: When you the check for synonyms, in this example, ;pest; and ;nuisance;, these are synonyms.所以如果我看到这一题......哦,还有一件事我忘了说,如果你们在找同义词的话,这个例子里的同义词是;pest; 和;nuisance;。So that helps lead me to this area.这些词能帮助我锁定文章的这个部分。So in this case, I see nothing about rats being the most common nuisance.就这个案例来说,我没有看见任何关于老鼠是最常见的害虫的内容。It doesn#39;t say, ;Rats are the most common nuisance.; It also doesn#39;t say they are not.文章中并没有提到;Rats are the most common nuisance.;,也没有说它们不是。So in this case, my answer would be ;not given;.Okay.那么在这个例子里,我的是“文章中没有提到”。Now, there are some important things I want to go over just quickly.还有一些重要的事情我想跟你们讲一下,很快的。One of the things I want to tell you is even if you a statement -- okay, you the passage, you the statement.我想告诉你们的一件事是,即使你们读了一个陈述句,把文章和陈述句都看了一遍。Maybe you study rats at university, maybe you#39;re an expert, and you know for a fact rats are the most common nuisance Torontonians face, ;This is 100 percent true. I know it.;也许你们在大学里研究过老鼠,也许你们是这方面的专家,而且你们非常肯定老鼠就是多伦多最常见的害虫,你们觉得“这百分之百是正确的,我很清楚。”If you don#39;t see it in the ing passage, it doesn#39;t matter if it is true or not, okay?但是,如果你们在文章中没有看到这个内容,它正确与否并不重要。Even if you know it#39;s true, if you don#39;t see it, the answer is ;not given;, okay? So that#39;s very important.即使你们知道它是正确的,但是如果文中没有出现,那么就是“文章中没有提到”,好吗?这一点很重要。Another important point is don#39;t spend too much time on each fact because what can happen is maybe there#39;s no information.另外一个重要的事情就是,不要在每个陈述句上都花很长时间,因为可能文章中并没有关于这句话的信息。Maybe it is a ;not given;, but if you think ;I#39;ve got to find it;, ;I#39;ve got to find it;, ;I#39;ve got to find it;,也许它就是“文章中没有提到”,但是如果你们觉得“我一定要找到它”,“我一定要找到它”,“我一定要找到它”,and you keep searching, you#39;ll waste a lot of time, and the answer might just be it#39;s not there.然后一直找一直找,你们会浪费很多时间的,而且可能就是不在文章中。So it#39;s better to spend some time on it, just a little time, and guess if you don#39;t know.所以你们最好每个句子只花一点时间,如果不知道的话就猜一个。You can always put a star and go back after, so maybe, if I didn#39;t know this, I#39;d put a star; I#39;d move on to the next question, and then I#39;d take a guess.你们永远都可以先做个记号,然后回头再来看,所以,如果我不知道这一题的,我会画个星号,继续做下一题,之后再猜一下这一题的。So that#39;s also a very important point.这一点同样也很重要。Okay, so I hope you come visit us at our website: www. engvid. com. There, you can practice a test which will hopefully help you prepare for your IELTS.我希望你们能去engvid网站上看看,你们可以在那儿做一个测验,希望它能帮助你们更好地准备雅思考试。I hope you will feel more comfortable with this type of question after practicing our test.希望你们做完测验后,再做到这类题型的时候感觉会好一些。So until next time.那么下次见啦。 Article/201707/516210福州博爱中医院精子检查费用 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/469990原味人文风情:One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day I will live in the Queen#39;s castle.有一天我会住在女王的城堡里。One day I#39;ll open my own lab.有一天我会开自己的实验室。One day I will have a restaurant with my son.有一天我会和儿子开一间餐厅。One day I will visit all the libraries in the world.有一天我会拜访世界上所有图书馆。One day I#39;ll go to work and be judged on my abilities, not my appearance.有一天我会去工作然后被看到能力,而非外表。One day we will see every girl in school.有一天我们会在学校里看见每个女孩。One day I will give a voice to those who can#39;t speak.有一天我会给那些不能发声的人一个声音。One day I will run my own music management company.有一天我会经营自己的音乐经纪公司。One day I will make women everywhere more financially confident.有一天我会让各地的女人经济上更有自信。One day I will understand how our brain works.有一天我会弄懂大脑是怎么运作的。One day I will discuss the environment with Pope Francis.有一天我会和教宗方济各讨论环境。One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day I will empower women through my s.有一天我会透过我的影片让女性更自主。One day I will live in a world where women become the queens they truly are.有一天我会住在一个女性成为真正女王的世界。Google # One Day I WillGoogle #有一天我会 Article/201605/446542福州市治不育费用都是

