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A pair of brave 7-year-old Texas boys helped foil their own kidnapping when they screamed and fought off a thief who stole their mother#39;s car.美国德克萨斯州一对勇敢的7岁双胞胎兄弟遭绑架时大声呼叫,勇斗偷车贼,最终成功脱险。San Antonio mom Lucia Lozada said she was on her way to church Thursday afternoon when a man she knew from the neighborhood jacked her gold Nissan Altima with her twin boys and 1-year-old baby inside.事件发生在德州的圣安东尼奥市,母亲露西亚称,周四下午她正在去教堂的路上,一名男子劫持了她的车,当时车上只有7岁大的双胞胎兄弟和1岁的小婴儿。;She realized that she had forgotten the baby bottle, walked back in the house. When she came back out the car was gone.; San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.当地警察称:“当时,露西亚发现自己忘带奶瓶,便下车走回房子。然而,当她回来时汽车竟不见了。”But cops said the tykes, Luis and Lucius, refused to go quietly and began hitting the man and screaming.据警察说,双胞胎兄弟路易斯和卢修斯拒绝和男子离开,他们不断打这名男子,并不停尖叫。;I was hitting him with a toy snake,; little Luis told reporters.双胞胎之一的路易斯告诉记者:“当时,我用我的玩具蛇不停地打他。”Eventually, the carjacker let the boys and the baby off on a street in Las Palmas, about 10 miles away from their home.最终,这个抢车贼让这对男孩和他们的弟弟在帕尔马斯大街下车,此地离他们家已有10英里。They were reunited with their mother on Thursday evening.周四晚上,他们回到了母亲身边。They got the snake yesterday from the store, Lozada told KSAT-TV. ;I didn#39;t want to buy it for them, but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today.;母亲露西亚称:“玩具蛇是昨天才从商店里买的,当时我还不想买,不过可能是上帝知道他们今天用得着。”Lozada said she#39;d seen the carjacker around her neighborhood in southeast San Antonio from time to time.露西亚曾看到这名抢车贼在圣安东尼奥市东南部转悠。 /201404/291189

It was a big news day in the panda world.近日,大熊猫世界频频传出好消息。Guangzhou#39;s Chimelong Safari Park announced Tuesday that a set of panda triplets was born late last month, the same day that the Edinburgh Zoo announced that one of its pandas is believed to be pregnant.广州长隆野生动物世界周二宣布,上个月底一只雌性大熊猫在该园产下三胞胎。同一天,爱丁堡动物园(Edinburgh Zoo)称,该园的一只大熊猫据信怀了。The panda cubs, born on July 29 in southern China#39;s Guangzhou to a mother called Juxiao, are the world#39;s only panda triplets currently in existence, the safari park said, as triplets have a very low survival rate. The park called their birth a #39;miracle,#39; citing advances in panda breeding technology.长隆野生动物世界称,此次出生的三胞胎是世界上目前存活的仅有的大熊猫三胞胎,因为大熊猫三胞胎的存活率很低。它们是7月29日在广州出生的,妈妈名叫菊笑。该园称,它们的出生是一个奇迹,称这要归功于大熊猫繁育技术的进步。The hoopla surrounding the panda cubs comes because the animals, notoriously uninterested in sex and famously choosy about mates, only have a window of several days to conceive each year. As of 2004, there were only about 1,600 pandas believed to be left in the wild.大熊猫三胞胎的诞生引发了轰动,这是因为大熊猫对性非常不感兴趣,对配偶非常挑剔,每年只有几天的时间适合受。截至2004年,野生大熊猫据信只有大约1,600只。Of course, the triplets aren#39;t out of the woods yet. According to the Associated Press, 26% of male panda cubs and 20% of females die within their first year.当然,三胞胎尚未度过危险期。据美联社(Associated Press)报道,有26%的雄性大熊猫幼崽和20%的雌性幼崽在出生后一年内死亡。According to the San Diego Zoo, panda cubs usually open their eyes at around 50 to 60 days and begin crawling by about 10 weeks. The zoo also notes that sometimes pandas can become pregnant with more than one cub but only give birth to one, as their bodies reabsorb the other embryos.据圣迭戈动物园(San Diego Zoo)说,大熊猫幼崽通常在出生50至60天后睁眼,大约10周后开始爬。该动物园还指出,有时候大熊猫可能怀多胎,但只会生一个,因为它们的身体会吸收其他胚胎。 /201408/320689

  A French collector on Monday returned 24 gold ornaments stolen from 2,000-year-old tombs to China, following a similar action earlier this year.在周一,一位法国的收藏家返还了24件从具有2000年历史的古墓中盗出的黄金饰品,类似的事情在前一年也发生过Christian Deydier made the hand-over while visiting northwest China#39;s Gansu Province. They will be stored in Gansu Provincial Museum, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.根据国家文物局表示:克里斯蒂安·戴迪安在他到访中国西北城市甘肃时,举办了这个文物移交仪式.这些文物会存放在甘肃省物馆。The gold items came from tombs in Dabuzishan in Gansu. They belonged to residents of Qin, one of the many kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn period (770 -476 ) of Chinese history. In 221 , the king of Qin united the kingdoms and became China#39;s first emperor.这些黄金饰品都是从甘肃大堡子山挖出的.历史上这里属于秦国.秦国处于中国历史当中的春秋战国时期(公元前770—476年).在公元前221年,秦始皇统一了所有王国并成为了中国第一任皇帝Deydier and another French collector Francois Pinault returned 32 artifacts from the same tombs in July, the first time cultural relics have been successfully returned to China following bilateral negotiations between the Chinese and French governments.戴迪安和另一位法国收藏家弗朗克斯·皮诺特在7月归还了同一个古墓出土的32件手工作品,这是在中国政府和法国政府双边会谈后,第一次成功的把文物归还给中国While attending an exhibition on the tombs, Deydier said he hoped all Dabuzishan artifacts lost in foreign lands could soon ;return home and be united.;在参加古墓文物展出时,戴迪安称,他希望所有大堡子山遗失海外的文物都可以尽快“被返还到家园团聚”Xia Hongmin, vice governor of Gansu, extended gratitude on behalf of the provincial government, to Deydier for his two generous acts.甘肃省副省长夏红民,代表甘肃省政府对戴迪安的慷慨举动表达了他们的谢意Tombs in Dabuzhishan were badly looted during the 1990s and a large number of relics, including the gold ornaments, were smuggled abroad. The gold ornaments may have been used to decorate coffins or for horse armor.大堡子山古墓的文物在上世纪九十年代被大量的掠夺,包括黄金饰品在内被抢夺到了海外。这些金属饰品也许曾经被用于装饰棺材和马匹盔甲Earlier this year, a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue, with a mummified monk inside, was pulled from a Hungarian exhibition following allegations that it was stolen from a Fujian village. Its Dutch owner said he was willing to give it back to the village if it is proved to have been stolen from there.在今年早些时候,在匈牙利展出的一尊内部有1000年历史的风干僧人的佛像,被指控是从福建省一个村子偷走的。该文物的荷兰持有者称如果可以实是从那里偷走的,那么就会归还给当地. /201509/401406

