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哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院 在线咨询哈尔滨市妇儿妇科医院女子妇科医院怎么样At first, the answer seemed simple.起初看起来显而易见Everyone was eating too much and exercising too little.那就是人们吃得太多 动得太少But this simple statement could not explain但简单的并不能解释why some people were gaining weight but others were not.为什么有人体重增加 而有人却没有The search was on to understand why.此调查就是试图找出其中原因Some believed that the answers were all in the mind.一些人认为已了然于胸I think this is actually a disease,我觉得这其实属于疾病的范畴and I think what is behind若深度剖析it is really a psychological disturbance.这还是种心理疾病Suleika had a modest overweight problem,苏莱卡有轻微的超重问题cured by a course of psychotherapy.通过参加心理治疗 解决了她的问题Looking back, she clearly sees回首往事 她能很清楚地明白the psychological problems behind her fatness.在她肥胖背后存在的心理问题It was a defence against the responsibilities of my own femininity.这是对我自己女性特质的一种抵抗If I could be fat, I would be inaccessible to young men,如果我变胖了 年轻男孩子就不愿意接近我I would avoid the responsibility of making relationships with young men.我就可以回避和年轻男孩交往的义务Eating can be a comfort to the unhappy and bored.吃东西可以缓解不开心和无聊的情绪Fatness may be a way of avoiding problems.肥胖可能是逃避问题的一种方式Somebody shy may become too fat to go out.有些害羞的人可能变得太胖以至于不能外出Obesity can be a way of avoiding sexual problems肥胖可能是逃避不和谐性生活的一种方式 and people may get fat because other people人们成为胖子 可能是由于其他人need them to be inactive and hence dependent.希望他们懒惰并由此产生依赖性While this kind of explanation suited the shrinks,这种解释对心理医生适用it couldnt be true for everyone.但不可能对每个人都合适If it wasnt neurosis,如果不是神经症 then where should research focus now?那么研究应该专注在哪里呢201306/244539哈尔滨工业大学医院妇科咨询 S. Korean helicopter crashes, 5 killed韩国直升机坠毁 5人死亡A firefighting helicopter has crashed in South Korea, killing all five fire officers onboard, including the pilot, and injuring a female student on the ground.一架消防直升机在韩国坠毁, 包括飞行员在内的5名消防人员全部遇难, 而且在地上的一名女学生受到波及受伤。According to South Korean authorities, the chopper crashed in the city center of Gwangju, which is about 300 kilometers south of the capital Seoul.根据韩国当局称,这架直升机是在距首都首尔以南大约300公里的光州市中心坠毁。The helicopter was returning to its headquarters after a search mission for missing passengers from Aprils Sewol ferry disaster.这架直升机是在执行搜索4月船难失踪乘客任务结束后返回总部的途中坠毁。Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.政府正在调查事故的原因。201407/312730Yartsa gunbu sells for big money in the top department stores of Lhasa, and there is a growing market outside of Tibet.Yarsa gunbu 不仅在拉萨的百货公司里畅销,而且藏外的市场也在逐渐变大。Although Tibet is modernising fast, it retains a deeply spiritual culture.尽管西藏日新月异地发展,它的精神文化依旧根深蒂固。Even today,Tibetan valleys resound to distinctive and extraordinary calls to prayer.即使在今天 神秘西藏大峡谷的回响仍然在呼唤着祈祷的人们。The Tibetan horn may be the worlds most unwieldy instrument, but its sound is unique.西藏的号角或许是世界上最笨重的乐器,但是它的音色独特。Every morning, the nuns assemble for practice. The air is chilly, but they soon warm up.每天早晨 喇嘛们聚集在一起练习吹奏。开始空气很凉,但他们很快就暖和起来。Monks and nuns comprise a substantial portion of society. Largely self-contained and isolated. Deep within the monastery is the spiritual engine that drives much of Tibetan culture.喇嘛们是组成社会的一部分,他们自控也独立,修道院的深处是推动藏文化的精神动力。Buddhists believe in an endless cycle of rebirth in which the actions of this life will impact on the next.佛教徒相信生命轮回,他们相信人们今生的所作所为能影响来生。The goal of Buddhism is to escape from this earthly cycle of pain and suffering by achieving a state of freedom called enlightenment.佛教的目标就是通过达到一种“悟”的自由的境界,来摆脱俗世的灾难和痛苦。The enlightened guides, or spiritual teachers, are called lamas.这种教化的领路人或精神上的老师叫做喇嘛。 /201403/280381道外区治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱

