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And what they heard was astonishing.他们听到了令人惊讶的声音Theyre really talkative.他们可真健谈They really are having a good chat.他们聊得可真欢These guys are far more communicative than elephants, even.他们之间的交流甚至比大象还多This is carrying on and on, chatting away.他们持续不断地交流 聊得酣畅淋漓Its a beautiful, crystal clear night,外面是美丽干净的晴天夜晚so weve got beautiful starry shots.我们用星光摄像机拍到美丽的画面Loads of amazing noise. Puffing and huffing.超多的噪声 喘息声和怒吼声So its about two in the morning.现在大约是凌晨2点Theres only one rhino left up there.外面只剩下一头犀牛了The rest of the them have gone to bed,其余的可能都已经;上床睡觉;了but hes decided to lie down right on top of the radio mic.但他决定直接躺在无线麦克风上The crew prepared for one more night at the waterhole摄制组决定在小水坑边多待一晚under the full moon.拍摄满月时的情形It seems that theyre not really here for the water,似乎它们来到这里不是为了饮水but more to socialise.而是为了社交A bit like going out for the evening.有点像是趁夜间出来玩乐一下Hes got some kudu horns on his face, draped over his nose!他的脸上挂着羚羊角 就在他的鼻子上面201312/267892

Mixed martial art is now one of the fastest growing sports in the world.综合格斗是现今世界上发展最迅速的体育运动之一This UFC heavyweight title fight where Randy Couture famously lost his crown to Brock Lesnar终极格斗重量级拳王争夺战中 Randy Couture对Brock Lesnar那酣畅淋漓的一败was one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year.It attracted more than a million viewers and generated more than 50 million dollars in sales.无疑是当年最劲爆的报纸头条之一,本场比赛吸引了一百多万人的眼球 创收多达5千万。Bruce Lees influence on the sport is acknowledged by many of the fighters.李小龙对该项运动的影响已被无数格斗家所承认Ive been watching his movies, studying his martial art and philosophy since I was like 8 to 10 years old.我在8岁或10岁的时候 就开始看他的电影了 并且修习截拳道和他的哲学理念And it completely changed my entire aspect on fighting.Once again its Bruce Lees focus on economy, simplicity, and directness that clicks with UFC fighters.What Bruce Lee used to do was work on circular movement.So if that jab came, hed work things like this so hes opening up targets here.截拳道也彻底改变了我对搏击的理解,同样是李小龙简约 简单以及直接的理念激活了终极格斗家,李小龙经常用到圆周运动,所以当拳头过来时 他会这样消去劲力 而对手这边也就空了In kickboxing nowadays, or MMA, were doing the same kind of motions, only were just limiting here so that were... our body is still open.现代自由搏击或者综合格斗中 我们也有同样的动作 我们只是拦截拳头 然后就下潜进去了So I can do things like taking people down, or I can parry that punch to throw a kick.But its the same basic principle of redirecting motion.He said that if you cant do something live, its pointless.我可以摔他 或者躲开对方拳头 然后一记边腿,万变不离其宗 同样是连消带打。他认为如果不能进行实战 格斗也就毫无意义。So what I need to do is taking those tactics and those techniques,remove them, and put them in a live training scenario, sparring.And you have to learn what is gonna work in these different scenarios,and be able to employ that right away, without thinking, muscle memories.我要做的是学习那些方法或技术,然后忘记所有技巧 并将其用于训练以及实战,还得学会不同场景下什么最有效,并能学以致用 要能迅速反应 不假思索 仅凭肌肉记忆。201402/274761With the help of JCPenneys clothing experts, well show you how to put the COOL in back to school fashions with the latest trends.