  KANAS LAKE, China — The two amateur photographers stood on a hill overlooking the sparkling river in this remote alpine park, waiting for nomads to emerge from their white yurts and herd cows across a bridge.中国喀纳斯湖——在这个偏远的高山公园,两名摄影爱好者站在一座小山上,俯瞰着波光粼粼的河流,等着游牧民走出他们白色的圆顶帐篷,赶着牛群过桥。The men, both age 60, were driving on a one-month road trip through the western region of Xinjiang to capture scenes like this one.同为60岁的这两名男子,正在西部新疆地区进行为期一个月的自驾游,以捕捉这样的场景。“Don’t listen to what other people say about Xinjiang and don’t believe what you ,” said Sun Jingchuan, a retired aircraft maintenance worker from Sichuan Province in southwest China. “It’s very safe here.”“别听其他人说的关于新疆的事情,别相信你在报纸上看到的东西,”来自四川的退休飞机维修人员孙京川(音译)说。“这儿非常安全。”Many other Chinese would dispute that assessment. This year, after a stream of news reports of rioting, terrorist attacks and deadly police shootings linked to ethnic conflict in towns across Xinjiang, tourism has plummeted, the first drop in 20 years.许多中国人可能会怀疑这样的评价。今年,在一连串新闻报道介绍新疆各地城镇发生的和民族冲突有关的暴乱、恐怖袭击和警方击毙暴徒事件后,新疆的旅游业大幅下滑,这是20年来的首次下滑。Xinjiang, the size of Western Europe, has long been considered one of China’s most exotic destinations. Chinese tourists, usually traveling in tour groups, visit the grasslands and Siberian forests here in the north and desert oasis towns in the south, along the old Silk Road.长期以来,面积和西欧一般大的新疆,一直被认为是中国最具异域风情的旅游目的地之一。国内游客通常会跟着旅行团,沿着古代的丝绸之路,游览北疆的草原和西伯利亚森林,以及南疆的沙漠绿洲城镇。Among the locals, an estimated 1.5 million people have some tie to Xinjiang’s tourism economy, and many were hoping for a big surge in visitor numbers during the National Day holiday week in China, which began Wednesday. But given reports in late September of dozens killed in clashes, there is little expectation that the numbers will match those of previous years.在新疆的当地人中,估计有150万人与新疆的旅游经济有着某种关联,而且许多人本希望在从周三开始的国庆节长假期间,游客人数能大增。但考虑到9月末有关几十人在冲突中死亡的报道,现在几乎没人指望今年的游客人数能达到往年的水平。On the morning Mr. Sun and his friend were photographing cows and Kazakh nomads, a report on an official Xinjiang news website said multiple explosions days earlier in Luntai County had killed two people and wounded many others. The website later reported that 40 rioters had died — some were shot by the police, others blew themselves up — while six civilians and four police officers and auxiliary employees were killed. Radio Free Asia, financed by the ed States government, said the attackers were furious over land seizures by officials. It was the deadliest burst of violence in Xinjiang in weeks, but was not atypical.就在孙京川和朋友拍摄牛群和哈萨克游牧民的那个上午,新疆一家官方新闻网站上的一篇报道称,几天前轮台县发生的多起爆炸导致两人死亡,其他许多人受伤。该网站后来报道称,有40名暴徒死亡——部分是被警方击毙的,其他人是自己引爆了炸弹——还有六名平民、四名警察和协警。接受美国政府资助的自由亚洲电台(Radio Free Asia)表示,袭击者对官员的征地行为感到愤怒。这是数周来新疆发生的人员伤亡最惨重的暴力事件,但却并非罕见。In the first half of this year, visits from domestic tourists dropped 7 percent, to 20 million, compared to the same period last year, according to official statistics. The revenue from domestic tourists fell nearly 6 percent, to .5 billion.官方统计数据显示,今年上半年,来新疆的国内游客人次跌至2000万,与去年同期相比减少7%。国内游客带来的收入跌至35亿美元(约合214亿元人民币),降幅接近6%。Foreign tourism, which is a fraction of the total, also dropped, by nearly 1 percent, to 619,300, with revenue falling 1 percent, to 1 million. The Xinjiang Regional Tourism Bureau blames “influences from recent terrorist attacks” for the downturn.在新疆总体旅游业中仅占一小部分的涉外旅游也出现了下滑,降至61.93万人次,降幅接近1%,收入也减少了1%,跌至1610万美元。新疆维吾尔自治区旅游局将其归咎于“受暴恐案件影响”。In early August, some Chinese-language news websites published an open letter deploring the “great harm” done to the Xinjiang tourism industry by “violent terrorism attacks.” The letter said it represented the 400,000 people directly employed in Xinjiang tourism. Shen Qiao, the deputy chief editor of the Xinjiang bureau of the official Xinhua news agency, said that “people from the mainland feel scared when talking about Xinjiang.”8月初,部分中文新闻网站刊登了一封公开信,谴责“暴恐案件”给新疆旅游业带来了“巨大的伤害”。该信称自己代表新疆旅游业的40万从业者。官方通讯社新华社新疆分社副总编沈桥称,“说到新疆时,来自内地的人会感到害怕。”On online travel forums, the question “Is it safe to travel in Xinjiang?” is common. On one forum, people wrote that it was better to go to northern Xinjiang, where there are fewer Uighurs, a minority ethnic group whose clashes with the Han majority account for much of the violence, and more Kazakhs, Mongolians and other ethnic minorities. Violence in Urumqi, the regional capital, and in the south has been greater.在网上旅游论坛中,“去新疆旅游安全吗”这个问题很常见。在其中一个论坛上,人们写道,最好去北疆,那里的维吾尔族更少,哈萨克族、蒙古族和其他少数民族更多。维吾尔族是一个少数民族,其与人口占多数的汉族的冲突,造成了许多暴力事件。So desperate are Xinjiang officials to draw tourists that they issued .2 million worth of “travel cards” from January to April to tourists visiting with tour groups. The cards, worth each, could be used to pay for hotels, attractions and local products.新疆官员极度希望能吸引游客,从1月到4月,他们甚至向随团来的游客发放了价值2000万元的“旅游卡”。这些旅游卡每张面值500元,可以用来付酒店、旅游景点和当地产品的费用。Many Han have long held negative stereotypes of Uighurs, as petty thieves, for example, but attitudes hardened after rioting in 2009 in Urumqi resulted in at least 200 deaths, most of them Han. Uighurs say much of their anger grows from long-running discrimination by the Han. The government blames Uighur separatists for most of the attacks.长期以来,许多汉族人都对维吾尔族人持有偏见,例如,有人总把他们视为小偷。但是,在2009年乌鲁木齐发生暴乱之后,这种观点得到了强化。当时,暴乱共导致至少200人死亡,其中大多是汉族人。维吾尔族人称,他们之所以感到愤怒,主要是因为汉族人长期的歧视。政府则始终认为,维吾尔族的分裂分子应该对大部分袭击负责。Even in northern Xinjiang, far from the Uighur heartland, tourism workers say business is suffering. “This year has been slow,” said Chen Yan, 37, a masseuse from Sichuan who works every summer at a hotel in Burqin, a mostly Kazakh town that is the gateway to Kanas Lake.即便在远离维吾尔族中心地带的新疆北部,旅游工作者都表示他们的业务比较惨淡。“今年人很少,”37岁的陈燕(音译)说。她是四川的一位师,每年夏天都会到布尔津的一家酒店工作。这个县在通往喀纳斯湖的入口,居民主要是哈萨克人。Ms. Chen said she had made about 0 a month this season, compared with about ,000 a month last summer, earnings that help support a 14-year-old son and a husband who does odd jobs, both in Sichuan.陈燕说,这一季,她每个月能挣大约650美元,去年夏天则大约能挣1000美元,这些钱能帮她养活一个14岁的儿子和打零工的丈夫,他们都在四川。A Kazakh driver in the town, Sailin, said, “Each year, business gets worse.”县里的哈萨克族司机赛林(Sailin,音译)说,“生意是一年不如一年。”As Kanas Lake has become more popular with tourists in recent years — in part because of the legend of a Lochness-style monster that lurks in the waters — hotel construction has boomed in the park and on its periphery. But managers say occupancy rates are low this year.近年来,随着喀纳斯湖越来越受游客欢迎——部分是因为湖水里有个类似尼斯湖水怪的怪物传说——人们开始在公园及其附近兴建酒店。但管理人员说,今年的入住率较低。At the lake, dozens of visitors boarded white speedboats one afternoon for a tour. But in past years, there were many more people, said Sultanate, a Kazakh man who worked at the park entrance. “The captain of one of the boats spends all day wiping the windows,” he said.某天下午在喀纳斯湖,数十名游客登上白色快艇观光。但是在公园入口工作的哈萨克族人苏尔塔纳提(Sultanate,音译)说,往年游客要多很多,“有条船的船长整天都在擦窗户。”