哈尔滨边防医院做血常规检查哈尔滨省第四人民医院妇科检查怎么样 Home Mortgage Rates Spike, Prices and Sales Up An improving economy is good news for homeowners, but not for homebuyers.New sign this morning is that housing market is heating up. Home sales have aly shown another monthly spike this morning. Good news for home owners. Also growing with those buyers could get burned. Here with financial contutor Betty, you know the tough news for buyers not only the prices goanna up, that mortgage is spiking too.You said it, George, the national associate of realtor is expected to show that home sale’s grown by about 1.5 percent in July. That’s reversal. From the declining June, so, right now, if your home is a castle, you’re making money of it. In the 20 big cities, home prices have gone by about 14 percent. So two things are goanna happening here, or adding new jobs and those low interests rates but as you just said, George, they’ve gone up in last three months of 30-year, fixed mortgage has increased by over 1 percentage point. So, if you got mortgage on 20,000 dollars house 20 percent down, your mortgage paying would be increased by over 100 dollars a month. That’s 1,300 dollars a year. It’s interesting because oddly enough because the economy is doing so well, the Federal Reserve says, we may actually take the training wheels off this economy. We’ll pull back on stimulus that’s causing interests to rise. We’re goanna get a better idea how the fed is thinking because later today they’re goanna release the transcript of their last policy meeting. But don’t panic yet right a minute, interest is historically low and the demand is so high that the economy is saying any slowdown is like to be temporary. /201308/253963哈尔滨微管无痛人流要多少时间

尚志市妇幼保健医院在线QQObama, Putin discuss Ukraine peace process over phone奥巴马普京通电话讨论乌克兰和平进程White House spokesman Josh Earnest says US President Barack Obama has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin where he again urged for a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine.白宫发言人欧内斯特表示美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京取得联系,奥巴马总统再次敦促和平,寻求外交途径解决乌克兰冲突。201406/307631 To deliver our sculpture a literate, numerate and very well-oiled bureaucratic machine was essential-and that same machine was of course also employed to manage Egypts international trade and to organise and equip her armies.此过程中,一个庞大而运作良好的政府机构以及一群能写会算的公务员必不可少。同一国家机器也统筹管理着埃及的国际贸易、军队组织与武装。Ramesses undoubtedly had something of the magic touch, and like all great masters of propaganda, where he didnt actually succeed, he just made it up.拉美西斯确实能力超群,成就斐然。但和所有的宣传大师一样,如果事情不像他们想象得那么顺利,便会选择编造。While he wasnt exceptional in combat, he was able to mobilise a considerable army and supply them with ample weaponry and equipment.他本身并非骁勇善战,却有能力调动起一强大的军队,并用充足的武器武装他们。And whatever the actual result of his battles, the official line was always the same-knock-out for Ramesses.不管实际战况如何,官方记录永远一致:拉美西斯取得了胜利!The whole of the Ramesseum, like our statue, conveyed this consistent message of serene success.拉美西斯神殿从整体上传达的信息就是:沉着的胜利。This is egyptologist Karen Exell, on Ramesses the propagandist:埃及古物学家卡伦?埃克塞尔士对宣传家拉美西斯的评价是:;He very much understood that being visible was central to the success of the kingship, so he put up as many colossal statues as he could, very very quickly.他深谙成功统治的核心就是要让臣民随时看到自己的面孔,于是竭尽所能地修建巨大雕像,并为埃及传统神祇修建神庙。He built temples to the traditional gods of Egypt, and this kind of activity has been interpreted as being bombastic-showing off and so on, but we really need to see it in the context of the requirements of the kingship.从前人们总把这种行为解读为浮夸、炫耀…但我们真的要从统治需求的角度来考虑。People needed a strong leader and they understood a strong leader to be a king who was out there campaigning on behalf of Egypt, and was very visible within Egypt.人民需要强大的领袖,而他们所理解的强大,便是在外代表埃及出战,在内则无处不在。201408/318768哈尔滨妇科医院网站延寿县上环哪家医院最好的



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