在JCPenney装专家的帮助下,我们向你展示如何将最新的流行元素融入校园着装中。Step 1: Find Your Style1.寻找自己的风格The first thing you want to figure out is to find your style whether its sporty, preppy, trendy, girlie.首先要确定的是自己的风格,运动型,学院派,时尚型,还是少女型。Step 2: Choosing Tops2.选择上衣When looking for tops for your style, we want to look at lines like Hannah Montana theyve got sequins, a lot of color.寻找适合自己风格的上衣的时候,我们希望参考《汉娜·蒙塔娜》中的风格,里面的装有许多闪光装饰片,颜色也比较鲜艳。Step 3: Choosing Trousers/Skirts3.选择裤子或短裙As far as trousers/skirts go, skinny jeans are very in, skirts with plaid, skirts with a different colored leggings and embellished jeans.关于裤子或短裙,紧身牛仔裤非常时尚,如果是穿短裙,可以选择格子图案,搭配不同颜色的裤袜和有装饰品的牛仔裤。Thanks for watching Great Fashion Trends For School.感谢收看“适合学校的流行时尚元素”视频节目。视频听力由。201312/269671

民主兴盛于公民的自由辩论,遗憾的是我们却疏于练习。在这个新颖有趣的演讲里,听众们参与辩论最高法院近年受理的一个案件(凯西.马丁状告美国职业高尔夫球协会),并从互动讨论中揭示出公平正义的关键本质。201308/252778In this , a home business expert explains how to cut your costs when working from home. Learn five effective ways to lower the costs of your business simply by watching this short .在这段视频中,家庭创业专家向你解释在家中工作如何削减成本。观看这段简短的视频,学习降低开的五种有效方法。In this , Im going to be sharing with you my five steps on how to cut costs, because its important in a business to avoid negative cash flow by running a lean business. So, here are my five steps on how to cut your costs. Step one is to work from home.在这段视频中,我将和大家分享一下削减家庭工作成本的五种方法,因为,对于一个财力微薄的小公司,避免负面的出是非常重要的。以下就是削减成本的五种方法。第一步就是在家中工作。No more leases, no more business rates, its a quick and easy way for you to cut overhead. Number two is to avoid over-staffing. Try and get by with little or even no employees by outsourcing the tasks you need done to freelancers.不需缴纳房租,不需缴纳税务,这对于削减营运开是非常快速简单的方法。第二点就是避免过多员工。可以把需要完成的任务分配给自由职业者,减少员工人数,甚至不需要员工。Number three is to use software systems. You can automate many processes like sales and marketing with specialized software now, so use these kinds of systems to help you. Number four is to negotiate with your suppliers.第三就是使用软件系统。许多程序可以自动化,例如使用专门的软件进行销售和营销,诸如此类的软件系统来帮助你。第四点就是与供应商进行协商。Set a budget and negotiate a good rate from your suppliers and dont be afraid to ask for a discount or shop around to get the right price. Number five is not to waste any more money on ineffective strategies. Know whats working well in your business, know how your customers are finding you and do more of that so youre no longer wasting money on things that simply dont work.制定预算,与供应商协商一个好的价格,不要害怕要求较合理的折扣,多看几个地方,寻找合适的价格。第五点就是不要把金钱浪费在低效的策略上。要知道哪些方法对你的生意比较好,知道顾客的需求,了解哪些方法有效,这样你就不会在无效的地方浪费金钱。So, those are my five steps on how to cut costs in your business. .以上就是家庭生意削减开的五种方法。Thanks for watching How To Cut Costs.感谢收看“家中工作如何削减出”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201309/257210Videojug have teamed up with Domestos Grotbuster to show you all the tricks of the trade to host the perfect summer barbeque.Videojug联合Domestos Grotbuster一起向你展示举办完美的夏季烧烤聚会的所有技巧。