Employees at Koktokay, or Kekutuohai in Chinese, a park in the far north, said they had noticed a decline in visitors from outside Xinjiang.可可托海国家地质公园(Koktokay)位于新疆北部偏远地区。这里的工作人员说,他们注意到来自新疆以外地区的游客人数减少了。But overall numbers are up this year compared to last, reflecting an increase in visitors from Xinjiang, possibly because more are choosing to visit the north since it has fewer Uighurs.但是与去年相比,游客人数总体还是增加了,这反映了来自新疆的游客出现增加,或许是因为越来越多的人都选择前往北部旅游——因为那里的维吾尔族人较少。There were exceptions, of course. One afternoon, a group of seven men who worked for Baosteel Group in different parts of the country rode together on a golf cart through the park’s central valley, carved by the Irtysh River as it flows to the Arctic Ocean.当然也有例外。一天下午,在中国不同地区为宝钢集团工作的七名男子乘坐同一辆高尔夫球车穿过了公园的中央谷地。额尔齐斯河经过这里,最后流入北冰洋。On a bus ride, a 30-year-old woman from Zhejiang Province who was traveling with friends for three months across Xinjiang, Tibet and Nepal said the park was beautiful, but other parts of Xinjiang held less appeal. “I’m afraid Kashgar is too dangerous,” she said, referring to the fabled Uighur caravan town in the south that has been a site of attacks.一名来自浙江省的30岁女子是乘大巴前来的,她说这个公园很美,但新疆其他地方并没有太大的吸引力。她与朋友一道,花三个月时间穿越了新疆、西藏和尼泊尔。“我担心喀什会太危险,”她说。她指的是新疆南部有名的维吾尔族聚居城镇,那里曾出现过袭击事件。Mr. Sun, the photographer in the Kanas Lake area, said only a handful of Uighurs were to blame. “In southern Xinjiang, a few violent individuals were able to coerce others into taking part in violence,” he said. “One person would come to your home and say, ‘You’re a Uighur — do this or I’ll put a knife to the throat of your mother or sister.’ ”喀纳斯湖地区的摄影师孙京川说,这只能怪少数维吾尔族人。“在南疆,一些暴力分子能够强迫他人参与暴力活动,”他说。“有人会来到你门前说,‘你是维族人——要么这样做,要么我把刀架你母亲或的喉咙上。’”He had waited for the morning to get the shot of cows crossing the bridge, but they had not budged from their pasture. He packed up his photo equipment and walked with his friend to their car to drive to an ethnic Tuvan village. “Next year, we’ll go to southern Xinjiang,” he said. “I’ve never been there.”他整个上午都在等待,希望能拍到牛群通过桥梁的照片,但它们并没有离开牧场。他收拾好自己的摄影器材,与朋友一起走到车旁,开车前往一个图瓦村庄。“明年,我们要去南疆,”他说。“我还从来没去过那里。” /201410/333798。


  Poachers have killed one of the world’s largest elephants – a famed great tusker named Satao – in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya.在肯尼亚东察沃国家公园,偷猎者杀死一头世界上最大的大象——有名的长牙大象萨韬(Satao)。Wildlife officials revealed that Satao, a giant elephant with tusks that nearly reached the ground, has died after being shot with poisoned arrows in late May.野生动物官员透露,有着几乎长及地面长牙的萨韬,在五月底被毒箭射中后死亡。Conservationists describe how the bull elephant had intentionally hid in bushes to conceal his sweeping tusks, which were estimated to each weigh around 45kg.自然资源保护学家描述了这头公象是如何故意躲在灌木丛中来隐藏它的长象牙。它的长象牙每个约重45千克。Satao’s death at the age of around 45 years is the latest in a massive upsurge of poaching of the mammals for their ivory across the African continent.45岁萨韬的死亡只是非洲大陆上为了象牙而大肆猎杀大象现象中的最近一例。Wildlife officials found Satao’s carcass was found with his face hacked off and weighty tusks removed.野生动物官员发现萨韬的尸体发现时,它的脸已经被劈开,重重的象牙被拔走了。Richard Moller, of The Tsavo Trust, who had been monitoring Satao for several months confirmed that the elephant found dead on May 30 was indeed Satao, whom he called ;an icon;.Tsavo基金会(Tsavo Trust)的理查兹·莫勒(Richars Moller)已经观察萨韬几个月了,他实这头在5月30日被猎杀的大象就是萨韬。他称萨韬为“一个符号”。;There is no doubt that Satao is dead, killed by an ivory poacher’s poisoned arrow to feed the seemingly insatiable demand for ivory in far-off countries,; Mr Moller said.莫勒说:“毫无疑问,萨韬死了,被象牙偷猎者的毒箭给害死了,就是为了满足来自那些遥远国家对象牙看起来贪得无厌的需求。;A great life lost so that someone far away can have a trinket on their mantelpiece.“一个伟大生命的消逝,就是为了某个人可以在壁炉上有个饰品。;The loss of such an iconic elephant is the most visible and heart-rending tip of this iceberg, this tragedy that is unfolding across the continent,; added Frank Pope of Save The Elephants in Nairobi.“在内罗毕拯救大象”活动的弗兰克·波普(Frank Pope)补充道:“这一标志性大象的死亡,只是这冰山上最明显最令人心碎的一角。这样的悲剧正席卷全大陆。”A soaring demand for ivory in a number of Asian nations has seen poaching hit levels that were last reached in the 1980s before the ivory trade was banned.一些亚洲国家对象牙的需求急剧增加,这就使得偷猎死灰复燃,重新达到了20世纪80年代象牙交易被禁之前的水平。The street value of elephant tusk is believed to exceed thousands of dollars per kilo and officials have acknowledged the role of organised crime in the poaching crisis.象牙的市场价格每公斤超过数千美元。官方承认在偷猎危机中组织了犯罪活动。More than 20,000 African elephants were slaughtered in 2013, according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).根据濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约(CITES),在2013年,有2万头非洲象被猎杀。The Kenya Wildlife Service has documented the killing of 97 elephants so far this year, but experts dispute the official figures.在今年,肯尼亚野生动物保护局已经记载有97头大象被杀,但是专家对官方数据持怀疑态度。Dr Paula Kahumbu, who leads the Hands Off Our Elephants campaign, wrote that – based on the reports she has seen – “elephant poaching in Kenya is at least 10 times the official figures”.领导“放开我们的大象”活动的宝拉·卡呼卜士(Dr Paula Kahumbu)依据她所看到的新闻写到:“在肯尼亚被猎杀大象的真正数量至少是官方数字的10倍。”Earlier this month, police seized more than 200 elephant tusks in a warehouse in the port city of Mombasa, weighing over 2,000kg.本月早些时候,警方在港口城市蒙巴萨的一个仓库没收了200多个象牙,总重量超过2000千克。 /201406/306801Brazilian miner Vale reached a deal on Friday to expand its fleet of extremely large ships for carrying iron ore, following a truce with China’s largest shipping company that raised the prospect of the vessels being allowed to dock at Chinese ports.淡水河谷(Vale)周五达成了扩充其超大型铁矿石运输船船队的协议,此前这家巴西矿商与中国最大航运公司达成了妥协,使此类船舶有可能获准靠泊中国港口。The very large ore carriers or VLOCs – dubbed Valemax in the shipping industry – were developed by Vale to help reduce its shipping costs, which are higher than its two Australian rivals, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, because of Brazil’s greater distance from Asian customers.在航运业被称为Valemax的超大型矿砂船(VLOC)是由淡水河谷开发的,目的是帮助降低其运输成本。由于巴西距亚洲客户的距离更为遥远,淡水河谷的运输成本要高于它的两个澳大利亚竞争对手——力拓(Rio Tinto)和必和必拓(BHP Billiton)。But only the maiden ship had docked in China in 2011 when the Chinese Ministry of Transport banned them from Chinese ports, citing technical issues.但Valemax只在2011年处女航时靠泊过中国港口,之后中国交通部以技术问题为由,不让此型船舶进入中国港口。