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Expectations of robust demand from China boosted rubber to a three-year high after buoyant car sales data for November lifted expectations of higher tyre demand.中国强劲需求预期推动橡胶价格涨至三年高点,11月火爆的汽车销售数据推高了轮胎需求预期。The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers reported vehicle sales of 2.9m in November, up 16.6 per cent year on year. Tax breaks introduced this year on small passenger cars have spurred demand and while the November figure was down from a September peak of 26.1 per cent, it marked the sixth straight double-digit rise in growth.据中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)报告,11月汽车销量达290万辆,同比增长16.6%。今年出台的小排量汽车购置税减免优惠刺激了需求,尽管11月销售增幅低于9月26.1%的峰值,但它标志着连续第六个月实现两位数增长。Rubber, which is also used in condoms and gloves, closed up almost 8 per cent to 5.60 a kilogramme in Singapore, its highest level since January 2014.橡胶价格在新加坡收涨近8%,至每公斤205.60美元,创2014年1月以来最高水平。橡胶还用于安全套和手套。“If demand remains this dynamic, more rubber will be needed for manufacturing tyres,” said Commerzbank.德国商业(Commerzbank)表示:“如果需求仍然保持这种活力,将需要更多橡胶来制造轮胎。”Chinese consumers have rushed to purchase vehicles before the tax breaks expire at the end of the year. The country’s scramble for cars has also helped palladium, which is used in catalytic converters in petrol engines, with the precious metal up more than a third this year at 7.35 a troy ounce.中国消费者在税收减免于年底终止前赶着购买汽车。这还推高了钯的价格,这种贵金属用于汽油发动机中的催化转化器,其价格今年涨幅逾三分之一,至每金衡盎司727.35美元。Nevertheless, some car executives and analysts are concerned that rise in sales could slow next year if the government fails to extend the tax break, introduced in late 2015 to support flagging consumer demand.然而一些汽车业高管和分析师担心,如果中国政府未能延长减税政策,明年的销售增长可能会减缓。该政策于2015年末出台,以持低落的消费需求。Analysts said rubber prices have also been supported by heavy rainfall in Thailand, the commodity’s largest producer, which led to disrupted harvesting known as “tapping”, which also added to the price increases.分析师们表示,最大产胶国泰国的强降雨也推高了橡胶价格,因为强降雨干扰了割胶作业,加剧价格上涨。The market has been on a downward trajectory since the start of 2011 when prices almost hit 0 per kg. This year, it has surged more than 80 per cent, and is likely to leading to increased costs for leading tyremakers including Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin.自2011年初橡胶价格逼近600美元/公斤以来,橡胶市场一直处于下滑态势。今年,橡胶价格已上涨逾80%,这很可能导致普利司通(Bridgestone)、固特异(Goodyear)、米其林(Michelin)等领先轮胎制造商成本增加。The China car sales data comes as industry consultants are expecting a rubber supply shortfall between 2016-2018 due to falling yields.在中国汽车销量数据出炉之际,行业顾问预计,由于收成下滑,2016年至2018年将出现橡胶供应短缺。The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries last week said it expected the production of its members — who account for about 90 per cent of worldwide supply — to increase only 0.1 per cent in 2016. While demand is forecast to rise 4.1 per cent from the previous year.天然橡胶生产国协会(ANRPC)上周表示,预计2016年协会成员国——占全球供应量的约90%——的橡胶产量仅增长0.1%,而预计需求与上年相比将增长4.1%。The ANRPC said: “The uptrend could be supported by favourable supply-demand fundamentals, weak Japanese yen, rebound in crude oil price and improved economic outlook in US.”该协会称:“推动价格上涨的因素包括有利的供需基本面因素、日元疲软、原油价格反弹以及美国经济前景改善。” /201612/483585

India’s Supreme Court has banned new luxury diesel vehicles in Delhi and doubled a recently imposed “green tax” on trucks coming into the city — the latest in a series of tough measures to curb pollution.印度最高法院已禁止豪华柴油车在德里上牌,并将近期对驶入德里的卡车开征的“环保税”提高一倍。这是印度一连串遏制污染的强硬措施中的最新一例。The ban on the registration of new diesel vehicles with engines of two litres or more will initially be in force only until March 31. But it is a warning sign to India’s car industry of the growing backlash against diesels — especially larger, heavy sport utility vehicles popular among the wealthy.这项禁止发动机排量在2升及以上的柴油车上牌的禁令,将只试行至明年3月31日。尽管如此,它对印度汽车业来说还是一个警告,它提醒印度汽车业注意:柴油车正受到越来越大的反对,尤其是受富裕阶层欢迎的车体较大较重的运动型多用途车(SUV)。According to the Society of Indian Automotive Manufactures, 37 per cent of all passenger cars sold in India during the financial year to March 2015 were diesel variants, and the share of diesels in total car sales has been rising in recent months.根据印度汽车制造商协会(Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers)的数据,截至2015年3月的上一财年里,印度市场上售出的所有乘用车中柴油车占37%,而且近几个月里柴油车在汽车总体销量中的占比还在不断上升。However, about 90 per cent of the SUVs and other utility vehicles sold last year, and many German-made luxury cars, are fuelled by diesel, which is substantially cheaper than petrol.此外,去年售出的SUV及其他类型多用途车有90%左右为柴油车,很多德国造的豪车也是如此。柴油要比汽油便宜不少。“The rich can’t be allowed to buy luxury diesel cars and SUVs and pollute the air with adverse consequences on the health of the rest of the population,” the court said on Tuesday, a day ahead of its formal ruling.印度最高法院在正式颁布禁令的前一天表示:“不能允许富人购买豪华柴油车和SUV来污染空气,而对其他民众的健康造成不良影响。”The court also doubled a “green tax” on trucks that it imposed last month in a bid to deter highly polluting commercial vehicles from driving through the capital unless they had business there. It has also banned trucks more than 10 years old from entering the city.印度最高法院还将对卡车开征的“环保税”提高了一倍。该税是从上月开始征收的,目的是劝阻高污染的商用车辆没事办就别从首都经过。印度最高法院还禁止车龄超过10年的卡车驶入德里。Environmental activists hailed the court decision as a much-needed move to put the brakes on the deterioration of Delhi’s air quality.印度最高法院这一决定受到环保人士的欢迎,他们称这是一项极为必要的、阻止德里空气质量恶化的举措。 /201512/417466

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