Step 1: Supplies1.用品齐全Yes youll impress your guests by whipping up a quick lobster thermidor, but youll impress them more by not forgetting the essentials. Paper plates, buns, burgers, something for the veggies. Make a list. Cross them off.很快为客人提供烤好的龙虾可以为他们留下深刻印象,但是准备好必需品同样可以为你加分。准备好纸盘,圆面包,果仁饼,蔬菜。清楚地列表,准备好一项删除一项。Step 2: The Garden2.花园Your garden looks like Chernobyl so sweep up the leaves, cut the grass and give everything a good clean. The patio furniture, outdoor bin and barbie all look like theyve been in an oil slick so break out the Grotbuster to tackle the built-up grime. And dont forget to wash all the food prep boards so you dont poison anyone. Unless you want to poison someone of course.你的花园看上去就像切尔诺贝利核电站泄露过后那样混乱,所以清扫掉枯叶,修剪草坪,把所有物品都清扫一遍。露台家具,户外垃圾箱和烤肉架看上去都好像蒙了一层油污,所以,勤快一点,好好清理。不要忘记提前清洗砧板,这样才不会让别人食物中毒。当然,如果你想这样做的话,那就算了。Step 3: Seating3.座位As the day goes on and the beer gets drunk people are going to want to sit down before they fall down, so make sure theres plenty of seats, preferably in the shade so you dont end up with a garden full of pink peeling people.当烧烤日来临的时候,喝多了啤酒的人们肯定想在跌倒之前坐下来,所以确保有足够的凳子,最好在阴凉的地方,这样你的花园中才不会站满被晒成红色脱皮的人。Step 4: The Kitchen4.厨房Youve spent hours making the garden a summer paradise, so of course everyone wants to hang around the kitchen. Make sure its not in its usual embarrassing state by emptying the bin, wiping the surfaces down and giving the fridge a quick going over. Oh, and get rid of the supermarket packaging of those “home-made” burgers too.你花了几小时的时间把花园变成夏日天堂,当然,每个人也想到厨房逛一逛。确保厨房不要像平时那样令人尴尬,倒空垃圾箱,擦拭一下表面,整理一下冰箱。把自制汉堡外的超市购物袋也丢掉。Step 5: The Bathroom5.卫生间With all those drinks flowing, the bathrooms going to be very busy. And dont forget that its also used by your chimp of a husband so breathe deep, think of England, grab the Grotbuster and give it a clean.喝了那么多啤酒,卫生间肯定很拥挤。不要忘记某个醉鬼曾经使用过,深呼吸,抓过拖把清洗吧。Thanks for watching How To Host The Perfect Summer Barbeque.感谢收看“如何举办完美的夏日烧烤聚会”视频节目。视频听力由。201310/259130

奔驰的2013超级碗广告预告片引发了争议,不过现场直播的并没有看到Kate Upton的洗车广告,而是威廉达弗(电影《恶灵骑士》中的恶魔墨菲斯托)作为魔鬼契约使者签约。街角的咖啡店里,年轻人被奔驰CLA即将发布的海报所吸引,此时电影《恶灵骑士》中的恶魔墨菲斯托问到:“很漂亮的车?”“当然!”年轻人毫不犹豫的回答。恶魔墨菲斯托随后对年轻人说:“签下契约,你将会拥有这台车以及这台车将给你带来的一切。”随即便递给年轻人一只金笔,就在年轻人握住这只笔的瞬间,许多场景在他脑海中浮现,与明星红毯合影、在酒吧疯狂热舞、拍摄各种时尚杂志封面、被女粉丝疯狂追逐,甚至与专业赛车手一较高下。正当这个年轻人犹豫是否要签下这一纸“邪恶契约”时,窗外奔驰CLA海报上的售价出现,此时年轻人得意的说了句:“我想我能得到它。”邪恶的恶魔墨菲斯托便化作一缕黑烟消失了。不知道这个广告策划者是不是知道中国的卖肾买iphone结合古老的德国传说,也就是克里斯托弗.马洛诗歌《浮士德士的悲剧》和电影《恶灵骑士》中灵魂契约形式,最后得出了这个广告?以下是英文文本:Willem Dafoe: Nice car.Dude:Sure is.Willem Dafoe:Make a deal with me kid, and you can everything that goes along with it.;Give me a smile – give me a smile.;Willem Dafoe:So what do you say?Introducing the all-new CLA.Starting at ,000Mercedes-BenzDude:Thanks, but I think I got this.This September, set your soul free, the seductive CLA starting under 30 thousand dollars from Mercedes-Benz.The best or nothing.201404/291668

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