VLOCs are expected to be allowed back into Chinese ports this year after Vale reached an agreement this month with Cosco, China’s largest shipping group.淡水河谷本月与中国最大航运集团中远(Cosco)达成协议后,预计超大型矿砂船年内将被允许靠泊中国港口。Cosco had previously lobbied against VLOCs having access to Chinese ports, but Vale has agreed to transfer ownership of four of these vessels to the Chinese company. Cosco will also commission the building of a further 10 VLOCs.中远此前曾游说反对超大型矿砂船进入中国港口,但淡水河谷同意将4艘此型船舶的所有权转让给中远。中远还将委托建造另外10艘超大型矿砂船。Vale will charter all 14 VLOCs from Cosco over the next 25 years. It has similar charter agreements with other shipping companies for 15 of the 31 VLOCs in the Vale fleet.淡水河谷将在未来25年里向中远租用上述14艘超大型矿砂船。它与其他航运公司订立了类似的租船合同,涵盖淡水河谷船队31艘超大型矿砂船中的15艘。Meanwhile, China Merchants Group, a Chinese conglomerate, will build 10 VLOCs and charter them to Vale over 25 years, Vale said on Friday.与此同时,淡水河谷周五表示,中国企业集团——招商局集团(China Merchants Group)将建造10艘超大型矿砂船,并将它们租给淡水河谷。China’s shipping industry had lobbied against the VLOCs while freight rates were at their height, forcing Vale to transfer ore to smaller ships at ports including Subic Bay in the Philippines.前些年运费较高时,中国航运业曾游说反对超大型矿砂船,迫使淡水河谷在菲律宾苏比克湾等港口将铁矿石转移至较小的船舶。Lower shipping costs stemming from its use of VLOCs will help Vale stay competitive as a growing glut in world iron ore mining capacity causes prices to drop.随着世界铁矿石产能过剩现象越来越严重、导致价格下跌,超大型矿砂船所带来的较低运输成本将有助于淡水河谷保持竞争力。As iron ore output grows, an economic slowdown in China is depressing steel demand.在铁矿石产量增长之际,中国却出现经济放缓,这种局面抑制了钢铁需求。 /201409/332513A rare riot here, staged by hundreds of workers from South Asia, is reviving public concern about the socioeconomic impact and sustainability of Singapore#39;s heavy reliance on overseas labor.来自南亚的数百名劳工在新加坡掀起一场罕见的骚乱,再度引发了公众对新加坡过度依赖外籍劳动所带来的社会经济影响及其可持续性的关注。Sunday#39;s incident in Singapore#39;s Little India district-a popular weekend hangout for South Asian expatriates and migrant workers-ended a riot-free period extending more than four decades and has blotted the city-state#39;s image as one of Asia#39;s safest countries. Analysts and labor activists say the unrest points to a growing challenge for policy makers trying to maintain social cohesion and curb antiforeigner sentiment amid festering tensions among its large migrant workforce.周日发生在新加坡“小印度”区的这起事件不仅终结了新加坡40余年无骚乱的历史,也给这座城市国家作为亚洲最安全国家之一的形象抹了黑。“小印度”是新加坡南亚侨民和外籍劳工周末的聚集地。分析人士和劳工维权人士说,新加坡有大量外籍劳工,不同民族之间的紧张情绪不断加剧,这场骚乱凸现出新加坡决策者在试图维护社会凝聚力和抑制排外情绪方面所面临的日益严峻的挑战。Police and eyewitnesses say the riot started at about 9:30 p.m. after a bus hit and killed a 33-year-old Indian man. South Asian workers at the scene reacted by attacking the bus with sticks, stones and garbage bins, and later assaulted arriving police officers and paramedics, TV footage showed.警方和目击人说,骚乱始于周日晚上9点30分左右,当时,一辆巴士撞死一名33岁的印度男子。电视画面显示,南亚外籍劳工在事故现场用棍棒、石块和垃圾桶袭击那辆巴士,随后又攻击了闻讯赶来的警察和医务人员。The violence was quelled by 11 p.m. by about 300 police officers-but not before injuries were inflicted on at least 39 law-enforcement and emergency-services personnel, as well as the driver and conductor aboard the bus in the accident. Dozens of police, emergency-services and privately owned vehicles were damaged, including five vehicles that were burned.在大约300名警察的帮助下,骚乱于当晚11点前平息,但至少有39名执法人员和紧急务人员以及肇事巴士的司机和售票员受了伤。警方、紧急务机构和私人拥有的几十辆车受损,其中五辆车被烧毁。Public violence is virtually unheard of in Singapore, where public assembly is strictly regulated. But #39;incidents like this were, in a sense, waiting to happen,#39; especially given the dense weekend crowds in Little India numbering in the thousands, said Hui Weng Tat, an economic professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Some migrants#39; resentment against perceived discrimination and poor working conditions could have contributed to the outburst, Mr. Hui said, adding that policy makers may need to consider improving migrant pay and treatment.公开暴力行为在新加坡几乎可说是闻所未闻,民众集会在新加坡受到严格控制。但新加坡国立大学李光耀公共政策学院(Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)经济学教授Hui Weng Tat说,从某种程度上讲,像这样的事件是一定会发生的,特别是考虑到“小印度”周末会有成千上万的人聚在那里。他说,一些外籍劳工对所谓的歧视和恶劣工作条件不满,可能是导致这场骚乱的原因之一。他还说,决策者或许应该考虑提高外籍劳工的薪资和待遇。#39;The workers who have been arrested in connection with the rioting incident are employed by different employers and housed in different locations. There is no basis to link their unlawful behavior to workplace issues,#39; Singapore#39;s Manpower Ministry said in response to queries. #39;In any case, whatever the cause, no one is above the law.#39;新加坡人力部(Manpower Ministry)在回应外界询问时说,被逮捕的与骚乱事件有关的外籍劳工受雇于不同雇主,他们被关押在不同地点;没有据表明他们的不法行为与工作场所的问题有关;无论如何,没有人可以凌驾于法律之上。Police said they arrested 27 people-24 Indian nationals, two Bangladeshis and one Singapore permanent resident, ages 23 to 45-who haven#39;t been named. It wasn#39;t clear if and when the 27 may be charged, or whether they had received legal counsel. Authorities classified the violence as #39;rioting with dangerous weapons,#39; an offense that carries penalties including up to 10 years#39; jail, as well as caning. More arrests could follow, police said.警方说,他们已逮捕了27人,其中24人为印度籍,两人为孟加拉籍,一人是新加坡永久居民,年龄在23岁到45岁之间。这些人的名字尚未公开。不清楚这27人是否以及何时会被起诉,也不知他们是否得到了法律帮助。新加坡当局将这起事件定性为“持危险武器参与骚乱”,一旦被定罪,将面临最高10年监禁和鞭刑等惩罚。警方说,可能会有更多人被逮捕。Police arrested the bus driver in the accident-an unnamed 55-year-old Singaporean-and plan to charge the person with causing #39;death by a negligent act,#39; an offense punishable by up to two years#39; jail and fines. The driver couldn#39;t be reached for comment.肇事司机为55岁新加坡人,姓名不详,警方已将其逮捕,并准备以疏忽致死罪对其进行起诉,这项罪名最高可判两年监禁和罚款。记者未能立即联系到该巴士司机发表。In a statement Monday, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he ordered an inquiry into #39;an isolated incident caused by an unruly mob.#39; The probe will review factors behind the riot, including management of the incident by officials and how authorities oversee areas where foreign workers congregate, he said.新加坡总理李显龙周一在公告中称,他已下令调查这起由不法暴徒引起的孤立事件,并表示将彻查骚乱的起因,包括官员对这起事件的应对,以及政府部门对外籍劳工聚集区的管理方式。The riot has sparked concerns of further unrest amid the large foreign workforce, numbering about 1.3 million as of June, in this island state of 5.4 million people. Researchers say South Indians number in the hundreds of thousands here.