福州省妇幼医院结扎复通要多少钱新东方英语900句 Lesson 27:The hairCore Sentences1. You look good with your new hair style.2. A hair saloon was just openned in our neighborhood.3. How do you want to your haircut?4. I want a shampoo and a .5. This brand of shampoo is my favorite.6. A. Is this all right?7. Her hair has been . 8. Lots of young people have their hair dyed.9. Can you do my hair in the style of the picture?10. Would you like a ?11. Give me a shape, please.12. My sister had a .13. As it now, please.14. How about an care?Dialog ExerciseNumber one, At the beauty SallonA. Morning, Linda, you have your hair cut?B. My beautician said this style makes me look professional.A. It does, you look great. Would you recommend a good saloon? I want dye my hair because there are too many white hairs. Also, I have a dander problem. B. What kind of shampoo are you using?A. No fixed brand.B. Why not try Slek? I'm using it now, and helps to improve hair quality.A. Ok, I'll give it a try.B. I trust my beautician a lot. So, why not go with me nex time.A. Good idea. Do they do facial care?B. Sure, you can also have care, and .Numbe two, Being End.A. Good evening, Miss.B. Good evening, I want to do my hair. How much is it for a wash, cut and a blow dry?A. Thirty UN. Don't you want do dyer here, it is quite fashionable to have color it here.B. How much is it? How long will that be?A. I suggest you to use this brand hair dye. It won't hurt your hair, and prevent , and the prices is fair, only one hundred eighty UN.B. Ok, I'll have a try.A. How about a ? with .B. No, I prefered stress hair. Would you show me the color bar?A. One moment, please. /200604/5872宁德那里检查精子 This car provides good protection and a few other welcome extras.这个车提供了良好的防护 以及其他一些额外东西It#39;s antifreeze. Keep that, actually.Might be useful.这是防冻剂 当然要收好 可能有用We#39;ll try and get some of this seating foam out.尽量把一些 坐垫泡沫拿出来Car seats are usually filled with foam,which is an excellent form of insulation.汽车座位一般都填充有泡沫 这里是个绝佳的隔绝之地It can act as a makeshift bed.可以当做一个临时床板And that#39;s all gonna be good to lie on.躺上去会很舒的And I reckon one layer on the bottom is worth two layers on top of you.我认为底下垫一层 比上面盖两层效果要好The body loses heat to the ground many times faster than into the air,身体向地面散热速率要远快于向空中so insulation beneath you is a key to keeping warm.所以底下的隔热层是保暖的关键Now for a fire,and this car contains everything I need to get one started.现在生火 这辆车有生火的所需的全部用具Okay.Got that. Then we need to get one of these headlights out.好的 明白了 接下来 卸下一盏车灯With a headlight and a battery,I can make an improvised fire-starter.利用车灯和电池 我可以制作一个临时打火机What I want is actually the little bulb.Here you go -- inside it.其实我想要的是这盏小灯泡 就是这个 在里面The exposed filament will act as an electric lighter.暴露的灯丝将会起到电打火机的作用There you go. That#39;s a bulb with still the filament in it.就是这个 灯泡里面灯丝完整Channeling all the battery#39;s power will cause this filament to overheat and burn out.导通电池的全部电量 会使灯丝过热燃烧 Article/201610/469301福州去哪里治卵巢早衰好

福州博爱医院做试管选性别多少钱I#39;m in the middle of a vast wetland swamp我身陷东欧格鲁吉亚黑海沿岸near the Black Sea Coast of Georgia, Eastern Europe.一片浩瀚的湿地沼泽中A canoe made of reeds allows you to navigate these otherwise impenetrable swamps.一叶芦苇轻舟载着我 穿越这几乎无法通行的沼泽But as the land rises near the coast,passage becomes much tougher.但当海边的陆地出现在眼前的同时 道路却愈发难走Thing#39;s on here, and the sea is just over that sandbar.家伙在这 海却在沙洲那边Let#39;s go and have a look. Come on.去那瞅瞅 来吧There are tankers out there.We can get their attention.那边有油轮 我们要引起他们的注意Let#39;s see what we find at the beach. Come on.看看能在海滩上找些什么 来The beach is full of debris.海滩上满是破瓦残砾But one man#39;s trash is another man#39;s treasure.但别人的垃圾可能就是你的财富You could build a signal fire but those tankers are far out,你可以生一堆信号火 但油轮距离实在是太远了and your fire could easily be missed.很可能忽略了它The Black Sea is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.黑海是全世界 最繁忙的航道之一And where there#39;s tankers, you#39;ll often find a port.只要有油轮 通常也能找到港口If you get out there,your chances of rescue improve dramatically.要是能找到港口 你的获救机会将大大提升We#39;ll need to use something to haul this raft over.我们需要用些工具把筏子拉起来We#39;re gonna make a three-in-one hoist with this.Come on.就用这个做一架三合一吊车 来吧The waterlogged raft is far too heavy for me to carry.浸过水的筏子变得重不可堪But by building a hoist,I should be able to drag it across the beach.但有了自制吊车 我应该就能把它拖过这片海滩All I need is a good anchor point.所需要的就是一个锚点 Article/201705/508401 栏目简介:The French children#39;s musical ;The Girl, the Devil and the Windmill; brought laughter to kids from both home and abroad at Lyceum Theater this week. Once again, our reporter Huang Yue was there and tells us more... Article/201704/499936南平输卵管通水专业医院福州输卵管复通术哪个医院好



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