截至6月底,新加坡外籍劳工已达到130万人左右,而新加坡总人口只有540万。骚乱事件发生后,人们担心庞大的外来劳工还可能引发更多动荡。研究人员称,新加坡有大量南印度劳工。Singapore has used liberal immigration policies in the past decade to fuel economic growth, boosting its population by 27% in the past decade. Amid concern that such a growth model wasn#39;t sustainable, the government has curbed inflows of foreigners over the past three to four years, hoping to assuage voters disgruntled by stagnant low-end wages, rising living costs and infrastructural strains, which many citizens blamed on high immigration.为了推动经济增长,新加坡过去10年实行了自由移民政策,使其人口增加了27%。由于担心这种增长模式难以为继,过去三、四年里新加坡政府限制了外来人口的流入,希望安抚选民的不满情绪。许多新加坡市民将低工资、高物价和基础设施紧张归咎于大量移民。Foreign workers have also increasingly bristled under the system. Some-particularly low-wage laborers in construction-have in recent years resorted to protests against alleged exploitation by employers, including an illegal strike last year by about 170 public-bus drivers hired from China, which ended a 26-year strike-free record for Singapore.而外籍劳工的怨气也在这一制度下不断加深。近年来,一些工资特别低的建筑工人已经组织抗议活动反对所谓的雇主压榨。去年,170名华裔公交司机举行非法罢工,结束了新加坡26年无罢工的历史。Prime Minister Lee sought to allay worries about the unrest. #39;The vast majority of foreign workers here obey our laws,#39; he said in his statement. #39;We must not let this bad incident tarnish our views of foreigner workers here.#39;李显龙试图缓解骚乱事件引发的忧虑。他在公告中称,大多数的外籍劳工是遵守新加坡法律的,绝不能让这起不好的事件抹黑新加坡人对外籍劳工的看法。Police have avoided drawing conclusions on the cause of the riot. Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew suggested that alcohol might have been a factor, but labor activists countered that most low-wage foreigners can#39;t afford much alcohol.警方不愿给这起骚乱的原因下结论。新加坡交通部长吕德耀说,酒精可能是引发骚乱的一个因素。但劳工维权人士反驳说,多数低薪外籍劳工买不起太多酒。Police officials said they would #39;pay extra attention#39; to Little India, foreign-worker dormitories and other places of congregation.警方表示,他们将格外关注小印度、外籍劳工宿舍和其他聚集地。Singapore last experienced a major riot in 1969, when racially charged violence broke out between the city-state#39;s majority ethnic Chinese and minority Malay residents, leaving at least four dead and 80 injured.新加坡上一次骚乱发生在1969年,当时,占人口多数的华人和占人口少数的马来人之间爆发了一场种族暴力冲突,造成至少四人死亡,80人受伤。 /201312/268646


  HONG KONG — American allies in Asia on Wednesday welcomed a ed States Senate vote that appeared to clear the way for a final round of negotiations over a sweeping trans-Pacific trade pact and may have made it easier for governments to make politically risky concessions.香港——周三,美国的亚洲盟友对联邦参议院的表决结果表示欢迎。这一结果看来为一项广泛的跨太平洋贸易协定开展最后一轮谈判扫清了障碍,而且可能会令各国政府更易于做出带有政治风险的让步。Japan’s minister responsible for trade negotiations, Akira Amari, said a congressional victory for President Obama could open the way for a deal as soon as next month.日本负责贸易谈判的大臣甘利明(Akira Amari)表示,奥巴马总统在国会获取的胜利或许会为最快于下月达成协议铺平道路。“It’s possible we could have a ministerial-level meeting in July and conclude a broad agreement,” he told reporters. Any agreement would then require putting legislation in each country into effect, followed by approval there, which could take months.“我们有可能在7月举行部长级会议,达成一项广泛的协议,”他告诉记者。无论内容如何,协议均需各个国家的立法机构批准并实施,而这个过程可能需要好几个月的时间。China, which is not among the 12 nations negotiating the deal and had proposed a competing agreement, refrained from criticizing the vote.中国并未包含在参与这项协定谈判的12个国家中,并已提出了一个与之竞争的协议。它没有对参议院的此次表决提出批评。For Mr. Obama, the deal, which appeared headed toward passage on Wednesday, represents an important element of the so-called pivot to Asia to help maintain ed States influence as countries grow increasingly dependent on trade with China. For American allies, it offers the political cover to commit to trade concessions, removing the risk that Congress might reject the negotiated deal.看起来,该协定在本周三离获得通过更进一步。对于奥巴马来说,它是“重返亚洲”战略的重要一环。就在各国日益依靠对华贸易的时候,美国实施了“重返亚洲”战略,以维持自身在该地区的影响力。对于美国的盟友来说,它为承诺做出贸易让步提供了政治掩护,消除了美国国会拒绝接受谈判协议的风险。China was initially wary of the trade measure, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, seeing it several years ago as potentially giving an advantage to American allies’ business over Chinese companies in ed States markets. But those objections have faded as China has begun energetically pursuing its own regional trade agreements with East Asian neighbors.中国起初对这项名为“跨太平洋伙伴关系”(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的贸易协定持警惕态度,头几年的时候认为它可能会使来自美国盟友的公司在美国市场上比中国公司更占优势。然而,随着中国开始积极与东亚邻国达成区域性的贸易协议,这种反对的声音逐渐消退。“Even if T.P.P. is done, I don’t think it will pose any threat to China — we follow our own efforts,” said He Weiwen, a former Chinese commerce ministry official who is now a director of the influential China-ed States-European Union Study Center at the China Association of International Trade in Beijing.曾担任商务部官员的中国国际贸易学会中美欧研究中心主任何伟文表示,“即便达成了TPP协定,我觉得也不会对中国构成威胁——我们要走自己的道路。”The Senate voted on Tuesday to end debate on legislation that would give Mr. Obama and his successor the authority for the next six years to negotiate trade agreements and submit them to Congress with no amendments or filibusters allowed.参议院周二的表决是为了结束围绕授予奥巴马总统及其继任者贸易谈判权的立法所展开的辩论。这项授权将允许总统在接下来的六年时间里就贸易协定开展谈判,并将协议提交给国会,而国会无权修订最后的协定,也无法再实施冗长演说拖延战术。Ending debate required 60 votes, which the Senate’s Republican leadership barely mustered with limited support from Democrats. Passage of the actual legislation requires only 51 votes and would send the bill to the president, as the House of Representatives has aly approved it.参议院的共和党领导层获得了民主党人的有限持,勉强凑够了结束辩论所需的60票。实际的授权只要51票便能获得通过,然后就可以提交给总统签署,因为众议院已经批准同样的提案。Like previous presidents, who have had similar trade negotiating authority, Mr. Obama contended that the authorization was necessary so other countries would make all available concessions in talks with American trade negotiators, instead of reserving some in case Congress rewrote a deal.前几任总统也拥有类似的贸易谈判权。与他们一样,奥巴马提出,这种授权是必要的,如此一来,其他国家才会在与美国贸易谈判代表进行协商的时候做出所有可能的让步,而不是有所保留,以防美国国会改写协议。But American labor unions, environmental activists and other critics bitterly opposed passage of the negotiating authority, contending that it undermined the ability of Congress to stop administration negotiators from working with large corporations to craft deals that might not be advantageous to workers or the environment.不过,美国国内的工会组织、环保人士及其他一些持批评态度的人士强烈反对通过授予总统谈判权的法案,认为这会削弱国会阻止政府谈判代表与大企业携手达成可能会对劳动者或环境不利的协议的能力。Final congressional approval of the legislation would clear the way for a difficult final round of talks on the details of the trade agreement, which would remove trade barriers from Canada and Chile to Australia, Singapore and Japan.国会最终通过这项授权会为开启最后一轮有关TPP细节的艰难谈判扫清障碍。该协议将会移除从加拿大、智利到澳大利亚、新加坡和日本的贸易壁垒。Japan has been an especially difficult negotiating partner for the ed States because it wants to preserve trade barriers on rice, pork and other agricultural products. Tokyo has indicated that it is prepared to compromise but, fearful of Japan’s restive farm lobby, it has refused to discuss details in public as long as it was unclear whether Mr. Obama had the power to conclude a deal.对于美国来说,日本是一个特别难对付的洽谈伙伴,因为日本希望保留大米、猪肉及其他一些农产品的贸易壁垒。东京方面已经表明,日本准备做出让步,但由于担心强硬的本国农业游说团体,只要尚不确定奥巴马是否有权达成协议,日本就拒绝公开探讨细节。Another difficult question, which comes up for practically every free trade agreement, lies in so-called rules of origin: how to determine which goods are really made predominantly within the free-trade region and therefore qualify for tariff removal and other preferential trade access.另一个难题几乎每项自由贸易协议都会遇到,那就是所谓的“原产地规则”:如何确定哪些商品真的是在自由贸易区制造的,因此有资格免除关税,并获得其他优惠贸易待遇。Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, for example, garments do not just need to be sewn in North America to cross borders without being subject to tariffs; the garments generally need to be made from fabric that was woven in North America, and the fabric itself must be woven from yarn that was made in North America. That rule was written to prevent Mexican manufacturers from buying lots of precut, cheaper fabric from China and elsewhere and assembling it into inexpensive shirts for duty-free shipment to the ed States.例如,根据北美自由贸易协定(North American Free Trade Agreement)的规定,要想免除关税,装类产品不仅需要在北美缝制,通常还需要由北美的布料制成,而这些布料本身必须由北美生产的纱线制成。制定这项规定是为了防止墨西哥生产商从中国等地方购买大量预先裁剪的便宜布料,再利用这些织物缝制成便宜的成衣,运往美国,而不用交税。The Trans-Pacific Partnership includes Vietnam, a large garment-manufacturing nation that relies heavily on fabric imported from China. The negotiations pose the next battleground in a decades-long fight. The American textile industry consistently lobbies for the trade status of garments to be determined by where the material was made, not just where garments were sewn.TPP谈判国中包括越南。这个装生产大国严重依赖从中国进口的布料。相关谈判为这场长达几十年的争斗开辟了另一个战场。美国纺织业一直在开展游说活动,希望装的贸易地位由原材料的产地决定,而不仅仅是缝制成衣的地点。But large retailers and fashion brands want to link the trade status only to where garments are sewn, making it easier to use low-cost Chinese fabrics.不过,大型零售商和时尚品牌希望这种贸易地位只由成衣产地决定,更易于它们使用成本较低的中国布料。China’s trade policy analysts are eager to scrutinize the language of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership pact as soon as it is completed and released, to determine how it might actually affect Chinese exporters, Mr. He said.何伟文表示,这12个国家一达成并公布TPP协定,中国的贸易政策分析人士就会马上细读协定条文,从而判断实际上它会如何影响中国出口商。 /201506/383097

  It took some time to figure out just the right shopping complex, off just the right highway interchange and just the right distance from Seoul, that could accommodate a 624,000-square-foot store—that is to say, one more than three times the size of the average Wal-Mart Supercenter. It took more time to solve certain mysteries, like how big to make the store’s children’s section in a country where kids are often given ample space in the family living quarters. It took more time to figure out how to showcase kitchens that incorporate kimchi refrigerators, a uniquely Korean appliance—and even more time to untangle nuances of the market, like the South Korean’s preference for metal chopsticks.要规划出一个恰到好处的购物中心,正好位于某个合适的高速公路出口旁,与首尔的车程还不远不近,面积高达62万4千英尺(比一个标准沃尔玛超市的面积大三倍多),是需要花点时间的。而要解决某些特定难题,比如,在韩国这样一个孩子在家中享有充足活动空间的国家,购物中心的儿童区该做多大才合理,需要花更多功夫。至于如何布置一个能容纳韩式泡菜冰箱这种韩国特有家电的厨房,就要花上更多时间——而要弄清这个市场的微妙之处,比如韩国人对金属筷子的偏爱,则又要搭上更多时间。In all, it took about six years for Ikea to unveil its inaugural store in South Korea, in Gwangmyeong, starting from the first scouting trip. Ikea celebrated the opening in December with a tree planting rather than ribbon cutting. (Chalk that up to Ikea tradition rather than to South Korean custom.)总而言之,从宜家公司首次考察韩国市场,到在光明市开设第一家韩国分店,花了约整整六年时间。去年12月,宜家用植树而非剪来庆祝这家店开业(沿用了宜家传统,而不是韩国习俗)。The lag was quintessentially Ikean. “They are ferocious about not expanding too rapidly,” says David Marcotte of consulting firm Kantar Retail. But six years? “The more global, the more complex it gets,” replies Mikael Palmquist, the regional manager of retail for Asia Pacific. “We need to get these things right or we will never be taken seriously.”这种缓慢是典型的宜家风格。零售咨询公司Kantar Retail的戴维o马科特说:“扩张太快会让他们抓狂的。”但至于要花六年吗?宜家亚太区区域零售经理米卡埃尔o帕姆奎斯特表示:“公司越是全球化,业务扩张就越复杂。我们必须行事谨慎,否则客户就永远不会重视我们。”Even with all that careful planning, Ikea managed to get a few things wrong. It misjudged the number of parking spaces needed, and a seemingly benign map for sale upset some customers: The body of water east of Korea was labeled the Sea of Japan rather than the East Sea, as South Koreans prefer.即便规划如此周详,宜家还是办错了好几桩事。它错估了实际所需的停车位数量,还有一张看似友好的地图却让不少客户很不舒:朝鲜东部的海被标注为日本海,而不是韩国人所习称的东海。But the Koreans seem, for the most part, to have forgiven the Swedes. Today the Gwangmyeong store, which is the company’s largest in the world by shopping area, is on track to become one of Ikea’s top-performing outlets for 2015.但韩国人看起来大体上已经原谅了这家瑞典巨头。光明市分店是宜家在全球购物区域面积最大的一家店,现在人气很旺,有望成为宜家2015年业绩最佳的分店。The success is hardly a fluke. Ikea, it seems, is a genius at selling Ikea—flat packing, transporting, and reassembling its quirky Swedish styling all across the planet. The furniture and furnishings brand is in more countries than Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Toys “R” Us. China, where Ikea has eight of its 10 biggest stores, is the company’s fastest-growing market. An outlet in Morocco is coming soon, and there are hints that Brazil may not be far off. Meanwhile, Ikea is going meatballs out in India, where it plans to invest about billion over a decade to open 10 stores.这份成功来得绝非侥幸。宜家似乎是一个营销天才——扁平式包装,方便拼装,那些带有瑞典风情的家具正在销往全世界。和沃尔玛、福及玩具反斗城相比,这个瑞典家具品牌已打入了更多国家的市场。宜家十大分店中有8家在中国,中国也是该公司增长最快的市场。洛哥分店即将开张,还有传闻说巴西分店也开张在即。同时,宜家打算将其瑞典肉丸卖到印度更多地方,在未来十年投资20亿美元,在印度开设十家分店。Getting it right in emerging markets like China and India, where Ikea is well-positioned to capitalize on a growing middle class, is a key factor in its goal of hitting EUR50 billion in sales by 2020. That’s up from EUR28.7 billion in its fiscal 2014 ( billion based on the average exchange rate for Ikea’s fiscal year) and almost double its 2005 sales level. Today the Ikea Group has 318 stores, not including the brand’s some four dozen franchised locations; it’s aiming for around 500 by 2020.抓稳新兴市场,是宜家实现2020年销售突破500亿欧元目标的关键因素。在中国和印度,宜家已做好市场定位,瞅准当地迅速崛起的中产阶级。这是个雄心勃勃的目标:2014财年,宜家的销售额为287亿欧元,几乎比2005年的销售额翻了一番。目前宜家集团拥有318家分店,这还不包括48家特许加盟店;到2020年,宜家的另一个目标是:开店数量达到500家。 /201503/365296。


  Here is a deal that is bound to shake up the global agricultural market.这是一起注定会震撼全球农产品市场的交易。Singapore trading house Noble has confirmed a long-awaited plan to sell 51 per cent of its agricultural unit to Cofco, the Chinese state-owned company.新加坡交易商来宝集团(Noble)已对一份人们期待已久的计划予以确认,该公司计划将其农产品部门51%的股份出售给中国国有企业中粮集团(Cofco)。The final price for the deal is not yet determined.交易的最终定价目前仍未确定。Cofco said it would make an initial payment of .5bn cash when the transaction completes. The price tag will then be adjusted at the end of Noble#39;s 2014 full year, with a valuation of 1.15 times book value.中粮集团表示,交易结束时该集团首期或将付15亿美元。这一价格是来宝农产品部门账面价值的1.15倍,该价格在来宝集团2014年财年结束时将予以调整。Noble said its agricultural unit currently has shareholders#39; equity of .8bn and net debt of .5bn.来宝集团表示目前其农产品部门的股东权益为28亿美元,净债务为25亿美元。China is one of the world#39;s biggest agricultural consumers, but until now had been content to buy from the global agribusiness giants.中国是全球最大的农产品消费国之一,不过到目前为止中国对于买入全球农产品企业巨头的股份始终乐此不疲。The deal with Noble could help the country secure cheaper access to agricultural resources, and places Cofco in direct competition with China#39;s global soft commodities suppliers, such as Cargill and Bunge.与来宝的交易可能有助于中国确保获得廉价的农产品资源,并将令中粮(Cofco)与嘉吉(Cargill)和邦吉集团(Bunge)这些全球软商品供应商正面竞争。A consortium of international investors including Hopu, a Chinese private equity fund led by former Goldman Sachs rainmaker Fang Fenglei, are joining Cofco in the deal.一个由国际投资者组成的财团也和中粮集团共同参与了这一交易。该财团包括由前高盛(Goldman Sachs)“造雨人(rainmaker)”方风雷领导的中国私募股权基金厚朴基金管理公司(Hopu Investment Management)。Richard Elman, the founder and chairman of Noble Group, will become deputy chairman of Noble Agri.来宝集团创始人兼董事长艾礼文(Richard Elman)将担任来宝农业(Noble Agri)的副董事长。Cofco chairman Frank Ning will lead the business.中粮集团董事长宁高宁将担任该企业董事长。The FT reported Tuesday that the deal was set to be announced.据英国《金融时报》周二报道,该交易不久将予以公布。 /201404/284296

  The of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in South Carolina is seen by some advocates of police reform as evidence of the rising power of technological weapons in their fight.在一些警务改革的倡导者看来,一段记录了发生在南卡罗来纳州一名白人警官开击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人男性的视频, 可以用来印科技武器在争取警务改革的斗争中开始起到越来越大的作用。That includes the smartphone camera, and with it, a growing number of apps produced by activists that streamline the process of capturing and broadcasting s of police interacting with citizens.这包括了智能手机和伴随着智能手机兴起的许许多多的应用程序,活动分子们开发的这些应用程序可以将记录和传播警民互动视频的流程变得很简单。“A lot of times, until these s show up, the officer is going to walk,” said Darren Baptiste, the creator of Cop Watch, an iPhone app that automatically begins recording when you tap its icon and automatically uploads the to YouTube when the recording is stopped.“在这些视频出现之前,很多时候(打死黑人的)警察会一走了之”,一个名叫Cop Watch的iphone应用程序的开发者达伦·巴普提斯特(Darren Baptise)表示。这个应用程序在你点开程序的时候就会自动开始录像,而当录像停止的时候应用程序会自动将视频上传到YouTube。Mr. Baptiste, 47, is an app developer in Toronto, where several episodes of force by police — some of them eventually deemed unlawful — have been captured by citizens wielding cameras over the last few years. He said that when photographing the police during intense situations, people often get flustered — they may forget to hit record, or may not know how, or where, to upload a . There have also been cases in which police, sometimes in violation of the law, confiscated cameras or phones containing stored recordings.今年47岁的巴普提斯特是一名多伦多的应用程序开发者。而他所在的城市近几年有好几段由公民拿起相机拍摄视频记录了警察使用暴力的场景,其中好几起最终都被判定为非法行为。巴普提斯特说,人们在这种紧张时刻拍摄警察通常会很慌乱——很有可能会忘记按下录像键或者完全不懂如何上传视频或者去哪上传。以前也有过警察在违法的时候把围观者拍下他们违法视频的相机或者手机没收掉的情况。The app, which Mr. Baptiste created with the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence, an advocacy group based in Toronto, is meant to make recording the police easier and to make the footage less vulnerable to confiscation by the authorities. Once a user uploads a , the group is notified, and its staff can review and, if necessary, alert the news media and authorities of any apparent wrongdoing by police.这个应用程序是巴普提斯特和一个多伦多名叫“停止警察暴力网络”(Network for the Elimination of Police Violence)的倡导组织一起开发的,其目标是把拍摄记录警察变得更简单,并且让视频更难被权力机构没收。每次有用户上传视频的时候,他们的组织都会收到通知,随后就会有组织人员审查视频,在有必要的时候他们会将任何明显的警方过错通知给新闻媒体和有关权力机构。Though it is only the latest in a string of cases in which amateur photography has been used to document officers’ use of force, the South Carolina shooting demonstrates the power of citizen-captured in the most salient way. Michael T. Slager, the officer in the case, initially said that Walter L. Scott, a driver who had been stopped for a broken taillight, had taken his stun gun during a scuffle. The , captured on a cellphone by a bystander, instead showed the officer shooting Mr. Scott eight times while he ran away. On Tuesday, Mr. Slager was charged with murder.虽然这只是最近一系列非专业摄影记录警察暴力事件中的最新一次,南卡击事件还是非常明显的展现出公民拍摄视频的巨大作用。涉案警官迈克尔·T·斯雷格(Michael T. Slager) 最开始说因为驾驶汽车的尾灯破损而被他拦下的司机沃尔特·L·斯科特(Walter L. Scott)在扭打过程中掏出了手。然而一个旁观者用手机拍下的视频记录下了在斯科特逃跑过程中这名警官八次开射击当事人的场景。斯雷格警官在周二以谋杀罪名被指控。Cop Watch is one of a number of programs for smartphones aimed at helping citizens broadcast encounters with the police. In 2011, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Jason Van Anden, an artist and technologist, created “I’m Getting Arrested,” an app that could automatically send text messages to a list of prepopulated close contacts with the push of a button. Later, inspired by Mr. Van Anden’s app, the New York Civil Liberties Union developed the “Stop and Frisk Watch” app, a response to a line of policing tactics championed by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.Cop Watch只是许许多多为了方便公民记录和传播与警方冲突场景而设计的智能手机程序之一。在2011年占领华尔街运动发展到最高峰的时候,名为杰森·凡·安顿(Jason Van Anden)的艺术家和工艺师创建了名为“我要被捕了(I’m Getting Arrested)”的应用程序,这个程序允许用户通过简单按键就可以自动发送短信给一系列提前设定好的紧密联系人名单 。随后,在凡·安顿的应用程序的启发下,纽约公民自由联盟(New York Civil Liberties Union)也开发了名为“Stop and Frisk Watch”的应用程序,作为对当时纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)政府拥护的警务策略的响应。The N.Y.C.L.U. app allows a bystander to record from an Android-based phone or iPhone by just pressing a button on the phone’s frame. The app can send a report of a police encounter directly to the group for evaluation.纽约公民自由联盟的应用程序让路人可以从安卓手机或者苹果手机直接按下手机侧面的按键来录像,程序可以直接把与警方冲突的举报发送给公民自由联盟,由他们来进行评估。“We, sadly, thought the technology would be equally useful for young men of color in New York City,” said Jennifer Carnig, the director of communications for the N.Y.C.L.U. “Of course, in New York City if you touch your pocket to get your phone during an encounter with the police, you can end up dead.”“不幸的是,我们以为这项技术对于纽约市的有色种族年轻人也同样有用,”纽约公民自由联盟的媒体总监珍尼佛·佳妮格(Jennifer Garnig)表示。“当然,在纽约,如果你在和警方冲突过程中伸手掏口袋拿手机的话,你最后可能会丧命。”Mrs. Carnig said the app was used heavily last year during the protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which was spurred by the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo.佳妮格说,去年因为美国密苏里州弗格森发生的警方击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人青年迈克尔·布朗(Michael Brown)而发起的“黑人性命也很重要”( #BlackLivesMatter)抗议示威游行活动期间,他们的应用程序有很高的使用量。The episodes also brought greater interest in police-worn body cameras, which record every police interaction with a citizen and upload the to a server, where it would be available for later review. The Obama administration has called for 3 million in funding for police departments to outfit their officers with cameras.这些事件也让公众对给警方佩戴随身相机产生了更大的兴趣,这些相机能够记录下每一次警方与公民之间的互动,并将视频上传到一个务器,可以用于随后需要的审查。奥巴马政府已经要求拨款2.63亿美元给各地警察局来为警官配备相机。At least some police advocates are comfortable, to a degree, in outfitting officers with body cameras and wearable technology to monitor police encounters with citizens. But the details of how that process might go has, in some states, has slowed overall adoption of the process.至少有些警方的持者还能够在一定程度上接受给警官们配备随身相机和可穿戴设备,用以监控警方和民众之间的冲突。但是具体到此项目的进程,有些州的配置过程还是非常缓慢。“There are privacy concerns for officers, victims and members of the community that need to be fully vetted,” said Ryan Alphin, executive director of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, who is currently lobbying the state Legislature on two bills that would incorporate body camera technology into the rank-and file law enforcement agencies in the state.“有些涉及到警官、受害者和相关群体的隐私权的事务还是需要全面审查,”南卡罗来纳州执法委员协会的执行理事瑞恩·阿尔芬(Ryan Alphin)说道,他正在游说州立法机构通过两项法案,让随身相机技术普及到州内执法机构的所有普通成员。Two of the largest police departments in the country, Los Angeles and Houston, are in the early stages of deploying body cameras to all of their field officers and dozens of smaller departments are well underway in their plans.全国最大的两个警察局洛杉矶和休斯顿警局已经开始为所有出勤警官配备随身相机,许多其他小规模的警局也已经开始这项计划。Scott Greenwood, a civil rights lawyer who focuses on police misconduct and who has consulted with police departments on how to deploy cameras, said that the rise of smartphone cameras had spurred police interest in body cameras.斯科特·格林伍德(Scott Greenwood)是一名专注于警方不法行为领域的民权律师,他也和警局就如何开展配备相机的事务进行过商议,他表示智能手机相机的兴起让警方对随身相机有了很大兴趣。“Law enforcement should not hope to rely on the existence of external of witnesses,” he said. “It is best for the profession, community relations, and solid, constitutional policing to have the police departments create that record itself, and the best way to do that is on the officer.”“执法不应该寄希望于依赖外界目击者拍摄的视频。拥有警察局自己创建的视频记录对于这一职业、社区关系和强有力又符合宪法的警务都有极大的好处,而记录的最好方式就是让警官佩戴记录设备。” 格林伍德说。When it comes to citizen-captured , there are few questions regarding legality, said Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel of the National Press Photographers Association. Mr. Osterreicher said that he talked to people on a weekly basis who had been told by police to stop recording their activities. In almost all cases, the police are wrong to do so.而对于公民拍摄的视频,合法性几乎不会成为问题,美国国家摄影记者协会(National Press Photographers Association)的总顾问米基·奥斯特瑞琪(Mickey Osterreicher)表示。他说他每周都会和被警察制止拍摄警方活动过的民众进行谈话。基本上在所有这些情况中警方都没有权利这样做。“If you are in a public place, you have the right to record anything you see,” he said. “That is the First Amendment.”“只要在公共场合,你就有权记录下任何你看到的东西,这是美国宪法第一修正案规定的,” 奥斯特瑞琪说。There are exceptions for safety and for interference with police work. An officer can tell a camera-wielding bystander to step back a few feet, or to step out of a dangerous place, like a busy street. Mr. Osterreicher said that he frequently conducted training sessions with police departments on their responsibilities when being filmed.在威胁人参安全和妨碍警方执法的情况下有一些例外。警察可以让拿着相机拍摄的路人后退几英尺或者离开像繁忙的马路这杨有危险的区域。 奥斯特瑞琪说他经常为警方提供相关培训,让警官们学习自己在被拍摄情况下的责任。“The younger officers get it — they’re used to being filmed,” he said, and some also see the footage as a way to clear up any accusations of wrongdoing. “The older officers are the ones who sometimes see it as questioning their authority.”“年轻警官很理解——他们习惯被相机拍摄,”他说,而且有些年轻警官也会把录像带看成面对指控自己执法中犯错时明自己清白的方式。“年长一些的警官会觉得这是对他们权威的质疑。”So far, the Cop Watch app has not garnered evidence of police misconduct. Usage has been low. In the year that the app has been available, Mr. Baptiste said that about 2,000 people have signed in to the program, and about 1,000 s have been uploaded, most of which show people trying out the program.到目前为止,Cop Watch应用程序还没有搜集到任何警方违法行为的据。这个应用程序的使用量还很低。在应用程序推出的那年,巴普提斯特说有约2千人登陆过他们的应用程序,有约1千个视频上传,但是大部门视频都是用户对程序的测试。“This is truly one of those things that you hope people wouldn’t want to use it,” Mr. Baptiste said. “The main point of this app is to make people talk about why we have an app like this in the first place.”“这真的就是那种你不希望民众想用到的东西,”巴普提斯特说,“有这个程序的主要目的就是让大家来讨论有这种应用程序出现的原因。” /201504/369391

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